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Mercredi 28 octobre 2015  
Cash Shop Rotation

Greetings, Ektensians! 

We are excited to announce an extra - spooky cash shop rotation for 10/28! Make sure to check out these items that will be sure to get you into the Halloween spirit, including a very special sale item! The following rotation will be:


    Pumpkin Mask

      As a Thank You for all of our wonderful players, we will be selling the Pumpkin Mask for 1 eCoin!

    Vampire Set (Female)

    Vampire Set (Male)

Weapon Skins

    The Creepy Pumpkin Weapon Set


    Black Norsewood Cat

Premium Service

    Lion Statue Speech Bubble
    Trick or Treat Bag

Remember, only one mask and pet per account! Happy Halloween!

Cabal 2 Staff 


Mardi 27 octobre 2015  
Server Maintenance

Hello everyone,

We will be having server maintenance tonight from 5:30PM PDT to 9:30PM PDT. During this maintenance period we will be adding in the CABAL 2 Halloween events, as well as certain new drops to both Heavenly Citadel and Sky Gardens:

    Heavenly Citadel drop changes

      Bosses will have a low chance of dropping secondary Semiramiss equipment
      Heavenly accessories will no longer drop

    Sky Gardens drop changes

      Gardener Ikume will begin dropping Divine Tree equipment
      Sub Bosses will begin dropping Semiramiss equipment, as well as Divine Tree equipment sets

    Gear name changes

      “Unchangeable” equipment will now be named “Immortal”

Please make sure to log out 15 minutes prior in order to avoid any data loss before the servers are taken down. We will inform our users of any changes to the maintenance schedule.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Have a great day,

Cabal 2 Staff 


Lundi 26 octobre 2015  
Cabal 2 Halloween Events!

Greetings, Ektensians!

Halloween is approaching, and with it comes a celebration of tricks and treats! We will be hosting 3 events within CABAL 2, with sweets, skins and prizes fit for our scary mercenaries!

Our Halloween celebrations will begin October 28th, and will include:

Halloween Candy Hunt!

Brave mercenaries can go trick or treating in their favorite zones for treats of all shapes and sizes! Monsters will be carrying special treats for players throughout Halloween, so make sure to go out and collect everything they have to offer!


      Hunt and kill monsters in Desertfort, Labyrinth Forest and Gray Canyon for a chance to receive some sweet loot!


      October 28th at 11AM server time to November 3rd at 18:00PM server time


      Players will be able to receive:

        Candy weapon skins
        Buff scrolls
        The Silver Victory Costume Box!

Note: All candy weapon skins are temporary if left in the packages! The packages will expire on 11.05.2015!

The Spooky Art Contest!

Feeling inspirational for Halloween? Then make sure to bring out your creative side and start creating artwork for the chance at winning some awesome Halloween themed gear!


      Players will have the chance to draw their own CABAL 2 Halloween artwork!


      Players must submit their scanned / digital artwork and submit it through the appointed forum post
      Entries will be allowed from October 28th - November 3rd.
      All entries submitted after that date will not be accepted
      No screenshots or videos will be accepted
      Winners will be selected by the CABAL 2 Staff
      One submission per player
      Any inappropriate entries will be disqualified


      First Place

        Halloween weapon skin
        Pumpkin Mask
        Black Norsewood Cat

      Second Place

        Black Norsewood Cat

      Third Place

        Trick or Treat Bag

Halloween Bonus Points Week!

Players who participate in Abysmos and Battlefields will receive a 25% increase in the amount of Abysmo and Honor points they normally receive! The points given will be determined by the day, and during the weekend all 3 points will receive a greater increase!

    The schedule will be as follows:

      October 28th: Abysmo point increase
      October 29th: Honor point increase
      October 30th - November 1st: Abysmo, Honor and Conquest points increased to 30%!

Make sure you don’t miss Halloween in Cabal 2!

Cabal 2 Staff 


Vendredi 23 octobre 2015  
C2 GM Blog - Events, Prizes and Halloween!

Greetings, Ektensians!

In this week, we wrapped up our celebratory events for our latest update,The Ruins of the Gods, and we are beginning the next stages for what’s next!

First on the lineup was our Ruins of the Gods Art Contest, where our players were able to vote on their favorite art submitted by their peers. After receiving tons of entries from players, and an intense voting period,  the final 3 winners emerged!

    First Place: AstralKurios
    Second Place: UrzaKeFrostgard
    Third Place: Blast

"Ruins of the Gods" - AstralKurios

The winner of the Art Contest received this fiesty new pet!

