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Dimanche 31 août 2014  
The New Front Lines

As the last preparations are made to launch great grand new campaign in the war for Black Gold, take a moment to study the battle field as we offer a sneak peek at the new PvP coming to Black Gold Online! The front lines are waiting, will you survive?

The Fiercer the Fight, the Bloodier the Fang

Discover the all new Blood Fang Citadel

The hotly contested fight for Blood Fang Citadel gets a new battle map with the upcoming Campaign of Ashes. The new terrain and base dispositions takes the key elements of the original Blood Fang Citadel – team work and coordination, mounted combat, capturing bases – and adds some new twists.

BFC will continue to affect a player’s Military Rank, and on the battlefield players will still be able to utilize communal Battle Carriers or summon their own. Starting on opposite ends of the map, the players will fight for control of bases tied to spawn points and Carrier depots. Battle through narrow valleys and atop sharp rocky cliffs to capture the powerful central energy node. With the challenging geography, the new Blood Fang Citadel offers heroes the chance to face their enemy in high-energy and strategic combat.

Death Rolls in from the Hills

In addition to the Blood Fang Citadel, the military commanders of Montel will be able to face off with an all new Battlefield: the Death Hills. This special instanced battle map stands apart from the other Battlefields, as players will be able to use their Battle Carriers as they struggle to control key strategic points.

Attack the Energy Pillar (top right) to acquire a special Supply Cart (bottom)

The Death Hills offers a unique new team-based PvP game mode. In the Death Hills, two teams face off as they attempt to attack a centrally located Energy Pillar. Their goal is this: deal 50% of the Energy Pillar’s overall damage, and in doing so summon a Supply Cart. This special cart must then be defended, as it makes its way from the pillar back to the team’s own base.

Besides the pillar, the map also has a number of special bases that players can capture. Control of these bases offers defense boosts to your own cart, and debuffs for the enemy’s. Players must work as a team to capture and control these bases, attack the pillar, and defend their cart back to their base. With each successful cart returned, a team receives 1 point. Get 3, and claim victory.

Sharpening theTools of War

To accompany these exciting new features to Black Gold Online’s mounted PvP, the Campaign of Ashes will also features some exciting changes to the Battle Carrier system, including two brand new carriers!

Each faction will see the appearance of a new Raid class of Battle Carrier. For Isenhorst, heroes of steam can grapple enemies with unique chain abilities and hacksaw melee attacks piloting the Reaper. For the sorcerers of the Erlandir, hunters can bring down their prey with ease astride the Fog Devourer.

In addition to the two new carriers, all Battle Carriers will have a new Tier VIII level, with new stats, abilities, and skin designs. Besides this, the Battle Carrier system’s previous fuel restrictions feature has been removed, meaning players can utilize their Carriers without having to constantly refuel.

The Campaign of Ashes takes off this Wednesday Sept 3rd. Learn about all the cool new features at our special Campaign of Ashes page. Keep up with the latest news and community events by following us on Twitter and Facebook, and joining the conversation on our Forums with your fellow BGO fans.


Dimanche 31 août 2014  
Server Maintenance

In response to some minor bugs, we will commence special maintenance on the BGO servers from 07:30 to 08:30 CDT, August 31st. This maintenance will last 1 hour, and the server will go back online after the maintenance, at which time players will be able to update their game client, either by direct download or by opening the client and allowing it to automatically update itself.

Patch Notes

    1. In-game Voucher purchase Black Gold Channel removed
    2. Sands of Time manual save feature suspended
    3. Players can still purchase Black Gold via Skrill

These changes come in response to recent occurrences of credit card fraud. This type of fraud threatens the stability of Black Gold Online’s monetization, and we hold a zero tolerance policy regarding fraud.Any evidence of fraud or fraud related activity will be grounds for freezing accounts permanently.In order to help ensure a better Montel for all our loyal fans, we ask that refrain from purchasing Black Gold or other in-game items through unofficial channels, and not to interact with in-game sellers and spammers.

Players are highly encouraged to report any illegal or suspicious activity to our in-game GMs and on our official Forums.As the Open Beta continues, we encourage fans to continue to report bugs and problems, as well as offer suggestions about improving the game. Bugs reports should be directed whenever possible to our in-game GMs, and can also be posted on our Official Forum.


Vendredi 29 août 2014  
Update Patch Available

For those of you who don’t want to wait, the manual download for the upcoming Campaign of Ashes update is now available! You can visit our download page to get the individual downloads here.

The update is broken into two files:

Patch 1.028-1.029

Patch 1.029-1.030

Players can download these two files before the update, so that they will be ready to go when the update goes live at 6am Central Daylight Time on September 3rd!

NOTE: Be sure that you do NOT attempt to install the game before the update, as you will NOT be able to enter the game as a result. The Update Maintenance will take place from 3am-6am on Sept 3rd.

Manual downloaders can install the patches – first the 1.028-1.029, then the 1.029-1.030 – at their leisure by simply running the .exe file of the patch.


Jeudi 28 août 2014  
New Campaign Launches 9.3!

The team at Black Gold Online is excited to announce the early release of the first major content drop to our BGO Open Beta: the Campaign of Ashes. The exciting new update will hit audiences ahead of schedule, with the Campaign of Ashes beginning on next Wednesday, September 3rd.

Surprise Attack

The Campaign of Ashes opens up new fronts in the ongoing battle for Black Gold. As fans burned themselves up with excitement, the commanders of Isenhorst and Erlandir could wait no longer to launch their preemptive strikes: the next great battle has begun.

