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Lundi 28 septembre
Bless Online Final Test Closing Impressions


The Bless Online final test is now over and I'm back with my final preview of the game. I've got a lot of gameplay footages of the South Faction, so I decided to try out the North Faction this time around with a new character.

To change things up, I decided to go with the Lupus Race and Heiron Northern Faction this time around. I received some requests from my followers to try out Ranger for the last day, so here it is. The Ranger is equipped with a wide variety of skills that can be charged for more damage. Due note that the Ranger can't move while charging some of their skills, so it's better off to use them at the start of the battle or used in combo with traps and stuff.

Starting a New Adventure

One of the nice things about starting out in a whole new faction is that I was given a new set of quests, main story missions, monsters, exclusive areas, unique dungeons, and more. I was killing all kinds of new monsters that I didn't encounter from the other faction and the areas looked fresh and new. Even the first party dungeon was completely different.

Reflecting back onto the gameplay. To be honest, there really isn't anything special about the combat gameplay system of Bless Online. What you see and watch is pretty much what you get. The game was originally classical Point & Click and Tab Target game with certain classes that offered non-targeting combat in CBT2. However, with the recent game changes, every class can now play the game as an action combat. I didn't really like it at first, but eventually got used to it over time. I would have probably got into the game more and reached the max level if the combat was somewhat interesting. The servers being dead also didn't help at all.

Bugs and Stuff

According to the official Bless Online Beta Report post, a lot of users had trouble running or logging in the game. The game also had a grand total of 654 bugs identified during the beta! They also noted that the dungeon difficulty was rather high and many testers skipped out on it. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why I had such a hard time finding parties for them. I hope there are no serious nerfs planned in the future for the challenging dungeons. If anything, they should probably add party finder so that players can gather for the dungeons easier, instead of just idling and standing right outside that dungeon waiting for nothing to happen.

Final Thoughts

Would I recommend playing the next Beta of Bless Online? Yes, I would! Even if the game wasn't as enjoyable as I anticipated. The game itself does have a beautiful world that is worth exploring to any gaming adventurer. The music is also great along with the whole faction and race system. A lot of players didn't really get to experience most of the core content of Bless Online. I'm going to give the game another try during the next test and perhaps may end up playing the release depending on how well the RvR and PvP system plays out. I noticed the game focuses more on crafting equipment, so that should be interesting too. As long as it doesn't turn out to be a cash grab or p2w. Which is one of the reasons why I'm taking a break from my previous main MMORPG BDO.

Bless Online Complete Final Test Articles

Oh yeah, you can also download the official Bless Online theme at the official website. By Hans Zimmer! It's worth checking out.

Developer: Neowiz Bless Studio
Publisher: Neowiz PMANG
Game Site


Jeudi 24 septembre
Bless Online Final Test Tour and Exploring


I'm back with more Bless Online adventures! I really wanted to try one of the beautiful looking instanced dungeon shown in the image below. They should have probably stuck to one server instead of having three servers for the final test as I had trouble searching for enemies or players around.


Flying Tour and Faction Areas

I've explored most of the areas in my factions side of Bless Online and the fastest way to give a tour video is to fly through them using the fast travel feature. The world is indeed one big seamless world. However, there is a catch! There are some areas of the map that aren't available just yet and when players try to fast travel "through" not "to" these areas a screen with "Loading" will come up. This is usually a one-time thing after the player completes the main story quests of their "starting zones" and stuff. I believe it depends on the faction and race you're playing since some of the races live in the outskirts of the main continent. It should be the only time you'll see that loading screen, unless you want to travel back to the starting zone or with the exception of entering or leaving party instanced dungeons.

After reaching leveling 30'ish I ended up losing motivation to finish leveling to 45, so I decided to explore and catch some random pets like the cool Wyvern below. Nothing special about the questing system just the same old usual quest hub stuff. There is a nice balance of killing "X" and picking up things, most of the time you're just completing quests in one area and moving on to the next area. Eventually, you'll reach a level where you'll have to compete for mobs against the enemy faction. As I've mentioned in my previous review though not much action in my server. Regrets playing on server 2!

