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Jeudi 30 avril 2015
Female Blader is out


Contrary to expectations PearlAbyss and Daum today released the female counterpart of the Blader. It appears that the developers want to remove the gender lock step by step. The male sorcerer as well as a female and male wizard has been announced recently as well. Anyway, the classes will still be a little bit different. Even when the gameplay style is the same, the skills they use differs from each other.


Lundi 13 avril 2015
Revelation - An honest to God interview with Pearl Abyss on the status quo of Black Desert

In spite of their limited time availble during this time of the year, Pearl Abyss-publisher of Black Desert Online, took some time off to have another interview with our Team regarding several important aspects of the game. Though, we weren’t able to include all questions desired by our community and most notably our veteran forum users who’ve been following the game for several years, we believe, that this particular interview is a cornerstone in the evolution of Black Desert Online and it serves as a platform for what to expect of the western version which is set to be launched soon.

Please note that we provide you with the actual unedited response by Pearl Abyss!


Q. At this moment of time, who is taking the decisions of the gameplay changes of the Korean Version of Black Desert? DAUM or Pearl Abyss?

A. As for Korean version of Black Desert, we make our decisions together with our Korean publisher.

Q.The current version of Black Desert is completely different from the one we experienced during CBT1, what caused you to change the game so much?

A. The tendency of users changed a lot in the past couple of years, and the changes are lot more certain with players exposed to mobile environment. There are a lot of casual lite gamers in Korean market. We are servicing our game based on our players’ demands.

Q.Are you aware that the English speaking community is very disappointed with these radical changes? Will the western Version be different?

A. Western Version of Black Desert will be somewhat different compared to Korea or Japan. We believe each country has different tendency in game plays. We are still discussing with our publisher as for how western service will be different. We are also reviewing PvP levels and Death Penalties.

Q. When Black Desert was introduced to us back in 2012, it was introduced as an Open World Sandbox MMO, unfortunately we can’t consider it as an Open Word nor Sandbox anymore due to the heavy restrictions and due to the removal of the Open World (World Bosses etc.) content that Closed Beta 1 & 2 used to have. Will there be any chance that this content will be added again in the English version?

A. World Bosses on fields are certainly possible systems. Modifications of some systems are also possible, but they could be different from our 1st and 2nd CBT

Q.Black Desert online introduced new ways of making in game currency, one of those was the excellent trade system. Are you not aware that all the daily quests with the very high currency rewards destroyed this kind of content and the game economy?

A. We are very well aware of that. Many MMORPGs on market are asking players to spend a lot of time farming monsters. We wanted our users to have more comfortable game plays with less farming. As I have mentioned before, a lot of Korean players have changed to casual players in recent years.

Q. It feels like Black Desert is getting easier with every new patch. How do you plan to keep the interest of the players when someone can reach the end game content in less than 24 hours? So far the end-content pretty much consists of Guild Sieges only, but there is nothing for PvE Players to aim for at the moment, expect grinding Black Stones.

A. The main reason for lowering the game difficulty was that players were required to spend considerable amount of time in the game due to overflowing contents. We would appreciate if users think of level 50 as the starting point to get used to Black Desert. We want our users to experience many different contents (e.g. trading, gathering, fishing, alchemy etc) and we are planning to add more enjoyable contents later on.

Q.The end game for someone as individual is to upgrade his gear. Someone will do that by completing the daily quests and bosses. Don’t you think that it is way too easy for someone to make black stones and are you not aware that all these daily quests makes the player to have a routine, which routines after a long time makes the game boring?

A.We believe that depends on players patterns. We are aware that the game is quite easy in overall and we intended for some contents to be easy. As for Korean players, we did so to add casual game play experience. However, this could be different in Western Version and it will be balanced as we discuss with our publisher.

Q. Black Desert looks like a game where the players of the server runs the economy and the politics of the world. Why is there restriction on the Auction House prices? The players and only the players should be the ones who control the economy of the world, and not the system with minimum and maximum price. Is the Korean community satisfied with this system?

A. A lot of Korean players agree with an issue of losses caused by Autos. And they are quite satisfied with no crafting areas. If maximum and minimum prices don’t exist, players can easily trade their items with their demand prices via Auction House. Players are well aware that this could lead to encouragement of autos and crafting areas.