The Campaign of Ashes is the latest update to Black Gold Online, featuring exciting new content as well as an overall more polished and refined version of the game. In response to fan feedback, the BGO developers have been hard at work smoothing out rough edges from the OBT, as well as preparing some exciting features including more maps, new Battle Carriers, updated game modes, and adjustment to the in-game economy.

Find out more about the Campaign of Ashes here!

With the Campaign of Ashes ready, it seemed an act of unconscionable cruelty to deny players the chance to start their next great adventure. With that, the campaign will launch early, this September 3rd. It will come in the form of a basic update, which fans can access simply by opening their BGO Clients, or directly downloading from our webpage if they prefer.

The new content will be available for download at 6am Central Daylight Time on Wednesday the 3rd.

Special Update Events

We’ll have more news about concurrent in-game events and special promotions going on as players prepare for the next great campaign.

Don’t miss out on our currently on-going Fan Costume Contest, as the BGO community chooses the next exciting design to enter the game! Place your vote to see a fan creation enter the game closely following the update!

Find out more about Black Gold Online and the Campaign of Ashes on our official Facebook, Twitter, and on our game Forums.


Lundi 25 août 2014  
Campaign of Ashes Date Announced

The fierce fight boils over into new fronts with the first major update to Black Gold Online, the “Campaign of Ashes” coming on Wednesday, September 10th. This major content drop will feature no shortage of exciting new opportunities for players take on powerful enemies, enter fast-paced PvP, and grow their character into a Knight of Montel.

Derelict mechs smolder in shallow craters. A wounded warrior cries out in pain, as the forces of steam and sorcery gather their dead. The conflict for Black Gold rages, as the Kingdom of Isenhorst and the Erlandir Union struggle for control of Montel and the precious resource it holds. War spreads to new battlefields, as advanced weaponry and powerful troops hit the front. The powder keg of Montel is primed to blow, waiting to spark the Campaign of Ashes.

Some new features coming in the Campaign of Ashes:

    An all new world map, the Ashen Copse, with new Quests, new World Bosses, and high level open world PvP!
    Customized character growth with increased max level, more equipment and a new “Skill Surge” system
    New content across the board: Battlefields, Battle Carriers, Instances, Adventures, Chambers of Greed - you name it, we've added to it
    Reworked interface, with integrated queuing and cross-server PvP system
    Updated Energy Wells system for competitive world domination
    Optimized client for smoother and faster game play

More details about the next great conflict to take grip of Montel will be revealed as we get closer to September 10th. Find out the latest news, updates, and exciting promotional events for the Campaign of Ashes on the Black Gold Online Facebook, Twitter, and our official Forums.


Lundi 25 août 2014  
Labor Day Update!

The Black Gold Online servers will be down for regular maintenance to make some minor changes from 2am to 4am CDT this Wednesday, August 27th. The servers will go back online after the maintenance, at which time players will be able to update their game client, either by direct download or by opening the client and allowing it to automatically update itself.

Patch Notes

    1. Glitch with Name Change Card has been resolved
    2. Two new items added to the Gold Dust Clerk merchant
    3. Reworked “Coupon” system implemented
    4. “Labor Day” costume created, along with related changes

Moving on Up

We’ve added two new items to the Gold Dust Clerk that are sure to spark the entrepreneurial spirit in Montel. The first item, the Superior Treasure Blue Crystal, increases treasure points gained by 50% for one hour. This special crystal is a must-have for the budding Time Vial speculators, looking to turn their hard earned time in to gear, Black Gold, and Gems, or sell it on the Auction House for Coupons.

The second item is an updated Mount Prize Pack. This pack will grant two random prizes, ranging from Gems to Medals to Template Boxes, with a small chance for the very lucky to receive a rare flying mount or mount fragment!

These two items are no ordinary products, however, as now they are available for purchase through Coupons! Don’t have a ton of money to spend? Spark your entrepreneurial spirit and start selling your hard-earned Time Vials on the Auction House to earn Coupons. Get your hands on awesome stuff to grow your character, all from the fruit of your own labor!

    Superior Treasure Blue Crystal: 500 Coupons
    Mount Prize Pack: 300 Coupons

Labor Day Outfits

Speaking of earning your way through hard work, Labor Day weekend is coming up. It’s a day to honor the hard working men and women of Montel, and to show our appreciation we’ve created a great new in-game fashion item: the Black Gold Miner! Take a day off from slaving away in the Black Gold quarry, and look good doing it!

Event Details

To get the special Labor Day Outfit, players will need to collect 10 special costume fragments. These fragments can be acquired through Login and Online bonuses.

    Login: Log into your BGO account, and you’ll be rewarded a fragment! Limited one per day.
    Online: Play through the adventures in Montel for 4 hrs of online time, and you’ll get a fragment!

In addition to the outfit, players who don the Black Gold Miner garb will get a special achievement with a unique in-game title. Players can show their support for all the hard working people with the special title “I can do it!”

As a special community event to go along with the new outfits, fans who share pictures of their new special costume on Labor Day (that’s Monday, September 1st, for our international fans) on Facebook or Twitter will be eligible to win a reward of 700 Coupons as a special Labor Day vacation bonus! Send us proof of your post along with your account name and server to to claim your prize!


Vendredi 22 août 2014  
Server Update - Montel Tremors

The game servers have been experiencing some unexpected instability. We are in the process of contacting our network provider. Please wait patiently while we resolve this issue, and thanks for your understanding.

To make it up to all our loyal fans who have been affected by this tragedy, we have begun a new event to say thanks for your continued support and to apologize for the problems.

    Event Name: Montel Tremors
    Event Period: August 23

Event Description

Instability shakes the land of Montel, as the world itself crumbles with fuzziness. People appear and disappear at random. One’s senses are dulled, leading to slow reaction time. Some unlucky spontaneously lose consciousness!

