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Mercredi 27 novembre 2013  
The Burning Hand - Pyromancers

The Burning Hand - Pyromancers 

Pyromancers are blessed under the Radiant Sun, ascending to the perfect conduit for the burning power of fire. Trained since birth, Pyromancers are well versed in arts of flame-weaving techniques. The volatile element is extremely difficult to control, and attempts to do so often result in charring injury or disaster. An elder of the ancient Azure Conclave, Zanfirr was the first mage to wield fire effectively. The Conclave built a temple of fire to delve deeper into the arts of pyromancy, thus creating the foundation for generations of fire-seekers to come.

Even though fire is regarded as the most impulsive and dangerous element; in the eyes of the Kosh fire represents the wings of heroism, passion and zeal. It is seen as the force burning inside of their souls, bestowing absolution through the channeling of eternal fire.

The dreaded Pyromancers wield bursts of searing elemental damage that burn through waves of enemies. But with their relatively long casting times, allies must ensure that Pyromancers are not interrupted as they perform their ritual hexes.

    Available Races - Kosh, Yutonian Human
    Role Specialization - DPS - Ranged
    Weapon of Choice - Staff, Wands, Magic Vials
    Armor Proficiency - Leather (Medium) Armor
    Class Trait - A glass cannon with high DPS and burst, Pyromancer weave devastating area of effect spells that are mana-intensive and require them to be in an uninterrupted trance. 


Mercredi 20 novembre 2013  
Total PvP Warfare - Battle of Land & Air

Epilogue of War

The Western kingdom’s resources run dry, denizens of steam seek a new source of energy before their barren land withers. In the sharp eyes of the belligerent faction, the Eastern land is ripe for harvest. The start of a campaign for the mysterious energy source will be inevitable, blood will be shed upon the horizons.

The fires of industry burn restless in the forges of Isenhorst. Arms of steel assemble across the forward base while legions of soldier await their call to battle. The alliance of Buvont Humans and Lokemean rule will stop at nothing to claim total dominance over the Black Gold veins.

Over the snowy Ellescadia peaks, the Erlandir elders devised a tactic that seek to shatter the impending march of steel. The Union of Kosh and Yuton Humans will defend their sacred city with hosts of war beast and devastative magic... at all costs necessary.

    “ As the conflict escalated, the Erlandir Union’s stalwart resistance made for protracted fighting while the Steam faction’s squadrons of flying contraptions made battles all the more complex. In time the Magic faction unleashed formations of dragons to reclaim the skies, but they were no match for the steam kingdom’s war machines that soon dominated the energy wells. ”

Vehicular Combat, Evolved

In this video episode, we introduces the defining aspect of Black Gold Online’s PvP system: vehicular combat. Players will obtain vehicles through the main quest and battleground achievements, each complete with advancement path and customization. You’ll be able to take these vehicles for a stroll in the over world to deal with quests, or summon them in the battlegrounds for PvP objectives.

Five machines of war line up in the video, with over 100 specialized mounts total ready to tear up the battlefield. The re-designed system includes Raid, Aerial, Anti-Air, Penetration and Assault types. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, so tactical battle formations are of utmost importance.

Each vehicle plays an important role in large-scale battle. Raid vehicles offer extreme maneuverability and high damage output, making them a foot soldier’s worst nightmare. Pitted against other mobile firepower, the situation changes.

On the other end of the battle mount spectrum, Penetration type vehicles stand tall against any war machine out there. Yet they are not very effective against infantry, and agile fighters can sidle up to their weak points to take them down.

Aircraft, defense turrets and siege vehicles broaden the scope of conflict even further. As every war machine has its strengths and weakness, aspiring warlords\generals should pick and choose carefully.

War is upon us – Who will you fight for? What will you fight for?


Mardi 12 novembre 2013  
Blade of the Unseen - The Assassin

Blade of the Unseen - The Assassin

Merciless, effective agents who lurk in the shadows: stalking and executing their targets with lethal precision. As an essential part of the Isenhorst Espionage Network, the assassins are specially trained in the arts of stealth, unleashing the element of surprise upon their foes.

In the unrest of war, these covert agents engage in infiltration and assassination to cripple the Erlandir supply lines. Although the origin of each assassin may differ from one another, they serve their purpose with unfaltering will.

Assassins excel at slaying single opponents with brutal efficiency, their ability to conceal themselves, paired with their murderous strikes, makes most encounters quick and decisive.

    Available Races - Buvont Humans, Lokemean Dwarves
    Role Specialization - DPS - Melee
    Weapon of Choice - Daggers and Short Blades
    Armor Proficiency - Leather (Medium) Armor
    Class Trait - Proficient in stealth and surprise attacks, Assassins are among the most powerful damage dealers. These agile fighters’ high dodge rating also allows them to fight alongside heavily armored knights. Assassins often catch their victims unaware, dealing bursts of lethal strikes damage before vanishing without a trace.

