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Mercredi 23 avril 2014  
Official - Beta Announcement

Cry “Havoc” Warriors of Montel!

The team at Black Gold Online is excited to announce the date of our Closed Beta Testing!The time has finally come to sound the drums and let loose the hounds. Gather your weapons, harness your beasts, load your guns and oil your gears. 

Closed Beta will begin Thursday, May 15th at 2pm PDT (when's that for you?) The Beta features a newer version of Black Gold Online, with some notable improvements. Thanks to feedback from our testers in the Alpha Test Drive earlier this year, we have made some important changes to improve the game. The game boasts new rich environments and radically improved User Interface. Enjoy a new and improved Personal Carrier system, battleground maps and matching systems have also seen some major changes.

The CBT will draw on a larger pool of players than the previous Alpha, and applications are now open! We’d like to give players the chance to explore the vast world and try out all the great features of Black Gold Online. Register your account by clicking the link below, and click "Sign Up" to begin.

    Learn more about Black Gold Online with one Click!
    Want to Paticipate in the Beta? Sign up HERE!

Once your account is created, you'll receive an email to verify.  Click "Redeem Code" to register your key. Once your account is activated, you can download the client from your account. Both Mac and PC clients are available. We recommend using a download manager to help with the process.

The CBT will be open to all those who participated in the Alpha Test Drive. Anyone with a working activated account will be able to enter.

More news on what to expect in the next month soon to come as we ramp up for the Beta Test of Black Gold Online!


Lundi 21 avril 2014  
Game Feature - Siege and Defense

Our latest release comes as a double whammy, as the team at Black Gold Online is pleased to reveal the lumbering, powerful Siege carriers, the rigid and protective Defensive Structures, and the role these two play in the game.

Creating Siege

The Siege carriers are the heavy duty, armored tanks of the battleground. Their strength is in their size and power, but their Achilles’ heel is their speed. They have powerful close range attacks with high area damage and attack bonuses against defensive structures. However, they are lumbering and slow with limited long-range attacks and long cool-downs, making them easy prey for faster, high damage attack Assault carriers.

Drawing on historic motifs in the development of siege carriers

    “ When we began to shape the large-scale mounted PvP features of BGO, we wanted to create elements of fortress defense and assault, with dynamic environments that players can build up and destroy. For the destroying side, we designed the Siege carriers, which drew a lot of inspiration from real life weapons and creatures. The result is a really cool system of area denial and siege, with players working together to takedown impassable and deadly defenses. ”
    - Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Online

Keep guard, slow siege are vulnerable to more agile adversaries

A Peek at Defenses

The Battlegrounds and Energy Well battles feature a variety of dynamic environmental features that players can interact with. Among these, Defensive Structures play in important role.

Defensive structures appear throughout different types of battleground maps, and can range from the extremely simple to the dangerously powerful. These environmental features, such as fences, walls, and turrets, add a defensive aspect to the battle, constricting movement and harassing the enemy as they advance.

Energy Wells battles offer a unique opportunity for players to utilize Siege carriers and Defensive Structures. We’ll be revealing more info about Energy Wells battles in the future, but here’s a special peek:

Players begin on opposing ends and fight over strategic points in the middle

Players begin on opposite ends of the map, as an Assaulting team and Defensive team. The goal of each is to destroy or defend special Energy Pillars on the map. Before the battle, leaders will make defensive preparations, from placing auto-firing and man-able turrets to summoning protective Bosses. As the battle proceeds, the two sides battle for control, as the Assault team seeks to break through the barricades and destroy the Energy Pillar in the Defender’s base.

Defensive turrets and impassable walls become a bane as the Assaulting team tries to move forward. Only with the help of the heavily armored Siege carriers can players hope to break through. This "Rock, Paper, Scissors" arrangement, in which Assault can overpower Siege, Siege can destroy Defenses, and Defenses can repel Assault, puts the focus on tactics and teamwork in order to triumph.

Here’s a closer look at a few of these mighty battering beasts and siege engines players will see in Black Gold Online

Fantasy: Craniosaur

Heavy Siege

In the southern grasslands lumber the massive, thick skulled Craniosaur. Ill-tempered loners, they subsist on a diet of roots that grow along underground seams of Black Gold, imbuing their very foundation with immense strength. While giving them strength, this boost of Black Gold into their system makes them highly irritable and prone to violent fits. With their stubbornness, the Craniosaur have never been successfully bred in captivity. Every monstrous creature must be captured in the wild, and tamed for use. Most are only barely controlled.