We’re sorry to say, the network for our servers has run into some troubles. As a way to make it up to everyone, we’ve added this new special login event. Log in to BGO to receive a special gift.

Event Prize

    3 xGem Synthesizing Failure Proof Spells

This special scroll contains an incantation that can ensure that when synthesizing gems, if the process is a failure, a player will not lose the old gems.

    1 x Rapid Growth Chests

Intrepid adventurers can take advantage of this special box, filled with all kinds of goodies to accelerate growth. Fragments of different template boxes, Energy Crystals, Silver Medals and more are inside, get started on the road to victory now!

We on the BGO Team would like to sincerely apologize for the problems, and we appreciate all your support.


Vendredi 22 août 2014  
Community - Montel Powers - KoS

There are the mighty, and then there are the very mighty, and then there is KoS. You hate them, you love them, you hate to love them, and in all likelihood they are either your best friend or the scary boogy-man hiding around the corner. We talked with the supreme leader of this massive steam-powered collective, Gogo, to learn more about the guild KoS, also known as the Knights of Shadow.

The name caught our attention, as it appears differently between the game – officially they’re “KoS” - and elsewhere among their membership – ie the Knights of Shadow. Here’s what Gogo had to say on that:

We started out over 12 years ago with many names before I settled on KoS. Initially we were "Mages of Soma", then "Shadow Clan" then "Clan Nitro" and eventually I decided on KoS because we were a very aggressive PvP clan. I didn’t want it to mean the obvious “Kill on Site”, so we decided to go with Knights of Shadow because many of us were big into rogue classes.

Another day in the lives of the KoS

A 12 year dynasty of gaming is impressive, and clearly this crew goes back further than the BGO alpha and beta testing. Gogo enlightens us with a brief history lesson.

Knights of Shadow is a multi-gaming clan with a few thousand members coming and going over the years. As we move from game to game we meet a lot of fun new people, invite them to our TeamSpeak server and become good friends. We started Black Gold online with a solid core of long time KoS players and recruited in game to build up our presence here.

KoS boasts significant in-game numbers. How can one possibly manage this leviathan? It would seem through the same method as countless great powers: Imperial Authority.

I would describe KoS as a dictatorship with many trusted advisors. If I feel that I have a solid grasp on the decision that needs to be made I will make that decision myself, if not I will ask the opinion of my officers most of who I have been gaming with many years.

Unity, Might, and Numbers are what fuel the KoS expansion

As any great power ruled centrally, KoS is a major player in the geopolitics of Montel. The shifting alliances and growing territorial expansion of KoS have placed it centrally in the changing face of the Black Gold Online landscape.

We have made several allies, but most of them turn out not so happy with the amount of wells we’ve come to hold, so alliances were broken and our allies turned against us. Even with this opposition, we’ve been holding our own Energy Wells, and are working on growing.

The budding Empire of Shadow

For the Energy Wells, it really boils down to might score and numbers online during the battles. We are at the top of the server for both, bringing a lot of players to the field so we can take a well in a matter of minutes if things go well for us.

Our strategy is to go for the jugular. We tend to skip objectives like the center pillar and fortress doors; in fact, we don’t use our carriers for most of the fight. We usually create at least one raid style group and drop in on the opposing team’s base pillar, going behind enemy lines to get a quick victory. It helps a lot to have this high might score shock troops, we can take out defenders and destroy the pillar before the enemy can organize an effective defense.

No shortage of Mighty Accomplishments for the KoS

Mildly reminiscent of Europe in 1939, KoS is a technologically advanced, centrally run force with aspirations for domination of the continent. When asked their future plans, Gogo said:

Keep pushing for that magical 28000 gear score for our main raid team while we try to finish the Throat of the Sky instance. Get our guild to level 7 (halfway there). Get more of our guild on teamspeak and get to know them.

Defeating powerful bosses at Throat of the Sky

Since the time of our interview, KoS has indeed finished the challenging Throat of the Sky instance. It seems no obstacle is too great for this ever grow monolith of the Ellescadian server. It begs the question: will any stand up to them?

Do you have a guild you think is worth noting? We’d love to hear about it! Contact our community team at, and your guild may be selected as the next in our ongoing piece on the Black Gold Online guilds, the Montel Powers.


Mercredi 20 août 2014  
Update - Fiery Frontier - The Ashen Copse

The next great battle in Montel is brewing as the heroes of steam and magic bristle for action. To help cool the lids of our hot-blooded fans, the BGO team is pleased to offer a sneak peak at some of the exciting new end-level content soon to come with the all new level cap, an unexplored landscape full of opportunities, and customized skill progression system.

The Ashen Copse

Stifling heat drenches armored warriors in thick beads of sweat. The earth simmers beneath leather boots as they march towards glory, struggle, and death. Break into this brave new frontier, in the all new high level world map, the Ashen Copse.

Take your heroes "Extra Rare"

This new world map sits hidden along the south eastern rim of the Ellescadia Mountains. Plagued by broiling volcanic activity, desolation pervades as trees are burned to a crisp, streams disappear in a puff of steam, and even the sky at times carries an ominous amber tint.

Explore the new environment to discover hidden wonders

A Step Beyond Your Limits

This new map accompanies an increase in the max level from 40 to 45. To accommodate this change, there will be new higher level activities, as well as new levels of gear and higher tiers for your upgradable sets (check out the story on New Gear here).

The ultimate game of "Floor is Lava"

Players will be able to reach the Ashen Copse as part of the update quest-line to accompany these new levels. Players at level 40 will have the opportunity to start a new higher level Plot quest series, offering a chance at new higher level gear, player progression, and the ability to visit and explore the new map.