The community art contest was not the only finalized event, as players also had the chance to be the very first of their class to reach the new max level of 45, and be the first to successfully complete the new Tomb of Cain dungeon!

The first 6 players from each class to level up first were:

    MiriaPhantom: Force Shielder
    Mayadosh: Force Blader
    Odreal: Priest
    LordSangrent: Warrior
    AppleTree: Force Archer
    Temperance: Wizard

These hard working winners of the Level up event received their very own Golden Victory Costume Box, which included the hard fought after Golden Victory costume, a temporary costume with powerful stats that is normally awarded to the top ranked players in the Trial of Champions Arenas.

The Golden Victory Costumes, in all of their splendor!

Meanwhile, the brave group that ventured into the depths of the Tomb of Cain and emerged victorious were:


The winners of the Tomb of Cain event received their very own rare mount, the Unicorn mount!

We congratulate all of our winners for these events, but don’t worry! Everyone who actively played during our launch of The Ruins of the Gods will not only be receiving their very own adorable Sheep Mask, but they will also win a 7 Day Increase Drop Rate Scroll! Players can expect their prizes to be given out soon, so make sure to keep your eye on your mailbox!

With the end of October approaching, that also means one incredibly spooky holiday is approaching, and we can’t wait to unveil some new items and events that will be heading towards Ektensia!

We will also be hosting a very special Halloween themed stream on October 30th, so make sure to tune in! Prizes and a lot of Q&A is always a guarantee.

Of course, while we are making sure that our newest update is running smoothly, we are already beginning to look towards the horizon and on towards new content. Don’t get too comfortable with the current new dungeons, as challenges will always arise, and even some older content will awaken with new rewards and difficulties that will truly test your skills. We are also making sure that the FPS optimization project is still ongoing, and we will have more news for our players soon!

Have a great day, everyone!


Lundi 19 octobre 2015  
Server Maintenance

Hello everyone,

We will be having server maintenance tonight, from 6PM to 8PM PDT. During this maintenance period, we will be adding in the 3rd tier of production materials for players with the appropriate Union rank, as well as adding in the following Rare recipe books to Sky Gardens:

    [Recipe Book] Heroic Blazing Hammer Equipment
    [Recipe Book] Heroic Crystal Clockspring Eqiupment
    [Recipe Book] Heroic Silver Needle Equipment

Please make sure to log out 15 minutes prior in order to avoid any data loss before the servers are taken down.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Have a great day,

Cabal 2 Staff


Jeudi 15 octobre 2015  
Ruins of the Gods Event - Tomb of Cain

Hello everyone!

We have one final event in order to celebrate our brand new content for Chapter 1: Ruins of the Gods!

We will be awared the first party who manages to complete the hardest dungeon located in Gray Canyon: Tomb of Cain!

The Tomb of Cain


      The very first party to successfully complete Tomb of Cain will be rewarded for their amazing efforts!
      This event will begin once The Ruins of the Gods update has been released, and will end once the first party successfully completes the dungeon!


      Players must be in a 6 player party with the same members from start to finish
      The party must kill every single boss and sub-boss located within Tomb of Cain; a complete clear is necessary


      Each party member will receive a Unicorn mount!

Good luck!

Cabal 2 Staff


Mercredi 14 octobre 2015  
Cash Shop Rotation

Hello everyone!

We are excited to present our next cash shop rotation for 10/14! We will be adding some new Premium items to our shop, as well as a new costume!


    Snowboarding Set (Female)

    Snowboarding Set (Male)

Premium Items

    2nd Level Slot Expansion Stone - Rare & Heroic
    Scroll of Quick Growth (Experience Boost 10%)
    Pet Retraining Manual
    Pet Ability Storage

Random Boxes

    Iron Will Container

      Recommended Classes

        Force Shielder

Power of Will Container

    Recommended Classes

      Force Archer

Force of Will Container

    Recommended Classes

      Force Blader

Remember, our pets are 1 per account and bound, so please only purchase 1! Make sure to check it out now!

