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Jeudi 29 janvier 2015
Mediah is Finally Here

DAUM so far have introduce to us in closed beta one the area of Balenos and Serendia and in closed beta 2 and 3 the area of Calpehon. When the open beta was anounced we expected to see if not both Mediah and Valencia to be added on the world of Black Desert, at least only the area of Mediah. A lot of people where disappointed by the news at that moment but finally the area of Mediah is just right in the corner.

According to the last GM notes from DAUM, Mediah is ready and will be released early of February. All players will have a great new world to explore, and  not just that, finally the Blader class will be ready too, one of the most anticipated class together with the Valkyrie class.

Feel free to check all the new photos that were released including the official announcement.

Landscape and monsters in Mediah

Alti Nova Town


Lundi 19 janvier 2015
Introducing a new Class - The Beast Master

There’s hardly any MMORPG where a summoning class is non-existent and Black Desert Online is no exception! As far as a beast-controlling class is concerned, Pearl Abyss, the Developers of Black Desert Online teased its community for a long time.


First screenshots and information featured the existence of a future class which was up until now known as the “Tamer”. As this name suggested, the class would be able to tame various monsters across the World of Black Desert and use them in a variety of ways. Sadly, the designing and implementation of such a class proved too much of a difficulty and so Pearl Abyss informed us, that they would be reworking this class to allow for it to be playable.

And what do we have now? A brand new class called the “Beast Master”; sharing a lot with its predecessor in regard to looks and the only beast we’ve had seen it summons so far. This class is going to be a lightweight, agile character complimenting its fighting capabilities with summoning magic and a short sword, that is discretely hidden in a flute like sheath. Obviously its main strength lies in unison with the summon, allowing for an exciting fighting combo and she will come to life in the world of Black Desert at the 20th of January.


Interestingly, the Beast master draws inspiration from the asian culture wearing either traditional Korean robes and/or highly detailed armors featuring dragons and many more! It is certain, that this highly anticipated class will be well received by the community, as it is going to form, together with the Blader, a duo that is rather asian-style orientated, in a somewhat medieval-european world.


To celebrate the occasion, Daum released several HD quality screenshots, as well as, a great trailer showcasing the new Beast Master class. We here at will be on the lookout for more and will provide you soon with ingame footage and more information!


Mercredi 14 janvier 2015
Black Desert Online Guild War Siege to Be Implemented Soon

The first siege war for Black Desert Online is scheduled to start on January 17th on a single server as a test run. If all goes well, it will be enabled on all servers starting on January 24th. Castle Siege event mechanics and GvG related features will also be restricted to Channel 1 only. Meaning no multiple castles per channel.

In preparation for the upcoming GvG, each guild can build a total of 2 forts (towers) and 1 command center (big tent) which will act as a respawn point during the siege area. The last guild standing will take control of the castle and play defense the next siege war (I think?) :D! On the side note, I spotted myself a couple of times in the teaser trailer above, it looks like PvP and GvG clips from the previous siege war during the final beta.


I've farmed a lot in BDO and my stats are fairly decent so my preperations for the upcoming GvG is almost a complete! I just need to farm a few more accessories that boosts my defense and I should be all set with over 140 defense with buffs. Farm Enchant Farm Enchant Farm Zombie Mode... Meanwhile, enjoy the relaxing tour video below.

Developer: PearlAbyss
Publisher: Daum
Game Site:


Mercredi 14 janvier 2015
The naked truth about Black Desert Onlines current state of affairs [Open Beta]

The administration of this website has found itself to be among the blessed few to have been given so far access to every and each testing phase of Black Desert Online, as well as, being in close contact with the Developers. This position of ours has allowed us to experience first hand the evolution of Black Desert Online and with the games’ release in Korea being imminent, we stay true to our original intentions as the global #1 hub for Black Desert Online and will proceed to reveal the current state of affairs of Black Desert Online by expressing our honest to god impression of the most recent Open Beta experience we have had.

BlackDesert64 2014-12-19 06-18-03-022

In general, Black Desert Online has had good progress being made through all its Closed Beta Tests. From the initial honeymoon phase starting with CBT1 to the “stable” CBT2 and the eventual CBT3, we gradually saw various aspects of the original Sandbox Concept, as it was expressed by the Developers quite early on, be altered slowly shifting the center of gravity from a Sandbox to Themepark game.

There’s several flaws in key aspects of Black Desert Online, which either haven’t been adequately addressed until now or have become even worse.

To begin with, our (the western) Community is very concerned with the experience curve in the game. Even though levelling was according to early interviews supposed to last more or less the same as most new MMORPGs (meaning a few months) it actually now requires only a few days to reach the soft level cap of 50.  From then on, the experience curve goes steep upwards and it now takes days to take one level. It is a very strange concept and it can be a major turn off for potential players.