Q. Black Desert online looks like a fantasy MMORPG game, don’t you think the glowing effects of the party/guild/enemy members or the NPC’s which you can get quest from, are making the game to look like sci-fi game which it is not suitable in terms of appealing? Is there by any chance to not see these kind of effects in the English version, or at least to be able to remove them in the options?

A. We did not have this effect originally. However, a lot of players were having difficulty with finding quest monsters and NPCs. This effect may not be needed for small number of players who are quite used to Black Desert. But we decided a lot of players need this effect to easily recognize target monsters. We will consider about making it into an option where you can turn it on and off.



Q. Pearl Abyss  announced that the cash shop will have only cosmetic items, what happened and the armors and weapons got some stats?

A. Korean users are also very sensitive about cash items that strengthen your character directly. If you play Black Desert, you will notice the stats on current cash items. Jump height, swimming speed, gathering level, fishing level, stamina, hiding character name, experience bonus and etc, you will be able to see what they mean. For example, a sale of cash items, such as accessories and underwear, were not so great when they were sold without any bonus stats. But the sales started to rise after we added stats such as luck +1 or knowledge gain probability. Most of these cash items are designed to give more comfortable game experiences. But we are constantly reviewing these items so they don’t influence battle outcomes.

Q.The PvP level restriction looks unnecessary for the English speaking community. The community wishes to start the game when they create their characters, not when they reach a certain level. Will there be any chance these kind of restrictions to be removed to the English servers?

A. It is common in Korea that small number of misbehaving players slaughtering hundreds and thousands of innocent players, resulting in many players quitting the game. We do believe it is necessary to lower the PvP level. We do encourage PvP between players under certain rules and environments. However, we don’t believe it is fair for level 50 players to misbehave and kill new level 10 players. PVP level can be modified if publisher requests or needed for local convenience. We considered level 50 was the fitting level for players to get used to Black Desert.

Q.The Karma system look kinda unfairly at the moment. By our personal point of view, when another player fights back, this player shouldn’t get any negative karma.  It’s also very difficult to remove the negative karma. It even makes players creating new characters since they can’t get off of their karma. We understand that you did that in order to protect PvE oriented players, but at this time doing open world PvP is almost impossible since the karma penalty are simply too extreme.

By our personal point of view, for a better Open World game these changes should be done:

    1. When both sides are fighting, no one should take negative karma
    2. Put back the death penalties if someone dies in PvP
    3. Karma should be easier to removed e.g. when you die, you will have chances to drop your equipped items, but your karma will turn back to 0. By doing this, no one will risk to drop his +10 weapon just to kill low level new characters. See the Lineage 2 when it was still at chronicle 1 – 3 karma system. Karma should also be removed over time. Like after max. 2 days your karma is negative again.

A. We do believe PvP level, Death Penalty, Karma system need to be modified. Your opinion about negative Karma was also an issue in the early stage of Black Desert OBT. We also have many opinions on our side saying that current Karma penalty is too harsh. As for this issue, it is possible to modify based on market situation, and we will be deciding on this with our publisher.

Q.The last class that have been added to the game (Blader) seems to be a bit imbalanced to us. Is that intended?

A. We meant for Blader to be little stronger. We wanted players to level little faster as Blader was released later than other classes. You may feel like Blader is stronger in the early stage, but it will be quite similar to other classes once u reach around level 50.

Q.From the latest news, on April there will be a new update which will add some hardcore party contents. Till now, someone can go to almost any place of the map solo. Will the few hard places become harder at some point where having a party will be a necessary thing to go there?

A. Basically, if your level is high enough to go to certain location, you will be able to play solo. We are trying not force users to do party plays. However, party plays can be more efficient and bring better results. Depending on the modification of monster balances, we are considering how we would invite players to do party plays based on local users’ feedbacks.

Q.When the testing phase of the western version begins, will you start testing the Korean client with the same gameplay features just in English? Or will you start with an optimized version for the western player base?

A. We will show everything that is being serviced in Korea. Features such as game balances and PvP will be modified based on market demand.

Q.How you will collect and evaluate the feedback of the English speaking servers? Will the majority get what they want or you will stay strong to some of your ideas of the game?

