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Mercredi 17 décembre 2014  
Holiday Cheer Events

Xmas Top-Up bonus

    Event Period : Dec 24 - Dec 31 PST
    Description : Any amount of voucher Top-Up during this holiday season will get a 50% bonus.(The extra bonus voucher points will be sent to the account automatically.)

Monster Invasion

    Event Period : Dec 24 - Dec 31 PST

Description: During this joyous holiday, some monsters will try to steal Xmas gitfs and destroy the Xmas holiday! Watch out for these monsters and help save Xmas!


Mardi 16 décembre 2014  
Special Christmas Giftpack!

Tis the season to blow stuff up on the back of a dragon! Black Gold Online has a very special gift pack for all our loyal fans out there, as a way to say Thank You and happy holidays!

Visit our holiday partner in crime, MMOSITE, to get your hands on the very special Merry Montel Xmas Gift Pack!


    1. Event Duration: 15th December  2014 – 31st December 2014
    2. One gift code per account.
    3. Redeem your key HERE.
    4. Characters will receive the items via in-game mail within 24 hours.

Sign-up and join the epic battle for the fate of Montel in the action-packed Steam vs Magic adventure of Black Gold Online.


Mardi 25 novembre 2014  
Black Friday Event

With our newest and biggest patch, Bloodied Tides, updated we have 2 new races joining in the fray. The fragile 

Montel Island is once again thrown into disarray as the ever constant threat of war looms over the heads of it's people.

However, forget all that war talk for a second, it is Thanksgiving again! Turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pies, it is a season to sit down with your families and feast like royalty! 

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we are really thankful for all you BGOers’ support and devotion, so during this special season, we have created a special top-event to show our appreciation and gratitude towards our loyal BGOers.

From Nov 24th to Dec 1st, all voucher top-ups will get an extra 20% bonus!

*The bonus will be sent to your account automatically.

Remember this bonus only last until next Monday. So don’t delays, Get your extra voucher points now!


Vendredi 21 novembre 2014  
GM in a Bottle Special Event!

The war for Black Gold turns a corner as the fight for Montel breaks into new frontiers. To get ready for the new expansion, we have a special fun event for all our players who need a boost to catch up before the new level cup increase! Get ready for the special GM Events!

Event Name: GM Slayer
Event Period: 11.20 – 12.20

    Event Details

      The GM is an elusive creature. We'll put out an announcement about where to find the GM. If you can find them and kill them, you'll win amazing riches beyond your wildest dreams!

Event Name: GM in a Bottle
Event Period: 11.20 – 12.20

    Event Details

      If you're lower than level 30, then the GM is your ticket to magical character growth! Like the genie in the bottle, find this mystical jokster and win awesome prizes like Experience potiions or awesome equipment. Whatever your wish, it shall be granted!

Event Name: GM in a Bottle (lvl 45)
Event Period: 11.20 – 12.20

    Event Details

      For all of those heroes out there who have a Might Score of less than 18000, there is a special chance for you to get a special wish by catching an elusive GM! We’ll announce sightings of this nimble being that is known in the Montel chronicles as the “GM”. If you can find the GM, they will offer you special prizes on the spot! With certain rewards to give away, the GM will give you the gifts you wish for – please just don’t rub the bottle! Level 3 Gems, Gem Savers, and Gem synthesizing coupons can be yours!

Be sure to check the forums and Facebook page for the announcements about the GM sightings starting today!


Lundi 17 novembre 2014  
Bloodied Tides Rolls in 11.24!

The next big battle for Montel is about to begin. The Bloodied Tides update is set to launch on November 24th!

The update will feature some important changes to Black Gold Online, as well as some exciting new content drops!

    New All-Free Time Vial system – no more cost for acquiring Time Vials
    Exciting new 3 vs 3 Team Arena
    Increased level cap with all new missions and quests
    Two new Races: the Upyrian Vampires and the Aurek Brutes
    Special Class: the Brawler
    New Aquatic Battle Carriers and Naval Warfare
    Underwater dungeons and new maps
    Weapon Engraving System

Prepare for the coming storm as the Bloodied Tides roll in to Montel. The update will be available as an automatic update, or can be downloaded ahead of time.


Vendredi 14 novembre 2014  
The Voyage Begins

War on the high seas of Montel. Thunderclaps form on the far horizon as the naval conflict sits primed to erupt! The Bloodied Tides update coming to the world of Black Gold Online will break free into new frontiers of warfare with aquatic battles, pitting the steam fleets of Isenhorst against the navies of the Erlandir Union.

New Naval Weapons

Entering the arsenals of Battle Carriers available to players, the new update will feature all new Aquatic Carriers. These carriers have been designed with unique and realistic buoyancy physics, and allow players to slug it out in exciting naval battles. The first to enter this new realm of warfare are light and fast: the nimble Wave Racer, and the slippery Waterwym

The Wave Racer is the latest advancement in Buvont military tech. The craft glides effortlessly over the surface of the water, allowing incredible maneuverability. To avoid logistic issues of munitions, the Wave Racer uses a high pressure water cannon as its primary weapon.

    Basic Attack: Water Cannon – Fires forth a burst of pressurized water
    Secondary Attack: Water Bomb – Collects water into a powerful bomb which it launches at target
    Special Skill 1: Water Shield – Forms a protective shield of water that prevents damage and boosts abilities
    Special Skill 2: Giant Missile. Launches powerful missiles dealing massive damage

The Waterwym is a powerful eel-like beasts, once the scourge of sailors but thanks to the added efforts of the Aurek have been tamed. They swim at unbelievable speeds, dipping underwater and jumping through waves with ease.

    Basic Attack: Javelin – The rider hurls forth a powerful javelin
    Secondary Attack: Water Wave – Shoots forth a wave of water, dealing damage and slowing enemies.
    Special Skill 1: Popping Water Bomb – Spews forth a bomb of water, tracking enemies if proper target lock is made.
    Special Skill 2: Diving – Forms a protective shield and dives underwater, surfacing and causing damage to enemies.

Jeudi 6 novembre 2014  
New Champions Enter the Fight

As storms form on the horizon and a calm settles before the next great conflict, two peoples of Montel, formerly removed from the vicious feuds and greed, join the fray. For Isenhorst, the Upyrian vampires set their vengeful gaze on the wrongs of the past. In Erlandir, the naturalist Aurek can recluse themselves no longer, as the war threatens the fragile environments they call home.

Upyrian Vampires – Bloody Vengeance

The Upyrians were not always vampires. In days long forgotten in the vicious wars of Montel, the people who came to be known as Upyrians were once mere Yutonian villagers, living among the western stretches of Erlandir near the Ellescadian Mountains. When the first explorations by the steam-master Dwarves crossed the ranges, this modest tribe became enamored with technology. To punish their heresy, the high priest of the Kosh cast down a blood curse upon the people, along with their young prince, Delfara, and the Upyrians were born.

After years in exile, the blood-sucking accursed followed their pale prince to the deserts of Upyria in the south of Isenhorst. Far from the looking eyes of other powers, the Upyrian vampires dabbled in tabooed magic, practicing unspeakable arts and harboring a cold resentment. Waiting. Watching.

Faction: Isenhorst

    Allies : Lokemean Dwarves, Buvontian Humans
    Language : Common Tongue
    Special Class : Brawler
    Character Traits : Devious and cunning, hidden motives pervade their every action, always coming at an angle on their road to revenge.
    Appearance : Hallow and pale, with blood red eyes and silver hair. Their fashion is Neo-Victorian with influences from the occult: collared coats, chains, leather and corsets.

Aurek Brutes – Stalwarts of Nature

The Aurek people developed just a hair beyond the animal companions amongst which they lived. Despite their simplicity, the Aurek developed a rich culture, with a reverence for nature and a distinct initiation rite. The Aurek had to be strong, and each young person – man or woman – was required to undergo a test of fortitude, injecting Black Gold into their bodies and delving into the jungle. Those who survived joined the tribe.

The Aurek had avoided the conflicts of the world for years. Despite close ties to the mighty Kosh, when the drums of war sounded, the Aurek chose to turn inward and forsake their natural brethren. It was only with the ferocity of the fighting and the destruction it reaped that this changed. Now, the Aurek stand with their natural brothers to defend their home.

    Faction : Erlandir
    Allies : Kosh Empire, Yutonian Humans
    Language : Aurek Dialect, Common Tongue
    Special Class : Brawler
    Character Traits : Strong and gruff, speaking few of words but showing a kindness and gentleness for helpless creatures.
    Appearance : Thick and full-muscled, with fang-like teeth and unkempt, natural appearance.

Prepare for a Brawl


The Brawler style of fighting was developed in the wake of the second great Montel war. As troops on both sides found themselves aimless and in need of work, a number joined the mercenary “Source”. Fusing technology with elemental magic, they unleashed the power of thunder and fire in conjunction with melee for impressive effectiveness in battle.

Class Special Features

With both melee and ranged attacks, the Brawler is good at adapting to the flow of battle.

    Weapon: Fists, with a staff for channeling magic.
    Equipment type : Leather Armor
    Energy Consumption : MP
    Advantage : Excellent Tank
    Disadvantage : No support abilities

With the new update, players who have already reached level 40 will be able to create a new alt character as one of the new races. This character will begin at level 40, in brand new maps added as their home areas. Discover these new and exciting adventures with new quest-lines for the races.

Bloodied Tides will hit the Black Gold Online servers later this year. More details about the update will be revealed, continue to follow us on Facebook and our Forums to get more details.


Vendredi 31 octobre 2014  
Halloween Special!

We’ve got a very special deal going this weekend. Two rare mounts, normally seen only in the weathered zoological and mechanical codexes of the most erudite citizens of Montel, are available for sale! Don’t miss your chance to nap one of these rare mounts!

The Serrawyrm will be on sale on November 1st, and are in limited supply. Only ten will be sold, so don’t miss out on the chance to fly like a mythical dragon!

On Nov 2nd, Dwarven Kestrel will be available for purchase, crafted by the finest artisans of Montel, but what they have in craftsmanship they lack in quantity: there are only 10, so get yours early!

These rare mounts will be available in the BGO shop. The items will go on sale at midnight, server time, so plan ahead.


Jeudi 30 octobre 2014  
Bloodied Tides coming soon!

The shores glisten as the waves roll back and forth – ceaseless, never-ending. With each passing tide the shallow pools grow cluttered: a boot, a cracked horn, a scrap of tempered steel. Just like the tides, the fighting continues. Back and forth. Ceaseless. Never-ending.

We’re very excited to announce the next installment to the struggle for control of Montel:  Bloodied Tides. The war rages on as the sides take to new battlefields, pushing the land itself to the brink in the bid for power and control of resources. Exciting new features take the game to unseen frontiers, all just along the horizon. The next battle begins this winter!

Two New Races Join the Fray

Countless fans have been waiting anxiously, and their patience has paid off! Coming with the Bloodied Tides update, players will be able to play as the two new races: the Upyrian vampires and the Aurek brutes!

These two races have their own unique stories, and come with new sections of the map as their distinct homelands. Join the alignment of steam as the Upyrians – the cursed disciples of the wandering prince-in-exile Delfara, seeking revenge on the mages who have wronged them and summoning necrotic magic to do so. Defend the world of magic and nature with the Aurek – a brutish animalistic people known for their strength, ferocity, and rare ability to take the form of animals.

Wield the Unrelenting Elements

Along with the new races, players will be able to play as the newest class to join in the battle: the Elementalist. This class is available only for the two new races, and makes use of a unique skill and weapon set, summoning elemental fury with their bare hands.

Anchors Away

Explore the wild blue yonder with the all new Aquatic Battle system! Joining the arsenal of Battle Carriers already storming the battlefield, new Aquatic Carriers take the fight to the sea. To accompany this new type of carrier, there will also be new aquatic Battlefields, as well as a special sea-based Energy Well, requiring players to fight by land, sea and air.

Along with the special oceanic PvP, the new update will also feature underwater dungeons, hidden away for players to find. Swim through the sea and discover these special caves filled with treasure.

Stand Together, Fight as One

For those of you who have been waiting to be able to team up in the Arena, the time has come! With the new update, we’ll be adding a 3v3 Arena to Black Gold Online, with its own rankings and rewards.

In addition, the update will fix issues with the post-server merge rankings, so there can never be any doubt who are the champions of Montel!

A Stitch in Time

To better serve the players of BGO, we’ve decided to make an important change to the monetization system with the abolition of paid Time Vials. Players will now be able to get an unlimited number of higher quality Time Vials totally for free. Get awesome Templates, rare gear, and Black Gold with the new totally free Time Vial system!

These are just a few of the awesome changes coming with the next update to Black Gold Online. As the Bloodied Tides roll in, don’t miss out on all the fun. Level your character to the new max, get your hands on some rare valuables, and conquer the land and sea!


Dimanche 26 octobre 2014  
10.27 Halloween Maintanence

The Black Gold Online game server will be down for routine maintenance, as well as to bring a fun update to get the land of Montel in the Halloween spirit. The maintenance will last from 2am to 4am Central Time (UTC -5), after which the game will resume as usual. Players can either download the patch directly, or open their game client to update automatically.

Montel Halloween

Spend the spookiest time of year in the land of steam and magic with the Black Gold Online special Halloween update. We’ve got some fun new content coming your way including:

    New creeps with holiday themes. Kill these creeps to get Halloween Candy
    Want a buff? Eat some of that Candy! Or you can save it up and redeem it for a special treat.
    We’ve added new costumes and pets to the game, there’s no trick, get your's fast!
    Complete a series of special tasks to unlock increasingly valuable prizes!
    Visit the town center and see the cool Halloween decorations we’ve made!

Keep your eyes peeled as we burn through autumn, as we’ve got another major update coming up soon! We’ll have more news in the coming days, so keep posted!


Lundi 20 octobre 2014  
BlackGold Online Halloween!

It’s a time of the year when the sinister specters of Montel come out and wreak havoc. On All Hallows’ Eve, prepare for a spooky invasion of exciting new enemies and fun content with our Halloween update! The update will go live the Monday before Halloween, on October 27th.

The update will include some fun content to celebrate the holiday. The residents of Montel are getting in the spirit, so be on the lookout for some Halloween decorations around the major cities of the land, as well as special Haloween mobs to fight. Kill these NPCs to get your hands on Halloween candy; consume the candy get a special buff, or save it up to exchange for prizes, including Halloween pets and a special flying broomstick mount!

Halloween pets, mounts, and mobs to come in this holiday update!

We’ll also have a special series of “Trick or Treat” daily quests to accomplish. Finish one before you can move on to the next. Get through them all, and win awesome and valuable rewards including Black Gold and rare costumes.

Speaking of costumes, we’re happy to announce that along with Halloween, the winners of our Fan Costume Contest will be available!

Enjoy your Halloween in the land of steampunk pumpkins and mystical ghouls with Black Gold Online.


Mercredi 15 octobre 2014  
New Items available in BGO!

We’re heading full-steam into Autumn, and for all you BGO fans out there who are looking for companionship and affection, you’re in luck! No, it’s not a Montel 1-900 number; it’s the new pets that are now available at the BGO Shopping Mall! We’re having a special mid-Autumn sale, including new pest, surge potions, and more!


October is half-way gone, so don’t miss out on the chance to get your Surge up with our new items available. Purchased with Black Gold, the Great Surge Potions will give you an extra boost in earning Potential for 1-4 hrs (depending on the type of Potion). Jump ahead of the competition with the Surge Orb, a special power sphere granting 1000 Potential instantly.

Cuteness for Sale

Who’s a cute little mechanized robot? Yes you are. Yes you are.

Oops, that’s embarrassing, we got distracted by the exciting new pets available in the store! Discover all the unique pets you can acquire to follow you in your adventures throughout the land of Montel. Share the journey with companions like the Mechanical Mosquito, the Jade Equine Dryad, or the vicious Golzar the Ripper.

These are just a few examples of the awesome pets now available. Check out the store to see them all!


Dimanche 29 septembre 2014  
9.29 Maintenance Complete & Hot Wardrobe Sale

The Black Gold Online server Ellescadia will undergo maintenance on Monday, September 29th from 2AM-3AM, CDT. This maintenance should last for 1 hour, and server will be open afterwards.

Please pay attention and arrange your schedule in advance. We apologize for any inconvenience fans may encounter, and appreciate your patience.

Hot Wardrobe Sale!

Open the trading post interface and click on the fashion button, because we have some cool costumes for you BGO enthusiasts. ‘Call of Death’, ‘Source Power’, ‘Pioneer Costume’ and more, all these awesome permanent costumes are just one click away.

More awesome new costumes and mysterious items are on their way, stay tuned.


Mardi 23 septembre 2014  
Community Event – Journeyman’s Brawl

Nestled in the mountains of Theodia is a special meeting ground for adventurers of the road, a place for victory and defeat in gentlemanly duels and bitter blood feuds: the Journeyman’s Triumph.

It is at this special locale that we are happy to announce a special event taking place this weekend: the Journeyman’s Brawl. We’ll be holding three special events this coming Saturday, September 28th, so get ready for some (dis)organized PvP!

Pre-event: Sponsored Challenges

Before the organized events get going, we want to extend our support to all those people out there who just want to beat the crap out of each other. Pursuant to this support of inter-player feuds, gentlemen’s disagreements, and general skullduggery, we are offering rewards to the winners of privately arranged matches at the Journeyman’s Triumph open world arena.

    Event Period

      8am – 8pm CDT

    Event Rules

    Players must find a third party available and willing to stand in as an impartial referee. This referee can’t be a fellow guild member to either of the participants, and ideally would be a bystander.

    Before the match, the players should stand together in the ring and take a screenshot that includes all of three members: the two fighters, and the referee. Fighters can then begin the fight in whatever fashion they agree, with the referee ensuring that agreed rules are followed.

    After the match, the winner and referee should capture a screenshot of the victory and send it to our community team at Rewards won’t be sent to unconfirmed victories.


      Victor – Fine Box (bound)
      Referee – 5 Gold Coins

Important Notes

    Players can hold multiple matches, but no more than 3
    If multiple people want to match up, form a line or a queue
    Audiences for the matchups are encouraged
    Players accused of throwing fights or colluding will have grounds to not receive rewards

Main Events

We’ve got three main events in mind for the evening. If you’re interested in participating in any of them, please contact our community team at to register your name, along with which events you'd like to join. We’ll give priority to those who come first, but will also be balancing for even teams. To register, send us an email with your character name, and screenshots of your characters gear menu and surge menu.

    Event Period - 8pm – 11pm

    Main Event 1 – Champion Tournament

    For players who are interested, we will be organizing a single elimination-style 1v1 tournament! Players will be placed in a bracket which we will announce before the event. At the scheduled time, players will be matched up, with an in-game GM as referee. Fellow tournament contestants, and anyone interested, are encouraged to stand around the rim of the Arena as spectators.

    After each match, the winner will progress to the next fight, until we reach the championship match. The losers of the semi-final will also face off for third and fourth place.

    Depending on the numbers of players interested, we will adjust the size of the bracket, and potentially divide the tournament into different divisions based on Might or Surge level.

    Awards TBD – unique and appropriate rewards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place.

    Main Event 2 – Take on all Comers

    In this “King of the Hill” style event, top players can volunteer or be challenged by other players to take on any challengers who come their way. A players who takes to the Arena will take on all challengers one at a time, with time to recover HP in between. If they are victorious, they will take on the next opponent. If they are defeated, they will step down. For each win, the warrior will receive a point. 5 pts will get you a Fashion Fragment – that means 50 victories will get you an exclusive Fashion item!

    Any player who takes on the champion will receive a reward for their effort. Those who are able to topple a champion with a run of more than 5 consecutive wins will receive a handsome reward for defeating the champion. Specific rewards are TBD.

    Main Even 3 – Good ‘ole fashioned brawl.

    This one is simple: every man (or woman) for himself, last man (or woman) standing wins. Anyone who wants to participate will take to the arena at the set time. That means it doesn’t matter how many people cram onto the platform – you have to be on and stay on or be disqualified. Survive to the end to get a prize.

Important Event Rules

There are a few important event rules we want to make clear to everyone. This event will involve players fighting against members of their own faction as well as the other, and in many cases they will be at close quarters with members of the other faction. Ganking or PKing players around the Journeyman’s Triumph won’t be accepted. GM’s will be present, and we’ll be keeping record of any violators for punishment.

We hope that won’t be necessary, and anyone who is interested is inviting to show up for some community fun! Registration is open to everyone. Also, while happening, the events will be organized predominantly by in-game chat. However, any groups with Teamspeak or other gaming voice chat services who are willing to volunteer their channels for the event will be recognized for their support. Interested groups can contact our community team.

We’ll put out the details of the events before this Saturday. Stay posted on the forums and on our Facebook page for details.


Vendredi 19 septembre 2014  
Server Merge Update

The Black Gold Online game servers Ellescadia will be merged next week, starting late Sunday September 21st, and finishing early Monday morning on the 22nd. The official merge time will take place from 9pm to 5am, CDT (see where that is for you!). The game will be down during this time, and the new combined Ellescadia server will go live again after the update.

Along with the merger, there will also be some bug fixes and updates from our regular maintenance. Players can update their client automatically once the servers go live again, or download them directly and install them manually.

Patch Notes

    Two-step Verification Password system has been updated
    Resolved “Upgrade Skill” icon bug
    Fixed UI bug with the VIP icon
    Spectromancer passive “Spirit Medium” description error corrected
    Resolved abnormalities with teleporting portals
    Updated game text to replace errors

New Server Merge Event!

Along with the new unified server, we’ve added another event to our special merge events.

Blessing of Nature

    Event Period 9.22-9.29
    Restrictions Erlandir characters only

The bounty of Mother Nature is waiting for those who will rise in defense of the trees and the beasts. As the worlds collide with our server merge, we have a special boosting event for players who create new characters for Erlandir!

Receive special rewards for leveling up your character during the event period. The event will only apply to players who create new characters during the 7 day window, so if you want to fast-track your new champion of naturalist magic, get started after the merge!


Note: All rewards are bound


Jeudi 18 septembre 2014  
The Halls of Glory – VivaFnatic

As the war for Montel rages on, there are those few who stand out, for domination or defiance, for ferocity or nobility, for victory or defeat. In our recurring segment covering the interesting players of our community, we accept a new entrant into the BGO Halls of Glory – VivaFnatic.

We talked with VivaFnatic (we’ll call him Viva for short) to learn a bit about his gaming experience, and how that’s played out in the land of Montel. Viva told us he’s no rookie when it comes to gaming:

I started playing the oldskool counterstrike 1.5 and 1.6 back in the day. Late 2001 I got offered a spot in pro team Fnatic to play along with popular gamers such as xPeke. My original gaming name was Viva, so I chose the combination “VivaFnatic”, which I now use in every single game.

Viva proved to be no slouch when it came to the nitty gritty details of character construction. Coming into BGO just over a month ago, he decided after consulting forums to pick a class he didn’t see many others choosing: the Pyromancer. In the end he went with a Male Kosh Pyro, because as he puts it: “[in choosing Kosh] I figured the 20% critical [race stat] would be the end game stat that would make me better than others. Being married to my wife for 6 years, it’s still a little awkward to pick a girl character with double D’s, haha, so I picked male.”

When asked to describe his build, he had a lot to say about the evolution of a character build. Ultimately, Viva found that the ideal build really did vary based on the strength of his particular skills – with more options opening after the new Skill Surge system opened – and also in response to the choices of other players.

Initially, I followed the in-game advice and that of my fellow player Saeya to build up my Intelligence to strengthen skills like Firewall. However, I soon realized that some of my other skills could be really boosted up with Spell Power; in particular, Spell Power had a big impact on burst damage, as opposed to the handful of continuous burn attacks that Intelligence helped with.

With that realization, I rerolled my Pyromancer to focus on Spell Attack and Crit Damage. One of my best skills after that change was the Ion Beam, which I also beefed up my electric skills, so that I could mix stuns with burst damage to deal some heavy damage. This had a big impact on my PvE and PvP presence.

However, I noticed a lot of players started rolling Crit Resistance. With my Kosh racial stats and maxed Crit, I was still had an above average Crit rate, and my damage output was nothing to shrug off at around 40k, but I started to check out other skills like Convection Blast, Bolt Spear and Neuroblast – all of which stack well with newly surged Fan the Flames.

So now, I’m looking to reroll back to Intelligence to build up these other skills. I’m also trying to build up my sustain, which will be helped when I get some new healing and shield skills at my next Surge level. For my gear, I’ve got armor and magic resist capped. Since you can’t put the same color gems on the same gear, I try to diversify so I can get the most out of them. At this point, I basically have 2 skill bars: one for PvP and one for PvE.

In the land of Montel, where PvE and PvP formed to equally important halves to a single progression whole, Viva shows how flexibility and adaptability can play a big role in success, especially as trends form among opponents in PvP.

And clearly something is working, as VivaFnatic is one of the highest ranked players for Might Score in the Lokemean server. The key to this customization strategy seems to be in Gems, which Viva has spent no shortage of time, and as he honestly claims money, to develop.

We asked Viva a bit about how he spends his time in-game. He had this to say:

As a European, I have different play hours but I'm the kind of person that doesn’t need more then 3-4 hrs sleep, so I start up with all the solo quests (dailies, adventures, etc.) before others come on line, and then do some raids and PvP once they get online. Doesn't work out every day because I do have a job & a wife. With my career, computers are pretty much my life, so I’m pretty much multi-tasking as soon as I wake up to the point where I fall back asleep.

And who are the “others” that VivaFnatic plays with?

I started playing with Doomsday when I first got into it, where Chaos showed me the basics and I also met a lot of the other players who went over to Divine with me. I’ve got a friend who I’ve been playing with for almost 8 years who joined the game with me, sdaberrella (currently n 2 of Lokemea).

We kind of wanted to “play soldier” in Black Gold, because we’ve usually been leaders in guilds. We managed to do that for a bit, but eventually sdaberrella became an officer and I became Divine’s second, so there goes that soldier dream. Either way, we’ve been having fun getting to know other players through Teamspeak.

As an important member of a powerful Guild, VivFnatic no doubt fights his fair share of PvP. We were curious to hear what type of Battle Carriers he has. Simply put: all of them. Or near enough to be close, with 5 slots completely filled with Tier 7 Battle Carriers.

In terms of my favorites, I would go for the Storm Soarer (Aerial) and the Wyrm Homodont (Raid).

Storm Soarer because of the huge electric splash dmg that actually 2 shots carriers in BFC while being able to kill anti-airs as well.

Homodont for the huge leap attack once its T7. It can really mess footmen up in no time. But I really like all the carriers, so unique concept and so wonderful creatures.

After a month in the game, we wanted to know if VivaFnatic had any good stories to share. He had three for us:

My first memorable moment was a bit of respect we received from the opposing faction, most notably Legends. We were trying to run Caravan, which is a must for lower geared players, and can sometimes be unfair when we’re outnumbered 3:1 by high geared players. However the other faction saw the imbalance and let us finish them, and it showed that in the community sometimes respect is worth more than honor (the PK honor, that is).


As second story, I recently was in a BFC 1 v 11 – that’s me alone – and I somehow managed to keep mid flag for 20 minutes before losing it for 5. Then, suddenly my leader and good friend ToDaFace – who has also been featured in the Halls of Glory – showed up and the two of us took the middle for a win. I ended up with a stunning 64-0 score and capped honor instantly, haha.

And third but not last was one of my server firsts. After opening a LOT of mount treasure boxes, I finally received a nice looking Serrawyrm flying mount.

After all of this, we wanted to know: What’s your favorite part of BGO?

The coordinated team play during PVP battles is what I like the most. That's why I always pick the underdog side when I register at a certain game. Goals are harder to achieve yet giving a much better feeling when you finish them, which leads to a higher dedication & motivation. And that is needed to enjoy a game to the fullest & thanks once again legends & rest of Isenhorst to provide us with that possibility.

If you think you have a cool character build or an interesting story, you may be the next entrant into the BGO Halls of Glory! Contact our community team at, we’ll consider your for our on-going coverage the players of Black Gold Online.


Mardi 16 septembre 2014  
Worlds Collide – Server Merge

On this coming Monday, September 22nd, the servers Ellescadia and Lokemea will be merged together into a single BGO game server, also going by the name Ellescadia. The new merged server will support a more stable player population and alleviate a number of technical issues we’ve encountered with the multi-server system.

This server merge will affect some players, and we’ve prepared a short FAQ to answer any questions players may have.

What will happen to my character with the merge?

Regardless of which server your characters are on, they will end up in this new single game server, Ellescadia. The stats and qualities of your characters will not change.

If your character on one server has the same name as a character from the other server, after the merge the names will be changed slightly: a few letters or numbers will be added or replaced in your names. After the merge, players who find their character name has changed can contact our support team or in-game GMs, and we’ll help get the name reset.

I have characters on both servers, what will happen to them?

As each player only has 5 spots for characters on a given server, those who have more than that between the two will have their top characters combined into one account. The system will automatically measure based on time played and level, moving the top 5 into the slots and deleting the rest.

If a player finds after the merge that a character they wanted was deleted, they can contact support or in-game GMs to have that character returned. However, players only get 5 characters, so reviving a character will mean getting rid of another.

What will happen to my Guild with the merge?

Guilds will be moved over with no affect to the guild itself. As with character names, if Guilds have the same name as a Guild from the other servers, the names will be changed automatically, and can be fixed by contacting our support team.

Energy Wells will Refresh with the merge

What about the Energy Wells!?!?

First, for individual players, the Energy Well’s Reputation system won’t be affected by the merge. Your reputation with any given Well will remain the same after the servers merge.

For the Guild and Faction control of the Energy Wells, the mergers will bring an early Energy Well Refresh. The map will reset, with 4 wells controlled factionally per side and the Doomsday Base contested, an all Guild control will be wiped. As a note: this will not affect the next Energy Well Refresh, set for midnight on October 1st.

Any further questions, please reach out to our support team with your concerns at, and we'll help to make sure you experience a smooth transition to the new single server.

To accompany the merger serve, we’ve also prepared some special Worlds Collide in-game events!

State your Name for the Record

    Event Period: After 9.22

      With the server merge, some of you may end up with the same name. Those of you who do, we’ll provide you with a special gift to make up for the snafu, including a card to change your name. Contact support with your account details to receive your prize.


    Event Period: After 9.22
    Eligible Characters: Characters created before 9.16

      With the server merge, some of you may end up with the same name! The game will automatically add a few letters to the end of your name. Find the player with the same name as you in the game, and snap a picture with your Doppleganger for a prize! Post the photo to our forum, and we’ll reward you handsomely. Be sure to contact our support team to receive your prize!

    Prize: 500 Black Gold

War Cry

    Event Period: 9.22-9.28

      As the world comes crashing in on itself, prepare for war! Finish the Battlefield to receive special prizes. Win or lose, you’ll have to see it to the end! In-game rewards will be received automatically.

Band Together

    Event Period: 9.22-9.28

      As the world spirals into chaos, players must team up to take on the evils of Montel! Form a team, and complete Instances to win special prizes! It doesn’t matter which Instances, these bad guys have got to go!


