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Mardi 24 décembre 2014
Black Desert Online Taking a Closer Look at the Cash Shop

Happy Holidays and Black Desert Online service just went live today with the launch of the cash shop system featuring various items such as clothing, inner armor, furniture, dyes, character remakes, and more! To support the developers, I decided to start off and charge 50$. Come find out what I was able to purchase below along among other things. Most of these features are for the Korean version and the NA/EU versions might be P2P.

Black Desert Online Limited Edition Outfits for All Four Classes

    Limited Edition (Can't purchase after event ends)
    Can be sold at the Player Auction (See Image Below)
    Bonus Stats Available
    Helmet, Armor, and Shoe SET BONUS 10% EXP Gain
    Shoe increases jump height by .5m
    Sub Weapon Increases Endurance +100
    Main Weapon Decreases Weapon Durability by 10%
    Armor 10% Decreased in Death Penalty
    Can be Dyed (See my 2nd Video Below)
    Only one outfit for now, the rest will be available later.
    Inner Armors make certain outfits look better.
    Accessories Added Glasses and Earrings
    Piercings for those that like to abuse their body.

Inner Armors

    Various Inner Armors Added (Vindictus Style!)
    About 2-4 Inner Armors for each class

Black Desert Limited Edition Mount Armor

    Limited Edition (Can't purchase after event ends)
    Added 300 Maximum HP
    Added 500 Maximum Endurance
    Added 2% Sprint Bonus
    Added 2% Something else


Other Items

    Increase Bank Space
    Increase Inventory Size
    Horse Name Change
    Family Name Change
    Ikea Furniture
    You can get 1 hour buff from Furniture
    Increase Character Slot
    Unbind Item to Character (Ex. +7 Weapon can be sold in Market)

Cosmetics and New Options

    1 Day Shop Make Over 8$ (One Time or One Day)
    30 Day Shop Make Over 15$ (Change Look Anytime 30 Days Premium)
    New Premium Hairstyles Available
    New Premium Tatoos
    New Premium Preset Faces
    I change my look Everday!
    Make Over also works with body shape and sizes!

Dye Items and Changes

    Various Dye Packs
    Single Color Dye Packs (Random)
    RNG by Color
    Made video of RNG Mode above
    Only got 1 Pure Red, Looks nice on Dyed Cloth!
    A lot easier to see which part you are dye'ing
    Dyes currently can't be sold to players.

Cash Shop First Impressions

I had a lot of trouble deciding on what to buy in the shop since I wanted to maximize what I had. I'm mostly waiting for the new character so I didn't really want to whale my Sorceress out. Anyhow, with 50$ I ended up buying the Normal Limited Edition Outfit which comes with the same items as the Black Desert Limited Edition Outfit, but excludes the Weapon and Sub Weapon items. I like playing around with my character look, so I ended up purchasing the 30 day premium item where I can change my appearance and body anytime I want. Lastly, the remaining cash points I had went into the Red Dye packs which made me sad because I only got one pure red color. Hmmm... the prices.. the prices.. some of the prices are a bit unexpected. I was actually hoping I can get more out of my money, but considering these outfits are "Limited Edition" I suppose it's only fair if the normal outfits are going to be sold at a decent price. I really want to buy the 60$+ Limited Edition Horse Set, but self restrain is kicking in. The 30 day makeover item is the best deal because I like to change my look often and I had to reserve my character name early on so I didn't really get around to playing with my character look as much. I don't think I will be spending anymore money until the new character comes out or some super cute cat pops up in the shop with AoE loot features. After some tweaks, I finished my Blood Mage Sorceress look!

Developer: PearlAbyss
Publisher Daum Korea
Game Site: Purchase Game Money Tutorial: Link


Vendredi 19 décembre 2014
Open Beta Test, our Initial Impression and Changes From the Previous Betas

The Korean Open Beta of Black Desert online was finally released. It is not allowed for foreigners but we manage to spot the main differences between the old and the new client. Of course some of these changes are good, some of them are bad.

First and biggest change is the new starting village, Olvia.

Olvia is a small village very close to a beach.

Pros: New area to explore, Beautiful scenery.

