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Lundi 14 octobre 2013  
Expanding the Horizon of Creativity with PETROL

Snail Games readies for another round of closed beta testing in China as Black Gold Online reaches key developmental stages. Along with the new perspective of Victorian Steampunk and High Fantasy settings, the Development team aims to add style and flavor to the story's main characters.

    “ We wanted to create a vivid world with engaging lore for the continent of Montel and its denizens; when visualizing the races and factions, the team directed focus on delivering a blend of artistic detail with appealing background story ”
    - Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Online -

Snail’s market positioning aims to deliver an iconic Steampunk MMO and introduce fresh combat elements that combine third-person view, FPS and competitive vehicular warfare into PvP grounds. In order to sustain and excel in the creativity department, Snail Games officially partnered up with Petrol – an industry leading advertisement agency to create original, intriguing art for Black Gold Online.

The Visual Identity Petrol developed for Black Gold Online was rooted in the emotion of the Steampunk movement and the immortality of battle. Petrol created visuals that speak to heart of the moment each player will find themselves in when immersed in the Black Gold universe.

    “ The smell of Brass, Leather and Flames were all the things we want the consumer to sense when looking at these series of Character Studies. ” 
    - Alan Hunter, President & Chief Creative Officer of PETROL -

Petrol’s team of Creative Directors and artists worked on numerous versions with the Snail Games developer teams until the sweet spot was agreed upon. At the same time, we wanted to illustrate all the customizable elements that go into each characters development.

“An epic warrior staring down at death, and all that comes with it.”

Snail's partner in creativity and branding - Petrol

An industry leading Advertisement Agency with dedicated departments for print services, motion graphics, AV, social media, interactive/digital, as well as media planning & buying. PETROL is constantly developing fully integrated global marketing campaigns for major brands across genres.

Petrol has been honored with over 100 award recognitions including the Games Marketing Summit/MI6 Awards, Key Art Awards, Sports Illustrated-Promax BDA Sports Media Marketing Awards, and Webbies, among various others.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Black Gold Online. Tremble before the might of steam!


Dimanche 13 octobre 2013  
Black Gold en bêta fermée « début 2014 », sans blocage d'IP

Black Gold Online, le MMO RPG/FPS/TPS accueillera ses premiers testeurs au cours

Parallèlement à l'exploitation d'Age of Wushu, son MMO d'arts martiaux, le studio Snail Games finalise également le développement de Black Gold Online, MMO à la fois fantasy et steampunk devant « renverser les standards du genre » au travers d'un gameplay mêlant jeu de rôle (dans la progression PvE du jeu), stratégie (sur les champs de batailles PvP opposant les deux grandes factions du jeu dans le cadre d'affrontements d'envergure) et TPS, puisque les joueurs peuvent prendre le contrôle de méchas ou de créatures gigantesques et les piloter lors des combats, adoptant alors une vue subjective à la troisième personne.

Si, sur le papier, la présentation de ce MMORPG / RTS / TPS peut susciter une certaine curiosité (d'autant que Snail Games propose généralement des titres au gameplay plutôt riche et profond), on sera curieux de tester Black Gold plus concrètement. Manifestement, il ne devrait plus être nécessaire d'attendre très longtemps : les premières phases de bêta-test sont prévues pour le « premier trimestre 2014 », accueillant prioritairement les premiers inscrits sur le site officiel (les inscriptions restent ouvertes sur le site officiel).
Les joueurs européens noteront par ailleurs que cette version « américaine » de Black Gold Online se veut en fait une version « anglophone » du MMO et qu'aucun blocage d'IP ne sera appliqué. Tous les joueurs (anglophones) seront donc les bienvenus sur les serveurs du Chinois Snail Games.


Mardi 8 octobre 2013  
[Ask the Devs] Episode 6

Q: What sets Black Gold apart from the rest of MMORPGs?

    A: Despite the flood of traditional fantasy themed games in the global market, there is no appearance of an iconic Steampunk product. For Black Gold Online, we have rendered a massive world for exploration, with action-packed combat and redefining the boundary of vehicular warfare (FPS+TPS+RPG)
    The world itself is rich both in original lore and definitive culture, Victorian Steampunk clashing with traditional fantasy elements. The continent of Montel is created with over 30 square kilometer of vivid landscape. The towering mountain ranges divide the mysterious Eastern land of Erlandir from the Western, heavily industrialized Isenhorst Kingdom.
    Black Gold online introduces a number of innovative game-play aspects: bringing personal mounted aerial, naval warfare to the fray. We also put an emphasis on PvP, providing intense GvG battles, faction disputes, battlegrounds and arenas.

Q: When will you bestow us with class related lore and details?

    A: We are planning a total of 18 classes with unique visuals, cultural style and each specializes in offensive or supportive roles; we’re aiming to provide players with an immersive role-play experience when it comes to their very own character. As we’re still in developmental stages, the final class design is still being fine tuned.

Q: Do you have estimation on the beta date? And how will the beta keys be given out?

    A: The first closed beta is planned to launch at the earliest Q1 2014. We are ensuring quality when it’s ready to meet the public eye. All players who have registered prior will have a high chance of receiving first round of beta codes via their email. Codes that were handed out during E3 2013 are also valid for beta redemption, so hold onto them!
    The beta will feature substantial upgrade in terms of game-play progression and combat system compared to the E3 showcase.

Q: Will Black Gold Online only publish in the NA? Is there any country block?

    A: We will launch the English version of the game in North America as a start, not ruling out the possibility of launching in other countries. There will not be a country block or IP block for the North American version of Black Gold Online at initial release, but we will adjust accordingly to ensure smooth ping across the servers.

Q: How will individual player action on "dynamic events" play out server wide?

    A: The "Outbreak" events in Black Gold Online trigger when players enter a specific area or completing a certain number of quests. They offer considerable challenges and have clear goals for players to complete.
    While in the developmental stages, these invasive events do not alter the fate of surrounding areas; they act as a neat bonus with rewards. 





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