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Vendredi 27 décembre 2013  
Black Gold Online impose ses unités géantes

Les deux grandes factions de Black Gold Online peuvent compter sur des unités géantes dévastatrices sur les champs de batailles. Elles nécessiteront néanmoins la mobilisation de nombreux joueurs pour être contrôlées.

Dans Black Gold Online, on le sait, deux grandes factions s'affrontent pour le contrôle de l'Or Noir. Le Royaume d'Isenhorst (aux allures steampunk) l'utilise comme énergie de ses machines et de son industrie alors que l'Union Erlandir (plus fantasy et évoluant en communion avec la nature) en fait la principale ressource de sa magie.

Dans cette guerre, les deux factions revendiquent des atouts différents (la technologie pour les uns, la magie pour les autres), mais l'une et l'autre peuvent compter sur des engins ou des créatures géantes capables de ravages sur les champs de batailles. Et ces unités géantes s'illustrent en vidéo.

Au sein des deux factions, ces unités géantes sont loin d'être anodines : selon le développeur, elles peuvent renverser l'issu d'un affrontement mais nécessite la mobilisation de toute une faction pour les débloquer. Et une fois obtenues, ces unités doivent ensuite être pilotées par de nombreux joueurs pour être exploitées au meilleur de leurs possibilités.

Pour mémoire, Black Gold Online vient tout juste de donner le coup d'envoi de sa « bêta 2 » en Chine (les tests ont débuté hier 26 décembre) et on attend le jeu en Occident dans le courant de l'année prochaine.


Mercredi 25 décembre 2013  
Official - China Beta Kick Off

December 25th, 2013 (UTC +8 China Time Zone)

Lock and Load: given the overwhelming player response to the second Closed Beta earlier this month, Black Gold Online gears up for another round of steamy blast-off in China. Player progression and level will not be reset.

As a result of active player feedback, a plethora of game-play enhancements and optimization will be implemented in this version. The frequent updates and tweaks indicate a more refined launch for our North American audiences.

This beta version (coded CB4) will feature improved visual and UI updates comparing to previous releases. Expect the following when Test Drive hits the NA shore Q1 2014:

Visual Aspects

A more realistic multi-layered sky and improved cloud texture;

Added fog and mist ambience in Chambers of Greed instances;

Improved Battle Vehicle animation and projectile textures

UI & Controls

Enhanced mouse controls for more fluid combat and skills activation

Character facing and directional buttons are now automatically synchronized

Added explicit display buttons for switching combat modes (TPS, FPS, etc)


Balanced player damage against vehicles, and vice versa.

Improved UI and Aiming system when switched to FPS mode

Better combat animation for fluid movement and turning

Simplified vehicle summoning\dismiss function


Added introductory quests for initial PvP battleground entry

Low-level Chambers of Greed will be easier to discover

Black Gold Online will continue to improve and stride towards the direction of a refined MMORPG. Keep your eyes peeled for more featured content and news update!

Stay tuned for official announcements on the upcoming NA Test Drive news. Meanwhile, please check our social networks and continue your vital supports!


Lundi 23 décembre 2013  
[Ask the Devs] Episode 9

Q: How will Guildmasters or Leaders distinguish themselves in social and PvP occasions?

    A: Powerful guild leaders who control one of the many Energy Wells will don flashy, vanity titles above their character: title color and name will vary from region to region. But there's something for everyone - members will also enjoy the advantage of riding unique vehicles into battle, so take up arms and dominate!

Q: Can mounts and vehicles be stolen or looted by another player?

    A: To avoid player frustration, mounts are invulnerable to any form of damage or theft. Vehicles on the other hand, can be thoroughly destroyed if not careful. Each vehicle will be equipped with a shield that protects your ride the first time it breaks (think of it as a single "life" which replenishes every certain number of hours). If the durability reaches zero AGAIN before the shield recharges itself, the vehicle will be totaled.

Q: Will mounts\vehicles have affinity rating or relationship to the owner?

    A: We have yet to implement any system that measures your mount\vehicle's "happiness". Expect other customization options such as tuning your vehicle to effectively dismantle defensive towers or snipe aerial units with precision.

Check in next week on the forums for the latest Ask the Dev episode! Ask away, heroes and villains of Montel!


Mardi 17 décembre 2013  
Game Feature - Combat Explained

The continents of Montel: a vivid world where Neo-Victorian Steampunk clashes with traditional High-Fantasy themes, two factions rival in both culture and style shred each other to pieces riding customized mechs or muscled dragon mounts.

In this episode of Black Gold Online’s game-play unveil; we introduce one of the core aspects – the action combat system. A preliminary version was revealed at the E3 floor earlier this year, and the developers have devoted themselves since to revamp the combat experience.

Traditional combat system varies on a setup of stationary movement while players rotate their skill bar: Black Gold Online aims at combining accepted concepts with a twist of intense action. A level above repeated button-mashing, Black Gold Online introduces fast-paced actions and quick movements. You’ll be dodging and stepping constantly to out-maneuver your opponents.