Jeudi 11 septembre 2014  
Montel Powers - TAW

There are those who fight their battles with brutality and fierce abandon, and then there are those who win through discipline, organization, and chain of command. The later of these two styles is the guiding philosophy of the subject of this week’s Montel Powers, as we learn about the unique guild, The Art of War, from their upper command: Major General Draxton, First Lieutenant Konscious, and First Lieutenant Cenamderi (they did, in fact, provide these ranks).

Firstly, we wanted to learn a bit more about their background – it seemed this was no spontaneously formed guild, but one with roots and history going back long before Black Gold Online.

Formed in 2001, TAW is a fully organized Guild playing together in nearly three dozen games. Asking a little into the story, the high command had this to say:

The Art of Warfare is derived from The Art of War which is an ancient Chinese military treatise attributed to Sun Tzu. A large portion of our membership is either currently serving, or has served in service around the world’s military. We have quite a few members not associated with military at all, but still enjoy the comforts and structure of the organization itself.

▲ TAW players PvPing and rocking the Labor Day outfit

Joining the war-torn land of Montel, it seems fitting that TAW draws its name sake from early texts dated to the early warring period of pre-imperial China. We were curious to learn how a Guild with such a militaristic structure would administer itself.

The Art of Warfare features a semi-pseudo structure similar to that of the US military.  We have Officers and NCOs, as well as a distinct separation between our gaming unit, called Army, and Central Command.  Central Command sets policies and determines the direction our guild takes through a somewhat democratic process.

▲ The ladies... well, at least in-game... of TAW

Leadership is earned and not given within TAW as participation in events and in game growth is evaluated and offered up to each member; however, opportunities are given to membership to fill roles as needed.

Clearly this is working for TAW, as they proudly claim to have recently broke 2,700 members in their community. In Black Gold, they have 40 dedicated members on either faction, with this number growing. For those who try to join, it’s a structured process, with orientations and a vetting process.

Which brings up a very interesting fact about TAW: they are a cross-factional guild. With Black Gold Online’s fundamental concept of factional PvP, this raised some questions: how does one run a Guild split between two sides trying to kill each other? The answer is quite fascinating.

Our main rule is something we like to call, “If you’re red, you’re dead”.  This means if you are flagged red for PvP, you are fair game no matter what you are doing.  Occasionally, members will call for truces over Teamspeak, but for the most part we allow our separate factions the liberty of duking it out.

▲ That's no battlefield, that's the Guild parking lot!

We hold events throughout the week, and challenge both sides to matches.  In PvP, if you are on the opposite faction you are an enemy even though you might be in the same channel in teamspeak.  This promotes a little friendly banter between each other as well as great practice for your character.  Our dedicated PvP matchups will require both factions be separated in their own channel on teamspeak.

Aside from the general mayhem and fun of these events, the leaders of TAW also pointed out the importance of well-understood commands and discipline of players. When someone I charge tells them to stop fighting, they stop fighting.

▲ To the face! That's what a cross-faction Guild looks like

Clearly such a structured and well-ordered Guild would be made up of the most highly competitive players around. In fact, according to “Central Command”, this is far from the case.

The Art of Warfare, is many things. Due to our size, we don’t really fit one category. We are both casual and competitive; a band of friends and a well disciplined army.

We contain members from around the globe, many from different backgrounds, many who have a different idea of what they want from TAW.  Due to this, TAW has adapted and we can proudly say that we have a spot for just about any honest gamer that is interested -- notice we said honest. 

Going hand-in-hand with this focus on honesty is TAW’s own Code of Ethics. For those willing to abide by it, TAW has some unique things to offer, according to Draxton and his lieutenants.

As a guild, we tend to try and dabble in everything together. We run daily instances and PvP with each others, and we even have scheduled events for planned things like headhunter, Alignment Wars, and Energy Well wars.

▲ Playing Adventures, Battlefields, and many more

We also like to spice things up with homemade events like “Hide and Go Smash”, and a recent event, still in the works, called “Fortress Battle”.  Some of these events take elements from things like hide ‘n’ go seek where it is still objective-based, but it allows our members to sit back and have fun with it.

The Art of War, with both their Isenhorst and Erlandir guilds, is certainly an interesting rising power in Montel. While they would not outright say whether they had any beefs with other Guilds, the leaders of TAW said they’ve got no time for cheaters       and bad sports, and they’ve got plans to get active in the Energy Well system. As the land of Montel broils with fresh conflict, TAW is primed to play a major part.

Do you have a Guild you think deserves recognition? Contact our community team at to become the next Montel Power!


Mardi 9 septembre 2014  
Shifting Battle Lines - Energy Wells

As the next great conflict begins, players can enjoy an updated Energy Well system, with new features to ensure exciting and challenging play. Build a massive guild, or unite in a federation of small ones. Win through courage, strategy, or even intrigue. The struggle for control of the land is waiting.

Campaign Fatigue

As the battle for Montel’s precious Black Gold reserves drags on, the valiant troops of either faction can become exhausted from the constant fighting. Be ready to face uphill battles with the new battle feature: Campaign Fatigue.

Each weekend during the Alignment War window, each individual player must choose which battle to join in first. If they leave, or the battle ends, they have the option to join in the battles for other contested wells that are still ongoing. With the new Campaign Fatigue system, players from the faction carrying the advantage will experience a special Debuff. For whichever faction controls the larger number of Energy Wells at the time of the battle, their players will experience increasing Debuffs as they join more and more battles.

▲ Battle to capture powerful Black Gold reservoirs for your Faction and Guild

To illustrate with an example: if Erlandir controls 6 of the 9 Energy Wells, then Erlandir has the advantage. All players from Erlandir who participate in their first battle of this period will experience no debuff at all. If they subsequently join in another battle, they will experience a 50% debuff on max health, damage and healing ability. Exhausted from the fight, joining in a third battle will raise this debuff to a 90% reduction of these stats.

This debuff only applies to the Energy Well battles themselves – players who leave the battle will regain their original traits. Also, the debuff doesn’t apply to Battle Carriers. It’s also important to note that should the advantage change hands, this system is reset: if a faction with the majority of wells should lose that dominance, the debuff would go away for the next battle. The system also resets each week.

With this new system, players must coordinate with their compatriots, and keep in mind what territory they control, and what types of debuffs they may face with each weekly Alignment War.

Energy Well Refresh

To even further fan the flames of conflict, the Energy Well system has also received a new monthly “Refresh” function.

In order to ensure competitive PvP and exciting, action-packed game play, the Energy Well system will now be reset every month at midnight on the first of the month. All control is temporary, and both Factions and Guilds must fight to regain and maintain control with each refresh.

▲ With the Energy Well Refresh, every month is a new opportunity

The Energy Well Refresh sets the map back to its basic settings. Each faction controls 4 energy wells, specifically the ones on their half of the map. All of the Energy Wells are empty of Guild Control, and open to be captured. In the middle of the map, the Doomsday Base stands totally vacant.

In the days and weeks after the Refresh, the two factions must duke it out for control of the map, as the Guilds of either faction snatch up the empty Energy Wells and battle for control.

New Challenges on the Battlefield

For an increased level of intensity and action during Energy Well battles, we’ve made two important updates.

Firstly, the Battle Carrier’s Protection System has been removed, which means players will no longer lose their Battle Carrier’s if they are destroyed. With a freer use of Battle Carriers, Energy Well battles stand to be more exciting and fast-paced as armies make tactical and strategy decisions to turn the tides of the battle.

The second update alters the dynamic for assaulting an Energy Well in Guild Wars. Attacking armies have the ultimate goal of destroying the defender’s Energy Pillar nestled in their base. Previously, this could be achieved by any means necessary. With the new system, they must follow a more challenging tactical path.

Aggressors must first attack the central pillar of the battle map. Only once this is destroyed will they be able to deal damage to the defensive gate to the enemy fortress. Once destroyed, players must storm the fortress and attack the pillar to claim victory.

The face of Montel is ever changing, as powerful forces lay claim to the shifting battle lines. Land, wealth and power are ripe for the taking. Capture yours and rule Montel in the updated Energy Well system from the Campaign of Ashes.


Mardi 9 septembre 2014  
Server Maintenance 9.9

From 2:00 – 4:00 am this Tuesday, September 9th, the BGO game servers will be down for some rudimentary maintenance. The servers will go back up at about 4am, and players will be able to download the patch directly, or simply allow their BGO Game Client to update itself.

This patch features a few small changes to our newly added Shopping Mall.

    1. Items sold at the Shopping Mall will be bound.
    2. All items at shipping mall will have a 12% discount from September 9th to the 14th

The new Shopping Mall feature allows players to get special items on the go, without having to visit certain NPCs. These valuable items can be bought with Black Gold, Vouchers, Coupons, Gold Dust and even regular Gold. Each item has its own price and contents, so check out the Shopping Mall to learn more!


Jeudi 4 septembre 2014  
Campaign of Ashes Inferno Pack!

The Campaign of Ashes has officially launched, and for those of you looking to kick start your next Montel conquest, check out our special media partners and their awesome gift code giveaways!

Our select partners will be giving away codes to our exclusive Inferno Pack, filled with all kinds of goodies to gear up, buckle down, and join the fight!

Visit any of our media partners listed below, and follow their instructions for a chance at an Inferno pack gift code!

These packs won't be available forever, the event period will last from Sept 3rd - Oct 3rd. Get your's now, and stay up-to-date with all the fun events and community activity we will be running as we kick of the Campaign of Ashes!


Mardi 2 septembre 2014  
Campaign of Ashes Unleashed!

The land of Montel faces new challenges as the war for Black Gold intensifies with the all new content drop, the Campaign of Ashes. The posturing is completed, the preparations made. The new front is ready to blow.

The team at Black Gold Online is very proud to announce that after our next round of maintenance from   2am - 6am this morning, September 3rd, the next chapter in the evolving war for Black Gold will begin!! The Campaign of Ashes takes off, with exciting new frontiers, new terrors, and new opportunities for steam-powered and magically enhanced violence!

The Battle Heats Up

The Campaign of Ashes features no shortage of awesome new content to fuel the simmering tensions between the factions of steam and magic in their bid for dominance.

The road has not yet reached its end. Players can continue to grow and customize their characters with all new systems as we raise the max level to 45. To accompany this new max level, we’ve got new equipment, including a whole new tier of upgradable gear, T3 equipment. Build the hero you want with upgrades and enhancements, and strengthen your favorite abilities with the all new customizable “Skill Surge” system.

Challenge your fellow warriors to exciting and fast-paced PvP with the all new cross-server PvP matching system. Fight for glory in teams in new PvP maps and game modes, including the special Death Hills battle carrier map. On the topic of carriers, the entire Battle Carrier system has been improved, and two new carriers join the arsenal. Capture your share of Montel with the updated Energy Well system, with added features to ensure competitive and challenging mass battles.

The new BGO Game Client has been vastly improved, with major optimizations for better performance. Thanks to the continued efforts of our awesome Open Beta testers, the game continues to hash out bugs, with a huge leap in balancing and polishing coming with the update.

Download the Update

The Campaign of Ashes can be downloaded either by direct download, or by firing up the BGO Client and allowing it to update itself. The direct download can be found below. Learn more about the direct download here.

Note: Be sure to install the patches in order!

New to BGO? Register for an account, download the client, and join the fun!

Click here to register for your BGO account

Client Download can be found here

Find out more about all the exciting new features coming in the Campaign of Ashes by visiting our Official Page. The next conflict is about to ignite, are you ready?


Dimanche 31 août 2014  
The New Front Lines

As the last preparations are made to launch great grand new campaign in the war for Black Gold, take a moment to study the battle field as we offer a sneak peek at the new PvP coming to Black Gold Online! The front lines are waiting, will you survive?

The Fiercer the Fight, the Bloodier the Fang

Discover the all new Blood Fang Citadel

The hotly contested fight for Blood Fang Citadel gets a new battle map with the upcoming Campaign of Ashes. The new terrain and base dispositions takes the key elements of the original Blood Fang Citadel – team work and coordination, mounted combat, capturing bases – and adds some new twists.

BFC will continue to affect a player’s Military Rank, and on the battlefield players will still be able to utilize communal Battle Carriers or summon their own. Starting on opposite ends of the map, the players will fight for control of bases tied to spawn points and Carrier depots. Battle through narrow valleys and atop sharp rocky cliffs to capture the powerful central energy node. With the challenging geography, the new Blood Fang Citadel offers heroes the chance to face their enemy in high-energy and strategic combat.

Death Rolls in from the Hills

In addition to the Blood Fang Citadel, the military commanders of Montel will be able to face off with an all new Battlefield: the Death Hills. This special instanced battle map stands apart from the other Battlefields, as players will be able to use their Battle Carriers as they struggle to control key strategic points.

Attack the Energy Pillar (top right) to acquire a special Supply Cart (bottom)

The Death Hills offers a unique new team-based PvP game mode. In the Death Hills, two teams face off as they attempt to attack a centrally located Energy Pillar. Their goal is this: deal 50% of the Energy Pillar’s overall damage, and in doing so summon a Supply Cart. This special cart must then be defended, as it makes its way from the pillar back to the team’s own base.

Besides the pillar, the map also has a number of special bases that players can capture. Control of these bases offers defense boosts to your own cart, and debuffs for the enemy’s. Players must work as a team to capture and control these bases, attack the pillar, and defend their cart back to their base. With each successful cart returned, a team receives 1 point. Get 3, and claim victory.

Sharpening theTools of War

To accompany these exciting new features to Black Gold Online’s mounted PvP, the Campaign of Ashes will also features some exciting changes to the Battle Carrier system, including two brand new carriers!

Each faction will see the appearance of a new Raid class of Battle Carrier. For Isenhorst, heroes of steam can grapple enemies with unique chain abilities and hacksaw melee attacks piloting the Reaper. For the sorcerers of the Erlandir, hunters can bring down their prey with ease astride the Fog Devourer.

In addition to the two new carriers, all Battle Carriers will have a new Tier VIII level, with new stats, abilities, and skin designs. Besides this, the Battle Carrier system’s previous fuel restrictions feature has been removed, meaning players can utilize their Carriers without having to constantly refuel.

The Campaign of Ashes takes off this Wednesday Sept 3rd. Learn about all the cool new features at our special Campaign of Ashes page. Keep up with the latest news and community events by following us on Twitter and Facebook, and joining the conversation on our Forums with your fellow BGO fans.


Dimanche 31 août 2014  
Server Maintenance

In response to some minor bugs, we will commence special maintenance on the BGO servers from 07:30 to 08:30 CDT, August 31st. This maintenance will last 1 hour, and the server will go back online after the maintenance, at which time players will be able to update their game client, either by direct download or by opening the client and allowing it to automatically update itself.

Patch Notes

    1. In-game Voucher purchase Black Gold Channel removed
    2. Sands of Time manual save feature suspended
    3. Players can still purchase Black Gold via Skrill

These changes come in response to recent occurrences of credit card fraud. This type of fraud threatens the stability of Black Gold Online’s monetization, and we hold a zero tolerance policy regarding fraud.Any evidence of fraud or fraud related activity will be grounds for freezing accounts permanently.In order to help ensure a better Montel for all our loyal fans, we ask that refrain from purchasing Black Gold or other in-game items through unofficial channels, and not to interact with in-game sellers and spammers.

Players are highly encouraged to report any illegal or suspicious activity to our in-game GMs and on our official Forums.As the Open Beta continues, we encourage fans to continue to report bugs and problems, as well as offer suggestions about improving the game. Bugs reports should be directed whenever possible to our in-game GMs, and can also be posted on our Official Forum.


Vendredi 29 août 2014  
Update Patch Available

For those of you who don’t want to wait, the manual download for the upcoming Campaign of Ashes update is now available! You can visit our download page to get the individual downloads here.

The update is broken into two files:

Patch 1.028-1.029

Patch 1.029-1.030

Players can download these two files before the update, so that they will be ready to go when the update goes live at 6am Central Daylight Time on September 3rd!

NOTE: Be sure that you do NOT attempt to install the game before the update, as you will NOT be able to enter the game as a result. The Update Maintenance will take place from 3am-6am on Sept 3rd.

Manual downloaders can install the patches – first the 1.028-1.029, then the 1.029-1.030 – at their leisure by simply running the .exe file of the patch.


Jeudi 28 août 2014  
New Campaign Launches 9.3!

The team at Black Gold Online is excited to announce the early release of the first major content drop to our BGO Open Beta: the Campaign of Ashes. The exciting new update will hit audiences ahead of schedule, with the Campaign of Ashes beginning on next Wednesday, September 3rd.

Surprise Attack

The Campaign of Ashes opens up new fronts in the ongoing battle for Black Gold. As fans burned themselves up with excitement, the commanders of Isenhorst and Erlandir could wait no longer to launch their preemptive strikes: the next great battle has begun.

The Campaign of Ashes is the latest update to Black Gold Online, featuring exciting new content as well as an overall more polished and refined version of the game. In response to fan feedback, the BGO developers have been hard at work smoothing out rough edges from the OBT, as well as preparing some exciting features including more maps, new Battle Carriers, updated game modes, and adjustment to the in-game economy.

Find out more about the Campaign of Ashes here!

With the Campaign of Ashes ready, it seemed an act of unconscionable cruelty to deny players the chance to start their next great adventure. With that, the campaign will launch early, this September 3rd. It will come in the form of a basic update, which fans can access simply by opening their BGO Clients, or directly downloading from our webpage if they prefer.

The new content will be available for download at 6am Central Daylight Time on Wednesday the 3rd.

Special Update Events

We’ll have more news about concurrent in-game events and special promotions going on as players prepare for the next great campaign.

Don’t miss out on our currently on-going Fan Costume Contest, as the BGO community chooses the next exciting design to enter the game! Place your vote to see a fan creation enter the game closely following the update!

Find out more about Black Gold Online and the Campaign of Ashes on our official Facebook, Twitter, and on our game Forums.


Lundi 25 août 2014  
Campaign of Ashes Date Announced

The fierce fight boils over into new fronts with the first major update to Black Gold Online, the “Campaign of Ashes” coming on Wednesday, September 10th. This major content drop will feature no shortage of exciting new opportunities for players take on powerful enemies, enter fast-paced PvP, and grow their character into a Knight of Montel.

Derelict mechs smolder in shallow craters. A wounded warrior cries out in pain, as the forces of steam and sorcery gather their dead. The conflict for Black Gold rages, as the Kingdom of Isenhorst and the Erlandir Union struggle for control of Montel and the precious resource it holds. War spreads to new battlefields, as advanced weaponry and powerful troops hit the front. The powder keg of Montel is primed to blow, waiting to spark the Campaign of Ashes.

Some new features coming in the Campaign of Ashes:

    An all new world map, the Ashen Copse, with new Quests, new World Bosses, and high level open world PvP!
    Customized character growth with increased max level, more equipment and a new “Skill Surge” system
    New content across the board: Battlefields, Battle Carriers, Instances, Adventures, Chambers of Greed - you name it, we've added to it
    Reworked interface, with integrated queuing and cross-server PvP system
    Updated Energy Wells system for competitive world domination
    Optimized client for smoother and faster game play

More details about the next great conflict to take grip of Montel will be revealed as we get closer to September 10th. Find out the latest news, updates, and exciting promotional events for the Campaign of Ashes on the Black Gold Online Facebook, Twitter, and our official Forums.


Lundi 25 août 2014  
Labor Day Update!

The Black Gold Online servers will be down for regular maintenance to make some minor changes from 2am to 4am CDT this Wednesday, August 27th. The servers will go back online after the maintenance, at which time players will be able to update their game client, either by direct download or by opening the client and allowing it to automatically update itself.

Patch Notes

    1. Glitch with Name Change Card has been resolved
    2. Two new items added to the Gold Dust Clerk merchant
    3. Reworked “Coupon” system implemented
    4. “Labor Day” costume created, along with related changes

Moving on Up

We’ve added two new items to the Gold Dust Clerk that are sure to spark the entrepreneurial spirit in Montel. The first item, the Superior Treasure Blue Crystal, increases treasure points gained by 50% for one hour. This special crystal is a must-have for the budding Time Vial speculators, looking to turn their hard earned time in to gear, Black Gold, and Gems, or sell it on the Auction House for Coupons.

The second item is an updated Mount Prize Pack. This pack will grant two random prizes, ranging from Gems to Medals to Template Boxes, with a small chance for the very lucky to receive a rare flying mount or mount fragment!

These two items are no ordinary products, however, as now they are available for purchase through Coupons! Don’t have a ton of money to spend? Spark your entrepreneurial spirit and start selling your hard-earned Time Vials on the Auction House to earn Coupons. Get your hands on awesome stuff to grow your character, all from the fruit of your own labor!

    Superior Treasure Blue Crystal: 500 Coupons
    Mount Prize Pack: 300 Coupons

Labor Day Outfits

Speaking of earning your way through hard work, Labor Day weekend is coming up. It’s a day to honor the hard working men and women of Montel, and to show our appreciation we’ve created a great new in-game fashion item: the Black Gold Miner! Take a day off from slaving away in the Black Gold quarry, and look good doing it!

Event Details

To get the special Labor Day Outfit, players will need to collect 10 special costume fragments. These fragments can be acquired through Login and Online bonuses.

    Login: Log into your BGO account, and you’ll be rewarded a fragment! Limited one per day.
    Online: Play through the adventures in Montel for 4 hrs of online time, and you’ll get a fragment!

In addition to the outfit, players who don the Black Gold Miner garb will get a special achievement with a unique in-game title. Players can show their support for all the hard working people with the special title “I can do it!”

As a special community event to go along with the new outfits, fans who share pictures of their new special costume on Labor Day (that’s Monday, September 1st, for our international fans) on Facebook or Twitter will be eligible to win a reward of 700 Coupons as a special Labor Day vacation bonus! Send us proof of your post along with your account name and server to to claim your prize!


Vendredi 22 août 2014  
Server Update - Montel Tremors

The game servers have been experiencing some unexpected instability. We are in the process of contacting our network provider. Please wait patiently while we resolve this issue, and thanks for your understanding.

To make it up to all our loyal fans who have been affected by this tragedy, we have begun a new event to say thanks for your continued support and to apologize for the problems.

    Event Name: Montel Tremors
    Event Period: August 23

Event Description

Instability shakes the land of Montel, as the world itself crumbles with fuzziness. People appear and disappear at random. One’s senses are dulled, leading to slow reaction time. Some unlucky spontaneously lose consciousness!

We’re sorry to say, the network for our servers has run into some troubles. As a way to make it up to everyone, we’ve added this new special login event. Log in to BGO to receive a special gift.

Event Prize

    3 xGem Synthesizing Failure Proof Spells

This special scroll contains an incantation that can ensure that when synthesizing gems, if the process is a failure, a player will not lose the old gems.

    1 x Rapid Growth Chests

Intrepid adventurers can take advantage of this special box, filled with all kinds of goodies to accelerate growth. Fragments of different template boxes, Energy Crystals, Silver Medals and more are inside, get started on the road to victory now!

We on the BGO Team would like to sincerely apologize for the problems, and we appreciate all your support.


Vendredi 22 août 2014  
Community - Montel Powers - KoS

There are the mighty, and then there are the very mighty, and then there is KoS. You hate them, you love them, you hate to love them, and in all likelihood they are either your best friend or the scary boogy-man hiding around the corner. We talked with the supreme leader of this massive steam-powered collective, Gogo, to learn more about the guild KoS, also known as the Knights of Shadow.

The name caught our attention, as it appears differently between the game – officially they’re “KoS” - and elsewhere among their membership – ie the Knights of Shadow. Here’s what Gogo had to say on that:

We started out over 12 years ago with many names before I settled on KoS. Initially we were "Mages of Soma", then "Shadow Clan" then "Clan Nitro" and eventually I decided on KoS because we were a very aggressive PvP clan. I didn’t want it to mean the obvious “Kill on Site”, so we decided to go with Knights of Shadow because many of us were big into rogue classes.

Another day in the lives of the KoS

A 12 year dynasty of gaming is impressive, and clearly this crew goes back further than the BGO alpha and beta testing. Gogo enlightens us with a brief history lesson.

Knights of Shadow is a multi-gaming clan with a few thousand members coming and going over the years. As we move from game to game we meet a lot of fun new people, invite them to our TeamSpeak server and become good friends. We started Black Gold online with a solid core of long time KoS players and recruited in game to build up our presence here.

KoS boasts significant in-game numbers. How can one possibly manage this leviathan? It would seem through the same method as countless great powers: Imperial Authority.

I would describe KoS as a dictatorship with many trusted advisors. If I feel that I have a solid grasp on the decision that needs to be made I will make that decision myself, if not I will ask the opinion of my officers most of who I have been gaming with many years.

Unity, Might, and Numbers are what fuel the KoS expansion

As any great power ruled centrally, KoS is a major player in the geopolitics of Montel. The shifting alliances and growing territorial expansion of KoS have placed it centrally in the changing face of the Black Gold Online landscape.

We have made several allies, but most of them turn out not so happy with the amount of wells we’ve come to hold, so alliances were broken and our allies turned against us. Even with this opposition, we’ve been holding our own Energy Wells, and are working on growing.

The budding Empire of Shadow

For the Energy Wells, it really boils down to might score and numbers online during the battles. We are at the top of the server for both, bringing a lot of players to the field so we can take a well in a matter of minutes if things go well for us.

Our strategy is to go for the jugular. We tend to skip objectives like the center pillar and fortress doors; in fact, we don’t use our carriers for most of the fight. We usually create at least one raid style group and drop in on the opposing team’s base pillar, going behind enemy lines to get a quick victory. It helps a lot to have this high might score shock troops, we can take out defenders and destroy the pillar before the enemy can organize an effective defense.

No shortage of Mighty Accomplishments for the KoS

Mildly reminiscent of Europe in 1939, KoS is a technologically advanced, centrally run force with aspirations for domination of the continent. When asked their future plans, Gogo said:

Keep pushing for that magical 28000 gear score for our main raid team while we try to finish the Throat of the Sky instance. Get our guild to level 7 (halfway there). Get more of our guild on teamspeak and get to know them.

Defeating powerful bosses at Throat of the Sky

Since the time of our interview, KoS has indeed finished the challenging Throat of the Sky instance. It seems no obstacle is too great for this ever grow monolith of the Ellescadian server. It begs the question: will any stand up to them?

Do you have a guild you think is worth noting? We’d love to hear about it! Contact our community team at, and your guild may be selected as the next in our ongoing piece on the Black Gold Online guilds, the Montel Powers.


Mercredi 20 août 2014  
Update - Fiery Frontier - The Ashen Copse

The next great battle in Montel is brewing as the heroes of steam and magic bristle for action. To help cool the lids of our hot-blooded fans, the BGO team is pleased to offer a sneak peak at some of the exciting new end-level content soon to come with the all new level cap, an unexplored landscape full of opportunities, and customized skill progression system.

The Ashen Copse

Stifling heat drenches armored warriors in thick beads of sweat. The earth simmers beneath leather boots as they march towards glory, struggle, and death. Break into this brave new frontier, in the all new high level world map, the Ashen Copse.

Take your heroes "Extra Rare"

This new world map sits hidden along the south eastern rim of the Ellescadia Mountains. Plagued by broiling volcanic activity, desolation pervades as trees are burned to a crisp, streams disappear in a puff of steam, and even the sky at times carries an ominous amber tint.

Explore the new environment to discover hidden wonders

A Step Beyond Your Limits

This new map accompanies an increase in the max level from 40 to 45. To accommodate this change, there will be new higher level activities, as well as new levels of gear and higher tiers for your upgradable sets (check out the story on New Gear here).

The ultimate game of "Floor is Lava"

Players will be able to reach the Ashen Copse as part of the update quest-line to accompany these new levels. Players at level 40 will have the opportunity to start a new higher level Plot quest series, offering a chance at new higher level gear, player progression, and the ability to visit and explore the new map.

Battle it out in intense open world PvP

Once in the Ashen Copse, this is no walk in the park, unless your parks typically have molten rock and cut throat enemies. Players from both factions will be lead to the same region for their new level 40+ quests and activities, creating an intense new PvP zone full of high level NPCs and powerful world bosses as players battle it out for access to quests, Instances, and loot on this fiery inlet.

Feel the Surge of Power

Along with the increased level cap, players that reach level 40 will also be able to tap into a new skill customization system: Skill Surge. Champions must cultivate their internal Potential in order to develop these advanced levels of skills.

Unleash your potential, unlock new powers

Players will acquire a certain Potential value for accomplishing certain tasks, such as completing adventures, winning Military Battlefields, clearing Instances, etc. This value can then be redeemed to upgrade certain skills beyond their previous max, with customization options for development trees. Increase your critical hit, or add a special stunning effect. Expand your range, or reduce your cool-down. Make your choice, and unleash the new surge of power at your hands!

Stay posted for the latest news on the fast-approaching update, including content reveals, peeks at art asset eye candy, and the highly anticipated release date announcement!


Dimanche 17 août 2014  
Mid-Summer Mount Pack Sale!

Escape the summer heat in a world where the sun is always shining, the breeze is always cool, and aside from the spiraling war and devastation, things can be downright peaceful. Montel is waiting, and we’ve got a special offer to show our thanks for the support of fans like you!

For our Mid Summer Bonus deal, we’ve reinstated a new and improved Mount Prize Pack, and for a limited time only you can get it for a measly 264 Vouchers! Starting immediately, the new prize pack is a steal, but you’d better act fast as this offer will only last from August 18th to the 20th.

Changes to the Mount Prize Pack

For the new Mount Prize Pack, we’ve made some adjustments to the rewards and the random award system. We’ve added back in the Fine Box, which entitles players to an assortment of Fine Templates. In addition, we’ve added a number of other exciting prizes, and made appropriate adjustments to the quantities of each prize to fit their value. With the new pack prizes, fans can win awesome loot with a little luck, without upsetting the in-game balance.

Basic Prizes

With each prize pack, fans will get two random items from a pool of great items. Each item has the same chance of being chosen, and you can even get the same item twice! Keep in mind, some items will be bound, and can't be traded.

Mount Prizes

With all the awesome rewards you’ll get randomly, it’s easy to forget the really lucky part of the Mount Prize Pack: the Mounts! If you’re touched with a bit of fate, you could receive a rare flying mount, or some mount fragments which can be combined for a mount.

Lady luck may smile on you with one of these rare mounts

Get Fragments of these 4 mounts. All 10 fragments can be used to get the mount!


Vendredi 15 août 2014  
Ask the Devs - Season 2 Episode 6

The developers of Black Gold Online have been busy at work, thanks to fan feedback from the BGO community. They took the time from their busy schedule to answer some questions posed to us by you, the fans, on our official Forum, in this episode of Ask the Devs.

With the challenging bosses we find in end-game, I wanted to ask about the Aggro system. How exactly does the threat system work for mobs in Instances, world bosses, etc.?

For Black Gold Online, the aggro system was designed to be fairly straight-forward. Here is the basis of how it works.

When a player or team enters a fight – that is, get close enough to the enemy to initiate the aggression of the mob – they start the aggro calculation, what we call that mob’s “Hatred List.” A mob will attack whichever player is at the top of that list. Each enemy has their own list, so different mobs will target different players.