Exploring on a Mount or on Foot!

Continuing my exploration adventures, I ended up stumbling across a rocky desert dunes region. Like most of the level 30+ areas of the game, you'll most likely run into enemy faction players given you're not playing on a dead or beta server. You can even enter the enemy faction camps as I did near the end of the video. It looks like NPC's doesn't one shot players, so perhaps you can sneak in and kill players and run back out! Unfortunately, I didn't have the pleasure of trolling in this beta because I was playing in dead server 2 or maybe it's because the servers are up 24 hours and everyone was asleep at 11:00pm Korean Time. Anyhow, it seems like the game has a heavy focus on the open RvR/PvP content so players might enjoy that later on. I'd like to see how well it plays on the live servers.


Developer: Neowiz Bless Studio
Publisher: Neowiz PMANG
Game Site


Mardi 22 septembre
Final Test Features and Extended RvR Preview


Alright, so I've been getting a ton of requests to play more Bless and showcase other features here and there so here it is! In today's Bless Online preview, you will find new information and videos of the RvR/PvP system, Pokemon taming, and skill system video.


PvP and RvR System

The world of Bless Online is divided by two factions and each one is conveniently located on the North and South of the world map opposing each other. At around level 30, you will start to encounter enemy faction players on the field while questing due to the fact that these quests are located in between the North and South border that divides the two factions apart. I've ran into a lot of enemies, but most of them were fairly passive or had some kind of buff that prevented players from attacking each other? Not really sure, what's up there. Either way, everyone wanted to focus on grinding for RvR and GvG. I don't have any information on GvG as I'm not in a guild in this beta.


I was worried about queueing up for the MOBA RvR system of Bless Online because players were level 45 with good gear and high-level skills. However, since a lot of people wanted to see this system, I just YOLO'ed it! To my surprise, it seems like there is an equalization with levels and I was bumped up from level 30 to 45 during the match. I'm not sure if the stats was also equalized or not, but I didn't have any skills from 35>45 at the time nor the equipment. This was my first match so I mostly played it safe, though at times I felt like leading the charge and it ended badly. I did fairly well and killed over 10+ players with a lot of assists. I was a bit confused on what to do, but it seems like you attack certain buildings and if your faction destroys it, mega monsters emerges out of it. From there, you must push to their base! It seems like you get EXP every time you assist or kill a player, which is nice! I don't even want to imagine the nightmare of being a melee player on this map. One stun and you're dead by meteors and ice spikes.

Pet System

One of the cool new features of the final test for Bless Online is that players are able to catch most of the monsters in the game as mounts, pets, and more! I made a short video below previewing on how pets are captured in the game. All you have to do is purchase a scroll from an NPC, Ruby Shop, or Quest Reward. From there, you will need to DPS down the monster to low HP and activate the scroll! Pets also have fatigue bars and I assume that they will disappear when the fatigue reaches 0. Pets have no way of assisting players in combat for the time being other than giving players passive bonuses in both PvP and PvE. These bonuses range PvE Exp up, increased gold earned, PvP Exp up, increased token rewards used for crafting, and more. Gotta catch'em all!

Skill System Update

A few days ago I talked about the skill system, but didn't really provide a video of it until now! Anyhow, depending on the class played, you're going to need more than one loadout set also known as tactics slot. By the time I was level 30, I had three different loadouts prepared such as Fire, Ice, and Hybrid Ice and Lightning. I was able to swap between loadouts using the Ctrl 1~3 anytime and anywhere I want as long as I'm not in combat. I was able to unlock more tactic slots using "Ruby or Gem Shop" currency, which might be a cash money feature later on. As I have mentioned before, players are given a lot of skills and there aren't enough slots for all of the actives and passive skills. Depending on your situation be it PvP or PvE, you will most likely need more than one tactical slot. Unlike most MMORPG's where you get 4 hotbars, Bless Online restricts players to one hotbar. Giving players a lot of choices to experiment with their own builds and such. 

