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Dimanche 29 septembre 2014  
9.29 Maintenance Complete & Hot Wardrobe Sale

The Black Gold Online server Ellescadia will undergo maintenance on Monday, September 29th from 2AM-3AM, CDT. This maintenance should last for 1 hour, and server will be open afterwards.

Please pay attention and arrange your schedule in advance. We apologize for any inconvenience fans may encounter, and appreciate your patience.

Hot Wardrobe Sale!

Open the trading post interface and click on the fashion button, because we have some cool costumes for you BGO enthusiasts. ‘Call of Death’, ‘Source Power’, ‘Pioneer Costume’ and more, all these awesome permanent costumes are just one click away.

More awesome new costumes and mysterious items are on their way, stay tuned.


Mardi 23 septembre 2014  
Community Event – Journeyman’s Brawl

Nestled in the mountains of Theodia is a special meeting ground for adventurers of the road, a place for victory and defeat in gentlemanly duels and bitter blood feuds: the Journeyman’s Triumph.

It is at this special locale that we are happy to announce a special event taking place this weekend: the Journeyman’s Brawl. We’ll be holding three special events this coming Saturday, September 28th, so get ready for some (dis)organized PvP!

Pre-event: Sponsored Challenges

Before the organized events get going, we want to extend our support to all those people out there who just want to beat the crap out of each other. Pursuant to this support of inter-player feuds, gentlemen’s disagreements, and general skullduggery, we are offering rewards to the winners of privately arranged matches at the Journeyman’s Triumph open world arena.

    Event Period

      8am – 8pm CDT

    Event Rules

    Players must find a third party available and willing to stand in as an impartial referee. This referee can’t be a fellow guild member to either of the participants, and ideally would be a bystander.

    Before the match, the players should stand together in the ring and take a screenshot that includes all of three members: the two fighters, and the referee. Fighters can then begin the fight in whatever fashion they agree, with the referee ensuring that agreed rules are followed.

    After the match, the winner and referee should capture a screenshot of the victory and send it to our community team at Rewards won’t be sent to unconfirmed victories.


      Victor – Fine Box (bound)
      Referee – 5 Gold Coins

Important Notes

    Players can hold multiple matches, but no more than 3
    If multiple people want to match up, form a line or a queue
    Audiences for the matchups are encouraged
    Players accused of throwing fights or colluding will have grounds to not receive rewards

Main Events

We’ve got three main events in mind for the evening. If you’re interested in participating in any of them, please contact our community team at to register your name, along with which events you'd like to join. We’ll give priority to those who come first, but will also be balancing for even teams. To register, send us an email with your character name, and screenshots of your characters gear menu and surge menu.

    Event Period - 8pm – 11pm

    Main Event 1 – Champion Tournament

    For players who are interested, we will be organizing a single elimination-style 1v1 tournament! Players will be placed in a bracket which we will announce before the event. At the scheduled time, players will be matched up, with an in-game GM as referee. Fellow tournament contestants, and anyone interested, are encouraged to stand around the rim of the Arena as spectators.

    After each match, the winner will progress to the next fight, until we reach the championship match. The losers of the semi-final will also face off for third and fourth place.

    Depending on the numbers of players interested, we will adjust the size of the bracket, and potentially divide the tournament into different divisions based on Might or Surge level.

    Awards TBD – unique and appropriate rewards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place.

    Main Event 2 – Take on all Comers

    In this “King of the Hill” style event, top players can volunteer or be challenged by other players to take on any challengers who come their way. A players who takes to the Arena will take on all challengers one at a time, with time to recover HP in between. If they are victorious, they will take on the next opponent. If they are defeated, they will step down. For each win, the warrior will receive a point. 5 pts will get you a Fashion Fragment – that means 50 victories will get you an exclusive Fashion item!

    Any player who takes on the champion will receive a reward for their effort. Those who are able to topple a champion with a run of more than 5 consecutive wins will receive a handsome reward for defeating the champion. Specific rewards are TBD.