Essentially, this “Hatred” is generated by two main things: the base Hatred level of an ability, and damage or healing from the abilities.

So if my character attacks an enemy, my base aggro gets added to all the enemies in the area, and my damage dealt is added to that of the one I’m attacking. This applies to heals also – if I heal my ally, it will raise my aggro for the nearby enemies.

When it comes to that base Hatred that all your abilities have, they vary depending on class. So a Tank has a relatively high level for all their abilities, DPS is in the middle, and Healers are the lowest.

In addition, most Tanks have special abilities that raise the level of their aggro for a period of time, ensuring they top that list and keep the attention of enemies and Bosses.

There is something important to keep in mind: although Healers have the lowest base aggro for their abilities, the aggro they draw is also based on their healing, so AoE healing or continuous heals can temporarily spike their aggro, bumping them up the list and putting them in danger. Keep that in mind on your next raid.

There have been some bugs in the game, like the counter for the Blood Fang Citadel showing the wrong numbers, problems with certain skills, etc. What is being done to address these problems?

Refining and polishing the game is a constant process we’re always working on. A lot of problems we encountered during the first month of the Open Beta test have already been resolved. For example, the Rage bug is no longer a problem. Others, like the Blood Fang Citadel, are set to be fixed in our first big update, coming in the early fall.

Generally, we respond to bug reports from fans. Smaller bugs we deal with in regular small updates, while some require larger changes. Those big changes, like balancing and optimization, or set to come out in the update.

We’ve heard some information about the Energy Wells receiving some changes. We’d like to know more. What effect will changes have on the current way the system operates?

For the Energy Wells, we’ve got some cool changes coming in the near and long term. In the near term we’re looking at making some adjustments to shift the dynamic a bit, in particular creating more opportunities for small guilds or teams of guilds to compete against large ones. We want it to be fair, so everyone can enjoy some exciting PvP. For example, we’re looking to develop a Debuff during EW battles for guilds that control multiple wells. We’re also working out new systems for declaring war, to give everyone a chance to join the fight.

Longer term, we’ve got some cool stuff. For one, we’re looking to change the rewards system for both Energy Well battles and also the daily control rewards. In particular, we’re going to give more rewards for individuals, and fewer for Guild, in particular the Guild Leader. This is just an adjustment, but we expect it to help flow more rewards and opportunities to players. We’re also adding more Energy Wells in the future, including special aquatic wells to be fought by air and sea, coming later this year.

We’ve noticed that factions seem to be a bit unbalanced. What is being done to deal with that?

This really is a tough problem to handle, as the game puts a big focus on choice. Players choose their own faction, based on the classes and races they like, the style, where their friends/guild play, etc. We don’t plan to make any requirements on players, like forcing them to pick the less populated faction.

We expect that some of the changes we’re planning to make to the Energy Well system will help balance the competitiveness of the game between Guilds as well as Factions. In addition, the changes we’re making to the system for acquiring Black Gold – opening up more sources for free players – will help solve some of the problems that are influencing the current Faction balance.

In the longer term, we also have new races, new classes, and new battle carriers on the horizon, all of which will offer a lot of fun opportunities for both factions.

There have been some teasers about new content coming, though not much in the way of concrete details. What more can you tell us about the future updates?

Sorry guys, we can’t set any dates for you right now, but just know we’re working on a lot of exciting new content. A lot of our projects are going to be seen in-game soon, with more coming later in the year and beyond.

As a general direction for the game, we are looking to get a lot more customization and variety, which is saying something considering how many different classes and battle carriers we’ve got. We’ll be adding in new battle types (SPOILER ALERT: imagine battles at sea), open up new areas of the map, and add in a lot of new end-game features.

The aim is: more high level PvE to gear up your character, and more high-level PvP for competitive fun. This also means a lot of balancing, in particular between classes as we add new ones. We’re also working to fix and adjust some of the systems, to improve the balance between free players and players who pay money.


Jeudi 14 août 2014  
Halls of Glory - YukkImura

For our latest episode of our ongoing piece, the Halls of Glory, we take a closer look at one of the top ranked players in server Lokemea: the Dwarven Skycaller known as YukkImura. Going by “Yukki” with his fellow Montel warriors, we were curious where a Skycaller gets an interesting name like that.

I’ve been playing under the name Yukkimura for the past 7 years. I wanted to come up with a name that meant “Cold hearted” or “Gentle but deadly.” At the time I was really into Japanese culture and history, and I came upon the name Yukimura Sanada, which I really liked. For aesthetic reasons, I changed it to Yukkimura. Yuki means “Snow”, which captured the coldness I wanted for the name.

The icy significance of Yukki is not lost on this player, as he choses an appropriate character in the Skycaller, a ranged mage full of freezing crowd controls and elemental spells for chilly destruction. Yukki shared a bit with us on the choices that went into his character.

Choosing a gender and race was simple: I always go with female characters when the game gives me a choice to. Don’t get me wrong, it's not like I enjoy Cosplaying as a female or anything like that; it’s just that female characters in multitude of games are simply more aesthetically appealing and have a bigger variety of awesome looking costumes and armor sets.

As far as race goes... Well... I didn't have much choice here as it was either Yutonian for Erlandir or Dwarf on Isenhorst,although both of them had passives and actives that satisfied me. Didn’t much like the Kosh, and I wanted to try out Isenhorst so I went with a Dwarf.

With some formidable ranged magic abilities, Yukki gave us the low down on how he chose to gear up his Skycaller to face any challenge that might come his way.


As a Skycaller I'm trying to keep a perfect balance between Critical Hits(Power, rate and +dmg), constitution and spell power. This allows me to dish out a fair amount of damage while at the same time being able to survive for long enough to support my team by locking down a healer or two, or take somebody down.It’s good for PvP, and roles well for DPS-support in Instances

Some players like to make preset skill bars, but I prefer to keep one basic one that I can adapt as needed as the situation merits. Perfect example would be if I end up in a fight, either 1v1 or in a group, against a Geomancer, I’ll try to switch out Glacial Protection with Twister, which allows me to remove a buff for a period, making it easier to combat the Geo’s self-heals and protections.

Generally, I keep my basic skill bar something like this: I keep the basic attack along with "Concetrated Blast." After that, I have Wind Spear, Wind Shield, Therapeutic Cleaning, Glacial Protection, and Water Dungeon. It allows me to respond to just about anything, like getting ganked by an Assassin or having an unexpected Shadow Hunt.

And how does a Skycaller like Yukki like to shoot the breeze? He shares a few of his favorite activities, as well as some stories from his time in Montel.

While in Montel I usually start my day by doing daily Theodia-hard runs for gear, dailies from Energy Wells to grab well reputation, and spending the rest of my day PvPing,whether rocking the Shadow Hunt Adventure, duking it out in Balanced Arena, random Open World skirmishes or running around in slaughter mode killing equally/higher geared members of the guilds we're opposing.

PvP is the life-blood of this game, and I have been in multiple PvP situations that were memorable to me, from finding myself outnumbered and somehow managing to come out on top, or having my heart nearly popping out when I survived a stiff bout in the Balanced Arena with 1 health left at the end. Although the one I would like to share with you today is a bit less thrilling, but it's definitely something I will never forget.

This one time, I received a call for help from a level 28 guildie who was being PKed by some level 40 players from our own faction. I show up to help and found the culprit, but instead of fighting it out with me the guy started gunning it for the nearest hill. This was all happening in Giants Fjord, with all those hills and cliffs. This whole time he was just a tiny bit beyond my maximum range, so I couldn’t quite get him. When we reached the hill he made a jump, and this is when I finally got to dash in range and catch him mid-air with my Water Dungeon, which traps the target.

Now unable to escape, I then proceeded to slaughter him, eventually killing him and sending him to exile island.That’s what happens when you mess with my friends.

For a player with such a hardcore focus on PvP, we wanted to know Yukki’s views on Battle Carriers. Yukki is no stranger to the action-packed battlefields of BGO.

I am currently rocking an Exterminator Type A with plans on upgrading it to Magnetrax in the near future.It's a very versatile carrier which can do anything from taking down enemy personnel up close to harassing aerial units with great efficiency.

When it comes to my favorite carrier of all, though, I would have to say the Conqueror of Darkness,although it is not due to its ability in combat or even the looks. No; it is simply due to the title it gives you, who wouldn’t want to sport “Conqueror of Darkness” as a title over their name? All I know is that I am definitely getting that title some day!

YukkImura is a team players, as well as a skilled loner in the Montel Arena. For his excellence in Skycalling, Yukki has earned his place of honor among the Halls of Glory.

Think you've got a special character? We'd love to hear about it! Send a message to our community team at for a chance to become the featured character in our community piece, the Halls of Glory!


Mercredi 13 août 2014  
Update - New Gear Revealed!

For those heroes of steam and sorcery who enjoy defeating powerful foes, collecting rare items, and decking themselves out in the finest gear Montel has to offer, we’ve got some very exciting news. In this week’s special update sneak peek, we reveal the latest and rarest gear to hit BGO, with new levels and tiers of equipment coming in our major update set to hit in the coming months.

Ancient Artifacts and Revolutionary Tech

With the coming update, players will see an all new Tier 2.5 gear set: the Dawn Equipment Set. More powerful than the end-game Tier 2 sets already available, the Dawn Set will have powerful stats, with available sockets for imbedding gems for player customization. The Dawn Set can only be acquired by defeating high-level bosses or as loot drops in difficult Instances.

The Dawn Set is as stylish as it is powerful

Fight the forces of darkness to bring forth the new Dawn

In addition to the new Tier 2.5 Dawn Set, players can also look forward to a new upgradable level of gear: the unstoppable Tier 3 line of gear. This new batch of equipment is as powerful as it is challenging to acquire. Players will have to combine their existing Tier 2.0 gear with the Tier 2.5 Dawn Set, along with a number of rare materials. For those with the courage, the commitment, and the tenacity to achieve this, incredible power is just within reach.

Concepts for the upcoming T3 Gear!

Orange is the new Purple

To usher in the new era of warfare in the great battle for Black Gold, the most rugged archeologists and committed inventors of Montel have brought forth an all new level of gear: legendary Orange equipment. Starting with the new update, players will be able to acquire certain unique pieces of powerful Orange gear by collecting and combining rare and difficult to find resources.

As the next conflict boils over, players will be able to get legendary Trinkets, with gem slots and specialized stats for customized character growth. In addition, the update will include legendary level Capes, because who can imagine marching into battle without a cape flowing in the wind?

Most Our Lives in a Farmer’s Paradise

To accompany the new gear and opportunities for crafting, we’ve made some subtle but long-reaching adjustments to resource farming. Players will have more opportunities to collect resources from defeating enemies, and the output of important materials from Instances, Battlefields, Arenas, etc. have all been adjusted to improve player experience.

Rise to the challenge, build your arsenal

We’ll be having more news and updates about the upcoming additions to the BGO, stay posted on the latest details by following Black Gold Online on Twitter, Facebook, and visiting our official game Forums.


Lundi 11 août 2014  
Events - Changes are coming to BGO

The team at Black Gold Online would likely to sincerely thank all our players for their support over the past month. In particular, we appreciate those of you who have helped support the game.

We will commence a couple of permanent in-game events to boost our players gear. With time goes by we will change these in-game event’s reward adapting to our gamers need for development.

Keep posted on the lastest in-game and community events happening in the land of Montel here, by following us on Facebook and Twitter, and by visiting our official Forum.


Jeudi 7 août 2014  
Montel Powers - Doomsday

There are many forces at play in the war torn land of Montel. There are those who fight for honor, others for riches, some even for a brighter tomorrow. There are others, however, who work towards a darker aim – to bring about destruction and utter annihilation of their foes. The leader of just such a group speaks volumes with his name. In this week’s Montel Powers, we talk with Chaos about the guild Doomsday: a band of hardcore PvPers with an undying hatred for the kingdom of steam.

Hailing from the server Lokemea, Doomsday is one of the powerful guilds fighting for the fantasy Erlandir Union. Don’t let the steam powered matching outfits fool you – these are no friends to the mechanized Kingdom of Isenhorst. These enchanted warriors do not take the incursions across the Ellescadia lightly, and make ruthless PvP a way of life. We asked a few questions of Chaos to get an idea about Doomsday.

First, we wanted to know: Where did the name Doomsday come from? Should we be concerned about the motivations of the guild?

Ha, no need to be worried. We just thought it was a cool name. We were deciding on a name for the guild, with ideas like Apocalypse and Doomsday floating around. Doomsday has some significance in the game, so we went with that.

"Doomsday" – not the guild, in this case – is a significant part of the BGO world. As players set out on their adventures in Montel, one of the many antagonists they will face are the pervading secret society of the Doomsday Cult. A church of end of day fanatics, the Doomsday Cult works towards summoning dark terrors from the ethereal plain to Montel.

Perhaps more importantly, the Doomsday Base is the most powerful and hotly contested Energy Well in Montel, producing a veritable fortune of Black Gold for those who control. This raised our curiosity: Might we see a day where Doomsday controlled the Doomsday Base?

At the time of our query, Doomsday is no slouch when it comes to Energy Wells. Controlling two – the Land of Beasts and the Sovereign Islet – Doomsday has already taken to the Montel geopolitical stage.

On the ground at Doomsday's Sovereign Islet Energy Well

We planned on taking the Land of Beasts from Legaio, and we’ve accomplished that. Now we’re just trying to grow our numbers so we can destroy Legends and conquer the whole of Montel.

The Doomsday foothold on the road to conquest

Ambition gives rise to great actions. We’re interested to see how these dreams of Doomsday domination pan out.

When they’re not plotting world conquest, we wondered how the players of Doomsday spend their time in Black Gold Online.
We’re a competitive guild, really an army of underdogs with the goal to overtake Isenhorst. We mostly PvP, but we do PvE as well to get our Might Scores up just so we can PK members of Legends.

We organize raids to attack across the mountains in Isenhorst, and we do a lot and A LOT of PvP battlefields, Citadels, etc., just to prove that we Erlandirs are superior to Isenhorst haha.

Bravado aside, we discovered Doomsday to be an inclusive bunch, with a structure of loose leadership and teamwork. Chaos tells how the group grows and teams up to become a force on the continent.

For the most part, our members have been actively recruited. I was already known quite a bit in Erlandir as ‘Chaos’ and just used my in-game persuasion, haha. I also owe a lot of thanks to my best mate Darko.

Generally we share ideas. I mostly lead in wars and raids etc., but officers and seconds run parties a lot. When I’m not around, Darko - my second - organizes things such as instances and PvP.

For Erlandir diplomacy, we wanted to know how the warriors of Doomsday got on with their compatriots.

We’re allied with Divine, who is currently strongest erlandir guild, because I ‘grew up’ there; it was my first guild and I was one of its founders before I left and made Doomsday. We fought Legaio for a bit, and we're always out to take down Legends Generally, we’re looking to grow, get more PvPers to take down Isenhorst.

Doomsday has big plans for the future of Montel, with growth and conquest on the horizon. Time can only tell when the doom will fall.

The cream of the Doomsday crop, gathered as one

Are you a Montel Power? Do you control a Guild worthy of recognition? Let us know! Reach out to our team at We’ll be covering more of the guilds of both servers and factions in our new piece: The Montel Powers.


Jeudi 7 août 2014  
Emergency Maintence

We will commence emergency maintenance at 4:00 CDT, this maintenance will last 10 minutes.

We recently added a new item to Black Gold Online: The Mount Prize Pack. This item has encountered a bug which we are working to fix.

We are running an immediate update to deal with the bug, which will lead to some changes in the Mount Prize pack. We've removed the Fine Box from the possible rewards temporarily. That means players will have an even greater chance at the other rewards.

We've also reduced the quantity of possible Copper and Silver medals players will receive if that is their prize.

We're sorry for the inconvenience. We'll be running some new events soon to compensate for the problems from the bug.


Lundi 4 août 2014  
Fan Costume Creation Contest!

The BGO Team is extremely excited to announce the beginning of our latest community event. Starting today, we will be taking submissions from the BGO fan community for new designs to add to the wardrobes of Montel as in-game fashion items!

Fans can create their own designs for fashion items and submit them to our community team. We’ll put the top submissions up to a vote – that means you, the BGO community, will get to choose what new costume is selected!


Submission Period

The window for submissions is open, so what are you waiting for?!

We’ll be taking fan submissions from August 5th until August 25th. Fans can submit their designs to our community team by email at Submissions that meet the contest requirements will receive a special participation reward. You can get a prize just for submitting an idea!

Participants will receive 6 Montel Blessing Stones, and a special Mount Gift Pack. This special event pack will give the holder randomly selected prizes, including mount fragments, and even mounts for the very lucky!

    Event Period: 8.5 – 8.25

Voting Period

After we’ve received the ideas and designs from you the fans, we’ll collect the submissions that meet the event requirements, and open a select few up for voting! Fans will be able to vote for their favorites, and invite their friends to vote for the same. The voting period will last from the 25th to the 31th. The top submissions with the most votes in the end will win!

The top two candidates will have their designs added into the game! In addition to seeing their creation come to life in Black Gold Online, the winners will receive a handsome first place and second place prize of Black Gold!

Those who make it to the voting stage will also receive a congratulatory prize of Black Gold and 10 very special Apparel Prize Packs. These packs offer a random award, with some lucky individuals getting awesome fashion items!

    Event Period: 8.25-8.31


Rules for Submission

We’re looking for some interesting new designs for the game. They should be unique, creative, exciting, and most of all – do-able. To help us make this happen, here are a few simple rules for the submissions.

    1. Designs can be Steam punk, Fantasy, a mix of the two, or even your own unique idea
    2. Submissions should be a design of a whole body costume – no designing just hats, just pants, etc.
    3. Submissions should roughly follow the provided template

      a) For convenience, we’ve provided blank templates of our basic Male and Female character shapes. They include both a front and a back, in both 3D and empty 2D templates. Fans can use either template, or none, for their drawing.
      b) Submissions do not necessarily need to use these exact templates, but should include a front and back for both male and female characters, for a total of 4 pictures. Additional angles are acceptable, but these 4 drawings are the minimum required.

    4. Submissions should be appropriate to BGO’s Teen ESRB rating

      a)  No nudity, inappropriate language written on submission, etc.

    5. Designs can be hand sketched or done using computer drawing software

      a)  Squiggly lines and doodles do not meet the requirement.

    6.Submissions need to be original – no direct copying other sources

And that’s it! For submissions that meet these simple requirements, you’ll get yourself a handy reward of 6 Montel Blessing Stones and, and of course the chance at riches, fame, and your vision to be added to world of Montel!

Don’t think you can draw? Find an artistic friend! Try your hand at Photoshop! Or just pick up a pencil, you may surprise yourself!

Find the BGO Fashion Design Template here!

As a note, by submitting artwork to Snail for this competition, you are handing over to Snail Games the legal rights to use, distribute, and profit from said creation. Fans who submit waive their rights to claim compensation for the artwork.

Don't miss out on this chance to be a part of BGO history! Get your submissions in to


Dimanche 3 août 2014  
Interview with MMOsite at China Joy!

At this year’s China Joy, a huge convention of virtual and digital entertainment companies and enthusiasts, Snail Games showed off Black Gold Online with some cool peeks at the new content to come. During the convention, we talked with MMOsite to talk a bit more about Black Gold Online. Check it out!

MMOsite is glad to have this chance to make an interview with the developer of the Chinese martial art MMORPG Age of Wushu and Steampunk fantasy MMORPG Black Gold – Snail Games at ChinaJoy 2014. Now let’s get started:

Snail’s brand new steampunk fantasy MMORPG Black Gold has just stepped into Open Beta, and it has received lots of attention from players in MMOsite, so would you like to give a brief introduction of Black Gold?

Black Gold Online is an action role playing game, in which players step into a raging conflict between technology and magic. Players enter the fray by joining either the steam technology Kingdom of Isenhorst, or siding with the naturalist sorcerers of the Erlandir Union. As an MMO, players are posed with a variety of challenges, forcing them to team-up to take down powerful bosses and discover valuable treasure, as well as go head-to-head with the opposing faction.

There are lots of free to play titles in the gaming market right now, what makes Black Gold different, or what lets gamers choose it? What core gameplay can our players enjoy in the game and will there be other innovative gameplays in this game?

Black Gold Online brings a number of new and exciting ideas to the MMO genre. Perhaps at the most basic level, Black Gold Online stands out as an action game. The fighting system in BGO mixes a number of different elements, from AoE to targeted attacks, melee, casting dynamics that make for a fast-paced brawl. Aiming and dodging, attacking on the move, and managing health, cool-downs and the like as you dart around the battle make both PvP and PvE high-energy to say the least.

Another really special thing about Black Gold Online is the unique style and background of the game. The world is torn between the forces of technology and the forces of magic. This division and conflict is evident on a graphic as well as game play level. The game features really stunning visual environments and designs, totally unique on either side of the world. These two start to mix and blend together as players enter contested parts of the world along the border. The clash of civilizations, on a graphic level and in terms of game play makes the game really special and enjoyable.

One last thing to add, something we’re very proud of that sets Black Gold Online apart: the Battle Carriers. BGO has added an exciting innovation to MMOs with mounted combat. In addition to a player’s own skills and abilities, they can also develop their own person Battle Carrier, with its own health, abilities, etc. These combat mounts make for exciting and explosive battles, with open world skirmishes, 25v25 mounted battles, and large scale Guild based conflicts mixing infantry with these Battle Carriers. It adds a whole new dynamic to the game, and is a lot of fun.

World view is a one of the main features in Black Gold, so what the entire world view of this game is like?

Black Gold Online takes place in a fantasy continent known as Montel. The land is split down the middle by a mountain range, with many unique environments to either side. In the west, the land is rough, full of deserts and rugged wilderness, giving rise to the technology innovations of the steam faction. The east, on the other hand, is full of lush forests and natural plenty, where people lived in harmony with nature and discovered secret powers of elemental magic.

The world is totally open for player exploration. The game boasts over a dozen square miles of in-game environment, with more maps in development for the future. Players can set out to see these awesome landscapes, discover hidden secrets, and complete quests to level up their character.

Snail Games is from China, and Age of Wshu is set in the traditional Chinese martial art era, however, Black Gold online is a Steampunk & Fantasy MMO, how do you set the plot of the game story and its classes?

We developed the story behind Black Gold Online drawing on a number of inspirations. Essentially, the major driving force of the game is between these two factions – the steam tech Isenhorst and magic fantasy Erlandir – as they struggle for control of this precious resource called Black Gold. The stuff is the source of either side’s power: Isenhorst utilizes Black Gold for fuel, while Erlandir unleashes its hidden power through spells. The two are opposed as to how to use the resource, and therein lies the conflict.

Besides the opposing faction, who plays a major antagonist role in the games Plot quests, there are a number of other smaller groups also a part of the conflict. Players encounter a number of such sub-factions, including heretical cults, rogue scientists, rebel armies, and then some. As players play through the story of the game, unique to each race, they get the chance to learn more about the world and the general conflict.

For the Open Beta, there are 12 playable classes available. Each one has their own unique story, drawing on the background lore of Black Gold Online. On the Steampunk side, we see armored knights, gun-wielding soldiers, and dark spiritual magic, harnessing spirits and summoning the undead. On the Fantasy side, we see animal lovers, elemental mages, and magically enhanced warriors. As an added bonus, players have the opportunity to play as certain cross-over classes, fighting for their own faction with the tools and skills of the enemy.

Black Gold was launched in China before its English version came into open beta; are there any differences between the two versions? Will our players get to the new updates soon?

The Chinese version of Black Gold Online is a few updates ahead of the US market version, though the two follow the same basic development schedule. There are a number of planned updates coming in the near future, with new content already seen in China making its way to the US market.

Actually we can’t wait to see more new things in Black Gold, how long will the Open Beta for Black Gold last? And will the game be officially released this year?

Black Gold Online is going to move into full release later this year, with the date as of yet TBD. The OBT is set to flow seamlessly into the release, with the new content coming in a major free game update. There won’t be a character wipe, so fans who are already in the game can continue their existing characters, and new players can start from the beginning on their own adventure. We’ll be releasing more info on the when and what of that update as we get further along.

If you’d like to check out the full article with details about Snail’s other games, visit MMOsite for more!

Keep up to date about the latest news and updates for Black Gold Online on our official Facebook and Twitter, and by joining the conversation on our Forum!


Jeudi 31 juillet 2014  
Community - Halls of Glory - Kathgar

In the struggle for Montel, some stand tall, while others stand…well… less tall. But don’t let this fool you, some incredible things come in small packages. Chivalry and heroism have no height requirement, as the noble warriors of the Lokemean dwarves have proven. In this week’s player spotlight, we take a look at one such hero: the Dwarven Punisher, Kathgar.

Hailing from the server Ellescadia and fighting for the steam Kingdom of Isenhorst, we took the time to get to know Kathgar in this episode of The Halls of Glory.

With four playable races and twelve classes, each holding their own claim to fame and unique advantages, we were curious how Kathgar had made the difficult choice of picking his character.

“I’m a Punisher. I'm very pragmatic when it comes to race, and the Dwarf’s Race-Skill is the best deal for a Tank. A real Tank needs to be strong.”

Indeed a tank does need to be strong. The Dwarves boast two damage reduction racial traits: the active “Courageous”, which when used protects by reducing damage for a period of time, and the passive “Undaunted”, which reduces physical damage and offers possible buffs when attacked.

Creating an effective tank requires a player to know themselves, know the challenges they face, and know the character. Here’s what Kathgar had to say on developing his Punisher:

As you can see I'm maxing Constitution, some Bosses in Throat of the Sky hit you for 40.000 damage a piece, so you can never get enough of that.
As second attribute I recommend Strength since it boosts your Armor to reduce incoming physical damage; nevertheless keep, in mind that you don’t want to stack it to over 40%, since after that you hit a soft cap which lowers the Strength to Armor ratio. So when you reach that 40% Armor, invest into physical damage, that will help you hold aggro against Montel’s diligent damage dealers.

As one of the main tanks of Black Gold Online, the Punisher is in many ways less adept at drawing aggro. However, Katghar finds a way to not only beef up his rough and tumble dwarf for drawing the ire of enemies, but also increasing sustainability for the fight.

If you’re wondering what Kathgar’s playing style is, it seems only too obvious: get in, punch hard, and beat the enemy.

So what type of Battle Carrier will this tank-playing steam warrior pilot? Well, unsurprisingly, a tank:

I chose to go for the Bastion Breaker, in my opinion the most important Carrier in Guild and Alignment Wars. They seem pretty easy and boring to be played, but actually they require a really good eye and sense of timing, as well as coordination with the rest of your team. And who could say no to the title "All-conquering" and +3000HP?

The Bastion Breaker is truly a necessity for the bitter embattlements surrounding Energy Wells. Although slow moving, it packs a wallop with heavy attacks dealing high damage, with huge bonus against the defensive structures like walls, turrets, and even the defensive Bosses in some battles.

However, it can be a challenge, with relatively long cool-downs and reloads. In addition, without the protection of fellow players, Siege carriers like the Bastion Breaker are easy pickings to more nimble enemies piloting Assault carriers.

Kathgar claims to be a regular at these showdowns, being a key siege engineer as his guild KoS rolls across the map. This is made all the more impressive by the considerable time challenges he must face, playing Black Gold Online from Europe.

The European Time Zone has its negative parts: the Guild Wars and Alignment War starts at 03:00am for me, our daily Raids at 00:30am. Last week my Guild and I managed to take down the first Boss in Throat of the Sky as a Server First, it was 04:30am until he was finally in the dirt, lots of coffee was consumed.

All the same, Kathgar makes the best of it, using his own time zone to farm resources in relative peace as the American gaming community sleeps.

Kathgar’s commitment is indeed noteworthy, and he had this much to say about Black Gold Online:

I've played lots of MMOs, but never came across one like BGO. The whole mechanic of the game is perfectly designed for strong communities. The Energy Wells and the fights for them create a great sense of unity in the Guilds.
And now, after even more than a month I still come across things I didn’t hear before, and especially routine things like the daily farming is exciting cause there are lots of possibilities for Open World PvP, you always have to stay focused. Even your own Faction might attack you, just to get that Treasure Chest you were about to loot.

Kathgar shows just how fans can enjoy Black Gold Online, regardless of time zone. He wanted to add that the guild KoS will be starting a new Raid Group especially for EU players, so people are encouraged to contact Kathgar for that.

Do you have an awesome character worthy of the pining admiration of your BGO peers? Send us a message at, and we’ll consider you for our ongoing community piece, the Halls of Glory.


Jeudi 31 juillet 2014  
New Top-up Rewards!

The team at Black Gold Online would likely to sincerely thank all our players for their support over the past month. In particular, we appreciate those of you who have helped support the game with your precious funding. As a way to say thanks, we are launching a new series of special rewards for topping up your account!

Moving forward, players who top-up their accounts a certain ammount will receive a special prize. These rewards offer an over 10% bonus in cash value to the purchase of vouchers. This ia a new permanent offer for all top-ups. The new reward system will begin with Montel Blessing Stones, and as time goes by will adapt to meet the needs of our players!

Note: the rewards apply to one-time purchases of Vouchers only. Multiple purchases are not tallied together for the rewards. Larger lump-sum top-ups will lead to higher rewards.

On behalf of the BGO team, we’d just like to say – Thanks!

Players can Top-up their accounts with in-game Vouchers using real-world at our Snail Member Center.

For more news on special promotions, rewards and upcoming new content, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and check out our official Forum for more.


Mardi 29 juillet 2014  
First Peek at Major Update!

As Black Gold Online enters its second month of Open Beta Testing, the team is happy to reveal a small peek at what’s to come for the game in the coming months. Players can look forward to some exciting new features, including new maps, higher level cap, and overall optimization of the game.

"I want the update patch notes NOW!"

Black Gold Online went into Open Beta Testing on June 20th, and for over a month fans have been able to explore the unique world of steam punk and magic. Players can already enjoy the major game features, with 12 playable classes from 4 of Montel's races. Much of the world is already available for free exploration and open PvP, as well as awesome organized PvP battles and team-based PvE. In this next update, all the major features will see cool new content, and the game will undergo an optimization overhaul.

New Battlefields, Military Battlefields, world maps and more to come!

Changes to come

Level cap raised to 45, with new quests and activities to match

New tier of skill upgrades as players power up their characters

Expanded arsenal of gear, with new T3 equipment type

Cross-server PvP function for Arenas and Battlefields

New world maps, Instances, dungeons, and battlefields to be added!

Balancing and major optimization improvements to be implemented

The update will be available as an automatic free download. Players with up-to-date game clients will be able to open the client and connect to the servers to automatically receive the newest content. The update will also be available for direct download.

All kinds of exciting new Instances, Adventures, and Chambers of Greed await

More news about the specific changes and update timetable will be released soon, with the update pegged for early fall. Fans can keep up with the latest news and info about Black Gold Online here at the official site, on the BGO Facebook and Twitter, and at the offifical Forum.


Mardi 29 juillet 2014  
Community - Montel Powers

In the troubled lands of Montel, power rests in the hands of those bold enough to take it – those who band together to survive, to thrive, and to conquer. As champions of good or forces of evil, these groups call themselves “Guilds.” We call them: The Montel Powers.