I Should Play More

I'm still currently level 30 with only 15 more levels to go until the final test cap. I'm not sure if I want to continue leveling up as I want to focus on trying to get some more instanced dungeon gameplay. It seems like the RvR matches is only limited during certain times of the day. It would be nice if players were able to RvR all the time or more than twice a day at the same time get a good amount of EXP from it, perhaps adding more BG's or world objectives with PvP. This will give players the options to level up through PvP instead of doing quest hubs here and there. Then again, they will most likely miss out the beautiful looking world Bless has to offer. Anyhow, that's all for now. I may share more features later this week! Oh yeah, before I forget to mention. This game seems to have some form of fatigue system, perhaps more details later?

Developer: Neowiz Bless Studio
Publisher: Neowiz PMANG
Game Site


Dimanche 20 septembre
Final Test Preview Gameplay and Tour

I've still got about a week left until the final test for Bless Online ends and I wanted to share some more information on the game as I casually play throughout the test. I must admit, the game doesn't have me hooked as much as I thought it would have. Since a lot of people are interested in this title, I will continue my adventures!

Race, Factions, and Jobs

Bless Online offers fantastic armor design for each faction, race, and jobs that I decided to record and share it with you all. The final test currently had three playable races with four more on the way such as the Siren and Iblis of the Union Faction vs the Mascu and Fedayin of the Hieron Faction. If you're interested in learning more about the factions, you can check my super 3-year-old article here. Anyhow, I thought it would be worth mentioning that certain playable jobs are restricted by their faction. For example, the Cat People also known as Pantera of the Union Faction can become Assassins while the Cat People of the Hieron faction is unable to become Assassins. The playable classes or jobs so far are as follows, Guardian, Berserker, Paladin, Ranger, Assassin, and Mage. Warlock and Mystic should be available in the future.

The World and Skill System

For titles similar to Bless Online, I often like recording long gameplay and tour sessions. The game still looks gorgeous in terms of graphics and the world is almost in par with Black Desert, maybe even better if you're a bit picky with Black Deserts obvious objects popping in and out. Both games seem to have an open seamless world though I still need to explore Bless to find out more information. I'm not a big fan of the day and night transitions of Bless Online though because it's quite noticeable transitions from bright to dark in 10 seconds.


The skill system in this game isn't overly complicated and players don't have to worry about messing up their builds at all. Once you reach the required level to learn a skill, you must run to a skill trainer and buy a book and use it. Once you've learned the skill, you must bring up the skill menu and equip that skill to a slot. At around level 15, you will have too many skills for your hotbar to handle, so you must switch skills in and out depending on the situation. The nice thing about this skill system is that you can change your skill loadout anywhere and anytime you want, even if you're inside an instanced dungeon.

Quests System

I've encountered three types of quests in the game so far. Mainstory quests, kill quests, and side quests. Mainstory quests gives a lot of nice equipment and items so it's essential to complete these right away. Side quests also give a decent amount of EXP, but not much items. Kill quests ONLY gives EXP and appears after you discover and kill that type of monster once. For example, you kill a random Wolf on the map right after it dies a kill quest is automatically accepted stating you must kill "X" amount of Wolves to complete it. Players aren't forced to complete these quests and able to turn them off once they appear in the quest log.

Party Content

It's been awhile since I've played an MMORPG with actual party content and it was nice. This was my first party dungeon in Bless Online and I believe there are a lot more dungeons in the game, I just need to stop being lazy and level up! Boss fights in this game made me laugh inside because my party had to kite them due to how hard they hit and the random adds they summon. It reminded me of the old school MMORPG's where you had to kite stuff while the rest of the team manages their DPS without pulling aggro! I haven't really found much motivation in playing the game much other than for previewing stuff for you guys. There is still a couple of days left, so I will go on ahead try to explore the other dungeons and perhaps try another class. I'll try to preview some RvR or PvP and Pokemon system before the beta ends, but it's as I have mentioned I'm not really feeling it.