Animation + Movement + Scintillating Visuals

Breaking free from the comfort zone, we have blended practical skill activation with realistic movement. Most skills in Black Gold Online are collision, or hit box based: mouse over a skill icon and you’ll see the range of your skill, be it cone, lined, or circle.

Using a melee skill entails momentum; with each strike your hero advances towards his foe in the direction you face. The action stays frenetic with ranged attacks’ default homing function. To minimize frustration, most ranged skills will maintain their locked-on projectile activation. To add a layer of tactical placement, some advanced magic\ranged skills will require regional targeting to anticipate enemy movements.

Battle Vehicles + Heart-pounding Warzones

The combat is made all the richer with the implementation of battle vehicles. As soon as a player enters his own customized vehicle, the view switches to FPS\TPS mode. You’ll be in direct control of your hulking mech or stampeding war-beast.

Blast your enemies with incendiary rounds or penetrate them with acidic war-axes. All missile projectiles will be aim-based like traditional FPS. Herald the rise of multi-dimensional combat: steel versus sorcery, intense vehicle showdowns and aerial dog fights!

Stay tuned for official announcements on the upcoming NA Test Drive news. Meanwhile, please check our social networks and continue your vital supports!


Jeudi 12 décembre 2013  
Aegis of Isenhorst - The Punisher

Aegis of Isenhorst

The Punishers are herald of chivalry, elite armored knights that protect the well-being of the Buvont Royalty. Characterized by their toughness, iconic shield-wielding techniques and superior swordsmanship, Punishers are amongst the finest, most disciplined legion ever assembled on the continent of Montel.

    Available Races - Buvont Humans, Lokemean Dwarves
    Role Specialization - Tank - Melee
    Weapon of Choice - One handed Sword & Shield
    Armor Proficiency - Heavy (Plate) Armor
    Class Trait - Punishers can take massive beatings in a main-tank role; they are also versatile enough to switch movement sets and dish out sustained DPS.

Eurian Buvont, a legendary soldier and member of the ruling Dynasty, was not submerged in royal debaucheries as his brethrens did so easily. An advocate of social justice, he was on a mission to preserve the best of his family name.

With the King’s blessing he mobilized an elite group of soldiers to quell the Darkfire menace. Trained for shock warfare, they were well-suited to give their opponents a taste of their own medicine. The king ensured that they were armed with swords and bulwarks of the finest quality. Eurian led surprise assaults against rebel forces that left their disrupted supply lines and entire camps in smoldering ruin. It appeared as though Isenhorst had finally found its remedy to the constant uprisings. The Buvontian King commissioned the recruitment of additional knights to swell their ranks. Upon the day that the rebellion was vanquished, it gave rise to the elite order of Punishers.

    “ Hoping to challenge the emerging threats in the east, the Buvontians, with the help of the Upyrian Vampires and the Lokemean Dwarves, established the Isenhorst Kingdom. They were unlikely allies, and the fragile alliance faced internal divisions from the start. The most immediate threat to the unity of Isenhorst was the Darkfire rebellion. The Buvontian home city of Dominion and the Dwarven capital Ten Hammers City were both facing imminent attacks from Darkfire forces. Until the Darkfire rebellion was put down, it would be difficult to continue battling Erlandir in the east. Isenhorst was in need of a solution. ”

Stay tuned for official announcements on the upcoming NA Test Drive news. Meanwhile, please check our social networks and continue your vital supports!


Jeudi 5 décembre 2013  
Les « chambres d'avidité », des instances à la fois PvE et PvP

Black Gold Online dévoile ses chambres d'avidité, des instances cachés à trouver, renfermant des bosses puissants et des trésors convoités mais ouvertes aux deux factions qui peuvent s'allier ou s'affronter.

En attendant le lancement prochain des premières phases de bêta-test, Black Gold Online dévoile les grandes lignes de son gameplay et présente aujourd'hui l'une de ses fonctionnalités : les « chambres d'avidité ».

Prenant la forme d'instances, ces « chambres d'avidité » sont présentées comme des zones cachées dans les donjons du jeu, voire dans l'univers, et que les joueurs devront découvrir. Elles sont par ailleurs souvent protégées par un gardien puissant et renferment des monstres plus puissants encore. Des dangers redoutables, donc, mais qui permettent d'accéder à des trésors particulièrement convoités (des objets rares, notamment). Ces instances doivent donc opposer un certain challenge aux joueurs en quête de défis.

Et pour pimenter encore un peu plus les enjeux de ces « chambres d'avidité », elles sont ouvertes simultanément aux joueurs des deux factions. On en comprend les conséquences : en plus de bosses coriaces, les joueurs pourront s'affronter entre eux pour s'approprier les trésors des chambres d'avidité. À chacun de choisir sa stratégie : tenter de vaincre les gardiens du lieu, tenter une alliance avec la faction adverse contre un boss... ou simplement s'en prendre aux survivants pour rafler la mise.