Battle it out in intense open world PvP

Once in the Ashen Copse, this is no walk in the park, unless your parks typically have molten rock and cut throat enemies. Players from both factions will be lead to the same region for their new level 40+ quests and activities, creating an intense new PvP zone full of high level NPCs and powerful world bosses as players battle it out for access to quests, Instances, and loot on this fiery inlet.

Feel the Surge of Power

Along with the increased level cap, players that reach level 40 will also be able to tap into a new skill customization system: Skill Surge. Champions must cultivate their internal Potential in order to develop these advanced levels of skills.

Unleash your potential, unlock new powers

Players will acquire a certain Potential value for accomplishing certain tasks, such as completing adventures, winning Military Battlefields, clearing Instances, etc. This value can then be redeemed to upgrade certain skills beyond their previous max, with customization options for development trees. Increase your critical hit, or add a special stunning effect. Expand your range, or reduce your cool-down. Make your choice, and unleash the new surge of power at your hands!

Stay posted for the latest news on the fast-approaching update, including content reveals, peeks at art asset eye candy, and the highly anticipated release date announcement!


Dimanche 17 août 2014  
Mid-Summer Mount Pack Sale!

Escape the summer heat in a world where the sun is always shining, the breeze is always cool, and aside from the spiraling war and devastation, things can be downright peaceful. Montel is waiting, and we’ve got a special offer to show our thanks for the support of fans like you!

For our Mid Summer Bonus deal, we’ve reinstated a new and improved Mount Prize Pack, and for a limited time only you can get it for a measly 264 Vouchers! Starting immediately, the new prize pack is a steal, but you’d better act fast as this offer will only last from August 18th to the 20th.

Changes to the Mount Prize Pack

For the new Mount Prize Pack, we’ve made some adjustments to the rewards and the random award system. We’ve added back in the Fine Box, which entitles players to an assortment of Fine Templates. In addition, we’ve added a number of other exciting prizes, and made appropriate adjustments to the quantities of each prize to fit their value. With the new pack prizes, fans can win awesome loot with a little luck, without upsetting the in-game balance.

Basic Prizes

With each prize pack, fans will get two random items from a pool of great items. Each item has the same chance of being chosen, and you can even get the same item twice! Keep in mind, some items will be bound, and can't be traded.

Mount Prizes

With all the awesome rewards you’ll get randomly, it’s easy to forget the really lucky part of the Mount Prize Pack: the Mounts! If you’re touched with a bit of fate, you could receive a rare flying mount, or some mount fragments which can be combined for a mount.

Lady luck may smile on you with one of these rare mounts

Get Fragments of these 4 mounts. All 10 fragments can be used to get the mount!


Vendredi 15 août 2014  
Ask the Devs - Season 2 Episode 6

The developers of Black Gold Online have been busy at work, thanks to fan feedback from the BGO community. They took the time from their busy schedule to answer some questions posed to us by you, the fans, on our official Forum, in this episode of Ask the Devs.

With the challenging bosses we find in end-game, I wanted to ask about the Aggro system. How exactly does the threat system work for mobs in Instances, world bosses, etc.?

For Black Gold Online, the aggro system was designed to be fairly straight-forward. Here is the basis of how it works.

When a player or team enters a fight – that is, get close enough to the enemy to initiate the aggression of the mob – they start the aggro calculation, what we call that mob’s “Hatred List.” A mob will attack whichever player is at the top of that list. Each enemy has their own list, so different mobs will target different players.

Essentially, this “Hatred” is generated by two main things: the base Hatred level of an ability, and damage or healing from the abilities.

So if my character attacks an enemy, my base aggro gets added to all the enemies in the area, and my damage dealt is added to that of the one I’m attacking. This applies to heals also – if I heal my ally, it will raise my aggro for the nearby enemies.

When it comes to that base Hatred that all your abilities have, they vary depending on class. So a Tank has a relatively high level for all their abilities, DPS is in the middle, and Healers are the lowest.

In addition, most Tanks have special abilities that raise the level of their aggro for a period of time, ensuring they top that list and keep the attention of enemies and Bosses.

There is something important to keep in mind: although Healers have the lowest base aggro for their abilities, the aggro they draw is also based on their healing, so AoE healing or continuous heals can temporarily spike their aggro, bumping them up the list and putting them in danger. Keep that in mind on your next raid.

There have been some bugs in the game, like the counter for the Blood Fang Citadel showing the wrong numbers, problems with certain skills, etc. What is being done to address these problems?

Refining and polishing the game is a constant process we’re always working on. A lot of problems we encountered during the first month of the Open Beta test have already been resolved. For example, the Rage bug is no longer a problem. Others, like the Blood Fang Citadel, are set to be fixed in our first big update, coming in the early fall.

Generally, we respond to bug reports from fans. Smaller bugs we deal with in regular small updates, while some require larger changes. Those big changes, like balancing and optimization, or set to come out in the update.

We’ve heard some information about the Energy Wells receiving some changes. We’d like to know more. What effect will changes have on the current way the system operates?

For the Energy Wells, we’ve got some cool changes coming in the near and long term. In the near term we’re looking at making some adjustments to shift the dynamic a bit, in particular creating more opportunities for small guilds or teams of guilds to compete against large ones. We want it to be fair, so everyone can enjoy some exciting PvP. For example, we’re looking to develop a Debuff during EW battles for guilds that control multiple wells. We’re also working out new systems for declaring war, to give everyone a chance to join the fight.

Longer term, we’ve got some cool stuff. For one, we’re looking to change the rewards system for both Energy Well battles and also the daily control rewards. In particular, we’re going to give more rewards for individuals, and fewer for Guild, in particular the Guild Leader. This is just an adjustment, but we expect it to help flow more rewards and opportunities to players. We’re also adding more Energy Wells in the future, including special aquatic wells to be fought by air and sea, coming later this year.

