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Mercredi 29 juillet 2015
Daum opens European Office

Daum, the western Publisher of Black Desert Online just opened it’s new Office in Amsterdam and is pretty much at the peak of getting the game service ready for Black Desert. The testing schedule should be released soon. We will provide more information in the following days.


Mardi 28 juillet 2015
Valencia Update First Impressions

Black Desert received a big update introducing the new Valencia region last week! I've spent a lot of my time rushing and exploring the new content in search for new world bosses or group content. Being a veteran BDO player over the past few years, this update was the breaking point that would either make me quit or continue playing the game. See how it holds up below!

The Desert is Finally Here!

The desert region has finally arrived and it's a lot of fun getting lost in it because the world map and minimap is unavailable for viewing which makes navigating a bit of a challenge. During the day, your character can suffer from a heat stroke and lose HP over time. During the night, your character will experience the extreme climate change and will freeze to death! Players can avoid the deserts wrath by gathering resources from nearby locations and mixing the materials into either a filtered water for daytime heatstroke or a special tea for the chilly nighttime weather.

Valencia and Recent Updates Good or Bad?

The new areas look marvelous as always! I went around and explored most of the new areas during the first day. PearlAbyss never ceases to amaze me when it comes down to world design, textures, and small details. I'm a bit picky when it comes to stuff, so I was a bit upset because I didn't find many hidden dungeons around or underground caverns of some sort. Black Desert is still my #1 choice in terms of open seamless MMORPG world. However, the game is still lacking in group or party content which has made me lose interest over time. Even with the most recent update, though rumors say they're planning on adding new stuff weekly starting with the Kunoichi female ninja this week. BDO is a beautiful world that lacks player interaction. The only time I get to play with others is during the weekly GvG Sieges. Open World PvP/GvG is totally dead mainly because there is a ton of channels for players to hide in, which is one of the reasons why I haven't been uploading much PvP/GvG content. 

Cash Shop Going in the Wrong Direction?

Another problem that I'm seeing through the recent updates is that the new cash shop is becoming more and more of a cash grab with new premium services. I was planning on spending some more money on the cash shop in this update and actually pre-charged 75$ worth of cash, but somehow managed to hold myself back. Perhaps I will spend it when the new Ninja class comes out this week, though I will be most likely testing other games. Freemium services include the VIP membership, 2x EXP Boost Books, old PC Bang bonuses, etc. The game also offers decent package every now and then like the one below. I would have probably bought this package if there was actually stuff to do in the game other than farm and grind.


Conclusion - Quit or Continue?

The patch was a bit mediocre no world bosses added, new job delayed, no group or party content, etc. It's a good thing that I'm no longer addicted to the game because now I can actually go on ahead and test other games. Even with all the new content added, it wasn't enough to keep me hooked like before and play the game 24/7. The new job comes out on the 30th, but a lot of other games are being updated or going into testing that same date such as Closers New Character, MapleStory2 Big Update, Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded Pre-OBT, Tree of Savior KR followed by NA, Dragon's Dogma Online, etc. So what's the BDO verdict? I'm going to stick around a little bit longer... since I do have some money charged that's ready to spent and their planning on new updates every week. Meanwhile, I need to figure out which games to test first...

Developer: PearlAbyss
Publisher: DAUM
Game Site


Dimanche 26 juillet 2015
Valencia Expansion Release!

On the 23rd of July Daum released the Valencia expansion that adds the Kingdom Of Valencia and the huge Desert region to the world of Black Desert Online.

The Desert is a big part of the Valencia area and players who enter the desert region will not be able to see themselves on the world map anymore meaning players must rely on their sense of direction in order to travel the desert. In addition upon entering the desert players receive a debuff which decreases a players health every 5 second until they die.

Tents have also been added to the game which can be obtained from merchants for 10,000 silver. The tents act as cover from sandstorms that occur randomly in the desert that deals great damage to players. There are powerful monsters that are above lvl 56 and become even stronger at night. Players are also able to search for treasure using a shovel in the desert and Elephants and Camels have been added as 2 new mounts to the game.


Camels have a lot of stamina and are the most efficient mount for travelling the desert as horses have limited movement and are skill restricted in the region. Elephants have also been added and they can carry multiple people. Elephants make good combat mounts as they have a lot of health and combat skills however they are guild mounts and require a guildhouse to raise.

To celebrate the expansion there will be an event from the 23rd of June to the 27th. New players will receive a costume set for 7 days a +8 Aswell Weapon and over 7,000,000 silver in total. Returning players will receive the costume set an all skill reset item a few black stones and 7 50% combat experience scrolls. Current players also receive an all skill reset, a horse skill change ticket, a horse appearance ticket a dye box among other luxury cash shop items.

Three bosses have been confirmed to make an appearance in the desert along with the forest tree giant and the desert giant becoming killable soon. Players will soon be able to create galleon boats and the Female Ninja is expected for release on the 30th July.