Jeudi 5 décembre 2013  
[Official] China Beta2 Kick Off

Snail Games blasts off the second round of exclusive, by invitation only [Black Gold Online] beta testing program in China, December 5th, 2013.

    “ We aim at giving our eager players an opportunity to experience core PvE and PvP game-play ”
    - Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Online -

After months of development and optimization, Snail Games now offer players a clear picture of the game and its anticipated features. The version establishes a firm footing and signals the imminent arrival of the first test drive for our North American players, due Q1 2014.

Let’s explore the features revealed in this exclusive beta testing:

Revamped character creation system where players can select one of the 8 classes available, complete with role competency:

Participants can level their characters through the main quest-line (with a level cap of 40), the starting areas are optimized to provide players a smooth transition into their faction roles. Four original races are available in this beta testing round:

Lokemean Dwarves (Isenhorst)

Kosh (Erlandir) 

Yuton Humans (Erlandir) 

Buvont Humans (Isenhorst)

“The Crimson Peaks” battleground – PvP on a massive scale: opposing faction fight for node control. Two types of vehicle are showcased in this version: the Assault type which is faster and deals higher damage to players, and the Siege type which bolts long-range cannon to destroy enemy vehicles.

Assault Arrow Mark I(Left)and Black Widow Mark I (Right)

Stay tuned for official announcements on the upcoming NA Test Drive news. Meanwhile, please check our social networks and continue your vital supports!


Mardi 3 décembre 2013  
[Game Feature] Chambers of Greed

In this newest episode of [Black Gold Online] Feature Unveil, we explore an original game-play component: The Chambers of Greed.

In addition to the main quest-line and normal dungeons, these greed pockets are challenging side activities where players can acquire gear by slaying higher level monsters and completing other tasks within.

For any fantasy-themed MMORPG, the importance of main quest-line cannot be overstated. With repeated PVE cycle, there is a risk of fatigue and players losing interest altogether. This being the case, the game’s major features may fall by the wayside. Black Gold’s development team has created a slew of gorgeous instance chambers, a perfect blend of PvE and PvP that players will love.

Unlike the vast over-world, the level design of these chambers is aimed to provide a dark, mysterious ambience for players to tread through. Make every step count, for danger lurks in every corner: expect lethal traps, elite monsters and trapdoors.

This unique feature offer players an exciting new way to explore the unknown, adventure through trap ridden mazes and underground chambers in search of rare treasure. In essence, the chambers are Free-For-All instanced areas:

The entrances will generally be hidden, and entry requires triggering some element such as approaching it or slaying a gatekeeper.

Chambers of Greed are more challenging than quests of the same level, so a balanced team is needed if you wish to plunder the treasures for yourself.

For additional excitement, we implemented a PvP aspect where members of opposing faction can enter the same instance for open PvP. To complicate matters further, there can be more than one team from the same faction, may the odds be in your favor.

Bountiful rewards await the teams that come on top: Set armor & weapons, rare pets, accessories and corresponding achievements. Build your perfect team, explore and dominate!


Lundi 2 décembre 2013  
[Ask the Devs] Episode 8

Q: Can we use mounts, battle armor and other things for PVE? As a reference - mounts and machines shown in the faction trailer?

    A: Yes you can! The vehicles obtained through the main quest and battleground achievements will be available for summon in the over-world: all you need to do is to find the vehicle NPC and retrieve your battle vehicle. You can use it to slay mobs or stroll through the city with your hulking mech or muscled war-beast.

Q: Is the combat a real-time system similar to Tera or Tab-target with the likes of WoW and FF XIV?

    A: The combat in Black Gold Online is real time with fast-paced actions. You’ll be dodging and moving constantly to out-maneuver your opponents. Skill targeting will vary, some are single-target lock on, and others can be used at will with no lock-on required.

Q: Will faction war and guild wars be a 24x7 thing or will there be specific timings?

    A: Guild Wars and Energy Well battles will be held on a timely basis to ensure players do not get fatigued from protecting their property 24\7. Factional warfare at this stage will be presented in two ways: open world PvP and battlegrounds. Battlegrounds will have timed objectives and cycled throughout the day (players can jump into action anytime).

Q: How meaningful is the PvP are we just fighting battles to win points and some items or are we going to be reshaping the map by our wins and losses?

    A: In battlegrounds, players will accumulate PvP currency\points to exchange for title, gear and exclusive battle vehicles. The world of Black Gold Online is split into regions controlled by energy wells. Opposing guilds (even on the same faction) will engage a fight for dominance. The controlling guild will unlock exclusive PvE dungeons, craft the highest level battle vehicle and improve energy well defenses to strength faction grip over the area.

Check in next week on the forums for the latest Ask the Dev episode! Ask away, heroes and villains of Montel!





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