A. We cannot change the foundation of the game, but we do believe it is necessary to service the game to fit the market up to certain point. We want lot more players to enjoy Black Desert.What we change or preserve will depend on case by case basis

Q. Is there any time estimation of when we will see the first beta in English?

A. We are currently negotiating dates with NA publisher, and it seems they want service Black Desert quickly. More detailed information about NA service will be published later.

Q. Is there something that you wish to tell to the English speaking fans of Black Desert online?


A. We would like say thank you for all the supports and interests. We are really looking forward to meet players who are waiting for Black Desert. We know western players are expecting a lot from Black Desert, and we will do our best within our applicable line to meet the market demand.

As was expected for a long while, the various changes in the Korean version that resulted in a drastic change in the concept of Black Desert Online were prompted by the feedback of the Korean community and the changes of mentality that have occurred within it. We want to thank Pearl Abyss and especially Brian Oh for their cooperation and we look forward to keeping you, our beloved community, constantly informed on everything that is of your concern.

- The Team -


Lundi 13 avril 2015
Valkyrie and Media Part 2 hits Korean Servers

The long awaited Class Valkyrie finally hits the korean servers tomorrow with the second part of Media and two new dungeons. The Valkyrie is the female counter part of the Warrior and wields a Sword and Shield. Here’s the newest gameplay trailer of the 7th class of Black Desert.



Mercredi 8 avril 2015
New Valkyrie Screenshots

PearlAbyss and Daum released some new screenshots today featuring the upcoming sword and shield wielder Valkyrie. The Patch which includes the Valkyrie, as well as the second Part of Media and the so called “Pirat Island” will be released this month on the Korean servers.



Samedi 4 avril 2015
How we expect it to be and how it is now

Most of the old members (I would say all of them) are pretty upset with the current stage of BDO. The newcomers, don’t really know the reason for this and a lot of arguments have started. Old members appear to be rude, and newcomers sometimes sound silly.

Here is the list of points showing how Black Desert used to be, and how Black Desert is right now and if you were not following the game before 2014, I would recommend you read it all.

2012, the company Pearl Abyss announced that they ware creating Black Desert and they released their first 2 trailers. This was the beginning of finding a publisher for their game. After a few months they announced that DAUM would be their publisher. DAUM is very good publisher for the Korean market.

By the end of 2012, Pearl Abyss showed us that the game would include the following things:

    A large scale of open world PvP, anyone would be able to kill you and steal some of your stuff since you dropped items from your inventory due to death.
    Large open world raid bosses where a full guild was needed to kill them. They said that these bosses would drop items to craft epic armors/weapons and jewelries.
    Mounted combat, the horses were agile and they even showed us a warrior hunting with spear some boars while riding his horse.

Open world houses! At the initial stage of Black Desert all the houses were open world, they predicted to have 2000+ houses in the whole world, and all those houses were open world. That meant, the first person to buy the house, would be the only one who could own it. The house would be open world, therefore if you leave your door open, anyone could visit your house, you could even make a spare key for your friends. The houses would be bought by an auction house, the one who bid the most money would get the house but, since it was open world houses, you had limited time to keep your purchase. You would be able to keep the house 1 to 3 months max (they were not very specific, they were still discussing the time limit). With the houses you would be able to invest your money, because you ware able to convert them to a shop. e.g., make your house a blacksmith shop, therefore people would be able to come to your house, pay you and they would be able to craft their items.

And lastly, they said that there would be 3 types of guilds. Combat type guilds, Religious type guilds and Traders type guilds.


Time was passing, they announced that the first closed beta will take place in the autumn of 2013. In the mean while we had some interviews with Pearl Abyss, one of them was directly by us. You can read them here and here.

Here are some of the quotes which are most note worthy to look at again and you will realize how much the game has been changed:

Apollonius: You mentioned the players, here’s a question in regard to them. What will the leveling up process be like? Will it be more of a casual process, where players reach end level quite fast and focus on “endgame” or will you walk a different path?

Brian Oh Even though we haven’t finalized the leveling curve in our Game, I can tell you that the estimate from level 1 to 50 is around 200 real hours. Afterwards the curve becomes steep and reaching the final level will require a similar amount of time as in the old Lineage days. But as I said, we haven’t finalized it yet and I can’t give you a concrete answer of what the level cap might be.

