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Vendredi 26 juin 2015  
Client Now Available!

Greetings, everyone!

The CABAL 2 Client is now available for download here!

Remember, players will only be able to access the servers on July 2nd! Our Founder status players will be able to log in and begin their journey on June 29th, 2015!

We're looking forward to seeing everyone in game!

Best Regards,

CABAL 2 Staff


Vendredi 26 juin 2015  
Patch Notes 1.03

Greetings, everyone!

Patch 1.03 brings several bug fixes that were found during our Closed Beta phases, along with some quality of life changes that were brought to our attention from our loyal fanbase. We are always looking to change and expand CABAL 2 for it’s core purpose: To be a fun, action packed MMO that will reward the hard work of it’s players. These patch notes will be constantly changing as we get closer to our Open Beta, so make sure to keep an eye out for any changes!

Bug Fixes

    Geographical / Terrain Clipping Issues have been fixed in the following locations:

      Clana Island
      Lethe Island
      Frey Hilltown
      Labyrinth Forest
      Cliff Hyper Abysmo

    Invisible ramp in Ironhammer Citadel has been removed
    Wild Wolves in Lupur’s Excavation site will spawn at the correct location and will no longer be rooted to spawn location
    The Battle Mode Quest now properly displays “Sister” instead of “Brother”
    Labyrinth Forest Purification quest will no longer cause Cryengine crash errors
    Lethe Island beginner cutscene will always load in after Character Creation
    Fixed localization issues that caused words to be cut in half
    Removed craft materials above level 40

Modified / Changed Content

    Elite mount movement speed increased to 75% from 70%
    Added voice over to all in game cutscenes
    Improved frame rate optimization
    Added in improved Stats System that shows players  skills that can be learned, how much HP/MP they gained, and how far they’ve progressed through the storyline (Default keybind “N”)

Thank you.

CABAL 2 Staff


Mercredi 24 juin 2015  
Open Beta Streams, Events and More!

Dying to get back into the game with some more knowledge and events? Then you’re in luck! We’re planning on throwing our Open Beta a major party, all starting on Twitch! GM Icee will be hosting a Pre - OBT stream on June 26th, 2015 at 11AM PDT! She will be going over the changes that went through from Closed Beta to Open Beta, details on our upcoming events, Closed Beta and Founder’s Pack rewards, and will give our viewers the chance at winning an amazing prize! Make sure to stay tuned on our official Twitch Channel!

There will also be three events planned for the start of our Open Beta! They are:

The Character Customization Competition!

Create a unique character and submit it to our esteemed panel of judges! Why one week? Because time is important, and you’ll definitely need every spare second to create the perfect character that will make you a winner!

    Players must submit screenshots of their final character (Perhaps using a special emote?) You have to have that character in your account in order for us to count it as a potential candidate!
    You will have one week from the start of the contest to create and name your character! We'll make a dedicated forum post that will be only for applicants! Winners will be chosen a week from the end date! Good luck!
    The top three winners will receive 1 level 40 Force Core (All Attack Types), 1 Level 40 Force Core (All Defense Types) and the Premium 7 days wings.

The Journey to Frey Hilltown Event!

From July 4th, 2015 to July 11th 2015, all players will become eligible to win if they hit level 15 before the end date! It’s that easy!

    Players who reach the level in the allotted time will be qualified to enter a raffle! 100 players will then be selected at random and win the Eagle Pet! Looking forward to seeing everyone participate!

Become an Elder of Ektensia!

Starting on July 2nd, 2015, log in with any character at any time until July 9th to receive the “Elder” title! Be the first to create your legend in Ektensia!

    Titles will be given to all participants who log in between July 2nd and July 9th! Players will have one week to receive their exclusive title!

We set out to make sure CABAL 2 was the MMO that our fans deserve, and we’re going to make our Open Beta as memorable as possible! Make sure to keep an eye on our social media sites for any new information!


Mardi 23 juin 2015  
Open Beta FAQ!

We have received numerous questions about our upcoming Open Beta, and have compiled the most frequently asked questions here! 

Is CABAL 2 Free to Play?

