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Vendredi 24 janvier 2014  
Black Gold Online refond son site officiel pour préparer sa bêta occidentale

Après les tests chinois, Black Gold Online s'annonce en bêta occidentale au cours du trimestre. Pour s'y préparer, le site officiel fait peau neuve, détaillant classes et races de personnages jouables.

Fin 2013, la version originale chinoise de Black Gold Online lançait les premières phases de son bêta-test dans l'ex-Empire du Milieu. Parallèlement, le studio Snail Game entend aussi exploiter son MMO steampunk / fantasy en Occident et prépare donc la version anglophone de sa bêta, prévue pour le « premier trimestre 2014 ».

En attendant l'ouverture de serveurs de tests occidentaux, le site officiel de Black Gold Online fait peau neuve et dévoile quelques pans de gameplay du MMO. En vrac, on y trouve notamment un descriptif détaillé des classes et races de personnages jouables, réparties entre les deux grandes factions du jeu (l'Union Erlandir utilisant la magie ou le Royaume d'Isenhorst s'appuyant sur l'industrie) - permettant de faire un choix de carrière éclairé durant les tests.
Chaque profil affiche évidemment forces et faiblesses, conçu spécifiquement pour les phases de progression ou les affrontements entre joueurs, pour venir à bout de donjons ou affronter des bosses de raids, pour trouver sa place aisément au sein d'un groupe ou évoluer seul grâce à des capacités plus polyvalentes...
Le curieux souhaitant se forger une opinion plus concrète sur le MMO bi-faction de Snail Games y trouveront également le formulaire d'inscription aux futures phases de test - prévues dans les toutes prochaines semaines, donc.


Mardi 14 janvier 2014  
New Class - Spellswords

Spellswords – The Dexterous Enchanter

The ambitious dream of wielding devastating sorcery and exceptional swordplay is realized in these protégées. More agile than the standard mage and better suited for spell-weaving than warriors, their strikes are amorphous and lethally unpredictable. Their rare talent is fully utilized under the Erlandir banner and a deadly force to be reckoned with.

Refined through years of conflict and adaptation, the Spellswords achieved magical prowess nearly unequalled in the land of Montel. Through the mastery of elemental forces, the Spellswords are able to fortify themselves at expense of their foe, sapping the life force and constraining the enemy into speechless misery. Agility and speed paired with explosive strength are the hallmark of these magic-wielding swordsmen.

Strongest when equipped with a sword and an energy shield, their unique skill set requires both agility and adequate protection in intensive skirmishes.

    Available Races - Kosh, Yutonian Humans
    Role Specialization - Melee DPS \ Agility Tank
    Weapon of Choice - One Handed Sword, Shield & Quick Casting Spells
    Armor Proficiency - Heavy (Scale and Plate) Armor
    Class Trait - Spellswords are capable of wielding magic to boost their strength and cripple their opponents. They are exceptionally balanced and highly adaptable to fit any role on the battlefield, making them an excellent base unit for enhancing a team’s strength.

When the fog of war is lifted, two kinds of soldiers remain: The dead and the legendary. Many of the Yutonians who returned to Sunrise Hills after the Second Black Gold War recounted wild tales of Vigo’ras. The number of enemies who crumbled under his blade is the stuff of legend—Some say he felled hundreds; others insist it was thousands. But everyone was certain on one thing: Kael always emerged from battle bathed in the blood of his foes, having shed not a drop of his own. Upon homecoming, the Yutonians could see Kael’s prowess first-hand. He wove spells like a master magus while baffling onlookers with a radiant flurry of chops and thrusts. Using these two talents was what made him such a force on the battlefield. The leaders of the Yutonian Kingdom hastened to spread Kael’s fighting methods. This generation of warriors came to be known as the Spellswords.


Mercredi 8 janvier 2014  
New Trailer - Goliath Vs. Behemoth

Energy Wells are seats of apex influence, the overflowing crystallized energy is the base essence for every instrument of war. Factions wage fanatical campaigns night and day to claim their absolute sovereignty.

The conflict of Black Gold dominance rages on throughout the contested regions. Neither side will give quarter, thus the belligerent leaders concocted a plan of their own. 

The engineers of Steam work ceaseless nights to construct the hulking Goliath, giant machine that packs unstoppable firepower. Baptized and molded in the scorching flames of industry, the Goliath is a mechanized perfection of ultimate destruction.

Over the scarred landscape, the Erlandir sages summon forth the ancient Behemoth, an elemental creature forged in the deepest recesses of the earth. Blessed by the power of prophets, the Behemoth shall lay waste to anything that stands in its raging stampede.

Prepare your senses for a clash of epic proportions, for the showdown of Technology and Sorcery will begin.





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