Demolish enemy structures with the Craniosaur's powerful tusks

The massive Craniosaur are the slow and equipped with heavy armor. Players using the Craniosaur have no long-range attack, requiring them to get close to doll out damage. The Craniosaur’s attacks both have area damage and push-back effects, knocking footed enemies within the area away. The Craniosaur’s attacks have multiplier effect damage bonuses against defensive structures and base bosses.

    Primary Attack

      Tusk Fury -- Striking forward with the head, causes damage and push back to enemies within 10 yrds

    Secondary Attack

      Brute Shock -- Rearing up on hind legs,then crashing forward with a violent pounding of the forelegs, demolishing targets and pushing back enemies within 10 yrds. Attack bonus vs. structures

Steam: Retaliator

Medium-range Siege

In the annals of history, there are certain emblems of pure hatred and fury that come to represent a generation. For the Lokemean dwarves, that symbol is the Retaliator. During the great Erlandir Incursion, the dwarves suffered terrible slaughters before the forces of mysticism and sorcery. Barely stemming the tide of the invasion, combined Buvont and Lokemean workshops began the Retaliator Project to settle the score. The Retaliator is not only a siege and battle platform, it represents the burning vengeance at the very heart of the Lokemean dwarves. Only blood and fire can pay for the lives the Lokemean lost.

The walker-style carrier is heavily armored with increased mobility over other siege units. Its arms are each equipped with different armaments, with an anti-personal Gatling Gun mounted on one side and a destructive Howitzer on the other. Despite its speed limitations, it is a formidable force against structures and enemies alike.

    Primary Attack

      Gatling Gun – low damage, high rate of fire attack effective against infantry and lighter mounts

    Secondary Attack

      Howitzer – high explosive rounds, area damage, also causing fire damage and concussion push-back effect against unmounted enemies. Continuous damage attack bonus against structures

More news and updates are soon to come as we unveil more game features in preparation of the upcoming Black Gold Online Beta test. Keep up-to-date on the latest here and on our pages on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.


Mercredi 16 avril 2014  
Game Feature - PvP - A World at War

The BGO Team is out with more news about the thrilling world of Montel. Whether it’s face to face or through the sights of a Personal Carrier, in Black Gold Online there are endless opportunities to duke it out with other players. Today, we’re here to talk a little bit about PvP.

" For Black Gold Online, we wanted to create an amazing open world, full of all kinds of interesting little treasures and beautiful scenery, and throw players into it to team up with and against each other. We wanted players to feel a sense of freedom to explore, but wariness at the dangers they face - a feelng that the most dangerous challenges of all … are the other players ."
- Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Onlne. -

There are so many different types of PvP in Black Gold, that players may not even realize all the ways they can squash their friends and enemies. There’s something for everyone – from structured to free-form; from organized to totally spontaneous; from massively large to minutely small. Here are some of the PvP features to look for in Black Gold Online.

Open World

Open World fighting was a feature we wanted to play prominently in Black Gold Online. Players join the game as members of two warring factions, and any player of the opposing faction is their sworn enemy. Players will occasionally come upon members of the opposing faction, especially along the bordering regions of the map, and such encounters can lead to some awesome skirmishes.

Players are not restricted to fighting the enemy faction. Once players reach a certain level, they’ll be able to toggle between “Peace Mode” and “Slaughter Mode”. In Slaughter Mode, players can openly attack anyone, including their own faction. As players fight in the world, they can acquire enemies, and earn reputations for their rampant violence. With enough murder, players may even be declared a criminal, leading to a man-hunt by world NPCs in search of justice.


For the people who love the mechanized vehicles and magical beasts, the Battleground is the stuff of dreams. The main Battleground takes place at a contested point between Erlandir and Isenhorst – the mountain-top Blood Fang Citadel.

Battle it out with other players in combat vehicles

Players join those from their own faction, on foot or in Battle Carriers to fight for control of strategic bases on the mountain. Battlegrounds combine teamwork with heart-pounding PvP, and give players the chance to try out the different types of Carriers against their enemies.