Developer: Neowiz Bless Studio
Publisher: Neowiz PMANG
Game Site


Jeudi 17 septembre
Bless Online Final Test New Action MMORPG

The first day of the final test for Bless Online had just ended and I just wanted to share some of my first impressions about the combat system. One of the new features of the game is the Action Combat options. However, a big question still remains. Is it really an action MMORPG or a last minute addition?

I'm going to jump straight into the new combat mechanics of Bless Online since a lot of my followers are eager to learn about it. After finalizing character creation players are given two options, play the game as classical targeting or action combat targeting mode. Classical targeting is the standard WASD to move around and tab to select target or left click with mouse. Action Combat targeting mode is where your character will automatically focus on the target in front of your character or where your cross-hair is placed on. Every class is equipped with a dodge button that consumes stamina. Depending on the class you're playing, you can dodge more than others. For example, the Berserker can dodge more than the Assassin. What?! Yeah, no idea why... it's just the way it is. At least, during the training room. Also the dodge button works differently for other classes and players have no way of controlling which direction to dodge other than turning the camera to that direction and pressing the dodge key.

Is Bless Online really action combat? I'll let you decide by continuing my explanation of the game mechanics. Monsters are locked on to you, so even if you dodge a frontal attack, they will 360 degree spin and hit your character. Perhaps it's just my lag playing games from overseas, but you can see the random super enemy lock on hits at 3:22 in the video above along with other videos in this preview. Don't get me wrong, you can still dodge attacks, with the dodge key, but it's just a bit wonky at the moment. At most, the gameplay and targeting system is a lot like Blade & Soul except you get a lot more counter and evade skills in that game. Even during the tutorial missions you're only told to dodge when monsters are doing big attacks noticeable telegraphs that screams dodge or die!

Depending on the class you're playing, your auto attacks will cleave and hit multiple enemies like the Berserker. On the other hand, the Assassin class doesn't cleave at all, even if the enemies are directly on top of each other. What makes it more troublesome is that stacking the "Assassin Charges (Stacks up to 5)" resets everytime you hit a new enemy. Which makes killing monsters troublesome when they're on top of each other you want to build 5 charges to execute a finishing skill. I'm sure others won't mind, but I'm just explaining cleave mechanics here and there. I haven't tried other melee classes to see if they can cleave like the Berserker or not. The game does have a lot of RvR features planned in the future and I feel like the tab targeting system will benefit certain classes a lot more with the lock on features such as Ranger.

Developer: Neowiz Bless Studio
Publisher: Neowiz Pmang
Game Site


Vendredi 11 septembre
Bless illustre ses nouvelles contrées

En Corée du Sud, les équipes du studio Neowiz préparent actuellement la « bêta finale » de Bless, et en attendant l'ouverture des serveurs de test, le MMORPG dévoile quelques-unes des nouvelles contrées que les testeurs pourront explorer dans quelques jours -- l'occasion de dévoiler de nouvelles images de Bless et de démontrer une nouvelle fois que la qualité graphique du titre entend contribuer à l'immersion des joueurs dans son univers, en attendant de déterminer si son gameplay parviendra à les fidéliser.


Située au sud de la Vallée des Wyverns, la contrée de Rustica est réputée pour son climat humide et les brouillards nauséabonds qui la nimbent en permanence, semblant cacher quelques monstruosités... On ne s'y aventure jamais de gaité de coeur et certains prétendent même que la région rend fou.

