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Jeudi 27 février 2014  
[Ask the Devs] Season 2 Ep. 1

We've put your questions to our developers, and they've come back with answers. In this weeks edition of Ask the Devs, we reveal more about gameplay, features, and the upcoming Alpha Test Drive and game release!

Q. We're all looking forward to the game. Could you tell us when the release date will be?

    A. Black Gold Online’s Alpha Test Drive will launch on March 20th. The full release will be not far behind, and we will have more details in the next few months. For more details about the upcoming alpha, read the full story here

Q. What is the pace of leveling for Black Gold Online?

    A. This truly depends on the player’s choice of gameplay. The game features a central storyline and branch quests, as well as open world PvP and PvE, dungeons, and numerous adventures that players can choose to participate in for bonus loot and experience. Faction wars and battlefields give players ample opportunities at gaining experience, and guild-based Energy Well control offers further perks. Players will level faster if they take advantage of all the various features the game has to offer.

Team up to take on PvE Bosses

Q. How large a role does the storyline play in BGO?

    A. At the center of Black Gold Online is a story of regional struggle, increasing desperation over scarce resources, and the clash of different worlds and their respective ways of life. The gameplay aims at reflecting this plot, offering a variety of playing scenarios to illustrate the opportunities and dangers of a world tearing itself apart. Players working along the central storyline slowly discover increasingly complex levels of play, leading towards the massive faction wars, open world PvP, and Energy Wells competition.

Ancient wisdom is handed down

Q. Are there things such as housing and other in-world persistent ownership?

    A. There is no housing system in BGO, however players will develop a fleet of mounts which they can store in their personal garage. These can be summoned in open world or on designated battlefields, and are subject to lasting damage, fuel/fatigue limitations, and upgrades.

Q. What about the gameplay? Will it be Action or Point and Click?

    A. Black Gold Online is an action-oriented game, requiring players to move, dodge, and attack fluidly. The controls are customizable, allowing different classes to tailor their UI to fit their needs. For example, DPS players can maximize the effect of their spells with Point and Click aiming, while melee attacks can focus on multi-key consecutive attacks.

Strike hard and precise. The slow fall and the quick prevail

Check our forum to post your questions for the next episode of Ask the Devs.


Mercredi 26 février 2014  
New Class - The Conjurer

Conjurer - The Necrotic Manipulator

The Conjurers draw their power from beyond the grave, using enigmatic sorcery and steam technology to cast powerful spirit spells. Weavers of forbidden curses and inheritors of a shadowy realm, these unorthodox sorcerers fuse steam tech with powers of dark magic.  Formed under the auspices of a unified Isenhorst research division, the Conjurers were quickly incorporated into military professions.

Dwelling in a world of technology, the Conjurers dabble with powers of magic. Their sinister laboratories mix circuits and spells to reanimate cadavers and summon shadowy forces. Forbidden curses come forth at the hands of the Conjurer, reaping destruction and pestilence in its wake. They are an excellent long-range mage class with continuous casts and flexible tactical moves. Conjurers are well-suited to commanding positions and strategic management.

    Available Races - Buvont, Lokemean
    Role Specialization - Ranged DPS, Crowd control
    Weapon of Choice - Staff, One-handed Scepter, Magic Bottle
    Armor Proficiency - Medium – Leather with light mail
    Class Trait - Conjurers have long range and high DPS casting, but cannot sustain prolonged fights alone. With lighter defense and health, they are susceptible to being physically overwhelmed. Ideally put in support position and crowd-controlling, taking advantage of their long range.

Signature Moves

    Stricken Soul

      The Conjurer’s incantations rip the very soul away from their adversary. Ranged casting of effective area, causes triple repeated DPS.

    Spectral Unleashing

      From its ancient prison the Conjurer releases a frightful demon, thrashing at nearby enemies three times, each time stunning them and lifting them into the air. Short range DPS with repeated damage.

    Swarming Spirits

      The Conjurer summons a wave of the departed to rip into their adversaries. Conjurer wields this force causing damage and stunning all enemies within a 5 yrd radius.

It is not well known when the practice of summoning power through incantation first began. Conjuring had existed for untold ages in Erlandir, going largely unnoticed by the Blue Robes Covenant. There came a time, however, when the rulers of magic realized the destructive and evil potential that conjuring posed, especially in the hands of the humans, and banned its practice as witchcraft. Those humans refusing to give up the use of conjuring fled Erlandir, and like many others found refuge in the land of Isenhorst.


Lundi 24 février 2014  
Black Gold Online en alpha occidentale le 20 mars

Parallèlement à la bêta chinoise, dès le 20 mars prochain, Black Gold Online accueillera les joueurs occidentaux sur les serveurs alpha du MMO steampunk / fantasy. Les inscriptions sont ouvertes.