Whereas the Battlegrounds are place for players to work together and take advantage of the awesome combat carrier system, the Arenas give players the chance to go toe-for-toe and skill-for-skill against other players in a good old fashioned brawl. When players enter the Arena, their personal gear is swapped out for a standard set, eliminating any advantages from special equipment; players rely on their own skill to win. Any class can join in the Arena, and matches are determined at random, meaning we see some really interesting matchups. Who would win in a fight between an Occultist and a Blademaster? You might be surprised.


Adventures are a really special feature for Black Gold Online, allowing players a really wide variety of playing options. Most of the Adventures feature some form of PvP, whether it’s going undercover to steal secrets in the capital of the enemy faction in “The Lion’s Den”, or attacking/guarding a special “shadow” NPC in the “Shadow Hunt.” If combat and subterfuge aren’t your thing, players can compete for prizes in mounted races in the “Grand Prix.” These and more await brave adventurers.

Chambers of Greed

Chambers of Greed are an awesome mix of PvE and PvP. Players find these dungeon-like mystery tunnels throughout the open world, and have to fight through mobs to find treasure within. As they make their way through the labyrinths, they may stumble upon other players. Will they team up to take on challenging bosses, or turn the PvE into a PvP brawl over precious loot? The choice comes in the heat of the moment, and it’s no coincidence they’re called the “Chambers of Greed.”

Venture through perilous caverns filled with dangerous adversaries

Energy Wells

As we designed the PvP game play, we wanted to create opportunities for teamwork and cooperation. We had the importance of guilds in mind when we designed the Energy Wells – contested sections of the map that offer special benefits to those in control.

Plot your domination of Montel with the Energy Well Interface

Energy Wells can be captured through large scale battles, with numbers of combatants reaching over 100. The two rival factions can rally their forces in regular battles for supremacy of the land, capturing Energy Wells from the other side. Throughout the week, competing guilds within each faction can declare war on each other, capturing Energy Wells in a bid for more power.

For Black Gold Online, we pose players with a lot of challenges – monsters, malfunctioning mechs and terrible apocalyptic prophets. But in line with the theme of Black Gold Online – a world torn by war, struggling with increasingly scarce resources – players will likely find that the greatest danger they face is the greed of other people. PvP is where it’s at.


Lundi 14 avril 2014  
Creating Black Gold Online - PvP Battlegrounds

Fans of PvP and raucous warfare will find their home in the Battlegrounds of Black Gold Online. The BGO Team is excited to reveal details on this key game feature and the considerations that went into making the Battleground.


In Black Gold Online, players have the opportunity to opt-in to large scale, faction vs faction Battlegrounds.

The essence of the Battlegrounds is simple: the two factions of the world – the steam-powered west and magical east – meet in the middle, fighting for control of a steep mountain-top fortress called the “Bloodfang Citadel.” Starting at opposing camps, players battle for control of bases along the mountain’s winding paths, represented by flags. Players can respawn after death at their controlled bases, in which friendly NPCs and personal carriers appear for use.

Producer of Black Gold Online Kee Zhang put it this way:

“ The Battleground brings together a bunch of the important components of Black Gold Online into one place: PvP, vehicular combat, factional war, it’s all there. It gives players a chance to use their personal carriers, and try out ones they don’t themselves have. The carriers are evenly matched, so the challenge is to see which side can work together to win the fight. ”

Personal Carriers get increasingly awesome as they develop

Designing the Fighting Grounds

For Bloodfang Citadel, the art team at Black Gold Online was tasked with capturing the brutality of war and the desperation facing the two sides in the conflict. The battlegrounds fit in with the overall setting of the game which is that a once peaceful world is now torn apart, struggling for control over an increasingly scarce resource.

We tried to capture the destruction and desperation left by war

Our team did a great job of capturing the bleak yet exciting atmosphere, and bringing two really unique styles from Steam and Fantasy together in one clashing environment. It reflects the nature of the conflict, as the two sides jockey for territory along the foothills and slopes of the mountain. The further towards either side’s base camp you get, the more steam punk or the more magical the surroundings get.