    Main Even 3 – Good ‘ole fashioned brawl.

    This one is simple: every man (or woman) for himself, last man (or woman) standing wins. Anyone who wants to participate will take to the arena at the set time. That means it doesn’t matter how many people cram onto the platform – you have to be on and stay on or be disqualified. Survive to the end to get a prize.

Important Event Rules

There are a few important event rules we want to make clear to everyone. This event will involve players fighting against members of their own faction as well as the other, and in many cases they will be at close quarters with members of the other faction. Ganking or PKing players around the Journeyman’s Triumph won’t be accepted. GM’s will be present, and we’ll be keeping record of any violators for punishment.

We hope that won’t be necessary, and anyone who is interested is inviting to show up for some community fun! Registration is open to everyone. Also, while happening, the events will be organized predominantly by in-game chat. However, any groups with Teamspeak or other gaming voice chat services who are willing to volunteer their channels for the event will be recognized for their support. Interested groups can contact our community team.

We’ll put out the details of the events before this Saturday. Stay posted on the forums and on our Facebook page for details.


Vendredi 19 septembre 2014  
Server Merge Update

The Black Gold Online game servers Ellescadia will be merged next week, starting late Sunday September 21st, and finishing early Monday morning on the 22nd. The official merge time will take place from 9pm to 5am, CDT (see where that is for you!). The game will be down during this time, and the new combined Ellescadia server will go live again after the update.

Along with the merger, there will also be some bug fixes and updates from our regular maintenance. Players can update their client automatically once the servers go live again, or download them directly and install them manually.

Patch Notes

    Two-step Verification Password system has been updated
    Resolved “Upgrade Skill” icon bug
    Fixed UI bug with the VIP icon
    Spectromancer passive “Spirit Medium” description error corrected
    Resolved abnormalities with teleporting portals
    Updated game text to replace errors

New Server Merge Event!

Along with the new unified server, we’ve added another event to our special merge events.

Blessing of Nature

    Event Period 9.22-9.29
    Restrictions Erlandir characters only

The bounty of Mother Nature is waiting for those who will rise in defense of the trees and the beasts. As the worlds collide with our server merge, we have a special boosting event for players who create new characters for Erlandir!

Receive special rewards for leveling up your character during the event period. The event will only apply to players who create new characters during the 7 day window, so if you want to fast-track your new champion of naturalist magic, get started after the merge!


Note: All rewards are bound


Jeudi 18 septembre 2014  
The Halls of Glory – VivaFnatic

As the war for Montel rages on, there are those few who stand out, for domination or defiance, for ferocity or nobility, for victory or defeat. In our recurring segment covering the interesting players of our community, we accept a new entrant into the BGO Halls of Glory – VivaFnatic.

We talked with VivaFnatic (we’ll call him Viva for short) to learn a bit about his gaming experience, and how that’s played out in the land of Montel. Viva told us he’s no rookie when it comes to gaming:

I started playing the oldskool counterstrike 1.5 and 1.6 back in the day. Late 2001 I got offered a spot in pro team Fnatic to play along with popular gamers such as xPeke. My original gaming name was Viva, so I chose the combination “VivaFnatic”, which I now use in every single game.

Viva proved to be no slouch when it came to the nitty gritty details of character construction. Coming into BGO just over a month ago, he decided after consulting forums to pick a class he didn’t see many others choosing: the Pyromancer. In the end he went with a Male Kosh Pyro, because as he puts it: “[in choosing Kosh] I figured the 20% critical [race stat] would be the end game stat that would make me better than others. Being married to my wife for 6 years, it’s still a little awkward to pick a girl character with double D’s, haha, so I picked male.”

When asked to describe his build, he had a lot to say about the evolution of a character build. Ultimately, Viva found that the ideal build really did vary based on the strength of his particular skills – with more options opening after the new Skill Surge system opened – and also in response to the choices of other players.

