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Mercredi 16 décembre 2015
La première Bêta Test a commencé !

Chers joueurs,

La première phase de Bêta Test Fermée (CBT 1) a commencé ! Les joueurs peuvent se connecter et commencer à tester le jeu. Si vous n’avez pas téléchargé le jeu, ou si vous avez besoin d’enregistrer votre clef, vous pouvez utiliser les liens ci-dessous. Nous avons créé des forums spécifiques pour vous puissiez nous signaler les différent problèmes rencontrés. Vous pouvez également lire les notes du patch. Si vous nous rejoignez pour la CBT 1, n’oubliez pas de regarder notre liste d’événements afin de ne pas les manquer. Nous vous remercions tous pour votre soutien à Black Desert Online.


Lundi 14 décembre 2015
CBT-1 Events

Greetings Everyone!

The first closed beta is almost here and we are proud to announce our first series of in-game events.  For those of you with a Conqueror’s Package, or the lucky winners of the CBT Key Giveaways, there will be several events hosted throughout the duration of the test.  Keep reading to see what is in store, and we look forward to seeing everyone in game soon.

1. Dye Away!

    Start: Thursday, Dec. 17th 9:00 a.m. CET [EU Server] / 3:00 a.m. EST [NA Server]
    Repeats every day at 9:00 a.m. CET [EU Server] / 3:00 a.m. EST [NA Server]

Black Desert provides an extensive dye system that actually allows you to dye various parts of your equipment.  We want to give everyone the chance to see the dye system, and let us know what you think about it.  To make sure each participant has this opportunity, we will send out five dye bundles, each with three dyes, every day of the closed beta test.  You will be able to apply these dyes to your equipment or, if you do not get the color you are looking for, you can combine any two dyes to get a new random dye.

You can access the dye combination page by hitting Esc in game and then clicking the combine button.  Please note you do not need to be online to receive your dye, it will be delivered via the mail system

2. Fishing Tournament

    Start: Wednesday, Dec. 16th  8:00 a.m. CET [EU Server] / 2:00 a.m. EST [NA Server]
    End: Tuesday, Dec. 22nd  8:00 a.m. CET [EU Server] / 2:00 a.m. EST [NA Server]

Fishing is one of multiple professions in Black Desert, sporting over one hundred fish that are unique to different regions.  Some fish can only be found in freshwater, while others are exclusive to salt water.  When the Bait Master Tour begins, every player can make their way over to Cron Castle Cliff and try their luck at catching a Beltfish.  Once you have managed to catch one, take a screenshot of the fish in your inventory along with your character sheet and post it on the forums in the Fishing Tournament thread.  Every player that provides proof of their catch will be awarded a unique title once the game launches.

Cron Castle Cliff

If you are new to fishing and would like to participate in this event there are a few things you should try to do beforehand to make sure you are prepared.  Most importantly, you will need to get a fishing rod.  You can purchase one in Velia, from Fish Vendor Crio. Once you have that make your way to the Cron Castle Cliff.  To start fishing, all you have to do is equip the fishing rod, walk up to the water and hit space bar.  After a couple tries you should start catching fish and increasing your fishing skill.  Keep at it and you will be able to catch your own Beltfish to earn the title.

Fish Vendor Crio

3. Horse Whisperer

    Thursday, Dec. 17th – Sunday, Dec. 20th
    08:00 p.m. CET [EU Server] / 10:00 p.m. EST [NA Server]

As some of you know, and others will soon find out, the Black Desert world is large.  Sometimes you need to get somewhere and running simply is not quick enough.  From Thursday through Sunday, our GMs will roam around the world between 8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. to summon wild horses for you to see how taming works.  This will be a great time to learn the ropes and catch your first mount.  If you want to participate in this event, you will need to level your taming skill to Beginner Lv 5. You can do this by riding a donkey or vendor mount, available from every Stable-hand.

Once your taming skill is Beginner Lv 5 you will need to craft some sugar Lumps and purchase a few Capturing Ropes.  To craft a sugar lump you will need to purchase 10 raw sugar and 1 mineral water, from any Chef, which you can usually find in an inn, then you heat the together with the production menu (J). Capturing Ropes can be purchased from any stable-hand.

Location Hint

4. The Festival of Lanterns

    Saturday, Dec. 19th – Sunday, Dec. 20th
    09:00 p.m. CET [EU Server] / 10:00 p.m. EST [NA Server]

The announcement of darker, more realistic nights sparked a lot of great feedback from the community.  The fourth event invites everyone to make their way to Serendia to the south of Hidel or the Temple of Agris west of Velia, in the dead of night in channels 1 and 3.  For the duration of this event you will get to experience the new stormy night weather effect. Don’t worry though, everyone will be given a lantern to light their way.  Players who join us will be right on time to see what’s lurking in the shadows.

Serendia Temple

Altar of Agris

5. Shadows Looming

    Saturday, Dec. 19th – Sunday, Dec. 20th
    08:00 p.m. CET [EU Server] / 10:00 p.m. EST [NA Server]

This event will show everyone why it is dangerous to go alone into the night.  There are monsters in the world that are simply too powerful for any one person to face without allies.  All those gathered together at the Serendia Temple and Temple of Agris in channels 1 & 3 will have to work together if they want to take down one of the strongest monsters in the game.

6. Copy Cat

    Start: Wednesday, Dec. 16th - Tuesday, Dec. 22nd

One of the most impressive features of Black Desert is surely its incredible Character Creation Module (CCM). We would like to invite everyone to experience the richness of this feature and recreate yourself, a friend, an actor or just anyone that comes into your mind and participate in our Facebook event. All you need to do is to take a screenshot

[Default key: Print Screen à C:\Users\PC_Name\Documents\Black Desert\ScreenShot]

and use your newly created character to replace your profile picture on Facebook. Then head over to our Facebook page and leave a comment to this announcement.

We will pick 30 lucky winners and ask them to contact us via Facebook to share their address. Our lucky winners will receive a very unique “Drawstring Bag” with a Black Desert Design, which we gave away at Paris Games Week.

Note: The character you have created must bee on the Europe or America server. Please post your Family Name along with your message on Facebook.

Best of luck!

Limited Drawstring Bag


Lundi 14 décembre 2015
CBT-1 Patch Notes

Greetings Testers,

I would like to welcome our testers to the first closed beta for Black Desert Online!  The last week has kept us busy with a flurry of key giveaways and preparation.  We still have a lot of work in front of us before release, but this test is the next step forward.  Continue reading to see a detailed breakdown of the changes in our first set of patch notes.

Closed Beta Test 1 - Patch Notes

Character Creation

    Naming Policy

      Names may be from 3-16 characters long, and include letters, numbers and _(Underscore).
      Letters can only be used 2 times, consecutively. (ex: XxJohn)
      No more than 4 numbers may be used at the end of a name.
      The _ (Underscore) is allowed once and can only be placed between a minimum of two characters. (ex: CM_Jouska




Karma, Level Progression, Trading have not been changed from Alpha build, as we are looking into a richer feedback from the increased population on our CBT1 servers.

    Level Cap

      The level cap has been raised from 30, to 50.
      You will still be able to gain additional skill points once you have reached the level cap.


      PvP is enabled from level 30 onward.
      Karma is unchanged from Alpha. (60k loss, per kill)


      Guild quests have been enabled.
      Guild wars are enabled. They cost 150,000 silver to initiate, with no additional cost to maintain the guild war.
      Guild Protection has been enabled.  A guild will be able to protect 10 members from guild wars, so long as they are not an officer or the Guild Leader.  This protection cannot be revoked until 24 hours have passed from the time it was enabled.  Guilds may also invest their skill points to unlock additional protection slots, up to a maximum of 20.

    Player Trading

      Player to player trade is unchanged from Alpha, and is limited to consumable items only.


      Lanterns have been added to Merchant NPC’s. Purchased lanterns have a maximum duration of 60 minutes.
      Health potions have a 5 second cooldown.

    Field Bosses

      Three new field bosses have been added: Red Nose Imp, Hebetate Tree Spirit, and Giant Mudster.  Unlike bosses summoned from Scrolls, engaging these bosses will not employ phasing mechanics, allowing players to battle over the kills.


      Calpheon has been unlocked.
      Illya Island has been unlocked.
      Pirate Island is unavailable.


      Nights are now darker.
      Snow and Windstorms have been added.

    Energy System

      Energy is now required for Production, Cooking and Alchemy. This was done to balance the economical gain between Life and Combat content. Professions will take more time to level up, and Energy costs will prevent saturating the market with materials and products, to better balance supply and demand.



      EU and NA regions will each have their own server, with a maximum of five channels, but channels 4 & 5 will be locked unless needed to accommodate the amount of testers participating.
      Changing channels has a 15 minute cooldown.
      We are using the regular server setup with only 1 server / world (EU + NA) as the limited population during CBT1 will not require more servers to be opened. 


      The launcher has been updated. To access the game, you will use the same login as the Official Forums.


      Localization has been improved, across all aspects of gameplay.
      Optional Chat Filter has been added.
      Character Outline/Silhouette Options have been added.

    Custom Quick Slots

      Quick slots allow a player to set up a specific hotkey to activate items or skills without using up their hotbar.
      In order to activate this feature, go into “Settings” and check the box next to Quick Slots.
      To add an item or skill to a Quick Slot, drag it into any position desired on your screen. A menu will appear, allowing you to set the desired hotkey to activate that slot.

Known Issues


    UI & Graphics

      Some skill descriptions are missing.
      Size adjustment failed due to the game option selection being set beyond the max resolution of the screen.
      Once you equip a fishing rod it will be displayed on the character select screen.
      Currently the Wizard cannot disable helmet display.


      Text on some Icons/Buttons is off center.
      Text is overlapping or longer than the UI.
      Voice overs have been disabled.
      Tutorials have been disabled.
      When registering a Horse, Donkey, Wagon, or Boat the Naming Policy window opens but the text is not displayed.
      Crafting Note has been enabled, but translation is not complete.
      Marketplace windows display the wrong text when confirming a purchase or selecting how many items you want to buy.


      You cannot refill lanterns.
      Stormy Night feature will be enabled manually by GMs for stress testing.


      Currently Field Bosses must be manually respawned by GMs.
      Lack of monsters in starting area in case of huge player base.


      Imbalance between character level and quest level.

Lundi 14 décembre 2015
Téléchargement du client pour la Bêta

Chers joueurs,

Vous pouvez désormais télécharger le client de la 1ère phase de Bêta Test Fermée (“CBT 1”). Si vous avez acheté en précommande un Pack du Conquérant à partir de notre page de précommande ou si vous avez gagné une clef et que vous l’avez enregistrée sur la page prévue à cet effet, vous pouvez dès à présent télécharger le client.

La CBT 1 débutera mercredi 16 décembre.

    Début : Mercredi 16 décembre - 08:00 heure de Paris
    Fin : Mardi 22 décembre - 8:00 heure de Paris

Enregistrez votre clef Bêta ici.

Téléchargez le client de la Bêta ici.

Note : Pour télécharger le client de la Bêta, vous devez d’abord enregistrer une clef Bêta valide. Le système de candidature sur notre site Web est désormais fermé, mais vous pouvez toujours tenter de gagner une clef sur certains sites Webs.

Si vous avez le moindre souci technique lors du téléchargement du client, vous pouvez nous en informer ici.

Nous vous remercions pour votre participation et espérons que le jeu vous plaira!

Votre équipe Black Desert Online


Mercredi 2 décembre 2015
Valencia Part 2 Update brings major PvP changes

While the European and North American Closed Beta is coming closer and closer the Korean Version of Black Desert keeps getting one big content patch after another. The Valencia Update brings some huge changes especially for PvP. You can find a summary from reddit User LuckyFennex below.

New PK system applied to Valencia

    Karma penalties significantly reduced
    No weapon enchant degrading or gem loss on death EXP loss still applies
    ‘Prison camp’ system: red tendency players will be confined to prison camps. Jail time increases based on the amount of people you’ve killed. However, it is possible to use the stealth system to sneak past prison guards and escape early.
    Players with positive karma can earn ‘Seals of the Bounty Hunter’ by slaying red tendency players.


2 New town hubs

    Arehaja village & Mui Kun
    Mui Kun is the outlaw town. Positive karma players will get attacked by guards; negative karma players won’t!
    Mui Kun has it’s own set of daily quests with rewards that apply to negative karma players.


Valencia trade reform

    Trading in Valencia will be more beneficial.
    Increased sales benefit from trading to/from Valencia City compared to other parts of the world
    Of course, beware red tendency players from raiding your trade wagons as they are no longer heavily penalised for doing so.


New desert resources

    ‘Black Water’ can be harvested by guilds building new extractors in the desert. Black Water is expected to be a highly beneficial resource in the future. References to sailing boats and ‘trains’ that will benefit from Black Water. (Personal interpretation: ‘Black Water’ could easily be a reference to ‘Black Liquid’ aka oil. This ‘trains’ reference is giving me There Will Be Blood flashbacks haha).
    Guilds will need to keep an eye on their extractors, and they will require maintenance (eg. damage from sandstorms).
    Warring guilds can raid and destroy other guilds’ extractors. Protect them!


New dungeons

    Akuman Ruins & Histria Ruins
    Akuman dungeon is tied to the mystery of the ancient civilisation protectors.
    Histria dungeon is tied to/is a continuation of the lore established in the Hasra dungeon in Media.
    Histria is of an ‘overwhelming’ scale compared to Hasra dungeon.
    New rare and unique item drops from the new dungeons
    Entering the dungeons requires ‘a sense of adventure and luck’. Randomised dungeon entrance location (think Nuber world dragon spawns). Traveling with other adventurers is advised so that the party can spread out and locate the ‘swirling sands’ that mark the dungeon entrance more efficiently.
    Difficult mobs populate the dungeons, advised to enter as a party or a guild.

New elite desert monsters & goblin bandits

    Difficulty tuned where it’s advisable to bring friends to tackle them.
    Goblin bandits will appear in the desert. Loot them for a chance at earning bandit loot (rare artifacts, or even bullion). You can catch them using taming ropes (lol). Sugar lumps do nothing (lol).

Annex functionality comes online

    All those annexes marked on the world map in Valencia will have their functionality unlocked.
    You can buy a ticket to access annex servcies, which include unique daily quests, and NPC merchants.
    You can also use your annex access to tame baby elephants – unlocking elephants for personal use(?) like horses and donkeys.
    New knowledge to be gained by visiting all the various annexes.

Update launch in December 2015. Not all updates may make it into the first release, as they will be released sequentially over a period of time (speculation: weekly updates will constantly introduce the elements outlined above).

Source Reddit


Mardi 1 décembre 2015
Processus d'enregistrement pour la Bêta Test fermée

Chers joueurs,

Nous vous invitons à vous enregistrer à la CBT 1 (Bêta Test fermée 1) qui aura lieu aux dates suivantes :

    Début: mercredi 16 décembre – 08 h 00 heure de Paris
    Fin: mardi 22 décembre – 08 h 00 heure de Paris

Vous pouvez vous enregistrer à la CBT 1 ici!

Les enregistrements resteront ouverts jusque le 9 décembre à 09 h 00 heure de Paris.

Peu de temps après avoir clos les enregistrements, nous ferons une annonce qui contiendra davantage de détails tels que la date exacte à laquelle la page de téléchargement sera disponible. Nous enverrons un email aux chanceux ayant été sélectionnés.

N’oubliez pas que si vous possédez un Pack du Conquérant, vous pourrez automatiquement rejoindre la CBT 1 et 2 et vous n’avez pas besoin de vous enregistrer à nouveau.


L’équipe Black Desert Online


Vendredi 27 novembre 2015
Dompteuse et plus de nouveautés!

Nous venons juste d'annoncer que la première phase de Bêta test commencera mercredi 16 décembre à 08 h 00 heure de Paris et prendra fin mardi 22 décembre à la même heure.

Par ailleurs, nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que, suite aux demandes de la communauté, la classe Dompteuse sera disponible à la sortie et durant la Bêta. La bêta comportera d'autres améliorations importantes. Vous pouvez trouver plus d'information à ce sujet dans le journal de notre Chef de produit sur les forums.

Les joueurs qui ont précommandé un pack du Conquérant auront automatiquement accès à la Bêta. Rendez-vous dans le jeu!


Jeudi 26 novembre 2015
Daum Announces CBT Dates and Changes to the Client!

Daum Project Manager Belsazar released a new update in the official forum! We have it here for you to read!