Battleground Layout

It was obvious early on from the story that with two opposing sides at war separated by mountains, we’d have at least some of the fighting would take place in the mountains. At the top of the key central mountain is the citadel, a towering spire with a really sinister look. The citadel itself is seated atop a reservoir of Black Gold crystals that channel energy up into the spire. Like everywhere in Montel, Black Gold equals power, so players have to battle for control of the top of the mountain.

Players start at either end of the map, and have to follow winding trails up the mountain – that is unless of course they pick an Aerial carrier. Once on the mountain, it’s a struggle for control of the narrow passes and the few crossroads as you try to capture strategically placed flags. The cliffs and hilly terrain make geography an important factor; players who control the heights may have a good shooting position, though can also get cornered with no way out but a Thelma and Louise style plunge.

The Dev Team at Black Gold Online is excited to show off more of the Battlegrounds and the exciting world of vehicular combat and Personal Carrier customization. Keep posted for updates on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, and visit our Forum to tell us what you’d like to see in the Battlegrounds of Black Gold Online.


Dimanche 13 avril 2014  
[Ask the Devs] Season 2 Ep 3 pt. 2

The fans have spoken, and the team at Black Gold Online has listened. We're excited to offer this very special Part Two to last week's episode of Ask the Devs to provide more information to our fans about the game and what they can expect to see in the upcoming Beta.

Q. Will there be anything added to the game for high-level open world PvP? Like a special lvl 40 only area? Will there be opportunities to get really high level loot in PvP?

    A. The principle of BGO's open world PvP is just as it's called Open. Players can fight against any other players they choose, including their own faction. Players can toggle "Peace Mode" and "Slaughter Mode", and while in the later can fight and kill any player who is not protected (there are areas of protection for players lvl 15 and lower). Players who go on a killing rampage run the risk of becoming wanted criminals, being hunted by protective NPCs and being forced to spend time in penal exile.

Of course, there are more structured PvP features, such as the Chambers of Greed, in which players will fight both world mobs and other players for special loot and rare items. The winding mazes have danger around every corner, and there is no telling what other players you might come face to face with. There are also the Battlefields, which as players progress will offer more opportunities for high level Personal Carriers, Arenas for 1v1 dueling, Adventures and more.

As the game moves forward, we may look to add more features to reflect higher level PvP. The opportunities truly are endless.

Q. What about high level loot? Will there be ways to acquire high level equipment through PvP and PvE without paying?

    A. Black Gold Online features a unique monetization system for acquiring rare and valuable items. More information about the system will be made public in the future, but at this time we can offer a few pieces of information.

High level loot will come from a wide variety of game features, including both PvE and PvP. Players who play more, do higher level Instances and other major game features, and are generally more active will get more chances at this loot. In addition to world drops, players acquire Vials of Time, which are valued based on their accomplishments during their play. So the more they play the more value they get.

There will be more information about Vials of Time and high-level, rare equipment as we move closer the CBT and the full release.

Q. Will we see regular patches and updates for the game? How regular will they be?

    A. Black Gold Online will be a dynamic game, not a static one. Players can expect updates to the game as we move through the tests and beyond. It's definitely too early to tell how often these patches and updates will come, however.

Q. We have to ask: When will the Closed Beta Test begin? When can we at least know more?

    A. Announcements about the date and details of the upcoming CBT will be available soon. We appreciate the enthusiasm and excitement of our fan community, and we encourage everyone to stay informed on the latest here on the official BGO webpage and at the official Black Gold Online Facebook page. Look forward to new content reveals and releases, fan community activities, and special promotions as we get ready for the CBT!


Jeudi 10 avril 2014  
[Ask the Devs] Season 2 Ep 3

After our initial Alpha phase of testing, the Devs at Black Gold Online are pleased to answer question from fans of the game. In this episode, we have some special news about changes players can expect when they enter the Beta coming soon.

Q. For battlefields, the vehicles sometimes felt unbalanced, with certain units overpowered. Will there be any changes to the vehicles system from the Alpha version?

    A. The system of personal carriers will see some adjustments and changes as we enter the Beta testing. Some of the stats have been adjusted to ensure that the carriers from either faction are not over- or under-powered, and we’ve implemented a more segmented upgrading system allowing players to strengthen their carriers as they progress.