Initially, I followed the in-game advice and that of my fellow player Saeya to build up my Intelligence to strengthen skills like Firewall. However, I soon realized that some of my other skills could be really boosted up with Spell Power; in particular, Spell Power had a big impact on burst damage, as opposed to the handful of continuous burn attacks that Intelligence helped with.

With that realization, I rerolled my Pyromancer to focus on Spell Attack and Crit Damage. One of my best skills after that change was the Ion Beam, which I also beefed up my electric skills, so that I could mix stuns with burst damage to deal some heavy damage. This had a big impact on my PvE and PvP presence.

However, I noticed a lot of players started rolling Crit Resistance. With my Kosh racial stats and maxed Crit, I was still had an above average Crit rate, and my damage output was nothing to shrug off at around 40k, but I started to check out other skills like Convection Blast, Bolt Spear and Neuroblast – all of which stack well with newly surged Fan the Flames.

So now, I’m looking to reroll back to Intelligence to build up these other skills. I’m also trying to build up my sustain, which will be helped when I get some new healing and shield skills at my next Surge level. For my gear, I’ve got armor and magic resist capped. Since you can’t put the same color gems on the same gear, I try to diversify so I can get the most out of them. At this point, I basically have 2 skill bars: one for PvP and one for PvE.

In the land of Montel, where PvE and PvP formed to equally important halves to a single progression whole, Viva shows how flexibility and adaptability can play a big role in success, especially as trends form among opponents in PvP.

And clearly something is working, as VivaFnatic is one of the highest ranked players for Might Score in the Lokemean server. The key to this customization strategy seems to be in Gems, which Viva has spent no shortage of time, and as he honestly claims money, to develop.

We asked Viva a bit about how he spends his time in-game. He had this to say:

As a European, I have different play hours but I'm the kind of person that doesn’t need more then 3-4 hrs sleep, so I start up with all the solo quests (dailies, adventures, etc.) before others come on line, and then do some raids and PvP once they get online. Doesn't work out every day because I do have a job & a wife. With my career, computers are pretty much my life, so I’m pretty much multi-tasking as soon as I wake up to the point where I fall back asleep.

And who are the “others” that VivaFnatic plays with?

I started playing with Doomsday when I first got into it, where Chaos showed me the basics and I also met a lot of the other players who went over to Divine with me. I’ve got a friend who I’ve been playing with for almost 8 years who joined the game with me, sdaberrella (currently n 2 of Lokemea).

We kind of wanted to “play soldier” in Black Gold, because we’ve usually been leaders in guilds. We managed to do that for a bit, but eventually sdaberrella became an officer and I became Divine’s second, so there goes that soldier dream. Either way, we’ve been having fun getting to know other players through Teamspeak.

As an important member of a powerful Guild, VivFnatic no doubt fights his fair share of PvP. We were curious to hear what type of Battle Carriers he has. Simply put: all of them. Or near enough to be close, with 5 slots completely filled with Tier 7 Battle Carriers.

In terms of my favorites, I would go for the Storm Soarer (Aerial) and the Wyrm Homodont (Raid).

Storm Soarer because of the huge electric splash dmg that actually 2 shots carriers in BFC while being able to kill anti-airs as well.

Homodont for the huge leap attack once its T7. It can really mess footmen up in no time. But I really like all the carriers, so unique concept and so wonderful creatures.

After a month in the game, we wanted to know if VivaFnatic had any good stories to share. He had three for us:

My first memorable moment was a bit of respect we received from the opposing faction, most notably Legends. We were trying to run Caravan, which is a must for lower geared players, and can sometimes be unfair when we’re outnumbered 3:1 by high geared players. However the other faction saw the imbalance and let us finish them, and it showed that in the community sometimes respect is worth more than honor (the PK honor, that is).


As second story, I recently was in a BFC 1 v 11 – that’s me alone – and I somehow managed to keep mid flag for 20 minutes before losing it for 5. Then, suddenly my leader and good friend ToDaFace – who has also been featured in the Halls of Glory – showed up and the two of us took the middle for a win. I ended up with a stunning 64-0 score and capped honor instantly, haha.

