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Lundi 31 mars 2014  
Game Feature - Personal Carriers

Black Gold Online features a unique system of peronsal war carriers that allows players to roam the vast world of Montel swiftly, and armed to the teeth. Explore the far corners of the world by land and air, sweep through mobs of NPC monsters, and go toe-to-toe with your nemeses atop your armored ride.

Mighty Vehicular Combat

In Black Gold Online, players are able to create and customize personal combat carriers for use throughout the world. Each of the two major alignments has their own type of rides:

Heroes from Kingdom of Isenhorst can manufacture Battle Vehicles – mechanized walkers, rollers, and flyers, each equipped with unique firepower and weaponry.

Champions of the Erlandir Union breed and train War Beasts – mythical creatures of powerful physical and magical potential, ranging from fast-footed attack beasts to high flying dragons.

Battle Vehicles and War Beasts can be used in Battlefields, during Energy Well battles, and in the open world. In a world with dangers around every corner and enemies growing bolder with each passing day, personal carriers can offer strength on the perilous road. When the enemy comes ready to fight, it’s best not to find oneself stranded on foot.

These vehicles and beasts can come in handy, but they don’t come without a cost. Players must take care of their personal carriers, as they suffer from lasting damage and fuel/fatigue limitations. A carrier that runs out of fuel in the heat of a fight is vulnerable for destruction, and destroyed carriers require a cool-down period before again being available. Wreck your carrier too many times and it will be lost – forever.

The Classes to Ride

Each Alignment has 8 basic types of carriers, fitting in to 5 specific classes. These basic models can be upgraded over time, forming over 100 different carriers with unique combinations of armor, speed, and firepower.

The 5 classes of carriers are: Raid, Assault, Siege, Aerial, and Anti-air


      These carriers are the fastest in Montel, with light armor and relatively weak attack but high mobility. Their attack bonus is against NPCs and players on foot.


      These vehicles are medium- to heavy-strength carriers. Their characteristics vary, with different speeds, armor, and attack. Assault carriers have special attack bonuses against Anti-air, Siege, and Raid units.


      Heavily armored, slow moving carriers. Very strong close-range attacks, but Siege units are vulnerable at long range. Siege have an attack bonus against structures, such as defensive buildings and base Bosses.


      Flying carriers, medium- to high- speed and maneuverability. Difficult to hit, making them formidable despite relatively light armor. Aerial units have an attack bonus against Assault carriers.


      Relatively lightly armored rides with very long range attack. The Anti-air carriers have the special ability to lock-on to targets and use attacks that track down a moving enemy. This ability coupled with an attack bonus against Aerial units makes the Anti-air deadly against flying vehicles and beasts.

No one is Safe

Each carrier has its distinct strengths and weaknesses, ranging from the lightest and fastest Raiders to the heavy and slow Siege carriers. As a result, no single type of carrier is invincible in battle.


      Assault carriers have an attack bonus against Raiders, overpowering their weak armor with heavy attacks. The Raid vehicles and beasts in turn have an attack bonus versus players on foot and battlefield NPCs, which comboined with their speed makes them excellent for cleaning up damaged enemies as they flee. Finally, the NPCs and unmounted players are agile and quick, capable of dodging the slow attacks of Assault carriers and badgering them from the periphery.


      The Assault carriers have an attack bonus against the medium-armor Anti-air carriers. These Anti-air vehicles have special lock-on and target-tracking abilities and an attack buff against Aerials, making them extremely dangerous against flyers. The helicopters and dragons that form the Aerial corps have attack bonuses against Assault carriers, and are highly manueverable making them difficult targets for the slow-firing Assault attacks.


      On the battlefield and in Energy well battles, there are barricades and defensive structures that restrict field manuevers and can rain destruction down on an assaulting force. Against these fortified structures, the heavily armored Siege carriers have a special attack bonus. However, the Siege are slow, and Assault carriers carry special anti-Siege attack bonuses.

Build for War

Players will need to acquire certain resources in order to build their mechanized vehicles or breed their enchanted beasts. These materials can be acquired by various means throughout the game.


      Players will need to acquire Vehicle Tickets through Adventures, Quests, and other game features. Right clicking a Vehicle Ticket in your inventory will redeem it for vehicle points in your construction or evolving menu. Vehicle Points are needed to build, repair, and refuel your ride.


      Badges are the basic units for building and breeding personal carriers. Each class of vehicle and beast has their own requirements for creating and upgrading. Acquire badges through quests, open world looting, and for purchase with Valor points.