Cons: There is no point to make new starting area, since although you start somewhere else, your adventure will start again from the old starting village, Vellia. It would be much better to make it higher level area since is in the part of Calpheon.

Since they add a new starting area, you wont surprised to see new NPC’s but, you wont see new NPC’s only in Olvia, but also in new small areas like new nodes, and some existed NPC’s were replaced with others. For example:

This NPC is in the town of Haidel and is taking part on the main story.

For some reason, now is replaced with this guy:

Here is another new NPC in the area of Balenos

Also all NPC”s now have voices. Not only when you interact with them, but even when you just pass right next of them.

Another great adding is the crawling. Now you are not only able to crouch to hide your name and guild tag, but also to crawl in order to vanish completely from the enemies sight. Even short grass is enough for you to disappear.

Look carefully and you might see a person crawling in the grass

And here, if you just running, you will definitely pass right beside him.

Another thing that you will notice is changes in the skills, not only in terms of balance, but also in terms of effects.

That was a common skill of sorceress, now you can clearly see electricity around her hands. That is make it feel more realistic and beautiful.

Except of your character, you will see a new symbol over the HP of the monsters. There are symbols indicating if the monster is: Animal, Humanoid, Human, Damon etc. Unfortunately we do not know yet how many different types of monsters are in the world of black desert.

Also there was not only a change on the symbol, but also a change on the summoning bosses quests. When the boss was reaching low health, it was blinking in blue unreal color and get stronger. Now, instead of that ugly blue blinking, the boss is changing color but in more realistic way. Their eyes become read and black weird tattoos appear on their body. The screenshot is not good example, but you are getting the idea.

Summoning bosses always help you to level up fast for the moment you get the quest, it was quite surprising that we did not see them get more difficult to kill but the most disappointing thing is, that the exp is still extremely easy. We were expect to see the OBT to be more difficult to level up, and to needed more effort but unfortunately, we were wrong. The open beta is only 2 days on and already are characters level 50. It is really easy to go level 50, and there is no new high level area like Mediah and Valencia. Also don’t forget now the PvP will be available from level 50, so at this moment of time, there is nothing new to see when you reach level 50, except of start PvPing with other players who reach level 50 as well.

Another bad thing about the exp of black desert, is the party system. The English community was worried that there was not much content to drive people team up and do stuff together, in the Open beta, they even discourage the partying up with others. Now the exp is not divided equally, but depends how much damage was each one of the party done individually. Instead of players starting teaming up, will just spam their skills to do more damage from the others. Also, in bigger party, it felt that the exp was even less of how much you were supposed to get. At least compared with CBT3, it had a huge difference. The monster symbol was popping up over the monsters health each time another person from the party was hitting them, showing that you will not get exp from that hit. If someone did not do any hit at all, would not get any exp at all.

We would understand that if there was a huge leveling difference between the players in order to prevent power leveling, but not when all members of the party have the same level. It just does not feel right. Although, we better don’t take haste conclusions, we don’t know if in the party options we can change that, but so far we only know that we can change the drop loot.

Another new thing that we saw in the Open Beta is the colors that the monsters take when they being hit by a skill. So far we have notice that each class have their own representing color. Sorceress got blue, Ranger got light green, Giant got yellow and Fighter got orange. We can not understand if there is a purpose of those colors yet or they just add the to make the game more fancy. The only thing we can say is, some people like them, some others, not.

Black Desert will have con & pros, ups and downs, but one thing is for sure, it is improving every time, even though we don’t like some changes. The open beta is still in a very early stage and has not been fully explored. Some parts are a bit complicated to understand and there may be some changes in the future. We are eagarly waiting to see these new additions soon!


Vendredi 12 décembre 2014
Field Bosses and Siege Trailer

PearlAbyss and DAUM just released a new field bosses and siege mechanics trailer today, talk about perfect timing! I recently mentioned wanting to see some party mechanics involving world bosses in my previous article. Examing the new trailer, it looks like players will be able to use instruments to help tackle down world bosses.