And third but not last was one of my server firsts. After opening a LOT of mount treasure boxes, I finally received a nice looking Serrawyrm flying mount.

After all of this, we wanted to know: What’s your favorite part of BGO?

The coordinated team play during PVP battles is what I like the most. That's why I always pick the underdog side when I register at a certain game. Goals are harder to achieve yet giving a much better feeling when you finish them, which leads to a higher dedication & motivation. And that is needed to enjoy a game to the fullest & thanks once again legends & rest of Isenhorst to provide us with that possibility.

If you think you have a cool character build or an interesting story, you may be the next entrant into the BGO Halls of Glory! Contact our community team at, we’ll consider your for our on-going coverage the players of Black Gold Online.


Mardi 16 septembre 2014  
Worlds Collide – Server Merge

On this coming Monday, September 22nd, the servers Ellescadia and Lokemea will be merged together into a single BGO game server, also going by the name Ellescadia. The new merged server will support a more stable player population and alleviate a number of technical issues we’ve encountered with the multi-server system.

This server merge will affect some players, and we’ve prepared a short FAQ to answer any questions players may have.

What will happen to my character with the merge?

Regardless of which server your characters are on, they will end up in this new single game server, Ellescadia. The stats and qualities of your characters will not change.

If your character on one server has the same name as a character from the other server, after the merge the names will be changed slightly: a few letters or numbers will be added or replaced in your names. After the merge, players who find their character name has changed can contact our support team or in-game GMs, and we’ll help get the name reset.

I have characters on both servers, what will happen to them?

As each player only has 5 spots for characters on a given server, those who have more than that between the two will have their top characters combined into one account. The system will automatically measure based on time played and level, moving the top 5 into the slots and deleting the rest.

If a player finds after the merge that a character they wanted was deleted, they can contact support or in-game GMs to have that character returned. However, players only get 5 characters, so reviving a character will mean getting rid of another.

What will happen to my Guild with the merge?

Guilds will be moved over with no affect to the guild itself. As with character names, if Guilds have the same name as a Guild from the other servers, the names will be changed automatically, and can be fixed by contacting our support team.

Energy Wells will Refresh with the merge

What about the Energy Wells!?!?

First, for individual players, the Energy Well’s Reputation system won’t be affected by the merge. Your reputation with any given Well will remain the same after the servers merge.

For the Guild and Faction control of the Energy Wells, the mergers will bring an early Energy Well Refresh. The map will reset, with 4 wells controlled factionally per side and the Doomsday Base contested, an all Guild control will be wiped. As a note: this will not affect the next Energy Well Refresh, set for midnight on October 1st.

Any further questions, please reach out to our support team with your concerns at, and we'll help to make sure you experience a smooth transition to the new single server.

To accompany the merger serve, we’ve also prepared some special Worlds Collide in-game events!

State your Name for the Record

    Event Period: After 9.22

      With the server merge, some of you may end up with the same name. Those of you who do, we’ll provide you with a special gift to make up for the snafu, including a card to change your name. Contact support with your account details to receive your prize.


    Event Period: After 9.22
    Eligible Characters: Characters created before 9.16

      With the server merge, some of you may end up with the same name! The game will automatically add a few letters to the end of your name. Find the player with the same name as you in the game, and snap a picture with your Doppleganger for a prize! Post the photo to our forum, and we’ll reward you handsomely. Be sure to contact our support team to receive your prize!

    Prize: 500 Black Gold

War Cry

    Event Period: 9.22-9.28

      As the world comes crashing in on itself, prepare for war! Finish the Battlefield to receive special prizes. Win or lose, you’ll have to see it to the end! In-game rewards will be received automatically.

Band Together

    Event Period: 9.22-9.28

      As the world spirals into chaos, players must team up to take on the evils of Montel! Form a team, and complete Instances to win special prizes! It doesn’t matter which Instances, these bad guys have got to go!