We’ve noticed that factions seem to be a bit unbalanced. What is being done to deal with that?

This really is a tough problem to handle, as the game puts a big focus on choice. Players choose their own faction, based on the classes and races they like, the style, where their friends/guild play, etc. We don’t plan to make any requirements on players, like forcing them to pick the less populated faction.

We expect that some of the changes we’re planning to make to the Energy Well system will help balance the competitiveness of the game between Guilds as well as Factions. In addition, the changes we’re making to the system for acquiring Black Gold – opening up more sources for free players – will help solve some of the problems that are influencing the current Faction balance.

In the longer term, we also have new races, new classes, and new battle carriers on the horizon, all of which will offer a lot of fun opportunities for both factions.

There have been some teasers about new content coming, though not much in the way of concrete details. What more can you tell us about the future updates?

Sorry guys, we can’t set any dates for you right now, but just know we’re working on a lot of exciting new content. A lot of our projects are going to be seen in-game soon, with more coming later in the year and beyond.

As a general direction for the game, we are looking to get a lot more customization and variety, which is saying something considering how many different classes and battle carriers we’ve got. We’ll be adding in new battle types (SPOILER ALERT: imagine battles at sea), open up new areas of the map, and add in a lot of new end-game features.

The aim is: more high level PvE to gear up your character, and more high-level PvP for competitive fun. This also means a lot of balancing, in particular between classes as we add new ones. We’re also working to fix and adjust some of the systems, to improve the balance between free players and players who pay money.


Jeudi 14 août 2014  
Halls of Glory - YukkImura

For our latest episode of our ongoing piece, the Halls of Glory, we take a closer look at one of the top ranked players in server Lokemea: the Dwarven Skycaller known as YukkImura. Going by “Yukki” with his fellow Montel warriors, we were curious where a Skycaller gets an interesting name like that.

I’ve been playing under the name Yukkimura for the past 7 years. I wanted to come up with a name that meant “Cold hearted” or “Gentle but deadly.” At the time I was really into Japanese culture and history, and I came upon the name Yukimura Sanada, which I really liked. For aesthetic reasons, I changed it to Yukkimura. Yuki means “Snow”, which captured the coldness I wanted for the name.

The icy significance of Yukki is not lost on this player, as he choses an appropriate character in the Skycaller, a ranged mage full of freezing crowd controls and elemental spells for chilly destruction. Yukki shared a bit with us on the choices that went into his character.

Choosing a gender and race was simple: I always go with female characters when the game gives me a choice to. Don’t get me wrong, it's not like I enjoy Cosplaying as a female or anything like that; it’s just that female characters in multitude of games are simply more aesthetically appealing and have a bigger variety of awesome looking costumes and armor sets.

As far as race goes... Well... I didn't have much choice here as it was either Yutonian for Erlandir or Dwarf on Isenhorst,although both of them had passives and actives that satisfied me. Didn’t much like the Kosh, and I wanted to try out Isenhorst so I went with a Dwarf.

With some formidable ranged magic abilities, Yukki gave us the low down on how he chose to gear up his Skycaller to face any challenge that might come his way.


As a Skycaller I'm trying to keep a perfect balance between Critical Hits(Power, rate and +dmg), constitution and spell power. This allows me to dish out a fair amount of damage while at the same time being able to survive for long enough to support my team by locking down a healer or two, or take somebody down.It’s good for PvP, and roles well for DPS-support in Instances

Some players like to make preset skill bars, but I prefer to keep one basic one that I can adapt as needed as the situation merits. Perfect example would be if I end up in a fight, either 1v1 or in a group, against a Geomancer, I’ll try to switch out Glacial Protection with Twister, which allows me to remove a buff for a period, making it easier to combat the Geo’s self-heals and protections.

Generally, I keep my basic skill bar something like this: I keep the basic attack along with "Concetrated Blast." After that, I have Wind Spear, Wind Shield, Therapeutic Cleaning, Glacial Protection, and Water Dungeon. It allows me to respond to just about anything, like getting ganked by an Assassin or having an unexpected Shadow Hunt.

And how does a Skycaller like Yukki like to shoot the breeze? He shares a few of his favorite activities, as well as some stories from his time in Montel.

While in Montel I usually start my day by doing daily Theodia-hard runs for gear, dailies from Energy Wells to grab well reputation, and spending the rest of my day PvPing,whether rocking the Shadow Hunt Adventure, duking it out in Balanced Arena, random Open World skirmishes or running around in slaughter mode killing equally/higher geared members of the guilds we're opposing.

PvP is the life-blood of this game, and I have been in multiple PvP situations that were memorable to me, from finding myself outnumbered and somehow managing to come out on top, or having my heart nearly popping out when I survived a stiff bout in the Balanced Arena with 1 health left at the end. Although the one I would like to share with you today is a bit less thrilling, but it's definitely something I will never forget.

This one time, I received a call for help from a level 28 guildie who was being PKed by some level 40 players from our own faction. I show up to help and found the culprit, but instead of fighting it out with me the guy started gunning it for the nearest hill. This was all happening in Giants Fjord, with all those hills and cliffs. This whole time he was just a tiny bit beyond my maximum range, so I couldn’t quite get him. When we reached the hill he made a jump, and this is when I finally got to dash in range and catch him mid-air with my Water Dungeon, which traps the target.

Now unable to escape, I then proceeded to slaughter him, eventually killing him and sending him to exile island.That’s what happens when you mess with my friends.

For a player with such a hardcore focus on PvP, we wanted to know Yukki’s views on Battle Carriers. Yukki is no stranger to the action-packed battlefields of BGO.

