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Jeudi 25 juillet 2013  
Bigger and Better at ChinaJoy

If you thought Black Gold Online looked good at E3, then prepare to be amazed! Having received quite a bit of attention and support recently, Snail Game pulled all the stops to give ChinaJoy goers an unforgettable Black Gold steampunk experience.

With no expenses spared towards its marketing efforts, a ~3-meter tall Black Gold Titan statue was placed outside the building’s entrance, guarding the beautiful showgirls who came for a look. A life-size replica of the game’s motorcycle mount was also nearby, with no shortage of interested visitors stopping by for a few pictures.

But inside is where the magic truly started. Those who stopped by the Snail Game booth were greeted by a magnificent steampunk-themed contraption which housed music, models, and 100 high-end machines all loaded with the latest Black Gold Online game client. Even better, a number of gorgeous staff were on hand to introduce to players the game’s plentiful… features.

Those who participated in the game’s events could also win a number of limited-edition memorabilia, including a mini-sized Black Gold Titan figure and other unique steampunk gadgets.

Check back later for more news, because ChinaJoy is far from over!


Mercredi 24 juillet 2013  
Modèle économique - Payer pour utiliser ses objets lootés

Black Gold Online dévoile son modèle économique : ni abonnement, ni boutique, mais un mécanisme d'achat (en argent réel) de certains des objets gagnés dans le jeu.

De toutes évidences, le free-to-play s'impose comme l'un des (voire le) modèle économique dominant en matière de jeux en ligne et MMO, au point de devenir la norme mais de confronter les concepteurs à un dilemme : comment financer des jeux de plus en plus chers à concevoir mais distribués de plus en plus « gratuitement » ? La réponse qui semble s'imposer aujourd'hui consiste à faire payer (parfois beaucoup) au travers de moyens détournés.
Et le groupe chinois Snail Games propose aujourd'hui de nouvelles idées pour Black Gold Online, présentées en vidéo et ne chinois (mais traduit par le blog MMO Culture).

Dans Black Gold Online comme dans tous les MMO, les joueurs pourront trouver ou gagner des objets en affrontant des monstres. Pour autant, les objets d'envergure ne seront pas immédiatement utilisables : ils seront stockés dans un inventaire dédié et devront être débloqués.
Au terme de quelques heures, certains des objets pourront être débloqués automatiquement et donc intégrer « l'inventaire réel » du joueur pour être normalement utilisés. Les objets qui n'auront pas été débloqués automatiquement devront alors l'être manuellement. Dès lors, le joueur doit procéder à un lancer de dés et « réclamer » les objets bloqués. Si les dés lui sont favorables, le joueur obtiendra ses objets gratuitement. Dans le cas inverse, il devra les acheter à l'aide d'une monnaie qui ne s'obtient que dans la boutique du jeu ou renoncer aux objets gagnés.

Selon le développeur, ce mécanisme se veut plus juste et permettrait de contourner d'éventuelles dérives « pay-to-win » (invitant le joueur à s'équiper intégralement dans une boutique) puisque les objets potentiellement acheté auront été légitimement gagnés dans le jeu. Pour autant, on saisit vite aussi les dérives mercantiles du système : la grande majorité des joueurs de MMO free-to-play qui ne fréquente jamais les boutiques d'objets sera ici systématiquement confronté à des offres d'achats, au coeur du jeu. Le modèle économique joue en outre sur la frustration du joueur dont le loot semble a porté de main... pour peu qu'il accepte de débourser quelques euros.

Black Gold Online accueillera les joueurs chinois sur ses serveurs de bêta-test du 30 juillet au 7 août prochain. On ignore si ce modèle économique fera lui aussi l'objet de tests grandeur nature permettant d'évaluer sa pertinence (et sa rentabilité). On ignore tout autant si le modèle économique chinois sera importé dans la (future) version occidentale du MMO.


Jeudi 18 juillet 2013  
[Ask the Devs] Episode 2

[Ask the Devs] Episode 2 is over and your questions have been answered below.