Jeudi 11 septembre 2014  
Montel Powers - TAW

There are those who fight their battles with brutality and fierce abandon, and then there are those who win through discipline, organization, and chain of command. The later of these two styles is the guiding philosophy of the subject of this week’s Montel Powers, as we learn about the unique guild, The Art of War, from their upper command: Major General Draxton, First Lieutenant Konscious, and First Lieutenant Cenamderi (they did, in fact, provide these ranks).

Firstly, we wanted to learn a bit more about their background – it seemed this was no spontaneously formed guild, but one with roots and history going back long before Black Gold Online.

Formed in 2001, TAW is a fully organized Guild playing together in nearly three dozen games. Asking a little into the story, the high command had this to say:

The Art of Warfare is derived from The Art of War which is an ancient Chinese military treatise attributed to Sun Tzu. A large portion of our membership is either currently serving, or has served in service around the world’s military. We have quite a few members not associated with military at all, but still enjoy the comforts and structure of the organization itself.

▲ TAW players PvPing and rocking the Labor Day outfit

Joining the war-torn land of Montel, it seems fitting that TAW draws its name sake from early texts dated to the early warring period of pre-imperial China. We were curious to learn how a Guild with such a militaristic structure would administer itself.

The Art of Warfare features a semi-pseudo structure similar to that of the US military.  We have Officers and NCOs, as well as a distinct separation between our gaming unit, called Army, and Central Command.  Central Command sets policies and determines the direction our guild takes through a somewhat democratic process.

▲ The ladies... well, at least in-game... of TAW

Leadership is earned and not given within TAW as participation in events and in game growth is evaluated and offered up to each member; however, opportunities are given to membership to fill roles as needed.

Clearly this is working for TAW, as they proudly claim to have recently broke 2,700 members in their community. In Black Gold, they have 40 dedicated members on either faction, with this number growing. For those who try to join, it’s a structured process, with orientations and a vetting process.

Which brings up a very interesting fact about TAW: they are a cross-factional guild. With Black Gold Online’s fundamental concept of factional PvP, this raised some questions: how does one run a Guild split between two sides trying to kill each other? The answer is quite fascinating.

Our main rule is something we like to call, “If you’re red, you’re dead”.  This means if you are flagged red for PvP, you are fair game no matter what you are doing.  Occasionally, members will call for truces over Teamspeak, but for the most part we allow our separate factions the liberty of duking it out.

▲ That's no battlefield, that's the Guild parking lot!

We hold events throughout the week, and challenge both sides to matches.  In PvP, if you are on the opposite faction you are an enemy even though you might be in the same channel in teamspeak.  This promotes a little friendly banter between each other as well as great practice for your character.  Our dedicated PvP matchups will require both factions be separated in their own channel on teamspeak.

Aside from the general mayhem and fun of these events, the leaders of TAW also pointed out the importance of well-understood commands and discipline of players. When someone I charge tells them to stop fighting, they stop fighting.

▲ To the face! That's what a cross-faction Guild looks like

Clearly such a structured and well-ordered Guild would be made up of the most highly competitive players around. In fact, according to “Central Command”, this is far from the case.

The Art of Warfare, is many things. Due to our size, we don’t really fit one category. We are both casual and competitive; a band of friends and a well disciplined army.

We contain members from around the globe, many from different backgrounds, many who have a different idea of what they want from TAW.  Due to this, TAW has adapted and we can proudly say that we have a spot for just about any honest gamer that is interested -- notice we said honest. 

Going hand-in-hand with this focus on honesty is TAW’s own Code of Ethics. For those willing to abide by it, TAW has some unique things to offer, according to Draxton and his lieutenants.

As a guild, we tend to try and dabble in everything together. We run daily instances and PvP with each others, and we even have scheduled events for planned things like headhunter, Alignment Wars, and Energy Well wars.