I am currently rocking an Exterminator Type A with plans on upgrading it to Magnetrax in the near future.It's a very versatile carrier which can do anything from taking down enemy personnel up close to harassing aerial units with great efficiency.

When it comes to my favorite carrier of all, though, I would have to say the Conqueror of Darkness,although it is not due to its ability in combat or even the looks. No; it is simply due to the title it gives you, who wouldn’t want to sport “Conqueror of Darkness” as a title over their name? All I know is that I am definitely getting that title some day!

YukkImura is a team players, as well as a skilled loner in the Montel Arena. For his excellence in Skycalling, Yukki has earned his place of honor among the Halls of Glory.

Think you've got a special character? We'd love to hear about it! Send a message to our community team at for a chance to become the featured character in our community piece, the Halls of Glory!


Mercredi 13 août 2014  
Update - New Gear Revealed!

For those heroes of steam and sorcery who enjoy defeating powerful foes, collecting rare items, and decking themselves out in the finest gear Montel has to offer, we’ve got some very exciting news. In this week’s special update sneak peek, we reveal the latest and rarest gear to hit BGO, with new levels and tiers of equipment coming in our major update set to hit in the coming months.

Ancient Artifacts and Revolutionary Tech

With the coming update, players will see an all new Tier 2.5 gear set: the Dawn Equipment Set. More powerful than the end-game Tier 2 sets already available, the Dawn Set will have powerful stats, with available sockets for imbedding gems for player customization. The Dawn Set can only be acquired by defeating high-level bosses or as loot drops in difficult Instances.

The Dawn Set is as stylish as it is powerful

Fight the forces of darkness to bring forth the new Dawn

In addition to the new Tier 2.5 Dawn Set, players can also look forward to a new upgradable level of gear: the unstoppable Tier 3 line of gear. This new batch of equipment is as powerful as it is challenging to acquire. Players will have to combine their existing Tier 2.0 gear with the Tier 2.5 Dawn Set, along with a number of rare materials. For those with the courage, the commitment, and the tenacity to achieve this, incredible power is just within reach.

Concepts for the upcoming T3 Gear!

Orange is the new Purple

To usher in the new era of warfare in the great battle for Black Gold, the most rugged archeologists and committed inventors of Montel have brought forth an all new level of gear: legendary Orange equipment. Starting with the new update, players will be able to acquire certain unique pieces of powerful Orange gear by collecting and combining rare and difficult to find resources.

As the next conflict boils over, players will be able to get legendary Trinkets, with gem slots and specialized stats for customized character growth. In addition, the update will include legendary level Capes, because who can imagine marching into battle without a cape flowing in the wind?

Most Our Lives in a Farmer’s Paradise

To accompany the new gear and opportunities for crafting, we’ve made some subtle but long-reaching adjustments to resource farming. Players will have more opportunities to collect resources from defeating enemies, and the output of important materials from Instances, Battlefields, Arenas, etc. have all been adjusted to improve player experience.

Rise to the challenge, build your arsenal

We’ll be having more news and updates about the upcoming additions to the BGO, stay posted on the latest details by following Black Gold Online on Twitter, Facebook, and visiting our official game Forums.


Lundi 11 août 2014  
Events - Changes are coming to BGO

The team at Black Gold Online would likely to sincerely thank all our players for their support over the past month. In particular, we appreciate those of you who have helped support the game.

We will commence a couple of permanent in-game events to boost our players gear. With time goes by we will change these in-game event’s reward adapting to our gamers need for development.

Keep posted on the lastest in-game and community events happening in the land of Montel here, by following us on Facebook and Twitter, and by visiting our official Forum.


Jeudi 7 août 2014  
Montel Powers - Doomsday

There are many forces at play in the war torn land of Montel. There are those who fight for honor, others for riches, some even for a brighter tomorrow. There are others, however, who work towards a darker aim – to bring about destruction and utter annihilation of their foes. The leader of just such a group speaks volumes with his name. In this week’s Montel Powers, we talk with Chaos about the guild Doomsday: a band of hardcore PvPers with an undying hatred for the kingdom of steam.

Hailing from the server Lokemea, Doomsday is one of the powerful guilds fighting for the fantasy Erlandir Union. Don’t let the steam powered matching outfits fool you – these are no friends to the mechanized Kingdom of Isenhorst. These enchanted warriors do not take the incursions across the Ellescadia lightly, and make ruthless PvP a way of life. We asked a few questions of Chaos to get an idea about Doomsday.

First, we wanted to know: Where did the name Doomsday come from? Should we be concerned about the motivations of the guild?

Ha, no need to be worried. We just thought it was a cool name. We were deciding on a name for the guild, with ideas like Apocalypse and Doomsday floating around. Doomsday has some significance in the game, so we went with that.

"Doomsday" – not the guild, in this case – is a significant part of the BGO world. As players set out on their adventures in Montel, one of the many antagonists they will face are the pervading secret society of the Doomsday Cult. A church of end of day fanatics, the Doomsday Cult works towards summoning dark terrors from the ethereal plain to Montel.

Perhaps more importantly, the Doomsday Base is the most powerful and hotly contested Energy Well in Montel, producing a veritable fortune of Black Gold for those who control. This raised our curiosity: Might we see a day where Doomsday controlled the Doomsday Base?

At the time of our query, Doomsday is no slouch when it comes to Energy Wells. Controlling two – the Land of Beasts and the Sovereign Islet – Doomsday has already taken to the Montel geopolitical stage.

On the ground at Doomsday's Sovereign Islet Energy Well

We planned on taking the Land of Beasts from Legaio, and we’ve accomplished that. Now we’re just trying to grow our numbers so we can destroy Legends and conquer the whole of Montel.