Dear Players,

We are delighted to introduce our first PM (Project Manager) diary. As mentioned in my interview last week, we plan on sharing details that are either already set as-is or are currently planned for the CBT 1 in December.

We would like to open the first PM Diary with a big bang. We have listened to your feedback and we are happy to announce that we will offer you the Tamer class not only at launch, but even as playable character in our CBT 1!

Check out her introduction video.

The unique costume and weapon skin from the Pre-Order Package will also be available for this class at launch!

CBT 1 Schedule

I previously announced that we would run the CBT 1 for 4 days, starting on a Thursday at 7 a.m. UTC and ending on the following Monday at 7 a.m. UTC. However, since we’ll have the first version of our final localized English client ready (text only, Voice Overs will come at the subsequent stage) and also based on some of the feedback received in the forum, we have decided to extend our CBT 1 stage by 2 more days. The CBT 1 is planned to take place as follows below:

    Start: Wednesday 16th December – 07:00 a.m. UTC
    End: Tuesday 22nd December – 07:00 a.m. UTC

CBT 1 Feedback Changes Adapted So Far

There were plenty of changes that were requested and pointed out in your Alpha feedback reports.

As many role-players hinted that they would like to see features such as ‘walking’ and ‘darker nights’, we can now say that this will be all available at CBT 1. When the night cycle kicks in with clouds moving in front of the moon, you will require the use of lanterns, which you can purchase from NPCs. The developers are also working on a ‘craft-able’ version of the lanterns, including oil that will allow you to extend their use. As you might have noticed, the ‘walking’ feature has now been added to the Korean version.  You do have to keep the CAPS LOCK button pressed, but developers are looking into the possibility of this feature being switched ON/OFF with the CAPS LOCK button.

Comparison of Alpha vs. Beta Night Setting (wilderness)

Comparison of Alpha vs. Beta Night Setting (town)

The max level for CBT will be 50.99% and the PvP level requirement has been increased from level 20 to level 30. The reason for this is to give everyone a chance to actually develop their characters first, before enabling PvP. Speaking of PvP, a lot of the Alpha feedback received was pointing at the potion spamming in early PvP. Therefore, we have decided to increase the cooldown time for Red Potions (Health Point Recovery) from 3 to 5 seconds. Additionally, the highest tier potion (Extra Large) has been removed. We haven’t touched the Karma system yet, as we would like to gather more feedback from both parties, PvE and PvP players alike after CBT 1. Additionally, Pearl Abyss is working on rebalancing the Warrior, Berserker, Ranger and Sorceress classes, to make them able to go head-to-head with new classes such as the Wizard, Tamer and all other upcoming classes.

Additional graphic options have been added such as a switch for the NPC hoop UI [default: ON], Guiding Arrows [default: OFF] and the blinking effect for monsters, GVG targets and so forth, can also be switched [default: OFF]. The world map UI has been heavily revamped to make its navigating more convenient. And very good news for myself and all the ‘baldheads’ out there! Finally, we will receive a massive amount of new skins and hair colors, bald haircut and new beard styles for male characters.

The new World Map UI – the untranslated text is still in progress

New Skin Colors

New Hair Colors

New Bald Haircut

New Beard Styles (Male Characters)

Work In Progress/Discussion

The level progression in the original Korean version was rather fast-paced. Currently we are tweaking the level progression, in order to turn down the pace a notch or two and smooth out the leveling curve. This is a process in progress, so it will require more feedback, which we are intending to gather during CBT 1, hence the extended CBT phase.

I did mention in my interview before that we are not going with a Mega Server, but it is still something that we might consider, due to the benefits that would come with it. Before you start worrying, I’d like to provide some more details about what those benefits are. Also please be aware that Pearl Abyss and Daum Games are both very determined to offer the best gaming experience. So our ultimate goal is to secure a stable gameplay.

A Mega Server would mean that we would have 2 Mega Servers. One in NA and one in the EU. Each offering multiple channels, from which you can choose. You would be able to switch with your character between each channel, thus allowing you to play with your friends that are on the same Mega Server (EU or NA).

The ‘regular setup’ would be if there were 2 “World Servers” (EU and NA). Although instead of multiple channels, you would find multiple servers named Calpheon, Balenos, Serendia and so forth, from which, you would have to choose your starting point. The downside is, you won’t be able to switch servers (e.g. Calpehon to Balenos) at any time; unless a merge happens due to a deserting server.

Again, our final decision will be based on what we believe will be the best experience for players, both on technical terms and for pure enjoyment.

As of now, the vigor system has not changed much for CBT 1. We know that due to recent games utilizing a similar system, players are very cautious about such features, so we are planning to share a more detailed description, provided by Pearl Abyss, about the intention behind the vigor system, so that everyone may understand. Nonetheless, please don’t hesitate to share your feelings and opinions about the features available in Black Desert Online at any time.

For CBT 1, we will test a set of items to be tradeable. We will try to share the exact list before CBT 1.
However, the trading system is a very sensitive matter, so we will gather as much feedback as possible during CBT 1 and do our best to find a solution. Please bear in mind that despite the seemingly restrictive trading system, it is deeply interconnected with the game’s design and intentions. Therefore, we would like to ask everyone to take their time whilst evaluating this feature.

Another topic that many of you keep inquiring about, is the cash shop. However, this is still subject to change. Once we have proper information to share, we will do so.

Lastly, the developers have shared that they are and will keep working on adding the current “Scroll Bosses” (Boss monsters who you can summon with scrolls) step by step into open world bosses. This is a process that requires time, so we can’t specify which bosses will be added and during which phase. Additionally we would like to share the first screenshots of the new pet being created for our service and the first drafts of new face presets for some of our classes at launch. Enjoy!

New Pet First Look – German Shepherd

New Face Preset – Warrior

New Face Preset – Ranger

New Face Preset – Sorceress

New Face Preset – Berserker

New Face Preset – Witch

Thank you for taking the time to read through this. We hope you liked the insight provided about our current progress. We are still working on many things, so please bear with us. We will share more details about ongoing adjustments regarding the cash shop, pvp and other features, that you are eager to learn about.

Kindest Regards

Belsazar and the BDO-Team

Source :


Mardi 17 novembre 2015
Les précommandes sont disponibles !

Daum Games vient de mettre en ligne les offres de précommande pour Black Desert Online et met à disposition une série de vidéos de gameplay présentant les six classes de personnages qui seront à votre disposition lors de la sortie du MMO en début d’année prochaine.

À la sortie, il vous sera possible de choisir parmi les classes suivantes : Guerrier, Rôdeuse, Sorcière, Berseker, Valkyrie et Magicien / Magicienne. Vous pouvez admirer leurs styles de combat uniques et leurs compétences en visionnant leurs vidéos sur le site officiel.

Black Desert Online sera disponible en tant que service Buy to Play, sans abonnement.


Mardi 17 novembre 2015
Mise à jour de la liste des territoires desservies

Cher joueur,

Nous souhaitons vous informer que nos Conditions Générales d'Utilisation ont été mises à jour avec une liste détaillée des territoires desservies par notre service.

Daum Games Europe (l’éditeur) a obtenu la licence pour Black Desert Online de Pearl Abyss (le développeur) pour l’Amérique du Nord (US, Canada, Mexico) et l’Europe (Russie, Turquie Latvia, Lituania, Moldavia, Estonie et Ukraine exclues) et Océanie (Australie, Nouvelle-Zélande et iles autour ), ainsi que les territoires d'outre-mer appartenant aux nations citées précédemment.

Pour plus de détails au sujet des zones desservies, merci de consulter nos Conditions Générales d’Utilisation.


Lundi 16 novembre 2015
Sorceress has Awoken

The awakening weapon for sorceress in the KR version is almost ready.


You will get a Bad Ass scythe which from it looks in the video that DAUM released, it looks like you will get more AOE skills with extra range.

Looks like sorceress will get 5 new skills like the Weekly boss, the Witch.

She will finally be released at 19/11/2015

Enjoy the video.


Vendredi 6 novembre 2015
Ranger - The Awakening

Continuing with their class evolution updates, Pearl Abyss has recently released the awakened form of the Ranger Class.  According to the patch notes the awakened form will supplement the Rangers ranged attack style with further mobility and melee combat abilities with the use of daggers. Currently the awakened forms of the Warrior, the Sorceress, the Berserker and the Ranger have been released with the rest of them being planned to be gradually implemented.


Vendredi 6 novembre 2015
Création de personnage et professions révélées

Nous avons montré un nouveau trailer de contenu à la Paris Games Week qui montre certaines des meilleures fonctionnalités de Black Desert Online tel que l’outil de création de personnage incroyablement détaillé. La vidéo montre aussi des compétences disponibles comme le crafting, la capture de monture, la pêche, le minage, l’agriculture et la gestion des habitations.


Vendredi 6 novembre 2015
Les forums officiels sont ouverts !

Chers aventuriers,

Vous avez été nombreux à réclamer un endroit où discuter avec d’autres joueurs, interagir avec les fans du jeu ainsi qu’avec nous à Daum Games, un endroit où vous pouvez rencontrer de nouveaux joueurs et jouer ensemble. Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer que les forums officiels Black Desert Online viennent d’ouvrir !

Depuis ces forums, il vous est possible de lire les nouveautés et annonces du jeu, discuter du jeu avec les fans ainsi qu’avec nous et vous pouvez même exprimer votre voix à propos du jeu ou même de signaler des bugs. Enfin, les forums sont aussi un endroit où il est possible d’obtenir de l’aide en cas de souci technique.

Faites comme chez vous, c’est un honneur de vous avoir sur notre site web et sur nos forums.


Vendredi 6 novembre 2015
L'Alpha est terminée, merci pour votre participation !

Chers aventuriers,

Des milliers de joueurs ont été invités à rejoindre l’Alpha test exclusive pour la version NA/EU de Black Desert Online. Pendant une semaine, les joueurs ont eu la possibilité de tester le jeu pour la première fois en Europe et en Amérique du Nord. Cinq classes étaient disponibles et les joueurs pouvaient jouer jusqu’au niveau 30.

Les joueurs ont pu partager leurs impressions et suggestions ainsi que de signaler les bugs sur un forum temporaire dédié à l’Alpha. Les joueurs pouvaient également profiter du jeu et interagir avec les fans qui étaient connectés depuis la Paris Games Week.

Nous souhaitons remercier tous ceux ayant participé à l’Alpha et particulièrement les joueurs ayant pris le temps de partager leurs impressions sur les forums !


Vendredi 30 octobre 2015
Black Desert Online à la Paris Games Week

Chers aventuriers,

Vous étiez des milliers de joueurs à venir à notre rencontre au stand Black Desert Online à l’ESL Arena. Les joueurs pouvaient essayer Black Desert Online pour la première fois en Europe et même obtenir des cadeaux ! L’attente était longue, mais valait vraiment le coup car nous avions prévu une surprise.

Après avoir essayé le jeu, il était possible pour les joueurs d’enregistrer leur email afin de gagner un accès garantit pour la phase de Bêta test à venir ! Nous avons pris des photos et des vidéos de l’événement pour tous ceux n’ayant pas eu la chance d’être au salon.


Vendredi 16 octobre 2015
Warrior Great Sword Awakening Trailer

PearlAbyss and Daum Korea just launched the first awakening trailer introducing the Great Sword weapon for the Warrior Class. This update is scheduled to be released on October 22nd. I must admit, the Warrior looks a lot more scarier now than ever before. Awakened weapons for both the Sorcerer and Giant will be released at a later date.


Mercredi 14 octobre 2015
Press Release - Black Desert West will be B2P

Daum Games brings Black Desert Online to North America and Europe

Highly anticipated action MMORPG will launch in early 2016 as a premium service

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - October 14, 2015 - Daum Games Europe today announced that it is working with developer Pearl Abyss to bring its successful MMORPG Black Desert Online to North America and Europe. To celebrate, Daum Games launched a teaser site, which went live at 13:37 CET.

Black Desert Online (BDO) is an open world action MMORPG with next generation visuals and skilled based combat that will rejuvenate the genre. Black Desert Online has the best character customization system of any game that is currently on the market. This feature allows for unprecedented detailed character creation. Its intuitive controls, beautifully designed world and extensive lore will excite both newcomers and veterans of MMO games and action RPG’s in general.

The upcoming Western release will differ in many ways from the already launched Russian and Korean services, such as the game’s balancing, progression and monetization model.


“We are putting a lot of effort in the game’s Western localization,” said Daniel Loehr (AKA Belsazar), Project Manager at Daum Games, “We are localizingapproximate 2.5 million words into English, German and French. Black Desert Online’s content and gameplay sytems will be adjusted to accommodateWestern players and our differentiating business model.”

Black Desert Online will be released in early 2016 and will not be free to play or use a subscription model. Instead players will buy the game once and can purchase vanity and convenience items.

More information regarding Black Desert Online’s features, lore, mechanics and pricing will be revealed soon. In the meantime players are invited to check out Black Desert Online’s teaser site at


Mercredi 14 octobre 2015
Announcing the European and North American Alpha Test

One question that has always been in our minds ever since this site was created was the point of time by which the western community would finally get the opportunity to enjoy our most favorite game.

We are very happy that we can finally announce that the western alpha tests are going to take place soon and that we have ensured a number of alpha keys to be distributed among our fans to reward you for the loyalty and love that you’ve shown us.

You will be able to apply for an Alpha Key on our Website very soon. Thank you all for your support. Make sure to head over to our forums in case that you got any questions about the game or find people to play with.


Jeudi 1 octobre 2015
Russian Open Beta to start this month

Very soon, on October 5, the russian publisher gamenet will open the open beta server for Black Desert for players with high-tier founder packages. Then, after 3 days on October 8. the beta servers opens for players who bought the basic founder packages with early access. And a week later, on October 12., the Open Beta will be open for everyone. The russian version will not have a region block which means that everyone will be able to play.


Vendredi 25 septembre 2015
Awaken Weapons


Pearl Abyss recently announced the awakening weapon system that allows Players to get more powerful Weapons on a certain level. Here’s the Translated GM-Note from the official Korean Website.

Introducing the awaken weapon system

Meet Black Desert’s awakened weapon system that allows players to became even more powerful with new abilities now!

The awakened weapon system was announced on 10th of Sept!

With the news that it would be applied first on the warrior, we’ve received many hopes and expectations.

Even with the rough image, the charisma of the full armored warrior wielding the giant two handed sword was enough to make our heart pound.

And today, we would like to introduce the some of the other classes that will receive the awakened weapons.

Reaper’s scythe, Sorcerer’s Awakened Weapon

After the warrior, sorcerer’s awakened weapon has been introduced.

Sorcerer’s awakened weapon will be ‘Reaper’s scythe’, which matches the concept of the character wielding dark power, it`s looks and battle style.

Sorcerer will be able to attack by using the reaper’s scythe to drag enemies and slice them all. She will be able to unleash stronger attacks on a wider area!

With this, we expect sorcerer to become a strong class in PVE and to be able to kill a lot of monsters.

Moreover, by enchanting black magic onto the scythe, she will be able to use various attributes leading her to ambidextrousness in PVPs.

Just like the warrior, sorcerer’s reaper’s scythe will also be having exclusive skill, and skills that are linked with talisman equipment will be added as well.

Please expect for the new charming transformation of the sorcerer!

Improved Iron Fist Cannon, Giant’s Awaken Weapon

Improved iron fist cannon(temporary name) is planned to be added as giant’s awakened weapon.

More aggressive and dynamic actions will be available with this weapon that well-matches with giant’s powerfulness and mercilessness.

Improved iron fist cannon can crush the opponent with the fist ordinarily, and burst the enemy with the hand cannon as the final blow.

Up till now, giant had a style of damaging all the enemies in the area. However, with this improved iron fist cannon he will be able to show a new style of concentrating the firepower towards one single target.

Giant will also be having new skills that uses the combination of axe and improved iron fist cannon. And please expect for improvements of mobility by using the rebound of the hand cannon as well!

Awaken weapon system of Sorcerer and Giant following after the Warrior!

Greatsword, new Warrior Weapon

The 3rd Class so far that is getting a new Weapon is the Warrior. The Warrior will be able to wield a Greatsword with it’s own Skill sets.

Which character are you most interested in?

Evolution of Black desert will continue to progress so that whatever class you choose, they will entertain you with new attraction and pleasure!

Which class will be the next class to recive a new weapon? Share with us your opinion and expectation regarding the new awakened weapon system on our forum.