Parallèlement à sa version chinoise actuellement en bêta-test, Black Gold Online s'annonce également en version occidentale. Le studio Snail Games s'y prépare et annonce le lancement de la première version jouable, en alpha-test, à compter du 20 mars prochain.
Et si le développeur précise que les premiers testeurs occidentaux seront sans doute confrontés à de certains dysfonctionnements et que cette version alpha connait quelques limitations, ils pourront néanmoins « explorer le jeu » et découvrir « huit classes jouables et quatre races de personnages, pour moitié issus de la faction steampunk d'Isenhorst et pour moitié du front fantasy d'Erlandir : les joueurs pourront tester divers fonctionnalités intégrant le système de quêtes, les champs de batailles Faction contre Faction et le PvP ouvert, mais aussi l'artisanat, la construction de véhicules et les donjons instanciés ».

Et si cette première phase de test se veut limitée, elle accueillera néanmoins les joueurs disposant déjà une invitation (suite aux distributions organisées sur les réseaux sociaux ou dans le cadre des principaux salons où Black Gold est présenté depuis l'année dernière) et que l'on peut activer à cette adresse. Pour les autres, les inscriptions s'ouvrent sur le site officiel, à cette adresse. Le client de sera par ailleurs disponible en libre téléchargement dans les prochains joueurs.


Lundi 24 février 2014  
Official - Alpha Date Announcement

A Call to the Brave and Cunning,

Heroes of Montel, be Prepared for War!

The BGO team at Snail Games is delighted to announce the release of our preliminary “Alpha Test Drive” of Black Gold Online on March 20th.

The game servers will go live at 2pm Pacific Time on Thursday, March 20th. For those who have already received keys from E3 Convention 2013 and our Facebook giveaways, your keys will allow you to activate your account and access the game. The Game Client will be available for download shortly, please stay tuned for official announcement!

We’re looking for experienced players who can provide workable feedback, so register for an account and fill out our Opt-In survey for a chance at Alpha Access ! 

Black Gold Online is still in development, and the test will use an earlier Alpha version of the game. There will be some limitations, and of course the occasional bugs, so we need the help of gamers to explore the game and provide constructive feedback for improvements. The early stage of the Alpha Test Drive will be by invitation only to ensure the most effective results for growing gamer engagement and experience.

The Alpha will include 8 playable classes from 4 of the races; half from the Steam alignment of Isenhorst and half from the Fantasy side Erlandir. Players can explore the various game functions, including questing, Faction vs. Faction battlegrounds, and open world PvP. It will also include crafting, vehicle construction, and instance dungeons.

We at Black Gold Online would like to thank all the fans for their support as we get ready to move forward with testing on what we believe will be an amazing MMO built on a strong community.

From the BGO team, thank you and good gaming!


Jeudi 13 février 2014  
Official - Alpha and BGO Super Fan

As fans of Steampunk and mystical fantasy gird themselves for the upcoming Black Gold Online Test Drive, it’s prudent to take a moment to thank those very fans. The fans who have waited patiently, excitedly spreading the hype about what is sure to be an awesome game.

Black Gold Online brings a lot of classic favorites into this AMMO, as a well few surprises to keep players on their toes. The game boasts a massive playable world filled with amazing imagery of magical naturalism and bleak industrialism, with high-paced and engaging gameplay.

And what type of person would be interested in such a game, you might ask. Well you may be surprised to know that one of our top players is none other than punk princess Avril Lavigne!

Punk Princess Avril Lavigne: Black Gold Online Super Fan

Miss Lavigne is a fan of Black Gold Onlie's artistic styles, mixing different themes into a seamless production. She took a few fan pics to complement the work of the BGO art team, showing that she’s a Steampunk rocker too. Check these links for a shoutout for Avril Lavigne:

Black Gold Online is currently in Beta testing in China, and will be releasing an exclusive Invitation Test Drive in Late March for top gamers in North America to help grow and improve the game.

The Test Drive will be using an earlier Alpha Stage Version, and we need the help of you, the fans. We're looking for testers to actively support development of Black Gold Online, providing feedback regarding game design, functions and producing constructive comments and criticism.

To get in on the first look at this amazing world and help build an awesome game, register for Alpha Access Opt-in!


Mercredi 12 février 2014  
New Class - Geomancers

The Geomancer - Oracles of the Earth

Gifted healers, the Geomancers divine remedies from the earth and its bounty. Excellent as auxiliaries in combat, specializing in instantaneous single-target healing.

    Available Races - Yutonian, Kosh
    Combat Specialization - Healer, Ranged DPS
    Weapon of Choice - Casting Staff, Magic Scepter, Herbal Vials
    Armor Proficiency - Medium Armor (Enchanted Leather)
    Class Trait - Geomancers are a healing class, best used to replenish and support battle troops. Their light armor is made up for by their healing abilities and strong long-range casting, but their close range attack is weak.

