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Lundi 23 septembre 2013  
[Ask the Devs] Episode 5

Q: How will quests function? Will individual players able to experience a complete different story line from others?

    A: Each race will have their own unique storyline and starting area, races of the same faction will eventually converge on the same path after level 25.

Q: As a PvP-oriented game, will the action of players or dynamic events affect the outcome of faction warfare, regional balance, NPC attitude or routine?

    A: We have considered such possibilities in developmental stages; we will most likely implement regional changes in the game later on, but not changing the fate of factions directly.

Q: Will you implement voice acting in cut-scenes?

    A: Yes, there will be voice acting in-game when cut-scenes are triggered.

Q: Is there a dynamic weather system ?

    A: We will implement such systems in future content updates.

Q: For equipments upgrade, will there be runes/stones?

    A: There will be a gem system which you’ll be able to upgrade and socket equipments.

Q: Will fantasy faction players able to ride steam mounts or vehicles? How will the two factions interact?

    A: Mounts and vehicle styles are designed to portray the distinctiveness of each faction: opposing players will not be able to ride faction-specific mounts. Guilds that control certain Energy Wells will have access to unique vehicles however. 


Mardi 17 septembre 2013  
Children of the Sun - The Kosh

Children of the Sun - The Kosh

The enigmatic Kosh: an ancient race that long ago ruled the lands now comprising the Magic alignment. The Kosh believe they are the children of the Sun God and that Black Gold—bestowed from this divine being—is what endowed them with exceptional intelligence and physical might.

It was Black Gold that first allowed the Kosh to grasp the essences of myriad things, and they used this knowledge to overcome every challenge and topple foes over the millennia.

    Faction - The Erlandir Union
    Allies - Yutonian Humans, Aureks
    Language - Kosh Common Tongue
    Available Classes - Demon Hunter, Elementalist, Alchemist
    Character Traits - Wise, Calm & Rational
    Physique - Slender with long limbs, feline ears and tail, between 5’6 to 6’6 in height. Kosh are agile and extremely gifted in the magical arts.

The City of Saints

It is written in “The Code of the Sun God” that the God of the Sun is the creator of everything in this world; he created mountains, rivers, forests, plants and animals. Then the Sun God created the Kosh, and gave them superior intelligence and physique, and let them multiply. Also the Sun God gave the Kosh Black Gold, and taught them to control elemental magic through its use. Under His protection, the Kosh Civilization prospered.

On a mountainside rich in Black Gold, the Kosh built their capital, the holy city of Casaro, where they dedicated their Temple of the Sun. Every Kosh is a pious believer in the Sun God, and they consider Black Gold to be a relic, every bit as sacred and inviolable as the Sun God Himself.  The highest authority in the Kosh Empire is the Emperor. He generally listens to the advice of the Empire’s Senators in matters of importance.

The Erlandir Union

At the beginning of the war, the Kosh were too arrogant and the greenhorn Kosh mages were no match for Isenhorst’s legions. The Kosh soon realized that they need to gather every force in their land to repel the Isenhorst invaders. After negotiation they enlisted the Brutes, as well as the Humans living in Erlandir to join the Empire force. This united Erlandir army, composed of the wild power of the Brutes, the courage of the Yutonian Humans, and the elemental magic of the Kosh, succeeded in driving the Isenhorst Legions out of the Eastern Continent.

After the experience of cooperation with other races during wartime, the Kosh realized the importance of solidarity, so they united with the Brutes and Humans to establish the Union of Erlandir, and signed many agreements. The Union of Erlandir existed mainly to guard the holy Black Gold, and to ensure peace on the Eastern Continent. The Kosh, the Brutes and the Humans helped each other and developed together, strengthening the Union. Steam technology, with its reliance on Black Gold, was forbidden. The Kosh and the Holy Sun God played a leading role in the Union because of their power and developed civilization. 


Mercredi 11 septembre 2013  
Dwarves of Isenhorst

Creating the Dwarven Race

The Lokemean dwarves were molded in the unrelenting, harsh environments of Isenhorst. The Makers did not shine upon them, for they were born in the land of coal and boulders. But it is with their determination and aptitude in technology that they forged the empire of steam.

Native to the Kingdom of Isenhorst, the Lokemean Dwarves are the creators of steam technology. The typical dwarf is stout and strong; most are greedy, some take their long beards very seriously. Dwarves are formidable opponents in close range combat; even their females have developed a keen sense for melee strikes. To make up for their lack of magical prowess, Dwarven technology is unmatched in power and endurance. Lokemean Mechs are always the first to deploy and the last to fall.