Higher level Battle Vehicles and War Beasts may also require Black Gold to build. This resource may be hard to come by, so make your choices carefully.

Customize your carrier and ride to victory!

Each ride can be upgraded or evolved in the Vehicle Customization interface, following different development paths with unique abilities and qualities. Each distinct branch requires the study of special documents, available for purchase at the Valor Quartermaster.

Details on each class of Battle Vehicle and War Beast will be revealed in the coming month. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates, and visit our Forum to discuss the latest game content with the Black Gold Online community.


Dimanche 30 mars 2014  
Alpha Test Drive Completed!

Brave Champions of Montel!

It is with a somewhat heavy heart but great pride that the Black Gold Online team at Snail Games announces that our 11 day Alpha Test Drive will end tonight, March 31st at midnight (that’s 12:00am PDT).

We had an amazing showing of excited and passionate fans turn out to try the Alpha version of Black Gold Online. Thanks to the valuable feedback and suggestions from our testers, we’ve discovered and are working out bugs and problems with the game, and through these improvements hope to create a more engaging and fulfilling experience for all our players.

Thanks to you, the fans, we’ve managed to address some important latency and login issues, and are making adjustments to several of the core gameplay features to reflect the interests of our player community.

As the Alpha draws to a close, the BGO team and developers want to encourage everyone to keep providing their ideas, suggestions and feedback on what they’d like to see in Black Gold Online. Our official forum is open for discussions on how to improve the game and what still needs work.

As a special announcement, we’d also like to let all our valuable Alpha testers know that they will be granted access to the upcoming Closed Beta test automatically. Anyone with an activated account will be able to enter the CBT.

For those who haven’t yet received keys but are interested in trying out the Beta, applications will be open soon! Updates on the CBT and applications will be available soon.

The team at Black Gold Online would like to thank everyone for all their help in what has been a productive and meaningful Alpha test. With your help, we are working to create an amazing online world for everyone to enjoy.

With the sincerest of thanks,

The BGO Team


Mardi 25 mars 2014  
New Class - Gunslinger

Gunslinger - The Deadshot

For as long as there have been firearms, there have been Gunslingers. Never missing a beat in the latest from the military research labs, Gunslingers are experts in powdered projectiles big and small. Their shots ring true, landing deadly accurate firepower from far away. Don’t even bother to run, you’ll be dead before you see them.

    Available Races - Buvont, Lokemean
    Role Specialization - Long-range attack, Support, Range DPS
    Weapon of Choice - Long Rifle
    Armor Proficiency - Medium Mail Armor
    Class Trait - No one escapes the primed barrel of the Gunslinger’s weapon. With a powerful ranged attack, combining area of effect with single-target shots, the Gunslinger is a nimble and accurate ranged DPS, mowing down enemies from afar as a ranged DPS and support player.

Special Moves

    Ultra-loaded Barrel

      Mark a target for destruction and open fire, unleashing a stream of deadly deadly projectiles causing heavy damage on a single target

    Free-gun Spirit

      Get riled up and ready for a gun fight, temporarily increasing speed, attack, max health, and causing extra effect damage on enemies during the duration of the ability

    High Explosive Bomb

      Launch a powerful explosive at a targeted area on the ground, causing critical damage and slowing down enemies for a brief period.

The earliest artisans of wielding firearms were the Sterling clan, known throughout the sandy plateaus of Northern Isenhorst for their endless research and restless pursuit of the perfect gun. Few dared cross the wily old Russell Sterling, a man of cool temper but fast hands, though it was his daughter Chocina who was remembered by posterity.

As a woman, Chocina was afforded few luxuries in the wild days of the early Buvont dynasty, and she learned young from those around that a person had to know how to defend themselves to survive. Chocina was never a fan of blades, she felt them too messy. It was the alluring scent of burnt powder and smoking barrel that drew her attention. Growing up among the quick draw drifters that found their way through town, Chocina knew her away around every caliber bullet, every variety of pistol and long-rifle, and she found new ways to integrate technology into her weapons to great effect.

The great Isenhorst Civil War came and went, and the Buvont family established their dynasty over the Kingdom of Isenhorst, much to the chagrin of their rivals, forced underground in their defeat. The Buvont knew their enemies still fomented ill-will, and knew something must be done. The king called upon the Sterlings for help, to which Russell submitted his daughter, the sharpest shot in all of Isenhorst. Armed to the teeth, Chocina began the infamous Smoky Clean-up of the Isenhorst underworld.

