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Vendredi 27 décembre 2013  
Black Gold Online impose ses unités géantes

Les deux grandes factions de Black Gold Online peuvent compter sur des unités géantes dévastatrices sur les champs de batailles. Elles nécessiteront néanmoins la mobilisation de nombreux joueurs pour être contrôlées.

Dans Black Gold Online, on le sait, deux grandes factions s'affrontent pour le contrôle de l'Or Noir. Le Royaume d'Isenhorst (aux allures steampunk) l'utilise comme énergie de ses machines et de son industrie alors que l'Union Erlandir (plus fantasy et évoluant en communion avec la nature) en fait la principale ressource de sa magie.

Dans cette guerre, les deux factions revendiquent des atouts différents (la technologie pour les uns, la magie pour les autres), mais l'une et l'autre peuvent compter sur des engins ou des créatures géantes capables de ravages sur les champs de batailles. Et ces unités géantes s'illustrent en vidéo.

Au sein des deux factions, ces unités géantes sont loin d'être anodines : selon le développeur, elles peuvent renverser l'issu d'un affrontement mais nécessite la mobilisation de toute une faction pour les débloquer. Et une fois obtenues, ces unités doivent ensuite être pilotées par de nombreux joueurs pour être exploitées au meilleur de leurs possibilités.

Pour mémoire, Black Gold Online vient tout juste de donner le coup d'envoi de sa « bêta 2 » en Chine (les tests ont débuté hier 26 décembre) et on attend le jeu en Occident dans le courant de l'année prochaine.


Mercredi 25 décembre 2013  
Official - China Beta Kick Off

December 25th, 2013 (UTC +8 China Time Zone)

Lock and Load: given the overwhelming player response to the second Closed Beta earlier this month, Black Gold Online gears up for another round of steamy blast-off in China. Player progression and level will not be reset.

As a result of active player feedback, a plethora of game-play enhancements and optimization will be implemented in this version. The frequent updates and tweaks indicate a more refined launch for our North American audiences.

This beta version (coded CB4) will feature improved visual and UI updates comparing to previous releases. Expect the following when Test Drive hits the NA shore Q1 2014:

Visual Aspects

A more realistic multi-layered sky and improved cloud texture;

Added fog and mist ambience in Chambers of Greed instances;

Improved Battle Vehicle animation and projectile textures

UI & Controls

Enhanced mouse controls for more fluid combat and skills activation

Character facing and directional buttons are now automatically synchronized

Added explicit display buttons for switching combat modes (TPS, FPS, etc)


Balanced player damage against vehicles, and vice versa.

Improved UI and Aiming system when switched to FPS mode

Better combat animation for fluid movement and turning

Simplified vehicle summoning\dismiss function


Added introductory quests for initial PvP battleground entry

Low-level Chambers of Greed will be easier to discover

Black Gold Online will continue to improve and stride towards the direction of a refined MMORPG. Keep your eyes peeled for more featured content and news update!

Stay tuned for official announcements on the upcoming NA Test Drive news. Meanwhile, please check our social networks and continue your vital supports!


Lundi 23 décembre 2013  
[Ask the Devs] Episode 9

Q: How will Guildmasters or Leaders distinguish themselves in social and PvP occasions?

    A: Powerful guild leaders who control one of the many Energy Wells will don flashy, vanity titles above their character: title color and name will vary from region to region. But there's something for everyone - members will also enjoy the advantage of riding unique vehicles into battle, so take up arms and dominate!

Q: Can mounts and vehicles be stolen or looted by another player?

    A: To avoid player frustration, mounts are invulnerable to any form of damage or theft. Vehicles on the other hand, can be thoroughly destroyed if not careful. Each vehicle will be equipped with a shield that protects your ride the first time it breaks (think of it as a single "life" which replenishes every certain number of hours). If the durability reaches zero AGAIN before the shield recharges itself, the vehicle will be totaled.

Q: Will mounts\vehicles have affinity rating or relationship to the owner?

    A: We have yet to implement any system that measures your mount\vehicle's "happiness". Expect other customization options such as tuning your vehicle to effectively dismantle defensive towers or snipe aerial units with precision.

Check in next week on the forums for the latest Ask the Dev episode! Ask away, heroes and villains of Montel!


Mardi 17 décembre 2013  
Game Feature - Combat Explained

The continents of Montel: a vivid world where Neo-Victorian Steampunk clashes with traditional High-Fantasy themes, two factions rival in both culture and style shred each other to pieces riding customized mechs or muscled dragon mounts.

In this episode of Black Gold Online’s game-play unveil; we introduce one of the core aspects – the action combat system. A preliminary version was revealed at the E3 floor earlier this year, and the developers have devoted themselves since to revamp the combat experience.

Traditional combat system varies on a setup of stationary movement while players rotate their skill bar: Black Gold Online aims at combining accepted concepts with a twist of intense action. A level above repeated button-mashing, Black Gold Online introduces fast-paced actions and quick movements. You’ll be dodging and stepping constantly to out-maneuver your opponents.

Animation + Movement + Scintillating Visuals

Breaking free from the comfort zone, we have blended practical skill activation with realistic movement. Most skills in Black Gold Online are collision, or hit box based: mouse over a skill icon and you’ll see the range of your skill, be it cone, lined, or circle.

Using a melee skill entails momentum; with each strike your hero advances towards his foe in the direction you face. The action stays frenetic with ranged attacks’ default homing function. To minimize frustration, most ranged skills will maintain their locked-on projectile activation. To add a layer of tactical placement, some advanced magic\ranged skills will require regional targeting to anticipate enemy movements.

Battle Vehicles + Heart-pounding Warzones

The combat is made all the richer with the implementation of battle vehicles. As soon as a player enters his own customized vehicle, the view switches to FPS\TPS mode. You’ll be in direct control of your hulking mech or stampeding war-beast.

Blast your enemies with incendiary rounds or penetrate them with acidic war-axes. All missile projectiles will be aim-based like traditional FPS. Herald the rise of multi-dimensional combat: steel versus sorcery, intense vehicle showdowns and aerial dog fights!

Stay tuned for official announcements on the upcoming NA Test Drive news. Meanwhile, please check our social networks and continue your vital supports!


Jeudi 12 décembre 2013  
Aegis of Isenhorst - The Punisher

Aegis of Isenhorst

The Punishers are herald of chivalry, elite armored knights that protect the well-being of the Buvont Royalty. Characterized by their toughness, iconic shield-wielding techniques and superior swordsmanship, Punishers are amongst the finest, most disciplined legion ever assembled on the continent of Montel.

    Available Races - Buvont Humans, Lokemean Dwarves
    Role Specialization - Tank - Melee
    Weapon of Choice - One handed Sword & Shield
    Armor Proficiency - Heavy (Plate) Armor
    Class Trait - Punishers can take massive beatings in a main-tank role; they are also versatile enough to switch movement sets and dish out sustained DPS.

Eurian Buvont, a legendary soldier and member of the ruling Dynasty, was not submerged in royal debaucheries as his brethrens did so easily. An advocate of social justice, he was on a mission to preserve the best of his family name.

With the King’s blessing he mobilized an elite group of soldiers to quell the Darkfire menace. Trained for shock warfare, they were well-suited to give their opponents a taste of their own medicine. The king ensured that they were armed with swords and bulwarks of the finest quality. Eurian led surprise assaults against rebel forces that left their disrupted supply lines and entire camps in smoldering ruin. It appeared as though Isenhorst had finally found its remedy to the constant uprisings. The Buvontian King commissioned the recruitment of additional knights to swell their ranks. Upon the day that the rebellion was vanquished, it gave rise to the elite order of Punishers.

    “ Hoping to challenge the emerging threats in the east, the Buvontians, with the help of the Upyrian Vampires and the Lokemean Dwarves, established the Isenhorst Kingdom. They were unlikely allies, and the fragile alliance faced internal divisions from the start. The most immediate threat to the unity of Isenhorst was the Darkfire rebellion. The Buvontian home city of Dominion and the Dwarven capital Ten Hammers City were both facing imminent attacks from Darkfire forces. Until the Darkfire rebellion was put down, it would be difficult to continue battling Erlandir in the east. Isenhorst was in need of a solution. ”

Stay tuned for official announcements on the upcoming NA Test Drive news. Meanwhile, please check our social networks and continue your vital supports!


Jeudi 5 décembre 2013  
Les « chambres d'avidité », des instances à la fois PvE et PvP

Black Gold Online dévoile ses chambres d'avidité, des instances cachés à trouver, renfermant des bosses puissants et des trésors convoités mais ouvertes aux deux factions qui peuvent s'allier ou s'affronter.

En attendant le lancement prochain des premières phases de bêta-test, Black Gold Online dévoile les grandes lignes de son gameplay et présente aujourd'hui l'une de ses fonctionnalités : les « chambres d'avidité ».

Prenant la forme d'instances, ces « chambres d'avidité » sont présentées comme des zones cachées dans les donjons du jeu, voire dans l'univers, et que les joueurs devront découvrir. Elles sont par ailleurs souvent protégées par un gardien puissant et renferment des monstres plus puissants encore. Des dangers redoutables, donc, mais qui permettent d'accéder à des trésors particulièrement convoités (des objets rares, notamment). Ces instances doivent donc opposer un certain challenge aux joueurs en quête de défis.

Et pour pimenter encore un peu plus les enjeux de ces « chambres d'avidité », elles sont ouvertes simultanément aux joueurs des deux factions. On en comprend les conséquences : en plus de bosses coriaces, les joueurs pourront s'affronter entre eux pour s'approprier les trésors des chambres d'avidité. À chacun de choisir sa stratégie : tenter de vaincre les gardiens du lieu, tenter une alliance avec la faction adverse contre un boss... ou simplement s'en prendre aux survivants pour rafler la mise.


Jeudi 5 décembre 2013  
[Official] China Beta2 Kick Off

Snail Games blasts off the second round of exclusive, by invitation only [Black Gold Online] beta testing program in China, December 5th, 2013.

    “ We aim at giving our eager players an opportunity to experience core PvE and PvP game-play ”
    - Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Online -

After months of development and optimization, Snail Games now offer players a clear picture of the game and its anticipated features. The version establishes a firm footing and signals the imminent arrival of the first test drive for our North American players, due Q1 2014.

Let’s explore the features revealed in this exclusive beta testing:

Revamped character creation system where players can select one of the 8 classes available, complete with role competency:

Participants can level their characters through the main quest-line (with a level cap of 40), the starting areas are optimized to provide players a smooth transition into their faction roles. Four original races are available in this beta testing round:

Lokemean Dwarves (Isenhorst)

Kosh (Erlandir) 

Yuton Humans (Erlandir) 

Buvont Humans (Isenhorst)

“The Crimson Peaks” battleground – PvP on a massive scale: opposing faction fight for node control. Two types of vehicle are showcased in this version: the Assault type which is faster and deals higher damage to players, and the Siege type which bolts long-range cannon to destroy enemy vehicles.