    Faction - Isenhorst
    Allies - Buvont Human, Upyrian Vampires
    Language - Dwarven, Common Tongue
    Available Classes - Arbiter, Tech Adept
    Character Traits - Straightforward, honest and frank
    Physique - Stout built and physically strong. Between 4’7 to 4’11 in height, males grow long beards, females are clean and shaven.

Beginnings of the Lokemean Kingdom

In the beginning, there was Barbatos, who in its great wisdom saw fit to create the Continent, a home for the Lokemean Dwarves. To them he gifted the spark of intelligence, and a trust to steward the lands West of the walls of the world. With the gravitas of their creator and a love for rule of law, the Dwarves quickly began to understand the mechanics of the world around them.

The product of their disciplines was the creation of Steam technology, and dominance over their lands. The fervor with which they approached their science angered Barbatos, as the Dwarves quickly displaced their worship of his workings with their own tools. Despite this, they maintained a dedicated harmony with the lands around them, and a reverence for nature. From the loosely collected tribes around the area known as Cadia there arose the Kingdom of Lokemea, the noble families balanced by the technological prowess of the Steam Guild.

Not satisfied with the mastery of the land of Cadia, groups began to band together to explore and fill out the maps of Isenhorst. As some of the first bands to roam the frontiers returned with discovered wealth, the King and Steam Guild established a Royal Exploration Team. This led to expansive growth and investment into exploration ventures, and the career of one of the most renowned Dwarves, Hoka.

Exploration Beyond the Western Continent

Content with their lives of research and prosperity, no Dwarf sought to question the monolithic mountains of Ellescadia that formed an impassable border to what is now known as the Eastern Continent. No Dwarf, that is, until the genius technologist and explorer Hoka began to put his formidable mind to the quest.

Having successfully reached the Eastern Continent of Erlandir, Hoka and his team continued to journey into this new land. Marveling at its beauty and tranquility, they met the Kosh, Aurekians, and Humans who dwelt there. Finding an affinity with the curious and short-lived Humans, Hoka laid the foundation for all that followed by teaching them about steam technology.


Dimanche 8 septembre 2013  
[Ask the Devs] Episode 4

[Ask the Devs] Episode 4 is over and your questions have been answered below.

The Black Gold Online development team is here to answer your questions about the game! With the first Beta dates closing in, we will be hosting Ask the Dev on a regular basis. 

Question: What is the progress on localization? 

    Answer: We have put together a team of native speakers who dedicate themselves to understand all aspects of the game. Localization has begun and it will be ready when the first closed beta hits for our North American audience.

Question:  What is the combat system like? How does non-targeting system work?

    Answer: Black Gold Online aims to provide an action-oriented control system. We have implemented dodge and dashes to supplement combat, players will no longer stand in one place and mash buttons. Skill moves will have to "land" on the mobs to be effective.

Question:   Is there Dynamic Events like in GW2 / Rift alongside normal questing?

    Answer: The world of Montel will have many suprises for adventurers: there will be randomized scenarios where players trigger while questing. Players will be placed in situations where they have to defend an sudden onslaught of mutant zombies or reactivate a broken mech.

Question:  Will there be a skill tree like most MMORPGs or will we see something like Age of Wushu?

    Answer: Each class will have their own skill panel, similar to Diablo 3's system. You will gain skill points as you level and the panel is expanded furthermore when the character transcend into one of the advanced classes.

Question:  Will players be able to control the different kinds of dragons and airships, revealed in the trailer?

    Answer: There will be over 400 different types of battle vehicles available to players, each complete with their own aerial combat skillset. Dragons will be available for the fantasy faction and mechanized fliers for the steam faction.

Have a question for the game developers? Ask away in our [Ask the Devs] forums!


Vendredi 6 septembre 2013  
Hayao Miyazaki prend sa retraite, Black Gold lui rend hommage

Le réalisateur Hayao Miyazaki (cofondateur du Studio Ghibli) prend sa retraite. Le studio Snail Games lui rend hommage, voyant une filiation entre Black Gold Online et les thématiques chères au réalisateur japonais.

Pour tous les adeptes du cinéma d'animation japonais, Hayao Miyazaki (cofondateur du Studio Ghibli et réalisateur de nombreux films animés, poétiques et engagés - Nausicaä de la vallée du vent, le Château dans le ciel, Porco Rosso, Princesse Mononoké ou encore Le Château ambulant, entre autres) est incontestablement l'un des maîtres du genre.