Team up in vehicular combat on the Battlefield

The core system will still remain, however: players will be able to create their own personal carriers, requiring the research of certain documents and acquisition of resources to move them along development branches. Each type of carrier will have a type against which it is very strong, and another against which it is very weak, creating a “Rock-Paper-Scissors” arrangement.

Q. We’ve seen information about classes and races that we didn’t see in the Alpha. Any news on when we can try out some of these?

    A. In the Alpha, players had the chance to try out 4 of the playable classes and 2 races for each faction, ranging from Buvont Assassins to Kosh Geomancers. For the Beta, we’relooking to give players a larger view of the characters Black Gold Online has to offer.

The Closed Beta will feature 4 new classes in addition to the original 8, making a total of 6 playable classes per side. The existing classes will receive some minor adjustments, with an updated skill system for better customization. The Beta test will still be limited to 4 of the 6 races in the game, with the Upryian vampire and Aurek races to come in the future.

Q. What kind of events will there be for the Beta? Will they be anything like what we saw in the Alpha? Will we be able to keep the rewards we got during Alpha?

    A. The Beta Test will include some very similar promotions to the Alpha, including rewards for logging in, participating in certain activities, filling out surveys and more. There will also be even more reward opportunities for players to take advantage of, with news on those events to come. Alpha testers who enter the Beta will have a clean slate to start with.

Q. Could you tell us more about the BGO endgame? Will there be specific PvP and PvE areas for max level players?

Battle for control of Energy Wells

    A. One of the important end-game features will be the Energy Well battles. Players will be able to fight for control with high-level carriers, some of which can only be acquired through control of the Energy Well. Energy Wells will have their own special Instances and crafting available. More details on that soon!

We’ll be releasing more information about the BGO endgame in the future. The game will see no shortage of endgame options, with the possibility wide open for special Adventures, Battlefields, etc. for high-level and rare gear.


Mercredi 9 avril 2014  
Carriers - Hard-hitting Assault

In the latest release from Black Gold Online’s customizable system of personal carriers, the BGO team presents a sneak peek at Assault carriers, and a closer look at a few of the powerful beasts and vehicles available for combat.

Assault vehicles and beasts are balanced and versatile carriers, specializing in destroying other carriers with a variety of short- and long-range attacks. With medium mobility and mid- to –heavy armor, the Assault carriers can be a formidable force on the battlefield, blowing through other carriers. Assault carriers have special attack bonuses against Siege, Anti-air and Raid, but are at a severe disadvantage to Aerial units.

“ The Assault vehicles were designed to blow away the other vehicles, to be the heavy core of the battlefield. Each faction has two types of Assault carriers: one suited to long-range attack, and one fitted for short- to medium-range fighting. This was intended to add variety to tactics, between charging in or holding back to shoot. ”
- Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Online -

    Relative Strength: Attack, Armor
    Relative Weakness: Maneuvering

Steam: Incinerator

Short-/mid-range Assault

Originally designed as a heavy mining platform, the antecedent to the Incinerator was constructed with heavy, heat-resilient materials to withstand the high pressures and extreme temperatures of the Lokemean forges. The defeat of the Isenhorst’s eastward Expeditionary Force, and the subsequent invasion of the Erlandir army left many in the Kingdom scrambling to arms. With the assistance of a small team of Buvont inventors, the dwarves jerry-rigged incendiary torches to the platform’s chassis, and created the first Incinerator.

Deadly flame attacks engulf living organisms

A slow, walking-type carrier, its armor and firepower make up for its shorter range and speed.. The Incinerator’s arms are equipped with two forms of flame-based weaponry, which when used in concert create magnified fire damage.

    Primary Attack

      Flamethrower– forward firing flame cloud, continuous flow for several seconds, causes targets to catch on fire for sustained damage

    Secondary Attack

      Gas Bombs – Molotov cocktail style incendiary bombs, cause fire damage. When used with flamethrower, has multiplier effect on burning damage

Unmatched by land, but vulnerable from the sky

Fantasy: Rimestalker

Long-range Assault

Fables told of frigid beasts with the icy cruelty of winter in their hearts. An ancient frozen horror, with time the hordes of Rimestalkers faded, descending into a deep hibernation far below the northern ice shelves in glacial caverns. Kosh explorers charting the Northern expanse stumbled upon these slumbering behemoths. At first uncontrollable, the Kosh and their Aurek beast-wranglers slowly came to understand these mysterious monsters, and in time tamed them.