There are those who rule with the rigid hand of tyranny. And then there are those stalwarts of casualness, those scions of relaxed, fun game play like the focus of this week’s Guild spotlight – Ironfist.

Hailing from the steam kingdom of Isenhorst on server Ellescadia, we took the time to get to know the heroes and heroines of Ironfist. We had so many questions: Where did they get that name? Did they have a horrible foundry accident? Had they considered surgical treatment? They obliged, with this to say:

The name comes from a dwarven tribe from "Lord of the Rings". I’m a big LotR fan so it fit nicely. We are fun, laid back and casual. We would love to be competitive, but we want to maintain that strong bond. We are a group of friends who love to do PvE runs, but are wanting to get more into PvP.

The fraternity of fun and sisterhood of steam bring this band together in a tight nit group, organizing exciting raids on Chambers of Greed and Instances as they search out the most fearsome monsters of Montel to show them where they like to put that iron fist of theirs. When they’re not taking on Instances, the collegial members of Ironfist team up for dailies, and generally just joke around in chat.

With a name like Ironfist, surely they are run by a rabid dictator with a severe god complex, sucking in helpless new noobs fresh off the Zinsen Island boat to feed his own ambitions. Actually:

The guild was started by me and my wife along with my younger brother. All decisions are made by me and my wife. We ask our officers for any input; we want our guild to be unified and knowledgeable about what goes on. Currently we are 40 people. We actively recruit in alignment chat. We use the in-game application system to make it easier for people to apply to our guild.

With that level of transparency and openness, it’s no wonder the adventurers sporting Ironfist banners are such a close bunch.

DeathShowers and the bravest from Ironfist

As the shifting landscape of Montel turns friend to foe and foe to begrudging accomplice, we wondered what type of alliances and enemies Ironfist had formed.

We have three allies, who are also small guilds: Beehive, Eminence and TouchMyPvPness. We do not have any enemies and will try to keep it that way. We try to help each other’s guilds out by using each other’s strengths to get decent raids/parties for dungeons and bosses. With other, non-allied guilds, we are polite, friendly and helpful just as if they were our own guild family.

Truly a peace-minded crew, building bridges with the community. As their ambitions grow, we’ll see how long that can last. We posed the never-ending question that challenges us all: what of the future? Here’s what Ironfist leader Deathshowers had to say:

We hope that our future will be bright and bountiful! As a guild, I believe we’d love to work to rule over some parts of Montel and conquer Energy Wells. I hope we grow in size and can work together to be a strong force.

As in all things, only time will tell. For those interested in learning more about the Guild, Ironfist, they have a guild site at

Are you a Montel Power? Do you control a Guild worthy of recognition? Let us know! Reach out to our team at We’ll be covering more of the guilds of both servers and factions in our new piece: The Montel Powers.


Jeudi 24 juillet 2014  
Community - Halls of Glory

As many reach to their limits to touch at greatness, some may be fortunate to achieve it, while others may get a quick slap in the face. The first entrant in our new series, The Halls of Glory, comes to us from the server Lokemea on the side of naturalist wonder. He’s a broad-sword wielding child of the frost, a jack of all trades, and a tested warrior: ToDaFace.

We wanted to begin by getting to the bottom of his identity. “What’s in a name?” some say. Well – a lot! So we asked, how did he come up with his name?

I usually use NimbleComet for pretty much all my games. But for this one I switched classes and wanted something new, and thought of a name appropriate for my class, ToDaFace.

And ToDaFace truly did choose a name appropriate to his class. In the storied history of Montel, the heavily armored and lethally equipped Blademasters of Erlandir were renowned for their courage and tenacity, facing their enemies with strength and grit. It was this power that drew ToDaFace to the Blademaster. He notes, “…I chose this class because it’s the first time I’ve seen a tank able to use 2 handed weapons which is awesome. My race is Yutonian male, I wanted a tankier race and the self heal which helps out a lot in all areas.”

Heroes in the land of Montel have certain choices to make in the gear, upgrades, and skills they choose. Situations call for specialties, and all players want to be prepared for what may come. Here’s what ToDaFace had to say about his own approach to arming himself for battle.

My build for my Blademaster is a hybrid tank/DPS class. I try to max out my strength for more DPS/armor, and I stack Constitution also to allow me to tank endgame instances and PvP as well.

For builds, I have two DPS skill bars and one tank skill bar. The skills for DPS are pure burst, using Pyrrhic Blade to chain with my Searing Chop and Focused Strikes, along with gap closers like Clear the Breach and Cunning Charge.

For tanking I use area of effect taunts like Mass Netrayal and Last Stand, with defensive skills like Spirit Shield or Focus of Mind.

ToDaFace shows the versatility of a Blademaster for different roles. Whether it’s chaining abilities for high attack, or beefing up defense and drawing the ire of powerful bosses, ToDaFace can rise to the challenge.

We wondered what a hero like ToDaFace would do to occupy themselves. The short answer: Everything! From PvE Instances and World Bosses to PvP encounters and the fight for Montel’s Energy Wells, ToDaFace does it all. No stranger to team play, ToDaFace works hard at administrative tasks and recruitment for his guild, Divine.

He shared some of his favorite such moments with us:

My favorite moment so far was teaming up with Doomsday to take down Deadbolt for a server first kill.


Another was 1v1ing some Legends (another guild) members at a world boss. Always fun seeing how you fair against other well geared players

How does a hero of magic get around town? Why on the back of a giant multi-legged frost monster, of course! ToDaFace commented, "I mainly use the Frost Queen, soon to be Queen of Searing Cold. The title and how the mount looks is mainly why I like it the best."

ToDaFace is no mere warrior – he is also a teacher. To all the budding adventurers of Montel out there, he had this to say:

Refine your time vials for gems! You kinda need them. Get your set gear at 40 and work on upgrading it. If you’re on Lokemea and choose correctly to be on Erlandir join Divine.

If you’ve got an awesome character you're proud of and you'd like to show it off, reach out to our community team at We'll be interviewing players from all servers, factions, and play styles, and honoring them in the Halls of Glory.


Mercredi 23 juillet 2014  
Events - Latest OBT Events

The exciting world of greed and honor, war and adventure, and the insatiable lust for Black Gold awaits for those brave enough to seize the day! Black Gold Online has a new line-up of fun events for players to enjoy as they hack, slash, shoot, burn, enchant, and generally eviscerate their enemies on the road to glory!

Event 1 - Arise, Brave Warriors

    All Server
    Event Period - 7.23 – 8.8

      All warriors join the fight as green boys and girls, but in time all must stand as warriors. During the event period, players who reach level 20 will get a special reward in treasure, gems, and Black Gold Energy! These rewards are Bound, they’re just for you!


Event 2 - Blood and Sweat

    All Server
    Event Period - 7.23 – 8.8

      Words are wisps of smoke, and commitment is proven through action. Take to the lands of Montel, and don’t leave until you’ve paid the price in time and blood. Players above level 20 who stay online during the event period will get these special bonuses. Stay on for 2, 3, even 4 hours to win special prizes.


Note: Open a Crystal Vessel to get a Normal Box Fragment! Combining 10 of these fragments will get you a Normal Box, containing within it 1 Normal Prototype.

Event 3 - Summer Wardrobe Shopping

    All Server
    Event Period - All Summer

      Look cool in the summer heat with these awesome new Fashion items! We’ve added two fashion items for purchase at the Gold Dust Clerk. These outfits are permanent – that means no time limit on looking amazing! Prove your holiness garbed as one of The Chosen, or take to your patrols in the Red Coat Guard outfit!

We’ll continue to release new fashion items as BGO moves forward. Keep posted on the forums and Facebook to learn about exciting community design and fan submission opportunities coming soon!

Event 4 - A Small Price to Pay

    All Server
    Event Period - 7.23 – 8.8

      Need a little bump for your account? Top-up your account with $3 of Vouchers and win a special bonus: 50 pieces of Crystal Energy to upgrade your energy shield and increase your power!.


      For a $3 Top up, you get 50 pieces of Crystal Energy! Applies only to Vouchers. After purchase, please wait patiently as we deliver your reward. The Crystal Energy can be acquired by clicking the "Fast Receive" button in-game.

Keep posted on the lastest in-game and community events happening in the land of Montel here, by following us on Facebook and Twitter, and by visiting our official Forum.


Mardi 22 juillet 2014  
7.24 Server Maintenance

The Black Gold Online servers will be down for routine maintenance and a game update on Thursday, July 24th from 1am to 3am, Central Daylight Time. This maintenance should last for 2 hours, and the servers will be open afterwards with some important fixes and updates.

Patch Notes

    Resolved issue with Balanced Arena daily rewards.
    Fixed problem with Beastmaster skill – Fury Charge
    Fixed problem with Geomancer skill – Blessing of the Wind
    Fixed problem with Skycaller’s skill - Rejuvenation
    Fixed bug with Dilanda Valor Merchant, now merchant’s Carrier Blueprints will match players’ faction.
    Fixed VIP renew button problem, now can renew VIP status.
    Updated the description of “Blade X2” mount from Chambers of Greed book
    Fixed Hooligon’s Hideaway bug, now the boss, “Nagriff the Feared” will appear.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we make the appropriate updates and changes to improve Black Gold Online. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we’ll see everyone in the game!


Mercredi 16 juillet 2014  
Events - First Month of BGO!

The Black Gold Online Open Beta Test has officially completed its first month of operation, and we couldn’t be more excited about how things are going! To offer our sincerest thanks to our awesome community of fans, here are some special events we have to celebrate the BGO One Month-iversary!

Event 1: 40 is Only the Beginning

The end is just the beginning. As players hit Max Level and look to the future, we’ve got a special reward for their persistence and to see them on the road ahead. Players at level 40 can log in and get Activity points to receive Prototypes and Crystals! Don’t be a sad sap forever, log in and upgrade your gear while time lasts!

    All Servers
    Event Periord 7/19 – 7/27

Event 2: Master you Craft

As the Diligent Master promotion comes to a close, we’d like to reward those people who have and continue to pursue the fine arts of Montel. During the event period, players who reach a professional level of 2, 5, and 11 will receive a special bonus.

    All Servers
    Event Periord 7/19 – 7/20

Event 3 : Refuel Your Ride

The road is long and gas ain’t free. For our hard working players, we’ve got a special reward to help them refuel and upgrade their Battle Carriers! Build your fleet of unstoppable machines, and pack your stables with vicious magical beasts. Level up to get these special rewards and strengthen your Battle Carrier!

    All Servers
    Event Periord 7/19 – 7/20


      Reach a certain level to claim your prize. This is a one-time prize, so those who have already passed these levels are out of luck!

Event 4: All in One!


Just as a special event reminder, fans who top-up their accounts in certain quantities during the event period will get special prizes. Top-up your account in one big sum to receive higher rewards!

    All Servers
    Event Periord 7/10 – 8/10

Note: This event only applies to one-time purchase of in-game Vouchers. Purchase of Black Gold is not counted for the All in One top-up event.

Community Events

In addition to our in-game events, we have some special community events this week to reward our loyal fans for their help and commitment during the first month of testing. As we enter the last of our Frenzy Weekends, with double rewards for Energy Well battles, we’ve got some awesome Guild and Energy Well based events!

    All Servers
    Event Period 7.18 - 7.20 for all events

Underdog Weekend!

The land of Montel is full of the strong, we’re here to support the weak! During this weekend’s Energy Well battles, we’ve got some special events to help support the rag tag rabble, the less powerful, the little guy.

    Alignment War

    As the forces of steam battle the legions of magic, the naturalist forces have given ground time and again. For the sake of the trees, we must stand and fight!

    The current underdogs in both Ellescadia and Lokemea servers are the Erlandir Union. We’ve got a special event to help in the battle of Nature vs Technology.
    Players who join this week’s Alignment War for the side of Erlandir will have the chance to win a special prize. Take a screen shot, and send it to to prove your gallantry. These underdog champions of the environment will be rewarded with:


      20 Copper Badges
      5 Silver Badges
      500 Valor points

Guild War

We’d like to give support to the little man in the fight for Montel. As the weekend Guild Wars rage, here are some special rewards for the small guys. We’ve got two special events during the coming Guild Wars to help individual players as well as small Guilds.

    Unite to Fight

    Guild-less players and players from smaller guilds who join in the fight against the biggest and baddest in their faction will have the chance to win a reward! Team up to defend the weak, or rally your forces to attack the strong! Grab a screenshot to prove you were part of the fight and send it to, and we’ll send you a special Defiance Gift Pack, including:

      500 Guild Black Gold Stones
      Equipment Prototypes


    Force is a small Guild or coalition of small Guilds
    “Small” is measured in terms of fewer Guild members than the opposing Guild
    Player is a member of a small Guild or an independent, not a member of a large Guild.

Landless Guilds

For any Guilds currently without a home, here’s your chance! For currently landless Guilds who take or help take their first Energy Well, we’ll reward their victory with a special prize of Black Gold Stones! The reward will go to the new controlling Guild leader to help them in their struggle! The reward for seizing the day:

    1000 Black Gold Stones

Event 5: Guild Family Picture

We’ve all been playing together for a month, and it’s just so nice to get everyone together for a special photo. We’d like to reward tight-nit Black Gold Online Guilds with this special event.

For any Guild that can get at least 75% of their Guild together in the same place and time for a group photo will be rewarded with 1000 Black Gold Stones for their Guild!

Guild leaders can submit their group photos to

Guild Leaders Should Submit:

    Screenshot of group with everyone visible (or as near as possible)
    # Total Guild Members
    List of Guild Members present in photo

Restriction: This event will only qualify for Guilds with at least 15 members.

NOTE: As we roll out new and fun events for the BGO community, we rely on the support of fans like you! To redeem rewards, we need people to reach out with their proof of participation: we’re not omnipotent! If you’d like to participate, make sure to send the appropriate info to our community email at

Perhaps you have a cool idea for an event you’d like to see? Then send it in to use at our community email! We’ll review ideas from the community, and honor the inventive individuals who think up the ones we use!

The Black Gold Online Open Beta continues on, and we’ve got a lot of exciting community and game content coming out moving forward. Keep up to date on the latest from the BGO team


Lundi 14 juillet 2014  
7.16 Scheduled Maintenance

The Black Gold Online servers Ellescadia and Lokemea will both undergo maintenance on Wednesday, July 16th from 5PM-8PM, CDT. This maintenance should last for 3 hours, and server will be open afterwards.

Bug Fix

    I. 25VS25 and 10VS10 Battlefield bug fixed. Now if all players from one side quit, it will not close the Battlefield. The opposing side may still win the battle by meeting its winning requirements.
    II. Assassin and Gunslinger unlimited Rage fixed.

In addition, the Membership center will undergo maintenance at the same time on July 16th from 5PM-8PM, Pacific Daylight Time. Regular function will resume afterwards. We apologize for any inconvenience fans may encounter, and appreciate your patience.


Lundi 14 juillet 2014  
Devspeak - BGO Endgame

Black Gold Online has no shortage of awesome game features for players to enjoy, as they level their characters up and well beyond. The land of Montel opens up to those who are willing to set out and face the challenges before them.

In this week’s special Devspeak, we’re talking high level game play. Think the game is over when you reach 40? That’s only the beginning.

The Story Never Ends

To begin, it’s best to start at, well, the beginning. When players enter the war-torn land of Montel, many of the most interesting and exciting features of the game are restricted. With level or might score locks on a number on things like Adventures, Instances, etc., players must set out on their journey through the Plot quests, which introduce the game, the world, and all the challenges they are to face. But when the last Plot NPC says his peace and wishes you luck, what then?

Well here’s what then:

Dress to Impress

Reaching level 40 is hardly enough for a player to be formidable. Whether PvE or PvP is your style, as players progress through the game their aim will be to become as powerful as possible, building on their class and personal strengths. This can be measured by "Might Score."

Raise Might Score by:

    Finding rare and specialized gear
    Embedding gems to boost stats
    Upgrading and enhance equipment
    Advancing and charging Energy Shield
    Increasing Military Rank

The Terrors of the Deep

Think you’re up to the challenge of slaying the mightiest and most horrifying creatures of Montel? You may be pleased, or not, to find out.

In Black Gold Online, players can acquire high level gear, valuable Treasure Points, and Valor for taking on World Bosses and teaming up with friends to clear out dungeons in Instances.

Many Instances are Might Score locked, as well as level locked. Even at level 40, you may not make the cut. Instances can be run in either Easy or Difficult, with challenging bosses and appropriate awards.

Are you up to the challenge? Try out the Throat of the Sky in the Daggon Lowlands. Restricted for level 40 with a minimum Might score of 15400, the craggy alcoves hide treasures hidden by the once prosperous Mountain Rangers. But be warned, hidden in its depths lurk undead terrors, awakened by the Doomsday Cult and left to harbor sinister machinations.

The Open World likewise has no shortage of fun enemies to take on. Powerful world bosses stalk the land, and rare loot and prototypes await those who can bring them down. Band together to bring down horrors like the fiery Maguna, a lava demon marauding the hills of Theodia.

Check the “Activity” menu or search the land for these monsters. Even at level 40, it takes a teamwork, skill and persistence to defeat them.

Montel Champions

Black Gold Online has a variety of competitive and PvP features for players to enjoy. Throughout them all, players have the chance to win fame with the BGO Ranking List.

Let out a victorious Roar at the top of the rankings!

Competitive players vie for the top slots of the list in a number of different categories, ranging from PvP – Arena record, Honor points – to more general traits – Wealth, Might Score, Instance ranking. Those in the Top 3 slots of their category get to announce to the whole world how awesome they are.

Want to prove your prowess in PvP?

  • Join the Might Arena to face off other level 40 players
  • Participate in Battlefields for Honor and glory
  • March to victory in Military Battlefields and rise through the ranks!
  • Take the fight to the enemy! Explore the world and cross the mountains in PvP incursions

Battle for the Land

As Montel spirals out of control in a contest for resources, join with Guilds or build your own to capture invaluable Energy Wells. These special pieces of territory offer benefits for high level players, including exclusive Instances and merchants and special rewards.

For those looking for a brawl but will answer to no man, the Energy Well battles are open to anyone above Level 30. Enter instanced Energy Well battles with unique game play mixing mounted and unmounted PvP combat. With each battle, individual players are ranked for their heroic acts, such as bringing down enemy Battle Carriers or successfully assaulted bases. At the end of the battle, rewards are given based on rank. Earn your fortune with blood and steel in Energy Well battles.

My Kingdom for a Carrier

As players reach max level and rise through the ranks in the Military Battlefield, a wider variety and higher levels of Battle Carrier become available to them. Players can acquire schematics for new Battle Carriers through daily quests or at the Valor Quartermaster merchant. Build powerful mechs and train fearsome beasts from level I to level VII.

Learn and build new Battle Carriers for victory in the field

Days Not Yet Passed

As Black Gold Online moves forward through OBT and beyond, fans can look forward to updates with exciting new content. The game is on its way to completion, with new maps, gear, and much more pegged for the future.

In Black Gold Online, players create a unique hero and write their story as they enter the raging conflict over the fate of the land. Currently capped at 40, the max level is not the end, but truly just the beginning.

Keep up to date on the latest news about in-game events, game updates, and future content for Black Gold Online on Facebook, Twitter, and our official Forums.


Mercredi 9 juillet 2014  
Game Update and Patch Notes

The Black Gold Online servers will be down for some routine maintenance and game updates from 3am until 5am Central Time (UTC -5) on Thursday, July 10th. The servers will resume after 5am, and players will be able to receive the latest patch by direct download, or by opening the BGO Game Client which will automatically update.

Patch Notes

The latest update will fix several problems and update the latest in-game events.

    Made adjustments for crafting: level 9-12 Jeweler crafting stamina issue resolved
    Updated localized text to fix grammar errors
    Dungeon glitch: Bosses in “Hooligan’s Hideout” appearing in ceiling resolved
    Sands of Time manual save feature added: players can now manual save at will
    Added in-game Voucher and Black Gold purchase channels.

As the Open Beta continues, we encourage fans to continue to report bugs and problems, as well as offer suggestions about improving the game. Bugs reports should be directed whenever possible to our in-game GMs, and can also be posted on our official Forum.

Latest Events

With this update we’ve added some exciting new in-game events for this weekend.

    Event 1 - Online Gift Giveaway

      Event Period - 7/10/2014 -7/18/2014
      Servers - Ellescadia and Lokemea
      Description - The simplest way we know how to thank you for taking time to play BGO: giving stuff out! Depending on your level, players can expect awesome gift packs for staying online! Stay online for 2, 3 and 4 continuous hours to receive awesome prizes!

    Event 2 - Get Up, Get Active

      Event Period - 7/10/2014 -7/18/2014
      Servers - Ellescadia and Lokemea
      Description - Don’t just sit there, get active! Join in our special Activity event to get wonderful prizes. Explore the world, take on Outbreaks, explore Chambers of Greed, and much more. As you earn Activity points, you get closer to victory! Players at level 40 who complete 100 Activity Points will get a bonus prize for their efforts.

    Event 3 - Limited Edition Progression Gift Packs!

      Event Period - 7/10/2014 -7/13/2014
      Servers - Ellescadia and Lokemea
      Description - On the road to glory there are many challenges. Help your player progression with this special, limited edition gift pack! Only available during the event period, these gift packs are available at the Gold Dust Clerk. Get your hands on the special Energy Shield Upgrade Pack, the Level 40 Purple Equipment Pack, and the Level 40 Exquisite Equipment Pack while you still can!

    Event 4 - First Time Top-up Special!

      Event Period - 7/10/2014 -8/10/2014
      Servers - Ellescadia and Lokemea
      Description - For those of you who are thinking about topping up your account for the first time, here’s your chance! Players who purchase vouchers for the first time will get a special reward!

    Event 5 - All in One!

      Event Period - 7/10/2014 -8/10/2014
      Servers - Ellescadia and Lokemea
      Description - As a special treat to our fans who are planning to top-up their accounts, we’ve got some awesome rewards for making a single lump purchase!

By purchasing certain quantities of Vouchers, players will be able to win some special reward packs. The larger the top-up, the better the prize!

There will be further updates in the future for both routine maintenance and as we roll out further new content for Black Gold Online. Keep posted on the newest updates here, on Facebook and on our official Forums.


Lundi 7 juillet 2014  
Devspeak - Classes and Roles

“For BGO we aimed at creating a class system that could work to PvP, where the focus is on balance and personal skill, and also PvE where the key is in specialization and team work. For this, we created “Roles” that each class can fulfill in a team. It makes character creation and growth more complex than the typical Tank, DPS, and Healer archetypes.” - Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Online

Black Gold Online has hit the ground running and the Open Beta Testing phase is running on all cylinders. As fans explore the vast world of Montel and the different classes and equipment available in Black Gold Online, our Dev Team decided to sit down to tell us more about the different classes and abilities to choose from in this special Devspeak: Roles and Classes

Know the Role

With 12 classes currently available and more to come in the future, players have a lot of different options when it comes to abilities, equipment, and different character stats. When teaming up with other players to raid dungeons in an Instance, players using the Instance team-finder will choose a given Role to fulfill: a Tank, Support, or Healer.

“There’s a lot going on here with the classes: they’re all different. Just because we’re both tanks, my Punisher and your Blademaster won’t be the same – we’ll have different strengths and weaknesses. It’s about aggro, armor, crowd control…each Tank, each Support, and each Healer brings something different.”

Generally, each of the Roles is broadly based on what MMO fans have come to know and love in raids: a team-work built around 3 responsibilities:

Tanks are intended to receive damage and draw the attention of enemies. They’re best with strong armor, lots of health, and the ability to draw enemies – either through attacks or taunts
Support fill a combination of debuffing and dealing high DPS on enemies. Best with lots of crowd control abilities and high damage attacks, ranged or melee.
Healers replenish the HP of allies, providing buffs and wiping debuffs on allies. Ideally they would have fast regeneration on their Magic levels, to keep a continuous flow of healing to allies.

These Roles form the major foundation of the team-work required to bring down powerful enemies in order to acquire valuable loot. As players grow and acquire better gear, each classes different strengths and weakness lead to increasing versatility in filling Roles.

“Let’s just say I want to Tank for a team. What’s most important? Aggro is a big deal, to keep the enemies on me and off my allies. So is HP, and for that matter Armor – I don’t want to die. But which is most important? Is it better to have a high DPS melee who can chain attacks, or a heavily armored enemy magnet who can soak up damage? There are different builds for different play styles.”

Build your Character

Developing a character’s strengths and specialties boils down to a number of stats players acquire as they level up and acquire certain gear.

“There are different types of damage, between Physical and Magic. That means that there are also then stats specific to dealing and defending against each of those. Everyone wears armor, but each class has their own specific type, which each have different specialties. There are also things like Armor Piercing (ability to ignore armor), Elementalism (strengthen attacks with elemental effects) and more.”

The main basic stats for all players are:

    Constitution :  raises the level of a character's HP
    Strength :  increases the base level of Armor level, decreasing damage taken
    Agility :  increases Evasion, so players are less likely to be hit by an attack
    Intelligence : increases Spell power and also a player’s Magic Resistance
    Spirit : increases the rate at which a players Magic points for casting and health will recover

As players increase from one level to the next, they get a certain number of base stat points that will add on to these stats. These stats are distributed by an automatic semi-random system related to each class. For example, the Blademaster will receive most of its leveled-up base stats in Strength and Constitution, while a Thaumaturge would gain most of its new improvements in Intelligence and Spirit.

A character’s base stats and specific strengths (Magic/Physical Attack, Armor Pierce, etc) are greatly influenced by the equipment they acquire. Players can don different armor, special boosting jewelry, and particular weapons specific to each class.

The four types of armor are Cloth, Leather, Medium, and Heavy.

Cloth armor has the strongest against Magic defense and Spirit boosts, while Leather is a good balance of Magic defense, Armor and Intelligence. Medium armor is strong with added agility, while Heavy armor adds armor, strength and constitution.

Each class also has available specific weapons. These weapons can vary from daggers, single- or two-handed swords, magic staffs, guns, and more. Some classes are able to use off-hand weapons, while others are restricted to two-handed weapons.

Finding the best gear and skill combinations for a given class to play certain Roles, as increasingly rare gear (Blue or Purple vs simpler White or Green) have specific and unique components, and later level gear has the ability to socket special gems offering further unique abilities.

A Closer Look

    Blademaster – A tank’s Tank or a melee DPS?

    Available to : Kosh, Yutonian, Buvont
    Armor : Heavy
    Stat Specialty : Strength and Constitution
    Weapon : Two-handed Sword

The Blademaster has a number of special taunt abilities that make it excellent at tanking. For example, the ability Last Stand increases its aggro draw from enemies. Several of its stacking abilities, including Shield Spirit and Fire Spirit, are great for tanking, drawing attention while mitigating damage.

The Blademaster also has powerful attacks, which although strike relatively slowly, have a number of stuns and chaining effects. For example the Blademaster’s “Riptide Strike” deals heavy damage, while knocking down enemies, as well as stunning them when chained with other abilities such as Tsunami Strike. The high level “Clear the Breach” dishes continuous damage followed by a powerful strike, knocking enemies to the ground and buffing the BM’s own armor.

Whether as a main tank or a hybrid between melee and crowd control, the Blademaster can prove invaluable in a fight against enemies with powerful attacks that can be interrupted or their attention drawn.            

    Spectromancer: Death from Afar

    Available to : Buvont, Lokemean, Kosh
    Armor : Leather
    Stat Specialty : Intelligence and Spirit

As players look to increase the damage output for their Spectromancer, a number of considerations come in to play. The Spectromancer has many projectile (straight line AoE) and single-target (tracking) instant spells. Some of these can be charged up, such as the Dragon Lance, which once charged for 1.5 seconds can pass through multiple enemies and leave them with a continuous damage debuff.

Spectromancer also boasts a number of stacking opportunities. Dark Slice has a brief cool-down of 3 seconds, and can stack to add up to 50% extra damage. Sorcery Mark is an attack that marks the enemy for a number of stacking opportunities, such as the attack Tremor which when stacked will regenerate HP and Magic level.

As players grow their Spectromancer, they’ll have to make choices about boosts from equipment. The Spectromancer’s magic is a dark and sinister magic, unlike the elemental magic of the naturalist mages. As such, Elementalism is a weak trait when compared to stats like Critical Hit, Magic Attack and Spirit. Players will also have to choose between wielding a two-handed Magic Staff for more powerful attacks or mixing a Magic Scepter with Magic Vial to create a more sustained, continuous casting build.

Players will find a number of unique varieties of gear for the Spectromancer, whether they’re looking for powerful shock attacks or a continuous flow of damage towards the enemy.

    Geomancer – a Healing, Helping Hand

    Available Races : Kosh, Yutonian, Lokemean
    Armor : Cloth
    Stat Specialty : Intelligence and Spirit

The Geomancer is one of the currently available designated Healing classes. It features a number of powerful AoE healing skills like the Circle of Life, and single target healing/protection skills like Nature’s Protection.

The Geomancer is not limited to being a healer, however. It has a number of team buff and CC abilities that can blur the line between Healer and Support. The Geomancer can buff ally attacks with Call to Action, and temporarily turn them invisible with the ability Evanescence. The Geomancer can knock down enemies with its powerful Meteor Strike attack, and has the special ability summon temporary guardian spirits to aid the fight.

Being lightly armored, the Geomancer has to balance its healing abilities on itself as well as its allies. As players equip their Geomancer, they’ll have to choose between trying to increase HP for self-sustainability, or maxing MP recovery for quick and constant casting.

There are many classes ready to fill different Roles in Black Gold Online. Our Devs offered their two cents, and we’d like to hear from fans. Visit our forums to tell us more about your build, and help us grow the body of community knowledge on the official Black Gold Online Wiki.


Mardi 1 juillet 2014  
Special July 4th Events!

Independence Day weekend is just around the corner, and we at Snail Games wanted to get our fans in the patriotic spirit. No matter your country or creed, we’ve got some exciting events for everyone to enjoy. Special bonuses, cool activities, live streams, and so very much more this Fourth of July!

The Montel Monument

As a special treat for the holiday, we’ve constructed a special Montel Monument! A pillar standing in remembrance of our Montel forebears, this monument can be found in the capital cities of each major race.

We’ve also got a special limited edition Fireworks item available for the holiday! For those lucky enough to get it, the fireworks will fill the air with a stunning light show around the monument. If you’d like to get your hands on some, check our community events below.

Community Events

Black Gold Online Patriots

Want to be one of our special Fireworks exhibitors? Help us spread the word about Black Gold Online’s event while showing off your patriotism! Create an awesome Fourth of July themed screen shot, and tweet or post it to Facebook with our special weekend hashtag: #4thofJulyBGO

Send the link of your post to our community email for a chance to be chosen to receive fireworks. We’ll be picking a select number of players from each server to show off the fireworks at certain times of day during Independence Day!

Contact our BGO team at

Fourth of July Smack Down

If anything exemplifies the Fourth of July, it’s a good brawl, and lucky for us this weekend is our special Arena double points Frenzy Weekend! To go along with the theme, we’ll be holding a special Fourth of July Smack Down.