Assault Arrow Mark I(Left)and Black Widow Mark I (Right)

Stay tuned for official announcements on the upcoming NA Test Drive news. Meanwhile, please check our social networks and continue your vital supports!


Mardi 3 décembre 2013  
[Game Feature] Chambers of Greed

In this newest episode of [Black Gold Online] Feature Unveil, we explore an original game-play component: The Chambers of Greed.

In addition to the main quest-line and normal dungeons, these greed pockets are challenging side activities where players can acquire gear by slaying higher level monsters and completing other tasks within.

For any fantasy-themed MMORPG, the importance of main quest-line cannot be overstated. With repeated PVE cycle, there is a risk of fatigue and players losing interest altogether. This being the case, the game’s major features may fall by the wayside. Black Gold’s development team has created a slew of gorgeous instance chambers, a perfect blend of PvE and PvP that players will love.

Unlike the vast over-world, the level design of these chambers is aimed to provide a dark, mysterious ambience for players to tread through. Make every step count, for danger lurks in every corner: expect lethal traps, elite monsters and trapdoors.

This unique feature offer players an exciting new way to explore the unknown, adventure through trap ridden mazes and underground chambers in search of rare treasure. In essence, the chambers are Free-For-All instanced areas:

The entrances will generally be hidden, and entry requires triggering some element such as approaching it or slaying a gatekeeper.

Chambers of Greed are more challenging than quests of the same level, so a balanced team is needed if you wish to plunder the treasures for yourself.

For additional excitement, we implemented a PvP aspect where members of opposing faction can enter the same instance for open PvP. To complicate matters further, there can be more than one team from the same faction, may the odds be in your favor.

Bountiful rewards await the teams that come on top: Set armor & weapons, rare pets, accessories and corresponding achievements. Build your perfect team, explore and dominate!


Lundi 2 décembre 2013  
[Ask the Devs] Episode 8

Q: Can we use mounts, battle armor and other things for PVE? As a reference - mounts and machines shown in the faction trailer?

    A: Yes you can! The vehicles obtained through the main quest and battleground achievements will be available for summon in the over-world: all you need to do is to find the vehicle NPC and retrieve your battle vehicle. You can use it to slay mobs or stroll through the city with your hulking mech or muscled war-beast.

Q: Is the combat a real-time system similar to Tera or Tab-target with the likes of WoW and FF XIV?

    A: The combat in Black Gold Online is real time with fast-paced actions. You’ll be dodging and moving constantly to out-maneuver your opponents. Skill targeting will vary, some are single-target lock on, and others can be used at will with no lock-on required.

Q: Will faction war and guild wars be a 24x7 thing or will there be specific timings?

    A: Guild Wars and Energy Well battles will be held on a timely basis to ensure players do not get fatigued from protecting their property 24\7. Factional warfare at this stage will be presented in two ways: open world PvP and battlegrounds. Battlegrounds will have timed objectives and cycled throughout the day (players can jump into action anytime).

Q: How meaningful is the PvP are we just fighting battles to win points and some items or are we going to be reshaping the map by our wins and losses?

    A: In battlegrounds, players will accumulate PvP currency\points to exchange for title, gear and exclusive battle vehicles. The world of Black Gold Online is split into regions controlled by energy wells. Opposing guilds (even on the same faction) will engage a fight for dominance. The controlling guild will unlock exclusive PvE dungeons, craft the highest level battle vehicle and improve energy well defenses to strength faction grip over the area.

Check in next week on the forums for the latest Ask the Dev episode! Ask away, heroes and villains of Montel!


Mercredi 27 novembre 2013  
The Burning Hand - Pyromancers

The Burning Hand - Pyromancers 

Pyromancers are blessed under the Radiant Sun, ascending to the perfect conduit for the burning power of fire. Trained since birth, Pyromancers are well versed in arts of flame-weaving techniques. The volatile element is extremely difficult to control, and attempts to do so often result in charring injury or disaster. An elder of the ancient Azure Conclave, Zanfirr was the first mage to wield fire effectively. The Conclave built a temple of fire to delve deeper into the arts of pyromancy, thus creating the foundation for generations of fire-seekers to come.

Even though fire is regarded as the most impulsive and dangerous element; in the eyes of the Kosh fire represents the wings of heroism, passion and zeal. It is seen as the force burning inside of their souls, bestowing absolution through the channeling of eternal fire.

The dreaded Pyromancers wield bursts of searing elemental damage that burn through waves of enemies. But with their relatively long casting times, allies must ensure that Pyromancers are not interrupted as they perform their ritual hexes.

    Available Races - Kosh, Yutonian Human
    Role Specialization - DPS - Ranged
    Weapon of Choice - Staff, Wands, Magic Vials
    Armor Proficiency - Leather (Medium) Armor
    Class Trait - A glass cannon with high DPS and burst, Pyromancer weave devastating area of effect spells that are mana-intensive and require them to be in an uninterrupted trance. 


Mercredi 20 novembre 2013  
Total PvP Warfare - Battle of Land & Air

Epilogue of War

The Western kingdom’s resources run dry, denizens of steam seek a new source of energy before their barren land withers. In the sharp eyes of the belligerent faction, the Eastern land is ripe for harvest. The start of a campaign for the mysterious energy source will be inevitable, blood will be shed upon the horizons.

The fires of industry burn restless in the forges of Isenhorst. Arms of steel assemble across the forward base while legions of soldier await their call to battle. The alliance of Buvont Humans and Lokemean rule will stop at nothing to claim total dominance over the Black Gold veins.

Over the snowy Ellescadia peaks, the Erlandir elders devised a tactic that seek to shatter the impending march of steel. The Union of Kosh and Yuton Humans will defend their sacred city with hosts of war beast and devastative magic... at all costs necessary.

    “ As the conflict escalated, the Erlandir Union’s stalwart resistance made for protracted fighting while the Steam faction’s squadrons of flying contraptions made battles all the more complex. In time the Magic faction unleashed formations of dragons to reclaim the skies, but they were no match for the steam kingdom’s war machines that soon dominated the energy wells. ”

Vehicular Combat, Evolved

In this video episode, we introduces the defining aspect of Black Gold Online’s PvP system: vehicular combat. Players will obtain vehicles through the main quest and battleground achievements, each complete with advancement path and customization. You’ll be able to take these vehicles for a stroll in the over world to deal with quests, or summon them in the battlegrounds for PvP objectives.

Five machines of war line up in the video, with over 100 specialized mounts total ready to tear up the battlefield. The re-designed system includes Raid, Aerial, Anti-Air, Penetration and Assault types. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, so tactical battle formations are of utmost importance.

Each vehicle plays an important role in large-scale battle. Raid vehicles offer extreme maneuverability and high damage output, making them a foot soldier’s worst nightmare. Pitted against other mobile firepower, the situation changes.

On the other end of the battle mount spectrum, Penetration type vehicles stand tall against any war machine out there. Yet they are not very effective against infantry, and agile fighters can sidle up to their weak points to take them down.

Aircraft, defense turrets and siege vehicles broaden the scope of conflict even further. As every war machine has its strengths and weakness, aspiring warlords\generals should pick and choose carefully.

War is upon us – Who will you fight for? What will you fight for?


Mardi 12 novembre 2013  
Blade of the Unseen - The Assassin

Blade of the Unseen - The Assassin

Merciless, effective agents who lurk in the shadows: stalking and executing their targets with lethal precision. As an essential part of the Isenhorst Espionage Network, the assassins are specially trained in the arts of stealth, unleashing the element of surprise upon their foes.

In the unrest of war, these covert agents engage in infiltration and assassination to cripple the Erlandir supply lines. Although the origin of each assassin may differ from one another, they serve their purpose with unfaltering will.

Assassins excel at slaying single opponents with brutal efficiency, their ability to conceal themselves, paired with their murderous strikes, makes most encounters quick and decisive.

    Available Races - Buvont Humans, Lokemean Dwarves
    Role Specialization - DPS - Melee
    Weapon of Choice - Daggers and Short Blades
    Armor Proficiency - Leather (Medium) Armor
    Class Trait - Proficient in stealth and surprise attacks, Assassins are among the most powerful damage dealers. These agile fighters’ high dodge rating also allows them to fight alongside heavily armored knights. Assassins often catch their victims unaware, dealing bursts of lethal strikes damage before vanishing without a trace.

Signature Moves

    Malicious Venom

      Coats the user’s weapon with potent poison, increasing armor penetration for 30 seconds. Each strike under the effect will lower enemy armor and speed by 5%, stacking up to 3 times.

    Blade Rush

      The assassin swirls forward; slashing everything caught in his path and pushes the target back with momentum.

    Ghastly Chains

      Throws a grappling chain towards the target, impairing movement for 2 seconds. The skill can be used again to pull the target to the user’s location.

    Dance of Shadows

      The Assassin vanishes into a formless shadow, slashing all targets back and forth in blinding speed.

    “ What became known as the Assassin school of combat began when Rathiel set up the Isenhorst Scout Regiment. Rathiel devised myriad methods of undoing his victims and invented Sleeve Swords and other wicked contrivances. His methods formed the bedrock of Assassin’s trade, but it was Runfiller Stylen who brought it to maturity. Stylen studied the art of the silent kill from Rathiel’s tracts soon after the Kingdom was established. It was a time when few practiced it, and when war broke out, he found his skills in high demand. Stylen was dispatched to execute high-ranking targets on the front lines, gaining a reputation as the conflict wore on. By the time one hundred foes had crumpled soundlessly under his daggers, the Royal Family had designs to make him a general. The Assassin did not submit to the prospect of wealth and rank, however; he sought instead to teach his skills to those he deemed worthy. ”

Mardi 5 novembre 2013  
Vanguard of Erlandir - Blademaster

The Vanguard of Erlandir - Blademaster

Blademasters are the vanguard of Erlandir forces, charging into combat with their menacing greatswords. These seasoned veterans are armed with strong survival and crowd control abilities.

They are highly adaptable warriors, adroitly switching from offensive to defensive stances in frenetic battles. Although they prefer to engage in melee combat, their training in spiritual magic enables them to absorb weapon essences, strengthening their attacks according to the type of enemy they face.

    Available Races - Yutonian, Kosh
    Combat Specialization - Melee (Tank)
    Weapon of Choice - Two-handed Swords
    Armor Proficiency - Heavy Armor
    Class Trait - Blademasters are able to take a considerable amount of punishment with their high defense and endurance. These ironclad warriors are also naturally agile, dodging lethal attacks at will.

Signature Moves

    Pyrrhic Blade

      The Blademaster gains increased attack power by enchanting the weapon with his own blood. Attacks will yield higher damage at the cost of HP per strike.

    Blazing Charge

      The warrior lunges forward, becoming one with the Greatsword; dealing damage and knocks back everything in his wrecking path.

