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Mardi 30 septembre 2014
Black Desert Online Final Test Review


The Black Desert Online final test has kept me busy during the past few weeks amongst many other games. I told myself that I would play this game casually so that I don't burn out before release day, but that didn't go as planned. I ended up with a strict schedule of eat, sleep, and play Black Desert.

Quests and Leveling Up - To Quest or Not to Quest

The most efficient way to level up is to grind like crazy and complete worthwhile side quests along the way. The Black Spirit quests rewards items and enchanting stones. All of the other quests are not so important unless you want contribution points used for purchasing houses, unlocking trade points, rental equipment, and more. Pearl Abyss added new mini quests in this beta where you can collect a certain amount of items from the monsters and turn it in for money. This solves some of the financial issues players run into while leveling up, as long as they are farming at the right places and not vendoring the item drops. I wasn't concerned on getting to level 50 right away so I did a lot of side quests here and there between my grinding sessions.

An alternative way to level up fast during the final test was to perform manual labor through commerce trading though it was slightly nerfed a few days after everyone went Oregon Trail crazy. Buying NPC trade items from one town and selling it to the other for a higher price. The only down side to this system is that you won't have enough skill points. On the bright side, you will have a ton of money!


Open Seamless World and Graphics - Amazing Feature at What Cost?

One of the many features that I love about Black Desert Online is the high quality seamless world partnered up with perfect day and night transitions. Pearl Abyss did a fine job with the real-time lightning features that actually looks good not half-assed like some other MMORPG's where it's instantly morning followed by instant noon then nighttime darkness. Overall it's a very pleasant experience. Nighttime areas look splendid and there are specific times when areas are going to be completely pitch black until the moon reveals itself. Weather conditions also play a big role when it comes down to the lightning of certain areas. Pearl Abyss also added special effects to the environment such as heavy rain adding random puddles on the map, wet textures to buildings, and player equipment reacting to rain. Graphics improvement doesn't just stop there alone. Whenever your armor's durability drops, you will start noticing random gash marks and chipped off pieces, which is nice because you can't be shiny forever. However, if you want your equipment back to its pristine state, you will have to repair it via blacksmith NPC's.

Being an 18+ game, the game has a lot of blood when slaying certain monsters such as Humanoids and monsters alike. Kill enough enemies and your equipment will become drenched in blood... like extremely bloody. Now taking all of what I have explained so far when you're out on the field killing stuff your equipment can become extremely worn out, bloody, and soaked in water. Amazing right? Now for the big boohoo. I'll be honest, it's no secret that Black Desert has a pop-in texture problem. I'm not sure if this is a latency thing playing from USA or just general feature because rumors say that this game is supposedly going to get ported over to console. Either way it's not much of problem for me, but a certain amount of my viewers find it a bit disturbing. Perhaps they will improve it later on so deal with it for now and moving on!


GvG - Breaking Down the Mechanics and Penalties

The GvG system was a bit different compared to the previous betas because each guild must build a Command Center within the GvG Area. A Command Center acts as a respawn point for a fallen guild member. If the command center is destroyed, they can no longer win rights to obtain Calpheon the large city. It's an all out FFA guild war so it's best to find a spot where the Command Center won't get flanked or backdoor'ed by other players. There is no built in alliance system so guilds are forced to form a "player made alliance based on trust" where they agree to not attack each other until the end. Of course, it doesn't always end well as we have had random guilds backstab us during the past few betas. I would have had a better GvG experience if I actually lived in South Korea and played without lag. As you can see there are times when I try to grab players, but they are already a few steps away from me. I didn't expect to kill many players as I have gone full tank mode and support with +7 equips and a few pieces at +9. Soaking in damage for the team! Death is imminent once a player gets knocked down heck you can see my HP drop from full to almost dead and I am a tank. Imagine what it is like if an Ranger or Sorceress gets knocked down, not even potion spam can save them unless they are decked out in full +10 gear.

The penalty and karma system plays a huge role in GvG. If your guild as at a negative Karma for killing players during non GvG hours, then you're most likely to drop equipment, lose enchants on equipment, drop potions, items in inventory, and if you're extremely unlucky with high Karma your equipped items. I invited a guest player Furia from community to join my guild raid and he managed to pick up a +9 Sword, +6 Shield and amongst other things. A very scary penalty for some players, is this game too hardcore for others?! Honestly, I would tableflip if I lost my equipment in this matter. Would I quit? Nope, because I can farm it all back in less than week with energy drinks and gold farmer mode. The severe loss of equipment penalty might be from players who have PK'ed several innocent players. However, I can confirm that I have lost the extra equipment that I was carrying upon death during GvG. Guild Karma is separate from the Normal Player Karma which only affects yourself, so make sure both is at a positive or you'll risk losing items upon death.