Cabal 2 Support Staff


Mercredi 14 octobre 2015  
Patch 2.0 - The Ruins of the Gods Patch Notes

Hello everyone,

During the maintenance tonight from 5:30PM PDT to 10:30PM PDT (10.14.2015) we will be adding in the newest CABAL 2 update, The Ruins of the Gods. This patch will also contain major changes to several other in game systems, featuring:

Patch Notes for 2.0: The Ruins of the Gods

Added Content

    New Zone added: Gray Canyon
    New Level Cap: Level 45
    New Skills added for each Class:


        Overpower (Level 41) Player gains attack bonus and guaranteed Desperate Strike
        Desperate Strike (Level 43) Attack Skill, can only be used when overwhelming strength is active
        Demoralizing Roar (Level 44) Debuff enemies to decrease Attack and Attack Speed


        Frostfire Maelstrom (Level 41) Attack Skill
        Chains of Ice (Level 44) Attack Skill, can be instantly used if Pure Frost effect is currently active

      Force Blader

        Power of Domination: Glide (Level 41) Attack Skill, can only be used using Power of Domination: Wings of Awakening. Consumes effect when used
        Electron Discharge (Level 44) Buff Skill, boosts Attack Speed of party
        Glare Slash (Level 45) Attack Skill

      Force Shielder

        Lightning Storm (Level 41) Attack Skill, binds multiple enemies to draw them in
        Intimidating Shout (Level 42) Debuff Skill, reduces Physical Attack of nearby enemies
        Rage Retaliation (Level 44) Attack Skill

      Force Archer

        Frost Grenade (Level 41) Attack Skills, slows enemies within AOE Radius
        Freezing Arrow (Level 42) Attack Skill, gives a chance to use Kill Shot
        Rapid Load (Level 43) Buff Skill, removes cast time of all grenades


        Theos Mercy (Level 41) Buff Skill, reduces incoming damage
        Devotion (Level 43) Buff Skill, improves Healing Power
        Retribution (Level 44) Attack Skill, uses AOE damage
        Dark Resistance Aura (Level 45) Reduces Dark Damage

    New top tier equipment added

      Item Level 61 set: Law Ruler

        This item set will be Bind on Equip

      Item Level 63 set: Dark Wing

        This item set will be Bind on Pickup

      Effect Cores

        Effect Cores can now be used on equipment with an empty Effect Core slot. Some effects are passive, or can be activated. Cannot be extracted, and slots cannot be reused with a different Effect Core

    Gray Canyon warp added for all Warp NPC’s for players who are Level 40
    Level 45 Repeatable Quests added and sold by South Cartel Agent Marianne for 10,000 Alz
    New Currency: Contribution Coin

      Contribution Coins can be used to purchase Equipment for classes, as well as Upgrade Core Boxes
      4 Contribution Coins are required for an Equipment Box
      10 Contribution Coins are required for an Upgrade Core box

    Level 40-44 Battlefield group has been added for Maelstrom Castle and Forgotten Desert Temple Battlefields
    Level 45 Battlefield group added for both Maelstrom Castle and Forgotten Desert Temple

Modified Content

    The equipment bind status has been modified to the following:

      All equipment from Heavenly Citadel, Sky Gardens and Labyrinth Forest Black Wave will now be Bind on Equip

    Additional entries to the Monster Arena / The Arena / Labyrinth Forest Black Waves / Dungeons

      For Black Wave / Monster Arena / Dungeons: Players will be able to enter ONE additional time for the price of 10 Force Crystals
      For The Arena: Players will be able to enter TWO  additional times for the price of 10 Force Crystals

    Caminos Costume Random Box will be randomly given to players in the Rewards Box, beginning from Wave 33.

      33 ~ 49 Waves: 10% to acquire Caminos Costume items in Rewards box
      50 ~ 59 Waves: 15%
      60 ~ 69 Waves: 20%
      70 ~ 79 Waves: 25%
      80 ~ 84 Waves: 30%
      85 ~ 89 Waves: 35%
      90 ~ 94 Waves: 40%
      95 ~ 99 Waves: 45%
      100 Waves: 50%

    Force Archer Basic Attack has been modified to have the cooldown increased from 0 seconds to 0.7 seconds

Bug Fixes

    Fixed a server issue which caused players to no longer be ported into the Arena / Monster Arena scenarios

Mercredi 14 octobre 2015  
Chapter 1 - The Ruins of the Gods

Your strength is needed once more in the cold, unforgiving lands that have conquered those who dared to venture there. The trials you have overcome in Labyrinth Forest only showed a taste of what the evils of the world have to offer, and the opportunities to forge your destiny are finally beginning to unfold.

Prepare yourself for a new challenge in the Ruins of the Gods, a brand new update where you will gain powerful new abilities and rise in power to have a chance at life in this cold, desolate new world. Join the fight in a brand new land, filled with dangerous new enemies, new challenges and filled with endless possibilities.