    Unbreakable Resolve

      The Blademaster’s body phases into the spiritual realm, reducing all forms of damage by 99% over a period of 7 seconds.

    Thundering Howl

      A provocative shout that forces all hostile targets to attack the user for 3 seconds: the user will gain a boost in armor under the effect.

Notable Characters

    Katte of the Aureks

      The legendary warrior and grandmaster of the Greatsword, the one who created the Blademaster School of combat.

    Rasor the Wild

      Current leader, Blademaster trainer.

    “ The learned believe that the very first Blademaster was the great Katte; the Aurek who hunted beasts that had succumbed to the mutagenic effects of black gold. The swordsman used unconventional techniques to protect himself just as readily as he laid waste to hordes of foul creatures. His movements were fluid and effortless--some might say downright terpsichorean--and they gave rise to an entire school of combat. ”

Lundi 4 novembre 2013  
[Ask the Devs] Episode 7

Q: What are some of the innovations that Black Gold Online brings to the table?

    A: The world of Black Gold Online is a fusion of two unique themes: the heavily industrialized, Steampunk powered Isenhorst standing in stark contrast with Erlandir, the beautiful land of high-fantasy.
    Players will experience a crossover of genres with Black Gold Online’s vehicular warfare system: you will be able to switch perspectives from traditional third-person view to TPS (ranged classes) and FPS (battle vehicles). Rain fireballs from your flying drake mount or control massive mechs: dominate guild wars, faction battlegrounds with hundreds of customizable battle vehicles.

Q: Will there be end-game PVE raiding in Black Gold Online?

    A: To provide players with quality end-game PVE content, there will be no shortage of world bosses, raids, as well as exclusive content for guilds that dominate specific energy wells.

Q: What kind of update will we see differently from the E3 preview version in terms of combat?

    A: To give the game a more action-oriented feel, the development team is working on better model collision and skill sound effect. The core of Black Gold’s combat is fast paced action: each class will be armed with a wide range of skills, be it area targeted or lock-on homing. Encounters are designed for players to take directional dodge and movement into consideration; you’ll never be standing still in one place.

Q: Through which of the following: dungeons, raids, crafting, will players be able to receive the best armor and weapon in game?

    A: PvE equipments can be gained through questing, world drops, world bosses, instances, crafting and “vial of time”. The top tiers will be acquired through instance bosses, while PvP sets will be available for purchase in battlegrounds. 

Check in next week on the forums for the latest Ask the Dev episode! Ask away, heroes and villains of Montel!


Lundi 14 octobre 2013  
Expanding the Horizon of Creativity with PETROL

Snail Games readies for another round of closed beta testing in China as Black Gold Online reaches key developmental stages. Along with the new perspective of Victorian Steampunk and High Fantasy settings, the Development team aims to add style and flavor to the story's main characters.

    “ We wanted to create a vivid world with engaging lore for the continent of Montel and its denizens; when visualizing the races and factions, the team directed focus on delivering a blend of artistic detail with appealing background story ”
    - Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Online -

Snail’s market positioning aims to deliver an iconic Steampunk MMO and introduce fresh combat elements that combine third-person view, FPS and competitive vehicular warfare into PvP grounds. In order to sustain and excel in the creativity department, Snail Games officially partnered up with Petrol – an industry leading advertisement agency to create original, intriguing art for Black Gold Online.

The Visual Identity Petrol developed for Black Gold Online was rooted in the emotion of the Steampunk movement and the immortality of battle. Petrol created visuals that speak to heart of the moment each player will find themselves in when immersed in the Black Gold universe.

    “ The smell of Brass, Leather and Flames were all the things we want the consumer to sense when looking at these series of Character Studies. ” 
    - Alan Hunter, President & Chief Creative Officer of PETROL -

Petrol’s team of Creative Directors and artists worked on numerous versions with the Snail Games developer teams until the sweet spot was agreed upon. At the same time, we wanted to illustrate all the customizable elements that go into each characters development.

“An epic warrior staring down at death, and all that comes with it.”

Snail's partner in creativity and branding - Petrol

An industry leading Advertisement Agency with dedicated departments for print services, motion graphics, AV, social media, interactive/digital, as well as media planning & buying. PETROL is constantly developing fully integrated global marketing campaigns for major brands across genres.

Petrol has been honored with over 100 award recognitions including the Games Marketing Summit/MI6 Awards, Key Art Awards, Sports Illustrated-Promax BDA Sports Media Marketing Awards, and Webbies, among various others.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Black Gold Online. Tremble before the might of steam!


Dimanche 13 octobre 2013  
Black Gold en bêta fermée « début 2014 », sans blocage d'IP

Black Gold Online, le MMO RPG/FPS/TPS accueillera ses premiers testeurs au cours

Parallèlement à l'exploitation d'Age of Wushu, son MMO d'arts martiaux, le studio Snail Games finalise également le développement de Black Gold Online, MMO à la fois fantasy et steampunk devant « renverser les standards du genre » au travers d'un gameplay mêlant jeu de rôle (dans la progression PvE du jeu), stratégie (sur les champs de batailles PvP opposant les deux grandes factions du jeu dans le cadre d'affrontements d'envergure) et TPS, puisque les joueurs peuvent prendre le contrôle de méchas ou de créatures gigantesques et les piloter lors des combats, adoptant alors une vue subjective à la troisième personne.

Si, sur le papier, la présentation de ce MMORPG / RTS / TPS peut susciter une certaine curiosité (d'autant que Snail Games propose généralement des titres au gameplay plutôt riche et profond), on sera curieux de tester Black Gold plus concrètement. Manifestement, il ne devrait plus être nécessaire d'attendre très longtemps : les premières phases de bêta-test sont prévues pour le « premier trimestre 2014 », accueillant prioritairement les premiers inscrits sur le site officiel (les inscriptions restent ouvertes sur le site officiel).
Les joueurs européens noteront par ailleurs que cette version « américaine » de Black Gold Online se veut en fait une version « anglophone » du MMO et qu'aucun blocage d'IP ne sera appliqué. Tous les joueurs (anglophones) seront donc les bienvenus sur les serveurs du Chinois Snail Games.


Mardi 8 octobre 2013  
[Ask the Devs] Episode 6

Q: What sets Black Gold apart from the rest of MMORPGs?

    A: Despite the flood of traditional fantasy themed games in the global market, there is no appearance of an iconic Steampunk product. For Black Gold Online, we have rendered a massive world for exploration, with action-packed combat and redefining the boundary of vehicular warfare (FPS+TPS+RPG)
    The world itself is rich both in original lore and definitive culture, Victorian Steampunk clashing with traditional fantasy elements. The continent of Montel is created with over 30 square kilometer of vivid landscape. The towering mountain ranges divide the mysterious Eastern land of Erlandir from the Western, heavily industrialized Isenhorst Kingdom.
    Black Gold online introduces a number of innovative game-play aspects: bringing personal mounted aerial, naval warfare to the fray. We also put an emphasis on PvP, providing intense GvG battles, faction disputes, battlegrounds and arenas.

Q: When will you bestow us with class related lore and details?

    A: We are planning a total of 18 classes with unique visuals, cultural style and each specializes in offensive or supportive roles; we’re aiming to provide players with an immersive role-play experience when it comes to their very own character. As we’re still in developmental stages, the final class design is still being fine tuned.

Q: Do you have estimation on the beta date? And how will the beta keys be given out?

    A: The first closed beta is planned to launch at the earliest Q1 2014. We are ensuring quality when it’s ready to meet the public eye. All players who have registered prior will have a high chance of receiving first round of beta codes via their email. Codes that were handed out during E3 2013 are also valid for beta redemption, so hold onto them!
    The beta will feature substantial upgrade in terms of game-play progression and combat system compared to the E3 showcase.

Q: Will Black Gold Online only publish in the NA? Is there any country block?

    A: We will launch the English version of the game in North America as a start, not ruling out the possibility of launching in other countries. There will not be a country block or IP block for the North American version of Black Gold Online at initial release, but we will adjust accordingly to ensure smooth ping across the servers.

Q: How will individual player action on "dynamic events" play out server wide?

    A: The "Outbreak" events in Black Gold Online trigger when players enter a specific area or completing a certain number of quests. They offer considerable challenges and have clear goals for players to complete.
    While in the developmental stages, these invasive events do not alter the fate of surrounding areas; they act as a neat bonus with rewards. 


Lundi 23 septembre 2013  
[Ask the Devs] Episode 5

Q: How will quests function? Will individual players able to experience a complete different story line from others?

    A: Each race will have their own unique storyline and starting area, races of the same faction will eventually converge on the same path after level 25.

Q: As a PvP-oriented game, will the action of players or dynamic events affect the outcome of faction warfare, regional balance, NPC attitude or routine?

    A: We have considered such possibilities in developmental stages; we will most likely implement regional changes in the game later on, but not changing the fate of factions directly.

Q: Will you implement voice acting in cut-scenes?

    A: Yes, there will be voice acting in-game when cut-scenes are triggered.

Q: Is there a dynamic weather system ?

    A: We will implement such systems in future content updates.

Q: For equipments upgrade, will there be runes/stones?

    A: There will be a gem system which you’ll be able to upgrade and socket equipments.

Q: Will fantasy faction players able to ride steam mounts or vehicles? How will the two factions interact?

    A: Mounts and vehicle styles are designed to portray the distinctiveness of each faction: opposing players will not be able to ride faction-specific mounts. Guilds that control certain Energy Wells will have access to unique vehicles however. 


Mardi 17 septembre 2013  
Children of the Sun - The Kosh

Children of the Sun - The Kosh

The enigmatic Kosh: an ancient race that long ago ruled the lands now comprising the Magic alignment. The Kosh believe they are the children of the Sun God and that Black Gold—bestowed from this divine being—is what endowed them with exceptional intelligence and physical might.

It was Black Gold that first allowed the Kosh to grasp the essences of myriad things, and they used this knowledge to overcome every challenge and topple foes over the millennia.

    Faction - The Erlandir Union
    Allies - Yutonian Humans, Aureks
    Language - Kosh Common Tongue
    Available Classes - Demon Hunter, Elementalist, Alchemist
    Character Traits - Wise, Calm & Rational
    Physique - Slender with long limbs, feline ears and tail, between 5’6 to 6’6 in height. Kosh are agile and extremely gifted in the magical arts.

The City of Saints

It is written in “The Code of the Sun God” that the God of the Sun is the creator of everything in this world; he created mountains, rivers, forests, plants and animals. Then the Sun God created the Kosh, and gave them superior intelligence and physique, and let them multiply. Also the Sun God gave the Kosh Black Gold, and taught them to control elemental magic through its use. Under His protection, the Kosh Civilization prospered.