    CABAL 2 is a free to play  Massive Multiplayer RPG that uses a cash shop model. Most of the items provided within the cash shop are aesthetic and convenience items. None of which are required to progress through the content.

Will I be able to purchase the Founder’s Pack with eCoins I purchased from the C1 store?

    If you have refilled eCoins from the C1 North American Store using a credit card or prepaid card, those eCoins are valid to purchase the Founder’s Pack. Voucher eCoins are restricted from purchasing the Founder’s Pack.

When will the client download become available? If I purchased a Founder’s Pack, will I be able to download the client before June 29th?

    We’re planning on having the client available to download on June 26th. So users who have purchased the founder’s pack will have plenty of time to prep!

How many servers/channels will be present in CABAL 2? Will there be a EU server in the future?

    This is entirely dependant on the numbers we’ll see when we head into OBT. There’s always room to expand and add on additional servers/channels if the need arises. EU servers will be a discussion point at a later date.

Will there be any wipes during the OBT?

    There are no scheduled wipes for OBT.

What are the benefits of the Premium service?

    The benefits of purchasing premium service allows players to receive currency boosts in-game. There are many different types of currencies in-game, encompassing the PvE & PvP elements of the title. Alongside these boosts, certain convenience features are at the user’s disposal, such as remote auction house, vault, crafting.

Is my ESTgames account and my CABAL 2 Forum account linked?

    No, users who have an ESTgames account will need to register a separate account on the CABAL 2 Forums in order to utilize them.

What are the basic computer requirements for playing CABAL 2?

Will SEA / Philippines / Thailand be region blocked?

    Currently, players who reside within the SEA region, including the Philippines, Thailand will be restricted from playing on the North American server. The reason for this restriction is because users of those regions will have their own service, which will follow the North American launch shortly.

Best Regards,

CABAL 2 Support Staff


Vendredi 19 juin 2015  
Founder's Pack is now available!

Begin your epic journey the right way! Jump into CABAL 2 before anyone else, earn a unique title and ride into battle with an exclusive mount, an unparalleled weapon of craftsmanship to slay your enemies, and the equipment you’ll need to survive whatever challenge is thrown at you! Make sure to earn your Founder status and take advantage of this amazing deal! Our Founder’s Pack Includes:

    3 Day Early Access to CABAL 2 Open Beta
    Reserve your Name
    Limited Series Cherry Blossom Weapon Skin
    Exclusive Black Ostrich Mount
    Ektensia’s Founder In Game and Forum Title
    Premium Revive Stone x10
    HP/MP Potion x100

This sale will begin on June 20th, 2015 PDT and will end on June 26th, 2015 PDT at 7PM! Make sure to grab your pack before the sale ends!

You can view the Cherry Blossom Weapon Skins and the Black Ostrich Mount in the preview video.

This purchase will be for NA eCoins only; If you have any questions about our Founder’s Pack details, you can read our FAQ here!


Dimanche 14 juin 2015  
Cabal II en bêta ouverte occidentale à partir du 2 juillet

Après plusieurs phases de bêta fermée, la version occidentale de Cabal II s'annonce en bêta ouverte à partir du 2 juillet prochain, en liminaire d'un lancement commercial free-to-play.

En bref. On le sait, fort du succès populaire du premier Cabal, puis de Cabal II en Asie, le studio ESTsoft entend maintenant exploiter le MMORPG aussi en version occidentale. Depuis avril dernier, Cabal II a donc fait l'objet de plusieurs phases de bêta fermée et s'annonce finalement en bêta ouverte à partir du 2 juillet prochain -- par définition, cette dernière phase de test sera accessible à l'ensemble des curieux, titulaires d'une invitation ou non.
D'autant plus que cette bêta ouverte se veut surtout le préliminaire du lancement commercial de Cabal II en Occident et les acquis obtenus lors des tests seront conservés.

Pour marquer ce lancement, le développeur promet une série d'animations dans et hors du jeu (le détail en sera dévoilé au cours des prochaines semaines) et d'ici là, les inscriptions restent ouvertes sur le site officiel. Avis aux curieux.





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