Rain icy descruction down on enemies from afar

These multi-legged war beasts are a highly mobile variety of Assault carrier. Their thick pelt forms a medium strength armor, and the Rimestalker is capable of hurling devastating long-range attacks with wide areas of effect.

    Primary Attack

      Arctic Harpoon – riders hurl a biting cold spear, causing damage to first target it reaches

    Secondary Attack

      Ice Blast – launch a massive blast of ice in parabolic arc, causing freezing area damage on striking ground.


Mardi 8 avril 2014  
Official - Great Changes to Come

The team at Black Gold Online is proud to announce that after a successful Alpha test, we will be releasing a newer, smoother, updated version of Black Gold Online for Closed Beta testing soon to come.

What to Expect

Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Online, tells a bit about what to expect:

    " With the completion of the Alpha Test from March 20th-31st, we received a considerable volume of feedback: some lauding, some critical, but most importantly a lot of useful ideas and suggestions for upgrades to the game. We wanted to thank our community of fans by offering a little peek at what they can expect in the Closed Beta test coming soon. "


The art teams at BGO have been hard at work refining and refurbishing the visual experience that players will encounter as they enter the land of Montel. The new looks we’re including in the game will aim to reinforce the core art concept of Black Gold Online: the mixing of industrial expansionism in a harsh, forbidding environment with the tribal and transcultural diversity of naturalism and magical fantasy.

Improved graphics and new maps await!

Redone maps and landscapes create a more vivid world and exciting gamer experience and the updated environment will offer a more fulfilling sense of exploration. Improved texturing is being implemented alongside smoother and more natural animations to create a deeper and more immersive experience for our gamers.

In particular, our environment art designers are doing a lot of work on the Kingdom of Isenhorst, in response to player feedback. More vivid landscapes, added texturing and vegetation and an overall more appealing feel are being implemented to match the stunning scenery of Erlandir, while keeping to the distinctly Steam punk themes of the western alignment.

User Interface

Improvements to the BGO User Interface have already been in development, and strides are being taken to address some of the issues players recently encountered in the test. The new UI is cleaner, more customizable and less obtrusive than in earlier versions, allowing players a freer view of the world around them while creating easy and convenient access to the various game windows. The game controls system have undergone a series of improvements, in particular the popularly used Crosshairs Mode, to create a more seamless and intuitive playing experience.

Game Features

Black Gold Online is making some improvements to expand and reinforce the core game play, with a major focus on increasing the fluidity and pace of our action-oriented combat system. Adjustments to the collision detection and combat animations are already underway, with the aim to reinforce dodging, moving, and attacking for a more intense fighting style of play. Targeting and spell casting are also seeing an overhaul, offering greater control and flexibility for ranged DPS and support play.

A major change already underway is a revamped Quest-line, featuring a richer storyline that reflects the background and lore of Black Gold Online. An important addition is an optional tutorial phase, along with fuller explanations throughout the different game components including equipment, Military Battlefields, and Adventures to name a few.

Open world PvE is receiving a lot of attention as we rework and add-on to some of the core features. NPC respawn times and loot drops will both receive major improvements in response to user feedback. The world boss Outbreaks are also being expanded, with a higher frequency and more diverse objectives. As a hint of what’s to come, imagine defending strategic points against invading hordes, harvesting world resources for special loot, and much more as we update the Outbreak feature.

Look for improved loot drops and mob respawns for a better Open World experience

Our dungeon-like Chambers of Greed have also been getting some upgrades, with newer and fiercer monsters guarding valuable treasure and dropping even better loot. The CoG maps and atmosphere are being adjusted, with larger tunnels to explore and more opportunities for fighting other players. The combination of exploration, PvE and greedy loot-crazed PvP will be reinforced through some important tweaks and fixes.

With these updates, among others up our sleeves (world drop treasure maps, secret landmarks, etc.), the core game play features of BGO will be broader, deeper, and generally more enjoyable.