▲ Playing Adventures, Battlefields, and many more

We also like to spice things up with homemade events like “Hide and Go Smash”, and a recent event, still in the works, called “Fortress Battle”.  Some of these events take elements from things like hide ‘n’ go seek where it is still objective-based, but it allows our members to sit back and have fun with it.

The Art of War, with both their Isenhorst and Erlandir guilds, is certainly an interesting rising power in Montel. While they would not outright say whether they had any beefs with other Guilds, the leaders of TAW said they’ve got no time for cheaters       and bad sports, and they’ve got plans to get active in the Energy Well system. As the land of Montel broils with fresh conflict, TAW is primed to play a major part.

Do you have a Guild you think deserves recognition? Contact our community team at to become the next Montel Power!


Mardi 9 septembre 2014  
Shifting Battle Lines - Energy Wells

As the next great conflict begins, players can enjoy an updated Energy Well system, with new features to ensure exciting and challenging play. Build a massive guild, or unite in a federation of small ones. Win through courage, strategy, or even intrigue. The struggle for control of the land is waiting.

Campaign Fatigue

As the battle for Montel’s precious Black Gold reserves drags on, the valiant troops of either faction can become exhausted from the constant fighting. Be ready to face uphill battles with the new battle feature: Campaign Fatigue.

Each weekend during the Alignment War window, each individual player must choose which battle to join in first. If they leave, or the battle ends, they have the option to join in the battles for other contested wells that are still ongoing. With the new Campaign Fatigue system, players from the faction carrying the advantage will experience a special Debuff. For whichever faction controls the larger number of Energy Wells at the time of the battle, their players will experience increasing Debuffs as they join more and more battles.

▲ Battle to capture powerful Black Gold reservoirs for your Faction and Guild

To illustrate with an example: if Erlandir controls 6 of the 9 Energy Wells, then Erlandir has the advantage. All players from Erlandir who participate in their first battle of this period will experience no debuff at all. If they subsequently join in another battle, they will experience a 50% debuff on max health, damage and healing ability. Exhausted from the fight, joining in a third battle will raise this debuff to a 90% reduction of these stats.

This debuff only applies to the Energy Well battles themselves – players who leave the battle will regain their original traits. Also, the debuff doesn’t apply to Battle Carriers. It’s also important to note that should the advantage change hands, this system is reset: if a faction with the majority of wells should lose that dominance, the debuff would go away for the next battle. The system also resets each week.

With this new system, players must coordinate with their compatriots, and keep in mind what territory they control, and what types of debuffs they may face with each weekly Alignment War.

Energy Well Refresh

To even further fan the flames of conflict, the Energy Well system has also received a new monthly “Refresh” function.

In order to ensure competitive PvP and exciting, action-packed game play, the Energy Well system will now be reset every month at midnight on the first of the month. All control is temporary, and both Factions and Guilds must fight to regain and maintain control with each refresh.

▲ With the Energy Well Refresh, every month is a new opportunity

The Energy Well Refresh sets the map back to its basic settings. Each faction controls 4 energy wells, specifically the ones on their half of the map. All of the Energy Wells are empty of Guild Control, and open to be captured. In the middle of the map, the Doomsday Base stands totally vacant.

In the days and weeks after the Refresh, the two factions must duke it out for control of the map, as the Guilds of either faction snatch up the empty Energy Wells and battle for control.

New Challenges on the Battlefield

For an increased level of intensity and action during Energy Well battles, we’ve made two important updates.

Firstly, the Battle Carrier’s Protection System has been removed, which means players will no longer lose their Battle Carrier’s if they are destroyed. With a freer use of Battle Carriers, Energy Well battles stand to be more exciting and fast-paced as armies make tactical and strategy decisions to turn the tides of the battle.

The second update alters the dynamic for assaulting an Energy Well in Guild Wars. Attacking armies have the ultimate goal of destroying the defender’s Energy Pillar nestled in their base. Previously, this could be achieved by any means necessary. With the new system, they must follow a more challenging tactical path.

