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Vendredi 25 septembre 2015
Awaken Weapons


Pearl Abyss recently announced the awakening weapon system that allows Players to get more powerful Weapons on a certain level. Here’s the Translated GM-Note from the official Korean Website.

Introducing the awaken weapon system

Meet Black Desert’s awakened weapon system that allows players to became even more powerful with new abilities now!

The awakened weapon system was announced on 10th of Sept!

With the news that it would be applied first on the warrior, we’ve received many hopes and expectations.

Even with the rough image, the charisma of the full armored warrior wielding the giant two handed sword was enough to make our heart pound.

And today, we would like to introduce the some of the other classes that will receive the awakened weapons.

Reaper’s scythe, Sorcerer’s Awakened Weapon

After the warrior, sorcerer’s awakened weapon has been introduced.

Sorcerer’s awakened weapon will be ‘Reaper’s scythe’, which matches the concept of the character wielding dark power, it`s looks and battle style.

Sorcerer will be able to attack by using the reaper’s scythe to drag enemies and slice them all. She will be able to unleash stronger attacks on a wider area!

With this, we expect sorcerer to become a strong class in PVE and to be able to kill a lot of monsters.

Moreover, by enchanting black magic onto the scythe, she will be able to use various attributes leading her to ambidextrousness in PVPs.

Just like the warrior, sorcerer’s reaper’s scythe will also be having exclusive skill, and skills that are linked with talisman equipment will be added as well.

Please expect for the new charming transformation of the sorcerer!

Improved Iron Fist Cannon, Giant’s Awaken Weapon

Improved iron fist cannon(temporary name) is planned to be added as giant’s awakened weapon.

More aggressive and dynamic actions will be available with this weapon that well-matches with giant’s powerfulness and mercilessness.

Improved iron fist cannon can crush the opponent with the fist ordinarily, and burst the enemy with the hand cannon as the final blow.

Up till now, giant had a style of damaging all the enemies in the area. However, with this improved iron fist cannon he will be able to show a new style of concentrating the firepower towards one single target.

Giant will also be having new skills that uses the combination of axe and improved iron fist cannon. And please expect for improvements of mobility by using the rebound of the hand cannon as well!

Awaken weapon system of Sorcerer and Giant following after the Warrior!

Greatsword, new Warrior Weapon

The 3rd Class so far that is getting a new Weapon is the Warrior. The Warrior will be able to wield a Greatsword with it’s own Skill sets.

Which character are you most interested in?

Evolution of Black desert will continue to progress so that whatever class you choose, they will entertain you with new attraction and pleasure!

Which class will be the next class to recive a new weapon? Share with us your opinion and expectation regarding the new awakened weapon system on our forum.




Mardi 22 septembre 2015
Black Desert Beast Master Exploring the Sahara Desert

After grinding in Bless Online, I was in the mood to revisit Black Desert and explore a bit. I've noticed that there aren't a lot of videos where players just run around aimlessly in the desert of the game, so I made 15minute long preview of it. You may end up hearing the sound of potions here and there because there will be moments where I will have to end up chugging potions and water just to prevent death from the heatstroke DOT.

It would be nice if they added some hidden stuff in the desert other than digging shovel stuff. I've also added a bonus gameplay of my Witch below! I had a free makeover coupon and decided to make her look like one of my favorite characters of Mabinogi Fantasy Life! I used to play that game a lot during my younger days /mari server Seal Breaker! 

Developer: PearlAbyss
Publisher: DAUM
Game Site


Jeudi 17 septembre 2015
[KR] Ninja is here

Today, 17 September, the long awaited counterpart for Kunoichi, the Ninja has been finally released and he is more agile than ever.

Three new events are also coming with him, where you can win new AMD video cards and other prizes.

Share with us your opinion about Ninja on our forums.



Dimanche 13 septembre 2015
[KR] Upcoming Updates

It has already been a month since the new continent Valencia got released.

Black desert has been continuing to evaluate through more than 20 updates in this short time.

And now preparations are being made to bring up Black Desert to even further level.

Please enjoy 2015’s powerful update notice and comment event for launch celebration of new character – Ninja, brought by GM Note!

Black desert 2015 2nd semester Update notice

September Update notice!

New character Ninja

    Ninja is an assassin type of character that sneaks in shadows and strikes enemy’s critical spot swiftly.
    Ninja can equip the same type of equipments as Kunoichi, but owns original skills that only Ninja can use.
    It is a character for experienced players that requires highly advanced controls just like Kunoichi.


Main skills of Ninja


Dagger: Murderous intent

    Increase the size of the dagger and release it towards enemies to deal massive damage. It is ninja’s exclusive skill that increases it’s hit range and damage as the dagger gets bigger.

Ninja step

    It is a skill to get near to enemies by stepping rapidly side to side. It is possible to move forward, but you do not receive any damage while you are moving from side to side.

Leader assassination

    Hides its’ own self from the enemy and strikes a powerful uppercut or downward smash.

Decapitating the dead

    It is a skill that smashes down the ground powerfully, fainting the nearby enemies and oppressing the foe.

Ninjutsu : Rotating blade

    It is a skill that deals massive damage by releasing powerful wave forward after slashing the nearby enemies by rotating blade.

Occupation season 3 opening

    Black desert’s world occupation season 3 starts with new system and new set of rules
    You can find the details from Black desert Occupation season 3 update announcement.

Even more powerful updates are coming!