Battlefields and Vehicles

Setting Black Gold Online apart from other MMOs, the Battle Vehicle and War Beasts system will be receiving some important adjustments to offer greater personalization and customization, while improving the nature of the mounted PvP and reinforcing the core teamwork concept of the Military Battlefields and Energy Well battles.

Vehicular combat will see some awesome improvements

The personal vehicle feature will include a new form of upgrading, allowing players to incrementally up their armor and attack in between models. The customization branches have also been expanded with newer and unique abilities, with two extra levels of high level vehicles and beasts. Open world vehicle and beast mechanics have also been adjusted, with improved UI options to make for a more integrated use of vehicles throughout the game.

The strengths and abilities of each class of vehicle will be adjusted so as to ensure the core concept of vehicular combat: that no single vehicle type will dominate, with a Rock-Paper-Scissors configuration making each type vulnerable and formidable against others. These changes will reinforce the role of teamwork and balance in battlefield situations.

The Military Battlefield is also pegged to undergo some important aesthetic and structural changes. The layout of the Blood Fang Citadel map will be adjusted, with new dispositions of battlefield resources and altered terrain to create new challenges for armies as they battle for control at the top of the mountain.


An important update to the latest version of Black Gold Online will be the inclusion of 4 new playable classes, two for Steam and Fantasy alignments each. These new classes will offer players more choices in play style, along with improved and updated versions of the original 8 classes in the Alpha. With different specialties, each class offers a unique gaming experience with special strengths, weaknesses, and abilities.



      A gun-wielding long-range DPS class with awesome munitions variability


      A summoner of demonic constructs, enlisting nether beings to their aid on the battlefield



      A wind and water elemental mage with powerful crowd control and fast, ranged attack


      A battle-axe wielding warrior with the power to summon the forces of nature to his or her side.

These and other changes to come will be available to experience in the Closed Beta Test in the near future. As we move forward towards the Test Date, more news and updates on the test and other game features will be made available, so stay tuned!


Lundi 7 avril 2014  
Carriers - Lighning-fast Raid

Raid vehicles and beasts are high speed, lightly armored carriers. Their speed makes them useful in maneuvering around the enemy, attacking from blind-spots and badgering long-range enemies by closing on targets quickly. Although a few good hits from an Assault carrier can spell disaster for a Raider, they have an attack bonus against players on foot and NPCs. As such, they work well playing cleanup, finishing off players after their mounts have been destroyed by more powerfully equipped teammates.

" The idea of the Raid carrier is to give players a solid starting point for using combat vehicles and battlefield teamwork. It's the first and simplest vehicle you can get, and alone against stronger vehicles and beasts you're hopeless. Riders have to work together, playing support roles and making tactical moves to knock out enemies. "
- Kee Zhang, Producer of BGO -

    Advantages: Speed, Maneuverability
    Weaknesses: Armor, Attack

Steam: Aggressor

The Aggressor is the standard battle unit of the Isenhorst Kingdom, used with success in fast attack maneuvers and as front-line battle units in the New Expedition Force’s incursion into Erlandir. A lightly armored walker, the Aggressor could more accurately be described as a runner, reaching speeds unmatched by non-aerial mechs. It's strength is also its Achilles heel - prioritizing speed, the Aggressor is lightly armored and vulnerable to heavy attack.

The Aggressor is armed with a light Repeating Rocket cannon, a low damage but long-range attack. For close-range, it is equipped with a scatter shot Shotgun, which has a knock-back effect against enemies. Later models can be upgraded along customization tree with different secondary attachments.

    Primary Attack

      Repeating Rocket - no cool-down, line of sight rocket, explodes on impact.

    Secondary Attack

      Shotgun - wide spray of damage with kick-back effect, slow cool-down and reload speed.

Fantasy: Sabertooth

Life on the windswept plains of Erlandir's hinterland shaped the Sabertooth, making it strong and swift. Hunting wild fauna on the vast plains and craggy foothills of central Erlandir, the Sabertooth developed nimble agility and lightning speed. The Aurek used their talents with beasts to tame the Sabertooth, using it to hunt, and later in battle. Their speed made them excellent scouts, gliding over the land lightly armored and hunting down their adversaries.

Riders of the Sabertooth are armed with a spear for rapid close-range attack, and the Sabertooth's hunting instincts can be unleashed with a powerful leaping attack, knocking their prey to the ground and dealing heavy damage. Sabertooth can later be evolved into special breeds, each with unique attack abilities.