Aggressors must first attack the central pillar of the battle map. Only once this is destroyed will they be able to deal damage to the defensive gate to the enemy fortress. Once destroyed, players must storm the fortress and attack the pillar to claim victory.

The face of Montel is ever changing, as powerful forces lay claim to the shifting battle lines. Land, wealth and power are ripe for the taking. Capture yours and rule Montel in the updated Energy Well system from the Campaign of Ashes.


Mardi 9 septembre 2014  
Server Maintenance 9.9

From 2:00 – 4:00 am this Tuesday, September 9th, the BGO game servers will be down for some rudimentary maintenance. The servers will go back up at about 4am, and players will be able to download the patch directly, or simply allow their BGO Game Client to update itself.

This patch features a few small changes to our newly added Shopping Mall.

    1. Items sold at the Shopping Mall will be bound.
    2. All items at shipping mall will have a 12% discount from September 9th to the 14th

The new Shopping Mall feature allows players to get special items on the go, without having to visit certain NPCs. These valuable items can be bought with Black Gold, Vouchers, Coupons, Gold Dust and even regular Gold. Each item has its own price and contents, so check out the Shopping Mall to learn more!


Jeudi 4 septembre 2014  
Campaign of Ashes Inferno Pack!

The Campaign of Ashes has officially launched, and for those of you looking to kick start your next Montel conquest, check out our special media partners and their awesome gift code giveaways!

Our select partners will be giving away codes to our exclusive Inferno Pack, filled with all kinds of goodies to gear up, buckle down, and join the fight!

Visit any of our media partners listed below, and follow their instructions for a chance at an Inferno pack gift code!

These packs won't be available forever, the event period will last from Sept 3rd - Oct 3rd. Get your's now, and stay up-to-date with all the fun events and community activity we will be running as we kick of the Campaign of Ashes!


Mardi 2 septembre 2014  
Campaign of Ashes Unleashed!

The land of Montel faces new challenges as the war for Black Gold intensifies with the all new content drop, the Campaign of Ashes. The posturing is completed, the preparations made. The new front is ready to blow.

The team at Black Gold Online is very proud to announce that after our next round of maintenance from   2am - 6am this morning, September 3rd, the next chapter in the evolving war for Black Gold will begin!! The Campaign of Ashes takes off, with exciting new frontiers, new terrors, and new opportunities for steam-powered and magically enhanced violence!

The Battle Heats Up

The Campaign of Ashes features no shortage of awesome new content to fuel the simmering tensions between the factions of steam and magic in their bid for dominance.

The road has not yet reached its end. Players can continue to grow and customize their characters with all new systems as we raise the max level to 45. To accompany this new max level, we’ve got new equipment, including a whole new tier of upgradable gear, T3 equipment. Build the hero you want with upgrades and enhancements, and strengthen your favorite abilities with the all new customizable “Skill Surge” system.

Challenge your fellow warriors to exciting and fast-paced PvP with the all new cross-server PvP matching system. Fight for glory in teams in new PvP maps and game modes, including the special Death Hills battle carrier map. On the topic of carriers, the entire Battle Carrier system has been improved, and two new carriers join the arsenal. Capture your share of Montel with the updated Energy Well system, with added features to ensure competitive and challenging mass battles.

The new BGO Game Client has been vastly improved, with major optimizations for better performance. Thanks to the continued efforts of our awesome Open Beta testers, the game continues to hash out bugs, with a huge leap in balancing and polishing coming with the update.

Download the Update

The Campaign of Ashes can be downloaded either by direct download, or by firing up the BGO Client and allowing it to update itself. The direct download can be found below. Learn more about the direct download here.

Note: Be sure to install the patches in order!

New to BGO? Register for an account, download the client, and join the fun!

Click here to register for your BGO account

Client Download can be found here

Find out more about all the exciting new features coming in the Campaign of Ashes by visiting our Official Page. The next conflict is about to ignite, are you ready?





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