The flashy seizure colors doesn't seem right, but the trailer should give players a general idea of the new buffed field bosses. The 2nd half of the trailer reveals a bit of siege mechanics with Cannons, Rifles, and Calvalry. I believe the NPC's are there just for Cannon testing mechanics. Players riding on horses with heavy armor are extremely hard to kill, but can be countered by Rifles. Enjoy the latest trailer!

Developer: PearlAbyss
Publisher: Daum NA/EU/KR | GameNet RU
Korean Game Site:
Russian Game Site:


Jeudi 11 décembre 2014
NPC's, Monsters, Dyeing and Broken Armor

Another day, another video. A new Video which shows the NPC’s, Monsters, the overworked Dyeing System and broken Armors have been uploaded by PearlAbyss today. You can see some of the Open World Bosses, a new Interface when dyeing your armor and what happens when your gear is actually broken.



Mardi 9 décembre 2014
New trailers showcasing questing, mini-games and a huge world!


For those of you craving more Black Desert information, Pearl Abyss has just recently released two new trailers with one showcasing not only much more of their giant world, but also additional quest content and mini-games! Starting with the flyover video, we are able to see numerous detailed locations such as new towns and cities within the areas of Mediah and Valencia. Along with the showcase of the photo-realistic looking canyons and savannas, this video also included the fabled “Black Desert” with a titan-like creature slowly roaming through it. While this fly-through has shown us a considerably large amount of locations within Mediah and Valenica, we must keep in mind that the world still has plenty of room for expansion.


With the other trailer involving more natural gameplay, we were shown a variety of brand new questing content such as blowing things up with bombs and even chasing down turkeys. There is a wide selection of different mini-games and they will play an essential role to completing some of the quests in the world. The new knowledge system is also a huge bonus to additional gameplay. It seems as if the player will need to pan their camera around an object to discover the knowledge associated with it. This puts more of an interactive twist on to gaining knowledge then just simply interacting with an object.

As shown with some of the previous trailers, we were teased yet again with the availability of brand new armors. With the amount of different armors we’ve been able to see throughout the released trailers, we can expect to see further improved character diversity within the world. This should be great news to those who like to stand out from other players!


Dimanche 7 décembre 2014
Exploring the Caves of the Black Desert World

While most games these days attempt to lay out all the content players have access to right in front of them, the world of Black Desert is filled with many secrets that most would miss unintentionally. Lore, knowledge and even locations are a few of the things you would be hard-pressed to find out about if you’re not truly experiencing this world to it’s fullest potential. With the conclusion of the Friends & Family test for the Russian version of Black Desert, we here would like to show you guys one of the fantastically designed cave systems included within the world and what you can expect inside!

KiVkgYw - Imgur

Darkness befell upon us as we adventured together throughout the Eastern edge of Calpheon.

We managed to fight our way through quite a few of the wagon wheel-wearing monsters shown below. They are aggressive and territorial creatures who want nothing more than to remove us from this world by force.

Of course, they are no match for a Sorceress utilizing the power of darkness to promptly dispatch enough of them to make the next monster think twice about attacking.

As we began asserting our dominance throughout the area, we stumbled upon something interesting behind another huge monster. It was a hole in the ground that led much deeper than we had expected. What better to do with the unknown then explore it?

There were a few bats and monsters we had to fight on our way down but it was no problem for us as our party consisted of two able-bodied Warriors and a meticulous Sorceress. With further investigation, we discovered that this place wasn’t just any ordinary hole. It was in fact a completely fleshed out underground cavern filled with an insane amount of detail from top to bottom! Water had infiltrated the bottom of the area making the rocks very slippery. We had to make sure to watch our step!

Now of course with this being Black Desert, no cave is fun without enemies to fight, right? This place seemed to to be brimming with monsters who happened to noticed us as we tried to sneak our way in. Our Sorceress proved to be a force to be reckoned with as she defeated the waves of enemies by herself leaving multiple bodies in her wake.

Two Warriors aren’t about to be showed up by one measly Sorceress! Armed with extra sharp swords and sturdy shields along with earth shaking strength, it’s time they initiated hack and slash mode to shred everything in their path!