We think, an overall difficult but smooth levelling curve will allow for a better game-play experience and will enable players to get a feeling of proper progression and the relative satisfaction in doing so.

Also the current potion-healing system; Because of the absence of a healing class together with the non-present healing abilities of any class, the Developers went ahead and substitute these with powerful healing-potions. It’s not that the healing-potions themselves are powerful, rather, players are able to use one potion after the other due to the short cooldown and their effect not being canceled after having received damage. This “solution” was addressed by us already at the end of CBT2 and we hoped, that the Developers would find another way to improve the way healing-potions were used, but so far nothing seems to have been done.


Some possible solutions among many would be to either reexamine the possibility of introducing a healing class to the game or strengthen the planned classes with utility skills, such as Healing Over Time, Lifesteal etc and possibly add a universal /sit, /rest function to allow for health regeneration during levelling.

Another key feature requiring imminent attention is that of the Auction House. The Auction House is build around the reputation a player has with an NPC; Selling items include a 35% tax which decreases the more reputation you have with an NPC, though it requires a lot of time to be invested in any NPC to gain a significant tax reduction. Yet, the worst part is, that a Player is limited by the game to sell their item at a price placed within a minimum/maximum figure, that is set automatically by the game. The way the Auction House works may be targeting the avoidance of inflation of prices and rewarding the dedicated players who invested a lot of time in advancing their reputation with an NPC.

We believe, that 1) adding the ability to Players to set up a”Private Shop”, for limited item slots & requiring you to be online, 2) removing the automatic fixing of the price an item can be sold will result in a more player-driven game, returning to its original sandbox vision.


Furthermore, the PvP system of Black Desert Online has been through various phases reminding us of a rollercoaster. Sadly, testing phase after testing phase, the PvP system for reasons we can’t understand is becoming worse. Currently, PvP is enabled upon reaching the soft-cap at level 50 and according to the latest patch-note, the first Player to flag (i.e to hit) another Player) receives -10k karma points (you can have a total of +300k karma points). The Player stays flagged for 3 minutes, and anyone is free to kill the flagged Player without receiving a penalty in return. On the contrary, if the flagged Player kills someone, they will receive a penalty of -200k Karma points no matter if the other Player is fighting back or not, allowing for an unfair event to take place. On another note, experience loss on death has been removed. So if someone is bothering you on your grinding spot, and you finally decide to kill them, they won’t suffer at all and will be free to come again and bother you until you kill them again and become eventually red.

Our proposal is, to make the PvP fairer and less complex. First of all, the PvP restriction of level 50 needs to be instantly removed, as it does not have a place in a supposed sandbox game such as Black Desert Online. Second, all Players should be considered flagged when hitting another Player, no matter the second Players status. Third, there should be no karma penalties involved when killing a flagged Player, rather these should be activated when someone kills an unflagged Player (i.e if someone hasn’t hit back). Fourth, reintroduce the loss of experience upon death since it works simultaneously as a deterrent and motivation in an open world PvP environment.

In general open world PvP should play a vital role in a game such as Black Desert Online. Obviously it is somewhat complex to retain a balance between joyful open world PvP and horrendous ganking. The current Karma system needs to be changed, too . When you get negative Karma, and become red, you suffer from several penalties. If you die, you drop items. You can’t enter towns because the guards will kill you. It is almost impossible to burn Karma when playing in a party because you need to get the last hit on the monster and Karma is burning really slow, like 70 points per mob. So, if you kill two players and get -100k Karma and let’s say for example burn only 70 per monster, you need to kill 1430 monsters, all alone, and anyone can kill you. This is major issue and needs to be addresses imminently, in order for a proper solution to be found. Also, if a player receives Karma, their whole clan suffers and the clan gets negative points as well. So while the Clan/Guild Karma system is a good way of reflecting their members behavior, it needs to be included in the overall PvP-Karma System renovation, as to not deter Guild Wars and destroy open world PvP and the corresponding politics and meta-game features. Another absurdity is the current Arena in Black Desert Online; you’re unable to use it before reaching level 50, you can’t hit Clan members and during PvP (also during PvP in general) potions can be spammed non-stop. Whereas, we believe, everyone should be eligible to use the Arena and the only Players not receiving damage should be the very own Party members (because of eventual Team vs Team PvP).


On the PvE side, Black Desert Online currently features a series of instanced Quest Bosses, that can even be soloed. During the levelling process from level 1 to 50, though there are “mini Bosses” i.e very strong monsters most of the times surrounded by minions and which drop high quality items, these “mini bosses” are relatively easy “tank and spank” bosses and usually a party of 3 Players is sufficient.