On a mountainside rich in Black Gold, the Kosh built their capital, the holy city of Casaro, where they dedicated their Temple of the Sun. Every Kosh is a pious believer in the Sun God, and they consider Black Gold to be a relic, every bit as sacred and inviolable as the Sun God Himself.  The highest authority in the Kosh Empire is the Emperor. He generally listens to the advice of the Empire’s Senators in matters of importance.

The Erlandir Union

At the beginning of the war, the Kosh were too arrogant and the greenhorn Kosh mages were no match for Isenhorst’s legions. The Kosh soon realized that they need to gather every force in their land to repel the Isenhorst invaders. After negotiation they enlisted the Brutes, as well as the Humans living in Erlandir to join the Empire force. This united Erlandir army, composed of the wild power of the Brutes, the courage of the Yutonian Humans, and the elemental magic of the Kosh, succeeded in driving the Isenhorst Legions out of the Eastern Continent.

After the experience of cooperation with other races during wartime, the Kosh realized the importance of solidarity, so they united with the Brutes and Humans to establish the Union of Erlandir, and signed many agreements. The Union of Erlandir existed mainly to guard the holy Black Gold, and to ensure peace on the Eastern Continent. The Kosh, the Brutes and the Humans helped each other and developed together, strengthening the Union. Steam technology, with its reliance on Black Gold, was forbidden. The Kosh and the Holy Sun God played a leading role in the Union because of their power and developed civilization. 


Mercredi 11 septembre 2013  
Dwarves of Isenhorst

Creating the Dwarven Race

The Lokemean dwarves were molded in the unrelenting, harsh environments of Isenhorst. The Makers did not shine upon them, for they were born in the land of coal and boulders. But it is with their determination and aptitude in technology that they forged the empire of steam.

Native to the Kingdom of Isenhorst, the Lokemean Dwarves are the creators of steam technology. The typical dwarf is stout and strong; most are greedy, some take their long beards very seriously. Dwarves are formidable opponents in close range combat; even their females have developed a keen sense for melee strikes. To make up for their lack of magical prowess, Dwarven technology is unmatched in power and endurance. Lokemean Mechs are always the first to deploy and the last to fall.

    Faction - Isenhorst
    Allies - Buvont Human, Upyrian Vampires
    Language - Dwarven, Common Tongue
    Available Classes - Arbiter, Tech Adept
    Character Traits - Straightforward, honest and frank
    Physique - Stout built and physically strong. Between 4’7 to 4’11 in height, males grow long beards, females are clean and shaven.

Beginnings of the Lokemean Kingdom

In the beginning, there was Barbatos, who in its great wisdom saw fit to create the Continent, a home for the Lokemean Dwarves. To them he gifted the spark of intelligence, and a trust to steward the lands West of the walls of the world. With the gravitas of their creator and a love for rule of law, the Dwarves quickly began to understand the mechanics of the world around them.

The product of their disciplines was the creation of Steam technology, and dominance over their lands. The fervor with which they approached their science angered Barbatos, as the Dwarves quickly displaced their worship of his workings with their own tools. Despite this, they maintained a dedicated harmony with the lands around them, and a reverence for nature. From the loosely collected tribes around the area known as Cadia there arose the Kingdom of Lokemea, the noble families balanced by the technological prowess of the Steam Guild.

Not satisfied with the mastery of the land of Cadia, groups began to band together to explore and fill out the maps of Isenhorst. As some of the first bands to roam the frontiers returned with discovered wealth, the King and Steam Guild established a Royal Exploration Team. This led to expansive growth and investment into exploration ventures, and the career of one of the most renowned Dwarves, Hoka.

Exploration Beyond the Western Continent

Content with their lives of research and prosperity, no Dwarf sought to question the monolithic mountains of Ellescadia that formed an impassable border to what is now known as the Eastern Continent. No Dwarf, that is, until the genius technologist and explorer Hoka began to put his formidable mind to the quest.

Having successfully reached the Eastern Continent of Erlandir, Hoka and his team continued to journey into this new land. Marveling at its beauty and tranquility, they met the Kosh, Aurekians, and Humans who dwelt there. Finding an affinity with the curious and short-lived Humans, Hoka laid the foundation for all that followed by teaching them about steam technology.


Dimanche 8 septembre 2013  
[Ask the Devs] Episode 4

[Ask the Devs] Episode 4 is over and your questions have been answered below.

The Black Gold Online development team is here to answer your questions about the game! With the first Beta dates closing in, we will be hosting Ask the Dev on a regular basis. 

Question: What is the progress on localization? 

    Answer: We have put together a team of native speakers who dedicate themselves to understand all aspects of the game. Localization has begun and it will be ready when the first closed beta hits for our North American audience.

Question:  What is the combat system like? How does non-targeting system work?

    Answer: Black Gold Online aims to provide an action-oriented control system. We have implemented dodge and dashes to supplement combat, players will no longer stand in one place and mash buttons. Skill moves will have to "land" on the mobs to be effective.

Question:   Is there Dynamic Events like in GW2 / Rift alongside normal questing?

    Answer: The world of Montel will have many suprises for adventurers: there will be randomized scenarios where players trigger while questing. Players will be placed in situations where they have to defend an sudden onslaught of mutant zombies or reactivate a broken mech.

Question:  Will there be a skill tree like most MMORPGs or will we see something like Age of Wushu?

    Answer: Each class will have their own skill panel, similar to Diablo 3's system. You will gain skill points as you level and the panel is expanded furthermore when the character transcend into one of the advanced classes.

Question:  Will players be able to control the different kinds of dragons and airships, revealed in the trailer?

    Answer: There will be over 400 different types of battle vehicles available to players, each complete with their own aerial combat skillset. Dragons will be available for the fantasy faction and mechanized fliers for the steam faction.

Have a question for the game developers? Ask away in our [Ask the Devs] forums!


Vendredi 6 septembre 2013  
Hayao Miyazaki prend sa retraite, Black Gold lui rend hommage

Le réalisateur Hayao Miyazaki (cofondateur du Studio Ghibli) prend sa retraite. Le studio Snail Games lui rend hommage, voyant une filiation entre Black Gold Online et les thématiques chères au réalisateur japonais.

Pour tous les adeptes du cinéma d'animation japonais, Hayao Miyazaki (cofondateur du Studio Ghibli et réalisateur de nombreux films animés, poétiques et engagés - Nausicaä de la vallée du vent, le Château dans le ciel, Porco Rosso, Princesse Mononoké ou encore Le Château ambulant, entre autres) est incontestablement l'un des maîtres du genre.

Son dernier film en date, Le Vent se Lève, est tout juste achevé et dans le cadre d'une conférence de presse organisée à Tokyo, Hayao Miyazaki annonçait néanmoins hier prendre sa retraite. « Je sais que j'ai déjà annoncé mon départ plusieurs fois dans la passé, et je sais que nombre d'entre vous pensent que ce n'est qu'une annonce de plus. Mais cette fois, c'est pour de bon. Il y a des tonnes de choses que je n'ai pas été capable de réaliser, mais il y avait des raisons expliquant que je ne les fasse pas... Il y a tant d'idées qui émergent dans ma tête ». À 72 ans, le réalisateur aspire aujourd'hui « à être libre » et à « faire de nouvelles choses, qui ne sont pas forcément liées à l'animation ».

Les studios Ghibli poursuivront son oeuvre, et d'autres y aspirent manifestement aussi. À mi-chemin entre l'hommage et la récupération médiatique, le studio Snail Game (dont le CEO, Shihai, se veut un admirateur inconditionnel du réalisateur japonais) adresse « un message à Hayao Miyazaki ».

La double approche « steampunk et naturaliste » de Black Gold Online, l'un des prochains MMO de Snail Games (dans le MMO, l'une des factions évoluent en harmonie avec la nature, l'autre mise sur l'industrie), ferait écho aux thématiques récurrentes abordées par Miyazaki dans son oeuvre.


Lundi 2 septembre 2013  
The Yutonian Resolve

Creating the Yutonian Race

The Yutonians were among the first to settle in the ancient land of Erlandir, one of the original races created by the Goddess of Light. Taken under the rule of Kosh as a protectorate nation, the humans were left alone to govern themselves. Although posing no real threat to the Kosh, their curiosity of magic is heavily frowned upon: ones that learned too much were executed.  

When Hoca brought steam technology to the Eastern continent, the Yutonian humans saw it as their salvation, their chance to break free from Kosh rule. As a result, their fascination for steam power lead to their mass exile. The majority that followed Hoca eventually became the Buvonts. Families that rejected steam power stayed behind, relocated their settlements across the mountain borders.

When war has reached their doorstep after generations of peace, the Yutonians chose to unite under the Erlandir Union, fighting alongside with Kosh and the barbaric Aureks. 

    Faction - Erlandir
    Allies - Kosh, Aurek
    Language - Human, Common Tongue
    Available Classes - Elementalist, Demon Hunter, Alchemist
    Character Traits - Capricious yet traditional, curious yet reserved
    Physique - Balanced figure between 5’6 to 6’5 with sharp eyes and slender peripherals. Being forest and mountain roamers, Yutonians prefer to be lighter on foot with extensive use of leather armor.

From the excerpts of The Hidden Flame:

The Fall of the Yutonian Dynasty

After the slaughter of his army outside the White Marshes, Emperor Akan sent Mazir, a religious leader with a deep hatred for humanity, to watch over these humans, and ensure that no further crises arose. The Yutonian Dynasty was all but finished.

The human subjects of the Kosh fell succumbed to despair, their ruler to madness. Bitter and humiliated, Thurian, son of the Old King, withdrew from the public eye, and left major matters in the hands of his ministers. His people, desperate for leadership, found none.

Rumors arose of a strange religious movement in the Daybreak Hills: the Hidden Flame. It promised the weary humans lessons in dark magic, and told them to rebel against the Kosh. 

The Kosh nobility in the region reacted swiftly to contain the fires of rebellion. Qolom, a powerful Kosh mage, arrived to oversee the search for the renegade religion and oversee the human monarch, much to Mazir's displeasure. And with him, he brought General Chakza.

The Revolution

Chakza found an unexpected ally in Namian, the younger brother of the king. Sogia's child had grown into a quiet young man who was determined to improve the lives of his people. The human and the Kosh spoke often, and soon became friends. Chakza, secretly enraged by the treatment of the humans, convinced the prince that a coup was the only option.

King Namian's first act was to appoint and Chakza and Qolom to his cabinet, a grand gesture of his trust of his Kosh allies. Ignored and disgraced, Mazir returned to the capital.

The Forging of an Alliance

The Yutonians thrived under Namian's benevolent rule. Alas, these times would not last. Without warning, the Upyrian Vampires attacked, slaughtering Kosh and human alike, and seizing Black Gold to power their dark magic and fuel their machines. King Namian had no choice but to go to war against his former people, and his own brother.

The humans, Kosh and Aureks fought side by side, and slowly forced the Upyrians to retreat. The Kosh were forced to realize that without the “lesser races” they would have lost.

On that day, the Erlandir Union was forged.