Signature Moves


      Geomancer summons the living waters of the earth to form a protective and healing shield. Allies who enter will receive less damage for its duration, and will recover health more quickly.

    Cursed Gift

      Casting a spell around them, the Geomancer blesses nearby allies with healing benefits, while inflicting damage on enemies within range.

    Restorative Stillness

      Geomancer summons a freezing silence over a selected area, providing allies with a healing and regenerative buff while leaving enemies stunned and silenced.

In the ancient times, the ways of geomancy were not known to the Kosh mages. Few understood or appreciated the hidden power and the nurturing potency to be harnessed by the earthly element. Among the great mages, there were few patient and determined enough to study the rough, unyielding element to grasp at the deep force of life hidden within. It is said the great mage Damerhyn was the first to master the geomantic principles. After years of practice and meditation, Damerhyn revealed his great work, Gaialogy, to the Blue Robes Covenant. His volume became the foundation for the Order of the Geomancers, who committed themselves to the study of the earth and its healing properties. When war came, the Geomancers were called on to restore harmony in the land of Erlandir.


Mardi 11 février 2014  
Un PvP ouvert et sans zones sécurisées dans Black Gold Online

Black Gold Online entend proposer des mécanismes d'affrontements entre joueurs très libres : un monde ouvert, pas de zone sûre, des raids contre les cités ennemies et du PvP inter-faction sous conditions.

On attend Black Gold Online en bêta occidentale dans les prochaines semaines, au « cours du premier trimestre 2014 ». D'ici là, le studio Snail Games esquisse quelques-uns des grands principes de gameplay du MMO fantasy / steampunk dans le cadre d'échanges ponctuels de questions / réponses avec les (futurs) joueurs.
Et le développeur aborde aujourd'hui, entre autre, les mécaniques gouvernant les affrontements entre joueurs dans le MMO. Et elles s'avèrent simples : l'univers de jeu est totalement dévolu au PvP, intra et hors-faction, sans zones sûres.

Comment fonctionne le PvP « open world » de Black Gold Online ?

Chaque région de Montel [l'univers de jeu] est une région contestée, ce qui signifie qu'il n'y a pas de zones sécurisées dans Black Gold Online. Vous pouvez vous associer avec d'autres joueurs et lancer des raids sur les villes et cités de la faction adverse [pour mémoire, le jeu s'articule notamment sur la confrontation opposant l'Union d'Erlandir, la faction fantasy du MMO ; au Royaume d'Isenhorst, la faction steampunk].
Il y a aussi un système de PvP au sein d'une même faction. Cette fonctionnalité peut être aisément activée ou désactivée, vous permettant d'attaquer n'importe quels joueurs dans la totalité du monde ouvert de Black Gold Online.

Black Gold Online

Le développeur évoque tout autant les unités géantes du MMO. On sait que les joueurs pourront prendre le contrôle d'engins ou créatures de taille colossale (des Goliath et Behemoth) aux capacités dévastatrices sur les champs de batailles. Selon Snail Games, si ses créatures sont aussi puissantes qu'imposantes, elles sont loin d'être invulnérables pour ceux qui les affronteront à pied.
D'abord, elles devront être contrôlées simultanément par deux joueurs de haut niveau parfaitement coordonnés. Ensuite, elles restent sensibles à un feu nourri ennemi et le développeur assure que le jeu est suffisamment équilibré pour qu'aucune unité ne soit indestructible. Encore faudra-t-il se donner les moyens d'arrêter ces colosses.


Lundi 10 février 2014  
Official - New Site Launch

[Official] New BGO Webpage is now up

The Black Gold Online team at Snail Games is happy to unveil the new official game webpage. The new page features an appealing visual experience for fans, and offers easy access to the who’s, what’s, and how’s of BGO.

The site has been revamped to help interested fans better navigate the lore, classes, and game features that are sure to make Black Gold Online an amazing gaming experience. The aesthetic of the site has been reworked to better reflect the tone of the game, in which an increasingly bleak conflict wears on between unique and diverse cultures, each with their own vivid artistic concepts and styles.

To help get a better feel for the world, the new page fatures sections offering an overview of Montel, the land in which Black Gold Online is set. This section includes maps and screenshots of the world, as well as showing the geographic breakdown of race homelands. As avid followers of BGO no doubt already know, Montel is divided from East to West by a mountain range, with the 6 races divided on either side in a war between steam and magic.

Following on this, the new page also features a new race and class overview system, with highly detailed sample images of playable classes and character stats. Visitors can explore the classes, from the steam-side’s tank Punisher to the fantasy’s melee DPS Spellsword, and compare the strengths of each between their respective playable races.