What we’d really like to see is open world Bosses across placed across the map where levelling takes place and especially more dungeons (preferably non-instanced) that feature such Bosses at every few levels i.e level 10, level 20, level 30, level 40 etc. Open world Bosses are a good way to rally the community, help online friendships be created, allow for the establishment of permanent levelling parties etc. These Bosses would drop items that will allow Players to have a better farming experience and/or gain rare cosmetic items.


Black Desert Online is a good game with potential to become even better and actually make a big impact in the MMORPG scene, but in order for this to happen, it is necessary that the Pearl Abyss (the developers) take action and focus on improving these important areas in their game. Obviously, Black Desert Online has to offer a lot; great graphics, an action combat system, a unique trading system, a complex horse breeding system, great Player-NPC interaction and many others, these are all features that do lay the foundation for a successful sandbox game, but we can’t understand why in recent time Pearl Abyss and their Publisher Daum have taken steps towards restricting and punishing player-driven actions instead of motivating them.

The western market is a very picky one on the one hand and on the other there’s several great theme park & PvE-driven MMORPGs. What has become truly evident via our community is the thirst for a game that caters towards Players that want a mix of freedom and risk motivating the Player to go explore the world and not restrict them to instanced dungeons and arena-style PvP. We do hope Pearl Abyss and Daum will re-orientate themselves concerning the western community and go for that “more harcore” approach they told us about back in August.

Our Team and our Community are here to offer our feedback and impressions on the game through the many threads and articles for the sake of improving our upcoming favorite- to be- MMORPG!


Jeudi 8 janvier 2015
Black Desert Online New Job Tamer Coming Soon


Daum and PearlAbyss will be implementing the new Tamer class for Black Desert Online this month. Not much information has been revealed yet other than the new short trailer that can be viewed below. The Tamer looks like a close combat type of character, a bit similar to the Sorceress. She will also be able to mount on her dark beast and fight on it, looks good to me!





Above you will see some of the other upcoming characters along with a rumored female Blader and a Kunoichi a female ninja. New classes will be available in the months to come, so wait for now!

Developer: PearlAbyss
Publisher: Daum
Game Site:


Lundi 5 janvier 2015
Black Desert Online 2nd Wave of Exploiters Receives the Ban Hammer


The Black Desert Open Beta kicked off with a rough start last month where players were able to exploit game mechanics. The first set exploit consisted of users killing monsters that dropped a lot of gold and monsters that gave abnormal amount of experience points. The second wave today was with players abusing something with the shop, buy back dupe, and more. PearlAbyss and Daum is taking this seriously and have permanently banned users who exploited such bugs along with deleting all money and items from players who lightly abused such bugs.

In my experience, this isn't the first time a Korean game gets exploited or hack. They tend to be very vulnerable in terms of security even with popular titles such as Blade & Soul, which I have played for many years and ArcheAge. Companies can just ban users by their ID or KSSN (Korean Social Security Number) requirement when registering for a Korean game. It makes me upset that there are so many exploiters in BDO, since I've been playing this game for more than twelve hours a day hardcore farming, which should explain my absence. I just hope they catch every single one of the exploiters because the market prices is already going crazy. 

I was looking forward to the upcoming GvG, but not so much anymore after all the exploits and the possibility of some users not getting banned. The last thing I want is to get facerolled by some exploiter and lose all my hardwork due to the "death penalty" system. I still like the game and recently spent some real money to buy a cat that will automatically loots items for me.

1st set of Bans: Link
2nd set of Bans: Link


Dimanche 4 janvier 2015
Black Desert Online - 2014 the silence before the storm


Compared to 2013, the year of 2014 has been a rather strong year for Black Desert Online. In this end of season review, we will be taking a close look and examine how Black Desert Online was shaped all through the now concluded year.

Black Desert Online started 2014 with a strong statement; Pearl Abyss started quite early on discussing with partners to publish their game in Russia, this was in our view a pleasant surprise, since to date most Korean companies tended to neglect the Russian Market, but this decision by Pearl Abyss went on to underline the ever increasing importance of the Russian MMORPG-Player scene. Shortly afterwards, Pearl Abyss went ahead and announced, that the 2nd closed beta test would take place in April and will last for 3 weeks featuring enhanced graphics and the 4 known Classes, that were also available during the 1st closed beta test. This second testing phase served as a medium for getting to know better several aspects of the game, as well as, increasing the awareness in the fans minds.  The discovery of Black Desert Online being compatible with Oculus Rift made a very positive impression on the community.

With the conclusion of the 2nd CBT, Pearl Abyss worked hard in processing the gathered feedback and data and by June they released the information they collected. It was clear by that moment, that Black Desert Online has the potential to be a blockbuster Game, but it was in need of overall improvements on all fronts.