During the weekend, we’re inviting top-ranked Arena players to go toe-to-toe for a bit to be the best! Players will take to the Balanced Arena, where low-level and high-level, experienced and newb meet in a competition of skill. The highest ranked 5 players on each server will received a special vanity title for their Forum ID.

    Top 5 players in Ellescadia: Champion of Ellescadia
    Top 5 players in Lokemea: Champion of Lokemea

Take on the top 10

As the players in the top 10 vie for the highest spots, all players high and low are encouraged to take to the Arena to challenge these masters of combat! We’ll post the names of the top ranked players on Friday, and if you encounter them in the Arena, post the results of your contest on Facebook and Twitter with our event hashtag #4thofJulyBGO. Win or lose, we’d like to hear it!

Ex: “Just had a close loss against the #2 ranked player on my server! Next time he’s mine #4thofJulyBGO”

We’ll pick 20 people who post to receive special prizes for their valiant efforts and amazing triumphs!

We’re looking for live streamers to help document all the 4th of July fun, as they fight their way through the Arena and enjoy the special fireworks show. If you’re interested in being a streaming partner, contact us at

In-game Events

To go along with the festivities, we have some special bonus events for your accounts in-game!

Top Up Bonus

    Event Period : 7/1/2014 -7/7/2014
    Requirement : All Server
    Description : In observance of Independence Day, all top up amounts during the event period will be accumulated. At the end of the event period, a bonus will be rewarded based on total top up amount in USD during the event for each account.

Receiving Rewards

    1.  After the event period, receive your rewards in game through the "Fast Receive" button in the upper left hand corner of your screen.
    2.   If your backpack is full, all rewards will be sent through in game mail.
    3.  Montel Blessing Stones do not disappear. If your bag is full or your in game mail box is full, our systems will send you the rewards once you have made room in your mail box.
    4.   Rewards will be sent within 3-5 business days after the event period.

Mightiest Rewards

    Event Period : 7/1/2014 -7/14/2014
    Requirement : All Server
    Description : The mightiest adventurers of Montel, get ready to be rewarded! At the end of the event period, all qualifying accounts will receive a reward pending on their might score. Reward tiers are as shown below.

Rewards for Valor

    Event Period : 7/1/2014 -7/7/2014
    Requirement : All Server
    Description : During your adventures in Montel, you are awarded Valor Points for a variety of activities. Ranging from defeating Outbreaks, accomplishments in the Batthefields or triumph in the Arena, your actions are rewarded with Valor Points. This event will give you a bonus reward daily during the event period pending on your accumulated amount of Valor Points for the day! Rewards come in 3 tiers, so make sure you know what to shoot for!


    1. Rewards are distributed automatically at the end of each day.
    2. Each account may receive 1 reward through this event per day.

Don't miss out on all the excitement during the Black Gold Online Fourth of July Events! Keep up with all the fun on our Facebook page, Twitter, and official Forums!


Mardi 1 juillet 2014  
1st Patch Notes

Black Gold Online will undergo some routine maintenance and provide an updated patch for the game client. The Patch Notes can be found below:

Black Gold Online

    1. Adjusted in-game events, including the addtion of special events for the 4th of July weekend. Stay tuned for details!

    2. Opened the all new Black Gold Store.

    3. Officially switched the server times of BGO from PDT to CDT. So as to support a wider gaming community, the time zone shift will affect the regularly scheduled events in the game server. Find out when that is for you: (Check Server Time)

    4. At the Gold Dust merchant, added a new “Montel Blessing Stone”, available for 40 Black Gold. This precious rare mineral can be used to acquire prototypes and materials for upgrading equipment.

    5. Fixed the Kosh level 10 “Scout” mission error

    6. Changed user interface text

The Black Gold Online game servers Ellescadia and Lokemea will both be down for the update from 3pm – 6pm on Tuesday July 1, 2014. The patch will be available with the update's completion, either by automatic update of the game client or Direct Download.


Mardi 1 juillet 2014  
More Media Gift Giveaways!

Black Gold Online has partnered with our good friends in the media to give you the fans some awesome loot! We’ve got some exciting gift pack giveaways. Don’t forget that each account is eligible for only 1 gift code of each type. Each pack comes with specialty mounts, vanity gear, and valuables!

Azure Hellhoof Pack


Stoneskin Pack

Gaming Blend-

Crimson Wolf Pack


Cavalier Pack

MMOBomb -
MMOHuts -

Big Wheel Pack

Browser Games -

Landstrider Pack


White Hellhoof Pack

US Gamer -

Yellow Cruiser Pack -
MMOReviews -
Gameitems -
GameHaunt -
F2P -
FreeMMOStation -
Go Multiplayer -


Vendredi 27 juin 2014  
Ask the Devs - Open Beta Edition

We've received a lot of feedbak and questions from fans on our Forums, in-game, and through social media. We've compiled a few general topics, and had our Dev Team offer some exciting new details and peeks at what is to come for Black Gold Online!

Question 1: Carriers

We received some questions from fans about the Battle Carriers. Here are some details in response to those questions.

Players create their own Battle Carriers, and to get higher level ones requires a mix of accomplishments and activities: increasing Military Rank by killing enemies and winning battles at Blood Fang Citadel; gathering the appropriate resources through such as Badges and Carrier Points; and acquiring the proper Manuals in the open world, as the prize for certain activities, or purchase with Valor.

Players can start with 3 slots for Battle Carriers, and can open up more space. They are able to get one Battle Carrier from each series, but cannot double up. For example, if a player chooses the Raid Carrier, they will choose one of its development paths to follow; they can’t make one of both.

The highest level Battle Carrier Manuals come from winning Energy Well battles. Each Energy Well has a different Manual to offer, so players would have to fight and win at each Energy Well to get all the Manuals.

Question 2: Classes and Balancing

There are 12 total classes available in the Open Beta Test. Each faction has their 6 faction-specific, along with 3 cross-over classes that vary from race to race. We have plans to add more classes in the future as well. With more races and more classes, the number of combinations will increase even further in the future. As a note: fans who have created cross-overs (for example, a Kosh Assassin or a Dwarf Skycaller) will NOT lose those characters. Those types of characters will still be available, along with the new classes and races.


The classes have a lot of variety, in terms of attack style, gear, abilities, etc. They’re meant to fit a bunch of different roles, so for example a class like the Beastmaster could fill either a Tank or a DPS role. The Beastmaster is also a summoner class. We have a lot of different types class traits, whether its melee vs ranged, magic vs physical, crowd control, summoning, etc. This diversity is only going to expand in the future.

We’re working on class balancing, and appreciate fan feedback regarding this.

Question 3: Acquiring Black Gold

Black Gold is an important resource in the land of Montel. From a lore standpoint, it’s the reason the war is taking place. It is extremely precious, a potent source of energy, and also increasingly rare. It’s rarity makes it a point of contention, and that’s where the game comes from.

In terms of gameplay, Black Gold is used and acquired a bunch of different ways. The idea behind it is that players have to make certain tough choices – what is important to them? – in how they use and what they’re willing to do to get Black Gold. There are chances to be greedy, even dishonest, and that was intentional to reflect that world that Montel has become.

Generally, players will get Black Gold for completing certain quests and activities, by selling gear on the Auction House to fellow players, by acquiring unbound Time Vials, and by controlling an Energy Well. Each of these poses certain challenges and barriers to players, and in that lies the fun of the game.

Question 4: VIP and Vouchers

Fans have asked a lot about the payment system in Black Gold Online. We thought we should shed some light on this.

First it’s important to remember that Black Gold Online is totally free-to-play, you won’t have to pay any money to enjoy it. Nothing is restricted if you play for free: the map is open, all activities are available, no loot or leveling is locked. We have an optional system of payment using Vouchers that allow players who want to get something extra for their money.

This comes into play in two main areas: the Sands of Time system and our Knights of Montel VIP system.

The Sands of Time is an extra avenue for getting loot, aside from the open world drops, boss drops, crafting, etc. Basically you earn Treasure Points for everything you do, and the value of these points will add up to give you a Time Vial with a certain value. The higher the value, the better the gear you’ll get inside. There are a lot of options for you in what you do with these Vials, and you can get 2 free per day or buy more with Vouchers.

The Knights of Montel is an optional VIP system, where you can pay with a certain number of Vouchers to get 30 days of some perks. There are a couple of types of perks, and players can choose their own. These perks are things like extra experience for killing bosses, or having the hidden dungeons revealed on the map for a period of time. The perks are small things to help you enjoy the game, but don't grant a winning advantage. We like to think of it as a way fans can help contribute towards the future development and improvement of the game.

Question 5: Future of the game

We’ve had a lot of questions about what’s next, in terms of the Open Beta Test and beyond. So here’s a few points we’d like to put out.

First, there won’t be a character wipe after the Open Beta, so the characters we’ve got now will still be around later.  

Second, there’s a lot more in store for the game. We’ve got more sections of the map to explore, new maps for Battlefields and Instances, new classes, new Battle Carriers, new races. We also have plans for more servers in the future. We’re really excited about the prospects moving forward, and we’re taking in a lot of OBT feedback for ways to make the game better.

Keep up to date on all the exciting new features coming to Black Gold Online and our fun community events by checking us out on Facebook, Twitter, and our Forums!


Lundi 23 juin 2014  
Important Game Update

As fans jump into the world of Montel in our OBT, we’ve been working out the kinks and fixing some bugs. Fans have pointed out a few important issues, and we got on it immediately! Here are the fixes for our latest update to BGO

    1. Plot Quests in which players have gotten stuck have been resolved.
    2. Fixed the queue interface and updated broken web links in game client.
    3. Removed Online Rest task, which is no longer a feature in the game.
    4. Fixed banned words and illegal characters that prevented fans from using simple names

These fixes are the first of many important tweaks and adjustments to come as we polish and refine BGO. We’d like to say a special thanks to all of our fans for helping bring important issues like these to our attention, and the support of our community as we work through them!

Don’t forget to use the in-game GM function to submit bug reports, correct misspellings, flag player abuse or just to make suggestions for BGO can improve!

Keep up with the BGO community on Facebook, Twitter, and our official Forums!


Vendredi 20 juin 2014  
New Server Lokemea Live

Thanks to all our loyal players and their support, Server Ellescadia is now reaching FULL CAPACITY. 

To better serve the growing community and player base, we will be opening the SECOND server Lokemea at 3PM PDT, Jun 20th.

All LAUNCH EVENTS planned for Ellescadia will also go into effect for Lokemea as this is a new server coinciding with open beta. 

Follow more news on the Open Beta, new game content, and more on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Connect with the BGO community right this day!


Vendredi 20 juin 2014  
Free Loot! Media Gift Pack

Black Gold Online Media Gift Pack Extravaganza

To celebrate the launch of BLACK GOLD ONLINE Open Beta ( June 20th, 14:00PM PDT), the Snail team is partnering with top media outlets to handout limited gift packs, FREE! Get your Code now while supplies last!

Each account is eligible to acquire and redeem ONE of each type of gift pack

Each Media will have a different asethetic mount, and there are more types to come! We'll be updating this page with new giveaways so check back often: We will reveal MORE PACKS NEXT WEEK!


Vendredi 20 juin 2014  
Open Beta Goes Live! And It's Free!

The Day has finally come. As hulking machines of war march upon the eastern  lands and brave warriors meet them astride ferocious creatures, heroes of intricate inventions and spellbinding sorcery can wait no longer.

The Black Gold Online Open Beta has officially commenced! As of 2pm June 20th, PDT, the War has Begun.

Open Beta will feature a more refined, patched version compared to CB. Enjoy revamped Battle Carrier System, battlegrounds and matching systems.

Ride the Gears of War

Black Gold Online has revolutionized mounted combat in MMORPGs. Develop over 100 customizable Battle Carriers in Black Gold Online: pilot gigantic walking tanks, shaking the ground beneath their feet, or take the reins of thundering beasts whose roars echo across the land. Summon your personal ride of destruction anytime, anywhere.

The World will Never be the Same

The two major alignments vy for control of the continent, tearing the world apart. Forge your allegiances and spare no cost to see your flags fly high over the Energy Wells of Montel. There is no corner of the continent that has not been touched by the conflict.

Open Beta Events

As the drums of war sound the preparations get underway, the team at Black Gold Online has provided our loyal players with a multitude of in-game events as the Open Beta commences. Earn unique rewards and discover new ways to enjoy the world of Steam and Magic.

Learn about events right this second!

Conqueror’s Edition Now Available

Looking for more? Don’t miss out on our exclusive Conqueror’s Edition, along with a plethora of virtual goodies to get your saga underway. The Conqueror’s Edition is now available at GameStop, Amazon, BestBuy, Wal-Mart and Fred Meyer for $19.99.

Enter Our Official Open Beta Test Forum here

Follow more news on the Open Beta, new game content, and more on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Connect with the BGO community right this day!


Vendredi 20 juin 2014  
Early Access Ending Soon

Last chance to login EARLY and reserve your unique hero look and name! The Early Access Pre-Creation Event will come to a close today at 13:00 PM, June 20th Pacific Time.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive chance to earn unique treasure and rewards.

The Open Beta Server ELLESCADIA will officially go LIVE TODAY at 14:00 PM Pacific Time.

Prepare for the epic showdown between Steam & Magic, Let the War Horns Thunder! 


Jeudi 19 juin 2014  
Exclusive Offer - Top Up Event

The world is divided, total war is imminent.

Are you the chosen one to claim the sacred lands to glorify your cause? Seize this unique one-time offer and get a head-start in forging your own saga.

The world of Steampunk and Magic awaits, Knight of Montel.

Any playerwho tops-up their account during the day of June 20th will receive an exclusive gift pack worthy of a true Conqueror. The treasure box includes exclusive fashion costumes, epic tokens, experience boost potions, in-game currency and rare vouchers!

Event - Command the Vanguard

    Event period :  June 20th, 2014 (24 hour period from 00:00AM to 23:59PM)
    Requirement : All Servers, All payment methods
    How to Top-Up : Players will be able to acquire vouchers with real-life currency by visiting our Snail Games Member Center. These vouchers can be used with our “Sands of Time” monetization system. Top-up during the day of June 20th to get the special, exclusive gift pack. Don't miss this one time offer!


Jeudi 19 juin 2014  
Open Beta Launch Time

Friendly reminder from the Black Gold Team

Open beta servers will go live

    June 20th @ 14:00 PM PDT Time.

Are You Ready, Heroes of Montel? The horns of War will thunder across the Ellescadian mountain range.

In the meanwhile, please visit our official Forums and become a part of our growing community.


Jeudi 19 juin 2014  
Announcing the Official Wiki!

The team is delighted to announce the launch of our official Wiki on Curse! The Black Gold Online wiki will provide all essential details of Montel, a world of Steampunk & Fantasy.

Wiki link:

We want to remind everyone that the Black Gold Online Wiki is a monumental project, meant to supplement the growing BGO community.

Join in our efforts to buildand expand the wiki, It’ll be an information source on just about everything Black Gold Online.Sign up and start contributing today!

Some important things we’d like to see are:

    Graphics – please help us make the wiki pretty, add in screenshots from your gameplay!
    In-game details – player stats, Quest plots, and any in-game details you can think of!
    New pages – if you can help us elaborate on anything, make a new page to go into detail!

The Black Gold Online OPEN BETA begins June 20th, click here to sign up for an account and prepare for war! Pilot gigantic mechs and ride thundering beasts into battle!


Jeudi 19 juin 2014  
Open Beta Test Events Announced!

The Black Gold Online Open Beta Test is fast approaching. As all the champions of Montel gear up for the coming war, we’d like to show our appreciation to all the loyal fans out there with these Open Beta Events! Players will be able to win some special prizes just for playing the game.

Win amazing prizes by participating in our OBT Events!

Riches and glory await in Black Gold Online, so be sure to fuel up in our energizing events.

Event 1 - Early Character Creation

    Event Period : 2014/6/17 – 2014/6/20
    Requirement : All Servers
    Description : Players will be able to enter the game for three days of special character creation awesomeness. Fans who enter our servers early will be able to reserve their character name before anyone else. With three days of pre-Beta access, budding adventurers can experiment with all the options and sliders in the deeply detailed BGO character creation system. As a show of our appreciation, those who participate will be entitled to a very special gift pack. What’s inside? You’ll have to see to find out!
    If you think you’re a real beauty, or perhaps your hands have the golden touch, well we’ve got something for you! Submit your character at for a chance to be selected as “Montel’s Next Top Model!

Event 2 - Time-out and Move-up Bonus

    Event Period : Since 2014/6/20
    Requirement : All Servers
    Description : As a special treat for committed and consistent players, we’ve provided extra bonuses for putting in the time and leveling up! Players who play for set intervals of time and reach certain levels will get a special bonus! These gifts will appear on the right side of the UI, and can be claimed by each player once a day.
    Players will be able to get a special “Online Gift Pack” and “Level Upgrade Gift Pack”

Event 3 - Open Beta Sign-in Bonus

    Event Period : 2014/6/20 Starts
    Requirement : All Servers
    Description : Sign in everyday and receive our unique Sign-in Gift Pack. Every day you sign in will have new and more valuable rewards, so don’t miss a second of Black Gold Online OBT awesomeness!

Event 4 - Three Paths of the Warrior

    Event Period

      2014/6/20 - 2014/6/26 (On the road to glory!)
      2014/6/20 - 2014/7/3 (Might Score Boosting)
      2014/6/20 - 2014/7/20 (Diligent Master)

    Requirement : All Servers

      1. On the road to glory!

        Players will find many challenges as they fight their way to the top in the war for Black Gold. Get a little boost with this special prize for reaching level 25! Level up and claim your prize!

      2. Might Score boosting

        Any Character reaches 10000 might score or above will be able to collect our BGO might score boosting gift by clicking the button from the right.

      3. Diligent Master

        Put hammer to anvil, stitch together your trousers, and organize your vials in this special promotion for all the crafting experts out there. At level 18, players will get the opportunity to apprentice with masters of one of the 5 crafting professions: Armorer, Blacksmith, Tailor, Jeweler or Alchemist.

      Craft gear and learn new crafting skills to upgrade your professional level. Players will be entitled to special prizes for reaching leveling their profession to lvl 3, lvl 6, and the high mastery of lvl 9.

Event 5 - Guild me up, Buttercup

    Event Period : 2014/6/20
    Requirement : All Servers
    Description : Players can join or create Guilds with their own unique diplomacy, sigil, and “technology level.” A guild’s tech level will offer special benefits to guild members such as health/attack bonuses, special equipment, etc.
    As an added bonus, we’ve provided this special event, where a player will be rewarded when the guild to which they pledge allegiance reaches levels 3, 6,9. All guild members will receive the gift. As their Guild grows in power, members will receive special treasure chests filled with wonderful bonuses!

Event 6 - Montel Scavenger Hunt

    Event Period : 2014/6/20 - 2014/7/20
    Requirement : All Servers
    Description : Scattered around the land of Montel, there are those who set out in search of great treasure and adventure. These intrepid treasure hunters will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Finish them off before they do the same to you, and you may just discover a treasure map for your trouble.
    Discover treasure maps and explore new the world to find great treasure. Find enough treasure and we’ll off you a special reward!

Event 7 - Frenzy weekends

    Event Period : Every weekend since 2014/6/20
    Requirement : All Servers
    Description : Everything gets wilder on the weekend! During our Frenzy Weekends, it’s Double Gold Coins, Double Experience, Double everything! Make sure to take advantage of this special bonus and login on the weekends!

Event 8 - Questionnaire

    Event Period : Since 2014/6/20
    Requirement : All Servers
    Description : Help us better understand what works and what doesn’t in Black Gold Online. Finish a small questionnaire, win a big prize.

The Black Gold Online Open Beta Test will begin on June 20th at 2pm Pacific Daylight Time.

Don’t have an account yet? No worries! Register here to join in the awesome OBT excitement!

Want to join the fun? Make sure to download the BGO Game Clieent as soon as possible. Get our special Black Gold Online Downloader, and get your client downloaded. Give yourself some time, it’s a doozy at 10 GB. Download it, install it, and prepare for war!


Lundi 16 juin 2014  
Pre-creation Starts Tomorrow

Prepare for War, Heroes of Montel!

The Black Gold Online OPEN BETA will go liveJune 20th, 2014. To reward our most loyal players, we are offering you the chance of early access character creation starting June 17th, 2PM PDT (see when that is for you).

Event - Reserve Your Hero

Veteran players will be able to access the critically acclaimed BGO character precreation system three days prior to Open Beta Launch. You’ll be able to reserve your character name and unique look before anyone else. As a token of our appreciation, you’ll be entitled to an exclusive gift pack to jumpstart your adventure in Montel. What’s Inside? You’ll have to see for yourself!

Event - Montel’s Next Top Model 

In addition to the exclusive gift pack you’ll receive, do you want to take it to the next level? The entire kingdom yearns for the most dashing knight and elegant lady to emerge from the crowd. 

    Submit your character HERE –
    Submission ends on June 20th, 2PM PDT

We’ll review submissions from the Early Access Character Creation and choose the best from three categories: (Each Category is entitled to its own exclusive prize)

    1. Most Photogenic (reviewed on a beauty scale)
    2. The Doppelgänger (create a character to look like someone: yourself, a celebrity, anyone! Send the accompanying picture for comparison
    3. The Nightmare (make a truly vile creature, just the most horribly gut-wrenching ugly thing you can)

Whose side are you on: The Kingdom of Isenhorst with unstoppable industrial firepower? Or the mystical Erlandir Union with unparalleled elemental prowess? sign up now and play for free!


Dimanche 15 juin 2014  
E3 2014 Wrap-up

The world got a glimpse of the future of Snail Games, as the team set out for an amazing show at the 2014 E3 convention in Los Angeles. The only Chinese company to be present at in the South Hall, the team from Snail Games proudly stood to show the ambitious direction and future of the company.

With an international team from both our head office in Suzhou, China and our local staff at Snail Games USA, the team showcased the latest and greatest to come out of Snail, with our latest expansion to highly successful Age of Wushu, an early peek at Black Gold Online soon to enter Open Beta testing, and our newest step into the mobile gaming market with three hotly anticipated titles.

Nestled among the legs of the towering Steam Castle – an iconic figure from Black Gold Online and a real stand-out at the convention – the Snail Games booth featured banks of computers and iPads for convention goers to explore the exciting virtual worlds we've created. Committed to providing quality hands-on experience, the Snail Games booth gave players the chance to try out our latest games themselves, with helpful booth staff available for the low-down on our upcoming titles.

No E3 would be complete without swag and photos, and Snail Games came out swinging with our much sough-after Black Gold Online top hats and lovely Steam punk cosplay girls.

E3 Lineup

Black Gold Online

Black Gold Online was at center stage, as it ramps up for the upcoming Open Beta Test on June 20th. A whole 20 computers from our booth featured Black Gold Online, showcasing the distinct art style, action PvP, awesome classes, and unique mounted combat system. Fans were able to try out a few classes, and even do some PvP as our team of BGO experts helped orchestrate Military Battlefields and other fun events on the show floor.

As the show went on, our Community Management team held court in our special Steam Castle control room, giving hands on demos and special interviews with news outlets including Game Informer, IGN, the Associated Press, and many more.

As coverage comes in, fans around the nation can learn more about Black Gold Online. Here’s what the earliest reports have had to say:

Abigail Elise of International Business Times suggests, “Tired of playing 'World of Warcraft?' Snail Games’ 'Black Gold Online' may be just the MMO that’s been missing from your life.”

Blake Peterson from Game Revolution noted, “Black Gold's characters are ridiculously customizable in character creation.” 

Jacob Whritenour from Hardcore Gamer had this to say, “The gameplay action involves a lot of dodging, aiming and mounted battles; making it completely different from other MMO titles where motions are pretty stiff.

No less than that, fans responded positively to Black Gold Online. Those who got a hands-on sited the awesome scenery and unique art design, the cool character creation, and of course the totally revolutionary mounted combat system of Battle Carriers.

Perhaps most notably, Black Gold Online was featured in the Gamespot E3 Live Show, where host Danny Dwyer interviewed Snail Games Community Manager Kevin Doyle about the game.

Age of Wushu - Tempest of Strife

The internationally acclaimed and highly popular Age of Wushu showed off it’s latest expansion on E3 this year with Tempest of Strife. Taking the amazing Jianghu underworld that made Age of Wushu a fan favorite, the Tempest of Strife adds on new “Emerging Sects” that players can join, as well as all new methods for switching schools, a school-less “Vagrant” class, and special dynamic weather patterns.

With a handful of computers featuring Age of Wushu, convention-goers had the chance to try out some of the unique abilities of the new Emerging Sects, such as the ferocious animal skills of the Beast Villa or the lightning speed of the imperturbable Rootless eunuchs.

Big things are happening in the free-to-play MMO market from Snail Games, and both our already popular Age of Wushu and fast approaching Open Beta of Black Gold Online caught a lot of attention, making it into the special E3 Insider.

Mobile Games

Snail Games has made big strides in diversified business channels, and none so obvious as the launch of our three new titles in our entry into the mobile gaming industry. With a dozen iPads at our special Mobile Gaming Corner, fans had the chance to try out our awesome new lineup of mobile games.

Puzzle Heroes Saga

With it's comical style, fun gameplay and unique mixing of match-three puzzle mechanics with battles, Puzzle Heroes Saga made a big splash at E3. Fans pointedly noted how easy to pickup and yet at times challenging PHS was, with it's rolling and fast-paced puzzles and interesting characters.

Heroes of Gaia

Fans responded positively as they tried out Snail Games 3D turn-based strategy and adventure game, Heroes of Gaia. Ported from a popular webpage game, the mobile Heroes of Gaia lets players strategize at the head of armies with over 40 different units and countless abilities.

Taichi Panda

Possibly the biggest hit of our E3 mobile line-up, Taichi Panda caught the attention of fans with its easy gameplay style, awesome graphics, and overall highly enjoyable gameplay. Fans enjoyed the innovative controls and the accessible fighting style.

Here's what consumer outlet Geek thought of Taichi Panda, "the first impressions we had seemed pretty positive- Particularly in the couple minutes we played it. It's basically a really tight controlling dungeon crawler-y brawler game"

As E3 has wrapped up, the team from Snail Games is thrilled to the have had the opportunity to show off the great new things coming out in the near future.

Snail Games commits itself to the growth of gaming and the expansion of new and exciting virtual worlds. As the world turns towards mobile, Snail looks to grow our list of mobile titles. At Snail, we live by the motto "Born to Dream." With the launch of our Play Snail mobile platform, Snail Games hopes to offer opportunities and publishing services for mobile game developers dreaming to enter the market.

Only more great things are on the horizon, and we highly encourage all the dreamers out there to stay tuned over the coming months!


Vendredi 13 juin 2014  
E3 BGO Booth Babes

With the completion of E3 under our belt, we’d like to offer a closer look on one of our most appealing attractions: our three lovely Steam punk Cosplay ladies.

With sexy and smart ladies like this, it’s no wonder lines for pictures wrapped around the corner!

Jessica Jazzman / Cassandra Nuss / Amanda Lynn


Jeudi 12 juin 2014  
E3 2014 Day 3

As sad as we are to say, E3 has come to end. As all the fun and excitement come to an end, check out what game enthusiasts and convention goers had to say about Black Gold Online:

On the Art Direction

“I’ve been waiting forever for a Steam punk MMO, and now I’ve found one.”
“I really like the art style… it’s different, and I like the two types and how they’re so different.”
“I’m really feeling all the sliders, you can really make your character look sick.”

Combat and Classes

“The fighting is intense, I mean [sometimes] I just can’t handle it, it’s really fast.”
“I like the Beastmaster, it’s got this awesome battle axe and has a really cool look to it.”
“The Gunslinger is pretty sweet, I especially like how the fighting works [with it]. It’s not just button mashing – there’s a lot of aiming, and I can even lay mines and round-house kick [enemies].”

Battle Carriers

“The Carriers look awesome!”
“I love the dragon…it can shoot lightning, that’s crazy!”
“It’s so cool, the mechs are really fun…it kind of plays like a shooter.”

After making it’s big splash at E3, the BGO team is turning our attention back to getting ready for the upcoming Open Beta Test on June 20th. Get your BGO Game Client Download now, and join in our Early Character Creation event starting June 17th!


Mercredi 11 juin 2014  
E3 2014 Day 2

Black Gold Online has made a huge splash at E3, and the excitement continues as we go into full gear for day 2. As the Snail Games team shows off our newest line-up of games, with Black Gold Online at the forefront, fans have flocked to our impressive booth, nestled in the corner of the South Hall of the Staples Center.

Towering over the competition, the Snail Games booth was designed based on the imposing Steam Castle of the Buvont human race. The key to their victory in the great Isenhorst Civil War, the massive walking battle station was a perfect fit for capturing the unique style and game play of Black Gold Online.

Drawn in by Steam Castle superstructure, fans of free stuff and beautiful babes soon discovered all the goodies available at our Swag counter. E3-goers had the opportunity to take pictures with our lovely Steam punk cosplayers and win a number of awesome treats including posters, retail editions of Age of Wushu, and our incomparably popular Black Gold Online Top Hats.

Once inside, the Snail Games booth is gaming central. Computer banks line the tables as players join in the great battle for Montel in Black Gold Online. With our awesome team of BGO experts, fans explored the amazing world of steam and sorcery, trying out the classes, combat, and battle carriers that set Black Gold Online apart.

Aside from the BGO gaming center, the Snail booth also featured our iPad mobile corner, where fans of fun-on-the-go could try out Black Gold Online’s new line-up of mobile games.

We’ll keep updating fans from here at E3 as we continue to showcase the awesome line up now out and coming soon from Snail Games!


Mardi 10 juin 2014  
E3 2014 Day 1

We're proud to reveal the official BGO E3 Trailer 

The sun rose on a beautiful day in the lovely city of angels, and the dreamers at Snail Games could not be happier. The biggest names in gaming cram every inch of the Los Angeles Staples Center with awesome video gaming excitement, and among them towers the booth for Snail Games, as we get ready to kick off day one of this years E3 convention! 


We’re extremely excited to be here to show off our awesome new lineup of games. The Snail booth is abuzz as hardcore gamers, casual fans, and mobile game masters check out what we’ve got to offer.

Black Gold Online

Black Gold Online is center stage as we show off our awesomely stylized new MMO soon to hit the market. Entirely free to play and full off high-action exciting gameplay, Black Gold Online will go into full-on Open Beta Testing in June 20th, and is pegged for full release later this year. 

Show Girls

The premium Conqueror’s Edition of Black Gold Online is now available for Pre-Order, offering those heroes brave enough to join the war of steam and magic access to special exclusive content. We’ll be showing off all the unique features players will enjoy in Black Gold Online here at E3! Pre-order info available here.

Age of Wushu - Tempest of Strife

The internationally popular and critically acclaimed Age of Wushu has created a world of martial arts heroes and kung fu villains for countless fans worldwide. We’re happy to showcase the latest edition to the Age of Wushu saga, the expansion Tempest of Strife.