As we fought our way deeper into this cave, we saw a lot of really cool details that were aesthetically pleasing. We eventually came into a wide open clearing with a lot of mine-able ores and even a few captured soldiers! Some of them looked like they were tortured pretty badly in an effort to get any information about the Calpheon army. We made sure to pay back the monsters for any harm done to them!

We had unfortunately bit off a little more than we were able to chew as we entered what appeared to be their dining area. After making sure they weren’t cooking any of our fellow citizens, we ended up getting overrun by the sheer amount of them. This resulted in the death of one of our Warriors.

It was at this point we decided it would be best for us to escape and not let our friends’ sacrifice go in vain. We fought and struggled our way through hordes of enemies looking for an exit as quickly as possible since supplies were running out. This cave, being as massive as it is, had multiple pathways for which to get lost, so we had to make sure to keep track of the places we had come from. Thankfully we noticed the traces of light from outside shining into the cave up ahead. Using our last reserves of stamina, we sprinted as fast as we could away from the pursuing enemies.

We finally escaped the cave with our bodies intact and headed back towards the capital city of Calpheon to tell of our adventures.

The exploration of such a large and detailed area that was not instanced was quite a refreshing experience! You can be sure to expect more content like this with the future release of the game especially in the new areas. For those of you who prefer to see this cave in video, click here. Make sure to check back in with us over at soon for the big announcement regarding Korean open beta and release schedules along with more news and information!


Vendredi 5 décembre 2014
Special System Features and Story


While the combat and gameplay of Black Desert Online looks extremely fun, the game isn't it just about kicking ass! PearlAbyss and Daum just revealed a new trailer showing off some of the system features of the game. I've highlighted most of the features below for easier viewing along with the new story trailer below. I'd also like to mention that the NA/EU version is slated back to a release date of 2015 view more in my latest Black Desert Online Open Beta FAQ.

Mount Features

    Wild Horse Taming
    Mounted Combat
    Various Skill System for Horse
    Horse Breeding (Exchange Skills and Unique Color Outcome)
    Various Horse Armor Pieces
    Horse Auction System

Culture and Life Features

    Trade System
    NPC Trade System and Manual Labor Delivery
    Farming Mode
    Wild Life Gathering
    Leather Skin Hunting
    Wood Chop Mode
    Armor Crafting
    Black Smithing (Weapon Repair)
    Ok, I lost count...

Water and Sea Features

    "Nice Boat" System
    Big Boats? Briefly Shown at 3:50
    Classic Fishing Mini Game
    Spear or Crossbow Fish Hunting
    Hidden Islands with Treasure Hunting
    Naval Combat

Housing System

    Instanced and Non-instanced Houses
    Furniture System
    Intractable Furniture
    Custom Housing

Pet System

    More Cats
    Really Cute Cats
    Pet Emotes
    Falcons (Discover Hidden Areas)

NPC Interaction

    Relationship Points
    Reward Players with Special Items
    NPC Favors
    Stealing from NPC's (Increases your Karma)
    NPC Linking System
    New Player Emotes

Extra Features World

    Real-time Day and Night fluid transitions
    Real-time Weather System
    Rain affects environment (Wet Buildings and Characters Clothes)
    One Big Open Seamless World
    No Zoning
    No Teleporting
    No Instances

Developer: PearlAbyss
Publisher: Daum NA/EU/KR | GameNet RU
Korean Game Site
Russian Game Site


Vendredi 5 décembre 2014
Daum to bring Black Desert next year to the western market


Yes, it’s true.

Black Desert is coming much earlier than expected to the European and North American markets. Daum Games CEO Sean Hong announced on a press conference that their goal is to bring Black Desert to the western market in 2015! Brian Oh from Pearl Abyss also confirmed this to us today.

The reason why Daum is bringing the game to Europe and North America prematurely is probably because of the increased hype and positive feedback from the western community. Daum is actually a Korean publisher, but they decided to expand to the west because they couldn’t find a suitable publisher in EU/NA for Black Desert. Since Daum is publishing the game in Korea as well, we can assume that Black Desert is going to be a Free-to-Play title, just as it is in Korea. Let’s hope that Daum can meet the appointed day.