Although young, Chocina made quick work of the thugs and ne’er-do-wells speaking ill of the king. Combining unheard of tactics with unmatched firepower, she unleashed a firestorm trail across Isenhorst, and left a formidable body count in her wake. With the reactionaries dealt with, the Sterling family earned the title of Duke, and Chocina was honored in the halls of the heroes in Cadia.

From Chocina’s revolutionary integrated battle tactics and specialized weaponry designs, the profession of Gunslinger came to be. Anyone who thinks they’re slick enough can certainly pick up a pistol, but it takes a real passion and wit to become a true Gunslinger.


Lundi 24 mars 2014  
Alpha - 5 Things to Do in Alpha!

The Alpha test for Black Gold Online continues, as our Alpha testers explore and try out all the awesome features the game has to offer. Black Gold Online has gameplay to fit a variety of game styles, from the rugged explorer and PvE monster slayer to the competitive world of PvP. With countless possibilities for players to try, here are just a few we recommend as the 5 Things To Do During the Alpha!

1. The Transporter

We’ve received feedback from players, with a lot of positive comments on the visually stunning land of Montel. The world of Black Gold Online has many diverse and rich environments for players to explore.

Players begin the game in the hometown of their chosen race, and the early stages of the main quest line will allow you to move further and further away from your place of origins. If you don’t feel like waiting for the quests, then set out on your own! Black Gold Online boasts a massive open world for you to explore. Just check the map, and you’ll soon discover just how big the world is!

Explore the far corners of Montel through the Transportation Administration

Want to explore far reaches of the frontier but don’t feel like hoofing it out there? Visit the Transportation Administration representatives present in many of the major cities. For a few pieces of in-game gold, you can hop aboard a flying machine or a mighty dragon, and be whisked away to the land of your choosing.

Discover the arid deserts and rugged terrain of the Kingdom of Isenhorst. Explore dense jungles and lush wilderness in the Erlandir Union. Scale snowy peaks and perilous trails in the Ellescadia Mountains. The world is wide open!

2. The Gladiator

The world of Montel is full of monsters and horrors just waiting for the brave hero to slay. But the truest evil a brave adventurer will face is the man across the mountain. Take a break from PvE mobs and try out some of Black Gold Online’s awesome PvP!

Ride into the Battlefield or face off in the Arena

Join in a battlefield on Blood Fang Citadel to experience vehicular combat on a large scale! Command mechanized Battle Vehicles or straddle your mystical War Beast to enter the fray. Mix tactics and strategy to capture valuable key points on the map and achieve victory. Press the letter “Y” to bring up the Battlefield interface.

Want the up-close-and-personal touch? Enter the 1v1, 2v2 or 5v5 Arena. As they say “To the Victor go the Spoils”; as the two warriors enter, one will emerge the Champion and receive handsome prizes for their valiant skills. Press “J” to bring up the Arena to start your road to glory.

Maybe you’re a rebel without a cause and couldn’t care less for Alignments; just toggle your character to “Slaughter Mode” for open world free-for-all PvP.

Toggle Slaughter Mode for Open World PvP

3. The Adventurer

When the adventurous spirit takes grip of you, nothing is better than one of the several unique Adventures available to players.

Push your character’s limits in wave after wave of PvE in the Trial of the Brave. Acquire new treasure and valuable experience facing off against the dangers that dwell in the land of Montel.

If covert ops is your style, go deep undercover in the challenging adventure, the Lion’s Den. Don the dress of the opposing faction and explore their world, searching out valuable information for your side.

Launch an aerial campaign, or go furiously fast on the race track in Black Gold Online’s awesome Adventures!

4. The Ace Pilot

The engineers from the Kingdom of Isenhorst have designed powerful battle vehicles, mechanized devices of steam-powered destruction. The skilled breeders and trainers of the Erlandir Union have stocked the stables with powerful creatures great and small, on land and by air, to ride bravely into battle.

Black Gold Online lets you develop your own personal vehicles and beasts for use in the open world and in the battlefield. As you rise though the ranks, from Recruit all the way to Marshal, you will be able to create increasingly powerful and specialized vehicles of war. Visit the Valor Quartermaster to acquire blueprints and breeding manuals to discover the amazing options available.

Customize your vehicle in over 100 unique ways

Worried about which to choose? Don’t be! As part of our Alpha Events, we are giving away large numbers of Iron, Copper, and Silver badges needed to construct vehicles. That means you can build and try out many different types of vehicles, and chose how to advance them to make them your own!