La Vallée des Wyvern

Si la région a toujours été dangereuse du fait de sa faune (elle est infestée de nids de wyverns), la Vallée est d'autant plus redoutée aujourd'hui et on rechigne à franchir la rivière qui serpente dans ses gorges. La guerre civile y fait rage et des hordes de créatures démoniaques déferlent maintenant régulièrement dans la Vallée : les troupes en poste dans la forteresse de la baie sont régulièrement décimées et les corps des morts disparaissent avant de pouvoir être enterrés. On dit les soldats fatigués des combats et ils redoutent de plus en plus l'affrontement avec l'engeance maléfique qui semble hanter les lieux.

La Terre sacrée de Kuri

Réputée paisible et sanctifiée, la Terre sacrée de Kuri abritait d'anciens monastères. On raconte que c'est là que des peuples bienveillants peuvent rencontrer les divinités et s'enrichir de leur bienveillance et de leur sagesse -- tant que la région résiste à la corruption.

Le Désert blanc

Loin dans les confins du monde et longtemps resté à l'écart de la civilisation, le vaste Désert blanc est tout juste ponctué de quelques oasis. Les plus vastes ont néanmoins progressivement attiré les voyageurs et les peuples du désert, jusqu'à ce que d'imposantes et prospères cités marchandes y soient érigées. Et si aujourd'hui, elles paraissent fastueuses, on murmure que les temples de ces cités abritent des « portes noires », étudiées de longue date par les prêtres du lieu qui s'interrogent sur les mondes vers lesquelles elles mènent. Elles continuent quoiqu'il en soit d'effrayer dès lors que les ténèbres s'étendent, alors qu'on redoute ce qu'elles pourraient laisser échapper...

La mer d'émeraude

Notamment peuplée par les aqua-elfes, la contrée de la Mer d'émeraude tient son nom de ses vastes étendues de forêts subtropicales. La faune sauvage y est variée (parfois dangereuse), tout comme les ressources végétales, qu'on dit convoitées à travers le monde (certains en feraient des substances interdites dans certaines régions du monde du fait de leurs effets sur la conscience). La région est également connue pour ses pirates plus ou moins bien intentionnés, mais surtout réputée pour les ruines d'anciennes civilisations qu'elle abrite au coeur de ses forêts -- dont on dit qu'elles seraient le reliquat des anciennes civilisations elfiques.

Mer d'émeraude

La contée toscane

Aux confins de la Mer d'émeraude, la forêt subtropicale laisse place à une forêt moins dense et davantage marécageuse. La région est connue pour avoir été le théâtre de très nombreuses batailles sanglantes (et plus particulièrement de défaites emblématiques). La région semble en avoir gardée l'atmosphère, marquée par les ténèbres, mais elle renferme aussi d'anciens artefacts puissants qui attisent la convoitise des chasseurs de trésors.

Le Nord

Marqué durablement par de nombreuses batailles (les fortifications, abandonnées ou toujours en activité, sont nombreuses), le Nord est une contrée dangereuse, notamment du fait des peuplades qui y vivent. Et plus encore depuis peu, alors que les ogres, les trolls, les orcs ou encore les gobelins semblent avoir noués des alliances pour mener des raids coordonnés.


Autant de zones à la topographie et au climat très différents, promettant des contenus distincts (des zones de chasses, des donjons, des forteresses à assiéger) qui pourront donc être explorées du 17 au 25 septembre prochain, dans le cadre de la troisième phase de bêta fermée de Bless.


Mardi 1 septembre
Bless recrute pour sa bêta 3 et en précise le contenu

Du 17 au 25 septembre prochain, Bless accueillera de nouveaux les joueurs dans le cadre d'une bêta #3 qui promet davantage de contenu (dont deux nouvelles classes), une progression plus rapide pour atteindre un end-game étoffé. Revue de détails.

On le notait récemment, en Corée du Sud, Bless s'apprête à de nouveau accueillir les joueurs sur ses serveurs de test dans le cadre d'une troisième phase de bêta. Les joueurs coréens peuvent s'y inscrire à compter d'aujourd'hui et jusqu'au 14 septembre, en attendant l'ouverture des serveurs du 17 au 25 septembre prochain.