The Black Gold Online development team is still here though, so head on over to [Ask the Devs] Episode 3 and ask them anything!

Game features? Lore clarification? Favorite Pokemon? ANYTHING!

Question: Will the first closed beta have access to all Races and Classes?

    Answer: For the first closed beta, we plan to have 4 of the 6 races available (two for each faction). Each race will also have 2 of their 3 classes unlocked.

Question:  How many and what kinds of mecha battles are there? Is it PvP only, or are there also PvE dungeons/event using mechs?

    Answer: There are three types of battle vehicles: Air, land, and water. Presently, and for the beta test, there will only be air and land. As for the number, there are currently 32 total battle vehicles. 18 are personal battle vehicles, while 14 are specifically for use in the game’s Energy Well battle. Battle vehicles cannot be used in dungeons, battlefields, and arenas, but can be used in the open world.

Have a question for the game developers? Ask away in our [Ask the Devs] forums!

Have a question for the game developers? Ask away in our [Ask the Devs] forums!


Lundi 15 juillet 2013  
Isenhorst III - Civil War

Part I
Isenhorst: The Beginning

Part II
Isenhorst: Steam Revolution

Human Invasion

Already having allowed the human outcasts into the realm of Isenhorst, the Dwarves were horrified to find another type of creature in their midst: those affected by the Kosh’s Curse of Blood. Transformed into something different, this new race would be known as the Erlongdian vampires and form an alliance with the other humans of Isenhorst, the powerful Buvont family. The dwarves, however, would view these vampires as something dangerous and terrified of their implications, abandoned some of their previous inhabitations.

The land left behind was quickly divided and carved up by the Buvont Family and their vampire allies, but was nothing more than barren holdings. In order to make up for the lack of resources, the Erlongdians assisted their ally in developing a potential replacement for coal as an energy source. Over the years, the country came to be dominated by a few major human families who were in constant competition with one another and Lokemea. Remembering their former strength, these families decided to head the creation of regional Craftsmen Guilds, which drew the ambitious and technologically proficient under their auspices. In the year 1138 of the Imperial Calendar, the Craftsmen Guild leaders came together and formed the Isenhorst Confederation.

Civil War

The creation of the Isenhorst Confederation established Confederation Year 1, and a renewed sense of potential among the leading Human families. Continued collaboration on technologies and trade in resources further intensified competition between the powerful, with alliances forged and betrayals executed on a seemingly daily basis. Two of these major families, underestimating the strength of the Dwarves, attempted to attack a major Lokemean mine. Forced back and soundly depleted of available resources in the process of defeat, the remaining members of the Confederation enveloped their lands and reinstated peace between the races.

Refocused on their own regions, attempting to maintain the unsteady balance of power and resources, a joint-ventured search began. Soon after, these explorations uncovered vast untapped ore and coal mines, information that would not long remain secret. The quarrels over claim to these resources quickly devolved into open threats. The mobilization of forces reinforced the backroom deals and tenuous alliances the leaders of the Isenhorst Confederation were making with one another.

Civil War and all of its atrocities ensued for well over a decade, tearing the Human-held lands apart. Depleted of what was once sizable wealth and resources near the end of this time, a temporary ceasefire was brokered between those of the former Confederation. It was at that time the Buvont Family and their bloodthirsty vampire allies struck. Utilizing a gigantic mobile Battle Fortress powered by Black Gold, this ultimate weapon prompted hasty coordination between the other human families. However, the Buvont’s timing was too well wrought – the Isenhorst Confederation was swiftly defeated.

The major powers of Isenhorst  had been decided and soon, change would come.


Jeudi 11 juillet 2013  
[Ask the Devs] Episode 1

Your questions from the first Episode of [Ask the Devs] have been answered! Check inside for the dev's response on Black Gold Online's PvP and beta dates!

Question: When's the beta and how long will it be?