Son dernier film en date, Le Vent se Lève, est tout juste achevé et dans le cadre d'une conférence de presse organisée à Tokyo, Hayao Miyazaki annonçait néanmoins hier prendre sa retraite. « Je sais que j'ai déjà annoncé mon départ plusieurs fois dans la passé, et je sais que nombre d'entre vous pensent que ce n'est qu'une annonce de plus. Mais cette fois, c'est pour de bon. Il y a des tonnes de choses que je n'ai pas été capable de réaliser, mais il y avait des raisons expliquant que je ne les fasse pas... Il y a tant d'idées qui émergent dans ma tête ». À 72 ans, le réalisateur aspire aujourd'hui « à être libre » et à « faire de nouvelles choses, qui ne sont pas forcément liées à l'animation ».

Les studios Ghibli poursuivront son oeuvre, et d'autres y aspirent manifestement aussi. À mi-chemin entre l'hommage et la récupération médiatique, le studio Snail Game (dont le CEO, Shihai, se veut un admirateur inconditionnel du réalisateur japonais) adresse « un message à Hayao Miyazaki ».

La double approche « steampunk et naturaliste » de Black Gold Online, l'un des prochains MMO de Snail Games (dans le MMO, l'une des factions évoluent en harmonie avec la nature, l'autre mise sur l'industrie), ferait écho aux thématiques récurrentes abordées par Miyazaki dans son oeuvre.


Lundi 2 septembre 2013  
The Yutonian Resolve

Creating the Yutonian Race

The Yutonians were among the first to settle in the ancient land of Erlandir, one of the original races created by the Goddess of Light. Taken under the rule of Kosh as a protectorate nation, the humans were left alone to govern themselves. Although posing no real threat to the Kosh, their curiosity of magic is heavily frowned upon: ones that learned too much were executed.  

When Hoca brought steam technology to the Eastern continent, the Yutonian humans saw it as their salvation, their chance to break free from Kosh rule. As a result, their fascination for steam power lead to their mass exile. The majority that followed Hoca eventually became the Buvonts. Families that rejected steam power stayed behind, relocated their settlements across the mountain borders.

When war has reached their doorstep after generations of peace, the Yutonians chose to unite under the Erlandir Union, fighting alongside with Kosh and the barbaric Aureks. 

    Faction - Erlandir
    Allies - Kosh, Aurek
    Language - Human, Common Tongue
    Available Classes - Elementalist, Demon Hunter, Alchemist
    Character Traits - Capricious yet traditional, curious yet reserved
    Physique - Balanced figure between 5’6 to 6’5 with sharp eyes and slender peripherals. Being forest and mountain roamers, Yutonians prefer to be lighter on foot with extensive use of leather armor.

From the excerpts of The Hidden Flame:

The Fall of the Yutonian Dynasty

After the slaughter of his army outside the White Marshes, Emperor Akan sent Mazir, a religious leader with a deep hatred for humanity, to watch over these humans, and ensure that no further crises arose. The Yutonian Dynasty was all but finished.

The human subjects of the Kosh fell succumbed to despair, their ruler to madness. Bitter and humiliated, Thurian, son of the Old King, withdrew from the public eye, and left major matters in the hands of his ministers. His people, desperate for leadership, found none.

Rumors arose of a strange religious movement in the Daybreak Hills: the Hidden Flame. It promised the weary humans lessons in dark magic, and told them to rebel against the Kosh. 

The Kosh nobility in the region reacted swiftly to contain the fires of rebellion. Qolom, a powerful Kosh mage, arrived to oversee the search for the renegade religion and oversee the human monarch, much to Mazir's displeasure. And with him, he brought General Chakza.

The Revolution

Chakza found an unexpected ally in Namian, the younger brother of the king. Sogia's child had grown into a quiet young man who was determined to improve the lives of his people. The human and the Kosh spoke often, and soon became friends. Chakza, secretly enraged by the treatment of the humans, convinced the prince that a coup was the only option.

King Namian's first act was to appoint and Chakza and Qolom to his cabinet, a grand gesture of his trust of his Kosh allies. Ignored and disgraced, Mazir returned to the capital.

The Forging of an Alliance

The Yutonians thrived under Namian's benevolent rule. Alas, these times would not last. Without warning, the Upyrian Vampires attacked, slaughtering Kosh and human alike, and seizing Black Gold to power their dark magic and fuel their machines. King Namian had no choice but to go to war against his former people, and his own brother.

The humans, Kosh and Aureks fought side by side, and slowly forced the Upyrians to retreat. The Kosh were forced to realize that without the “lesser races” they would have lost.

On that day, the Erlandir Union was forged.





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