Mais au-delà du planning de test, Neowiz s'attèle surtout à définir le pourtour des nouveautés qui apparaissent dans cette troisième phase de test, et qui se veulent le reflet des « leçons apprises lors des deux précédentes phases de test ».

On en retient d'abord que, logiquement, le contenu jouable est étoffé : de nouvelles zones à explorer, la possibilité de progresser jusqu'au niveau 45 (et un gain d'expérience plus rapide), deux nouvelles classes (le mage et l'assassin) et davantage d'options de personnalisation des visages de personnages, l'artisanat est débloqué dans le jeu (permettant de fabriquer et d'enchanter son équipement), tout comme la collecte de ressources (plus ou moins rares et déterminant la qualité des objets produits).

Pour améliorer le confort de jeu, l'interface évolue également, notamment pour y intégrer une mini-map toute dédiée aux quêtes, que le développeur promet moins nombreuses et moins dispersées mais plus riches, plus cohérentes et plus faciles (l'idée directrice étant de progresser plus rapidement vers les hauts niveaux, en ayant moins la sensation de grind).

De même, manifestement, le combat déstabilisait les joueurs coréens et il évolue en bêta #3 : les joueurs pourront personnaliser l'interface, jouer au clavier (comme initialement, pour viser aussi un public occidental) ou à la souris (comme les joueurs coréens en ont l'habitude), mais aussi choisir de jouer avec ou sans ciblage pour un gameplay plus ou moins dynamique ou accessible, et le jeu ajoute également une possibilité d'auto-attaque pour que le joueur n'ait pas « cliquer frénétiquement sur un bouton pour mener un assaut ».

On se souvient par ailleurs que parallèlement à la bêta #2, le développeur avait annoncé une amélioration du système de montures. On en verra les fruits concrètement dans le cadre de cette bêta #3 : d'abord, quelque 800 monstres croisés dans le jeu pourront être capturés et domestiqués pour en faire des montures (et au lieu de prendre de la place dans l'inventaire, elles intègrent dorénavant une capacité de stockage). Les créatures domestiquées ont des capacités qu'elles peuvent mettre au service de leur maître et Neowiz envisage manifestement aussi la possibilité de faire progresser les montures (qui gagneraient des niveaux) parallèlement au personnage.

Si la progression dans Bless est accélérée, c'est notamment pour que les joueurs soient plus rapidement confrontés aux mécaniques de « RxR », le end-game du MMO reposant à la fois sur une guerre opposant les deux grandes factions, et des guerres de guildes internes pour déterminer qui prendra la tête de chaque faction (et pour s'imposer, une guilde devra à la fois nouer des alliances et vaincre ses adversaires, gagner en influence, et contrôler des cités voire des régions -- on l'évoquait suite à la bêta 2).

Dans le cadre de la bêta #3, le PvP et le RvR évoluent. Pour préserver les personnages de bas niveau, quelques zones sont considérées comme « pacifiques » (le PvP n'y est pas autorisé) ; dans d'autres, les joueurs pourront choisir d'activer ou non un flag PvP pour prendre part aux combats ou non et dans le reste de l'univers de jeu, les contrées sont ouvertement en guerre et leur contrôle est perpétuellement soumis aux affrontements des joueurs. Et selon le développeur, pour donner davantage de sens au PvP, certains comportements sur le champ de bataille seront mieux récompensés (par exemple, plus un joueur participera longtemps aux affrontements sans mourir, plus les récompenses seront importantes pour encourager les stratégies réfléchies).

Avec le test du end-game de Bless, cette bêta #3 est présentée comme la « phase finale » des tests du MMORPG, avant un lancement coréen (à une date non encore annoncée et qui dépendra sans doute des commentaires des testeurs). On sait par ailleurs que Neowiz considère Bless comme un « projet global » qui a vocation à être exploité mondialement. Tôt ou tard, le jeu devrait donc être aussi distribué en Occident.




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