Amongst the 2000 survey participants, 81% stated that they would recommend Black Desert to friends. The game’s early-game content, along with Black Desert’s graphics and sound were well loved by the community, while the UI and non-combat content had some aspects that felt lacking in some regards. The players also felt that for more and better hours of game play, content that would strengthen the late-game and player comfort is necessary. We appreciate the stories and opinions we were able to see through the surveys. Pearl Abyss was able to get a better grasp of what the game lacks and what they should improve on, while also reading what aspects of the game the adventurers liked. Pearl Abyss is contemplating and reviewing the many of the summaries they acquired from this survey and the last user meeting and preparing for the next test. To enhance the gaming experience and to make the tutorials more comfortable Pearl Abyss will work on the organization of quests, improve on non-combat content, work on monster AI and improve our boss monsters.

Shortly afterwards, we were greeted with another (unexpected) surprise by Pearl Abyss and Daum Communications, both parties came to an agreement, that Daumm Communications would be the Publisher of Black Desert Online in the west, thus resulting in Black Desert’s Western Publisher Odyssey coming to an end. In the article linked, we here at welcomed this move and pointed out the benefits such a cooperation would have for the future of the game. Nonetheless, a lot of users were concerned about the localization process that would be affecting Black Desert Online in spite of the close relationship between Pearl Abyss and Daum Communications. In the respective article “Facing the big “L” : Localization 101” these concerns were addressed and analyzed.

Following an extensive period of attending various game shows and completing many interviews, Pearl Abyss started preparing for the 3rd Closed Beta Test. All the changes and expectations regarding Black Desert Online were summarized in this revealing article of ours.

China Joy Revelations

    The Class balance is being redesigned and the weaker Classes may be stronger in the third CBT.
    PvP & PvE balance: Classes that are very strong in PvP could be weak in PvE.
    No new Classeswill be added in the third CBT, but they will be added in open beta one by one.
    The third CBTis expected to take place this September and the  open beta this November, while the Game is about 80% complete.
    Clothes dyeing system and swimming content will be added in the third CBT. Besides, crafting and trading will be more polished.
    Sea battles may be introduced after commercialization.
    Korean severs will be IP-blocked in open beta.
    Pearl Abyss will translate the text into English first and Daum will review it then.
    Costumes will be introduced in the third CBT and Korean version will be free-to-play.

Gamescom Revelations

    Focus on upcoming content that promotes Players participating in Guilds. [confirmed]
    Revolutionary Customization of Guilds accoring to their role, giving an actual meaning to the word “Guild”[confirmed]
    Absence of an ingame Alliance System [new]
    No Friendly Fire during Siege Warfare [new]
    Announcing of Command Centers that rule over a specific region within a Castle region / introducing smaller scale PvP [new]
    Gain tax earnings by owning a Castle [confirmed] / plans on expanding upon greater benefits [new]
    No change to the PK system between CBT2 to CBT3 [confirmed]
    Naval Units with multiple Players on it [confirmed]
    Details on mounted combat [confirmed]
    Clarification on how the weather affects gameplay [confirmed]
    Upcoming introduction of ingame emotes [new]
    Hybrid Housing System for CBT3 [confirmed]
    Plans on introducing ability to reset skill points [new]
    No “watering down” of game features for the west [confirmed] / a more hardcore approach gameplay-wise [new]
    Early 2016 release date [confirmed]
    Dye System & Pet System [new]

Our Teams’ impression was favorable of the changes and further details were addressed in our commentary video. In the meanwhile, Pearl Abyss kept working on various features of the game improving and further enhancing them, although several key aspects of the game hadn’t been addressed to the extent we anticipated (all details are available in our CBT3 Analysis). Another quick glimpse for the games’ condition can also be found in the “path to level 50” article by Ike.

In a somewhat expected manner, following the precedent of older titles (such as TERA by Bluehole) Pearl Abyss having prepared a new website opted for the games’ Open Beta phase to take place at the end of the year, more specifically to begin in December 17th with the transition from OBT to release being a seamless one. Now with the release date having been announced, Pearl Abyss keeps pushing like crazy for further improvements on the game that range from adding several new mini-games to visual improvements in the form of coloring armor and enabling visible decay. Our opinion on the Open Beta can be found here.

Sadly (to a minor extent) the western release of Black Desert online has been pushed back to 2016, for both Developers and Publisher believe, that in order for their Game to be a success in the west it has to live up to its hype and thus it requires further optimization. As sad as it may sound, we understand that this is a necessity, seeing how in recent years many titles were simply vanished due to their incompetence.

Stay tuned at for all the recent news about Black Desert Online!




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