Mardi 22 septembre 2015
Black Desert Beast Master Exploring the Sahara Desert

After grinding in Bless Online, I was in the mood to revisit Black Desert and explore a bit. I've noticed that there aren't a lot of videos where players just run around aimlessly in the desert of the game, so I made 15minute long preview of it. You may end up hearing the sound of potions here and there because there will be moments where I will have to end up chugging potions and water just to prevent death from the heatstroke DOT.

It would be nice if they added some hidden stuff in the desert other than digging shovel stuff. I've also added a bonus gameplay of my Witch below! I had a free makeover coupon and decided to make her look like one of my favorite characters of Mabinogi Fantasy Life! I used to play that game a lot during my younger days /mari server Seal Breaker! 

Developer: PearlAbyss
Publisher: DAUM
Game Site


Jeudi 17 septembre 2015
[KR] Ninja is here

Today, 17 September, the long awaited counterpart for Kunoichi, the Ninja has been finally released and he is more agile than ever.

Three new events are also coming with him, where you can win new AMD video cards and other prizes.

Share with us your opinion about Ninja on our forums.



Dimanche 13 septembre 2015
[KR] Upcoming Updates

It has already been a month since the new continent Valencia got released.

Black desert has been continuing to evaluate through more than 20 updates in this short time.

And now preparations are being made to bring up Black Desert to even further level.

Please enjoy 2015’s powerful update notice and comment event for launch celebration of new character – Ninja, brought by GM Note!

Black desert 2015 2nd semester Update notice

September Update notice!

New character Ninja

    Ninja is an assassin type of character that sneaks in shadows and strikes enemy’s critical spot swiftly.
    Ninja can equip the same type of equipments as Kunoichi, but owns original skills that only Ninja can use.
    It is a character for experienced players that requires highly advanced controls just like Kunoichi.


Main skills of Ninja


Dagger: Murderous intent

    Increase the size of the dagger and release it towards enemies to deal massive damage. It is ninja’s exclusive skill that increases it’s hit range and damage as the dagger gets bigger.

Ninja step

    It is a skill to get near to enemies by stepping rapidly side to side. It is possible to move forward, but you do not receive any damage while you are moving from side to side.

Leader assassination

    Hides its’ own self from the enemy and strikes a powerful uppercut or downward smash.

Decapitating the dead

    It is a skill that smashes down the ground powerfully, fainting the nearby enemies and oppressing the foe.

Ninjutsu : Rotating blade

    It is a skill that deals massive damage by releasing powerful wave forward after slashing the nearby enemies by rotating blade.

Occupation season 3 opening

    Black desert’s world occupation season 3 starts with new system and new set of rules
    You can find the details from Black desert Occupation season 3 update announcement.

Even more powerful updates are coming!

Starting with September’s ninja and occupation season 3 update, black desert’s new enjoyments that no one has seen yet are planned to be launched one by one. Character awaken weapon system (temporary name), opening of new region in Valencia and other various contents will be coming soon. We hope for your interest and support!

Join in to the new blast of black desert.

Character awaken weapon system update

Awaken weapon system that strengthens your character even more will be added.

When this system get applied, player will have another slot for awaken weapon added beside from main weapon and sub weapon slot. And will be able to perform more various actions.

For warriors, two handed sword will be granted as awakened weapon and you will be able to perform skill combos like bashing with shield, thrusting with long sword then finishing with two handed sword using awaken weapon. Of course, awakened weapon’s exclusive skills are going to be added as well.

Awaken weapon will help you to perform your precious characters more variously.

    In order to use awaken weapon system, the character needs to grow up to certain level.
    Even after using the awaken weapon system, you still can use both characters before the awakening and after the awakening.
    Characters for awaken weapon system will be updated one by one, starting from the warrior.
    Warrior is expected to play various styles using two handed sword through awaken weapon system.
    Considerations for awaken weapon character wielding fist and spear is on progress.


Valencia Part II Open

    Certain regions and east sea side of Valencia is planned to be extended.
    Enormous dungeon area will be added at the underground of Valencia’s territory.
    Small scale party raid monster will be added around desert area of Valencia.
    New vehicle – Tank will be added. A tank is formed by combination of cannon and carriage, and up to 2 people can ride on it.
    Villa system is planned to be added.


Valencia Part III Open

    North sea part of the continent is planned to be extended enormously.
    Battleships are going to be added and are planned to support in sea battles like pirate battles.
    New unknown continent and marine trade system gets added.


New territory Kamasilvia opens

    Kamasilvia, the main stage for story of elves opens.
    It is located south from Kalpeon, and monsters with higher level are going to appear.
    New territory Kamasilvia is expected to be huge as Kalpeon.

Other Updates

    Update and renewal of each livelihood contents: Fishing & harpoon, cooking & alchemy & alchemy stone, trading and etc.
    Interface update: World map, quick slot, trading post, interface for joy pad and etc.
    Contents update: Party rooting system, black spirit party, horse racing, tax carrying carriage, pets and etc.

Updates above can differ in actual patch due to the change of contents

Ninja, the new gust of wind blowing towards black desert! Keep your hopes!



Jeudi 10 septembre 2015
Siege War Season 3 Changes

Siege War Season 3

Siege War season 3 starts from 12th (sat) of Sept with new applied rules.

    Siege War battle starts every saturday from 8:00am till 12:00pm. (4 hours)
    Base battle starts every Wednesday/ Sunday night from 8:00pm till 10:00pm. (2hours)

Siege War Season 3 Changes

    Siege War participants are not qualified as participants as soon as their command post or fortress gets destroyed.
    During the Siege War battle Guild war and PVP button will be temporarily unavailable. (Only for the channels where Siege War/ base battle is happening)

      In case where guild war was declared before the Siege War or if one of the guild member (either ally or foe) is participating Siege War/ base battle, the Guild war gets halted.
      In the channels where Siege War battle is progressing, PVP button for all players will be temporarily unavailable.

    Fortress and command post for Siege War can be only built on one spot within the territory

      If you succeed on seizing another territory, you are able to build another post in that region before the next Siege War.

    In base battle you can install a fortress only at your first base, and can install another one on nearby base during next base battle if you occupied another region.

      You can obtain up to 5 bases.
      You need to capture up to 2 bases in 2nd base battle in order to build the 3rd fortress during the next base battle.

    ‘Repair’ ability that allows you to repair the fortress using the materials in your inventory gets added

      We cheer for guild’s non-battle and low level players’ active participation!

    Siege War and base battle participants can fight in any place except the safe zones.
    If the fortress/ command post for participating Siege War is being built or finished building, you can not build another fortress for participating Siege War.
    From existing bases, the ones that have 2x output benefit will have level 1 tax applied.
    Incentive will be given to the guild that occupied in the base battle.

      *Info above can be different from the actual update

Siege War Season 3 details

Starting date: 12th (sat) of Sept 2015. 8:00 pm

    The Last Siege War battle of Siege War season 2 is at 5th (sat) of Sept.

Base battle Start

Starting date: 13th (sun) of Sept 2015. 8:00 pm

    The Last base battle of Siege War season 2 is at 6th (sun) of Sept.
    Base battle does not happen during 9th (weds) of Sept.


Resetting date: 10th (thurs) of Sept 2015 after the service maintenance

    Guilds that occupied in the battle receive the taxes before the reset happens.


In case of completing the related construction

    Siege War related: Guild store purchase price + 1.5x of each materials’ upper limit price + 2 million silver coins
    Base battle related: Guild store purchase price + 1.5x of each materials’ upper limit price + 1 million silver coins

In case of using only part of the building materials (Incomplete)

    Guild store purchase price + 1.5x of each materials’ upper limit price

In case of not using the building materials (Incomplete)

    Guild store purchase price
Command post
5,000,000 Silver coin
Square fortress
3,000,000 Silver coin
Hard Square fortress
3,000,000 Silver coin
Sturdy Octagon fortress
3,000,000 Silver coin
Base fortress
200,000 Silver coin

*Standard of upper limit price: May be different from the upper limit price of Item exchange based on 3rd of Sept

Rewarding date: 10th (thurs) of Sept 2015 after the service maintenance

Rewarding method: Through the guild funds


Lundi 24 août 2015
Russian Founder Packages now available

The russian Founder Packages are now available with access to the upcoming Closed Beta in september, premium account status, access to Pay2Play Server and much more. Gamenet offers tons of payment options and most non-russians should be able to buy them via paypal or creditcard. It’s also very likely that the english patch which is currently being used for the Korean and Japanese version of Black Desert will also be available for the russian version which is much more attractive for European Players. In case that you are looking for a Betakey or people to play with make sure to visit our forums.

Package Package 1 for 500 Ruble ($7/6€) Package 2 for 1000 Ruble ($14/12€) Package 3 for 2500 Ruble ($35/30€)
Closed Beta Access
Early Access
4 Days
7 Days
7 Days
Premium Account
7 Days
30 Days
30 Days
Gamenet Premium Account (30 days)
Pioneer Title
Special Achievement
Character Slots
Unique Weapon Skin
Tool Bundle
Dye Bundle
Level 2 Racing Horse + whistle(30 Days)
Access to premium server (P2P)
Early Access to premium server (P2P)
7 Days
Character Slots (P2P)
Dye Bundle (P2P)
Unique Weapon Skin (P2P)

Buy Russian Founder Package here


Vendredi 21 août 2015
Russian Closed Beta to start next month

The final stage of the Russian Closed Beta will start on September 15th and ends on September 21st. The testers will be able to play 5 classes: Warrior, Giant, Sorceress, Ranger and Beast Master. The participants of this Closed Beta stage can expect the following changes:

    PvP accesible from Level 30
    The number of guilds to which you can declare War increased to 6
    The price for declaring War to another Guild and the timer of the War has been balanced
    New Open World Bosses
    A limited trading system between players
    An improved user interface
    A smoother leveling curve
    A modified channel system
    A changed karma system.

Players won’t gain negative karma anymore for hitting another players, but they will still get -100.000 karma for killing one (the maximum number of negative karma being 300.000). The amount of karma will now directly affect the extent of experience, items and grade of the equipment loss upon dying.

Gamenet, the Russian Publisher will also start selling Founder Packages that grants you access to all testing phases of the game and early access to the final version of the game even on the P2P server very soon. Member and Leader of big communities or Guilds can ask for Beta access by contacting the Russian Community Manager via their Forums.


Mercredi 5 août 2015
Interview with Western Community Manager Oli

We are more than happy to finally give you the first available information about the European and North American Version of Black Desert Online. We just had an interesting Interview with the Western Community Manager of Black Desert, Oli. We hope that you enjoy the Interview!

What are your plans in the following month?

As you published on the website last week, we recently opened our EU office so we are still in a phase of installing everything so we are not at a point where we can go into too many details. However, I’m glad to tell you that we just received the future EU server! Right now, our absolute priority is to work on the game localization and the upcoming official teaser website for BDO.

Can we expect an Alphatest and a Beta this year?

You will be able to play the English version of Black Desert Online for the first time from this year. Note that prior to the Alpha, there will be an early test version of the game but I need to ask players to be a bit more patient about the specifics of when the Alpha or Beta will start this year.

Will the EU and NA Version be released at the same time?

There might be a slight delay, but our aim is to have very close release days from one version to the other. We are aware that a lot of people have been waiting for a long time to play the game and it would be rather unfair to have only US or EU players to play the game first for an extended amount of time. Our goal is to have both EU & NA players to be able to start playing Black Desert Online almost at the same time.

Will the EU and NA Version be different?

The difference will be only about the language. We are now working on the English version of Black Desert Online, but we’d like to see other languages for the European players. Everything related to game mechanics will be identical.

When will you open the North American Office?

We are still studying our options regarding this topic, it’s still too early for us as we just opened the EU office.

We know that the English Version is currently being developed and translated in Korea. Could you tell us how far the development and translating process is?

Despite the fact we just opened our European office, the work on the English version began prior to that milestone. We now reached the point where we have a rough internal playable build. Texts are missing and it will still take us some time to polish everything considering the huge amount of text that is available in-game. By the time we will start the early test version, we hope to have the completed English version of the game and we’ll be looking forward to the community contributing to any potential mistakes left. The localization of the game is a critical point for us. We want to avoid at all cost the bad impression left by other Korean game companies that bring their games to the west with quality standards that don’t match the expectations of US/EU players.

Can we expect major changes compared to the Korean Version?

All I can say for now is that we are giving a particular attention to the feedback from the US/EU players who played the Korean version so we constantly keep their expectations in mind regarding every BDO US/EU topics. Furthermore, we are building here a solid team with people having many years of experience. As we progress towards the Alpha, we’ll be able to go into more specifics. It goes without saying that the early test version and alpha feedback from the community will be invaluable to us.

Do you know anything about DirectX12 and the process of the promised Virtual Reality support?

We are aware that a lot of players out there are looking at the potential optimization provided by DirectX12 and the new possibilities offered by the upcoming Virtual Reality. What I can say for now is that we are looking very seriously at both for BDO but we’ll speak further regarding these topics once we have something concrete to show.

If you have any more Questions about the game we are always happy to answer them. Just head over to our Forums and post your Questions!

Talk about this Interview here.


Mercredi 29 juillet 2015
Daum opens European Office

Daum, the western Publisher of Black Desert Online just opened it’s new Office in Amsterdam and is pretty much at the peak of getting the game service ready for Black Desert. The testing schedule should be released soon. We will provide more information in the following days.


Mardi 28 juillet 2015
Valencia Update First Impressions

Black Desert received a big update introducing the new Valencia region last week! I've spent a lot of my time rushing and exploring the new content in search for new world bosses or group content. Being a veteran BDO player over the past few years, this update was the breaking point that would either make me quit or continue playing the game. See how it holds up below!

The Desert is Finally Here!

The desert region has finally arrived and it's a lot of fun getting lost in it because the world map and minimap is unavailable for viewing which makes navigating a bit of a challenge. During the day, your character can suffer from a heat stroke and lose HP over time. During the night, your character will experience the extreme climate change and will freeze to death! Players can avoid the deserts wrath by gathering resources from nearby locations and mixing the materials into either a filtered water for daytime heatstroke or a special tea for the chilly nighttime weather.

Valencia and Recent Updates Good or Bad?

The new areas look marvelous as always! I went around and explored most of the new areas during the first day. PearlAbyss never ceases to amaze me when it comes down to world design, textures, and small details. I'm a bit picky when it comes to stuff, so I was a bit upset because I didn't find many hidden dungeons around or underground caverns of some sort. Black Desert is still my #1 choice in terms of open seamless MMORPG world. However, the game is still lacking in group or party content which has made me lose interest over time. Even with the most recent update, though rumors say they're planning on adding new stuff weekly starting with the Kunoichi female ninja this week. BDO is a beautiful world that lacks player interaction. The only time I get to play with others is during the weekly GvG Sieges. Open World PvP/GvG is totally dead mainly because there is a ton of channels for players to hide in, which is one of the reasons why I haven't been uploading much PvP/GvG content. 

Cash Shop Going in the Wrong Direction?

Another problem that I'm seeing through the recent updates is that the new cash shop is becoming more and more of a cash grab with new premium services. I was planning on spending some more money on the cash shop in this update and actually pre-charged 75$ worth of cash, but somehow managed to hold myself back. Perhaps I will spend it when the new Ninja class comes out this week, though I will be most likely testing other games. Freemium services include the VIP membership, 2x EXP Boost Books, old PC Bang bonuses, etc. The game also offers decent package every now and then like the one below. I would have probably bought this package if there was actually stuff to do in the game other than farm and grind.


Conclusion - Quit or Continue?

The patch was a bit mediocre no world bosses added, new job delayed, no group or party content, etc. It's a good thing that I'm no longer addicted to the game because now I can actually go on ahead and test other games. Even with all the new content added, it wasn't enough to keep me hooked like before and play the game 24/7. The new job comes out on the 30th, but a lot of other games are being updated or going into testing that same date such as Closers New Character, MapleStory2 Big Update, Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded Pre-OBT, Tree of Savior KR followed by NA, Dragon's Dogma Online, etc. So what's the BDO verdict? I'm going to stick around a little bit longer... since I do have some money charged that's ready to spent and their planning on new updates every week. Meanwhile, I need to figure out which games to test first...

Developer: PearlAbyss
Publisher: DAUM
Game Site


Dimanche 26 juillet 2015
Valencia Expansion Release!

On the 23rd of July Daum released the Valencia expansion that adds the Kingdom Of Valencia and the huge Desert region to the world of Black Desert Online.