Signature Moves

    Malicious Venom

      Coats the user’s weapon with potent poison, increasing armor penetration for 30 seconds. Each strike under the effect will lower enemy armor and speed by 5%, stacking up to 3 times.

    Blade Rush

      The assassin swirls forward; slashing everything caught in his path and pushes the target back with momentum.

    Ghastly Chains

      Throws a grappling chain towards the target, impairing movement for 2 seconds. The skill can be used again to pull the target to the user’s location.

    Dance of Shadows

      The Assassin vanishes into a formless shadow, slashing all targets back and forth in blinding speed.

    “ What became known as the Assassin school of combat began when Rathiel set up the Isenhorst Scout Regiment. Rathiel devised myriad methods of undoing his victims and invented Sleeve Swords and other wicked contrivances. His methods formed the bedrock of Assassin’s trade, but it was Runfiller Stylen who brought it to maturity. Stylen studied the art of the silent kill from Rathiel’s tracts soon after the Kingdom was established. It was a time when few practiced it, and when war broke out, he found his skills in high demand. Stylen was dispatched to execute high-ranking targets on the front lines, gaining a reputation as the conflict wore on. By the time one hundred foes had crumpled soundlessly under his daggers, the Royal Family had designs to make him a general. The Assassin did not submit to the prospect of wealth and rank, however; he sought instead to teach his skills to those he deemed worthy. ”

Mardi 5 novembre 2013  
Vanguard of Erlandir - Blademaster

The Vanguard of Erlandir - Blademaster

Blademasters are the vanguard of Erlandir forces, charging into combat with their menacing greatswords. These seasoned veterans are armed with strong survival and crowd control abilities.

They are highly adaptable warriors, adroitly switching from offensive to defensive stances in frenetic battles. Although they prefer to engage in melee combat, their training in spiritual magic enables them to absorb weapon essences, strengthening their attacks according to the type of enemy they face.

    Available Races - Yutonian, Kosh
    Combat Specialization - Melee (Tank)
    Weapon of Choice - Two-handed Swords
    Armor Proficiency - Heavy Armor
    Class Trait - Blademasters are able to take a considerable amount of punishment with their high defense and endurance. These ironclad warriors are also naturally agile, dodging lethal attacks at will.

Signature Moves

    Pyrrhic Blade

      The Blademaster gains increased attack power by enchanting the weapon with his own blood. Attacks will yield higher damage at the cost of HP per strike.

    Blazing Charge

      The warrior lunges forward, becoming one with the Greatsword; dealing damage and knocks back everything in his wrecking path.

    Unbreakable Resolve

      The Blademaster’s body phases into the spiritual realm, reducing all forms of damage by 99% over a period of 7 seconds.

    Thundering Howl

      A provocative shout that forces all hostile targets to attack the user for 3 seconds: the user will gain a boost in armor under the effect.

Notable Characters

    Katte of the Aureks

      The legendary warrior and grandmaster of the Greatsword, the one who created the Blademaster School of combat.

    Rasor the Wild

      Current leader, Blademaster trainer.

    “ The learned believe that the very first Blademaster was the great Katte; the Aurek who hunted beasts that had succumbed to the mutagenic effects of black gold. The swordsman used unconventional techniques to protect himself just as readily as he laid waste to hordes of foul creatures. His movements were fluid and effortless--some might say downright terpsichorean--and they gave rise to an entire school of combat. ”

Lundi 4 novembre 2013  
[Ask the Devs] Episode 7

Q: What are some of the innovations that Black Gold Online brings to the table?

    A: The world of Black Gold Online is a fusion of two unique themes: the heavily industrialized, Steampunk powered Isenhorst standing in stark contrast with Erlandir, the beautiful land of high-fantasy.
    Players will experience a crossover of genres with Black Gold Online’s vehicular warfare system: you will be able to switch perspectives from traditional third-person view to TPS (ranged classes) and FPS (battle vehicles). Rain fireballs from your flying drake mount or control massive mechs: dominate guild wars, faction battlegrounds with hundreds of customizable battle vehicles.

Q: Will there be end-game PVE raiding in Black Gold Online?

    A: To provide players with quality end-game PVE content, there will be no shortage of world bosses, raids, as well as exclusive content for guilds that dominate specific energy wells.

Q: What kind of update will we see differently from the E3 preview version in terms of combat?

    A: To give the game a more action-oriented feel, the development team is working on better model collision and skill sound effect. The core of Black Gold’s combat is fast paced action: each class will be armed with a wide range of skills, be it area targeted or lock-on homing. Encounters are designed for players to take directional dodge and movement into consideration; you’ll never be standing still in one place.

Q: Through which of the following: dungeons, raids, crafting, will players be able to receive the best armor and weapon in game?

    A: PvE equipments can be gained through questing, world drops, world bosses, instances, crafting and “vial of time”. The top tiers will be acquired through instance bosses, while PvP sets will be available for purchase in battlegrounds. 

Check in next week on the forums for the latest Ask the Dev episode! Ask away, heroes and villains of Montel!





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