Apollonius: Any thoughts on server population?

Brian Oh We’re aiming for a single server to be able to house as many as ten thousand players.

Apollonius: Now that’s a big number compared to other games. Why do you want so many players in a server?

Brian Oh Black Desert Online puts a lot of emphasis on player interaction, be it combat, trade or politics, so it is important to us, that there will be a population able to accomplish that.

Apollonius: Any word on the housing system?

Brian Oh Housing will be using physical ingame space and will be limited with players paying periodical fees for owning them. But since we want everyone to enjoy this feature one way or another, there’ll be also inns and tents present in the game.

Apollonius: We haven’t heard much on the crafting system of Black Desert. What can you tell us about it?

Brian Oh The crafting system will be more or less similar to the traditional crafting system seen in other games. Players gather materials and have their respective skills in doing so. Focusing on mining or gathering has as a result the reduction of time needed in performing the task, as well as increasing the success rate. Though most materials will be collectable, crafting in some cases may require drops from Bosses.

Apollonius: On the aspect of Guilds, we read that Guilds will be able to follow one of three paths: Combat, Politics and Religion. I’ve encountered the first two in other games before, but religion? What can we imagine on that?

Brian Oh: We’ve been thinking on how to have religion affect the game. Once concept is, that if a Guild gathers enough players to follow their religion, the Guild Leader will be maybe able to affect the weather or open portals for a limited amount of time for players to use them for a fee.

Apollonius: This sounds really interesting. In regard to the weather, word was that it will be dynamic and may affect gameplay.

Brian Oh Yes, we’re finalizing it. Depending on if it’s raining or not, certain animations might be faster or slower and certain spells might be stronger or weaker. For example if it’s raining,  a swing with the sword by the fighter might take longer to execute and a fireball by the sorcerer might not be as effective.

The first closed beta took part in the autumn of 2013. You can see the first day of CBT1 here. Closed beta 1 lasted for 1 week, 9 hours per day. The game was indeed as they had announced, and was one of the most addictive MMO that we had played so far. In 9 hours, you would probably make from level 1 to level 20 max. The PvP was added few days later, but was available from level 1.

February 2014 Pearl Abyss announced that they found a Russian publisher but not English publisher yet.

April 2014 they announced the dates of Closed Beta 2 and that it would last 3 weeks.

Closed beta 2 took place, here and here you can see what we wrote and recorded from CBT2. Again the most note worthy quote “Took around 15 hours to reach level 20″

There were some differences from CBT1 but they were not so devastating. Here are the differences:

    Open world houses turned to instanced houses which you bought with contribution points
    There was added PvP limit at level 45
    Religious type of guild was removed
    Party link formation system was added
    Calpheon area was added
    You dropped items due death only if you have negative karma

Unfortunately due to the lack of having the ability to speak and read Korean, we couldn’t try some stuff like crafting, cooking etc. Also we learned the power of wealth. Money in BDO was very important. Monsters were much harder to kill than what are right now, therefore potions were a necessary thing to have. If for some reason you run out of money, you were in a really bad situation, you did’t have money to buy potions, nor to repair your armor/weapon therefore you weren’t be able to grind and to level up. Therefore, using the trading system, was a good way to make some money.

It also needs to be mentioned that even in CBT2, the exp was getting easier every day. Of course we need to discuss a little about the new party link system. The party link system was a system to make the players work together for higher party benefits. That depended on what formation the party members took, and how they were connected to each other. Depending on the formation, it could result in much damage, higher defense or to stun raid bosses. In CBT2, it was not really worth it, because to make the formation and do the skills, you needed quite a lot of time, and as a result you were getting some buffs only for 10 seconds, and till you were ready to play again due to the channeling skills etc, you had already lost 5 seconds of your buffs.

It was end of September 2014 when CBT3 took place, but till then, we had an interview in E3, a visit to their office and another interview in Gamescom 2014.