The Doomsday foothold on the road to conquest

Ambition gives rise to great actions. We’re interested to see how these dreams of Doomsday domination pan out.

When they’re not plotting world conquest, we wondered how the players of Doomsday spend their time in Black Gold Online.
We’re a competitive guild, really an army of underdogs with the goal to overtake Isenhorst. We mostly PvP, but we do PvE as well to get our Might Scores up just so we can PK members of Legends.

We organize raids to attack across the mountains in Isenhorst, and we do a lot and A LOT of PvP battlefields, Citadels, etc., just to prove that we Erlandirs are superior to Isenhorst haha.

Bravado aside, we discovered Doomsday to be an inclusive bunch, with a structure of loose leadership and teamwork. Chaos tells how the group grows and teams up to become a force on the continent.

For the most part, our members have been actively recruited. I was already known quite a bit in Erlandir as ‘Chaos’ and just used my in-game persuasion, haha. I also owe a lot of thanks to my best mate Darko.

Generally we share ideas. I mostly lead in wars and raids etc., but officers and seconds run parties a lot. When I’m not around, Darko - my second - organizes things such as instances and PvP.

For Erlandir diplomacy, we wanted to know how the warriors of Doomsday got on with their compatriots.

We’re allied with Divine, who is currently strongest erlandir guild, because I ‘grew up’ there; it was my first guild and I was one of its founders before I left and made Doomsday. We fought Legaio for a bit, and we're always out to take down Legends Generally, we’re looking to grow, get more PvPers to take down Isenhorst.

Doomsday has big plans for the future of Montel, with growth and conquest on the horizon. Time can only tell when the doom will fall.

The cream of the Doomsday crop, gathered as one

Are you a Montel Power? Do you control a Guild worthy of recognition? Let us know! Reach out to our team at We’ll be covering more of the guilds of both servers and factions in our new piece: The Montel Powers.


Jeudi 7 août 2014  
Emergency Maintence

We will commence emergency maintenance at 4:00 CDT, this maintenance will last 10 minutes.

We recently added a new item to Black Gold Online: The Mount Prize Pack. This item has encountered a bug which we are working to fix.

We are running an immediate update to deal with the bug, which will lead to some changes in the Mount Prize pack. We've removed the Fine Box from the possible rewards temporarily. That means players will have an even greater chance at the other rewards.

We've also reduced the quantity of possible Copper and Silver medals players will receive if that is their prize.

We're sorry for the inconvenience. We'll be running some new events soon to compensate for the problems from the bug.


Lundi 4 août 2014  
Fan Costume Creation Contest!

The BGO Team is extremely excited to announce the beginning of our latest community event. Starting today, we will be taking submissions from the BGO fan community for new designs to add to the wardrobes of Montel as in-game fashion items!

Fans can create their own designs for fashion items and submit them to our community team. We’ll put the top submissions up to a vote – that means you, the BGO community, will get to choose what new costume is selected!


Submission Period

The window for submissions is open, so what are you waiting for?!

We’ll be taking fan submissions from August 5th until August 25th. Fans can submit their designs to our community team by email at Submissions that meet the contest requirements will receive a special participation reward. You can get a prize just for submitting an idea!

Participants will receive 6 Montel Blessing Stones, and a special Mount Gift Pack. This special event pack will give the holder randomly selected prizes, including mount fragments, and even mounts for the very lucky!

    Event Period: 8.5 – 8.25

Voting Period

After we’ve received the ideas and designs from you the fans, we’ll collect the submissions that meet the event requirements, and open a select few up for voting! Fans will be able to vote for their favorites, and invite their friends to vote for the same. The voting period will last from the 25th to the 31th. The top submissions with the most votes in the end will win!

The top two candidates will have their designs added into the game! In addition to seeing their creation come to life in Black Gold Online, the winners will receive a handsome first place and second place prize of Black Gold!

Those who make it to the voting stage will also receive a congratulatory prize of Black Gold and 10 very special Apparel Prize Packs. These packs offer a random award, with some lucky individuals getting awesome fashion items!

    Event Period: 8.25-8.31


Rules for Submission

We’re looking for some interesting new designs for the game. They should be unique, creative, exciting, and most of all – do-able. To help us make this happen, here are a few simple rules for the submissions.

    1. Designs can be Steam punk, Fantasy, a mix of the two, or even your own unique idea
    2. Submissions should be a design of a whole body costume – no designing just hats, just pants, etc.
    3. Submissions should roughly follow the provided template

      a) For convenience, we’ve provided blank templates of our basic Male and Female character shapes. They include both a front and a back, in both 3D and empty 2D templates. Fans can use either template, or none, for their drawing.
      b) Submissions do not necessarily need to use these exact templates, but should include a front and back for both male and female characters, for a total of 4 pictures. Additional angles are acceptable, but these 4 drawings are the minimum required.

    4. Submissions should be appropriate to BGO’s Teen ESRB rating

      a)  No nudity, inappropriate language written on submission, etc.

    5. Designs can be hand sketched or done using computer drawing software

      a)  Squiggly lines and doodles do not meet the requirement.

    6.Submissions need to be original – no direct copying other sources

And that’s it! For submissions that meet these simple requirements, you’ll get yourself a handy reward of 6 Montel Blessing Stones and, and of course the chance at riches, fame, and your vision to be added to world of Montel!

Don’t think you can draw? Find an artistic friend! Try your hand at Photoshop! Or just pick up a pencil, you may surprise yourself!

Find the BGO Fashion Design Template here!

As a note, by submitting artwork to Snail for this competition, you are handing over to Snail Games the legal rights to use, distribute, and profit from said creation. Fans who submit waive their rights to claim compensation for the artwork.