Starting with September’s ninja and occupation season 3 update, black desert’s new enjoyments that no one has seen yet are planned to be launched one by one. Character awaken weapon system (temporary name), opening of new region in Valencia and other various contents will be coming soon. We hope for your interest and support!

Join in to the new blast of black desert.

Character awaken weapon system update

Awaken weapon system that strengthens your character even more will be added.

When this system get applied, player will have another slot for awaken weapon added beside from main weapon and sub weapon slot. And will be able to perform more various actions.

For warriors, two handed sword will be granted as awakened weapon and you will be able to perform skill combos like bashing with shield, thrusting with long sword then finishing with two handed sword using awaken weapon. Of course, awakened weapon’s exclusive skills are going to be added as well.

Awaken weapon will help you to perform your precious characters more variously.

    In order to use awaken weapon system, the character needs to grow up to certain level.
    Even after using the awaken weapon system, you still can use both characters before the awakening and after the awakening.
    Characters for awaken weapon system will be updated one by one, starting from the warrior.
    Warrior is expected to play various styles using two handed sword through awaken weapon system.
    Considerations for awaken weapon character wielding fist and spear is on progress.


Valencia Part II Open

    Certain regions and east sea side of Valencia is planned to be extended.
    Enormous dungeon area will be added at the underground of Valencia’s territory.
    Small scale party raid monster will be added around desert area of Valencia.
    New vehicle – Tank will be added. A tank is formed by combination of cannon and carriage, and up to 2 people can ride on it.
    Villa system is planned to be added.


Valencia Part III Open

    North sea part of the continent is planned to be extended enormously.
    Battleships are going to be added and are planned to support in sea battles like pirate battles.
    New unknown continent and marine trade system gets added.


New territory Kamasilvia opens

    Kamasilvia, the main stage for story of elves opens.
    It is located south from Kalpeon, and monsters with higher level are going to appear.
    New territory Kamasilvia is expected to be huge as Kalpeon.

Other Updates

    Update and renewal of each livelihood contents: Fishing & harpoon, cooking & alchemy & alchemy stone, trading and etc.
    Interface update: World map, quick slot, trading post, interface for joy pad and etc.
    Contents update: Party rooting system, black spirit party, horse racing, tax carrying carriage, pets and etc.

Updates above can differ in actual patch due to the change of contents

Ninja, the new gust of wind blowing towards black desert! Keep your hopes!



Jeudi 10 septembre 2015
Siege War Season 3 Changes

Siege War Season 3

Siege War season 3 starts from 12th (sat) of Sept with new applied rules.

    Siege War battle starts every saturday from 8:00am till 12:00pm. (4 hours)
    Base battle starts every Wednesday/ Sunday night from 8:00pm till 10:00pm. (2hours)

Siege War Season 3 Changes

    Siege War participants are not qualified as participants as soon as their command post or fortress gets destroyed.
    During the Siege War battle Guild war and PVP button will be temporarily unavailable. (Only for the channels where Siege War/ base battle is happening)

      In case where guild war was declared before the Siege War or if one of the guild member (either ally or foe) is participating Siege War/ base battle, the Guild war gets halted.
      In the channels where Siege War battle is progressing, PVP button for all players will be temporarily unavailable.

    Fortress and command post for Siege War can be only built on one spot within the territory

      If you succeed on seizing another territory, you are able to build another post in that region before the next Siege War.

    In base battle you can install a fortress only at your first base, and can install another one on nearby base during next base battle if you occupied another region.

      You can obtain up to 5 bases.
      You need to capture up to 2 bases in 2nd base battle in order to build the 3rd fortress during the next base battle.

    ‘Repair’ ability that allows you to repair the fortress using the materials in your inventory gets added

      We cheer for guild’s non-battle and low level players’ active participation!

    Siege War and base battle participants can fight in any place except the safe zones.
    If the fortress/ command post for participating Siege War is being built or finished building, you can not build another fortress for participating Siege War.
    From existing bases, the ones that have 2x output benefit will have level 1 tax applied.
    Incentive will be given to the guild that occupied in the base battle.

      *Info above can be different from the actual update

Siege War Season 3 details

Starting date: 12th (sat) of Sept 2015. 8:00 pm

    The Last Siege War battle of Siege War season 2 is at 5th (sat) of Sept.

Base battle Start

Starting date: 13th (sun) of Sept 2015. 8:00 pm

    The Last base battle of Siege War season 2 is at 6th (sun) of Sept.
    Base battle does not happen during 9th (weds) of Sept.


Resetting date: 10th (thurs) of Sept 2015 after the service maintenance

    Guilds that occupied in the battle receive the taxes before the reset happens.


In case of completing the related construction

    Siege War related: Guild store purchase price + 1.5x of each materials’ upper limit price + 2 million silver coins
    Base battle related: Guild store purchase price + 1.5x of each materials’ upper limit price + 1 million silver coins

In case of using only part of the building materials (Incomplete)

    Guild store purchase price + 1.5x of each materials’ upper limit price

In case of not using the building materials (Incomplete)

    Guild store purchase price
Command post
5,000,000 Silver coin
Square fortress
3,000,000 Silver coin
Hard Square fortress
3,000,000 Silver coin
Sturdy Octagon fortress
3,000,000 Silver coin
Base fortress
200,000 Silver coin

*Standard of upper limit price: May be different from the upper limit price of Item exchange based on 3rd of Sept

Rewarding date: 10th (thurs) of Sept 2015 after the service maintenance

Rewarding method: Through the guild funds




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