The latest update features 6 new emerging martial arts sects, the game-changing ability for players to switch schools, and a new dynamic weather system.

Mobile Launches

In addition to our PC-based MMO games, Snail is proud to reveal our first line of Mobile games!

Puzzle Heroes Saga

Turn traditional puzzle games on their head with our unique spin on match-three puzzles with Puzzle Heroes Saga! Begin your adventure in this fun and quirky RPG, as you grow and upgrade your arsenal of unique allies. Fast-paced and highly entertaining, Puzzle Heroes Saga features a unique mix of puzzles and battles for endless enjoyment.

Heroes of Gaia

Build your army on the road to victory! Take command of your forces in Black Gold Online’s 3D RPG and turn-based strategy game, Heroes of Gaia. Customize and improve your army with over 40 unique units and 80 distinct abilities. Build up your fortress and manage your resources as you conquer the map in this awesome strategy adventure.

Taichi Panda

None can withstand the power of the panda! Take on terrible monsters and titanic horrors in the quest for riches, glory, and internal tranquility in Taichi Panda. Snail Game’s all new action adventure RPG, Taichi Panda features a fun and user friendly fighting system for easy accessibility and casual fun.

We’ll be bringing you real-time news as we show the world the all-new lineup from Snail Games and the hot new release of Black Gold Online here at E3. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for immediate news!


Samedi 7 juin 2014  
Open Beta Early Access!

Black Gold Online will enter the Open Beta testing phase on June 20th, but we’ve heard what fans have to say and we just can’t wait either! As a special treat to all our heroes of Montel, Black Gold Online will be available for early access character creation on June 17th, starting at 2pm PDT (see when that is for you).

Players will be able to enter the game for three days of special character creation awesomeness. Fans who enter our servers early will be able to reserve their character name before anyone else. With three days of pre-Beta access, budding adventurers can experiment with all the options and sliders in the deeply detailed BGO character creation system. As a show of our appreciation, those who participate will be entitled to a very special gift pack. What’s inside? You’ll have to see to find out!

Create your Hero

Black Gold Online features a highly detailed character customization engine developed entirely in-house by Snail Games. In the land of Montel, the name of the game is “Sliders”. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and Black Gold Online puts power in the hands of players to create characters to meet any standard with adjustable height, skin hue, and even eye pupils.

Check out this short video with Professor Hogwash reporting from the frontlines of character creation!

Montel’s Next Top Model

Do you think you have what it takes to create a truly amazing character in Black Gold Online? Submit your character for consideration as Montel’s Next Top Model!

We’ll review submissions from the Early Access Character Creation and choose the best characters from three categories:

    1. Submit a character for most awesome looking
    2. Create a character to look like someone: yourself, a celebrity, anyone! Send the accompanying picture for comparison
    3. Make a truly vile creature, just the most horribly gut-wrenching ugly thing you can.

We’ll review submissions and choose 1 winner for each category from both male and female characters. Submissions can be sent to


Samedi 7 juin 2014  
Black Gold Online Downloader Available!

The Black Gold Online Open Beta test is not far away, and we the good people at Snail Games are happy to announce that the BGO client download is now available. Fans will be able to update their existing client, or download the entire client if they are a first-timer.

With two successful testing phases under our belt, the team at Black Gold Online has had no shortage of useful feedback and important suggestions from you, the fans. In response to popular demand, we’ve created an all new BGO Downloader to help prevent problems in the downloading process.


The BGO Downloader will help ensure a smooth download of the full game client. Fans will now be able to download the game client in 3 easy steps.

    1. Download the Black Gold Online Downloader
    2. Pick a file location and begin game client download
    3. Install the game, and enjoy!

The original download link will also be available for those fans who prefer their own download management software. Those who participated in the previous tests need only open the game client and connect to the server to automatically update.

Check out the Black Gold Online Download page now!


Jeudi 5 juin 2014  
Devspeak - Countering Types Showcase

"For Black Gold Online, our goal with the Battle Carriers was to create a sense of danger and excitement in battle, where you can take control of something other than your character, something outside yourself, more powerful than yourself but still in many ways vulnerable that you cared for. It makes for really exciting combat, and also long-lasting effects that really impact players.”

- Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Online -

The power of mechanized legions and the ferocious wilderness fall in players’ hands as the heroes of Montel battle for control in Black Gold Online. With its unique Battle Carrier system, Black Gold Online creates a new type of PvP battleground, mixing mounted and footed combat in heated large-scale battles. This week, we get the scoop from producer Kee Zhang about Carrier PvP and the ideas behind the BGO Battle Carrier system.

No Carrier is an Island

As players progress and acquire important resources in Black Gold Online, they will be able to create and upgrade their very own Battle Carriers, as well take advantage of those available on special battlegrounds like the Blood Fang Citadel. As players make their choices of Battle Carriers, it becomes clear that no single one can outmatch all others, and everyone is vulnerable to another.

“The idea of using a battle mount, with its own damage and attacks and such, came into the mix pretty early. The real light-bulb moment came when we thought of this ‘Rock, paper, scissors’ assortment – every Carrier has advantages and attack bonuses over certain other Carriers, and in turn is vulnerable to another. It makes teamwork and strategy a must.”

Black Gold Online features over a 100 distinct Battle Carriers, with a wide variety of unique abilities and weaponry. These Carriers fall into 5 basic classes: Raid, Assault, Siege, Aerial and Anti-air. Each class has special attack bonuses against others, as well as particular traits that make each matchup different and challenging.

“Every Carrier is different – there is no top dog. They’re fast or slow, both in movement and reloading. They can dish out a heavy payload or pepper the enemy with rapid, light fire. They get in close to attack or sit back. It makes things get pretty interesting.”.

Agility vs Firepower

Battle Carriers must make the trade-off between light, nimble mobility and lumbering, forceful attacks. Speed vs Strength comes into play, both in terms of movement and attack cool-downs.

Take for example a matchup between the Isenhorst’s Aggressor, a Raid Carrier with a light rocket and close-range shotgun, vs the Erlandir Marauder, a long-range Assault Carrier with powerful AoE elemental attacks.

Going head-to-head, the Aggressor has a serious disadvantage. Despite its speed, it’s hard to avoid the heavy damage dealt by the Marauder’s long-range attacks. However, this heavy damage comes at a cost of attack cool-downs and a “deep breath” moment – a winding up pause before attack. A clever Aggressor pilot can outmaneuver the Marauder to avoid damage.

Add into the mix an enemy on foot, and now the Marauder has lost the advantage. With its slow firing, it’s hard to land a hit on small, quick-footed enemies on the ground. Where the Assault failed, the Aggressor shines, running down footed players and finishing them off with its mix of rapid long-range and powerful short-ranged attacks.

Long-shot vs Up-Close-and-Personal

The Battle Carriers of Montel feature many abilities with different ranges and effects, such as knock-backs, stuns, poison or fire damage and more. The different types of abilities challenge players to play to their advantages, whether that means finding a vantage point to fire from or closing in on the enemy to duke it out face to face.

Imagine two players meet on the field of battle: one astride the Erlandir Screecher, and the other buckled in to the Isenhorst Incinerator. How might it pan out?

Players who choose the Screecher will find its greatest strength is in its range. With a rapid firing primary attack and target-locking secondary attack, Screecher wranglers are strongest at a distance. Even moving targets are not safe from the Screecher’s honing birds of prey.

The Incinerator on the other hand has been built to get in close and start the enemy ablaze. With special chaining effects for its primary Flamethrower and secondary Gas bomb, the Incinerator gets the upper hand when standing toe-to-toe with the enemy.

Enemy at the Gate

Beyond the open field of battle, players must also fight among the fortified walls and defensive turrets of bases. Heavily armored Siege Carriers are well suited to this type of attack, while others may soon find themselves overwhelmed by enemy defensive fire

Siege carriers are slow and cumbersome, making them vulnerable to attack by other. When the defensive barrage comes raining down, powerful siege engines like the Isenhorst Retaliator or the Erlandir Craniosaur can withstand massive damage and blow away the defenses otherwise impassable to their team mates.

“The thing we’re most proud of with the Battle Carriers is the variety – each Carrier is unique. When players join in the battlefield, they’ll have a lot of options available to them. The battles get intense, and it’ll take strategy as a team to consistently win. ”


Mardi 3 juin 2014  
Snail Announce Lineup For E3 2014

Great news always comes in pairs, and we’ve got a real double whammy for everyone. We’re excited to announce that Black Gold Online will be released for Open Beta Testing this June 20th. In addition, the team at Snail Games is heading to LA for this year’s E3 convention!

Open Beta Test – June 20th 

After two successful rounds of closed testing, Black Gold Online will move into Open Beta Testing beginning on June 20th!

Barely two weeks away, the Open Beta will feature a patched version of CB with optimal adjustments and balancing.

Black Gold Online is FREE to PLAY, with continual patches and future content updates. Fans who have participated in previous tests will be able to enter the game with their existing accounts, while those interested in joining signup & download the client before the test servers launch!

In addition, the Black Gold Online premium Conqueror’s Edition is now available for Pre-Order from our retail partners at Amazon, BestBuy and GameStop. This pack will grant players access to special exclusive content for the Open Beta Test and beyond. The full release to follow in the future will have no character wipe, meaning fans will be able to continue their characters from the OBT into the future.

Learn more about Black Gold Online’s Conqueror’s Edition Pre-order here!

E3- Electronic Entertainment Expo
Click here to learn more about the convention

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – E3 season! The team at Snail Games is thrilled to announce that we’ll be set up at E3, ready to show off Black Gold Online and our latest lineup of games to hit the market. Join us in person or virtually as we take the Los Angeles Convention Center by storm this June 10th-12th!

Snail Games will be setting up shop in the South Hall of the convention center. For those of you who will be in attendance, find us at booth #2803 to get some of our awesome swag and learn about our awesome lineup.

This year, Snail Games will be revealing a portfolio of awesome new games and game expansions, with the amazingly epic MMO Black Gold Online as the center piece. 

E3 Lineup

    Black Gold Online
    Age of Wushu’s latest expansion – Tempest of Strife
    Puzzle Heroes Saga – an exciting new twist of mobile puzzle games
    Heroes of Gaia – 3D turn-based strategy in the palm of the hand
    Taichi Panda – an exciting action RPG for mobile

As we get closer to the convention, keep posted on Facebook, Twitter and our official forums as we reveal community activities, live content from the convention, and much more!


Mercredi 28 mai 2014  
Client - Pre-Order Now Available

Heroes and Knights of Montel

Heeding the call of ancient prophecies, Black Gold Online is now available for Pre-order!

Fans of steampunk, magic, and epic MMO, don't miss this exclusive opportunity to acquire the Conqueror's Edition, complete with virtual goodies to set your saga underway upon the volatile lands of Montel.

Black Gold Online will be available for retail purchase, and for those who just can’t wait until full release, BGO will be available for pre-order from our exclusive distribution partners at Best Buy, Gamespot and Amazon. Fans who Pre-order will receive an exclusive, ultra-rare "Swift Nightmare" mount. Place your order today!

Why Buy? The Swag!

The special retail Conqueror's Edition of Black Gold Online grants fans access to exclusive content. As you rise through the ranks of the royal armored corps, or ascend to the height of the sacred priesthood, you’ll need to dress the part. Fans that order by retail will receive special vanity outfits: the Officer’s Overcoat for the Kingdom of Isenhorst and the Ceremonial Garment for the Erlandir Union. [NOTE: The vanity outfits are not faction-restricted. Players will be able to acquire & wear BOTH costumes]

Pre-order fans will also get extra bonus - an exclusive mount: the mysterious Swift Nightmare. Gallop across the land on this dark stallion, engulfed in enchanted flames.

Pre-order comes with no shortage of goodies, including high-level energy crystals and over $20 of in game currency.

    Pre-order Conqueror's Edition

      Vanity Outfits – Officer’s Overcoat & Ceremonial Garment
      Epic Item Tokens for exchanging PURPLE equipment early on
      Ultra-Rare crafting stones for End-Game Equipment
      $20 Worth of in game currency
      Flaming “Swift Nightmare” Mount

Available NOW for pre-order at, and


Mardi 27 mai 2014  
Beta Test Completed!

The Black Gold Online team at Snail Games is sad, happy, and a series of adjectives along the emotional scale to announce that our Closed Beta Testing has officially ended. For the last two weeks, we’ve given the BGO Community a chance to see what we’ve been working on and the changes to the game since the Alpha. Many newcomers got their first taste of Montel, an amazing world of Steam punk and Fantasy colliding into one unique gaming experience.

To better help us grow, we’d like to ask fans to fill out this Beta Survey. The information you provide will help us further improve our game and the experience for players like you.

And as a special thank you for completing the survey, your account will receive a sum of 200 Black Gold for use during the Open Beta.

News about future updates and the Open Beta Test will be revealed in the coming weeks. Keep posted on our Facebook, Twitter, and official forum to get real-time updates!


Mardi 27 mai 2014  
DevSpeak - Guild on Guild Throwdown

"In Black Gold Online, the world is getting a bit desperate. The two sides are fighting for control, but even within each faction, there are smaller groups forming, teaming up to hold on to their resources, to their little chunk of the map. They can get ambitious, even vicious at times. That’s where the Guilds come in.”

- Johnny Lau, Senior Content Lead -

From its beginning, the team for Black Gold Online sought to create a world in the midst of conflict. Seeking to create a blend of PvE, PvP and territorial conflict, our developers designed the games Guild system, setting the stage for both cooperative action and aggressive competition. Project lead Johnny Lau tells us more in this special BGO Guild Devspeak.

Building for the Future

In Black Gold Online, players who reach a certain level will be able to create, manage, and join Guilds. Guilds bestow upon their leaders, officers, and members certain benefits and responsibilities. Johnny Lau puts it this way:

“For our Guilds, we didn’t want it to be ‘Ok, we all join the same guild, now we’re the strongest, everyone else is helpless.’ We wanted a system where you needed to manage affairs, in both structural and free-form ways, and where many small guilds could take on a big one, if they did things right.”

Guilds upgrade their level to offer perks to their members

Guilds in Black Gold Online have a “Technology Level,” which determines certain benefits members of that Guild can receive. Players can receive special daily stat bonuses, redeem “Glory” points acquired in service of the Guild for equipment, and even get special treasure chests – all tied to the level of the Guild.

Guild leaders have the power to upgrade their Technology level. This requires resources, however. A guild must acquire the Black Gold it needs to grow from its players, either as personal donation or through acquiring Guild Black Gold by completing certain activities and side quests. Players will have to help fund their guild, which also carries a daily maintenance fee, in order to grow and reap the benefits.

Hold on for dear life: Energy Wells

Closely tied to the Guild competition in Black Gold is the system of persistently controlled Energy Wells. Spread out across Montel, the Energy Wells allow for a unique dynamic of Factional and inter-Guild conflict.

Players, Factions and Guilds fight for control of 9 Energy Wells

“The Energy Wells are where Guilds get the chance to go head-to-head. We wanted a system where players had to work together to win for their Faction, but then fight over the spoils. Greed is king in Montel. You’ll team up on Friday, and then be at each other’s throats by Monday.”

Every weekend Isenhorst and Erlandir may commence a Factional War, where fight for factional control of contested Energy Wells. An Energy Well is open for Factional War when it’s adjacent one controlled by the opposing faction. From Monday onward, Guilds can declare war on each other to take control of those Energy Wells controlled within their faction.

Energy Well battles take place on a special battle map, unique to each Energy Well. If the Energy Well is in another Guild’s control, the attackers will need assault the enemy base and destroy their “Energy Pillars”, while the defending force tries to hold them off. If no other Guild controls the Energy Well, Guilds can bid to participate, with the highest bidder becoming the defender and the second highest the attacker.

Participation in these Guild Battles is not limited to the controlling and declaring Guilds. Guilds can form alliances, and any individual or Guild can enter the battle for their chosen side. Every evening there will be windows of time for Guilds to declare war, register players, and to commence the fighting. Once an Energy Well has been attacked, it will have a brief protection period where it will be free from further assault.

Controlling an Energy Well gives further benefits and responsibilities to the controlling Guild. Energy Wells provide daily Black Gold to the controlling Guild for technology upgrades. Energy Wells also house certain high level and rare merchants, as well as daily rewards and special dungeons exclusive to those in control.

Energy Wells contain special exclusive Instances for those who control them

Guild Leaders also need to pay attention to how they manage the resources of the Energy Well. They’ll need to build up and upgrade the defenses of their Energy Well to help in the event of an attack, or else fall easy prey to attacking enemies.

“We want fans to take control of their own destiny in Black Gold Online, to have a player-driven experience. Build powerful guilds, and team up to bring them down. Territory will change hands, alliances will form and crumble. It’s really up to them.”


Vendredi 23 mai 2014  
Ask the Devs - Closed Beta Edition

The Closed Beta is past it's first week, and we're happy to offer some insights from the Black Gold Online development team. Here are their answers to a few of the popular questions we received on our official forum.

We’re interested in hearing more about the persistent world in Black Gold Online. How player driven is the game? Are there Guilds? Housing? Marriage?

    We’re really happy with the balance of structured storyline and player-driven content we’ve created in Black Gold Online. There is a Guild system that plays prominently in Black Gold Online’s upper level game play.
    Guilds have the opportunity to offer benefits to their members, and vice versa. Players pool resources, and with this funding Guilds can upgrade their Technology Level, offering stat bonuses to guild members.
    Guilds also play a role in one of BGO’s major game features, the Energy Wells. Energy Wells can be captured by a Guild, and offer benefits such as special merchants and exclusive dungeons for controlling members. Guilds must build up and defend the Energy Well, or else lose it in battle to ambitious enemies.
    At the moment, personal ownership of persistent housing is not available, nor is a marriage system like in our popular Age of Wushu. There will be loads of awesome new content to come in the future, so keep an eye out for that!

How does the leveling in Black Gold Online work? Do we distribute the stats ourselves? How do we customize our character?

    As players level up in Black Gold Online, there are a number of features made available, such as access to higher level equipment, skills, carriers, and certain in-game activities. Players gain certain stats as they level up, but an even greater boost in stats comes from using higher level and rarer equipment.
    Players can customize their strengths by the equipment they choose. Rare purple equipment and average green equipment of the same level will offer very different benefits. Also, some equipment will have sockets, allowing players to enhance their weapons with gems to add a certain bonuses.
    As players level they will also unlock more skills. Players must choose a certain number of skills to equip, and the limitation means making the tough choices for certain situations. Which skills would be better for an Instance, vs. those for PvP? Players can create 3 preset skill bars to use in different situations.

How many mounts are there? And Personal Carriers? How many of each can we have?

    There are many different types of mounts, and over 100 unique Personal Carriers in Black Gold Online.
    Mounts can be acquired by completing particular tasks such as quests or challenges in the Trial of the Brave. They can also be purchased with Valor from the Valor Quartermaster. Used for transportation, they will boost your speed and can come in ground mounts as well as flying mounts.
    Players begin with 3 spaces available in their garage. They can create 3 Personal Carriers to fill these spaces. Players will keep these Carriers as long as they are not destroyed, and can upgrade them along development paths as they choose. Players who wish to open up more space can spend a small sum of Black Gold to open up more slots.

What makes the races distinct? Do their quests and stories ever converge? Can I make friends with members of the other faction?

    Each race has certain factors that make them particular and unique. Each race has available to them race-specific static and active skills – that is, one that always applies, and what that a player can trigger when necessary. These are different for each race, and make them each play in different ways. For example, the Kosh have an agility and speed boost, while the Buvont have a short term critical hit increase.
    The races will each begin in a different part of the map, and follow their own unique adventures as they leave home to explore the vast land of Montel. As players progress through this questline, it will take them to areas of the map shared by other races and contested by the opposing faction. As a result, the opportunities for interacting, peacefully or violently, with other races abound. However, the factional tensions run deep, and players won’t be able to ally themselves with the enemy faction.

The Closed Beta is more than half over, and we’re really excited about the Open Beta Test. When can we look for that, and what new content will there be?

    Sadly it is true, the CBT will be at an end next week. However, we’re very happy to say that the OBT is just around the corner! Official announcements will be forthcoming, and the secrets are being carefully guarded by a swarm of mighty Caitharach dragons from Erlandir.
    The BGO team will be at the upcoming E3 convention this June 10-12, and we’re really excited to give more of the world a look at Black Gold Online. We’ll be putting out more info about E3 and the upcoming OBT for this summer very soon!

Check Facebook, Twitter and our Forums to get up-to-date announcements about Black Gold Online!


Jeudi 22 mai 2014  
Beta - Half-through and Critic Reviews

For nearly a week the Black Gold Online Closed Beta has given fans of steampunk and fantasy a glimpse into the land of Montel. Players have had the chance to explore the vast in-game world, try out 4 of the games races as well as 12 classes, and ride into battle upon their own Personal Carriers.

Hear what critics have to say about Black Gold Online. Check out these articles and game streams to see what Black Gold Online is all about.


    MMOSite - Click here

      “If you like this type of game, definitely give it a try! It's new, it's beautiful, it's Black Gold Online!”

    OnRPG - Click here

      "I would say Black Gold is definitely worth playing, and I plan to continue playing myself!"

Live Streams

    MMOHuts - watch the video here
    MMOBomb - see the stream here
    Massively - check out the video here

The awesome adventure continues as we enter the second week of Closed Beta Testing. Check our Beta Key Giveaway Events (get a key today!) and visit our Facebook page for your Beta Key and start your adventure today!


Mardi 20 mai 2014  
DevSpeak - A Clash of Styles

"At the beginning the idea was simple: we wanted a fusion, a mix of different themes. We wanted to create a clash, a conflict at the very visual level. After that, well it just took off from there."

Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Online

Black Gold Online is a game of clashing worlds, and this finds no clearer realization than the game’s very particular art style. Our team in the Snail Games art department took on a unique challenge with Black Gold Online. As the concept began to take form, it became increasingly clear that the team would need to draw on a breadth of sources in a unique mix of styles to create the environment and the feel that we aimed to achieve: a land driven to conflict, as two worlds long separated clash over land, over values, and over the future of their world.

Steam Stylized

The Kingdom of Isenhorst is a realm of powerful technology seated in a rough and inhospitable environment. The people’s who live there have seen rough times as well as good, and it’s their technology that gives them purpose and hope. As we set out to develop the steam faction of the west, our team delved into the world of Victorian Steampunk fan fiction and art.

“We wanted the Steam faction to embody this optimism, this expansionism that took hold of the world at the turn of the century. Anything was possible. But there’s also this darker side – the resources are running dry. People are dabbling in tabooed things – dark magic, unnatural experiments and the like. This was the way Isenhorst was supposed to be.”

Steampunk styles mix with Wild West motifs

Set in a mix of sandy deserts and rugged mountains, the wilderness of Isenhorst looks much like a spaghetti western. Enter the cities, and you find interesting mix of high-collared trenchers, sputtering automobiles and brick and mortar buildings. From the armaments to the outfits, the Isenhorst finds happy balance of drab Victorian and dusty Western to create a mechanized kingdom of outlaws, rebels, mutants and monsters.

Victorian futurism in an epic conflict

A Natural Fit

As the counterweight to the Steampunk aesthetic, our team needed to find something to oppose the industrial and technology driven elements of the Kingdom of Isenhorst. Looking to the fantasy genre, we found an easy choice in the naturalist mysticism.

“Erlandir could be no further away from Isenhorst, they are opposites. Whereas Isenhorst is drawing on technology and machines, Erlandir’s power is all drawn from the elements and the environment. Isenhorst using some dark magic, but Erlandir’s magic is mystical and elemental, drawing on the forces of nature.”

Creating Erlandir began with this notion of nature and expanded from there. The world is full of lush forests, bountiful resources, and beasts, some used as the powerful Personal Carriers for their faction. Modeling powerful cultures with a connection to nature, Erlandir draws stylistic inspiration from Mayan, Polynesian, and stylized variations on tribal cultures to create a world of natural magic and wonder.

Natural forces pervade, both for good and evil

Melding together these two distinctive art styles was a challenge, but the art team at Snail Games rose to the challenge. The result has been a stylized and graphically stunning game, in which two worlds with two separate styles come together in a clash for control. It is an artistic concept and game play concept that sets Black Gold Online apart.


Jeudi 15 mai 2014  
Official - Closed Beta Goes Live!

May 15th is a day that shall live in infamy! Ok, maybe an exaggeration, but we the good people at Snail Games are ecstatic to announce that our Closed Beta Test is about to begin!

The test begins today, May 15th at 2pm Pacific time (find out when that is for you!) The North American CBT will last two weeks, ending on May 28th, during which time we’ll be working with our wonderful testers to refine and polish our exciting new virtual world!

Important Improvements

We’ve been hard at work since the Alpha test, scouring the reports from our Alpha testers and making the necessary adjustments. We’ve made some huge steps forward, as well as countless small tweaks to the game. We look forward to revealing the new face of BGO to the world!

Enter a rich world with Black Gold Online's redone graphics!

In the Close Beta, players will be able to explore even more of Montel, play as a larger variety of classes, and try out some updated game features. To help our Alpha testers discover what’s new, and of course for all newcomers to get caught up, we’ve updated the Game Features section of our website. Find out more about all the fun in BGO here.

Third Party Login

During the Closed Beta Test, fans will be able to login with a Snail Games account, or using a Third Party Login such as Facebook or Google+. For those wishing to use a TPL, you will still need to activate that account.

Don’t have a key yet? Check out some of our key giveaway promotions. It’s not too late! Keys Await.

Beta Events

If you’re excited to provide valuable feedback, you may wet yourself with this one: we’ll be running some awesome activities in game, and we’ll be offering some glorious prizes for those who participate. Want to tell us about bugs? Want to make a suggestion? Want to explore uncharted lands? We’ve got a prize for that!

Learn about Events right this second!

Enter the amazing world of Black Gold Online now! Join in the Closed Beta Test, and we'll see you there.


Jeudi 15 mai 2014  
Official - Closed Beta Events

Gird yourselves, Heroes of Montel, for the Closed Beta Test to begin!

The BGO Team has some great activities set up for all our Beta testers. Aside from all the amazing features of the game, we've got Three Major Events ready for you! We invite all of our Beta testers to participate in our finely crafted fun events. Join in the fun and win some awesome loot for your trouble!

Explore the hidden dungeons, fight in epic battles, struggle for power, and win the priceless BLACK GOLD!.

Event - March forward! My warriors

    Event period : Closed Beta (May 15-28)
    Requirement : All servers
    Description : Welcome to the world of Montel!

      As you progress through the game, we will present you with brief surveys to better gauge your experience and views of the various features of Black Gold Online. On completion, you'll receive rewards as our way of saying THANK YOU! We look forward to your feedback.

      Let your adventure begin!

    Tips : Purple equipments are the rarest and strongest equipments in the game.


Event 2 - Montel Scavenger Hunt

    Event period : Closed Beta (May 15-28)
    Requirement : All servers
    Description : As you explore the world, find and collect treasure maps for each of the following locations. Follow the coordinates you find on the map and dig up the treasure. Great riches and rare items are yours for the plunder. Once you've horded enough treasure, you'll be able to receive a special bonus prize!

    Tips : When you saw some suspicious looking NPC wondering around, just ‘take care of’ him.


    Obtain 1 Treasure, Receive 1 Mosquito Part
    Obtain 5 Treasures, Receive 49 Mosquito Part
    Obtain10Treasures,Receive 50 Mosquito Parts

    Tips : According to First Academy of Buvont “Mechanical mosquito might be a vehicle, but it is so ugly that I don’t think anyone would want to use it.”Collect the pieces of the Mosquito to receive a special flying mount! Once you have enough, redeem the parts in the event interface to receive your prize!

Event 3 - Feedback and Rewards!

    Event period : Closed Beta (May 15-28)
    Requirement : All servers
    Description : Black Gold Online is finishing up its development and we're looking for your feedback.  All reported issues during the Close Beta will be logged and any reports that help us make effective improvements to the game will give you the chance to earn Black Gold as a reward.

    Tips: Black Gold can be used to buy equipment, reinforce existing items and repair and craft vehicles!

How to submit in-game issues:

    Click the 'Online GM' button in-game.

    Click the 'Submit Bug' button on the left-side of the Online help window to provide information about an in-game issue.


    100 Black Gold per effective report

After a report is submitted, we will inform you if it is effective by the next day via the Fast Receive System!

Tips: All rewards via Fast Receive can be claimed by only one character.

Enjoy these events and so much more in the BGO Closed Beta Test!


Lundi 12 mai 2014  
Official - Black Gold Online Media Blitz

With the May 15th Closed Beta nearly upon us, the team at Black Gold Online has been sitting back and relaxing… NOT!

Our team has been putting it into high gear as we prepare for the CBT of Black Gold Online. To help get fans fired up, our team has gone on tour, showing of Black Gold Online to media outlets and gaming channels. Learn more about the classes, game play, and all kinds of goodies with the results from our pre-Beta Media Blitz!

Behind the scenes of our on-camera interview with Darren Henderson of MMOHut/OnRPG Alliance

And as a special treat, check out the first ever official BGO game stream on Gamespot’s popular “Now Playing” show. Join host Kevin VanOrd and Snail Games Community Manager Kevin Doyle in a romp through Montel on the first ever episode of the “Kevin and Kevin” show!

Follow the links below to see what critics are saying about Black Gold Online.


Game Zone

    Gritty Steampunk meets vibrant fantasy

      “ One thing I found particularly interesting while checking out the game at the Snail offices was the melee combat. Instead of forcing overly simplistic hack-and-slash action, there's a slightly deeper design to the battles. ”

More reviews will be added to the list, stay tuned for more about Black Gold Online!


Lundi 5 mai 2014  
Official - Beta Client Available

Masters of Machinery and Magic

As fans of Black Gold Online gear up for the upcoming Closed Beta, there is one piece of equipment that no Champion of Montel can live without – The BGO Game Client!

Lucky for all of us, the BGO Game Client is now available for download. Players with activated accounts will be able to download the client by following the link below.

Signup for the Beta Here!

The world of Montel awaits, Download the game client today! (hyperlink ‘DOWNLOAD’ to

The client is hair over 10 GB, so allow enough time to complete the download as speeds will vary. We recommend using a download manager.

Those of you who participated in the Alpha Test and still have your game client DO NOT need to download the whole thing again. The BGO Game Client will automatically update itself; just login, and let the client do the rest.

Still no key? Worry not! Register for an account by following the link above to sign up for the Closed Beta test. Also check out our Beta Key Giveaway promotions on Facebook and Twitter.

Look for more news as we get closer to the May 15th Closed Beta Test.



Mercredi 23 avril 2014  
Official - Beta Announcement

Cry “Havoc” Warriors of Montel!

The team at Black Gold Online is excited to announce the date of our Closed Beta Testing!The time has finally come to sound the drums and let loose the hounds. Gather your weapons, harness your beasts, load your guns and oil your gears. 

Closed Beta will begin Thursday, May 15th at 2pm PDT (when's that for you?) The Beta features a newer version of Black Gold Online, with some notable improvements. Thanks to feedback from our testers in the Alpha Test Drive earlier this year, we have made some important changes to improve the game. The game boasts new rich environments and radically improved User Interface. Enjoy a new and improved Personal Carrier system, battleground maps and matching systems have also seen some major changes.