Samedi 18 juillet 2015
Valencia hits korean servers this month


After the recent server merge another big update will find it’s way into the world of Black Desert. The desert area Valencia will finally be released along with it’s main capital. The Update is scheduled for July 27th. This Update will likely also include a new Ninja class with the name Kunoichi which has been teased in the second Valencia Preview Video.


PS: News about the NA/EU Version are not far away !


Vendredi 10 juillet 2015
Crimson Battlefield awaits for you

Bloody wind blowing across the entire continent of Black Desert, the Crimson Battlefield awaits for adventurers!

Greetings to you adventurers of Black Desert!

Let us introduce Crimson Battlefield, the new PVP content where there is no restrain due to tendency or guild and such.

Crimson Battlefield is a merciless battle system which you can participate with help of Black Spirit from anywhere and anytime if you are over level 50.

However, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Once you join into Crimson Battlefield, allies and foes will be divided by the Black Spirit and countless comrades will be already fighting on the battlefield!

Moreover, you do not have any death penalty in Crimson Battlefield. Got some confidence now?

You can enter Crimson Battlefield from anywhere, anytime through Black Spirit.

“Dear adventurers who have grown strong through countless battles and adventure!
Challenge the battlefield where you can prove and show others your strength and skills.
There are also special prizes that you can only earn from Crimson Battlefield depending on your credit from the battlefield.”
“Crimson Battlefield awaits you now!”

Participating Crimson Battlefield

First you need to call your Black Spirit.

You need to be over level 50 to participate, and you can check whether you are able to participate or not from the icon at the top from match menu.

As you press the ‘Join’ button, your faction will be decided by the black spirit.

Red Desert force VS Black Desert force

Position of Crimson Battlefield is placed with Red Desert force against Black Desert force.

If your character is joined in a party, request for participation can only be done by the party leader.

Also, all the party members will be placed in same faction.

It always feels reassured with your reliable party members!

You will have to know the system of this battlefield

Participating as a party

If you joined the Crimson Battlefield as a party, you can not increase party members anymore once the faction has been decided. Also, you can only get out from Crimson Battlefield by dropping out from the party, and the character needs to be in safe zone in order to leave Crimson Battlefield.

You do not receive any penalty from getting killed by opponent faction.

However, be aware that you still get death penalty if your tendency rate is low.

Indication of enemy base position

If you defeat enemy players continuously, a message praising your achievement will be displayed. Normally the position of enemy players are displayed on world map, and if a character achieves 5 continuous / 10 continuous kills, that player will be displayed on world map as a leading character.

You need to defend if you are an ally, or eliminate opponent’s ace to reduce their power if you are in opposite faction. Also, Crimson Battlefield resets every 30min, and everyone will be forced out from the field.

Players from opponent faction are displayed on world map. Character with 5 / 10 continuous kill will be displayed separately.

Benefit from the victory ? Tell me what you desire…

Reward of Crimson Battlefield

If you defeat an enemy player in Crimson Battlefield, you can get red seal with certain chance. Red seal can’t be earned from same opponent for certain amount of time, so it is better to look for another opponent.

If you got certain amount of red seals, it is possible to trade them for reward.
If you gained 150 red seals, you can exchange it to red essence from Ornela, the weapon merchant NPC in Haidel.

If you heat this red essence together with mana crystal – force, or ancient mana crystal – adamantine, you will get Awaken Crimson Battlefield crystal. The ability of awaken crystals are following;

-Crimson Battlefield crystal – force (attack power+5 & additional damage to human type +2)
-Crimson Battlefield crystal – adamantine (knockdown/ bound resistance 25% & Faint/ Stiffen/ Freeze resistance +5%)

Gather the essence then heat it with other ingredients and you will get one of the type of Crimson Battlefield crystal.

How to enjoy Crimson Battlefield!

My original Crimson Battlefield! Look for well matching comrades!

You will feel new excitement of battle from trained teamwork and combination of various classes!

Battle maniac player who enjoys battles in anytime anywhere!

If you are over level 50, join the battlefield from any place and perform your battle skills!

Unique rewards!

Obtain red essence from red seals through Crimson Battlefield! Awaken crystals suitable for offense and defence awaits you.

The newly updated Crimson Battlefield system will be placed as fun and exciting battle content!

We wish for many supports and expectations from you adventurers.

Thank you.