The Desert is a big part of the Valencia area and players who enter the desert region will not be able to see themselves on the world map anymore meaning players must rely on their sense of direction in order to travel the desert. In addition upon entering the desert players receive a debuff which decreases a players health every 5 second until they die.

Tents have also been added to the game which can be obtained from merchants for 10,000 silver. The tents act as cover from sandstorms that occur randomly in the desert that deals great damage to players. There are powerful monsters that are above lvl 56 and become even stronger at night. Players are also able to search for treasure using a shovel in the desert and Elephants and Camels have been added as 2 new mounts to the game.


Camels have a lot of stamina and are the most efficient mount for travelling the desert as horses have limited movement and are skill restricted in the region. Elephants have also been added and they can carry multiple people. Elephants make good combat mounts as they have a lot of health and combat skills however they are guild mounts and require a guildhouse to raise.

To celebrate the expansion there will be an event from the 23rd of June to the 27th. New players will receive a costume set for 7 days a +8 Aswell Weapon and over 7,000,000 silver in total. Returning players will receive the costume set an all skill reset item a few black stones and 7 50% combat experience scrolls. Current players also receive an all skill reset, a horse skill change ticket, a horse appearance ticket a dye box among other luxury cash shop items.

Three bosses have been confirmed to make an appearance in the desert along with the forest tree giant and the desert giant becoming killable soon. Players will soon be able to create galleon boats and the Female Ninja is expected for release on the 30th July.


Samedi 18 juillet 2015
Valencia hits korean servers this month


After the recent server merge another big update will find it’s way into the world of Black Desert. The desert area Valencia will finally be released along with it’s main capital. The Update is scheduled for July 27th. This Update will likely also include a new Ninja class with the name Kunoichi which has been teased in the second Valencia Preview Video.


PS: News about the NA/EU Version are not far away !


Vendredi 10 juillet 2015
Crimson Battlefield awaits for you

Bloody wind blowing across the entire continent of Black Desert, the Crimson Battlefield awaits for adventurers!

Greetings to you adventurers of Black Desert!

Let us introduce Crimson Battlefield, the new PVP content where there is no restrain due to tendency or guild and such.

Crimson Battlefield is a merciless battle system which you can participate with help of Black Spirit from anywhere and anytime if you are over level 50.

However, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Once you join into Crimson Battlefield, allies and foes will be divided by the Black Spirit and countless comrades will be already fighting on the battlefield!

Moreover, you do not have any death penalty in Crimson Battlefield. Got some confidence now?

You can enter Crimson Battlefield from anywhere, anytime through Black Spirit.

“Dear adventurers who have grown strong through countless battles and adventure!
Challenge the battlefield where you can prove and show others your strength and skills.
There are also special prizes that you can only earn from Crimson Battlefield depending on your credit from the battlefield.”
“Crimson Battlefield awaits you now!”

Participating Crimson Battlefield

First you need to call your Black Spirit.

You need to be over level 50 to participate, and you can check whether you are able to participate or not from the icon at the top from match menu.

As you press the ‘Join’ button, your faction will be decided by the black spirit.

Red Desert force VS Black Desert force

Position of Crimson Battlefield is placed with Red Desert force against Black Desert force.

If your character is joined in a party, request for participation can only be done by the party leader.

Also, all the party members will be placed in same faction.

It always feels reassured with your reliable party members!

You will have to know the system of this battlefield

Participating as a party

If you joined the Crimson Battlefield as a party, you can not increase party members anymore once the faction has been decided. Also, you can only get out from Crimson Battlefield by dropping out from the party, and the character needs to be in safe zone in order to leave Crimson Battlefield.

You do not receive any penalty from getting killed by opponent faction.

However, be aware that you still get death penalty if your tendency rate is low.

Indication of enemy base position

If you defeat enemy players continuously, a message praising your achievement will be displayed. Normally the position of enemy players are displayed on world map, and if a character achieves 5 continuous / 10 continuous kills, that player will be displayed on world map as a leading character.

You need to defend if you are an ally, or eliminate opponent’s ace to reduce their power if you are in opposite faction. Also, Crimson Battlefield resets every 30min, and everyone will be forced out from the field.

Players from opponent faction are displayed on world map. Character with 5 / 10 continuous kill will be displayed separately.

Benefit from the victory ? Tell me what you desire…

Reward of Crimson Battlefield

If you defeat an enemy player in Crimson Battlefield, you can get red seal with certain chance. Red seal can’t be earned from same opponent for certain amount of time, so it is better to look for another opponent.

If you got certain amount of red seals, it is possible to trade them for reward.
If you gained 150 red seals, you can exchange it to red essence from Ornela, the weapon merchant NPC in Haidel.

If you heat this red essence together with mana crystal – force, or ancient mana crystal – adamantine, you will get Awaken Crimson Battlefield crystal. The ability of awaken crystals are following;

-Crimson Battlefield crystal – force (attack power+5 & additional damage to human type +2)
-Crimson Battlefield crystal – adamantine (knockdown/ bound resistance 25% & Faint/ Stiffen/ Freeze resistance +5%)

Gather the essence then heat it with other ingredients and you will get one of the type of Crimson Battlefield crystal.

How to enjoy Crimson Battlefield!

My original Crimson Battlefield! Look for well matching comrades!

You will feel new excitement of battle from trained teamwork and combination of various classes!

Battle maniac player who enjoys battles in anytime anywhere!

If you are over level 50, join the battlefield from any place and perform your battle skills!

Unique rewards!

Obtain red essence from red seals through Crimson Battlefield! Awaken crystals suitable for offense and defence awaits you.

The newly updated Crimson Battlefield system will be placed as fun and exciting battle content!

We wish for many supports and expectations from you adventurers.

Thank you.


Jeudi 9 juillet 2015
KR July Patch Info

A new Update is up and it brings some new features and changes to the korean version of Black Desert such as new facial expressions, a PvP Faction System where you either chose the Red or Blue Faction (you will be at war with the Red Faction if you chose the Red Faction and vice versa), new cash shop items and some class balance changes. You can find the full list here:

    They added facial expresions in CashShop for characters.
    Sorc’s SP requirement for teleporting has been reduced from 350 to 250.
    Some skill transitions for Blader and F.Blader have been improved.
    The combat to non-combat transition for Wizzard has been improved.
    Red Battleground system has been added via Black Spirit ( Red vs Blue Factions).
    ZAKA’s respawn time has been adujsted, same for his spawning animation. He will spawn at the same time on all channels.
    Several UI changes, such as awakening & re-awakening buttons being combained into just one button that has both functions.
    Premium PC Room experience buff increased from 10% to 20%.
    Experience buff from the VIP package/Value package increased from 20% to 30%.
    Time required for PC room rewards has been changed.
    They added 3 new pets ( a cute cat, a dog and a Eagle) + the missing panties for some of the female characters.

Mercredi 1 juillet 2015
All Open Beta Outfits Previewed

Both DAUM and PearlAbyss is constantly adding new cash items in Black Desert Online. I've done my best to record each new update in a timely manner, so below you will find a series of videos showing off how Black Desert Online's Aesthetics changed during the course of seven months of Open Beta, I didn't include the other half a year of CBT since no outfits available during that time. You're most likely not going to sit down and watch them all of the media by the minute, unless you've got nothing else better to do.

The default outfits in the game looks ugly with the exception of boss related equipment, so players are forced to use cash outfits to look fabulous. Don't want to spend real money? No problem, you can buy the outfits from other players through the Auction House system. I've done my fair share of purchasing outfits from the shop and using game money.

The videos below may help future players of the upcoming Russian version and perhaps the Japanese version that is currently in Open Beta. You'll notice that some outfits look cooler and more detailed than others, so don't go around YOLO'ing your wallet or purse right away. Once you've worn a cash outfit, it will be bound to your character and you're no longer able to sell it. However, you can disenchant your cash outfit for enchanting bonus tokens. The tokens are very useful when you're trying to upgrade equipment! I believe no one has reached the max enchanting level in the game, which is +20, due to the 100% chance to down enchant items on fail when upgrading items over +16.

I didn't really mind all the aesthetics change because some of the outfits are funny, like my all time favorite FISH SUIT! Enemy players realised the danger they were in when they encountered a Green and Black Fisharu! There are many more cash outfits that are a bit out of the style of the world that was added after that, like maid outfits, victoria secret stuff, and more.

Outfits provided a decent amount of stats, but not game breaking. Players including I, thought that some of them were advantageous at first, but after playing the game for almost a year, it's not a big deal. The EXP bonus doesn't matter much either given how grindy the game with new soft and hard caps thrown left and right. It takes a day to grind from 55-56, but once a new patch releases, that grind time is cut by half or even more.

Not going to lie, most of the outfits have a lot of fan service towers female avatars. There aren't much sexy or cool looking armors for males! They don't even bother releasing new underwears for males as much as females. Like always, I do a bit of fanservice for both male and female in these videos, but sorry to say, not much updates for male inner armors when it comes to style.

PearlAbyss does a great job when it comes down to armor details, you will notice a lot of high-quality textures and skins for the cash shop outfits. A follower of mine asked me if there are outfits exclusive to certain classes. They had some outfits that was exclusive to certain classes, but that changed after DAUM realized they can earn more money by recycling the outfit to other classes, now most classes can wear the same as the other.

I'm just trying to fill in between these lines and I'm almost running out of words to say. Oh! The dye system in the game is interesting, but expensive real money wise. You can also buy pure dyes from other players in the cash shop. I liked Vindictus RNG system more compared to BDO. However, you can recycle your crappy dies by combining 2 dye ampules into 1 for free, which will then turn in a 1 random dye amp gogo RNG!

Going back to the topic of outfits and fashion, there is one outfit that proves to be very useful in large scale PvP or GvG battles. That would be the army Ghillie suit! Why? With this OP suit, you're able to blend in with the environment and players won't see glow red when crouched or in a prone position. Not only that, you won't be able to see the players "Name and Guild" while standing up or in combat. In other words, the perfect suit for staying hidden in large scale battles! I should probably get one of these, a lot of people seem to rush towards my Wizard lately.

You know what I hate about BDO cash outfits? You can't share it with your other characters. For example, I have a fish suit on my Beast Master and my Wizard can't use the same suit, even though it's exactly the same. The game goes with other outfits, it's like they want you to $_$ money time.

Oh great, last paragraph time! Nothing special to share, I thought it would be neat to do this. I'm still on Black Desert Online Leave, so not many gameplay videos lately. I did upload my recent GvG Siege the other day, so make sure you check that out and follow me on my Social Media Steparu Page. If you can't, then just keep subbed to my SteparuTV Youtube, BYE! Oh, and before I forget, Black Desert now has cute dogs and stuff for pets.

Random Extra Stuff

Publisher: DAUM
Developer: PearlAbyss
Game Site

Samedi 6 juin 2015
Black Desert goes Abra Kadabra - Magical News & Updates

The long anticipated Class of the Wizzard has been finally added to Black Desert; With the difference that apart from the expected old wise man, we were also being given a treat by Pearl Abyss, since they made sure to also incorporate a female baby-face sexy Witch! It’s actually the very same class just with different looks.

The wizzard & the witch present a huge potential for Black Desert upon which (no pun intended :) ) it can build on and expand further. This class comes equipped with heals, buffs and resurrection spells, differing from the rest of the classes that were damage dealing only. But for this potential to be unlocked the skill cooldowns need to be shortened & Pearl Abyss has to examine the ongoing issue (editors note: as we hear at perceive it) of not properly working potions. This recently added class is looking good when it comes to group PvP, it features long range attacks that deal very high damage, in addition it is very agile;

The class has long casting speeds and cool-downs, along with complex combos and low defense, making them a class hard to master. The primary weapon used is a staff/cane supplemented by a dagger (same as ranger) as its secondary weapon. The class has a range of elemental skills such as snowstorm, earthquake, meteor and thunderstrike. The basic attack uses fire but there’s also have lightning and frost attacks. Finally, the class has healing and buff abilities which can be used on specific or group targets.

The class come with some of the most popular costumes while the other classes received only one kind of new costume themselves  The costumes for the other classes seem to be inspired by the game BloodBorne, but nevertheless, they look awesome.

To celebrate the release of the new class Pearl Abyss  announced a new event that will last from 24/5 until 21/6 and which will increase the exp rate by 200% during weekends.
They also introduced a new system that allows you to transform any part of a cashshop costume into 5 items that increases your upgrading chance by +1 each. It can be argued that it  turns the enchanting/upgrading system into some form of  pay to win, an opinion shared by many koreans and some pouplar youtubers such as steparu .

Black Desert Online is finally phasing out of Open Beta in July 2015! As previously planned during the first launch of the game, PearlAbyss and DAUM will be unifying all the servers into ONE mega-server and perhaps a multiple channel system, like they mentioned on April 1st.

They plan to unify the servers before the grand release of the game, so they are aiming for Tuesday, July 14th.
They didn’t release any information about what they plan on doing with the characters, but they mentioned that the characters with the greatest progress from all servers that belong to a single family will be kept, while the other ones will be deleted. Most of the data will be kept too, but some, such as node investment, stronghold info will be reseted. All cashshop items will be refunded into your Daum cash shop balance but what will happen to the ones bought from auction house remains unknown.

The official release will also bring the biggest territory update, introducing Valencia, the desert territory/ the actual Black Desert and the top half of the ocean north of the Baelenos territory. The new content will most likely include  level 56-60 monsters, and it might introduce the 2 rumored mounts, Camels and Elephants. The camels will be needed to travel in the desert region, since the horses won’t be able to stand the heat and die, while the elephant will be a siege mount, that can be ridden by 3 players, 1 controlling it and 2 attacking from the sides. The new region should also come with new systems, promised by PA, such as heat resistance (the characters won’t be able to wear heavy armors in the desert and eventually become exhausted). This update will either make or brake the game: it could bring big changes to the pvp aspect of the game, which is very unrewarding for the players at the moment, one could say even restrictive due to the karma system being very harsh on players and a flawed flagging system; it could also bring big changes to the PvE aspect of the world too, with new dungeons, maybe new open world bosses, moving-sand traps, sand storms and so on.

The date for all of this is a subject to possible changes. They are also saying that after they will release Valencia, they will be able to start to fully balance the game.

Most popular costumes

New costume



Lundi 1 juin 2015
Russian Closed Beta Report - Does GameNet Deliver?

The 28th of May marked the beginning of the first phase of closed beta-testing for the Russian version of Black Desert. had the opportunity to participate in the CBT along with the other testers.

GameNet, the publisher of Black Desert in Russia, has promised fans that its version of the game will be different from Korea’s and will be adjusted to suit the desires and interests of the Russian community.

Some of the promised changes to game balance and mechanics include:

    Longer time required to level characters
    PvP available starting at level 20
    Tougher monsters
    Death in PvP involving penalties, such as losing experience.

The CBT had limited the level cap to 30 and allowed players to choose from 4 different classes - Warrior, Barbarian, Sorceress or Ranger. Upon choosing character slot and class, players were presented with Black Desert’s remarkable character creator.

Character Creation

The character creator opens room for imagination and lends the tools to make that imagination take form. Along with standard functions like choosing hairstyle and color (split into 3 categories: roots, length, ends) and make-up, Black Desert also gives a wide choice of sliders and toggles to make the face and body of a character unique and fitting one’s vision.

One of the things I noticed in the many screenshots other testers have posted is the amount of characters who were given mismatched eyes and unusual irises by their owners. A pretty neat touch if you ask me.

First Moments in the Game

My journey into the world of the Russian version Black Desert began rather ingloriously - the future great Sorceress crawling out of the mud no less. Just as I thought it couldn’t get worse than that, a bulb of black energy with two red glowing eyes and annoyingly cute voice started ushering me to speak with villagers. After that I was instructed to attempt to destroy a local scarecrow in an amazing show of Sorceress’ abilities and then to kill some bugs. Well, all heroes have to start somewhere, right? Why shouldn’t it be bugs, really?

However, it didn’t get much better than that. Bugs were followed by ferrets. Ferrets were succeeded by foxes. After foxes the bloodthirsty spirit ordered me around to kill wolves and after wolves we switched to imps and then more imps, only the metal ones on the other side of the hill, together with their towers and totems.

After that came the time to leave the first city, forever linked in my mind with the initial confusion and utter demolition of local fauna for no apparent reason than “I want you to”.

But it gets better, right?

Well, not quite. In a nutshell, through the whole part of the game I experienced, quests could have been split into four groups:

    a) Speak with an NPC;
    b) Gain knowledge about a monster (through killing a dozen of monsters of the same kind);
    c) Kill certain amount of monsters (doesn’t require getting knowledge about them, though, it usually happens anyway during the process of mass slaughter);
    d) Open a location.