The CBT will draw on a larger pool of players than the previous Alpha, and applications are now open! We’d like to give players the chance to explore the vast world and try out all the great features of Black Gold Online. Register your account by clicking the link below, and click "Sign Up" to begin.

    Learn more about Black Gold Online with one Click!
    Want to Paticipate in the Beta? Sign up HERE!

Once your account is created, you'll receive an email to verify.  Click "Redeem Code" to register your key. Once your account is activated, you can download the client from your account. Both Mac and PC clients are available. We recommend using a download manager to help with the process.

The CBT will be open to all those who participated in the Alpha Test Drive. Anyone with a working activated account will be able to enter.

More news on what to expect in the next month soon to come as we ramp up for the Beta Test of Black Gold Online!


Lundi 21 avril 2014  
Game Feature - Siege and Defense

Our latest release comes as a double whammy, as the team at Black Gold Online is pleased to reveal the lumbering, powerful Siege carriers, the rigid and protective Defensive Structures, and the role these two play in the game.

Creating Siege

The Siege carriers are the heavy duty, armored tanks of the battleground. Their strength is in their size and power, but their Achilles’ heel is their speed. They have powerful close range attacks with high area damage and attack bonuses against defensive structures. However, they are lumbering and slow with limited long-range attacks and long cool-downs, making them easy prey for faster, high damage attack Assault carriers.

Drawing on historic motifs in the development of siege carriers

    “ When we began to shape the large-scale mounted PvP features of BGO, we wanted to create elements of fortress defense and assault, with dynamic environments that players can build up and destroy. For the destroying side, we designed the Siege carriers, which drew a lot of inspiration from real life weapons and creatures. The result is a really cool system of area denial and siege, with players working together to takedown impassable and deadly defenses. ”
    - Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Online

Keep guard, slow siege are vulnerable to more agile adversaries

A Peek at Defenses

The Battlegrounds and Energy Well battles feature a variety of dynamic environmental features that players can interact with. Among these, Defensive Structures play in important role.

Defensive structures appear throughout different types of battleground maps, and can range from the extremely simple to the dangerously powerful. These environmental features, such as fences, walls, and turrets, add a defensive aspect to the battle, constricting movement and harassing the enemy as they advance.

Energy Wells battles offer a unique opportunity for players to utilize Siege carriers and Defensive Structures. We’ll be revealing more info about Energy Wells battles in the future, but here’s a special peek:

Players begin on opposing ends and fight over strategic points in the middle

Players begin on opposite ends of the map, as an Assaulting team and Defensive team. The goal of each is to destroy or defend special Energy Pillars on the map. Before the battle, leaders will make defensive preparations, from placing auto-firing and man-able turrets to summoning protective Bosses. As the battle proceeds, the two sides battle for control, as the Assault team seeks to break through the barricades and destroy the Energy Pillar in the Defender’s base.

Defensive turrets and impassable walls become a bane as the Assaulting team tries to move forward. Only with the help of the heavily armored Siege carriers can players hope to break through. This "Rock, Paper, Scissors" arrangement, in which Assault can overpower Siege, Siege can destroy Defenses, and Defenses can repel Assault, puts the focus on tactics and teamwork in order to triumph.

Here’s a closer look at a few of these mighty battering beasts and siege engines players will see in Black Gold Online

Fantasy: Craniosaur

Heavy Siege

In the southern grasslands lumber the massive, thick skulled Craniosaur. Ill-tempered loners, they subsist on a diet of roots that grow along underground seams of Black Gold, imbuing their very foundation with immense strength. While giving them strength, this boost of Black Gold into their system makes them highly irritable and prone to violent fits. With their stubbornness, the Craniosaur have never been successfully bred in captivity. Every monstrous creature must be captured in the wild, and tamed for use. Most are only barely controlled.

Demolish enemy structures with the Craniosaur's powerful tusks

The massive Craniosaur are the slow and equipped with heavy armor. Players using the Craniosaur have no long-range attack, requiring them to get close to doll out damage. The Craniosaur’s attacks both have area damage and push-back effects, knocking footed enemies within the area away. The Craniosaur’s attacks have multiplier effect damage bonuses against defensive structures and base bosses.

    Primary Attack

      Tusk Fury -- Striking forward with the head, causes damage and push back to enemies within 10 yrds

    Secondary Attack

      Brute Shock -- Rearing up on hind legs,then crashing forward with a violent pounding of the forelegs, demolishing targets and pushing back enemies within 10 yrds. Attack bonus vs. structures

Steam: Retaliator

Medium-range Siege

In the annals of history, there are certain emblems of pure hatred and fury that come to represent a generation. For the Lokemean dwarves, that symbol is the Retaliator. During the great Erlandir Incursion, the dwarves suffered terrible slaughters before the forces of mysticism and sorcery. Barely stemming the tide of the invasion, combined Buvont and Lokemean workshops began the Retaliator Project to settle the score. The Retaliator is not only a siege and battle platform, it represents the burning vengeance at the very heart of the Lokemean dwarves. Only blood and fire can pay for the lives the Lokemean lost.

The walker-style carrier is heavily armored with increased mobility over other siege units. Its arms are each equipped with different armaments, with an anti-personal Gatling Gun mounted on one side and a destructive Howitzer on the other. Despite its speed limitations, it is a formidable force against structures and enemies alike.

    Primary Attack

      Gatling Gun – low damage, high rate of fire attack effective against infantry and lighter mounts

    Secondary Attack

      Howitzer – high explosive rounds, area damage, also causing fire damage and concussion push-back effect against unmounted enemies. Continuous damage attack bonus against structures

More news and updates are soon to come as we unveil more game features in preparation of the upcoming Black Gold Online Beta test. Keep up-to-date on the latest here and on our pages on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.


Mercredi 16 avril 2014  
Game Feature - PvP - A World at War

The BGO Team is out with more news about the thrilling world of Montel. Whether it’s face to face or through the sights of a Personal Carrier, in Black Gold Online there are endless opportunities to duke it out with other players. Today, we’re here to talk a little bit about PvP.

" For Black Gold Online, we wanted to create an amazing open world, full of all kinds of interesting little treasures and beautiful scenery, and throw players into it to team up with and against each other. We wanted players to feel a sense of freedom to explore, but wariness at the dangers they face - a feelng that the most dangerous challenges of all … are the other players ."
- Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Onlne. -

There are so many different types of PvP in Black Gold, that players may not even realize all the ways they can squash their friends and enemies. There’s something for everyone – from structured to free-form; from organized to totally spontaneous; from massively large to minutely small. Here are some of the PvP features to look for in Black Gold Online.

Open World

Open World fighting was a feature we wanted to play prominently in Black Gold Online. Players join the game as members of two warring factions, and any player of the opposing faction is their sworn enemy. Players will occasionally come upon members of the opposing faction, especially along the bordering regions of the map, and such encounters can lead to some awesome skirmishes.

Players are not restricted to fighting the enemy faction. Once players reach a certain level, they’ll be able to toggle between “Peace Mode” and “Slaughter Mode”. In Slaughter Mode, players can openly attack anyone, including their own faction. As players fight in the world, they can acquire enemies, and earn reputations for their rampant violence. With enough murder, players may even be declared a criminal, leading to a man-hunt by world NPCs in search of justice.


For the people who love the mechanized vehicles and magical beasts, the Battleground is the stuff of dreams. The main Battleground takes place at a contested point between Erlandir and Isenhorst – the mountain-top Blood Fang Citadel.

Battle it out with other players in combat vehicles

Players join those from their own faction, on foot or in Battle Carriers to fight for control of strategic bases on the mountain. Battlegrounds combine teamwork with heart-pounding PvP, and give players the chance to try out the different types of Carriers against their enemies.


Whereas the Battlegrounds are place for players to work together and take advantage of the awesome combat carrier system, the Arenas give players the chance to go toe-for-toe and skill-for-skill against other players in a good old fashioned brawl. When players enter the Arena, their personal gear is swapped out for a standard set, eliminating any advantages from special equipment; players rely on their own skill to win. Any class can join in the Arena, and matches are determined at random, meaning we see some really interesting matchups. Who would win in a fight between an Occultist and a Blademaster? You might be surprised.


Adventures are a really special feature for Black Gold Online, allowing players a really wide variety of playing options. Most of the Adventures feature some form of PvP, whether it’s going undercover to steal secrets in the capital of the enemy faction in “The Lion’s Den”, or attacking/guarding a special “shadow” NPC in the “Shadow Hunt.” If combat and subterfuge aren’t your thing, players can compete for prizes in mounted races in the “Grand Prix.” These and more await brave adventurers.

Chambers of Greed

Chambers of Greed are an awesome mix of PvE and PvP. Players find these dungeon-like mystery tunnels throughout the open world, and have to fight through mobs to find treasure within. As they make their way through the labyrinths, they may stumble upon other players. Will they team up to take on challenging bosses, or turn the PvE into a PvP brawl over precious loot? The choice comes in the heat of the moment, and it’s no coincidence they’re called the “Chambers of Greed.”

Venture through perilous caverns filled with dangerous adversaries

Energy Wells

As we designed the PvP game play, we wanted to create opportunities for teamwork and cooperation. We had the importance of guilds in mind when we designed the Energy Wells – contested sections of the map that offer special benefits to those in control.

Plot your domination of Montel with the Energy Well Interface

Energy Wells can be captured through large scale battles, with numbers of combatants reaching over 100. The two rival factions can rally their forces in regular battles for supremacy of the land, capturing Energy Wells from the other side. Throughout the week, competing guilds within each faction can declare war on each other, capturing Energy Wells in a bid for more power.

For Black Gold Online, we pose players with a lot of challenges – monsters, malfunctioning mechs and terrible apocalyptic prophets. But in line with the theme of Black Gold Online – a world torn by war, struggling with increasingly scarce resources – players will likely find that the greatest danger they face is the greed of other people. PvP is where it’s at.


Lundi 14 avril 2014  
Creating Black Gold Online - PvP Battlegrounds

Fans of PvP and raucous warfare will find their home in the Battlegrounds of Black Gold Online. The BGO Team is excited to reveal details on this key game feature and the considerations that went into making the Battleground.


In Black Gold Online, players have the opportunity to opt-in to large scale, faction vs faction Battlegrounds.

The essence of the Battlegrounds is simple: the two factions of the world – the steam-powered west and magical east – meet in the middle, fighting for control of a steep mountain-top fortress called the “Bloodfang Citadel.” Starting at opposing camps, players battle for control of bases along the mountain’s winding paths, represented by flags. Players can respawn after death at their controlled bases, in which friendly NPCs and personal carriers appear for use.

Producer of Black Gold Online Kee Zhang put it this way:

“ The Battleground brings together a bunch of the important components of Black Gold Online into one place: PvP, vehicular combat, factional war, it’s all there. It gives players a chance to use their personal carriers, and try out ones they don’t themselves have. The carriers are evenly matched, so the challenge is to see which side can work together to win the fight. ”

Personal Carriers get increasingly awesome as they develop

Designing the Fighting Grounds

For Bloodfang Citadel, the art team at Black Gold Online was tasked with capturing the brutality of war and the desperation facing the two sides in the conflict. The battlegrounds fit in with the overall setting of the game which is that a once peaceful world is now torn apart, struggling for control over an increasingly scarce resource.

We tried to capture the destruction and desperation left by war

Our team did a great job of capturing the bleak yet exciting atmosphere, and bringing two really unique styles from Steam and Fantasy together in one clashing environment. It reflects the nature of the conflict, as the two sides jockey for territory along the foothills and slopes of the mountain. The further towards either side’s base camp you get, the more steam punk or the more magical the surroundings get.

Battleground Layout

It was obvious early on from the story that with two opposing sides at war separated by mountains, we’d have at least some of the fighting would take place in the mountains. At the top of the key central mountain is the citadel, a towering spire with a really sinister look. The citadel itself is seated atop a reservoir of Black Gold crystals that channel energy up into the spire. Like everywhere in Montel, Black Gold equals power, so players have to battle for control of the top of the mountain.

Players start at either end of the map, and have to follow winding trails up the mountain – that is unless of course they pick an Aerial carrier. Once on the mountain, it’s a struggle for control of the narrow passes and the few crossroads as you try to capture strategically placed flags. The cliffs and hilly terrain make geography an important factor; players who control the heights may have a good shooting position, though can also get cornered with no way out but a Thelma and Louise style plunge.

The Dev Team at Black Gold Online is excited to show off more of the Battlegrounds and the exciting world of vehicular combat and Personal Carrier customization. Keep posted for updates on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, and visit our Forum to tell us what you’d like to see in the Battlegrounds of Black Gold Online.


Dimanche 13 avril 2014  
[Ask the Devs] Season 2 Ep 3 pt. 2

The fans have spoken, and the team at Black Gold Online has listened. We're excited to offer this very special Part Two to last week's episode of Ask the Devs to provide more information to our fans about the game and what they can expect to see in the upcoming Beta.

Q. Will there be anything added to the game for high-level open world PvP? Like a special lvl 40 only area? Will there be opportunities to get really high level loot in PvP?

    A. The principle of BGO's open world PvP is just as it's called – Open. Players can fight against any other players they choose, including their own faction. Players can toggle "Peace Mode" and "Slaughter Mode", and while in the later can fight and kill any player who is not protected (there are areas of protection for players lvl 15 and lower). Players who go on a killing rampage run the risk of becoming wanted criminals, being hunted by protective NPCs and being forced to spend time in penal exile.

Of course, there are more structured PvP features, such as the Chambers of Greed, in which players will fight both world mobs and other players for special loot and rare items. The winding mazes have danger around every corner, and there is no telling what other players you might come face to face with. There are also the Battlefields, which as players progress will offer more opportunities for high level Personal Carriers, Arenas for 1v1 dueling, Adventures and more.

As the game moves forward, we may look to add more features to reflect higher level PvP. The opportunities truly are endless.

Q. What about high level loot? Will there be ways to acquire high level equipment through PvP and PvE without paying?

    A. Black Gold Online features a unique monetization system for acquiring rare and valuable items. More information about the system will be made public in the future, but at this time we can offer a few pieces of information.

High level loot will come from a wide variety of game features, including both PvE and PvP. Players who play more, do higher level Instances and other major game features, and are generally more active will get more chances at this loot. In addition to world drops, players acquire Vials of Time, which are valued based on their accomplishments during their play. So the more they play the more value they get.

There will be more information about Vials of Time and high-level, rare equipment as we move closer the CBT and the full release.

Q. Will we see regular patches and updates for the game? How regular will they be?

    A. Black Gold Online will be a dynamic game, not a static one. Players can expect updates to the game as we move through the tests and beyond. It's definitely too early to tell how often these patches and updates will come, however.

Q. We have to ask: When will the Closed Beta Test begin? When can we at least know more?

    A. Announcements about the date and details of the upcoming CBT will be available soon. We appreciate the enthusiasm and excitement of our fan community, and we encourage everyone to stay informed on the latest here on the official BGO webpage and at the official Black Gold Online Facebook page. Look forward to new content reveals and releases, fan community activities, and special promotions as we get ready for the CBT!


Jeudi 10 avril 2014  
[Ask the Devs] Season 2 Ep 3

After our initial Alpha phase of testing, the Devs at Black Gold Online are pleased to answer question from fans of the game. In this episode, we have some special news about changes players can expect when they enter the Beta coming soon.

Q. For battlefields, the vehicles sometimes felt unbalanced, with certain units overpowered. Will there be any changes to the vehicles system from the Alpha version?

    A. The system of personal carriers will see some adjustments and changes as we enter the Beta testing. Some of the stats have been adjusted to ensure that the carriers from either faction are not over- or under-powered, and we’ve implemented a more segmented upgrading system allowing players to strengthen their carriers as they progress.

Team up in vehicular combat on the Battlefield

The core system will still remain, however: players will be able to create their own personal carriers, requiring the research of certain documents and acquisition of resources to move them along development branches. Each type of carrier will have a type against which it is very strong, and another against which it is very weak, creating a “Rock-Paper-Scissors” arrangement.

Q. We’ve seen information about classes and races that we didn’t see in the Alpha. Any news on when we can try out some of these?

    A. In the Alpha, players had the chance to try out 4 of the playable classes and 2 races for each faction, ranging from Buvont Assassins to Kosh Geomancers. For the Beta, we’relooking to give players a larger view of the characters Black Gold Online has to offer.

The Closed Beta will feature 4 new classes in addition to the original 8, making a total of 6 playable classes per side. The existing classes will receive some minor adjustments, with an updated skill system for better customization. The Beta test will still be limited to 4 of the 6 races in the game, with the Upryian vampire and Aurek races to come in the future.

Q. What kind of events will there be for the Beta? Will they be anything like what we saw in the Alpha? Will we be able to keep the rewards we got during Alpha?

    A. The Beta Test will include some very similar promotions to the Alpha, including rewards for logging in, participating in certain activities, filling out surveys and more. There will also be even more reward opportunities for players to take advantage of, with news on those events to come. Alpha testers who enter the Beta will have a clean slate to start with.

Q. Could you tell us more about the BGO endgame? Will there be specific PvP and PvE areas for max level players?

Battle for control of Energy Wells

    A. One of the important end-game features will be the Energy Well battles. Players will be able to fight for control with high-level carriers, some of which can only be acquired through control of the Energy Well. Energy Wells will have their own special Instances and crafting available. More details on that soon!

We’ll be releasing more information about the BGO endgame in the future. The game will see no shortage of endgame options, with the possibility wide open for special Adventures, Battlefields, etc. for high-level and rare gear.


Mercredi 9 avril 2014  
Carriers - Hard-hitting Assault

In the latest release from Black Gold Online’s customizable system of personal carriers, the BGO team presents a sneak peek at Assault carriers, and a closer look at a few of the powerful beasts and vehicles available for combat.

Assault vehicles and beasts are balanced and versatile carriers, specializing in destroying other carriers with a variety of short- and long-range attacks. With medium mobility and mid- to –heavy armor, the Assault carriers can be a formidable force on the battlefield, blowing through other carriers. Assault carriers have special attack bonuses against Siege, Anti-air and Raid, but are at a severe disadvantage to Aerial units.

“ The Assault vehicles were designed to blow away the other vehicles, to be the heavy core of the battlefield. Each faction has two types of Assault carriers: one suited to long-range attack, and one fitted for short- to medium-range fighting. This was intended to add variety to tactics, between charging in or holding back to shoot. ”
- Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Online -

    Relative Strength: Attack, Armor
    Relative Weakness: Maneuvering

Steam: Incinerator

Short-/mid-range Assault

Originally designed as a heavy mining platform, the antecedent to the Incinerator was constructed with heavy, heat-resilient materials to withstand the high pressures and extreme temperatures of the Lokemean forges. The defeat of the Isenhorst’s eastward Expeditionary Force, and the subsequent invasion of the Erlandir army left many in the Kingdom scrambling to arms. With the assistance of a small team of Buvont inventors, the dwarves jerry-rigged incendiary torches to the platform’s chassis, and created the first Incinerator.

Deadly flame attacks engulf living organisms

A slow, walking-type carrier, its armor and firepower make up for its shorter range and speed.. The Incinerator’s arms are equipped with two forms of flame-based weaponry, which when used in concert create magnified fire damage.

    Primary Attack

      Flamethrower– forward firing flame cloud, continuous flow for several seconds, causes targets to catch on fire for sustained damage

    Secondary Attack

      Gas Bombs – Molotov cocktail style incendiary bombs, cause fire damage. When used with flamethrower, has multiplier effect on burning damage

Unmatched by land, but vulnerable from the sky

Fantasy: Rimestalker

Long-range Assault

Fables told of frigid beasts with the icy cruelty of winter in their hearts. An ancient frozen horror, with time the hordes of Rimestalkers faded, descending into a deep hibernation far below the northern ice shelves in glacial caverns. Kosh explorers charting the Northern expanse stumbled upon these slumbering behemoths. At first uncontrollable, the Kosh and their Aurek beast-wranglers slowly came to understand these mysterious monsters, and in time tamed them.

Rain icy descruction down on enemies from afar

These multi-legged war beasts are a highly mobile variety of Assault carrier. Their thick pelt forms a medium strength armor, and the Rimestalker is capable of hurling devastating long-range attacks with wide areas of effect.

    Primary Attack

      Arctic Harpoon – riders hurl a biting cold spear, causing damage to first target it reaches

    Secondary Attack

      Ice Blast – launch a massive blast of ice in parabolic arc, causing freezing area damage on striking ground.


Mardi 8 avril 2014  
Official - Great Changes to Come

The team at Black Gold Online is proud to announce that after a successful Alpha test, we will be releasing a newer, smoother, updated version of Black Gold Online for Closed Beta testing soon to come.

What to Expect

Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Online, tells a bit about what to expect:

    " With the completion of the Alpha Test from March 20th-31st, we received a considerable volume of feedback: some lauding, some critical, but most importantly a lot of useful ideas and suggestions for upgrades to the game. We wanted to thank our community of fans by offering a little peek at what they can expect in the Closed Beta test coming soon. "


The art teams at BGO have been hard at work refining and refurbishing the visual experience that players will encounter as they enter the land of Montel. The new looks we’re including in the game will aim to reinforce the core art concept of Black Gold Online: the mixing of industrial expansionism in a harsh, forbidding environment with the tribal and transcultural diversity of naturalism and magical fantasy.

Improved graphics and new maps await!

Redone maps and landscapes create a more vivid world and exciting gamer experience and the updated environment will offer a more fulfilling sense of exploration. Improved texturing is being implemented alongside smoother and more natural animations to create a deeper and more immersive experience for our gamers.

In particular, our environment art designers are doing a lot of work on the Kingdom of Isenhorst, in response to player feedback. More vivid landscapes, added texturing and vegetation and an overall more appealing feel are being implemented to match the stunning scenery of Erlandir, while keeping to the distinctly Steam punk themes of the western alignment.

User Interface

Improvements to the BGO User Interface have already been in development, and strides are being taken to address some of the issues players recently encountered in the test. The new UI is cleaner, more customizable and less obtrusive than in earlier versions, allowing players a freer view of the world around them while creating easy and convenient access to the various game windows. The game controls system have undergone a series of improvements, in particular the popularly used Crosshairs Mode, to create a more seamless and intuitive playing experience.

Game Features

Black Gold Online is making some improvements to expand and reinforce the core game play, with a major focus on increasing the fluidity and pace of our action-oriented combat system. Adjustments to the collision detection and combat animations are already underway, with the aim to reinforce dodging, moving, and attacking for a more intense fighting style of play. Targeting and spell casting are also seeing an overhaul, offering greater control and flexibility for ranged DPS and support play.

A major change already underway is a revamped Quest-line, featuring a richer storyline that reflects the background and lore of Black Gold Online. An important addition is an optional tutorial phase, along with fuller explanations throughout the different game components including equipment, Military Battlefields, and Adventures to name a few.

Open world PvE is receiving a lot of attention as we rework and add-on to some of the core features. NPC respawn times and loot drops will both receive major improvements in response to user feedback. The world boss Outbreaks are also being expanded, with a higher frequency and more diverse objectives. As a hint of what’s to come, imagine defending strategic points against invading hordes, harvesting world resources for special loot, and much more as we update the Outbreak feature.

Look for improved loot drops and mob respawns for a better Open World experience

Our dungeon-like Chambers of Greed have also been getting some upgrades, with newer and fiercer monsters guarding valuable treasure and dropping even better loot. The CoG maps and atmosphere are being adjusted, with larger tunnels to explore and more opportunities for fighting other players. The combination of exploration, PvE and greedy loot-crazed PvP will be reinforced through some important tweaks and fixes.

With these updates, among others up our sleeves (world drop treasure maps, secret landmarks, etc.), the core game play features of BGO will be broader, deeper, and generally more enjoyable.

Battlefields and Vehicles

Setting Black Gold Online apart from other MMOs, the Battle Vehicle and War Beasts system will be receiving some important adjustments to offer greater personalization and customization, while improving the nature of the mounted PvP and reinforcing the core teamwork concept of the Military Battlefields and Energy Well battles.

Vehicular combat will see some awesome improvements

The personal vehicle feature will include a new form of upgrading, allowing players to incrementally up their armor and attack in between models. The customization branches have also been expanded with newer and unique abilities, with two extra levels of high level vehicles and beasts. Open world vehicle and beast mechanics have also been adjusted, with improved UI options to make for a more integrated use of vehicles throughout the game.

The strengths and abilities of each class of vehicle will be adjusted so as to ensure the core concept of vehicular combat: that no single vehicle type will dominate, with a Rock-Paper-Scissors configuration making each type vulnerable and formidable against others. These changes will reinforce the role of teamwork and balance in battlefield situations.

The Military Battlefield is also pegged to undergo some important aesthetic and structural changes. The layout of the Blood Fang Citadel map will be adjusted, with new dispositions of battlefield resources and altered terrain to create new challenges for armies as they battle for control at the top of the mountain.


An important update to the latest version of Black Gold Online will be the inclusion of 4 new playable classes, two for Steam and Fantasy alignments each. These new classes will offer players more choices in play style, along with improved and updated versions of the original 8 classes in the Alpha. With different specialties, each class offers a unique gaming experience with special strengths, weaknesses, and abilities.



      A gun-wielding long-range DPS class with awesome munitions variability


      A summoner of demonic constructs, enlisting nether beings to their aid on the battlefield



      A wind and water elemental mage with powerful crowd control and fast, ranged attack


      A battle-axe wielding warrior with the power to summon the forces of nature to his or her side.

These and other changes to come will be available to experience in the Closed Beta Test in the near future. As we move forward towards the Test Date, more news and updates on the test and other game features will be made available, so stay tuned!


Lundi 7 avril 2014  
Carriers - Lighning-fast Raid

Raid vehicles and beasts are high speed, lightly armored carriers. Their speed makes them useful in maneuvering around the enemy, attacking from blind-spots and badgering long-range enemies by closing on targets quickly. Although a few good hits from an Assault carrier can spell disaster for a Raider, they have an attack bonus against players on foot and NPCs. As such, they work well playing cleanup, finishing off players after their mounts have been destroyed by more powerfully equipped teammates.

"The idea of the Raid carrier is to give players a solid starting point for using combat vehicles and battlefield teamwork. It's the first and simplest vehicle you can get, and alone against stronger vehicles and beasts you're hopeless. Riders have to work together, playing support roles and making tactical moves to knock out enemies." - Kee Zhang, Producer of BGO

    Advantages: Speed, Maneuverability
    Weaknesses: Armor, Attack

Steam: Aggressor

The Aggressor is the standard battle unit of the Isenhorst Kingdom, used with success in fast attack maneuvers and as front-line battle units in the New Expedition Force’s incursion into Erlandir. A lightly armored walker, the Aggressor could more accurately be described as a runner, reaching speeds unmatched by non-aerial mechs. It's strength is also its Achilles heel - prioritizing speed, the Aggressor is lightly armored and vulnerable to heavy attack.

The Aggressor is armed with a light Repeating Rocket cannon, a low damage but long-range attack. For close-range, it is equipped with a scatter shot Shotgun, which has a knock-back effect against enemies. Later models can be upgraded along customization tree with different secondary attachments.

    Primary Attack

      Repeating Rocket - no cool-down, line of sight rocket, explodes on impact.

    Secondary Attack

      Shotgun - wide spray of damage with kick-back effect, slow cool-down and reload speed.

Fantasy: Sabertooth

Life on the windswept plains of Erlandir's hinterland shaped the Sabertooth, making it strong and swift. Hunting wild fauna on the vast plains and craggy foothills of central Erlandir, the Sabertooth developed nimble agility and lightning speed. The Aurek used their talents with beasts to tame the Sabertooth, using it to hunt, and later in battle. Their speed made them excellent scouts, gliding over the land lightly armored and hunting down their adversaries.

Riders of the Sabertooth are armed with a spear for rapid close-range attack, and the Sabertooth's hunting instincts can be unleashed with a powerful leaping attack, knocking their prey to the ground and dealing heavy damage. Sabertooth can later be evolved into special breeds, each with unique attack abilities.

    Primary Attack

      Bloodied Lance - brandishing attack, no cool-down for continuous fighting.

    Secondary Attack

      Stalking Pounce - Sabertooth leaps forward towards target, causing damage and knocking footed enemies to the ground.

Mercredi 2 avril 2014  
New Class - Thaumaturge

Thaumaturge - Weaver of Constructs

There is a terrible darkness that pervades the world. Sinister forces play behind the scenes, pulling at the strings bound round the fates and descending swiftly through the shadows over the far reaches of the land. Many come to fear this unseen evil, this flitting specter that hides just beyond the corner of the eye, this unforgiving cool that settles on the neck in deep of night. There are a brave, perhaps mad, few who savor it. These are the Thaumaturges.

The dark clerics of an apocalyptic order, the Thaumaturges summon powerful demonic forces to their aid. Through the careful study of hidden arts and forbidden practices, the Thaumaturges bridge the narrow screen between the world of the living and the nether world beyond. Working unheard of miracles, the Thaumaturge explores the dark recesses of the unseen world, the realm of the roiling, impending blackness that threatens to engulf existence itself. All things end, and the Thaumaturges revel in the coming black, the unstoppable tide of nothingness.

    Available Races - Buvont, Lokemean
    Role Specialization - Range DPS, Battlefield Summoning
    Weapon of Choice - Magic Staff, Enchanted Scepter, Mystic Vial
    Armor Proficiency - Cloth Armor
    Class Trait - The Thaumaturge beckons dark spirits and miraculous forces for powerful long-range, continuous damage casting. Thaumatauges march into battle with demonic companions, who fight to the very end of their already lost lives to the aid of their master. Battlefield summoning and ranged casting make the Thaumaturge a formidable support and ranged DPS role.

Special Moves

    Dark Catastrophe

      Summons an apocalyptic hellstorm of dark energy down around self, causing triple damage on enemies within 5 yrd radius area of effect.

    Demonic Quickening

      On a targeted area brings forth from under foot a binding demon, restraining the affected enemy in place while dealing heavy magical damage

    Flitting Spirit

      Thaumaturge becomes possessed by a powerful paranormal force, gaining increased speed and agility plus reduced abiliy cool-downs for quick-casting

The humans who came over the great Ellescadian range did not always find an easy life in Isenhorst. Just as the Lokemea discovered in eons long past, life among the craggy rocks and harsh dunes of Isenhorst was unforgiving, and many descended into depressed melancholy and despair. Among the desperate rabble struggling in the oft inhospitable lands, there emerged those who found hope in the hopeless, faith in the nothingness, sanctuary in the impending end of it all.

There were those who under the unyielding pressure, the impossible weight of the world came to see through the thin barrier between worlds. They gazed upon the fast-growing darkness, and in their awe came to believe that the end of days was nigh upon them. These enclaves of apocalyptic prophets banded together, forming the Doomsday Cult, and at its heart the dark miracle worker, Neuer.