Lundi 26 août 2013  
[Ask the Devs] Episode 3

[Ask the Devs] Episode 3 is over and your questions have been answered below.

The Black Gold Online development team is still here though, so head on over to [Ask the Devs] Episode 3 and ask them anything!

Game features? Lore clarification? Favorite Pokemon? ANYTHING!

Question: How detailed will the character customization be? Will there be sliders for body features?

    There will be sliders for both facial features and body features, you'll be able to alter their upper body and lower body thickness / height.

Question:  What's the maximum level in the game for players?

    The first cap will be set at level 40. As we launch future expansions, you can expect the cap to be raised furthermore.

Question: Instead of a cash shop, will drops will be locked from us in a certain time period and we will need to purchase gold to unlock them? Is the English version going to use this model? Are you guys going to use a traditional cash shop in this version instead? Or have you guys not finished deciding what you want to do?

    We will not be using the loot lock system in the English version. There will be no subscription, no cash shop, no loot lock, no content lock. We have implemented a "Black Gold Time" system to support normal game progression: this system will calculate your actions/ hour and reward you extra loot (up to two slots per day), and you can use credits to purchase further slots.

Have a question for the game developers? Ask away in our [Ask the Devs] forums!


Mardi 20 août 2013  
Black Gold Time

The latest details regarding Black Gold Time's direction in the North American version has arrived! Following last week’s reveal on how the new monetization model is positioned to deliver in China, we at Snail Games felt the need to unveil the plan for our American audiences.

To clarify common misconceptions and answer the surge of questions, Black Gold Online’s optional time save system acts as a bonus, completey optional feature to supplement normal game progression. PvE experience and PvP rankings remains unaffected and all levels of equipment and materials(white to epic) can be acquired in game via questing, battegrounds, auction and world drops.

The “Black Gold Time” system adds an additional source of economic catalyst to the equation by replacing the cash shop. The system might seem overwhelming at first look, but Snail is aiming to take free-to-play further with the intent of maximizing player experience.

“ The reason we decided not to implement a cash shop is to put our focus on refining the game itself, rather than creating endless cash shop power-ups: instead of purchasing items, we give you the opportunity to gain items that you can use or sell”

 “ We want to present the value of time and place initiative in your own hands, let you decide if the time spent is worth paying for. The main idea we want to push through is having players know they can get bonus loot, and have the option to either acquire that or trade it to others. ”

“ We’re refining this new system and our top priority is develop a transparent and accepted F2P model for the North American audience.”

- Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Online -

Let’s take an in-depth look

    Frequency: Auto saved every hour

      The save times in Black Gold Online is built in a different angle: it measures and records your loot index* in an hour and creates a slot. For player convenience, this will be saved automatically every hour. The game is able to store up to a number of saves at any given time. New saves will override the oldest, and follow the logic from there.

    Loot Index: Your treasure level

      The core idea of “Black Gold Time” is based on a Loot Index, which determines the color of your save time. The loot index is measured by in-game actions you performed in that hour. (completing missions, killing bosses, players or mobs) There will be three levels with escalating chance of acquiring better loot.

Vial of Time and Time Exchange

When you acquire a save slot for free or by purchase, the save itself will materialize into an special item called the “Vial of Time” with it's own inventory space.

The quality for each Vial of Time is determined by the time slot’s color (white, purple, gold)

“ We originally designed to offer two free saves per 24 hour period, but the number may increase as we close in on beta and launch dates ”

- Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Online -

On top of not having a subscription, the Black Gold Time system gifts every player a number of free saves per day to gain extra loot. You can also list these saves on the Time Exchange, created specifically for trading vials of time for credits.

Choice in players’ hands

With every vial creation, players will have two options on how to deal with their save:

    Receive for free or pay with credits and loot all the content within
    Traded on the Time Exchange for credits(normally acquired through real-life currency)

As the industry pioneer with this monetization model, Snail Games aim at pushing the Free-to-Play boundary further, players don’t have to spend anything to enjoy the game to the fullest. All the content is available through normal game progression. For those that want to experience content quicker, the option is always there.

Stay tuned for more reveals and details to come!  


Mercredi 14 août 2013  
Rise of the Buvont

Creating the Buvontian Human

The Buvonts were originally from the Eastern lands of Erlandir. When Hoka and his Black Gold-powered steam machines were eventually banished from the shamanistic society, a group of humans followed him to back to Isenhorst, casting off the old ways of worship to pursue science and technology.

Naturally all-embracing, these human families settled peacefully with the dwarves. The Buvonts are smart, agile and exceptionally adaptive. Although the dwarves were the inventors of steam technology, it was the Buvont humans who militarized and maximized it’s power. The Buvont dynasty is now accepted to be the ruler of all Isenhorst. 

    Faction - Isenhorst
    Allies - Lokemean Dwarves, Upyrian Vampires
    Language - Human, Common Tongue
    Available Classes - Inquisitor, Mystic, Tech Adept
    Character Traits - Mercurial dreamers with strong sense of curiosity and desire for knowledge.
    Physique - Standing between 5’7 and 6’6 with a balanced figure. Dressed in Neo-Victorian Era fashion: Top Hats, Monocles, leather and gold accessories. 

The Founding of the Human Empire

A generation passed, and mistrust grew between the humans and the other races. Only a single human faction, the Buvont Family, maintained relationships with the race that had gone into exile with them; together, they founded a settlement near the Ellescadia region.

Disgusted by the human obsession with short-term profits, the dwarves withdrew from Isenhorst, leaving their territory in the hands of a few powerful families. The Buvont Family, living in self-imposed exile, worked with the Upryians to turn Black Gold into a powerful fuel source.

Deciding that chaos was bad for business, the humans eventually established the Isenhorst Confederation in 1138. The Confederation was a coalition of Craftsman Associations throughout the various settlements, each controlled by a major family.

Before long, the Craftsman Associations began squabbling for resources and power. Two families even dared to attack dwarven territory directly, and were utterly destroyed. The remaining families absorbed the weakened Associations into their own holdings, and there was peace for a time. A very short time.

The petty bickering and backstabbing between the families soon exploded into all-out civil war. In 1144, the Buvont Family established an alliance with Delfradia, and began receiving secret shipments of Black Gold. The family, led by Theodoric Buvont, created a mobile, weaponized castle. This "warcastle" laid waste to the lands of the Buvont Family's enemies, and the Buvont claimed Isenhorst for their own.

And yet, they were not satisfied. The Warcastle advanced on the lands of the dwarves, and the humans' benefactors retreated, losing battle after battle. Eventually, the Buvont Family relented , and offered the dwarves a place within the Isenhorst Confederation…with a catch.

The humans agreed to disarm their Warcastle and allow the dwarves to govern themselves, but the dwarves would henceforth be responsible for arming the Confederation military, and obeying the dictates of the Buvont royal family.


Lundi 12 août 2013  
A New System Awaits

There is no doubt that many of you are curious about the exact monetization model that will be implemented in the game. The big reveal is here, Snail Games have announced an unprecedented and innovative way to play (and pay). This new system will be live with the launch of the Chinese version, and it is most likely to be reflected in our North American version.

”We’re focusing on giving our players choices when it comes to their gameplay experiences – they decide what premium items to pay for and whether a play session is worth saving,”

“We decided to introduce an innovative monetization model based on player habits and overall gameplay time. Unlike a micro transaction model requiring the player to frequently shop for items, or a subscription-based model where players pay a monthly service, our model allows players to dictate their own gameplay progression.” - Mr. Shi Hai, Founder of Snail Games

Black Gold Online’s innovative Optional Time Based File Save Model will abandon traditional subscription based-payment and will not implement an in-game cash shop

Yep, you heard it here. There will be NO subscriptions; NO cash-shop. All the materials, equipments can be gained in-game to ensure balance across the Continent of Montel. So how exactly does it work? Let’s take a closer look.

“Black Gold Time” The Optional Time-based Monetization Model

Black Gold Online’s file save mode will record your playtime data, showing all materials and equipment looted in that specific timeframe. Players will be given a choice to purchase that specific “save” if you wish to acquire all of those items.

This system aims only at paying for rare materials and high level equipments: Basic materials and equipments can be looted immediately without purchase. Player progression in terms of experience and PvP rank for example, will remain even if you do not pay for the save. 

Save Files

Players will be able to select a timeframe: every 1 / 2 / 4 / 6 Hour(s) for automatically saving their progress. Players can also end the auto-save early to save manually whenever they feel the need to loot the items gained so far.
Upon creation, save files will last for 24 hours before they disappear.

By selecting the one hour auto-save, progress will be recorded every hour:

    SaveFile1 from 14:10~15:10 - the player acquires a rare gun and a couple basic materials.
    SaveFile2 from 15:10~15:40 - the player loots a rare material and decides to save before reaching the hour mark.

The player will be able to loot the basic material immediately, but the rare gun and material will only be looted if the player decides to purchase SaveFile1 and SaveFile2.

Credit & “Lucky Draw” System

Save files are purchased from in-game credits (bought from real-life money). Snail Games however, have implemented an interesting “lucky draw” system. There will be two separate buttons: you can buy the save directly, or select “try your luck” to have a chance at reducing the credits required or even obtain loots without any cost! This is a fun little option to maximize player benefits.


Jeudi 25 juillet 2013  
Bigger and Better at ChinaJoy

If you thought Black Gold Online looked good at E3, then prepare to be amazed! Having received quite a bit of attention and support recently, Snail Game pulled all the stops to give ChinaJoy goers an unforgettable Black Gold steampunk experience.

With no expenses spared towards its marketing efforts, a ~3-meter tall Black Gold Titan statue was placed outside the building’s entrance, guarding the beautiful showgirls who came for a look. A life-size replica of the game’s motorcycle mount was also nearby, with no shortage of interested visitors stopping by for a few pictures.

But inside is where the magic truly started. Those who stopped by the Snail Game booth were greeted by a magnificent steampunk-themed contraption which housed music, models, and 100 high-end machines all loaded with the latest Black Gold Online game client. Even better, a number of gorgeous staff were on hand to introduce to players the game’s plentiful… features.

Those who participated in the game’s events could also win a number of limited-edition memorabilia, including a mini-sized Black Gold Titan figure and other unique steampunk gadgets.

Check back later for more news, because ChinaJoy is far from over!


Mercredi 24 juillet 2013  
Modèle économique - Payer pour utiliser ses objets lootés

Black Gold Online dévoile son modèle économique : ni abonnement, ni boutique, mais un mécanisme d'achat (en argent réel) de certains des objets gagnés dans le jeu.

De toutes évidences, le free-to-play s'impose comme l'un des (voire le) modèle économique dominant en matière de jeux en ligne et MMO, au point de devenir la norme mais de confronter les concepteurs à un dilemme : comment financer des jeux de plus en plus chers à concevoir mais distribués de plus en plus « gratuitement » ? La réponse qui semble s'imposer aujourd'hui consiste à faire payer (parfois beaucoup) au travers de moyens détournés.
Et le groupe chinois Snail Games propose aujourd'hui de nouvelles idées pour Black Gold Online, présentées en vidéo et ne chinois (mais traduit par le blog MMO Culture).