Vendredi 5 décembre 2014
New Trailer Introducing Unique Activities


Are you tired of grinding? Are you the type of player who prefers the excitement of being a sophisticated alchemist, a renown chef or even a legendary… whaler?! If you’re interested in any of the mentioned activities, Pearl Abyss has just recently published a video showcasing a plethora of side activities within Black Desert and yes, it really does include whaling!

Pearl Abyss has kept quiet since the end of the 3rd closed beta, but from the latest trailer, it seemed to be a for a good reason! They have apparently been hard at work creating plenty of fun experiences for the player besides their insanely impressive combat system. For starters, they have apparently bought the total count to 42 different horse breeds! This may help players who are seeking a unique, four-legged combat partner to do some improved mounted combat with.  Not just sticking to horses, they have also added in camels and elephants to the mix, the latter of which can seat up to three players!

They have thankfully included brand new wagon/cart models which may help with the transportation of finer trade goods or maybe even enforce some not so welcome player interaction due to the curiosity of what might be on board. One of the most notable additions is the various player controlled ships and the ability to be a whaler! Within the trailer, players were seen climbing upon the side of deceased whales in order to harvest whale meat. There was also a glimpse of a very interesting mini-game with smaller fish involving a spear gun. With the addition of various ships and even naval combat, this could be an indication that life at sea may become a completely plausible game style.

For the fashionistas, Pearl Abyss definitely couldn’t leave you guys hanging as they have included brand new impressive clothing models. It came with compliments to the improved housing and furniture systems. Thanks to some of the newly added pets such as pugs and  falcons, it looks like we’ll definitely be seeing players fulfilling the nomadic role within this medieval world. If you were on the fence about Black Desert before, now may be the time for you to hop on over!

Are there any activities you can see yourself doing? Be sure to express these thoughts over on our forums!


Jeudi 4 décembre 2014
Media Conference, new Videos and Screenshots


The korean media conference for Black Deserts Open Beta announcement is over. Pearl Abyss released a new video which shows the over-worked combat system and the gameplay mechanics for the Ranger, Sorcerer, Warrior and Giant.

PA also published some photos from the Media Conference.






Another video which shows the Character Creation in the Open Beta has been released as well.

At last, tons of new screenshots, found on the new korean website of Black Desert.



Mercredi 3 décembre 2014
Black Desert Online FAQ and AMA Ask Me Anything


Black Desert Online Open Beta is just around the corner and I have been receiving numerous questions about the current state of the game, how to get in beta, what are the requirements, and all that stuff! While I don't have the answer to every question, I will try my best to answer them all! Have a question? Feel free to ask me anything Black Desert Online related below or my Steparu Facebook Page.

Black Desert Online Localization and Account Related Questions

Q: Is the Korean Open Beta IP blocked?

A: All of the previous Closed Betas did not have an IP block. However, the Open Beta "might" have one. I will find out since I do live outside of South Korea.

Q: Will this game ever come to NA/EU or other regions?

A: Yes, in fact I just finished testing GameNet's Black Desert Russian Friends & Family version! The game will also come out NA/EU published by DAUM who is also the same publishing company as the Korean version.

Q: When will I be able to test the NA/EU version of the game?

A: NA/EU version was previously slated for a late 2015 release. However, DAUM needs to setup a NA/EU branch and is now looking for an early 2016 release. If you ask me and I had to guess the game will be in Closed Beta 2015 for NA/EU and a release date of 2016!

Q: What the TRUCK why is it taking so long?

A: If I had to guess, it might be because the Korean version will only have 4 playable classes. NA/EU players would want something more polished. Perhaps by the time the NA/EU version is released. It might have all playable characters perfected, ready, and balanced. Just speculation though!

Q: I can't wait that long OMG how do I play Korean please please now..!?.alskdjfslajfd

A: Creating a Korean DAUM account is FREE. However, playing Black Desert Online requires a Korean Cell Phone or I-pin Online Identification.

Q: FML is there really no other way to participate in the Open Beta outside of South Korea?

A: In the previous betas users working with Media Outlets were able to apply for five accounts. Pearl Abyss nor Daum hasn't mentioned if this will be possible for Open Beta. The other viable option is to seek out a Korean friend to help you get in beta for complete account control. Others may purchase from third party sites, but may risk in account deletion or retraction.