At Neuer’s behest, the Doomsday followers delved deep into the tabooed secrets of the undead, studying forbidden reanimation and the holding of dark séances with hidden netherdemons. Their powers grew, as they discovered unknown magic potential, and pioneered the integration of mechanical drones with their demonic spirits. The miracles they performed, more often malevolent than noble, earned them reputation as the wonderworkers, the weavers of the impossible, of Thaumaturges.

Early records of their prowess come from the official memoirs of the vampire prince-in-exile Delfara, from the times of the Upyrian Exodus. The Thaumaturges dazzled the prince, who hungry for power and vengeance saw instantly their potential. Delfara brought together Neuer with the great Spectromancy expert Culsonder. The dark prince tasked them with creating a fighting force of steam and magic warriors, unleashing the vengeful determination of the cursed vampires. Culsonder and Neuer cooperated for a time, but they soon grew apart as Neuer championed the transgression of demons into the world of the living, over the objections of Culsonder.

Despite the split of principles, when war comes to the Kingdom of Isenhorst, the Thaumaturgic wonder weavers rally alongside the warriors of steam, for the power of the kingdom, the defense of the great technological uprising, and to avenge the crimes of the Eastern demagogues.


Lundi 31 mars 2014  
Game Feature - Personal Carriers

Black Gold Online features a unique system of peronsal war carriers that allows players to roam the vast world of Montel swiftly, and armed to the teeth. Explore the far corners of the world by land and air, sweep through mobs of NPC monsters, and go toe-to-toe with your nemeses atop your armored ride.

Mighty Vehicular Combat

In Black Gold Online, players are able to create and customize personal combat carriers for use throughout the world. Each of the two major alignments has their own type of rides:

Heroes from Kingdom of Isenhorst can manufacture Battle Vehicles – mechanized walkers, rollers, and flyers, each equipped with unique firepower and weaponry.

Champions of the Erlandir Union breed and train War Beasts – mythical creatures of powerful physical and magical potential, ranging from fast-footed attack beasts to high flying dragons.

Battle Vehicles and War Beasts can be used in Battlefields, during Energy Well battles, and in the open world. In a world with dangers around every corner and enemies growing bolder with each passing day, personal carriers can offer strength on the perilous road. When the enemy comes ready to fight, it’s best not to find oneself stranded on foot.

These vehicles and beasts can come in handy, but they don’t come without a cost. Players must take care of their personal carriers, as they suffer from lasting damage and fuel/fatigue limitations. A carrier that runs out of fuel in the heat of a fight is vulnerable for destruction, and destroyed carriers require a cool-down period before again being available. Wreck your carrier too many times and it will be lost – forever.

The Classes to Ride

Each Alignment has 8 basic types of carriers, fitting in to 5 specific classes. These basic models can be upgraded over time, forming over 100 different carriers with unique combinations of armor, speed, and firepower.

The 5 classes of carriers are: Raid, Assault, Siege, Aerial, and Anti-air


      These carriers are the fastest in Montel, with light armor and relatively weak attack but high mobility. Their attack bonus is against NPCs and players on foot.


      These vehicles are medium- to heavy-strength carriers. Their characteristics vary, with different speeds, armor, and attack. Assault carriers have special attack bonuses against Anti-air, Siege, and Raid units.


      Heavily armored, slow moving carriers. Very strong close-range attacks, but Siege units are vulnerable at long range. Siege have an attack bonus against structures, such as defensive buildings and base Bosses.


      Flying carriers, medium- to high- speed and maneuverability. Difficult to hit, making them formidable despite relatively light armor. Aerial units have an attack bonus against Assault carriers.


      Relatively lightly armored rides with very long range attack. The Anti-air carriers have the special ability to lock-on to targets and use attacks that track down a moving enemy. This ability coupled with an attack bonus against Aerial units makes the Anti-air deadly against flying vehicles and beasts.

No one is Safe

Each carrier has its distinct strengths and weaknesses, ranging from the lightest and fastest Raiders to the heavy and slow Siege carriers. As a result, no single type of carrier is invincible in battle.


      Assault carriers have an attack bonus against Raiders, overpowering their weak armor with heavy attacks. The Raid vehicles and beasts in turn have an attack bonus versus players on foot and battlefield NPCs, which comboined with their speed makes them excellent for cleaning up damaged enemies as they flee. Finally, the NPCs and unmounted players are agile and quick, capable of dodging the slow attacks of Assault carriers and badgering them from the periphery.


      The Assault carriers have an attack bonus against the medium-armor Anti-air carriers. These Anti-air vehicles have special lock-on and target-tracking abilities and an attack buff against Aerials, making them extremely dangerous against flyers. The helicopters and dragons that form the Aerial corps have attack bonuses against Assault carriers, and are highly manueverable making them difficult targets for the slow-firing Assault attacks.


      On the battlefield and in Energy well battles, there are barricades and defensive structures that restrict field manuevers and can rain destruction down on an assaulting force. Against these fortified structures, the heavily armored Siege carriers have a special attack bonus. However, the Siege are slow, and Assault carriers carry special anti-Siege attack bonuses.

Build for War

Players will need to acquire certain resources in order to build their mechanized vehicles or breed their enchanted beasts. These materials can be acquired by various means throughout the game.


      Players will need to acquire Vehicle Tickets through Adventures, Quests, and other game features. Right clicking a Vehicle Ticket in your inventory will redeem it for vehicle points in your construction or evolving menu. Vehicle Points are needed to build, repair, and refuel your ride.


      Badges are the basic units for building and breeding personal carriers. Each class of vehicle and beast has their own requirements for creating and upgrading. Acquire badges through quests, open world looting, and for purchase with Valor points.

Higher level Battle Vehicles and War Beasts may also require Black Gold to build. This resource may be hard to come by, so make your choices carefully.

Customize your carrier and ride to victory!

Each ride can be upgraded or evolved in the Vehicle Customization interface, following different development paths with unique abilities and qualities. Each distinct branch requires the study of special documents, available for purchase at the Valor Quartermaster.

Details on each class of Battle Vehicle and War Beast will be revealed in the coming month. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates, and visit our Forum to discuss the latest game content with the Black Gold Online community.


Dimanche 30 mars 2014  
Alpha Test Drive Completed!

Brave Champions of Montel!

It is with a somewhat heavy heart but great pride that the Black Gold Online team at Snail Games announces that our 11 day Alpha Test Drive will end tonight, March 31st at midnight (that’s 12:00am PDT).

We had an amazing showing of excited and passionate fans turn out to try the Alpha version of Black Gold Online. Thanks to the valuable feedback and suggestions from our testers, we’ve discovered and are working out bugs and problems with the game, and through these improvements hope to create a more engaging and fulfilling experience for all our players.

Thanks to you, the fans, we’ve managed to address some important latency and login issues, and are making adjustments to several of the core gameplay features to reflect the interests of our player community.

As the Alpha draws to a close, the BGO team and developers want to encourage everyone to keep providing their ideas, suggestions and feedback on what they’d like to see in Black Gold Online. Our official forum is open for discussions on how to improve the game and what still needs work.

As a special announcement, we’d also like to let all our valuable Alpha testers know that they will be granted access to the upcoming Closed Beta test automatically. Anyone with an activated account will be able to enter the CBT.

For those who haven’t yet received keys but are interested in trying out the Beta, applications will be open soon! Updates on the CBT and applications will be available soon.

The team at Black Gold Online would like to thank everyone for all their help in what has been a productive and meaningful Alpha test. With your help, we are working to create an amazing online world for everyone to enjoy.

With the sincerest of thanks,

The BGO Team


Mardi 25 mars 2014  
New Class - Gunslinger

Gunslinger - The Deadshot

For as long as there have been firearms, there have been Gunslingers. Never missing a beat in the latest from the military research labs, Gunslingers are experts in powdered projectiles big and small. Their shots ring true, landing deadly accurate firepower from far away. Don’t even bother to run, you’ll be dead before you see them.

    Available Races - Buvont, Lokemean
    Role Specialization - Long-range attack, Support, Range DPS
    Weapon of Choice - Long Rifle
    Armor Proficiency - Medium Mail Armor
    Class Trait - No one escapes the primed barrel of the Gunslinger’s weapon. With a powerful ranged attack, combining area of effect with single-target shots, the Gunslinger is a nimble and accurate ranged DPS, mowing down enemies from afar as a ranged DPS and support player.

Special Moves

    Ultra-loaded Barrel

      Mark a target for destruction and open fire, unleashing a stream of deadly deadly projectiles causing heavy damage on a single target

    Free-gun Spirit

      Get riled up and ready for a gun fight, temporarily increasing speed, attack, max health, and causing extra effect damage on enemies during the duration of the ability

    High Explosive Bomb

      Launch a powerful explosive at a targeted area on the ground, causing critical damage and slowing down enemies for a brief period.

The earliest artisans of wielding firearms were the Sterling clan, known throughout the sandy plateaus of Northern Isenhorst for their endless research and restless pursuit of the perfect gun. Few dared cross the wily old Russell Sterling, a man of cool temper but fast hands, though it was his daughter Chocina who was remembered by posterity.

As a woman, Chocina was afforded few luxuries in the wild days of the early Buvont dynasty, and she learned young from those around that a person had to know how to defend themselves to survive. Chocina was never a fan of blades, she felt them too messy. It was the alluring scent of burnt powder and smoking barrel that drew her attention. Growing up among the quick draw drifters that found their way through town, Chocina knew her away around every caliber bullet, every variety of pistol and long-rifle, and she found new ways to integrate technology into her weapons to great effect.

The great Isenhorst Civil War came and went, and the Buvont family established their dynasty over the Kingdom of Isenhorst, much to the chagrin of their rivals, forced underground in their defeat. The Buvont knew their enemies still fomented ill-will, and knew something must be done. The king called upon the Sterlings for help, to which Russell submitted his daughter, the sharpest shot in all of Isenhorst. Armed to the teeth, Chocina began the infamous Smoky Clean-up of the Isenhorst underworld.

Although young, Chocina made quick work of the thugs and ne’er-do-wells speaking ill of the king. Combining unheard of tactics with unmatched firepower, she unleashed a firestorm trail across Isenhorst, and left a formidable body count in her wake. With the reactionaries dealt with, the Sterling family earned the title of Duke, and Chocina was honored in the halls of the heroes in Cadia.

From Chocina’s revolutionary integrated battle tactics and specialized weaponry designs, the profession of Gunslinger came to be. Anyone who thinks they’re slick enough can certainly pick up a pistol, but it takes a real passion and wit to become a true Gunslinger.


Lundi 24 mars 2014  
Alpha - 5 Things to Do in Alpha!

The Alpha test for Black Gold Online continues, as our Alpha testers explore and try out all the awesome features the game has to offer. Black Gold Online has gameplay to fit a variety of game styles, from the rugged explorer and PvE monster slayer to the competitive world of PvP. With countless possibilities for players to try, here are just a few we recommend as the 5 Things To Do During the Alpha!

1. The Transporter

We’ve received feedback from players, with a lot of positive comments on the visually stunning land of Montel. The world of Black Gold Online has many diverse and rich environments for players to explore.

Players begin the game in the hometown of their chosen race, and the early stages of the main quest line will allow you to move further and further away from your place of origins. If you don’t feel like waiting for the quests, then set out on your own! Black Gold Online boasts a massive open world for you to explore. Just check the map, and you’ll soon discover just how big the world is!

Explore the far corners of Montel through the Transportation Administration

Want to explore far reaches of the frontier but don’t feel like hoofing it out there? Visit the Transportation Administration representatives present in many of the major cities. For a few pieces of in-game gold, you can hop aboard a flying machine or a mighty dragon, and be whisked away to the land of your choosing.

Discover the arid deserts and rugged terrain of the Kingdom of Isenhorst. Explore dense jungles and lush wilderness in the Erlandir Union. Scale snowy peaks and perilous trails in the Ellescadia Mountains. The world is wide open!

2. The Gladiator

The world of Montel is full of monsters and horrors just waiting for the brave hero to slay. But the truest evil a brave adventurer will face is the man across the mountain. Take a break from PvE mobs and try out some of Black Gold Online’s awesome PvP!

Ride into the Battlefield or face off in the Arena

Join in a battlefield on Blood Fang Citadel to experience vehicular combat on a large scale! Command mechanized Battle Vehicles or straddle your mystical War Beast to enter the fray. Mix tactics and strategy to capture valuable key points on the map and achieve victory. Press the letter “Y” to bring up the Battlefield interface.

Want the up-close-and-personal touch? Enter the 1v1, 2v2 or 5v5 Arena. As they say “To the Victor go the Spoils”; as the two warriors enter, one will emerge the Champion and receive handsome prizes for their valiant skills. Press “J” to bring up the Arena to start your road to glory.

Maybe you’re a rebel without a cause and couldn’t care less for Alignments; just toggle your character to “Slaughter Mode” for open world free-for-all PvP.

Toggle Slaughter Mode for Open World PvP

3. The Adventurer

When the adventurous spirit takes grip of you, nothing is better than one of the several unique Adventures available to players.

Push your character’s limits in wave after wave of PvE in the Trial of the Brave. Acquire new treasure and valuable experience facing off against the dangers that dwell in the land of Montel.

If covert ops is your style, go deep undercover in the challenging adventure, the Lion’s Den. Don the dress of the opposing faction and explore their world, searching out valuable information for your side.

Launch an aerial campaign, or go furiously fast on the race track in Black Gold Online’s awesome Adventures!

4. The Ace Pilot

The engineers from the Kingdom of Isenhorst have designed powerful battle vehicles, mechanized devices of steam-powered destruction. The skilled breeders and trainers of the Erlandir Union have stocked the stables with powerful creatures great and small, on land and by air, to ride bravely into battle.

Black Gold Online lets you develop your own personal vehicles and beasts for use in the open world and in the battlefield. As you rise though the ranks, from Recruit all the way to Marshal, you will be able to create increasingly powerful and specialized vehicles of war. Visit the Valor Quartermaster to acquire blueprints and breeding manuals to discover the amazing options available.

Customize your vehicle in over 100 unique ways

Worried about which to choose? Don’t be! As part of our Alpha Events, we are giving away large numbers of Iron, Copper, and Silver badges needed to construct vehicles. That means you can build and try out many different types of vehicles, and chose how to advance them to make them your own!

5. The Team Player

We may all walk the lonely road, but it is banded together that the heroes of Montel truly shine. Don’t be a lone wolf forever, join a guild and enjoy one of Black Gold Online’s most unique features: the Guild vs Guild competition of Energy Wells.

Guilds offer benefits to their members, such as special items and trait boosts. To join a guild or take advantage of these perks, open the Guild interface by pressing the letter G. More importantly, Guilds can take control of powerful and valuable locations called Energy Wells.

Scattered through the world of Montel, these reservoirs of Black Gold are immeasurably valuable. The greed to control these goes beyond the two Alignments;the strong seek to control them at all costs, and the weak perish by the wayside.

Players who pass level 30 can participate in Energy Well wars. If your Guild controls one, you had better help prepare the defenses before you get attacked! If you don’t control any, then rally your Guild and forge alliances to assault an Energy Well and take control!

Still feel like going solo? No problem, you can participate in the battle too! Get your name in during the registration period to join the fight!

As the Alpha Test continues, we’d like to hear what you think could be done better. Visit our Official Game Forum to post what you’d like to see different in the future of Black Gold Online!


Vendredi 21 mars 2014  
Alpha - Day 1 Success!

The Black Gold Online Team is honored to have so many great players and awesome fans spend this most memorable first day of Alpha.

We’ve received a lot of constructive feedback through our Online GMs, Official Forums and BGO Facebook page, so thank you for all your valuable support!

As a token of appreciation, we will release daily in-game rewards for all those who provide feedback through our support channels!

TIP: All players who submitted bug report or advice\feedback will receive their in-game reward through the mail system within 10 minutes of login. Please continue your support and help us make the game better!

For those who didn’t have a chance at Alpha Access just yet, do not despair! The Black Gold Online Closed Beta will be just around the corner, with even more great gameplay, cool features, and all in a sleeker look.


Mercredi 19 mars 2014  
Events - Alpha Server Events

The Alpha Test Drive will feature several events that will allow players to explore, learn, and adventure while providing valuable feedback to our developers in exchange for awesome prizes. Players are highly encouraged to take advantage of these great opportunities to make the best of their Alpha Test Drive experience.

Event 1 - Forward, Brave Warriors!

    Event period - Alpha Test Drive (March 20-30)
    Requirement - All servers
    Event Details - Welcome to the world of Montel!

As you progress through the game, we will present you with brief surveys so as to better gauge your experience and views of the various features of Black Gold Online. On completion, you'll receive rewards as our way of saying THANK YOU! We look forward to your feedback, and may your adventure begin!

Tips: Purple equipment are the rarest and strongest equipment in the game


Event 2 - Riches Await, Log in Now!

    Event period - Alpha Test Drive (March 20-30)
    Requirement - All servers
    Event Details - The world of steam and magic awaits. Log in to receive special rewards, including gold, special equipment, and rare materials. It’s that simple, enter the game, get rich!
    Rewards - Mysterious rewards await you in-game. See you there, Heroes of Montel!

Event 3 - 24 Hours of Black Gold

    Event period - Alpha Test Drive (March 20-30)
    Requirement - All servers
    Event Details - The world of Montel is filled with new and exciting adventures. With a wide range of game play features, Black Gold Online allows players to experiment with countless unique lay styles. Every day new features of Black Gold Online will be presented with useful guides to get you started. Explore all of the deep gameplay and receive rewards just for trying!

Tips: Use Valor points to buy weapons, mounts, blueprints as well as in-game items from Valor Quartermasters. Use gold to upgrade energy shields and buy and repair equipment.


Event 4 - It Pays to Complain!

    Event period - Alpha Test Drive (March 20-30)
    Requirement - All servers
    Event Details - Black Gold Online is in development, and we're looking for feedback. All reported problems will be logged into the game records, and reports that lead to effective improvements in the game have the chance to earn you Black Gold as a reward

Tips: Black Gold can be used to buy equipment, reinforce existing items,  and reparing and crafting vehicles!

How to submit in-game issues:

    Click the 'Online GM' button in-game.
    Click the 'Submit Bug' button on the left-side of the Online help window to provide information about an in-game issue.

    Find the GM button next to the in-game map


100 Black Gold per effective report - After a report is submitted, we will inform you if it is effective by the next day via the Quick Reward Distribution System!

Tips: All rewards via Quick Reward Distribution can be claimed by only one character.


Mercredi 19 mars 2014  
Official - Alpha Now Live!

The day has finally arrived. Fans of fantasmagoric inventions and spellbinding sorcery can wait no longer, as the Black Gold Online Alpha Test has officially commenced! As of 2pm today, March 20th, the game servers are up, and selected fans and gamers can now enter the amazing new world of magic and machinery.

The Alpha will allow players the opportunity to try out 4 of the games playable races, two from either faction: for the steam-powered Kingdom of Isenhorst, the Buvont humans and Lokemean dwarves; for the mystical Erlandir Union, the magical Kosh and the naturalist Yutonian humans.

Take to the battlefield on your personal War Beast

Invited testers will be able to explore the various game features that set Black Gold Online apart. Mount mechanized Battle Vehicles and mystical War Beasts, and journey deep into forboding dungeons and hidden lairs. Whether going solo exploring the massive open world, or teaming up for Instances and large scale vehicular combat, there are a variety of game play for gamers to test out.

Explore exotic locales in the rich open world

Third Party Login

The Alpha Test does not support Third Party Logins. For those fans who logged in the Black Gold Online website through third parties (Facebook, Google, etc.) and activated their keys, please contact our support team ASAP to transfer your key to a Black Gold Online account. This account will be your login information for the game client during the Alpha Test.

Support Team email:

Non-Disclosure Agreement

The Alpha test is under a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and we at Snail Games would like to request our fans and testers to refrain from releasing videos, screenshots and anything visual about the game. Please keep in mind this is an earlier developmental version of the game. Testers can visit our Official Test Forum to share their views, suggestions, and experiences with their fellow gamers.

Enter our Official Alpha Test Forum here

Follow more news on the Alpha, new game content, and more on Facebook, Reddit and Twitter. Connect with the BGO gamer community at our official Forum.


Lundi 17 mars 2014  
New Class - Beastmaster

Beastmaster – Tamer of the Wild

Hiding away in the thickets and forests of Erlandir, terrible creatures roam, stalking the weak and vulnerable. Powerful monsters, lightning fast beasts, and flying predators inhabit these untamed places. All fear these mighty creatures – all except for the Beastmasters. Only the strong, the brave, and those gifted with animal instinct may enter the ranks of the revered breeders and proud stablemen of the Erlandir Union.

The Beastmaster is a champion of nature, unleashing the harsh chill of the wilderness upon their unsuspecting enemies. Years of wrangling powerful animals have made them strong, and with the aid of Black Gold enhancements these brave huntsmen command the beasts themselves. With ferocious companions at their side, the Beastmasters march confidently into battle, for they face not enemies on the field, but prey ready for the slaughter.

    Available Races - Kosh, Yutonian
    Role Specialization - Melee Tank, Summoner and Controller
    Weapon of Choice - Two-handed axe / Halberd
    Armor Proficiency - Heavy Mail Armor
    Class Trait - Beastmaster has a strong constitution and powerful melee attack, which along with their ability to summon battle creatures to their assistance can make them formidable as a light tank with special crowd control abilities.

Special Moves

    Law of the Jungle

      In the jungle its eat or be eaten. The Beastmaster draws inspiration from the savage wild, increasing stealth and critical hit damage while leave enemies stricken by trepidation and caution.


      Masters a powerful tropical storm, causing devastating lightning damage over a designated area of ground.

    Spirit Creature

      The Beastmaster calls upon an ancient animal spirit to thrash their enemies. Casted over an area, the beastly specters cause heavy, repetitive damage.

In the early days of the Erlandir people, the ancient Aurek had a deep affinity for the beasts of the land. The first Beastmastery was not a profession, but rather a tribal ritual and integral way of life for the jungle-dwelling people. The young and brave would venture in to the jungles and forests filled with terrible beasts. These beings were transformed by Black Gold into violent, horrible monsters. The youths sought to rescue helpless animals and hunted these horrific mutants, as a sign of strength and to keep the evil gripping the wild at bay.

Many a soul paid the ultimate price for this rite, and the Aurek became a strong but sparse people for it. It was not until the great Warnigel discovered the secrets of these beasts and learned to tame them that the profession of Beastmastery came to be. The early Beastmasters approached the horrifying abominations, and soon realized the pain of these misunderstood creatures. With the slow pacification and domestication of the enchanted animals, the Beastmasters learned to connect with these seemingly unapproachable beings, forming a symbiosis as the once dark forests began to heal and flourish.

The Beastmasters let only those with a true and deep abiding respect for nature into their ranks. They are not simply trainers and breeders, but knights of the natural order, sworn by an oath to their animal kinsmen to protect the thriving life of the wild. When the terrible mechanized abominations of the West come plundering through their beloved home, these champions of the jungle will meet them head on with an insatiable, predatory hunger.


Jeudi 13 mars 2014  
[Ask the Devs] - Season 2 Ep 2

Q. Could you tell us more about the upcoming Alpha Test? What kind of features, classes, etc. will be available? Will there be a level cap?

    A. We’re very excited for the upcoming Alpha Test, and we don’t want to play our hand before the time comes. Here is a little information we can offer:

      For the Alpha, there will be 4 races and 8 available classes to choose from. The Alpha will include much of the core game play that the game is built around, and players will be able to explore the open world, work through the story, and try out some cool game features ranging from secret dungeons to massive vehicle battles between steam-mechs and fantasy beasts.

The Kingdom Isenhorst and the Erlandir Union

      The Alpha will cap player levels at 40. Along the way, players will be presented with increasingly complex and interesting game features and prompted for feedback and comments about the different features.

Q. The game servers for North America go live on March 20th, will the game be available to players outside of that region?

    A. There will be no country block, so players from around the world who have been chosen as testers will be able to enter the game.

Q. We’ve heard a bit about the FPS and other perspective system for the battle vehicles. Could you tell us more?

    A. We’ll be releasing a lot more details about the steam-powered battle vehicles and enchanted war beasts available to players in Black Gold Online soon. For now, to answer the question, each vehicle can shift between different perspectives at will. The three possible perspectives are Third-Person, First-Person, and Crosshairs. Each vehicle has certain perspectives available to it, depending on which class of carrier it is. More details on that soon!

Q. What exactly sets the races from Erlandir and Isenhorst apart? And how different are the classes? When will we see more info about the classes currently hidden?

    A. There are a number of features, ranging from structural to aesthetic, which set apart the different races in Black Gold Online. At the very foundation, the races are split between factions, meaning the equipment, mounts, abilities etc. available to a given race will be influenced by which side of the war they find themselves on.

    Players from a given faction can play as any of that faction’s classes – for example, you can be the Pyromancer as either the Kosh or the Yutonians. The race you choose will offer specific benefits, so that Kosh Pyromancer will be different than the Yutonian one. Also, players begin in the homeland of their chosen race, meaning this choice will dictate the early opportunities for quests and the storyline available to the player.

Customize race and class for unique advantages

    The classes have been structured in such a way to fit some traditional MMO roles (Tank, Crowd Controller, etc.) while allowing players to adapt and customize their gameplay. As such, no two classes play quite the same. For an example, take the Assassin and Spellsword. Both are a type of specialty Tank with some CC abilities, but they are quite different. The Assassin uses stealth with a powerful attack, whereas the Spellsword combines melee with casting and team buffs. The weapons, armor, and other equipment available to these two consequently differ.

    There are also more classes and races to come in later versions that will offer an even wider variety of gameplay. More news will be available on those as we approach their release.

Q: Are there helpers/pets/companions you can have? How will the pets work?

    A: The pets system in Black Gold Online is still being developed, so details aren’t fully available at this time. Generally, there are two types of pets: pets that are more for fun and personalization, and battle pets who can help you fight. The latter is available at higher levels, and while useful are not a game-changer in terms of PvE and PvP combat.

Follow Black Gold Online on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, and visit our official Game Forum to discuss the game and March 20th Alpha Test with you fellow fans!


Mercredi 12 mars 2014  
Official - Game Download Now Available

The virtual line of fans stretches around the block as the online community prepares to enter a world of Victorian steampunk and mystical fantasy in Black Gold Online. Knights of steam and elemental mages are waiting excitedly to get their hands on the game in the upcoming tests, and today the team at Black Gold Online is pleased to announce the final stretch.

The Black Gold Online game client is now available for download for the March 20th Alpha Test Drive. Invited Alpha Testers can activate their test key and download the game client now!

The game download will only be available to activated accounts. Those who have not yet received a key won't be able to access the download. But be not concerned! Fill out our Alpha Opt-in survey for a chance to receive a test key.

Enter the Alpha!

The game client will take some time to download, depending on internet connectivity, so we would like to strongly encourage everyone to get yours downloaded as soon as possible. The game servers will be accessible through the client at 2pm, Pacific Time on March 20th.

The Black Gold Online team would like to remind everyone that the Alpha Test will be using an earlier version of the game still in development, and us such we ask for patience as we work out the bugs. The Alpha Test will be under a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and players are requested to keep content private and their comments and criticisms in the official channels.

[Update] If you encounter any problems while activating your account or downloading the client, please contact us at

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit for the latest news and updates on Black Gold Online. Join in the discussion with your fellow gamers at the Black Gold Online official forum.


Mardi 11 mars 2014  
New Class - Skycaller

Skycaller- Herald of Storms

Arcing high above the realm of the living, the sky sees all, knows all, embraces all. The ancient wisdom hidden among the heavens opens up to the few fortuitous enough to harness its awesome energy. These are the Skycallers.

The Skycaller breathes in the heavens and channels the forces into a deep and restorative power. Wielding the elemental forces of air and water, the Skycaller offers protective spells, regeneration, and other valuable magical enhancements to their allies. At the Skycaller’s hands are the forces of the wind and storm, posing a fluid and intangible threat to their enemies. As a class, they are capable of high-level single-target crowd control abilities plus excellent support capabilities, casting long range area attacks with light damage but crippling effects.

    Available Races - Kosh, Yutonian
    Role Specialization - Ranged DPS, Team Support, Controller
    Weapon of Choice - Casting Staff, Magic Scepter, Enchanted Vials
    Armor Proficiency - Light armor
    Class Trait - The Skycaller has balanced attack and defense, but with light armor they can’t last long in close quarters combat. Their strength lies in long-ranged area casting, damage dealing, team support, along with single-target crowd control buffs.

Special Moves

    Cruel Gale

      From the vengeful heart of the storm, the Skycaller channels a turbulent spirit, transforming briefly into a high speed cyclone, causing damage and speed reduction effect on nearby enemies.

    Frigid Snare

      Capturing a powerful blizzard, the Skycaller becomes encased in a protective cocoon of ice, preventing all damage. When the ice shatters, all nearby enemies become frozen in place.

    Glacial Rift

      Frozen air hangs softly over the cooling bodies of the Skycaller’s enemies. Skycaller selects a piece of ground, summoning an icy mountain to crash upon it and crushing enemies in its wake, causing heavy damage and armor debuffs for a period of time.

The infinite power of the ascending heaven’s smiled upon the early mages of Erlandir. Skycalling is believed to be one of the first forms of magic to appear in the early days of Kosh civilization, and it was the great master of the wind Kajar who, with his disciples of the secrets of the sky, founded The Azure Conclave. As Master Mage of the Kosh Empire, Kajar and his school of Skycallers practiced their arts in the remote seclusion of a distant castle, far from the base struggles and contrivances of the land.

From the years of studious practice, the Azure Conclave documented countless tomes of elemental magic, the most renowned of which were the “Gathering the Air” and the broad work “The Blending of the Elements.” The great elementalist Gwen expanded on these works, penning “A Treatise on Altering the Four Winds,” and through her meditations refined the practice of combining water and air to perform restorative miracles.

The Azure Conclave later become a collection of mages from many disciplines, but the Kosh reverence for the Sun and the sky left the Skycaller mages a highly respected role in the order. As the forces of Erlandir rally to protect the realm of magic, the Skycallers will be called on to summon the protection and unrelenting power of air and wind.


Vendredi 7 mars 2014  
Official - First Alpha Keys Released

From the land of enchanted sorcery and mechanical craftsmanship, the team at Black Gold Online has issued the first batch of test keys for the upcoming Alpha Test Drive to begin later in March.

The BGO team has been inundated by requests from fans of Steampunk and fantasy, all hoping for a chance at an Alpha key for the initial phase of closed testing. This week, the first round of lucky candidates has received their test keys. On activation, test keys will grant players access to the Black Gold Online game client. Game servers will go live at 2 PM PDT, Thursday March 20th (What is that in your time zone?).

Gaming enthusiasts who haven’t been selected should not lose faith, as there are still keys available. An Alpha Test Opt-in Survey is available for those interested, and Alpha testers will be selected from the pool of applicants based on their responses.

The Alpha test will use a version of Black Gold Online still in development. We’re looking for players with experience and a passion for gaming to help explore, test, and debug the various game play features in order to create a seamless role-playing and adventure experience. Test key recipients are encouraged to push the game’s limits, and provide constructive feedback on how to improve the game.

Remember that the contents of this test are confidential and that t