There seemed to be very few unique quests that significantly differed from this scheme.

Longer Character Leveling

One of the changes the Russian publisher promised to bring to the game is to lower the rate of gaining experience in order to make the game more hardcore, and it is obvious why: Black Desert has a breathtakingly beautiful, vast open world which deserves players wandering around marveling at its sights. Russian players requested this slowdown as they felt that the speed of leveling in the Korean version takes players to the soft level cap too quickly. In this,  GameNet seems to have delivered on the promise.

But it’s impossible to please all and quite a lot of people think that GameNet may have overdone it a little.

The amount of experience a character is receiving from killing the mosters and completing the quests has been reduced, that’s true. However, the levels of quests and, thus, monsters have not.

Along with many other players, I was assigned to 26th-28th level quests while being barely above 20 myself. Upon trying to complete the quests, I found that my character kept missing her opponents, while they sadly did not. This forces players to return to previous locations to grind out monsters for leveling, and by doing so, they get in the way of others who are still questing there.

On a brighter note, Black Desert is a very diversified game, and it allows players to receive experience through gathering resources, crafting, trade transportations etc. Every player can pick something they like though this has its own minus in the CBT as well. Namely, players do not receive Skill Points while getting experience via those means.

The changes to the rates have also affected the gain of said Skill Points, which is not bound to the level-ups, and drops from the monsters, and while a big chunk of community feels the changes to the experience are justified, absolute majority thinks the changes to the gain of SP need to be re-done. As it is, you have all the chances to get a level or a couple before you get a skill point which seems unacceptable in a game such as Black Desert.

PvP at 20

Another thing that where the Russian version differs from the Korean is the fact that PvP becomes available with level 20. It looks great on paper: Why not let people spill their first blood early and get a taste of what the PvP system has to offer?

The realities, however…

My own first experience with PvP came at level 22 when I was attacked by a warrior.

“Oh no, you don’t!” I thought and retaliated in kind.

The next five minutes were accompanied with enthusiastic mashing of buttons, though neither of us moved below half of our health. Inexplicably, healing potions have only 4 seconds cooldown and neither of us dealt all that much damage anyway. The battle would have only ended when one have ran out of potions. Neither the warrior nor I decided to wait for it and admitted in chat that we were sick of fighting 15 minutes after our initial clash. We went into different directions, irritably counting how many potions were burned for this “brief” encounter and how much time and currency it would take to refill the lost potion supply.

For sure this is not what publishers had in mind when they promised PvP at level 20. The experience was frustrating enough without the possible high-level gank which would lead to losing experience and/or encrusted gems and returning to the grind of “tougher” mobs, speaking of which…

“Tougher” Monsters

The promise of “hardcore” had me fully expecting my character to get wrecked upon pulling the very first group of mobs… Alright, maybe not the bugs, but for sure wolves or imps. Hardcore, I thought, would have me actively seeking a party to make the questing easier and faster. I was also careful to pull mobs one by one or just a couple at time, using everything I can to my advantage and being ready to bolt if they dragged in unexpected company.

However, as I progressed through the game, pulling 5-6 mobs at time easily and never dropping below half health thanks to that nearly endless supply of potions mentioned earlier, I started to wonder what “hardcore” meant. Apparently, I determined, it was adding more health to the monsters and lowering the loot drop rates, while leaving their attack the same, which in the end just meant longer grind.

But if experience gains were slow and awkward, combat was something utterly different.I absolutely love the battle system in Black Desert. It is a pleasure to unite lightning-fast normal attacks into breathtaking combos and all that in a wild dance of offense and defense. However, with the long -  thanks to increased health of mobs -  and repetitive - thanks to lower rates -  grind, it got quite boring at about level 18. I found myself using the normal system of combo-evade-combo, without really paying attention anymore.

Long =/= Hard

The CBT is barely over, but the battles already start to take place on the forums of GameNet and Black Desert. There are people pouring out their frustration over the low drop and experience rates; players who’d enjoy lowering them even more; and those who like it the way it is. The first group so far has been most noticeable and vocal.

The now finished CBT for sure has shown us something interesting to ponder, but still, where shall it take the game? Hopefully we’ll see in the next phase of the Russian CBT or in the OBT when the time comes.

How do you feel about the changes GameNet has added to the game? Do you think it will affect the American/EU version when the game is published in these regions? Let us know what you think in comments below.

(Author’s Note: Please keep in mind that these impressions are from the first round of closed beta testing and that this is only a first phase. Things will doubtless change from the current version to the release version.)


Vendredi 29 mai 2015
Wizard and Witch Update Trailer


PearlAbyss and DAUM just released a new trailer for the Wizard and Witch character, both classes will somewhat have similar skills for now, but may change in the future. Watching the trailer myself, some of the spells look extremely deadly, like that lightning storm or meteor attack at the end! Large scale GvG battles is going to become crazier with all the long range attacks and the new freezing enemies status effect.

A guild member of mine wrote a detailed preview of the class and how it works. You can find more information about the job in detail on his website WorldWideGameWatchers.

"That is not to say that the Wizard doesn’t have any survival skills. He has a teleportation skill with a short cast time, Mana shield which drains a portion of damage taken with mana, and an evasion technique that is reminiscent of the Magic-user in the arcade Dungeon & Dragons.  The last technique mentioned will be an important factor on how skilled the player is since it can be used to cancel the delay from skills and has invulnerability frames."

Developer: PearlAbyss
Publisher: DAUM
Game Site


Vendredi 15 mai 2015
New World Boss Battle


PearlAbyss and DAUM finally implemented a new world boss today for Black Desert Online. The boss is located inside Serendia Temple an Open World Dungeon. With Black Desert being a GvG heavy game, the community has long been asking the developers for more things to compete for in the beautiful open seamless MMORPG world.

I'm just going to warn you outright, that the world boss battle was extremely graphically laggy and there was nothing I can do about it. I'm currently playing on the most populated BDO servers and the world boss spawned during a busy time in South Korea. There were so many players on the world boss that I ended up losing bits of audio. I ended up dying to the boss at one point by some crazy one shot move that I didn't see nor had time to dodge. I'm fairly certain it wasn't an enemy guild player because of the new PvE Boss death penalty, where I lost an expensive gem. My other friend had it much worst losing a Black Spirit gem which is extremely rare, the only way to get it back is to level up another character to 50 and do a special quest. If I had to scale the boss mechanics and difficulty out of ten, I would give it a five. I actually, I don't even know because for the first time I had no idea what was going on. Perhaps they can remove the default death penalty and make the boss much more terrorizing so that players end up dying over and over and it's less laggy. Along with adding a death reviving sickness that stacks where your stats are nerfed to prevent zombie mode. Also do due note that I have a lot of end game gear, so the boss was easy, at least for me. Not sure how hard it was for new players, but like I said I got one shotted so that was nice.


If I had to scale the boss mechanics and difficulty out of ten, I would give it a five. Actually, I don't even know because for the first time I had no clue on what was going on. Perhaps they can remove the default death penalty and make the boss much more terrorizing so that players end up dying over and over and it's less laggy. Along with adding a death reviving sickness that stacks where your stats are nerfed to prevent zombie mode. Also do due note that I have a lot of end game gear, so the boss was easy, at least for me. Not sure how hard it was for newbie players, but like I said I got one shotted so that was nice. Dying for no reason and not seeing what special move killed you, not so nice. I'm not really sure how loot is decided, I was bashing the boss right from the beginning and died once. No loot. RIP

The world boss drops a new legendary yellow grade weapon along with other mysterious items. Combine that with a GvG heavy game and it will surely attract a lot of attention with random PvP player killing before, during, and after the boss battle. As you can see in the video above, my guild's alliance started hunting and chasing down the enemy guild's alliance after the boss died. There is only one entrance inside the Open World Dungeon, so you can literally just make a shield wall and deny the enemy players. I seriously hope they don't adjust anything in this area by adding safe zones. GvG is the only thing that's keeping me interested in Black Desert Online. Farming and grinding every day so that I can keep up with Open World GvG and Sieges.

You're probably wondering why I didn't turn some settings off, well I did and it's still a hot mess. I usually have the shake stuff off, easier to PvP. I could have gone from medium settings to low or very low, but that will totally ruin it.

    You can turn shake, zoom, blur, afterimage, off. (Mines defaulted OFF)
    You can turn off other player effects FAR from you. (Left ON for PvP)
    You can turn off glow on hit. (Always OFF after my previous disco raid)
    You can turn off names. (Left it on to see enemy Players for PvP)
    You can't turn down effects animation on your char.
    You can't turn off player glows, party, guild, enemy.

Developer: PearlAbyss
Publisher: DAUM
Game Site


Jeudi 14 mai 2015
First Russian Beta to start this month


Gamenet announced today that they will held a short closed Beta Test from 28 May to 31 May. After the family and friend test, this is the first Beta for the russian Version of Black Desert. This Betatest will probably be used to test the leveling curve as well as some PvP changes and will only be accessible for winners of recent betakey giveaways, press and big gaming communitys. The first test for the European and North American Version is coming closer as well so stay tuned and patient!


Jeudi 30 avril 2015
Female Blader is out


Contrary to expectations PearlAbyss and Daum today released the female counterpart of the Blader. It appears that the developers want to remove the gender lock step by step. The male sorcerer as well as a female and male wizard has been announced recently as well. Anyway, the classes will still be a little bit different. Even when the gameplay style is the same, the skills they use differs from each other.


Lundi 13 avril 2015
Revelation - An honest to God interview with Pearl Abyss on the status quo of Black Desert

In spite of their limited time availble during this time of the year, Pearl Abyss-publisher of Black Desert Online, took some time off to have another interview with our Team regarding several important aspects of the game. Though, we weren’t able to include all questions desired by our community and most notably our veteran forum users who’ve been following the game for several years, we believe, that this particular interview is a cornerstone in the evolution of Black Desert Online and it serves as a platform for what to expect of the western version which is set to be launched soon.

Please note that we provide you with the actual unedited response by Pearl Abyss!


Q. At this moment of time, who is taking the decisions of the gameplay changes of the Korean Version of Black Desert? DAUM or Pearl Abyss?

A. As for Korean version of Black Desert, we make our decisions together with our Korean publisher.

Q.The current version of Black Desert is completely different from the one we experienced during CBT1, what caused you to change the game so much?

A. The tendency of users changed a lot in the past couple of years, and the changes are lot more certain with players exposed to mobile environment. There are a lot of casual lite gamers in Korean market. We are servicing our game based on our players’ demands.

Q.Are you aware that the English speaking community is very disappointed with these radical changes? Will the western Version be different?

A. Western Version of Black Desert will be somewhat different compared to Korea or Japan. We believe each country has different tendency in game plays. We are still discussing with our publisher as for how western service will be different. We are also reviewing PvP levels and Death Penalties.

Q. When Black Desert was introduced to us back in 2012, it was introduced as an Open World Sandbox MMO, unfortunately we can’t consider it as an Open Word nor Sandbox anymore due to the heavy restrictions and due to the removal of the Open World (World Bosses etc.) content that Closed Beta 1 & 2 used to have. Will there be any chance that this content will be added again in the English version?

A. World Bosses on fields are certainly possible systems. Modifications of some systems are also possible, but they could be different from our 1st and 2nd CBT

Q.Black Desert online introduced new ways of making in game currency, one of those was the excellent trade system. Are you not aware that all the daily quests with the very high currency rewards destroyed this kind of content and the game economy?

A. We are very well aware of that. Many MMORPGs on market are asking players to spend a lot of time farming monsters. We wanted our users to have more comfortable game plays with less farming. As I have mentioned before, a lot of Korean players have changed to casual players in recent years.

Q. It feels like Black Desert is getting easier with every new patch. How do you plan to keep the interest of the players when someone can reach the end game content in less than 24 hours? So far the end-content pretty much consists of Guild Sieges only, but there is nothing for PvE Players to aim for at the moment, expect grinding Black Stones.

A. The main reason for lowering the game difficulty was that players were required to spend considerable amount of time in the game due to overflowing contents. We would appreciate if users think of level 50 as the starting point to get used to Black Desert. We want our users to experience many different contents (e.g. trading, gathering, fishing, alchemy etc) and we are planning to add more enjoyable contents later on.

Q.The end game for someone as individual is to upgrade his gear. Someone will do that by completing the daily quests and bosses. Don’t you think that it is way too easy for someone to make black stones and are you not aware that all these daily quests makes the player to have a routine, which routines after a long time makes the game boring?

A.We believe that depends on players patterns. We are aware that the game is quite easy in overall and we intended for some contents to be easy. As for Korean players, we did so to add casual game play experience. However, this could be different in Western Version and it will be balanced as we discuss with our publisher.

Q. Black Desert looks like a game where the players of the server runs the economy and the politics of the world. Why is there restriction on the Auction House prices? The players and only the players should be the ones who control the economy of the world, and not the system with minimum and maximum price. Is the Korean community satisfied with this system?

A. A lot of Korean players agree with an issue of losses caused by Autos. And they are quite satisfied with no crafting areas. If maximum and minimum prices don’t exist, players can easily trade their items with their demand prices via Auction House. Players are well aware that this could lead to encouragement of autos and crafting areas.

Q. Black Desert online looks like a fantasy MMORPG game, don’t you think the glowing effects of the party/guild/enemy members or the NPC’s which you can get quest from, are making the game to look like sci-fi game which it is not suitable in terms of appealing? Is there by any chance to not see these kind of effects in the English version, or at least to be able to remove them in the options?

A. We did not have this effect originally. However, a lot of players were having difficulty with finding quest monsters and NPCs. This effect may not be needed for small number of players who are quite used to Black Desert. But we decided a lot of players need this effect to easily recognize target monsters. We will consider about making it into an option where you can turn it on and off.



Q. Pearl Abyss  announced that the cash shop will have only cosmetic items, what happened and the armors and weapons got some stats?

A. Korean users are also very sensitive about cash items that strengthen your character directly. If you play Black Desert, you will notice the stats on current cash items. Jump height, swimming speed, gathering level, fishing level, stamina, hiding character name, experience bonus and etc, you will be able to see what they mean. For example, a sale of cash items, such as accessories and underwear, were not so great when they were sold without any bonus stats. But the sales started to rise after we added stats such as luck +1 or knowledge gain probability. Most of these cash items are designed to give more comfortable game experiences. But we are constantly reviewing these items so they don’t influence battle outcomes.

Q.The PvP level restriction looks unnecessary for the English speaking community. The community wishes to start the game when they create their characters, not when they reach a certain level. Will there be any chance these kind of restrictions to be removed to the English servers?

A. It is common in Korea that small number of misbehaving players slaughtering hundreds and thousands of innocent players, resulting in many players quitting the game. We do believe it is necessary to lower the PvP level. We do encourage PvP between players under certain rules and environments. However, we don’t believe it is fair for level 50 players to misbehave and kill new level 10 players. PVP level can be modified if publisher requests or needed for local convenience. We considered level 50 was the fitting level for players to get used to Black Desert.

Q.The Karma system look kinda unfairly at the moment. By our personal point of view, when another player fights back, this player shouldn’t get any negative karma.  It’s also very difficult to remove the negative karma. It even makes players creating new characters since they can’t get off of their karma. We understand that you did that in order to protect PvE oriented players, but at this time doing open world PvP is almost impossible since the karma penalty are simply too extreme.

By our personal point of view, for a better Open World game these changes should be done:

    1. When both sides are fighting, no one should take negative karma
    2. Put back the death penalties if someone dies in PvP
    3. Karma should be easier to removed e.g. when you die, you will have chances to drop your equipped items, but your karma will turn back to 0. By doing this, no one will risk to drop his +10 weapon just to kill low level new characters. See the Lineage 2 when it was still at chronicle 1 – 3 karma system. Karma should also be removed over time. Like after max. 2 days your karma is negative again.

A. We do believe PvP level, Death Penalty, Karma system need to be modified. Your opinion about negative Karma was also an issue in the early stage of Black Desert OBT. We also have many opinions on our side saying that current Karma penalty is too harsh. As for this issue, it is possible to modify based on market situation, and we will be deciding on this with our publisher.

Q.The last class that have been added to the game (Blader) seems to be a bit imbalanced to us. Is that intended?

A. We meant for Blader to be little stronger. We wanted players to level little faster as Blader was released later than other classes. You may feel like Blader is stronger in the early stage, but it will be quite similar to other classes once u reach around level 50.