Q: Will the Korean version have an English language option?

A: Being published by the same company in both NA/EU and KR. The Korean version of Black Desert Online will most likely have Korean text only or else everyone will just find a way to import the Korean version instead of waiting for the NA/EU version. Data miners can probably find English text in the data.

Q: Payment Model?

A: The Korean version is F2P. The NA/EU/RU versions is still undecided.

Q: When is the next Russian Black Desert Closed Beta Test?

A: Sorry, I don't know. I will update this post when I find out.

Q: Do you think the Russian version will have an English option available?

A: My reply would be somewhat similar to the Korean version. In addition to someone making a fan English patch if there are enough players playing supporting it. However, the DAUM NA/EU may ask for a halt in the project since the wait isn't that long.

Q: Is there a corporate webpage for Daum NA/EU already?

A: I don't think they have setup an English hub or "Daum Communications" NA/EU site yet. The Korean one can be found at You can find the latest updates on the official PearlAbyss Black Desert English Page.

Q: The new Open Beta changes made a lot of NA/EU players rage, what are your thoughts?

A: Hmm, never really thought about it. I just want to play! The publishers said that they adjusted content based on Korean community feedback since it's OBT in South Korea. I'm in one of the most active PvP Guilds since the first beta and they didn't really mind the level 50 PvP restrictions since that was considered a soft cap. Developers reassures that the content will be different for NA/EU versions. Was a bit sad no new job though, Tamer please (='-')/") no point in sulking or crying, since I'll end up playing the game especially when I am not busy testing other Korean games!


Black Desert Online Game Related Questions

Q: Is there any way to turn off the camera seizure effects?

A: Yes, there is a separate slider for both camera shake and skill effects that can be toggled from 1 to 100! It's not so bad when you're actually playing the game, but the fast-paced gameplay and Youtube compression makes the videos weird.

Q: Why are the mobs glowing christmas colors in the latest trailer?

A: Uhh, I am not sure what it is. It looks like debuff effects on proc like green is poisoned, orange is stunned, etc.

Q: Is this game gender locked?

A: Yes, the game is currently gender locked.

Q: Who are the playable characters in the Korean Open Beta?

A: The Korean Open Beta will consist of the four playable characters Sorceress, Giant, Ranger, and Warrior. The future playable characters will be released one at a time through game updates and I've made a small mini poster below for those wondering what they look like!

Q: I can't help but notice the horrible blur FOV in your NO UI videos, is there any way to fix it?

A: Yes! You can find some of the Hidden UI commands below.

    Ctrl+Shift+UP/DOWN = Color Filter (Ex. Sepia, B&W, etc.)
    Ctrl+Shift+LEFT = Toggle Camera Staring
    Ctrl+Shift+RIGHT = Toggle Film/Noise Effect
    Shift+UP/DOWN = Adjust FOV Blur
    Shift+RIGHT/LEFT = Tilt Camera

Black Desert Online Random Questions


Q: What class are you looking forward to play the most?

A: I've wanted to play Tamer for the longest time, but I suppose I will have to wait until next year. I will probably end up playing a Sorceress for Open Beta.

Q: With all your Hardware , did you feel sometimes i.e: sieges a lack of FPS? or some Visual Bugs? is the Game well optimized?

A: That's a good question! I've posted my PC Specs below to help answer this question better. I didn't really run into any crazy visual bugs though my friends reported some weird ones during character creation. I had a stable 60FPS on 1920x1080 resolution and was able to run the game just fine at 1440p or 4k resolution capped at 30FPS. My FPS took a huge dip during GvG and Large Sieges 60FPS to 20FPS no lower. Unplayable would be slideshow 5-10FPS, but my rig seemed managed to survive. As for the game optimization, it was a lot better during the first few betas, not so good during the last test. Perhaps it will be better during the Open Beta.

    Steparu PC Specs 2012-2014

      CPU: i7 3770k OC'ed to 4.2GHZ (Air Cooled)
      GPU: GTX Titan
      RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600MHz
      HD1: 500GB SSD
      HD2: 500GB SSD

Q: I haven't watched that many gameplay videos, but they all seem to show that your restricted to camera aiming - Is it possible(through options?) to use directional(WASD) aiming a la Vindictus rather than mouse-restricted?