5. The Team Player

We may all walk the lonely road, but it is banded together that the heroes of Montel truly shine. Don’t be a lone wolf forever, join a guild and enjoy one of Black Gold Online’s most unique features: the Guild vs Guild competition of Energy Wells.

Guilds offer benefits to their members, such as special items and trait boosts. To join a guild or take advantage of these perks, open the Guild interface by pressing the letter G. More importantly, Guilds can take control of powerful and valuable locations called Energy Wells.

Scattered through the world of Montel, these reservoirs of Black Gold are immeasurably valuable. The greed to control these goes beyond the two Alignments;the strong seek to control them at all costs, and the weak perish by the wayside.

Players who pass level 30 can participate in Energy Well wars. If your Guild controls one, you had better help prepare the defenses before you get attacked! If you don’t control any, then rally your Guild and forge alliances to assault an Energy Well and take control!

Still feel like going solo? No problem, you can participate in the battle too! Get your name in during the registration period to join the fight!

As the Alpha Test continues, we’d like to hear what you think could be done better. Visit our Official Game Forum to post what you’d like to see different in the future of Black Gold Online!


Vendredi 21 mars 2014  
Alpha - Day 1 Success!

The Black Gold Online Team is honored to have so many great players and awesome fans spend this most memorable first day of Alpha.

We’ve received a lot of constructive feedback through our Online GMs, Official Forums and BGO Facebook page, so thank you for all your valuable support!

As a token of appreciation, we will release daily in-game rewards for all those who provide feedback through our support channels!

TIP: All players who submitted bug report or advice\feedback will receive their in-game reward through the mail system within 10 minutes of login. Please continue your support and help us make the game better!

For those who didn’t have a chance at Alpha Access just yet, do not despair! The Black Gold Online Closed Beta will be just around the corner, with even more great gameplay, cool features, and all in a sleeker look.


Mercredi 19 mars 2014  
Events - Alpha Server Events

The Alpha Test Drive will feature several events that will allow players to explore, learn, and adventure while providing valuable feedback to our developers in exchange for awesome prizes. Players are highly encouraged to take advantage of these great opportunities to make the best of their Alpha Test Drive experience.

Event 1 - Forward, Brave Warriors!

    Event period - Alpha Test Drive (March 20-30)
    Requirement - All servers
    Event Details - Welcome to the world of Montel!

As you progress through the game, we will present you with brief surveys so as to better gauge your experience and views of the various features of Black Gold Online. On completion, you'll receive rewards as our way of saying THANK YOU! We look forward to your feedback, and may your adventure begin!

Tips: Purple equipment are the rarest and strongest equipment in the game


Event 2 - Riches Await, Log in Now!

    Event period - Alpha Test Drive (March 20-30)
    Requirement - All servers
    Event Details - The world of steam and magic awaits. Log in to receive special rewards, including gold, special equipment, and rare materials. It’s that simple, enter the game, get rich!
    Rewards - Mysterious rewards await you in-game. See you there, Heroes of Montel!

Event 3 - 24 Hours of Black Gold

    Event period - Alpha Test Drive (March 20-30)
    Requirement - All servers
    Event Details - The world of Montel is filled with new and exciting adventures. With a wide range of game play features, Black Gold Online allows players to experiment with countless unique lay styles. Every day new features of Black Gold Online will be presented with useful guides to get you started. Explore all of the deep gameplay and receive rewards just for trying!

Tips: Use Valor points to buy weapons, mounts, blueprints as well as in-game items from Valor Quartermasters. Use gold to upgrade energy shields and buy and repair equipment.


Event 4 - It Pays to Complain!

    Event period - Alpha Test Drive (March 20-30)
    Requirement - All servers
    Event Details - Black Gold Online is in development, and we're looking for feedback. All reported problems will be logged into the game records, and reports that lead to effective improvements in the game have the chance to earn you Black Gold as a reward

Tips: Black Gold can be used to buy equipment, reinforce existing items,  and reparing and crafting vehicles!

How to submit in-game issues:

    Click the 'Online GM' button in-game.
    Click the 'Submit Bug' button on the left-side of the Online help window to provide information about an in-game issue.

    Find the GM button next to the in-game map


100 Black Gold per effective report - After a report is submitted, we will inform you if it is effective by the next day via the Quick Reward Distribution System!