    Primary Attack

      Bloodied Lance - brandishing attack, no cool-down for continuous fighting.

    Secondary Attack

      Stalking Pounce - Sabertooth leaps forward towards target, causing damage and knocking footed enemies to the ground.

Mercredi 2 avril 2014  
New Class - Thaumaturge

Thaumaturge - Weaver of Constructs

There is a terrible darkness that pervades the world. Sinister forces play behind the scenes, pulling at the strings bound round the fates and descending swiftly through the shadows over the far reaches of the land. Many come to fear this unseen evil, this flitting specter that hides just beyond the corner of the eye, this unforgiving cool that settles on the neck in deep of night. There are a brave, perhaps mad, few who savor it. These are the Thaumaturges.

The dark clerics of an apocalyptic order, the Thaumaturges summon powerful demonic forces to their aid. Through the careful study of hidden arts and forbidden practices, the Thaumaturges bridge the narrow screen between the world of the living and the nether world beyond. Working unheard of miracles, the Thaumaturge explores the dark recesses of the unseen world, the realm of the roiling, impending blackness that threatens to engulf existence itself. All things end, and the Thaumaturges revel in the coming black, the unstoppable tide of nothingness.

    Available Races - Buvont, Lokemean
    Role Specialization - Range DPS, Battlefield Summoning
    Weapon of Choice - Magic Staff, Enchanted Scepter, Mystic Vial
    Armor Proficiency - Cloth Armor
    Class Trait - The Thaumaturge beckons dark spirits and miraculous forces for powerful long-range, continuous damage casting. Thaumatauges march into battle with demonic companions, who fight to the very end of their already lost lives to the aid of their master. Battlefield summoning and ranged casting make the Thaumaturge a formidable support and ranged DPS role.

Special Moves

    Dark Catastrophe

      Summons an apocalyptic hellstorm of dark energy down around self, causing triple damage on enemies within 5 yrd radius area of effect.

    Demonic Quickening

      On a targeted area brings forth from under foot a binding demon, restraining the affected enemy in place while dealing heavy magical damage

    Flitting Spirit

      Thaumaturge becomes possessed by a powerful paranormal force, gaining increased speed and agility plus reduced abiliy cool-downs for quick-casting

The humans who came over the great Ellescadian range did not always find an easy life in Isenhorst. Just as the Lokemea discovered in eons long past, life among the craggy rocks and harsh dunes of Isenhorst was unforgiving, and many descended into depressed melancholy and despair. Among the desperate rabble struggling in the oft inhospitable lands, there emerged those who found hope in the hopeless, faith in the nothingness, sanctuary in the impending end of it all.

There were those who under the unyielding pressure, the impossible weight of the world came to see through the thin barrier between worlds. They gazed upon the fast-growing darkness, and in their awe came to believe that the end of days was nigh upon them. These enclaves of apocalyptic prophets banded together, forming the Doomsday Cult, and at its heart the dark miracle worker, Neuer.

At Neuer’s behest, the Doomsday followers delved deep into the tabooed secrets of the undead, studying forbidden reanimation and the holding of dark séances with hidden netherdemons. Their powers grew, as they discovered unknown magic potential, and pioneered the integration of mechanical drones with their demonic spirits. The miracles they performed, more often malevolent than noble, earned them reputation as the wonderworkers, the weavers of the impossible, of Thaumaturges.

Early records of their prowess come from the official memoirs of the vampire prince-in-exile Delfara, from the times of the Upyrian Exodus. The Thaumaturges dazzled the prince, who hungry for power and vengeance saw instantly their potential. Delfara brought together Neuer with the great Spectromancy expert Culsonder. The dark prince tasked them with creating a fighting force of steam and magic warriors, unleashing the vengeful determination of the cursed vampires. Culsonder and Neuer cooperated for a time, but they soon grew apart as Neuer championed the transgression of demons into the world of the living, over the objections of Culsonder.

Despite the split of principles, when war comes to the Kingdom of Isenhorst, the Thaumaturgic wonder weavers rally alongside the warriors of steam, for the power of the kingdom, the defense of the great technological uprising, and to avenge the crimes of the Eastern demagogues.





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