Dans Black Gold Online comme dans tous les MMO, les joueurs pourront trouver ou gagner des objets en affrontant des monstres. Pour autant, les objets d'envergure ne seront pas immédiatement utilisables : ils seront stockés dans un inventaire dédié et devront être débloqués.
Au terme de quelques heures, certains des objets pourront être débloqués automatiquement et donc intégrer « l'inventaire réel » du joueur pour être normalement utilisés. Les objets qui n'auront pas été débloqués automatiquement devront alors l'être manuellement. Dès lors, le joueur doit procéder à un lancer de dés et « réclamer » les objets bloqués. Si les dés lui sont favorables, le joueur obtiendra ses objets gratuitement. Dans le cas inverse, il devra les acheter à l'aide d'une monnaie qui ne s'obtient que dans la boutique du jeu ou renoncer aux objets gagnés.

Selon le développeur, ce mécanisme se veut plus juste et permettrait de contourner d'éventuelles dérives « pay-to-win » (invitant le joueur à s'équiper intégralement dans une boutique) puisque les objets potentiellement acheté auront été légitimement gagnés dans le jeu. Pour autant, on saisit vite aussi les dérives mercantiles du système : la grande majorité des joueurs de MMO free-to-play qui ne fréquente jamais les boutiques d'objets sera ici systématiquement confronté à des offres d'achats, au coeur du jeu. Le modèle économique joue en outre sur la frustration du joueur dont le loot semble a porté de main... pour peu qu'il accepte de débourser quelques euros.

Black Gold Online accueillera les joueurs chinois sur ses serveurs de bêta-test du 30 juillet au 7 août prochain. On ignore si ce modèle économique fera lui aussi l'objet de tests grandeur nature permettant d'évaluer sa pertinence (et sa rentabilité). On ignore tout autant si le modèle économique chinois sera importé dans la (future) version occidentale du MMO.


Jeudi 18 juillet 2013  
[Ask the Devs] Episode 2

[Ask the Devs] Episode 2 is over and your questions have been answered below.

The Black Gold Online development team is still here though, so head on over to [Ask the Devs] Episode 3 and ask them anything!

Game features? Lore clarification? Favorite Pokemon? ANYTHING!

Question: Will the first closed beta have access to all Races and Classes?

    Answer: For the first closed beta, we plan to have 4 of the 6 races available (two for each faction). Each race will also have 2 of their 3 classes unlocked.

Question:  How many and what kinds of mecha battles are there? Is it PvP only, or are there also PvE dungeons/event using mechs?

    Answer: There are three types of battle vehicles: Air, land, and water. Presently, and for the beta test, there will only be air and land. As for the number, there are currently 32 total battle vehicles. 18 are personal battle vehicles, while 14 are specifically for use in the game’s Energy Well battle. Battle vehicles cannot be used in dungeons, battlefields, and arenas, but can be used in the open world.

Have a question for the game developers? Ask away in our [Ask the Devs] forums!


Lundi 15 juillet 2013  
Isenhorst III - Civil War

Part I
Isenhorst: The Beginning

Part II
Isenhorst: Steam Revolution

Human Invasion

Already having allowed the human outcasts into the realm of Isenhorst, the Dwarves were horrified to find another type of creature in their midst: those affected by the Kosh’s Curse of Blood. Transformed into something different, this new race would be known as the Erlongdian vampires and form an alliance with the other humans of Isenhorst, the powerful Buvont family. The dwarves, however, would view these vampires as something dangerous and terrified of their implications, abandoned some of their previous inhabitations.

The land left behind was quickly divided and carved up by the Buvont Family and their vampire allies, but was nothing more than barren holdings. In order to make up for the lack of resources, the Erlongdians assisted their ally in developing a potential replacement for coal as an energy source. Over the years, the country came to be dominated by a few major human families who were in constant competition with one another and Lokemea. Remembering their former strength, these families decided to head the creation of regional Craftsmen Guilds, which drew the ambitious and technologically proficient under their auspices. In the year 1138 of the Imperial Calendar, the Craftsmen Guild leaders came together and formed the Isenhorst Confederation.

Civil War

The creation of the Isenhorst Confederation established Confederation Year 1, and a renewed sense of potential among the leading Human families. Continued collaboration on technologies and trade in resources further intensified competition between the powerful, with alliances forged and betrayals executed on a seemingly daily basis. Two of these major families, underestimating the strength of the Dwarves, attempted to attack a major Lokemean mine. Forced back and soundly depleted of available resources in the process of defeat, the remaining members of the Confederation enveloped their lands and reinstated peace between the races.

Refocused on their own regions, attempting to maintain the unsteady balance of power and resources, a joint-ventured search began. Soon after, these explorations uncovered vast untapped ore and coal mines, information that would not long remain secret. The quarrels over claim to these resources quickly devolved into open threats. The mobilization of forces reinforced the backroom deals and tenuous alliances the leaders of the Isenhorst Confederation were making with one another.

Civil War and all of its atrocities ensued for well over a decade, tearing the Human-held lands apart. Depleted of what was once sizable wealth and resources near the end of this time, a temporary ceasefire was brokered between those of the former Confederation. It was at that time the Buvont Family and their bloodthirsty vampire allies struck. Utilizing a gigantic mobile Battle Fortress powered by Black Gold, this ultimate weapon prompted hasty coordination between the other human families. However, the Buvont’s timing was too well wrought – the Isenhorst Confederation was swiftly defeated.

The major powers of Isenhorst  had been decided and soon, change would come.


Jeudi 11 juillet 2013  
[Ask the Devs] Episode 1

Your questions from the first Episode of [Ask the Devs] have been answered! Check inside for the dev's response on Black Gold Online's PvP and beta dates!

Question: When's the beta and how long will it be?

    Answer: We are currently planning for the first US closed beta to start in the fourth quarter of 2013. There will be multiple closed beta phases with the total duration lasting for a few months. Beta signups will be announced on the official website before it starts.

Question: What is PvP going to be like in Black Gold? Will they game utilize always on/open PvP or will PvP only occur in consensual areas of the map?

    Answer: There will be open world PvP between the two factions, where players can directly attack each other without warning. Aside from that, the game will also have arenas to create a more 'fair' PvP environment for players to prove their skills, as well as many large-scale world events which involve team PvP, such as town sieges and the Energy Well, which may turn a whole map into a battlefield.

Question: Will BG include Arena and/or Tournament style PvP?

    Answer: Black Gold Online will have an arena, which was partially showcased during E3. In the future, it will be updated with its own scoring and ranking system. However, the game's main focus is on large-scale team battles, so there will not be many tournaments for individuals or small teams.

Thanks for asking! [Ask the Devs] Episode 2 is up, so head over and ask us anything!


Lundi 8 juillet 2013  
Isenhorst II - Steam Revolution

Part I
Isenhorst: The Beginning

As the Humans witnessed the possibilities of Hoka’s steam technology, their brightest minds quickly began to research the technology. Soon, Craftsmen Guilds began to congregate in even the smallest of Human-held cities. Pleased with the passion and fervor with which Humans approached technology, Hoka did his best to impart the sizable body of knowledge he possessed. After some years, the Dwarven expedition made the long journey back to Isenhorst, having the foresight to create a base camp within the Ellescadia. But life in Erlandir was not to continue peacefully.

The rulers of the Western Continent, the Sun God-worshipping Kosh, would not see the abomination of steam technology replace their divine power. After almost a decade of overseeing the promised threat of steam technology in Human hands, they crushed the growing power of the Craftsmen Guild. Tired of researching in secret, defeated in open rebellion, those Humans who could no longer bear the yoke of Kosh rule traveled East.

Reaching the Ellescadia Mountains after a long journey, the outcasts were delighted to find the Dwarven explorer’s camp of Pablo Town. With numbers far too large for the town’s growing resources, the kindly Dwarves invited the Humans to immigrate over the mountains. Upon arriving at the Eastern Continent, many a Dwarf was pleasantly surprised at the likeness that Humans bore to their features. More shocking was the degree to which some their steam innovations had surpassed that of Lokemea. The choice had been made, and Humans began to spread throughout Isenhorst.


Vendredi 5 juillet 2013  
Ask our Game Developers Anything!

Update: Episode 1 Questions are over! Questions will be answered on Friday, along with the start of Episode 2 Questions!

The team behind Black Gold Online is hard at work, but we always have time for questions and feedback from our fans.

If you’ve ever been curious as to what the future plans for Black Gold are, or where the idea for the magnificent Steam Castle came from, then just ask us! Or if you just want to know about our work hours or what kind of games we like to play – that’s fine too, let us hear from you!

To send in your questions, just head over to this Episode’s official topic on the forums.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Q&A Agenda


      Weekly Q&A post will be created, ask your questions now!


      Weekly Q&A post will be locked. Questions are forwarded to the Development Team. Due to possible time constraints, we may only pick the “best” questions.


      Responses from the Development Team will posted as a news article on the Black Gold Online official website. Next Episode Q&A post will be created and the cycle repeats.


Mardi 2 juillet 2013  
Website Updates Coming Soon

And we’re back! It’s been a bit quiet after E3, but the Black Gold Online website is now back to regular updates.

In the coming months leading up to the first closed beta test, expect to learn more about the steampunk/fantasy-mixed world as we start to unlock the classes, races, and lore sections of the website. In addition, we’ll also introduce the team behind Black Gold Online and share how one of the “Most Anticipated MMORPGs from E3 2013” was created.

And just in case you missed our appearance at E3 (or just want to head down memory lane again), let’s take a look back to see what some of your favorite media had to say about Black Gold Online:


Dimanche 16 juin 2013  
27 Minute E3 Stage Demo Video

E3 may be over, but the Black Gold excitiment is just beginning. Check out our exciting demo as we delve into some of the deeper mechanics and lore of the game as well as discuss the exciting dates for our Betas and Launch. Head over to the forums and let us now what you think about our E3 reveals of the Steam vs Fantasy war over Black Gold!

Enjoy and make sure to like us on Facebook then follow us on Twitter!


Jeudi 13 juin 2013  
E3 2013 - Black Gold en cinématique

En attendant « prochainement » un bêta-test occidental, Black Gold Online dévoile son univers steampunk et son contenu en vidéos, entre cinématique et bande-annonce de gameplay.

En bref. Actuellement en bêta-test en Chine, Black Gold se prépare à accueillir aussi des testeurs occidentaux - dans le cadre d'une bêta de sept jours prévue « prochainement » et dont les accès sont actuellement distribués à l'E3. D'ici là, le MMORPG steampunk se dévoile au travers d'une cinématique posant les bases de la trame du jeu, en plus d'illustrer son gameplay.