Tips: All rewards via Quick Reward Distribution can be claimed by only one character.


Mercredi 19 mars 2014  
Official - Alpha Now Live!

The day has finally arrived. Fans of fantasmagoric inventions and spellbinding sorcery can wait no longer, as the Black Gold Online Alpha Test has officially commenced! As of 2pm today, March 20th, the game servers are up, and selected fans and gamers can now enter the amazing new world of magic and machinery.

The Alpha will allow players the opportunity to try out 4 of the games playable races, two from either faction: for the steam-powered Kingdom of Isenhorst, the Buvont humans and Lokemean dwarves; for the mystical Erlandir Union, the magical Kosh and the naturalist Yutonian humans.

Take to the battlefield on your personal War Beast

Invited testers will be able to explore the various game features that set Black Gold Online apart. Mount mechanized Battle Vehicles and mystical War Beasts, and journey deep into forboding dungeons and hidden lairs. Whether going solo exploring the massive open world, or teaming up for Instances and large scale vehicular combat, there are a variety of game play for gamers to test out.

Explore exotic locales in the rich open world

Third Party Login

The Alpha Test does not support Third Party Logins. For those fans who logged in the Black Gold Online website through third parties (Facebook, Google, etc.) and activated their keys, please contact our support team ASAP to transfer your key to a Black Gold Online account. This account will be your login information for the game client during the Alpha Test.

Support Team email:

Non-Disclosure Agreement

The Alpha test is under a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and we at Snail Games would like to request our fans and testers to refrain from releasing videos, screenshots and anything visual about the game. Please keep in mind this is an earlier developmental version of the game. Testers can visit our Official Test Forum to share their views, suggestions, and experiences with their fellow gamers.

Enter our Official Alpha Test Forum here

Follow more news on the Alpha, new game content, and more on Facebook, Reddit and Twitter. Connect with the BGO gamer community at our official Forum.


Lundi 17 mars 2014  
New Class - Beastmaster

Beastmaster – Tamer of the Wild

Hiding away in the thickets and forests of Erlandir, terrible creatures roam, stalking the weak and vulnerable. Powerful monsters, lightning fast beasts, and flying predators inhabit these untamed places. All fear these mighty creatures – all except for the Beastmasters. Only the strong, the brave, and those gifted with animal instinct may enter the ranks of the revered breeders and proud stablemen of the Erlandir Union.

The Beastmaster is a champion of nature, unleashing the harsh chill of the wilderness upon their unsuspecting enemies. Years of wrangling powerful animals have made them strong, and with the aid of Black Gold enhancements these brave huntsmen command the beasts themselves. With ferocious companions at their side, the Beastmasters march confidently into battle, for they face not enemies on the field, but prey ready for the slaughter.

    Available Races - Kosh, Yutonian
    Role Specialization - Melee Tank, Summoner and Controller
    Weapon of Choice - Two-handed axe / Halberd
    Armor Proficiency - Heavy Mail Armor
    Class Trait - Beastmaster has a strong constitution and powerful melee attack, which along with their ability to summon battle creatures to their assistance can make them formidable as a light tank with special crowd control abilities.

Special Moves

    Law of the Jungle

      In the jungle its eat or be eaten. The Beastmaster draws inspiration from the savage wild, increasing stealth and critical hit damage while leave enemies stricken by trepidation and caution.


      Masters a powerful tropical storm, causing devastating lightning damage over a designated area of ground.

    Spirit Creature

      The Beastmaster calls upon an ancient animal spirit to thrash their enemies. Casted over an area, the beastly specters cause heavy, repetitive damage.

In the early days of the Erlandir people, the ancient Aurek had a deep affinity for the beasts of the land. The first Beastmastery was not a profession, but rather a tribal ritual and integral way of life for the jungle-dwelling people. The young and brave would venture in to the jungles and forests filled with terrible beasts. These beings were transformed by Black Gold into violent, horrible monsters. The youths sought to rescue helpless animals and hunted these horrific mutants, as a sign of strength and to keep the evil gripping the wild at bay.

Many a soul paid the ultimate price for this rite, and the Aurek became a strong but sparse people for it. It was not until the great Warnigel discovered the secrets of these beasts and learned to tame them that the profession of Beastmastery came to be. The early Beastmasters approached the horrifying abominations, and soon realized the pain of these misunderstood creatures. With the slow pacification and domestication of the enchanted animals, the Beastmasters learned to connect with these seemingly unapproachable beings, forming a symbiosis as the once dark forests began to heal and flourish.