New Content: Ruins of the Gods

    Brand New Map: Gray Canyon
    Increased Level Cap: Level 45

      Brand New Skills for each Class

    3 New Dungeons

      Calm Snowy Fields will be accessible at Level 43
      Ancient Research Center
      Tomb of Cain

    Two New Top Tier Equipment and Weapon Sets

      Law Ruler and Dark Wing

A New Challenge Awaits


Mercredi 7 octobre 2015  
Ruins of the Gods Events!

Hello everyone!

Our new update Ruins of the Gods will be released on October 14th, 2015, but that doesn’t mean that our celebration won’t be going on beforehand. We will be hosting a few community events for our icy new update!

Our celebration will begin on October 7th with a community art contest, and even introducing a brand new event right before the big day!

The Ruins of the Gods Art Contest


      Three players who submit a Ruins of the Gods themed art piece will have their amazing art voted on by the community, and the winners will receive a prize worthy of the Old Gods!
      The artwork submitted through our forums will be voted on by your peers!


      Players will have from October 7th, 2015 to October 14th, 215 in order to submit their entries in the appropriate forum post!
      Entries must contain the theme of the new Gray Canyon map from the upcoming Content, Ruins of the Gods
      Nothing inappropriate or rated M
      Pictures of the artwork is accepted if not digital, as long as the above criteria is met
      Only one person per entry
      Players will have three days to choose up the winners, after which the prizes will be handed out


      1st Place: Korma Pet, Premium 30 Days
      2nd Place: Premium 14 Days, Premium Revive Stone x10
      3rd Place: Premium 7 Day, Premium Revive Stone x5
      All of our other contestants will receive 5 Premium Revive Stones!

Of course, a community contest is only the beginning of our celebration! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for these upcoming events, celebrating our official launch!

The Labyrinth Forest GM Invasion


      The terrible monsters of Gray Canyon are invading the unsuspecting forest, and the Game Masters need your help in keeping the order of the forest intact!
      This event will take place on October 13th starting at 11AM PDT!


      Help our GMs keep those invading monsters under control, by any means necessary

The Ruins of the Gods Playtime Event


      From October 14th to October 21st, players who log into the game and play will receive bonus rewards!


      As long as you log in between the dates of October 14th to October 21st, you will be entered to win some prizes to help you in your ongoing fight to victory!
      Players who log in every day throughout the event will win a bonus prize!


      All players who log in will receive their very own adorable Sheep Mask!

The Race to Victory!


      The journey to level 45 will be a tough one, and we are here to make sure that the strongest are given their just rewards!
      The first 6 individual users to reach level 45 (One for each class) will be awarded an amazing prize!
      This event will begin the minute our servers are opened for our players, and will end once the final class hits level 45!


      Only one account per class; You can only win once!


      The first 6 classes will receive a Gold Costume Box!

Make sure to stay tuned as we get closer to launching our Ruins of the Gods updates!

Cabal 2 Staff


Mardi 6 octobre 2015  
Cash Shop Rotation

Hello everyone!

We are excited to announce our next cash shop rotation for 10/6! We will be adding new Premium items for your convenience! Some items will be making a return to the CABAL 2 Cash Shop!

Premium Items

    New Chat Bubble: The Iron Armor Chat Bubble!
    Seal Kit
    Slot Expansion Stone (Rare & Heroic)

Our costumes and pets will remain the same until next week! These items are only here for two weeks, so make sure to check out these goodies now!

Cabal 2 Support Staff


Vendredi 2 octobre 2015  
Introducing the C2 GM Blog!

Hello everyone,

Recently, we introduced new patches, including one update in the form of Trial of Champions, and while we have been hard at work making sure that our Ruins of the Gods update will meet our players expectations, we want to make sure that our players are not left out of the loop with our work.

So now we will make sure that our players are kept up to date on all things Cabal 2, starting not only with our weekly Twitch streams, but regularly updated on our forums as well. We will be showing players previews of our patch notes, any changes made during the development stages, and hints of what will come.

Ruins of the Gods will be our next major update, and we are putting our heart and soul into this update. Some things to look forward to are:

    A brand new map, with the increased level cap that comes with it!
    3 New Dungeons, with two new sets of gear that players will be able to acquire
    Updated Bind Status on new and old gear
    New in game events that will be introduced before the upcoming update, and after
    Improved in game features

This month is going to be packed with content, so be on the lookout for more info in the very near future!

Cabal 2 Staff





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