A: Other than gamepad controller support, I'm not sure if there is anyway to change the directional aiming other than the mouse alone, though you might be able to re-bind keys. I posted a video below showing off how skills are executed and how it combos with the directional WASD keys. 

Keep em Going!

Developer: PearlAbyss
Publisher: Daum NA/EU/KR | GameNet RU
Korean Game Site
Russian Game Site


Mardi 2 décembre 2014
Open Beta Dates are Announced

According to the Korean press conference that happened this morning (Korean time), the Open Beta will start 17th of December.


The conference is still ongoing. Although the news already leaked out with the exact date of the OBT, we learned that people will have a head start for downloading the game and creating their character. The download date will start on the 10th of December, and you will be able to create your character from the 12th – 15th of December. A date for the release is not confirmed yet. The only thing we have heard from our partners was that the release will be few days later, and the characters won’t be deleted.

Apart from the dates, they have also uploaded a brand new video. We can see new monsters and a new hit detection system. Hopefully the new monsters will be a confirmation of the new areas as well. Unfortunately we were unable to see new classes within the trailer. Does that mean OBT will yet again have only 4 classes? Or are they saving the big surprise for last?

Also they had stated that there are a lot of changes compared to CBT3. The fishing system has been revamped, as well as the confirmation that the new Olbia town will be a starting village. There will be brand new guild quests, a new title system, and unfortunately they will keep the channel system they had in CBT3 in which each channel will have the capacity of 5000 characters. There will be also be a cash shop with micro-transactions, but they are not clarifying what kind of items we will see there.
Another notable change is the increase of the required level to unlock PvP, which is 50 now. It also appears that none of the remaining classes will be available to play in the Open Beta. The Tamer and 3 more classes will be introduced in 2015. The new Region Media will come in Q1 2015, followed by Valencia in late 2015.

Open Beta Trailer


Mardi 2 décembre 2014
Black Desert Online F2P and Shop Features Speculation


Hearing F2P makes players worry, but if I had to speculate the cash shop items was already present during the final test. A "special NPC" sold various items shown in the images below that was purchasable by in game currency and perhaps will become a cash shop feature or a mixture of both later on. PearlAbyss reassures the community during the live conference announcing that there will be no "balance breaking items" in the cash shop.

Cash Shop Stuff (Speculation)


These items ranged from cosmetic armor, skill reset for characters, skill reset for horses, dye packages, single dye packs, increase inventory size,  change horse name, black cat pass, and more. While the Korean version is F2P the payment models for the NA/EU and Russian version of Black Desert Online is still undecided.


Developer: PearlAbyss
Publisher: Daum
Game Site


Mardi 2 décembre 2014
Black Desert Online Open Beta on December 17th


The official Open Beta for Korean version of Black Desert Online is scheduled to go live on December 17th. The Korean version of Black Desert Online will be Free To Play with Cash Shop system. I've listed the upcoming schedule below along with early character creation and download information.

Above you will find the new trailer showing off character creation and Black Desert's fast-paced action combat! It looks like no new classes playable during the OBT and the chances of that happening looks slim with the new trailer above showing the basic four. I believe the new characters will be available next year as new areas are unlocked. Open Beta will be limited to the areas in the previous test and new areas will unlock during the 1st Quarter of 2015 and another area during the 3rd Quarter of 2015.

Black Desert Pre-Download
December 10th

Black Desert Early Character Creation (Thank Goodness!)
December 12th to 15th

Black Desert Online Open Beta~!
December 17th

New Content and Changes

    Added New NPC Gestures and Voices
    New Starting Village Olbia
    New Area Mediah the Trade Nation
    PVP is now LEVEL 50
    Trade System Changes
    Some Fishing Stuff
    Gathering time decreased
    Death penalties decreased (?)
    Guild System Changes
    Changes in Knowledge System
    New Achievements and Titles
    Adventure Log or Player Journal
    Channels System (If there are too many players.)


Developer: PearlAbyss
Publisher: Daum
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