The Beastmasters let only those with a true and deep abiding respect for nature into their ranks. They are not simply trainers and breeders, but knights of the natural order, sworn by an oath to their animal kinsmen to protect the thriving life of the wild. When the terrible mechanized abominations of the West come plundering through their beloved home, these champions of the jungle will meet them head on with an insatiable, predatory hunger.


Jeudi 13 mars 2014  
[Ask the Devs] - Season 2 Ep 2

Q. Could you tell us more about the upcoming Alpha Test? What kind of features, classes, etc. will be available? Will there be a level cap?

    A. We’re very excited for the upcoming Alpha Test, and we don’t want to play our hand before the time comes. Here is a little information we can offer:

      For the Alpha, there will be 4 races and 8 available classes to choose from. The Alpha will include much of the core game play that the game is built around, and players will be able to explore the open world, work through the story, and try out some cool game features ranging from secret dungeons to massive vehicle battles between steam-mechs and fantasy beasts.

The Kingdom Isenhorst and the Erlandir Union

      The Alpha will cap player levels at 40. Along the way, players will be presented with increasingly complex and interesting game features and prompted for feedback and comments about the different features.

Q. The game servers for North America go live on March 20th, will the game be available to players outside of that region?

    A. There will be no country block, so players from around the world who have been chosen as testers will be able to enter the game.

Q. We’ve heard a bit about the FPS and other perspective system for the battle vehicles. Could you tell us more?

    A. We’ll be releasing a lot more details about the steam-powered battle vehicles and enchanted war beasts available to players in Black Gold Online soon. For now, to answer the question, each vehicle can shift between different perspectives at will. The three possible perspectives are Third-Person, First-Person, and Crosshairs. Each vehicle has certain perspectives available to it, depending on which class of carrier it is. More details on that soon!

Q. What exactly sets the races from Erlandir and Isenhorst apart? And how different are the classes? When will we see more info about the classes currently hidden?

    A. There are a number of features, ranging from structural to aesthetic, which set apart the different races in Black Gold Online. At the very foundation, the races are split between factions, meaning the equipment, mounts, abilities etc. available to a given race will be influenced by which side of the war they find themselves on.

    Players from a given faction can play as any of that faction’s classes – for example, you can be the Pyromancer as either the Kosh or the Yutonians. The race you choose will offer specific benefits, so that Kosh Pyromancer will be different than the Yutonian one. Also, players begin in the homeland of their chosen race, meaning this choice will dictate the early opportunities for quests and the storyline available to the player.

Customize race and class for unique advantages

    The classes have been structured in such a way to fit some traditional MMO roles (Tank, Crowd Controller, etc.) while allowing players to adapt and customize their gameplay. As such, no two classes play quite the same. For an example, take the Assassin and Spellsword. Both are a type of specialty Tank with some CC abilities, but they are quite different. The Assassin uses stealth with a powerful attack, whereas the Spellsword combines melee with casting and team buffs. The weapons, armor, and other equipment available to these two consequently differ.

    There are also more classes and races to come in later versions that will offer an even wider variety of gameplay. More news will be available on those as we approach their release.

Q: Are there helpers/pets/companions you can have? How will the pets work?

    A: The pets system in Black Gold Online is still being developed, so details aren’t fully available at this time. Generally, there are two types of pets: pets that are more for fun and personalization, and battle pets who can help you fight. The latter is available at higher levels, and while useful are not a game-changer in terms of PvE and PvP combat.

Follow Black Gold Online on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, and visit our official Game Forum to discuss the game and March 20th Alpha Test with you fellow fans!


Mercredi 12 mars 2014  
Official - Game Download Now Available

The virtual line of fans stretches around the block as the online community prepares to enter a world of Victorian steampunk and mystical fantasy in Black Gold Online. Knights of steam and elemental mages are waiting excitedly to get their hands on the game in the upcoming tests, and today the team at Black Gold Online is pleased to announce the final stretch.

The Black Gold Online game client is now available for download for the March 20th Alpha Test Drive. Invited Alpha Testers can activate their test key and download the game client now!

The game download will only be available to activated accounts. Those who have not yet received a key won't be able to access the download. But be not concerned! Fill out our Alpha Opt-in survey for a chance to receive a test key.

Enter the Alpha!

The game client will take some time to download, depending on internet connectivity, so we would like to strongly encourage everyone to get yours downloaded as soon as possible. The game servers will be accessible through the client at 2pm, Pacific Time on March 20th.