Q.From the latest news, on April there will be a new update which will add some hardcore party contents. Till now, someone can go to almost any place of the map solo. Will the few hard places become harder at some point where having a party will be a necessary thing to go there?

A. Basically, if your level is high enough to go to certain location, you will be able to play solo. We are trying not force users to do party plays. However, party plays can be more efficient and bring better results. Depending on the modification of monster balances, we are considering how we would invite players to do party plays based on local users’ feedbacks.

Q.When the testing phase of the western version begins, will you start testing the Korean client with the same gameplay features just in English? Or will you start with an optimized version for the western player base?

A. We will show everything that is being serviced in Korea. Features such as game balances and PvP will be modified based on market demand.

Q.How you will collect and evaluate the feedback of the English speaking servers? Will the majority get what they want or you will stay strong to some of your ideas of the game?

A. We cannot change the foundation of the game, but we do believe it is necessary to service the game to fit the market up to certain point. We want lot more players to enjoy Black Desert.What we change or preserve will depend on case by case basis

Q. Is there any time estimation of when we will see the first beta in English?

A. We are currently negotiating dates with NA publisher, and it seems they want service Black Desert quickly. More detailed information about NA service will be published later.

Q. Is there something that you wish to tell to the English speaking fans of Black Desert online?


A. We would like say thank you for all the supports and interests. We are really looking forward to meet players who are waiting for Black Desert. We know western players are expecting a lot from Black Desert, and we will do our best within our applicable line to meet the market demand.

As was expected for a long while, the various changes in the Korean version that resulted in a drastic change in the concept of Black Desert Online were prompted by the feedback of the Korean community and the changes of mentality that have occurred within it. We want to thank Pearl Abyss and especially Brian Oh for their cooperation and we look forward to keeping you, our beloved community, constantly informed on everything that is of your concern.

- The Team -


Lundi 13 avril 2015
Valkyrie and Media Part 2 hits Korean Servers

The long awaited Class Valkyrie finally hits the korean servers tomorrow with the second part of Media and two new dungeons. The Valkyrie is the female counter part of the Warrior and wields a Sword and Shield. Here’s the newest gameplay trailer of the 7th class of Black Desert.



Lundi 13 avril 2015
Valkyrie and Media Part 2 hits Korean Servers

The long awaited Class Valkyrie finally hits the korean servers tomorrow with the second part of Media and two new dungeons. The Valkyrie is the female counter part of the Warrior and wields a Sword and Shield. Here’s the newest gameplay trailer of the 7th class of Black Desert.

1 2 3 4


Mercredi 8 avril 2015
New Valkyrie Screenshots

PearlAbyss and Daum released some new screenshots today featuring the upcoming sword and shield wielder Valkyrie. The Patch which includes the Valkyrie, as well as the second Part of Media and the so called “Pirat Island” will be released this month on the Korean servers.



Samedi 4 avril 2015
How we expect it to be and how it is now

Most of the old members (I would say all of them) are pretty upset with the current stage of BDO. The newcomers, don’t really know the reason for this and a lot of arguments have started. Old members appear to be rude, and newcomers sometimes sound silly.

Here is the list of points showing how Black Desert used to be, and how Black Desert is right now and if you were not following the game before 2014, I would recommend you read it all.

2012, the company Pearl Abyss announced that they ware creating Black Desert and they released their first 2 trailers. This was the beginning of finding a publisher for their game. After a few months they announced that DAUM would be their publisher. DAUM is very good publisher for the Korean market.

By the end of 2012, Pearl Abyss showed us that the game would include the following things:

    A large scale of open world PvP, anyone would be able to kill you and steal some of your stuff since you dropped items from your inventory due to death.
    Large open world raid bosses where a full guild was needed to kill them. They said that these bosses would drop items to craft epic armors/weapons and jewelries.
    Mounted combat, the horses were agile and they even showed us a warrior hunting with spear some boars while riding his horse.

Open world houses! At the initial stage of Black Desert all the houses were open world, they predicted to have 2000+ houses in the whole world, and all those houses were open world. That meant, the first person to buy the house, would be the only one who could own it. The house would be open world, therefore if you leave your door open, anyone could visit your house, you could even make a spare key for your friends. The houses would be bought by an auction house, the one who bid the most money would get the house but, since it was open world houses, you had limited time to keep your purchase. You would be able to keep the house 1 to 3 months max (they were not very specific, they were still discussing the time limit). With the houses you would be able to invest your money, because you ware able to convert them to a shop. e.g., make your house a blacksmith shop, therefore people would be able to come to your house, pay you and they would be able to craft their items.

And lastly, they said that there would be 3 types of guilds. Combat type guilds, Religious type guilds and Traders type guilds.


Time was passing, they announced that the first closed beta will take place in the autumn of 2013. In the mean while we had some interviews with Pearl Abyss, one of them was directly by us. You can read them here and here.

Here are some of the quotes which are most note worthy to look at again and you will realize how much the game has been changed:

Apollonius: You mentioned the players, here’s a question in regard to them. What will the leveling up process be like? Will it be more of a casual process, where players reach end level quite fast and focus on “endgame” or will you walk a different path?

Brian Oh Even though we haven’t finalized the leveling curve in our Game, I can tell you that the estimate from level 1 to 50 is around 200 real hours. Afterwards the curve becomes steep and reaching the final level will require a similar amount of time as in the old Lineage days. But as I said, we haven’t finalized it yet and I can’t give you a concrete answer of what the level cap might be.

Apollonius: Any thoughts on server population?

Brian Oh We’re aiming for a single server to be able to house as many as ten thousand players.

Apollonius: Now that’s a big number compared to other games. Why do you want so many players in a server?

Brian Oh Black Desert Online puts a lot of emphasis on player interaction, be it combat, trade or politics, so it is important to us, that there will be a population able to accomplish that.

Apollonius: Any word on the housing system?

Brian Oh Housing will be using physical ingame space and will be limited with players paying periodical fees for owning them. But since we want everyone to enjoy this feature one way or another, there’ll be also inns and tents present in the game.

Apollonius: We haven’t heard much on the crafting system of Black Desert. What can you tell us about it?

Brian Oh The crafting system will be more or less similar to the traditional crafting system seen in other games. Players gather materials and have their respective skills in doing so. Focusing on mining or gathering has as a result the reduction of time needed in performing the task, as well as increasing the success rate. Though most materials will be collectable, crafting in some cases may require drops from Bosses.

Apollonius: On the aspect of Guilds, we read that Guilds will be able to follow one of three paths: Combat, Politics and Religion. I’ve encountered the first two in other games before, but religion? What can we imagine on that?

Brian Oh: We’ve been thinking on how to have religion affect the game. Once concept is, that if a Guild gathers enough players to follow their religion, the Guild Leader will be maybe able to affect the weather or open portals for a limited amount of time for players to use them for a fee.

Apollonius: This sounds really interesting. In regard to the weather, word was that it will be dynamic and may affect gameplay.

Brian Oh Yes, we’re finalizing it. Depending on if it’s raining or not, certain animations might be faster or slower and certain spells might be stronger or weaker. For example if it’s raining,  a swing with the sword by the fighter might take longer to execute and a fireball by the sorcerer might not be as effective.

The first closed beta took part in the autumn of 2013. You can see the first day of CBT1 here. Closed beta 1 lasted for 1 week, 9 hours per day. The game was indeed as they had announced, and was one of the most addictive MMO that we had played so far. In 9 hours, you would probably make from level 1 to level 20 max. The PvP was added few days later, but was available from level 1.

February 2014 Pearl Abyss announced that they found a Russian publisher but not English publisher yet.

April 2014 they announced the dates of Closed Beta 2 and that it would last 3 weeks.

Closed beta 2 took place, here and here you can see what we wrote and recorded from CBT2. Again the most note worthy quote “Took around 15 hours to reach level 20″

There were some differences from CBT1 but they were not so devastating. Here are the differences:

    Open world houses turned to instanced houses which you bought with contribution points
    There was added PvP limit at level 45
    Religious type of guild was removed
    Party link formation system was added
    Calpheon area was added
    You dropped items due death only if you have negative karma

Unfortunately due to the lack of having the ability to speak and read Korean, we couldn’t try some stuff like crafting, cooking etc. Also we learned the power of wealth. Money in BDO was very important. Monsters were much harder to kill than what are right now, therefore potions were a necessary thing to have. If for some reason you run out of money, you were in a really bad situation, you did’t have money to buy potions, nor to repair your armor/weapon therefore you weren’t be able to grind and to level up. Therefore, using the trading system, was a good way to make some money.

It also needs to be mentioned that even in CBT2, the exp was getting easier every day. Of course we need to discuss a little about the new party link system. The party link system was a system to make the players work together for higher party benefits. That depended on what formation the party members took, and how they were connected to each other. Depending on the formation, it could result in much damage, higher defense or to stun raid bosses. In CBT2, it was not really worth it, because to make the formation and do the skills, you needed quite a lot of time, and as a result you were getting some buffs only for 10 seconds, and till you were ready to play again due to the channeling skills etc, you had already lost 5 seconds of your buffs.

It was end of September 2014 when CBT3 took place, but till then, we had an interview in E3, a visit to their office and another interview in Gamescom 2014.

CBT3 was not bad, it was funny and nice experience, although there were some changes that we disliked. You can see here our impressions, but let’s check the major changes from CBT2:

    New character creation system (which blew everybody’s mind)
    Added swimming
    Could reach level 50 in 2 days
    Added dye system
    Party link system was not working for some reason
    PvP/PvE was not really improved
    Added summoning bosses quest which gave you a lot of exp
    Night become day (We know it is not a major thing, but small stuffs like these makes the game completely different, click here to see how the night time used to be in CBT2, and check how it is now)
    Cat pet was added
    Seeing the level of each player was added
    Added channels in the servers
    The radar which was working in a more realistic way was replaced with a mini map

fortunately since CBT3 ended, our communication with Pearl Abyss has been reduced due to the heavy work they have.

Later they had the Media conference, where they showed new pictures and videos and announced that the Open Beta will start in December, 2014. Lets discuss the major differences between CBT3 and OBT:

    Open world bosses were completely removed
    PvP level limit changed from level 45 to level 50
    The Karma system was reworked and instead of seeing an improvement, it become worse since you can’t PvP any more due to the extremely heavy penalties
    Seeing the level of each player removed
    1 to 1 trade is removed
    Cash shop includes armors/weapons with stats although they had clearly mentioned in previous interviews that this wouldn’t happen
    You can reach level 55+ in less than 1 week
    Monsters are much easier to kill
    Party link system completely removed
    Suffering death penalties from bosses or in PvP was removed
    Different type of guilds were removed
    The Auction House (AH) is changed, now there is a world AH not town AH and it is not free to player base economy system as they mentioned in previous interviews
    Making money is an easy thing now
    There are so many daily quests which creates a routine
    New areas and classes were added
    New quests were added
    New items were added
    Unrealistic colored sci-fi style glowing in characters and npc’s were added
    There were changes in housing, crafting and workers
    The old tent house was removed and replaced with a small farm
    New skills and animations were added
    Pets are now collecting loot, new pets were added
    Character creation was improved

There are a lot of changes and things added, of course we can’t say that everything is bad, some of the changes are good, but we need to compare the current stage, with the initial idea of Black Desert online.

Let’s start with the Open World, Sandbox features of the game

Back in 2013, direct words from Pearl Abyss:

Black Desert Online puts a lot of emphasis on player interaction, be it combat, trade or politics, so it is important to us, that there will be a population able to accomplish that.

Unfortunately in Black Desert at this moments, there is no player interaction. a) There is no combat unless you are in a guild and have a pointless war. b) There is no trade nor politics, simply because there is no trade, and simply because everything is open to every single player. Right now in Black Desert online, you can achieve ALMOST everything solo. This collides with the initial idea of politics between guilds and areas of the world of Black Desert. c) how are the players supposed to run the economy and trade of the world when the game decides the higher and lower value of your items and not the player directly? Example, epic piece of armor (yellow color) having the same price as blue type of armor, it does not make sense!

Also why did the open world contents disappear? Open world bosses are removed, open world houses are removed, open world shops (from your house) was removed. We don’t have the answer why, but the game does not look as an open world MMO anymore, but as a single player RPG, where you have the chance to party up with your friends too.


PvP during CBT1 phase was fine. There was no level restriction, you’d suffer penalties, and if you were the one who got the PK, you would suffer the karma penalty. Because of course it was CBT and no one cared about their characters since after 6 days the characters were going to be deleted, everyone started get karma, therefore everyone started complaining, and added the PvP level limit later on the next betas.

Except for the level limit, another bad thing is that they removed the death penalties when you killed by another player. What are the consequences of that? Let’s have a scenario for an example. You are grinding in a very nice spot, and suddenly, an annoying player, comes to your spot, and kills the same mobs as yours. That leads for you to get less exp, and lose some of your loot and of course it is just very annoying. You decide, to suffer the karma penalties and to kill him in order to get your spot back. Since he does not suffer any death penalties, he is free to come back, and make you get so much karma that in the end you will have to leave your own grinding spot.

Also the change in the karma system. Karma is really hard to get rid of if you get a lot. We don’t really want to compare with other games, but in this case we have to say, Black Desert online had similar karma system as the Lineage 2 (early days, L2 Chronicle 1 to Chronicle 3) karma system. We would really like to see the Karma/Flag system as Lineage 2. If the other person fights back, you won’t get karma, if not, you will get karma but, anyone can kill you, and you will drop equipped items. Who will risk to drop his +10 weapon to kill a newbie for no reason? Also on death, the negative karma should be removed, not necessary all of it, but to make it much easier to burn it. For example, if you get -200k karma when you kill someone, to get +150k when you die and of course -2% exp due to death.


As we mentioned all of the houses turned to instanced except for a very small minority which work as guild halls. Why is this a bad thing? Another thing which Pearl Abyss was proud of their game, was the realistic things of their game e.g. no teleports. Now, since it is instanced, everyone can have the same house, therefore everyone can craft the top things, therefore there is nothing unique. Simple solution, make 90% of the houses open world, and only 10% instanced in which they could craft the low level things. The open world houses, could turn to shops as initially was aimed for, and craft better things. Although, of course we could keep the time limit e.g. one month and then again the house goes to the AH.


Initially there were 3 types of guild, now there is only one. That means all the chances of being different are simply removed, and you have to be the same as every other guild.

Party Link system

There was an awesome idea with great potential for party driven features and now for some reason it has gone.

No 1 to 1 trade

We can understand that they did this to avoid the “Gold Sellers” but you need also to see the ugly truth. What is that? That is DAUM is making more money. How? Simple, you can’t trade, so you can’t buy gold directly, but you can buy from the cash shop, sell the items and therefore, these are, indirectly, the gold which you bought.

Having no 1 to 1 trade is the silliest idea for an MMO game. Claiming to make an Open World Sandbox game in which the community of the game drives the economy and the politics of the game and not having a 1 to 1 trade  does not make sense. Why? Because you can’t help your friends, which again drives you to be solo.

You don’t drop items due to death

You would ask why that is a bad thing? Well, let’s see what consequences we have by removing that death penalty. By dropping items (only from your inventory during CBT1 not from the equipped items) when you don’t have negative karma, you are driven to play more carefully, and are compelled to use what you have, in order to survive. Also that might drive some people to PvP more. Don’t misunderstand it. People won’t start PKing anyone just to pick up some worthless “wood”. They will get karma for that and risk dropping their items.


We discussed a little about the economy, but what is the major difference? Black Desert introduced new ways of making money in the game, e.g. the trading system. What is wrong with it? It is so easy right now to make money, so using the trade system right now, is just a waste of time. So they added another great way to make money, but it is simply worthless.


Well, no one can deny that the way you level up in Black Desert is really fast. What is the problem with that? First, they did not keep their word of saying that you will need at least 200+ hours to get from lvl 1 to lvl 50 and secondly, they created such a great environment and they do not give you the chance to explore it. Why? Because every 10 – 15 minutes you need to change grinding spot. You don’t really have enough time to explore the area, since you already took so many levels so you need to move on. Also you reach the end game content so fast (less than 1 day if you know what you need to do), so it ends up being boring really quickly.


Black Desert was designed (although it is not anymore) to be PvP and politically orientated by the players of the servers, therefore channels on the servers are not suitable for that kind of game. In big guilds there are a lot of wars, and communication with the guild members to be in the same channel when you have penalties to change channel (e.g. you can’t change channel if your workers are working) in order to fight your enemies, in the end it will cost you the loss of the fight. Why don’t all the guild members play in the same channel you might ask? Well, in the large scale of guilds, is not always so easy as you think.