CBT3 was not bad, it was funny and nice experience, although there were some changes that we disliked. You can see here our impressions, but let’s check the major changes from CBT2:

    New character creation system (which blew everybody’s mind)
    Added swimming
    Could reach level 50 in 2 days
    Added dye system
    Party link system was not working for some reason
    PvP/PvE was not really improved
    Added summoning bosses quest which gave you a lot of exp
    Night become day (We know it is not a major thing, but small stuffs like these makes the game completely different, click here to see how the night time used to be in CBT2, and check how it is now)
    Cat pet was added
    Seeing the level of each player was added
    Added channels in the servers
    The radar which was working in a more realistic way was replaced with a mini map

fortunately since CBT3 ended, our communication with Pearl Abyss has been reduced due to the heavy work they have.

Later they had the Media conference, where they showed new pictures and videos and announced that the Open Beta will start in December, 2014. Lets discuss the major differences between CBT3 and OBT:

    Open world bosses were completely removed
    PvP level limit changed from level 45 to level 50
    The Karma system was reworked and instead of seeing an improvement, it become worse since you can’t PvP any more due to the extremely heavy penalties
    Seeing the level of each player removed
    1 to 1 trade is removed
    Cash shop includes armors/weapons with stats although they had clearly mentioned in previous interviews that this wouldn’t happen
    You can reach level 55+ in less than 1 week
    Monsters are much easier to kill
    Party link system completely removed
    Suffering death penalties from bosses or in PvP was removed
    Different type of guilds were removed
    The Auction House (AH) is changed, now there is a world AH not town AH and it is not free to player base economy system as they mentioned in previous interviews
    Making money is an easy thing now
    There are so many daily quests which creates a routine
    New areas and classes were added
    New quests were added
    New items were added
    Unrealistic colored sci-fi style glowing in characters and npc’s were added
    There were changes in housing, crafting and workers
    The old tent house was removed and replaced with a small farm
    New skills and animations were added
    Pets are now collecting loot, new pets were added
    Character creation was improved

There are a lot of changes and things added, of course we can’t say that everything is bad, some of the changes are good, but we need to compare the current stage, with the initial idea of Black Desert online.

Let’s start with the Open World, Sandbox features of the game

Back in 2013, direct words from Pearl Abyss:

Black Desert Online puts a lot of emphasis on player interaction, be it combat, trade or politics, so it is important to us, that there will be a population able to accomplish that.

Unfortunately in Black Desert at this moments, there is no player interaction. a) There is no combat unless you are in a guild and have a pointless war. b) There is no trade nor politics, simply because there is no trade, and simply because everything is open to every single player. Right now in Black Desert online, you can achieve ALMOST everything solo. This collides with the initial idea of politics between guilds and areas of the world of Black Desert. c) how are the players supposed to run the economy and trade of the world when the game decides the higher and lower value of your items and not the player directly? Example, epic piece of armor (yellow color) having the same price as blue type of armor, it does not make sense!

Also why did the open world contents disappear? Open world bosses are removed, open world houses are removed, open world shops (from your house) was removed. We don’t have the answer why, but the game does not look as an open world MMO anymore, but as a single player RPG, where you have the chance to party up with your friends too.


PvP during CBT1 phase was fine. There was no level restriction, you’d suffer penalties, and if you were the one who got the PK, you would suffer the karma penalty. Because of course it was CBT and no one cared about their characters since after 6 days the characters were going to be deleted, everyone started get karma, therefore everyone started complaining, and added the PvP level limit later on the next betas.

Except for the level limit, another bad thing is that they removed the death penalties when you killed by another player. What are the consequences of that? Let’s have a scenario for an example. You are grinding in a very nice spot, and suddenly, an annoying player, comes to your spot, and kills the same mobs as yours. That leads for you to get less exp, and lose some of your loot and of course it is just very annoying. You decide, to suffer the karma penalties and to kill him in order to get your spot back. Since he does not suffer any death penalties, he is free to come back, and make you get so much karma that in the end you will have to leave your own grinding spot.

Also the change in the karma system. Karma is really hard to get rid of if you get a lot. We don’t really want to compare with other games, but in this case we have to say, Black Desert online had similar karma system as the Lineage 2 (early days, L2 Chronicle 1 to Chronicle 3) karma system. We would really like to see the Karma/Flag system as Lineage 2. If the other person fights back, you won’t get karma, if not, you will get karma but, anyone can kill you, and you will drop equipped items. Who will risk to drop his +10 weapon to kill a newbie for no reason? Also on death, the negative karma should be removed, not necessary all of it, but to make it much easier to burn it. For example, if you get -200k karma when you kill someone, to get +150k when you die and of course -2% exp due to death.