The Black Gold Online team would like to remind everyone that the Alpha Test will be using an earlier version of the game still in development, and us such we ask for patience as we work out the bugs. The Alpha Test will be under a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and players are requested to keep content private and their comments and criticisms in the official channels.

[Update] If you encounter any problems while activating your account or downloading the client, please contact us at

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit for the latest news and updates on Black Gold Online. Join in the discussion with your fellow gamers at the Black Gold Online official forum.


Mardi 11 mars 2014  
New Class - Skycaller

Skycaller- Herald of Storms

Arcing high above the realm of the living, the sky sees all, knows all, embraces all. The ancient wisdom hidden among the heavens opens up to the few fortuitous enough to harness its awesome energy. These are the Skycallers.

The Skycaller breathes in the heavens and channels the forces into a deep and restorative power. Wielding the elemental forces of air and water, the Skycaller offers protective spells, regeneration, and other valuable magical enhancements to their allies. At the Skycaller’s hands are the forces of the wind and storm, posing a fluid and intangible threat to their enemies. As a class, they are capable of high-level single-target crowd control abilities plus excellent support capabilities, casting long range area attacks with light damage but crippling effects.

    Available Races - Kosh, Yutonian
    Role Specialization - Ranged DPS, Team Support, Controller
    Weapon of Choice - Casting Staff, Magic Scepter, Enchanted Vials
    Armor Proficiency - Light armor
    Class Trait - The Skycaller has balanced attack and defense, but with light armor they can’t last long in close quarters combat. Their strength lies in long-ranged area casting, damage dealing, team support, along with single-target crowd control buffs.

Special Moves

    Cruel Gale

      From the vengeful heart of the storm, the Skycaller channels a turbulent spirit, transforming briefly into a high speed cyclone, causing damage and speed reduction effect on nearby enemies.

    Frigid Snare

      Capturing a powerful blizzard, the Skycaller becomes encased in a protective cocoon of ice, preventing all damage. When the ice shatters, all nearby enemies become frozen in place.

    Glacial Rift

      Frozen air hangs softly over the cooling bodies of the Skycaller’s enemies. Skycaller selects a piece of ground, summoning an icy mountain to crash upon it and crushing enemies in its wake, causing heavy damage and armor debuffs for a period of time.

The infinite power of the ascending heaven’s smiled upon the early mages of Erlandir. Skycalling is believed to be one of the first forms of magic to appear in the early days of Kosh civilization, and it was the great master of the wind Kajar who, with his disciples of the secrets of the sky, founded The Azure Conclave. As Master Mage of the Kosh Empire, Kajar and his school of Skycallers practiced their arts in the remote seclusion of a distant castle, far from the base struggles and contrivances of the land.

From the years of studious practice, the Azure Conclave documented countless tomes of elemental magic, the most renowned of which were the “Gathering the Air” and the broad work “The Blending of the Elements.” The great elementalist Gwen expanded on these works, penning “A Treatise on Altering the Four Winds,” and through her meditations refined the practice of combining water and air to perform restorative miracles.

The Azure Conclave later become a collection of mages from many disciplines, but the Kosh reverence for the Sun and the sky left the Skycaller mages a highly respected role in the order. As the forces of Erlandir rally to protect the realm of magic, the Skycallers will be called on to summon the protection and unrelenting power of air and wind.


Vendredi 7 mars 2014  
Official - First Alpha Keys Released

From the land of enchanted sorcery and mechanical craftsmanship, the team at Black Gold Online has issued the first batch of test keys for the upcoming Alpha Test Drive to begin later in March.

The BGO team has been inundated by requests from fans of Steampunk and fantasy, all hoping for a chance at an Alpha key for the initial phase of closed testing. This week, the first round of lucky candidates has received their test keys. On activation, test keys will grant players access to the Black Gold Online game client. Game servers will go live at 2 PM PDT, Thursday March 20th (What is that in your time zone?).

Gaming enthusiasts who haven’t been selected should not lose faith, as there are still keys available. An Alpha Test Opt-in Survey is available for those interested, and Alpha testers will be selected from the pool of applicants based on their responses.

The Alpha test will use a version of Black Gold Online still in development. We’re looking for players with experience and a passion for gaming to help explore, test, and debug the various game play features in order to create a seamless role-playing and adventure experience. Test key recipients are encouraged to push the game’s limits, and provide constructive feedback on how to improve the game.