We heard some people who said the current BDO is fine, that Black Desert right now have more than 1.5kk unique persons. Well, we have to say that the current BDO is not fine, please realize that 1.5kk unique persons are not many for a AAA MMO, the old BDO was predicted to be in the top 10 places in Korea, and recently even completely removed from the top 100.

What we would like to see, is the old (initial) BDO start taking form. With open world and real sandbox contents, where you could be someone, someone unique, like a real blacksmith for example, with your house and store. Now, everyone is the same, and everyone can reach almost any point solo. We wish to see again the real party link system, to see some proper coordination and communication between parties and not spamming of skills and potions. We wish to see guilds fighting each other for a reason and not just to have some “PvP”. We wish to see Black Desert as it was originally designed, and not how it eventually became.

Right now, only time will tell us how much the game will change when is it time to be released on the EU/NA.

Please note this article does not represent the whole community, but represents the majority of the old members of our website due to the comments and discussions we had 3 years ago when Black Desert was still under development.

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Dimanche 29 mars 2015
Black Desert on Windows 10

When Windows 10 was announced, Microsoft promised that Win10 will improve your Gaming Experience a lot. We recently downloaded the Technical Preview to test Black Desert on Microsoft’s new Operating System. Even when it’s still a Technical Preview, the results were more than surprising. We pretty much maxed everything via the Game and NVIDIA Control Panel Settings. Here are the results.


    Intel Core i7-5930K
    NVidia GTX 980
    16GB Ram



Additional NVIDIA Settings

    FXAA Enabled
    Gamma correction Enabled
    Antialiasing x8
    NVIDIA Quality upscaling Enabled
    High Quality Texture Filtering

FPS comparison

 Olvia Town  Heidel Town Calpheon  Fields Woods Fields Wasteland
 Windows 8.1  30-35 FPS  30 FPS  20-25 FPS  38-50 FPS  50-60 FPS
 Windows 10  38-45 FPS  32-40 FPS  30-40 FPS  50-60 FPS  60 FPS

Other notable improvements

    Faster Loadingtimes
    Objects are loading faster
    Less FPS Drops (Constant FPS)


Samedi 28 mars 2015
How the EU/NA Version should look like Part 1

It’s probably not a big secret that the western Community is pretty upset about the Korean version of Black Desert. PvE is way too easy and singleplayer oriented, open world PvP is not worth it duo to heavy penalty’s etc. Anyway, we should remember that we are talking about the Korean Version of the Game and according to our information Daum and PA made those chances based on the feedback of the Korean Playerbase. Since the release in Korea, the western Community came up with tons of ideas how to improve the European and North American Version of Black Desert. Let’s start with the general PvE System of the game.

Player VS Environment

    PvE should offer a better group Gameplay experience by adding Open World Bosses, “Elite Monster” Areas with monsters you can only kill in groups, Open World Dungeons and Quests you can only do in groups.
    Open World Events (Monsters attacking Towns, blocking trading routes etc.)
    Bring back the formation system from the first Closed Betas.
    Leveling Curve should be changed.



Questing should be more rewarding. Most quests should give you a small amount of experience and gold.

Player vs. Player

    PvP restriction should be removed or at last reduced to Level 20.
    Penalty System should be reworked. If a Level 50 Character kills a Level 1-30 Character for example, the penalty should be higher as if he kills another Level 50 Character. Also, Players who continuous killing low level Characters should be displayed on the Worldmap.
    Removing negative Karma should be easier. Karma could also reset every 24/48 hours.
    Safe Zones should be removed.
    When a Player with positive karma dies, he only drops money and items from his inventory. Player with negative karma can also lose their equipment.
    Killing players with negative should be rewarding. They could drop some kind of “Headhunter Tokens” which can be exchanged for gold and items.
    Classes should be re-balanced with the help of active PvP Players and Guilds during Alpha and Beta Stages.

Guild Wars

    Remove blue visual effects on allied players.
    Guild War should be available more often.


    Remove (most) instanced Houses. Add instanced Inn Rooms instead.


    Add player trading Option.
    Add player shops.
    Remove the minimun and maximum value from Auction houses.
    Remove daily quests that gives you tons of gold.

Crafting / Gathering

    Workers should be more expensive. It should be more rewarding when you gather everything by yourself.
    Crafting should only be available at houses and crafting stations. Small stuff like Potions and Food can be crafted everywhere.

Jeudi 26 mars 2015
Valkyrie and new hardcore content to come next month

A new update is upon the horizon! Next month Pearl Abyss and Daum will release the 7th class Valkyrie, which is the female counterpart of the Warrior. This is the 3rd new class in only 4 months. They also started reacting to the player feedback and finally add some hardcore oriented party content into the game. A new ranking System which shows the best PvP Guilds on each server will be implemented with the upcoming update in April as well. At last, new clothes will be added to the crafting houses which provide special stats for trading and other activities. Apparently, the 2nd Part of Media, the Wizard and Valencia will come in the following months as well.


Vendredi 27 février 2015
Blader now live on Korean Servers

The 6th Class, the Blader has been released today on the korean servers. The Blader is an asian themed assassin class which uses a Katana as Main-Weapon and a Bow as Sub-Weapon. He’s feared for his mobility, damage and quickness. Even when Pearl Abyss released 2 new Classes in only 2 months we probably can’t expect another new class anytime soon. The Blader, as well as the Tamer were almost done at release but still needed a final touch. The Valkyrie and Wizard seems to be far away from that. We assume that they will come with the Valencia Update in a few months.

PA and Daum also released a new Gameplay Video of the Blader. You can watch it here.


Vendredi 13 février 2015
Blader is Almost Here

According to DAUM the Blader class should have been published the same day as Mediah. Unfortunately we did not see him on the character creation list and therefore they apologize for the delay. They aim to have the Blader class introduced in game in middle of February, in few days actually. Therefore they did not hold back and they already started teasing us with some new photos.

Feel free to check them out or see the original post from DAUM by clicking here.


Mercredi 11 février 2015
Episode 2 introduced

The Episode 2 Update is coming shortly with the new Region Media and Blader as a new playable class to Black Desert. Today Pearl Abyss released a new Video which shows the new Region Media which is located in the east.


Mercredi 4 février 2015
PvP and GvG Review

I've been thoroughly playing Black Desert Online for a good two months now, which should explain the lack of articles on my website lately. Most of the end game features lead back to guild related or the pvp content because it doesn't really have any major PvE activities like raids or dungeons yet, other than various life skills and summoned weekly and daily bosses.

Battles Are Won with Strategy, Trust, and Negotiations!

Although I am in sizeable guild most, one of the main reasons we won is because our guild decided to make peace and form an alliance with other guilds. There is no official "alliance system" in Black Desert Online so I had to make sure that I didn't accidentally kill an ally guild in the GvG siege area. The alliance is purely based on trust and went something like if you help us get this castle, we will help you obtain other castles in the future. Not that I can read Korean, but you you should get the gist. Meanwhile, the strategy was to pincer attack the enemy command centers from both sides with an "Attack Squad" while having a "Defense Squad" protect our command center. Everything went as planned and we were able to obtain the Castle along with all of the cities and towns in the Calpheon Region.

Guild Battle Aftermath Here Comes the Drama

Winning a Guild Battle feels great, but that's when real drama starts. Before the first Guild Siege, a good number of the guilds were neutral with each other. After the war ended, there was a ton of guilds who declared war on each other. Why does it matter even if it's not GvG castle siege time? It matters because you can PK your enemy guild without penalties whenever and wherever you want. Which means, you can deny your enemies from grinding areas and specific hunting grounds that drop good valuable gear. Pretty much a kill on sight. I would often join groups where we would hunt down the enemy players or get killed by group of enemy players while farming. You can also kill players horses, trade carriages, steal cargo, or kill them while they are fighting a summoned boss. There is also an option to wait for them to defeat the boss and kill them right away so that you can steal the boss loot. Pretty much how game was before they implemented the Karma and Bandit Murder System. All of your characters are automatically flagged for PvP even if you're leveling a new low level alt character. A high level enemy guild player can just camp your leveling spot and troll you all day. It's a lot of fun, especially when you kill an enemy so much that they will end up dropping their guild or running away to one of the four channels.

Upgraded Equipment Plays a Big Role

Black Desert isn't P2W, it's more like G2W. What the heck is G2W? Obviously Grind to Win! You see upgrading or enhancing equipment is important in this game because it provides crazy boost in damage and defense. Not only that, the hardcore players are able to upgrade to +15 and become insanely strong in GvG or PvP. Upgrade stones can be obtained by killing normal monsters, boss daily, daily token, black spirit story quest, treasure boxes, and more. However, the best way to get these stones is to simply grind and kill monsters like a zombie, which is what I have been doing for the past few months. Upgrading equipment in Black Desert Online is very casual because it doesn't explode or -1 on fail. If you fail to upgrade an item, it will lose 5 maximum durability so from 100/100 dura to 95/95. Fail enough times and you will have a useless 1/1 durability equipment. However, you can restore durability to your item as long as you sacrifice the same item! Go to an NPC with your 1/1 Green Sword and sacrifice another Green Sword with the same name and it will become 11/11 durability. Rinse and repeat until you're satisfied with the durability, easy peasy. Class balancing is going to become a nightmare with players with crazy gear. Black Desert rewards players who hardcore farm and play a lot or is blessed with the RNG Gods. There is no trading in BDO so you can't RMT stuff. Buying cash items and selling it Auction House is losing money in real life and the game because of the 30% tax reduction. You can't even potion battle to death because most players can out DPS a person spamming pots due to the 200-300% bonus damage when a player is attacked on the ground or from behind.

Grinding Over the Level Cap Doesn't Really Matter

Black Desert has a soft level cap of 50 which can be obtained in a day or two for hardcore players. It only took me two days to get level 50 on the newly released Beast Master job, but that is because I already had equipment prepared before the class came out, gear isn't bounded on to characters. In my opinion, the extra levels doesn't really do much against a player with upgraded gear. Sure, having the extra levels is nice to brag, but that's about it. The extra stats isn't that significant, or maybe it's because there aren't many players that hit level 53 and over yet. The EXP curve is like climbing Mt. Everest, not that I have such experience. The real grind actually starts once a player hits level 51. From there, players can earn 1% EXP every hour of non-stop grinding unless you run into enemy players and such. Let alone, there aren't any monster that will con near your level which makes grinding harder than usual. It's a good thing new content is coming out soon, because I am actually starting to get bored of killing monsters below my level.

The 2nd Siege War 200 vs 1,000+ You Win Some You Lose Some 

After having control of the whole Calpheon region and the residing towns, our guild attracted a lot of attention. Neutral guilds have declared war on us, our diplomatic "trust alliance" was broken, leaving my guild to defend against the whole server. Our items were good, so we had no trouble fending off everyone for a good two hours until the whole server started piling up and lemming rushing us to death. In the end, my guild was overrun and we lost control of the Calpheon region.

Karma System Prevents Players From Going on a Murdering Spree

One of the biggest changes in with the PvP system is the heavy Karma penalty system. Players who flag themselves for PvP and kill random players will get Karma. Murder enough players and your character will become a bandit and guards will hunt you down in cities and various safe zones. Players can even attack you in safe zones, lol. It only gets worst from there because you will lose items on death along with a high chance -1 on your upgraded equipment. I'm not sure if it's the developers or publisher, but it seems like randomly PK'ing players in this game is now a crime. However, if you're in guild and PK another player that's in a guild there is no Karma penalty at all. You can even steal other guilds boss loot and cargo in this matter mainly because Black Desert is a game that focuses on GvG. If players have a problem getting PK'ed by other guilds, they can always play it safe by dropping their guild or negotiating peace.

PvP Class Balancing is Challenging

Class Balancing is all over the place in this game because characters are buffed and nerfed all the time. The Sorceress went from low tier to very high tier in PvP due to her new ranged magic attack spells. Archer still remains overpowered as always which makes me want to reroll, but I love my Beast Master. Warrior used to be the highest tier during the previous beta and starting of OBT, but it seems like they stopped getting buffs recently. Giants, I am really not sure, most of them just spin2win, so I can't really tell. Beast Masters are good, but they don't do very well against players who targets and kills the pet first. For some reason the Beast Master pet doesn't scale with the masters level, stats, dumb AI, and such making it overall useless especially in GvG siege. Mounted combat on a Beast Master sucks and leaves the player very vulnerable. The Blader is coming out soon, I might try it out for fun. It better have immune dodge frames or will surely melt in GvG.

Am I Bored of the Game Yet? What Motivates You Forward!

I'm currently level 51.53% and it will take me another 47 hours to reach my next level. I can probably achieve it within a few days, but I don't want to die IRL just yet. I spend over ten hours of my time playing this game daily. I can sit for hours killing the same monster over and over without a problem. If you've been following me, then you should be well aware that I have a very high tolerance when it comes down to mindless grinding. Grinding is life! Yeah, I know you're probably saying that's something you shouldn't be proud of. Anyhow, getting back on to the topic. I am a bit bored of grinding and want something new, but I continue to do so because I must, especially in a PvP Guild. The last thing I want is to become a walking piece of paper during sieges. With that said, my guild and making videos is what motivates me forward. I can't make nice videos if I die in one hit. Yes, you can die in one hit especially if your gear isn't upgraded or you run across a player with +15 weapon. There are moments when I just want to stop playing like during the first month on release with all the bug abuse and such, but I just can't seem to quit, at least not yet.

Conclusion My Final Thoughts the Good and Bad

Honestly, Black Desert is a lot funner if you're in an active PvP guild as I have been explaining all this time. Not many Koreans in my guild speaks fluent English. The language barrier isn't a problem at all because we have various groups setup during GvG sessions such as an attack team, defending team, cannon team, ganking team, sneaking team, backdoor team, etc. The Open Beta changes made the game a lot more friendly and casual towards players without a guild. Players in small guilds won't get much action unless they piss off other guilds and get declared war on or vice versa. I've always loved PvP and glad that my current guild which is the same guild from the first CBT1 of BDO is a hardcore PvP guild. I only wished that DAUM or PearlAbyss made an official "PVP Server" without heavy or close to none Karma penalties. I find it a bit strange that all of the servers are PvE compared to some games where they both have PvP and PvE on different servers. I suppose joining a PvP Guild like mine will be much easier for others once the game is released in their respective country. It's not much of a review, but should give an explanation of those wondering how the PvP and GvG system works in the Korean version of Black Desert Online. I am sure that they NA/EU/RU/JP versions will have a different kind of localization. 


Jeudi 29 janvier 2015
Mediah is Finally Here

DAUM so far have introduce to us in closed beta one the area of Balenos and Serendia and in closed beta 2 and 3 the area of Calpehon. When the open beta was anounced we expected to see if not both Mediah and Valencia to be added on the world of Black Desert, at least only the area of Mediah. A lot of people where disappointed by the news at that moment but finally the area of Mediah is just right in the corner.

1 (1)

According to the last GM notes from DAUM, Mediah is ready and will be released early of February. All players will have a great new world to explore, and  not just that, finally the Blader class will be ready too, one of the most anticipated class together with the Valkyrie class.

Feel free to check all the new photos that were released including the official announcement.

Landscape and monsters in Mediah

Alti Nova Town


Lundi 19 janvier 2015
Introducing a new Class - The Beast Master

There’s hardly any MMORPG where a summoning class is non-existent and Black Desert Online is no exception! As far as a beast-controlling class is concerned, Pearl Abyss, the Developers of Black Desert Online teased its community for a long time.


First screenshots and information featured the existence of a future class which was up until now known as the “Tamer”. As this name suggested, the class would be able to tame various monsters across the World of Black Desert and use them in a variety of ways. Sadly, the designing and implementation of such a class proved too much of a difficulty and so Pearl Abyss informed us, that they would be reworking this class to allow for it to be playable.

And what do we have now? A brand new class called the “Beast Master”; sharing a lot with its predecessor in regard to looks and the only beast we’ve had seen it summons so far. This class is going to be a lightweight, agile character complimenting its fighting capabilities with summoning magic and a short sword, that is discretely hidden in a flute like sheath. Obviously its main strength lies in unison with the summon, allowing for an exciting fighting combo and she will come to life in the world of Black Desert at the 20th of January.