    Answer: We are currently planning for the first US closed beta to start in the fourth quarter of 2013. There will be multiple closed beta phases with the total duration lasting for a few months. Beta signups will be announced on the official website before it starts.

Question: What is PvP going to be like in Black Gold? Will they game utilize always on/open PvP or will PvP only occur in consensual areas of the map?

    Answer: There will be open world PvP between the two factions, where players can directly attack each other without warning. Aside from that, the game will also have arenas to create a more 'fair' PvP environment for players to prove their skills, as well as many large-scale world events which involve team PvP, such as town sieges and the Energy Well, which may turn a whole map into a battlefield.

Question: Will BG include Arena and/or Tournament style PvP?

    Answer: Black Gold Online will have an arena, which was partially showcased during E3. In the future, it will be updated with its own scoring and ranking system. However, the game's main focus is on large-scale team battles, so there will not be many tournaments for individuals or small teams.

Thanks for asking! [Ask the Devs] Episode 2 is up, so head over and ask us anything!


Lundi 8 juillet 2013  
Isenhorst II - Steam Revolution

Part I
Isenhorst: The Beginning

As the Humans witnessed the possibilities of Hoka’s steam technology, their brightest minds quickly began to research the technology. Soon, Craftsmen Guilds began to congregate in even the smallest of Human-held cities. Pleased with the passion and fervor with which Humans approached technology, Hoka did his best to impart the sizable body of knowledge he possessed. After some years, the Dwarven expedition made the long journey back to Isenhorst, having the foresight to create a base camp within the Ellescadia. But life in Erlandir was not to continue peacefully.

The rulers of the Western Continent, the Sun God-worshipping Kosh, would not see the abomination of steam technology replace their divine power. After almost a decade of overseeing the promised threat of steam technology in Human hands, they crushed the growing power of the Craftsmen Guild. Tired of researching in secret, defeated in open rebellion, those Humans who could no longer bear the yoke of Kosh rule traveled East.

Reaching the Ellescadia Mountains after a long journey, the outcasts were delighted to find the Dwarven explorer’s camp of Pablo Town. With numbers far too large for the town’s growing resources, the kindly Dwarves invited the Humans to immigrate over the mountains. Upon arriving at the Eastern Continent, many a Dwarf was pleasantly surprised at the likeness that Humans bore to their features. More shocking was the degree to which some their steam innovations had surpassed that of Lokemea. The choice had been made, and Humans began to spread throughout Isenhorst.


Vendredi 5 juillet 2013  
Ask our Game Developers Anything!

Update: Episode 1 Questions are over! Questions will be answered on Friday, along with the start of Episode 2 Questions!

The team behind Black Gold Online is hard at work, but we always have time for questions and feedback from our fans.

If you’ve ever been curious as to what the future plans for Black Gold are, or where the idea for the magnificent Steam Castle came from, then just ask us! Or if you just want to know about our work hours or what kind of games we like to play – that’s fine too, let us hear from you!

To send in your questions, just head over to this Episode’s official topic on the forums.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Q&A Agenda


      Weekly Q&A post will be created, ask your questions now!


      Weekly Q&A post will be locked. Questions are forwarded to the Development Team. Due to possible time constraints, we may only pick the “best” questions.


      Responses from the Development Team will posted as a news article on the Black Gold Online official website. Next Episode Q&A post will be created and the cycle repeats.


Mardi 2 juillet 2013  
Website Updates Coming Soon

And we’re back! It’s been a bit quiet after E3, but the Black Gold Online website is now back to regular updates.

In the coming months leading up to the first closed beta test, expect to learn more about the steampunk/fantasy-mixed world as we start to unlock the classes, races, and lore sections of the website. In addition, we’ll also introduce the team behind Black Gold Online and share how one of the “Most Anticipated MMORPGs from E3 2013” was created.

And just in case you missed our appearance at E3 (or just want to head down memory lane again), let’s take a look back to see what some of your favorite media had to say about Black Gold Online:





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