Remember that the contents of this test are confidential and that to participate, you must accept our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). We highly encourage that players do not post videos, pictures, game details, etc. unless approved. There will be in-game GMs and official forums for sharing and discussion.

The team at Black Gold Online would like to thank our community of fans for their support as we get ready for the Alpha test of what we believe will be the one of hottest games to come out this year. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit for news and updates on further key giveaways and content releases.


Mercredi 5 mars 2014  
Features - Dungeons & Instances

Exploration and Adventure


      The land of Montel hides many secrets and mysteries, dangerous challenges and unimaginable opportunities, all just waiting for the brave and clever to discover. Dark cavernous dwellings, secret underground tunnels, and hazy untamed jungles house the greatest treasures in the land, but the hidden secrets are not easily plucked from the grasp of the powerful forces that stand guard. The brave adventurers of Montel, armed with steam and magic, steel and wit must enter the unknown and seize their plunder in Instances.

A brave party explores the darkness

    Instances are one of the main gameplay features in Black Gold Online, and they are arguably the most important form of PvE and group play. Players must form a small band of heroes to enter into the different Instances, exploring hidden passages and side-paths while defeating high level enemies and dodging traps, eventually defeating one or several major Bosses. Completing Instances and defeating Bosses provides players with experience and plunder, in the form of gold and high level items. Teammates divvy up the wealth based on a Need and Greed loot system.

Starting Out

    1. In-world

      Instances take place at real world locations in the Montel Map, and can be initiated on site. Coordinates are available, and once found Instances appear on the game map. Players must organize their group on their own, and pass through the entryway to begin the Instance.

    2. Matching

      Players looking to do a particular Instance can open the Instance tab on their UI to bring up a list of available Instances with descriptions. Instances are level locked, requiring players to reach a minimum level and combat power before being granted access.
      Players wishing to join in on an instance can pick their desired role: Tank, Healer, or Support. Classes are limited to their related roles, and once each has been filled and the minimum party number is reached the Instance will begin, and players will be transported to the Instance location.

    3. Invitation

      Players can invite their friends to join in an Instance. Invitation Instances can be closed to only those invited, or open for others to join in the remaining spots.

Alone one falls, but united finds victory


The Instances in Black Gold Online include many challenges and opportunities that force the raiding party to work together. These include:

    Confounding Labyrinths difficult maps with no clear path, scattered with dangers
    Hidden perils static and dynamic booby traps that threaten careless adventurers
    Ferocious Hordes the enemies you find in Instances are stronger and more aggressive than those in the open world
    Terrifying Bosses Powerful enemies that guard valuable and rare items. One player alone does not stand a chance, but teamwork and strategy will be victorious
    Boundless Loot Black Gold Online uses a Need and Greed loot system, meaning groups decide on their own, whether selfish or altruistic, how to share the loot.
    Consequential Death Players who die in an Instance will recover back at the beginning, forcing them to work their way through to rejoin their party

Traps abound in perilous caverns

Exclusive Sneak Peek

Here is an early peak at just a few of the Instances the courageous raiders and cunning explorers will enjoy in Black Gold Online.

    Cave of Heaven's Wrath

      Level Lock 25+
      Min Battle Force 4100
      Location Crytol Ruins

Deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole


According to legend, the ancestral home of the Flametongue tribe, an impressive society of dark elemental forces, once sat at this very spot. Their great capital had brought together stone and steel into an incredible system of halls and chambers. In times long forgotten, an unknown tragedy befell these people, and their home sank deep into the ground, never to be seen again. Or so many thought…

Recently, a small cult of later day apocalypse fanatics went in search of this ancient mystery, hoping to awaken the slumbering Flametongue queen Alestia. Through a dark vigil these extremists plan to summon the queen to do unspeakable damage on the world, killing all but her own clan. A small band of Montel champions must descend into the Cave of Heaven's Wrath where Alestia slumbers, and stop these cultists before it’s too late.

Fiery fury from the deep

These fanatics base their teachings the dark “Augury of Last Days”, banned in much of Isenhorst. The order that spreads these prophecies of the world’s end has long lurked in the shadows, luring malleable minds into the cult’s ranks. Based from the Piro Heights, they have spread their fatalistic message through the land long enough. In order to stop them, some brave adventurers must find the Augury among these madmen in the Cave of Heaven's Wrath and destroy it.

More news and game content reveals are soon to follow in preparation for the Black Gold Online Alpha Test set for March 20th!





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