Don't miss out on this chance to be a part of BGO history! Get your submissions in to


Dimanche 3 août 2014  
Interview with MMOsite at China Joy!

At this year’s China Joy, a huge convention of virtual and digital entertainment companies and enthusiasts, Snail Games showed off Black Gold Online with some cool peeks at the new content to come. During the convention, we talked with MMOsite to talk a bit more about Black Gold Online. Check it out!

MMOsite is glad to have this chance to make an interview with the developer of the Chinese martial art MMORPG Age of Wushu and Steampunk fantasy MMORPG Black Gold – Snail Games at ChinaJoy 2014. Now let’s get started:

Snail’s brand new steampunk fantasy MMORPG Black Gold has just stepped into Open Beta, and it has received lots of attention from players in MMOsite, so would you like to give a brief introduction of Black Gold?

Black Gold Online is an action role playing game, in which players step into a raging conflict between technology and magic. Players enter the fray by joining either the steam technology Kingdom of Isenhorst, or siding with the naturalist sorcerers of the Erlandir Union. As an MMO, players are posed with a variety of challenges, forcing them to team-up to take down powerful bosses and discover valuable treasure, as well as go head-to-head with the opposing faction.

There are lots of free to play titles in the gaming market right now, what makes Black Gold different, or what lets gamers choose it? What core gameplay can our players enjoy in the game and will there be other innovative gameplays in this game?

Black Gold Online brings a number of new and exciting ideas to the MMO genre. Perhaps at the most basic level, Black Gold Online stands out as an action game. The fighting system in BGO mixes a number of different elements, from AoE to targeted attacks, melee, casting dynamics that make for a fast-paced brawl. Aiming and dodging, attacking on the move, and managing health, cool-downs and the like as you dart around the battle make both PvP and PvE high-energy to say the least.

Another really special thing about Black Gold Online is the unique style and background of the game. The world is torn between the forces of technology and the forces of magic. This division and conflict is evident on a graphic as well as game play level. The game features really stunning visual environments and designs, totally unique on either side of the world. These two start to mix and blend together as players enter contested parts of the world along the border. The clash of civilizations, on a graphic level and in terms of game play makes the game really special and enjoyable.

One last thing to add, something we’re very proud of that sets Black Gold Online apart: the Battle Carriers. BGO has added an exciting innovation to MMOs with mounted combat. In addition to a player’s own skills and abilities, they can also develop their own person Battle Carrier, with its own health, abilities, etc. These combat mounts make for exciting and explosive battles, with open world skirmishes, 25v25 mounted battles, and large scale Guild based conflicts mixing infantry with these Battle Carriers. It adds a whole new dynamic to the game, and is a lot of fun.

World view is a one of the main features in Black Gold, so what the entire world view of this game is like?

Black Gold Online takes place in a fantasy continent known as Montel. The land is split down the middle by a mountain range, with many unique environments to either side. In the west, the land is rough, full of deserts and rugged wilderness, giving rise to the technology innovations of the steam faction. The east, on the other hand, is full of lush forests and natural plenty, where people lived in harmony with nature and discovered secret powers of elemental magic.

The world is totally open for player exploration. The game boasts over a dozen square miles of in-game environment, with more maps in development for the future. Players can set out to see these awesome landscapes, discover hidden secrets, and complete quests to level up their character.

Snail Games is from China, and Age of Wshu is set in the traditional Chinese martial art era, however, Black Gold online is a Steampunk & Fantasy MMO, how do you set the plot of the game story and its classes?

We developed the story behind Black Gold Online drawing on a number of inspirations. Essentially, the major driving force of the game is between these two factions – the steam tech Isenhorst and magic fantasy Erlandir – as they struggle for control of this precious resource called Black Gold. The stuff is the source of either side’s power: Isenhorst utilizes Black Gold for fuel, while Erlandir unleashes its hidden power through spells. The two are opposed as to how to use the resource, and therein lies the conflict.

Besides the opposing faction, who plays a major antagonist role in the games Plot quests, there are a number of other smaller groups also a part of the conflict. Players encounter a number of such sub-factions, including heretical cults, rogue scientists, rebel armies, and then some. As players play through the story of the game, unique to each race, they get the chance to learn more about the world and the general conflict.

For the Open Beta, there are 12 playable classes available. Each one has their own unique story, drawing on the background lore of Black Gold Online. On the Steampunk side, we see armored knights, gun-wielding soldiers, and dark spiritual magic, harnessing spirits and summoning the undead. On the Fantasy side, we see animal lovers, elemental mages, and magically enhanced warriors. As an added bonus, players have the opportunity to play as certain cross-over classes, fighting for their own faction with the tools and skills of the enemy.

Black Gold was launched in China before its English version came into open beta; are there any differences between the two versions? Will our players get to the new updates soon?

The Chinese version of Black Gold Online is a few updates ahead of the US market version, though the two follow the same basic development schedule. There are a number of planned updates coming in the near future, with new content already seen in China making its way to the US market.

Actually we can’t wait to see more new things in Black Gold, how long will the Open Beta for Black Gold last? And will the game be officially released this year?

Black Gold Online is going to move into full release later this year, with the date as of yet TBD. The OBT is set to flow seamlessly into the release, with the new content coming in a major free game update. There won’t be a character wipe, so fans who are already in the game can continue their existing characters, and new players can start from the beginning on their own adventure. We’ll be releasing more info on the when and what of that update as we get further along.

If you’d like to check out the full article with details about Snail’s other games, visit MMOsite for more!

Keep up to date about the latest news and updates for Black Gold Online on our official Facebook and Twitter, and by joining the conversation on our Forum!





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