Interestingly, the Beast master draws inspiration from the asian culture wearing either traditional Korean robes and/or highly detailed armors featuring dragons and many more! It is certain, that this highly anticipated class will be well received by the community, as it is going to form, together with the Blader, a duo that is rather asian-style orientated, in a somewhat medieval-european world.


To celebrate the occasion, Daum released several HD quality screenshots, as well as, a great trailer showcasing the new Beast Master class. We here at will be on the lookout for more and will provide you soon with ingame footage and more information!


Mercredi 14 janvier 2015
Black Desert Online Guild War Siege to Be Implemented Soon

The first siege war for Black Desert Online is scheduled to start on January 17th on a single server as a test run. If all goes well, it will be enabled on all servers starting on January 24th. Castle Siege event mechanics and GvG related features will also be restricted to Channel 1 only. Meaning no multiple castles per channel.

In preparation for the upcoming GvG, each guild can build a total of 2 forts (towers) and 1 command center (big tent) which will act as a respawn point during the siege area. The last guild standing will take control of the castle and play defense the next siege war (I think?) :D! On the side note, I spotted myself a couple of times in the teaser trailer above, it looks like PvP and GvG clips from the previous siege war during the final beta.


I've farmed a lot in BDO and my stats are fairly decent so my preperations for the upcoming GvG is almost a complete! I just need to farm a few more accessories that boosts my defense and I should be all set with over 140 defense with buffs. Farm Enchant Farm Enchant Farm Zombie Mode... Meanwhile, enjoy the relaxing tour video below.

Developer: PearlAbyss
Publisher: Daum
Game Site:


Mercredi 14 janvier 2015
The naked truth about Black Desert Onlines current state of affairs [Open Beta]

The administration of this website has found itself to be among the blessed few to have been given so far access to every and each testing phase of Black Desert Online, as well as, being in close contact with the Developers. This position of ours has allowed us to experience first hand the evolution of Black Desert Online and with the games’ release in Korea being imminent, we stay true to our original intentions as the global #1 hub for Black Desert Online and will proceed to reveal the current state of affairs of Black Desert Online by expressing our honest to god impression of the most recent Open Beta experience we have had.

BlackDesert64 2014-12-19 06-18-03-022

In general, Black Desert Online has had good progress being made through all its Closed Beta Tests. From the initial honeymoon phase starting with CBT1 to the “stable” CBT2 and the eventual CBT3, we gradually saw various aspects of the original Sandbox Concept, as it was expressed by the Developers quite early on, be altered slowly shifting the center of gravity from a Sandbox to Themepark game.

There’s several flaws in key aspects of Black Desert Online, which either haven’t been adequately addressed until now or have become even worse.

To begin with, our (the western) Community is very concerned with the experience curve in the game. Even though levelling was according to early interviews supposed to last more or less the same as most new MMORPGs (meaning a few months) it actually now requires only a few days to reach the soft level cap of 50.  From then on, the experience curve goes steep upwards and it now takes days to take one level. It is a very strange concept and it can be a major turn off for potential players.

We think, an overall difficult but smooth levelling curve will allow for a better game-play experience and will enable players to get a feeling of proper progression and the relative satisfaction in doing so.

Also the current potion-healing system; Because of the absence of a healing class together with the non-present healing abilities of any class, the Developers went ahead and substitute these with powerful healing-potions. It’s not that the healing-potions themselves are powerful, rather, players are able to use one potion after the other due to the short cooldown and their effect not being canceled after having received damage. This “solution” was addressed by us already at the end of CBT2 and we hoped, that the Developers would find another way to improve the way healing-potions were used, but so far nothing seems to have been done.


Some possible solutions among many would be to either reexamine the possibility of introducing a healing class to the game or strengthen the planned classes with utility skills, such as Healing Over Time, Lifesteal etc and possibly add a universal /sit, /rest function to allow for health regeneration during levelling.

Another key feature requiring imminent attention is that of the Auction House. The Auction House is build around the reputation a player has with an NPC; Selling items include a 35% tax which decreases the more reputation you have with an NPC, though it requires a lot of time to be invested in any NPC to gain a significant tax reduction. Yet, the worst part is, that a Player is limited by the game to sell their item at a price placed within a minimum/maximum figure, that is set automatically by the game. The way the Auction House works may be targeting the avoidance of inflation of prices and rewarding the dedicated players who invested a lot of time in advancing their reputation with an NPC.

We believe, that 1) adding the ability to Players to set up a”Private Shop”, for limited item slots & requiring you to be online, 2) removing the automatic fixing of the price an item can be sold will result in a more player-driven game, returning to its original sandbox vision.


Furthermore, the PvP system of Black Desert Online has been through various phases reminding us of a rollercoaster. Sadly, testing phase after testing phase, the PvP system for reasons we can’t understand is becoming worse. Currently, PvP is enabled upon reaching the soft-cap at level 50 and according to the latest patch-note, the first Player to flag (i.e to hit) another Player) receives -10k karma points (you can have a total of +300k karma points). The Player stays flagged for 3 minutes, and anyone is free to kill the flagged Player without receiving a penalty in return. On the contrary, if the flagged Player kills someone, they will receive a penalty of -200k Karma points no matter if the other Player is fighting back or not, allowing for an unfair event to take place. On another note, experience loss on death has been removed. So if someone is bothering you on your grinding spot, and you finally decide to kill them, they won’t suffer at all and will be free to come again and bother you until you kill them again and become eventually red.

Our proposal is, to make the PvP fairer and less complex. First of all, the PvP restriction of level 50 needs to be instantly removed, as it does not have a place in a supposed sandbox game such as Black Desert Online. Second, all Players should be considered flagged when hitting another Player, no matter the second Players status. Third, there should be no karma penalties involved when killing a flagged Player, rather these should be activated when someone kills an unflagged Player (i.e if someone hasn’t hit back). Fourth, reintroduce the loss of experience upon death since it works simultaneously as a deterrent and motivation in an open world PvP environment.

In general open world PvP should play a vital role in a game such as Black Desert Online. Obviously it is somewhat complex to retain a balance between joyful open world PvP and horrendous ganking. The current Karma system needs to be changed, too . When you get negative Karma, and become red, you suffer from several penalties. If you die, you drop items. You can’t enter towns because the guards will kill you. It is almost impossible to burn Karma when playing in a party because you need to get the last hit on the monster and Karma is burning really slow, like 70 points per mob. So, if you kill two players and get -100k Karma and let’s say for example burn only 70 per monster, you need to kill 1430 monsters, all alone, and anyone can kill you. This is major issue and needs to be addresses imminently, in order for a proper solution to be found. Also, if a player receives Karma, their whole clan suffers and the clan gets negative points as well. So while the Clan/Guild Karma system is a good way of reflecting their members behavior, it needs to be included in the overall PvP-Karma System renovation, as to not deter Guild Wars and destroy open world PvP and the corresponding politics and meta-game features. Another absurdity is the current Arena in Black Desert Online; you’re unable to use it before reaching level 50, you can’t hit Clan members and during PvP (also during PvP in general) potions can be spammed non-stop. Whereas, we believe, everyone should be eligible to use the Arena and the only Players not receiving damage should be the very own Party members (because of eventual Team vs Team PvP).


On the PvE side, Black Desert Online currently features a series of instanced Quest Bosses, that can even be soloed. During the levelling process from level 1 to 50, though there are “mini Bosses” i.e very strong monsters most of the times surrounded by minions and which drop high quality items, these “mini bosses” are relatively easy “tank and spank” bosses and usually a party of 3 Players is sufficient.

What we’d really like to see is open world Bosses across placed across the map where levelling takes place and especially more dungeons (preferably non-instanced) that feature such Bosses at every few levels i.e level 10, level 20, level 30, level 40 etc. Open world Bosses are a good way to rally the community, help online friendships be created, allow for the establishment of permanent levelling parties etc. These Bosses would drop items that will allow Players to have a better farming experience and/or gain rare cosmetic items.


Black Desert Online is a good game with potential to become even better and actually make a big impact in the MMORPG scene, but in order for this to happen, it is necessary that the Pearl Abyss (the developers) take action and focus on improving these important areas in their game. Obviously, Black Desert Online has to offer a lot; great graphics, an action combat system, a unique trading system, a complex horse breeding system, great Player-NPC interaction and many others, these are all features that do lay the foundation for a successful sandbox game, but we can’t understand why in recent time Pearl Abyss and their Publisher Daum have taken steps towards restricting and punishing player-driven actions instead of motivating them.

The western market is a very picky one on the one hand and on the other there’s several great theme park & PvE-driven MMORPGs. What has become truly evident via our community is the thirst for a game that caters towards Players that want a mix of freedom and risk motivating the Player to go explore the world and not restrict them to instanced dungeons and arena-style PvP. We do hope Pearl Abyss and Daum will re-orientate themselves concerning the western community and go for that “more harcore” approach they told us about back in August.

Our Team and our Community are here to offer our feedback and impressions on the game through the many threads and articles for the sake of improving our upcoming favorite- to be- MMORPG!


Jeudi 8 janvier 2015
Black Desert Online New Job Tamer Coming Soon


Daum and PearlAbyss will be implementing the new Tamer class for Black Desert Online this month. Not much information has been revealed yet other than the new short trailer that can be viewed below. The Tamer looks like a close combat type of character, a bit similar to the Sorceress. She will also be able to mount on her dark beast and fight on it, looks good to me!





Above you will see some of the other upcoming characters along with a rumored female Blader and a Kunoichi a female ninja. New classes will be available in the months to come, so wait for now!

Developer: PearlAbyss
Publisher: Daum
Game Site:


Lundi 5 janvier 2015
Black Desert Online 2nd Wave of Exploiters Receives the Ban Hammer


The Black Desert Open Beta kicked off with a rough start last month where players were able to exploit game mechanics. The first set exploit consisted of users killing monsters that dropped a lot of gold and monsters that gave abnormal amount of experience points. The second wave today was with players abusing something with the shop, buy back dupe, and more. PearlAbyss and Daum is taking this seriously and have permanently banned users who exploited such bugs along with deleting all money and items from players who lightly abused such bugs.

In my experience, this isn't the first time a Korean game gets exploited or hack. They tend to be very vulnerable in terms of security even with popular titles such as Blade & Soul, which I have played for many years and ArcheAge. Companies can just ban users by their ID or KSSN (Korean Social Security Number) requirement when registering for a Korean game. It makes me upset that there are so many exploiters in BDO, since I've been playing this game for more than twelve hours a day hardcore farming, which should explain my absence. I just hope they catch every single one of the exploiters because the market prices is already going crazy. 

I was looking forward to the upcoming GvG, but not so much anymore after all the exploits and the possibility of some users not getting banned. The last thing I want is to get facerolled by some exploiter and lose all my hardwork due to the "death penalty" system. I still like the game and recently spent some real money to buy a cat that will automatically loots items for me.

1st set of Bans: Link
2nd set of Bans: Link


Dimanche 4 janvier 2015
Black Desert Online - 2014 the silence before the storm


Compared to 2013, the year of 2014 has been a rather strong year for Black Desert Online. In this end of season review, we will be taking a close look and examine how Black Desert Online was shaped all through the now concluded year.

Black Desert Online started 2014 with a strong statement; Pearl Abyss started quite early on discussing with partners to publish their game in Russia, this was in our view a pleasant surprise, since to date most Korean companies tended to neglect the Russian Market, but this decision by Pearl Abyss went on to underline the ever increasing importance of the Russian MMORPG-Player scene. Shortly afterwards, Pearl Abyss went ahead and announced, that the 2nd closed beta test would take place in April and will last for 3 weeks featuring enhanced graphics and the 4 known Classes, that were also available during the 1st closed beta test. This second testing phase served as a medium for getting to know better several aspects of the game, as well as, increasing the awareness in the fans minds.  The discovery of Black Desert Online being compatible with Oculus Rift made a very positive impression on the community.

With the conclusion of the 2nd CBT, Pearl Abyss worked hard in processing the gathered feedback and data and by June they released the information they collected. It was clear by that moment, that Black Desert Online has the potential to be a blockbuster Game, but it was in need of overall improvements on all fronts.

Amongst the 2000 survey participants, 81% stated that they would recommend Black Desert to friends. The game’s early-game content, along with Black Desert’s graphics and sound were well loved by the community, while the UI and non-combat content had some aspects that felt lacking in some regards. The players also felt that for more and better hours of game play, content that would strengthen the late-game and player comfort is necessary. We appreciate the stories and opinions we were able to see through the surveys. Pearl Abyss was able to get a better grasp of what the game lacks and what they should improve on, while also reading what aspects of the game the adventurers liked. Pearl Abyss is contemplating and reviewing the many of the summaries they acquired from this survey and the last user meeting and preparing for the next test. To enhance the gaming experience and to make the tutorials more comfortable Pearl Abyss will work on the organization of quests, improve on non-combat content, work on monster AI and improve our boss monsters.

Shortly afterwards, we were greeted with another (unexpected) surprise by Pearl Abyss and Daum Communications, both parties came to an agreement, that Daumm Communications would be the Publisher of Black Desert Online in the west, thus resulting in Black Desert’s Western Publisher Odyssey coming to an end. In the article linked, we here at welcomed this move and pointed out the benefits such a cooperation would have for the future of the game. Nonetheless, a lot of users were concerned about the localization process that would be affecting Black Desert Online in spite of the close relationship between Pearl Abyss and Daum Communications. In the respective article “Facing the big “L” : Localization 101” these concerns were addressed and analyzed.

Following an extensive period of attending various game shows and completing many interviews, Pearl Abyss started preparing for the 3rd Closed Beta Test. All the changes and expectations regarding Black Desert Online were summarized in this revealing article of ours.

China Joy Revelations

    The Class balance is being redesigned and the weaker Classes may be stronger in the third CBT.
    PvP & PvE balance: Classes that are very strong in PvP could be weak in PvE.
    No new Classeswill be added in the third CBT, but they will be added in open beta one by one.
    The third CBTis expected to take place this September and the  open beta this November, while the Game is about 80% complete.
    Clothes dyeing system and swimming content will be added in the third CBT. Besides, crafting and trading will be more polished.
    Sea battles may be introduced after commercialization.
    Korean severs will be IP-blocked in open beta.
    Pearl Abyss will translate the text into English first and Daum will review it then.
    Costumes will be introduced in the third CBT and Korean version will be free-to-play.

Gamescom Revelations

    Focus on upcoming content that promotes Players participating in Guilds. [confirmed]
    Revolutionary Customization of Guilds accoring to their role, giving an actual meaning to the word “Guild”[confirmed]
    Absence of an ingame Alliance System [new]
    No Friendly Fire during Siege Warfare [new]
    Announcing of Command Centers that rule over a specific region within a Castle region / introducing smaller scale PvP [new]
    Gain tax earnings by owning a Castle [confirmed] / plans on expanding upon greater benefits [new]
    No change to the PK system between CBT2 to CBT3 [confirmed]
    Naval Units with multiple Players on it [confirmed]
    Details on mounted combat [confirmed]
    Clarification on how the weather affects gameplay [confirmed]
    Upcoming introduction of ingame emotes [new]
    Hybrid Housing System for CBT3 [confirmed]
    Plans on introducing ability to reset skill points [new]
    No “watering down” of game features for the west [confirmed] / a more hardcore approach gameplay-wise [new]
    Early 2016 release date [confirmed]
    Dye System & Pet System [new]

Our Teams’ impression was favorable of the changes and further details were addressed in our commentary video. In the meanwhile, Pearl Abyss kept working on various features of the game improving and further enhancing them, although several key aspects of the game hadn’t been addressed to the extent we anticipated (all details are available in our CBT3 Analysis). Another quick glimpse for the games’ condition can also be found in the “path to level 50” article by Ike.

In a somewhat expected manner, following the precedent of older titles (such as TERA by Bluehole) Pearl Abyss having prepared a new website opted for the games’ Open Beta phase to take place at the end of the year, more specifically to begin in December 17th with the transition from OBT to release being a seamless one. Now with the release date having been announced, Pearl Abyss keeps pushing like crazy for further improvements on the game that range from adding several new mini-games to visual improvements in the form of coloring armor and enabling visible decay. Our opinion on the Open Beta can be found here.

Sadly (to a minor extent) the western release of Black Desert online has been pushed back to 2016, for both Developers and Publisher believe, that in order for their Game to be a success in the west it has to live up to its hype and thus it requires further optimization. As sad as it may sound, we understand that this is a necessity, seeing how in recent years many titles were simply vanished due to their incompetence.

Stay tuned at for all the recent news about Black Desert Online!


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