On le sait, Black Gold Online s'articule autour de la quête d'une ressource précieuse, l'or noir du titre. Longtemps, les Erlandirs (un peuple vivant en harmonie avec les forces naturelles) ont cherché à le contrôler pour augmenter la puissance de leur sorcellerie. Et depuis peu, les peuples d'Isenhorst l'exploitent aussi pour alimenter leurs forges et leur machine. La quête du Black Gold engendre néanmoins des tensions, jusqu'au jour où des Erlandris furent attaqués, manifestement par des habitants d'Isenhorst.
Un fait anecdotique peut néanmoins parfois avoir des répercussions d'envergure et les Erlandirs les plus belliqueux réclament vengeance, faisant fi des mises en garde des anciens. Ils en appellent au Dieu-Soleil et à sa puissance pour frapper durement le royaume d'Isenhorst... Evidemment l'assaut exige une contre-attaque et la guerre éclate. Et ce n'est que le commencement d'un conflit d'envergure.

Les joueurs de Black Gold Online devront choisir leur faction et s'affronteront grâce à la magie ou à leurs machines, pourront combiner leur pouvoir pour gagner en puissance ou encore utiliser des montures et véhicules d'envergure (dans un gameplay façon FPS en prenant le contrôle de créatures ou de méchas de combat). On le découvre en vidéo.


Mercredi 12 juin 2013  
Conan O'Brien Appears at Snail Games E3 Booth

Day 2 of E3 has ended at the Snail Games booth, but not before Conan O’Brien had a chance to make a surprise appearance!

We have no doubt in our minds that he came to check out our games, but for some reason he spent more time posing with our cosplay girls… Anyway, check out the pictures below and see the man himself being surrounded by multiple beauties, which of course is a natural, everyday occurrence.

Thanks for coming Coco, you’re welcome back any time!

PS: Give us a call the next time you visit China!


Mercredi 12 juin 2013  
E3 Demo Detailed Review

Check out the biggest dose of Black Gold yet! Even if you can’t stop by our E3 booth and play first-hand, don’t miss out on all the mech-riding and magic-casting action with this detailed demo review!

Character Creation

Like most MMORPGs, the magic starts at the character creation screen. Choose from one of the two currently available races: the Humans of the Steam Faction or the Kosh of the Magic Faction, then decide on a class to decimate the other side. In the demo, only two of the three basic classes are unlocked, but after being promoted into one of three advanced classes, plenty of choices and unique play styles exist, including ranged tanks and melee magic users.

Afterwards, a detailed character customization screen will greet players and those who appreciate it can edit a large number of facial features, including the ability to change angle, location, size, length, and even space interval of certain details. Players who aren’t so much into customization can choose from a few basic templates, or even click the random button until they find an acceptable look.

Once the game starts, a video briefly explains why the world of Black Gold is at war and the reasoning behind each faction’s hostility. The demo is limited to a few starting zones and quests, but more of the game’s lore and background is revealed with each quest and step taken towards the middle of the continent, where the ongoing war is the fiercest.

High Level Content

Those looking to jump straight into the game’s higher level content can talk to a special E3 NPC, which lets players jump to level 40, choose an advanced class, and purchase high-level gear. Advanced classes differ greatly from the basic classes and come with their own set of skills. At level 40, players can choose from 6 of 16 active skills to create a play style that is vastly different to others of the same class.

With their new gear equipped and skills set up, players can then fly to a special zone for a glimpse of Black Gold’s world PvE.

PvE – World Bosses

The demo contains two unique world bosses, one from each faction. A variety of movement patterns and attack skills test the player’s reactions and even at level 40, they can hardly be considered a walk in the park. Dodging became essential in avoiding special attacks, but continuous use would quickly deplete the player’s dodge value, leaving them unable to evade attacks until after the bar slowly recharges.

PvP - Arena

Finally, players looking for a little competitive action can head to the Battle Arena, where the two factions are pit against each other in small team battles. Fights are not done with the characters themselves, however, as different vehicles are available around the arena, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. In order to win, players must be able to coordinate and use different strategies accordingly against the other team. For example: One of the Steam Faction mechs is fast-moving and defense oriented, but has weak fire power. While not the first mech of choice for most, it’s perfect against one of the Magic Faction mounts, which has a long-ranged mortar, but is relatively slow.

Although it was only a small glimpse of the Black Gold world, reactions from the E3 booth were overwhelmingly positive. If you like what you saw as well, be sure to keep an eye on the Black Gold website for future updates!


Mercredi 12 juin 2013  
Beta Comes Closer for E3 Visitors

The Black Gold Online wait just became a lot shorter for many lucky E3-goers! We’re not just talking about being able to freely test the demo version at our booths; we’re talking about the lucky visitors who managed to walk away with Black Gold Activation Codes!

When the time comes, these precious codes will allow access to a 7 day trial of the game’s English closed beta. Unfortunately we don't have a date set yet, but when it happens, the world of Black Gold is yours to explore!

So how would one acquire said activation codes? The hard part is to be present at E3. The easy part is to simply head over to our booth and play one of our games! That’s not so bad, right?


Mardi 11 juin 2013  
E3 Day 1 - New Trailer Revealed

The war has begun and Black Gold kicks off its appearance at E3 with a brand new trailer! Watch never-before-seen footage of the world's magic-casting and mech-riding action. Which side will you fight for?

Black Gold is a dynamic 3D MMORPG featuring a unique Steampunk and Fantasy genre crossover. Explore a fully immersive world where dangerous machines clash with powerful sorcery. Experience a free, non-locked on combat system where war brings you on multiple fronts: land and air.


Mardi 11 juin 2013  
E3 Day 1 - New CGI Trailer Revealed

The first day of E3 has ended, but don't be sad because there are more Black Gold goodies to share! Be amongst the first to check out this brand new 5-minute CGI trailer, which details the beginnings of the war between magic and technology. Watch how the hatred and aggression of one person changed the fate of an entire world.


Lundi 10 juin 2013  
Black Gold à l'assaut de l'Occident

Black Gold Online profitera de l'E3 2013 pour se dévoiler au travers d'une démo jouable. Pour ceux ne faisant pas le déplacement, le MMO fantasy / steampunk se dote d'un site officiel occidental et fera l'objet de retransmissions en streaming.

Déjà bien implanté en Chine, le groupe Snail Games (déjà à l'origine du MMO d'arts martiaux Age of Wushu) lorgne maintenant vers l'Occident : Age of Wushu est ainsi déjà officiellement disponible sur le continent nord-américain et le studio entend poursuivre sa stratégie en localisant aussi le reste de son catalogue.

Dans cette optique, Snail Games sera présent à partir de demain mardi 11 juin à Los Angeles à l'occasion de l'E3 2013 pour présenter ses jeux en ligne et MMO à venir aux joueurs occidentaux - notamment son MMORPG Black Gold Online (opposant deux factions, l'une fantasy, l'autre aux allures steampunk) et son RPG d'action Solar Tempest.

Au cours de l'E3, les curieux pourront s'essayer à la démo jouable de Black Gold Online (illustrant le PvE et le PvP du MMORPG, incarnant un Kosh, adepte du dieu-soleil, ou un Bubont, sorte d'humain féru de science et de technologie).

Snail Games entend intensifier sa visibilité en Occident, mais pour les pauvres hères ne faisant pas le déplacement sur la côte ouest des Etats-Unis, le groupe en profite tout autant pour étoffer sa présence en ligne. Parallèlement à l'E3, Black Gold Online se dévoile maintenant au travers d'un site officiel traduit en anglais (où les curieux pourront d'ores et déjà s'inscrire en vue des prochaines phases de bêta-test en Occident - alors qu'elles viennent tout juste d'être lancées en Chine) ou encore découvrir le jeu, au travers de live stream.

On se souvient que la localisation d'Age of Wushu s'était révélée particulièrement laborieuse, en plus d'être plusieurs fois retardée (on attend toujours le MMO d'arts martiaux en Occident). Manifestement, Snail Games n'entend pas réitérer l'expérience pour Black Gold.


Mardi 4 juin 2013  
First Look - E3 2013 Demo

Black Gold, the highly anticipated steam-punk MMORPG is heading to the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) next week.


Set in a fantasy world split between magic and machine, an epic battle wages between the two factions over a mysterious energy source known as Black Gold. One side fighting to claim it as a fuel source to power a Steam Society and their mechanical instruments of war, the other manipulates it for their arts of healing and sorcery connected to the living world itself.

Located in Booth #5222 in the West Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center, visitors will be given a first look at Snail Games’ new MMORPG and can dive straight into the ongoing conflict between technology and magic.

Two of the six races will be available during the E3 demo: The Kosh, who harness the power of the elements granted by the Sun God. The other is the Bubont, humans who cast off the old ways of worship to pursue science and technology. Each Race will have two classes, each with their own set of three sub-classes offering a wide variety of playable options for only two core classes and races.

Players will be able to experience the game’s PvE and PvP content. They can team up with other demo stations and battle three different bosses or enter a PvP fight that pits faction against faction (Steam vs. Fantasy) in a battle featuring mechs and battle mounts.

Keep an eye on the Snail Games official site ( for more news in the coming days, and be sure to visit us at Booth #5222 in the West Hall if you’re attending E3!


Mardi 4 juin 2013  
Official English Website is Live!

Black Gold has finally touched down in the West with the launch of its official English website!

Set in a half steampunk half fantasy world, two factions go at it over rights for the rare element, Black Gold. With the power to change the world, which faction will stand on top: the steam-powered Mechanists, or the magic-wielding Mystics? It’s up to you to decide the result of this war-torn continent!

As E3 2013 kicks off, more and more information will be available. Stay connected to us through the Black Gold Facebook and Black Gold Twitter pages, as well as forums, where you can discuss the game, ask questions, or even throw out suggestions about the website.

Of course, stay tuned to the official Black Gold website as well! Sit back and enjoy the stay because great things are coming!


Mardi 4 juin 2013  
Meet the Steam Users of Isenhorst

Come and take a closer look at the denizens of Black Gold. Today, we introduce the steam and tech-crazy races from the Kingdom of Isenhorst and who better to start off with than the dwarves!

Denizens of the Kingdom of Isenhorst


The Dwarves of can be found all throughout the Eastern Continent, but it is from their capital of Cadia that they dominate Isenhorst. Long ago casting off what they saw as the servile worship of Gods, they developed Steam technology to staggering new heights. Faith in tools built the formidable Steam Castle, a Black Gold-fueled bastion of power, asserting Dwarven power throughout the land.


      A wildly curious and imaginative race, the Buvont humans cast off the old ways of worship to pursue the power of technology brought by the dwarves. Their balanced characteristics and thirst for more knowledge make them powerful allies, although their shortsighted mistreatment of the land often leads to some disharmony between their allies.