Jeudi 9 juillet 2015
KR July Patch Info

A new Update is up and it brings some new features and changes to the korean version of Black Desert such as new facial expressions, a PvP Faction System where you either chose the Red or Blue Faction (you will be at war with the Red Faction if you chose the Red Faction and vice versa), new cash shop items and some class balance changes. You can find the full list here:

    They added facial expresions in CashShop for characters.
    Sorc’s SP requirement for teleporting has been reduced from 350 to 250.
    Some skill transitions for Blader and F.Blader have been improved.
    The combat to non-combat transition for Wizzard has been improved.
    Red Battleground system has been added via Black Spirit ( Red vs Blue Factions).
    ZAKA’s respawn time has been adujsted, same for his spawning animation. He will spawn at the same time on all channels.
    Several UI changes, such as awakening & re-awakening buttons being combained into just one button that has both functions.
    Premium PC Room experience buff increased from 10% to 20%.
    Experience buff from the VIP package/Value package increased from 20% to 30%.
    Time required for PC room rewards has been changed.
    They added 3 new pets ( a cute cat, a dog and a Eagle) + the missing panties for some of the female characters.

Mercredi 1 juillet 2015
All Open Beta Outfits Previewed

Both DAUM and PearlAbyss is constantly adding new cash items in Black Desert Online. I've done my best to record each new update in a timely manner, so below you will find a series of videos showing off how Black Desert Online's Aesthetics changed during the course of seven months of Open Beta, I didn't include the other half a year of CBT since no outfits available during that time. You're most likely not going to sit down and watch them all of the media by the minute, unless you've got nothing else better to do.

The default outfits in the game looks ugly with the exception of boss related equipment, so players are forced to use cash outfits to look fabulous. Don't want to spend real money? No problem, you can buy the outfits from other players through the Auction House system. I've done my fair share of purchasing outfits from the shop and using game money.

The videos below may help future players of the upcoming Russian version and perhaps the Japanese version that is currently in Open Beta. You'll notice that some outfits look cooler and more detailed than others, so don't go around YOLO'ing your wallet or purse right away. Once you've worn a cash outfit, it will be bound to your character and you're no longer able to sell it. However, you can disenchant your cash outfit for enchanting bonus tokens. The tokens are very useful when you're trying to upgrade equipment! I believe no one has reached the max enchanting level in the game, which is +20, due to the 100% chance to down enchant items on fail when upgrading items over +16.

I didn't really mind all the aesthetics change because some of the outfits are funny, like my all time favorite FISH SUIT! Enemy players realised the danger they were in when they encountered a Green and Black Fisharu! There are many more cash outfits that are a bit out of the style of the world that was added after that, like maid outfits, victoria secret stuff, and more.

Outfits provided a decent amount of stats, but not game breaking. Players including I, thought that some of them were advantageous at first, but after playing the game for almost a year, it's not a big deal. The EXP bonus doesn't matter much either given how grindy the game with new soft and hard caps thrown left and right. It takes a day to grind from 55-56, but once a new patch releases, that grind time is cut by half or even more.

Not going to lie, most of the outfits have a lot of fan service towers female avatars. There aren't much sexy or cool looking armors for males! They don't even bother releasing new underwears for males as much as females. Like always, I do a bit of fanservice for both male and female in these videos, but sorry to say, not much updates for male inner armors when it comes to style.

PearlAbyss does a great job when it comes down to armor details, you will notice a lot of high-quality textures and skins for the cash shop outfits. A follower of mine asked me if there are outfits exclusive to certain classes. They had some outfits that was exclusive to certain classes, but that changed after DAUM realized they can earn more money by recycling the outfit to other classes, now most classes can wear the same as the other.

I'm just trying to fill in between these lines and I'm almost running out of words to say. Oh! The dye system in the game is interesting, but expensive real money wise. You can also buy pure dyes from other players in the cash shop. I liked Vindictus RNG system more compared to BDO. However, you can recycle your crappy dies by combining 2 dye ampules into 1 for free, which will then turn in a 1 random dye amp gogo RNG!

Going back to the topic of outfits and fashion, there is one outfit that proves to be very useful in large scale PvP or GvG battles. That would be the army Ghillie suit! Why? With this OP suit, you're able to blend in with the environment and players won't see glow red when crouched or in a prone position. Not only that, you won't be able to see the players "Name and Guild" while standing up or in combat. In other words, the perfect suit for staying hidden in large scale battles! I should probably get one of these, a lot of people seem to rush towards my Wizard lately.

You know what I hate about BDO cash outfits? You can't share it with your other characters. For example, I have a fish suit on my Beast Master and my Wizard can't use the same suit, even though it's exactly the same. The game goes with other outfits, it's like they want you to $_$ money time.

Oh great, last paragraph time! Nothing special to share, I thought it would be neat to do this. I'm still on Black Desert Online Leave, so not many gameplay videos lately. I did upload my recent GvG Siege the other day, so make sure you check that out and follow me on my Social Media Steparu Page. If you can't, then just keep subbed to my SteparuTV Youtube, BYE! Oh, and before I forget, Black Desert now has cute dogs and stuff for pets.

Random Extra Stuff

Publisher: DAUM
Developer: PearlAbyss
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