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Dimanche 29 mars 2015
Black Desert on Windows 10

When Windows 10 was announced, Microsoft promised that Win10 will improve your Gaming Experience a lot. We recently downloaded the Technical Preview to test Black Desert on Microsoft’s new Operating System. Even when it’s still a Technical Preview, the results were more than surprising. We pretty much maxed everything via the Game and NVIDIA Control Panel Settings. Here are the results.


    Intel Core i7-5930K
    NVidia GTX 980
    16GB Ram



Additional NVIDIA Settings

    FXAA Enabled
    Gamma correction Enabled
    Antialiasing x8
    NVIDIA Quality upscaling Enabled
    High Quality Texture Filtering

FPS comparison

 Olvia Town  Heidel Town Calpheon  Fields Woods Fields Wasteland
 Windows 8.1  30-35 FPS  30 FPS  20-25 FPS  38-50 FPS  50-60 FPS
 Windows 10  38-45 FPS  32-40 FPS  30-40 FPS  50-60 FPS  60 FPS

Other notable improvements

    Faster Loadingtimes
    Objects are loading faster
    Less FPS Drops (Constant FPS)


Samedi 28 mars 2015
How the EU/NA Version should look like Part 1

It’s probably not a big secret that the western Community is pretty upset about the Korean version of Black Desert. PvE is way too easy and singleplayer oriented, open world PvP is not worth it duo to heavy penalty’s etc. Anyway, we should remember that we are talking about the Korean Version of the Game and according to our information Daum and PA made those chances based on the feedback of the Korean Playerbase. Since the release in Korea, the western Community came up with tons of ideas how to improve the European and North American Version of Black Desert. Let’s start with the general PvE System of the game.

Player VS Environment

    PvE should offer a better group Gameplay experience by adding Open World Bosses, “Elite Monster” Areas with monsters you can only kill in groups, Open World Dungeons and Quests you can only do in groups.
    Open World Events (Monsters attacking Towns, blocking trading routes etc.)
    Bring back the formation system from the first Closed Betas.
    Leveling Curve should be changed.



Questing should be more rewarding. Most quests should give you a small amount of experience and gold.

Player vs. Player

    PvP restriction should be removed or at last reduced to Level 20.
    Penalty System should be reworked. If a Level 50 Character kills a Level 1-30 Character for example, the penalty should be higher as if he kills another Level 50 Character. Also, Players who continuous killing low level Characters should be displayed on the Worldmap.
    Removing negative Karma should be easier. Karma could also reset every 24/48 hours.
    Safe Zones should be removed.
    When a Player with positive karma dies, he only drops money and items from his inventory. Player with negative karma can also lose their equipment.
    Killing players with negative should be rewarding. They could drop some kind of “Headhunter Tokens” which can be exchanged for gold and items.
    Classes should be re-balanced with the help of active PvP Players and Guilds during Alpha and Beta Stages.

Guild Wars

    Remove blue visual effects on allied players.
    Guild War should be available more often.


    Remove (most) instanced Houses. Add instanced Inn Rooms instead.


    Add player trading Option.
    Add player shops.
    Remove the minimun and maximum value from Auction houses.
    Remove daily quests that gives you tons of gold.

Crafting / Gathering

    Workers should be more expensive. It should be more rewarding when you gather everything by yourself.
    Crafting should only be available at houses and crafting stations. Small stuff like Potions and Food can be crafted everywhere.

Jeudi 26 mars 2015
Valkyrie and new hardcore content to come next month

A new update is upon the horizon! Next month Pearl Abyss and Daum will release the 7th class Valkyrie, which is the female counterpart of the Warrior. This is the 3rd new class in only 4 months. They also started reacting to the player feedback and finally add some hardcore oriented party content into the game. A new ranking System which shows the best PvP Guilds on each server will be implemented with the upcoming update in April as well. At last, new clothes will be added to the crafting houses which provide special stats for trading and other activities. Apparently, the 2nd Part of Media, the Wizard and Valencia will come in the following months as well.




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