      Calm and highly intelligent, this powerful race endured a dark and agonizing past to enjoy their current glory. Betrayed, persecuted, and tortured, nothing would please them more than to see the fires of revenge burn against the Erlandir Union.

Mardi 4 juin 2013  
Kingdom of Isenhorst - The Beginning

The Adventurer Hoka

Since time immemorial, the Kingdom of Isenhorst has been the domain of the Lokemean Dwarves. An optimistic yet stubborn race, their history is filled with individuals forsaking the gods for science and technology. This energetic focus led to the development of the world’s most advanced steam technologies. A pleasure in precision matched by the Dwarven love of beauty filled Lokemea with grand mechanical structures, including the crowning achievement of Steam Castle.

Content with their lives of research and prosperity, no Dwarf sought to question the monolithic mountains of Ellescadia that formed an impassable border to what is now known as the Eastern Continent. No Dwarf, that is, until the genius technologist and explorer Hoka began to put his formidable mind to the quest. Taken from his memoirs:

    When did the idea take root? A long-answered and complex question. When I was a dwarfling, my father and his would take me digging and forging. That was the beginning of my travels. One day we journeyed to the foot of the Ellescadia. Standing at one of the mountain’s base – I forget now which – I realized how small I was. And then the question: What is on the other side?

    I tried to push it to the back of my mind, and live a contented life amongst my peers and relations. After years of study, and many journeys through Lokemea, I was left with a vast and looming challenge. I decided to follow my dreams, and find a way to fly over those mountains.

Hoka’s projects and research created an uproar among the conservative Lokemeans, who even to the date of this writing view the intrepid explorer with derision. From his memoirs:

    Living as I did, with a black Prospector’s Beard, the only comforts were research and liquor. I felt like I was in the deepest of mines, with no sign of gold. That is, until Pablo and the others showed up. After our first night of drinking, the factory sprang into life.

    For the third test of our new flying machine, Pablo drew the small wrench. I still see his eager smile in my mind. The explosion that followed, I still see in my nightmares. We then decided that the best way to honor Pablo was by completing our task. On our successful flight over, our base camp was known as Pablo Town.

Having successfully reached the Eastern Continent of Erlandir, Hoka and his team continued to journey into this new land. Marveling at its beauty and tranquility, they met the other races of the landwho dwelt there. Finding an affinity with the curious and short-lived Humans, Hoka laid the foundation for all that followed by teaching them about steam technology.


Mardi 4 juin 2013  
Steampunk MMORPG Announced

An upcoming new title has recently been announced by Snail Games, developers of the popular martial arts MMORPG, Age of Wushu. The new title, Black Gold, will also be a MMORPG, but is set in a half steampunk half fantasy world. An early preview of the game’s features are listed below:

    1 A huge world measuring over 300 square kilometers
    2 6 total races, 6 basic classes, 18 advanced classes
    3 Dynamic events all around the world, with some affecting the whole server
    4 Large faction wars, battlegrounds, arenas, and cross-server PvP
    5 Land, air, and sea combat
    6 Free (non-target) combat
    7 Based on Age of Wushu’s Flexi engine, allowing for first-person, third-person, and sniper-scope view

More details on Black Gold is expected to be announced during E3 2013.


Mardi 4 juin 2013  
Second Beta Content Preview

Experience a new evolution in combat that combines the normal elements of third-person with FPS as players fight for supremacy for a world of Steam technology or tighten the grip of the natural world with Magic and Fantasy. Here is a glimpse at a few of the many features available to our North American players in the Beta:

Persistent, Massive World

Black Gold will feature six races and 6 primary classes. Gone are the typical warrior, mage, and healer roles. These 6 classes have their own unique subclasses that combine a tank with a support or a healer with a sniper. Players of a faction must learn how these classes work with one another to prove victories against the rival faction or the many dynamic events in the world. Player’s in the CB will only have access to a few of these classes due to the short time, but there will always be time for more…much more. 

War all on Fronts

The vast continent of Montel is filled with dangers that players can interact with. From large scale resource battles, Guild Supremacy fights, and even Cross-Server wars. There is something for everyone to hop into and assume control over in the changing landscape.

Freestyle Combat


Black Gold employs a free-style combo system to make pummeling your opponents all the more satisfying. So charge, roll for cover and unleash devastating critical hits on an open battlefield that’s yours for the conquering.

Grab a Mech Fight a Dragon

Steam-powered mechs, transport vehicles, anti-air cannons, armored vehicles, aircraft carriers and warships are just half the story; on the magic side your arsenal begins with flying dragons and battle-trained beasts to send the enemy fleeing in terror. Your attacks can cripple enemy machinery, and you can also steal armaments from the other side. First-person, third-person and sniper-style gameplay is also at your disposal.

The first round of Black Gold’s invasion begins in China on May 30th and will soon travel to North America at E3. Players in the CB will experience all the features mentioned above along with the epic PvP and nine deadly instances. Stay on guard for more Black Gold news and official updates in the coming weeks.


Jeudi 30 mai 2013  
Black Gold Online en bêta et à l'E3

Après Age of Wushu, le groupe Snail Game lance le bêta-test chinois de Black Gold Online. Et en attendant un lancement occidental, le jeu précise son gameplay en prévision de l'E3.

Si, pour l'instant et en Occident, on connait principalement le studio Snail Game pour être à l'origine d'Age of Wushu (son MMO d'arts martiaux), le studio chinois entend manifestement marquer les esprits avec son prochain titre, Black Gold Online.

On en connait les grandes lignes : deux factions (l'une manipulant la magie, l'autre s'appuyant sur la technologie) se disputent une ressource rare, le Black Gold. Sur cette base, le développeur promet surtout un « PvP épique » (en arène solo ou de groupe, mais aussi dans le cadre d'un PvP de faction sur différents champs de batailles et inter-serveurs) où les « méchas combattent des dragons » : les uns pilotes « des méchas des combats, des transports de troupes terrestres ou volants, des canons antiaériens, des véhicules blindés et autres vaisseaux de guerre » quand les autres ripostent à dos de gigantesques créatures magiques et puisant leur force dans la nature, inspirant la terreur et la désolation. On pourra gripper la mécanique des uns, voler l'armement des autres et les affrontements empruntent autant aux classiques du MMORPG qu'au FPS et TPS (les monstres et méchas se pilotent à la première personne, avec un réticule de visée, par exemple).

Mais au-delà de ce cahier des charges, le contenu Black Gold Online se dévoile plus concrètement à partir d'aujourd'hui, jeudi 30 mai, et pour quinze jours en bêta-test en Chine et à Taiwan, en attendant des tests d'ores et déjà prévus en Europe et outre-Atlantique (alors que le jeu se dévoilera prochainement dans le cadre de l'E3 2013).

Les joueurs chinois pourront progresser jusqu'au niveau 40, découvrir deux races jouables (sur les six annoncées à la sortie) et quatre classes (sur six au lancement, qui se déclinent ensuite au travers de moult spécialisations). Durant les tests, Snail Games annonce également neuf instances (des donjons, mais aussi des mini-jeux de type tower defense) et huit champs de batailles - en attendant les batailles de guildes et guerres inter-serveurs.

On ignore encore quand Black Gold Online sera disponible en Occident, mais le MMO est d'ores et déjà intégré au catalogue de Snail Games USA (tout comme Age of Wushu).


Mercredi 22 mai 2013  
Black Gold s'annonce en bêta fermée le 30 mai

Dans la foulée de la sortie d'Age of Wushu, le studio Snail Game initie le bêta-test privé chinois de Black Gold Online, son MMO mêlant fantasy et steampunk.

Black Gold s'annonce en bêta fermée le 30 mai

Après avoir lancé Age of Wushu en Asie et sur le continent nord-américain (faute d'une version européenne qui se fait attendre), le Chinois Snail Games est aujourd'hui à l'½uvre sur le Black Gold Online (qui repose, nous dit-on, sur une version améliorée du moteur d'Age of Wushu, le Flexi Engine).
On connait le principe de ce nouveau MMO : deux factions antagonistes se disputent le « black gold », une ressource rare servant aux uns à alimenter leur magie et aux autres d'énergie pour leur industrie. Le joueur devra choisir son camp (celui de la magie et de la nature ou celui de l'industrie et de la technologie, donc) avant de se lancer à l'assaut d'un gameplay mêlant PvE (au travers de 3000 « événements dynamiques ») ou PvP sur des champs de batailles d'envergure où les deux factions rivalisent en cohortes, à l'aide d'engin de siège et autres montures imposantes (des méchas pour les uns, des créatures titanesques pour les autres).

Mais au-delà des présentations vendues par le développeur, on sera évidemment curieux de se forger une opinion plus concrète en testant Black Gold... dès le 30 mai prochain, date de lancement de la bêta fermée du MMO en Chine. Les invitations commencent à être envoyée à compter d'aujourd'hui, mercredi 22 mai, et on attend une localisation occidentale d'ores et déjà annoncée.

Pour les curieux, les inscriptions aux bêta-test chinois sont ouvertes sur le site officiel, où l'on peut également déjà commencer à télécharger le client.


Mercredi 25 avril 2013  
Black Gold s'illustre en Occident

Le groupe Snail Games vient tout juste de lancer Age of Wushu outre-Atlantique et prépare déjà son prochain MMO, Black Gold. Le MMO mêlant fantasy et steampunk se dévoile au travers d'une première bande-annonce occidentale.

Black Gold s'illustre en Occident

La plupart des joueurs occidentaux ont découvert le groupe chinois Snail Games avec le lancement récent d'Age of Wushu, le MMO d'art martiaux (qui semble trouver son public hors des frontières asiatiques - la version occidentale s'offre tout juste de nouveaux serveurs pour accueillir les fans de wuxia). A contrario, Snail Games semble aussi goûter aux attraits du marché occidental et en profite pour commencer à y présenter son prochain projet, Black Gold, actuellement en développement en Chine (dans les studios de Snail Games, donc) et en Russie (chez Mental Games).
Au travers d'une bande-annonce localisée (reprenant notamment des séquences déjà vues dans les extraits vidéos de la communication chinoise du studio), on (re)découvre les originalités du MMORPG. Deux grandes factions s'affrontent pour le contrôle d'une ressource rare, « l'or noir » du titre, l'une (évoluant en harmonie avec la nature) pour l'utiliser comme composante essentielle de sa magie, l'autre (aux allures steampunk) pour alimenter ses machines.

Pour mémoire, Black Gold promet un contenu à la fois PvE (plus de 3000 missions dynamiques) et PvP (opposant les deux factions, sur de vastes champs de bataille opposant des troupes d'infanterie mais aussi des engins - entre monstres géants et méchas selon les clans) pour la conquête de ressources.
On ignore encore quand le jeu sera lancé, voire disponible en bêta (au regard des délais de développement de Snail Games, on s'armera de patience dès maintenant), mais on note néanmoins que le MMO sera tôt ou tard disponible en version localisée.



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