As we mentioned all of the houses turned to instanced except for a very small minority which work as guild halls. Why is this a bad thing? Another thing which Pearl Abyss was proud of their game, was the realistic things of their game e.g. no teleports. Now, since it is instanced, everyone can have the same house, therefore everyone can craft the top things, therefore there is nothing unique. Simple solution, make 90% of the houses open world, and only 10% instanced in which they could craft the low level things. The open world houses, could turn to shops as initially was aimed for, and craft better things. Although, of course we could keep the time limit e.g. one month and then again the house goes to the AH.


Initially there were 3 types of guild, now there is only one. That means all the chances of being different are simply removed, and you have to be the same as every other guild.

Party Link system

There was an awesome idea with great potential for party driven features and now for some reason it has gone.

No 1 to 1 trade

We can understand that they did this to avoid the “Gold Sellers” but you need also to see the ugly truth. What is that? That is DAUM is making more money. How? Simple, you can’t trade, so you can’t buy gold directly, but you can buy from the cash shop, sell the items and therefore, these are, indirectly, the gold which you bought.

Having no 1 to 1 trade is the silliest idea for an MMO game. Claiming to make an Open World Sandbox game in which the community of the game drives the economy and the politics of the game and not having a 1 to 1 trade  does not make sense. Why? Because you can’t help your friends, which again drives you to be solo.

You don’t drop items due to death

You would ask why that is a bad thing? Well, let’s see what consequences we have by removing that death penalty. By dropping items (only from your inventory during CBT1 not from the equipped items) when you don’t have negative karma, you are driven to play more carefully, and are compelled to use what you have, in order to survive. Also that might drive some people to PvP more. Don’t misunderstand it. People won’t start PKing anyone just to pick up some worthless “wood”. They will get karma for that and risk dropping their items.


We discussed a little about the economy, but what is the major difference? Black Desert introduced new ways of making money in the game, e.g. the trading system. What is wrong with it? It is so easy right now to make money, so using the trade system right now, is just a waste of time. So they added another great way to make money, but it is simply worthless.


Well, no one can deny that the way you level up in Black Desert is really fast. What is the problem with that? First, they did not keep their word of saying that you will need at least 200+ hours to get from lvl 1 to lvl 50 and secondly, they created such a great environment and they do not give you the chance to explore it. Why? Because every 10 – 15 minutes you need to change grinding spot. You don’t really have enough time to explore the area, since you already took so many levels so you need to move on. Also you reach the end game content so fast (less than 1 day if you know what you need to do), so it ends up being boring really quickly.


Black Desert was designed (although it is not anymore) to be PvP and politically orientated by the players of the servers, therefore channels on the servers are not suitable for that kind of game. In big guilds there are a lot of wars, and communication with the guild members to be in the same channel when you have penalties to change channel (e.g. you can’t change channel if your workers are working) in order to fight your enemies, in the end it will cost you the loss of the fight. Why don’t all the guild members play in the same channel you might ask? Well, in the large scale of guilds, is not always so easy as you think.

We heard some people who said the current BDO is fine, that Black Desert right now have more than 1.5kk unique persons. Well, we have to say that the current BDO is not fine, please realize that 1.5kk unique persons are not many for a AAA MMO, the old BDO was predicted to be in the top 10 places in Korea, and recently even completely removed from the top 100.

What we would like to see, is the old (initial) BDO start taking form. With open world and real sandbox contents, where you could be someone, someone unique, like a real blacksmith for example, with your house and store. Now, everyone is the same, and everyone can reach almost any point solo. We wish to see again the real party link system, to see some proper coordination and communication between parties and not spamming of skills and potions. We wish to see guilds fighting each other for a reason and not just to have some “PvP”. We wish to see Black Desert as it was originally designed, and not how it eventually became.

Right now, only time will tell us how much the game will change when is it time to be released on the EU/NA.

Please note this article does not represent the whole community, but represents the majority of the old members of our website due to the comments and discussions we had 3 years ago when Black Desert was still under development.

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