With the new site ready, expect to see more class reveals, details on mounts/vehicles, in game videos and much more in preparation for the launch of a closed beta later this year. For a chance at a key for the upcoming closed beta, follow Black Gold Online on Facebook or register on our site for info about news and promotions.


Dimanche 9 février 2014  
New Class - Occultists

Occultist - The Dark Mender

Formidable sorceresses who practice dark magic, Occultists are a powerful mender class that specializes in continuous restoration. Playable only as females.

Occultists are strongest in a healing and support role.

    Available Races - Buvont, Lokemean
    Role Specialization - Support healer, ranged DPS
    Weapon of Choice - Staves, Enchanted Dagger
    Armor Proficiency - Medium (Leather) Armor
    Class Trait - Occultists are lightly armored with a low resilience to damage. Their strength comes from fortifying and restoring players around them. Their spells and potions provide group health and stamina replenishment to nearby allies with short cool-downs for continuous support. Occultists have mid-range defensive abilities that sap and stun their opponents.

Signature Moves

    Tainted Blood

      Occultist saps the blood from enemies within cast area, causing damage and revitalizing self. The enemy's blood is then bewitched and shot forward, leaving opponents in front magically hampered.

    Dark Angel

      A dark angel is summoned to the aid of the Occultist. Reduces damage born by Occultist for a time while providing momentary health recovery to a nearby ally.

    Brilliant Spirit

      The Occultist recites dark incantations to summon a revitalizing light. Health recovery for allies within 10 yrd radius plus 50% reduction in damage born for 5 seconds.

For as long as there has been magic, there have been those who delved into its darker secrets.  The mastery of these rituals took a gentleness and care ill-suited to the rough men of Erlandir, and with time the practice of potion-making and spirit mending fell solely to the women. The whispers of these temptations rang like sirens in the ears of the early Yutonians – promises of elixirs, strength, and ever-lasting life. But the great mages of the Kosh deemed these practices a dangerous affront to the Sun God, and during the Kosh Empire, the Violet Conclave forbade the practice of alchemy and the occult.

Heedless of this proclamation, those tempted by the allure of magical rejuvenation practiced their dark magic in secret. Hidden from seeing eyes, the first great Occultist Kaileya glided through the land, uniting the magical maidens of Yuton into a sisterhood of the first Grand Coven. Kaileya spread works of ancient dark wisdom throughout the covens, practicing their arts to heal and restore those who were willing to pay the price. The Kosh discovered this, and in their fury cast the Occultists from the land. Kaileya and her sisterhood had no choice but to cross the Ellescadia Mountains, and settle in Isenhorst. In the land of dwarves and steam, the Occultists offered their healing touch and knowledge of dark arts in exchange for one thing: a chance at revenge.


Samedi 8 février 2014  
[Ask the Devs] Episode 10

Q: In response to Snail’s recently released Goliath and Behemoth as “Titans” video, which seem to dominate the battlefield, how do players with normal mounts or none at all hope to challenge them? Also, could you tell us more about their gameplay? How do these “Titans” work?

    A: We’re working on developing a balanced system regarding all mounts and vehicles, to make sure that those on the ground have a fair chance.

The idea is to encourage teamwork, utilizing all manners of attack and tactics. The current design concept of Goliath \ Behemoth will require at least 2 players to operate and requires a high level of coordination and control. These gigantic vehicles will not be unstoppable, and can be overwhelmed by concentrated fire.

Q: In addition, when do you plan to release the lores and information about the Classes? I would like to know what I am going to be using to fight crazy mages.

    A: Lore is being released in preparation for the opening of our closed beta later this year. The stories we hope to tell between the different races are invariably intertwined, and it will take time to unravel them fully. Keep posted for more, and know that the more we reveal, the closer we are to opening up for play.

Q: How will open world PvP work?

    A: Every region in Montel is contested, which means there are no safe zones. You can team up and raid opposite faction cities and towns.

There will also be same-faction PvP, this feature can be easily toggled on or off: allowing you to attack any players in the full open-world.

Q: Will there be queuing for instances or will it be driven by interactive aspects within the wider world?

    A: Actually, both. In Black Gold Online there are a variety of PvE and PvP instances(Chambers of Greed) that leave it open to what players want. Players can either queue up to join in on instances, or interact within the social chat functions.

For PvE instances, dungeons are a great example. Players can queue up from a “Looking for Dungeon” feature or stumble upon them in the open-world. In the dungeons, players will find hordes of enemies and powerful bosses, offering a challenge and also reward in valuable items from looting.

Check in next week on the forums for Ask the Dev Season 2! Ask away, heroes and villains of Montel!





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