Other guilds went out of their way to troll my guild when it came down to abusing the Karma system. They would purposely turn on PvP mode and suicide jump in on the line of fire to get PK'ed by my guild members. That player would die instantly and our guild Karma would shoot up for PK'ing that player. Once our Guild Karma is at a negative score the penalties start kicking in. Having negative Karma will have a big impact in GvG because of the penalty system mentioned in the previous paragraph. The only way to bring Karma back up to a positive state is to farm guild quests which usually takes an hour or so to complete. Guild war preparation also takes a lot of time because players must manually collect materials for barricades to wall off the Command Center. Also, crafting the higher tier Cannons which does a ton of damage during siege war! A guild member of mine made a short Cannon video below.

1v1 Arena PvP - Challenge Accepted!

As much as I wanted to practice a lot of the 1v1 PvP content, I spent most of my time farming upgrade/enchanting stones and preparing for the final war. Black Desert Online offers various open world PvP Arena's where players can practice 1v1 fights without penalties. The only downside is that you will have to spend some money on potions to heal yourself to full each session. Given you can SPAM potions in this game most players agree not to use potions during their duels. You can find more PvP videos from my friends Korean tournament here. I doubt they are going change how the potion system works because of the enchanting system. Players with good equipment are able to drop players in less than 10-20 seconds especially if they proc various stuns, knockdown, and disables one after the other.

Enchanting System - How does it affect class balance?

Honestly, I don't even know about class balancing anymore because of the enchanting system. Pearl Abyss is extremely working hard on class balancing because they would always nerf or buff skills daily during the final test. Is it enough? Perhaps it is, but it's extremely hard to balance content when everyone is upgraded. Which is one of the reasons why I spent most of my time farming during the final test. Like most MMORPG's enchanting gear is very rewarding and it plays a big role in PvP survival. I just wish the developers would add more ways to obtain enchanting stones other than purely grinding monsters and one time mainstory quests.

I've actually grown used the enchanting system in this game. When enchants fail your item loses -5 durability so instead of 100/100 dura item, it will become 95/95. Fail enough times and your item will become a useless 1/1 max durability piece of equipment. The only wait to get its max durability back to how it was is to sacrifice the same type of item that isn't enchanted. No more raging when enchants go down from +10 to +9! The only time you're going to lose enchants on your equipment is by dying with negative Karma.


Dye System - Can't become too fabulous!

Becoming extremely fabulous in Black Desert Online is challenging mainly because you're not going to see super hot red armor or shiny sparkly colors on armor like you would normally see on Vindictus which isn't bad a thing. It would be extremely awkward and out of place to see a full neon green Knight running around. I believe the dye system might be a cash shop feature later on, but for now players are able to purchase dyes from a specific NPC. You can find out more information by checking my dye video description below.

Horse Taming - Catch'em and Breed'em

The horse taming system is still a lot of fun! Female horses is extremely so if you ever catch one make sure you start breeding with other horses from the stables. Breeding horses grants the player a new horse with a different set of skin and skills. That's pretty much the only way you can obtain special colored horses with super stats.

End Game PvE Content - Not Looking so Bright

While the game does offer a lot of optional PvE content, Black Desert Online is still lacking in the team-based PvE End Game department. Either Pearl Abyss is saving all the PvE end game content for Open Beta or this game is heavily PvP oriented. The only PvE end game I have done during the past few betas is world boss hunting and I decided to skip out on that this beta to focus on PvP related content. You will just have to wait for Open Beta! I will definitely share some crazy boss battles and write about it in the future. Players were only given access to 1/4th of the world shown below. If players could reach the max level in this area alone then that leaves end game content in the other areas? I will get to the bottom of it!


BUGS - Squish Them ALL!

It ain't a beta without some bugs, right?! There are times when I got stuck on random places or endless rubber banding stuck in one place. It might be a latency issue playing a Korean game from the US. Either way, there are some fun bugs around like the one shown below. I haven't ran across any game breaking bugs or exploits just yet. Not sure if air swimming would count as one? Shucks, I should have swam towards the sky!

Conclusion - LGTM

I could go on forever and write about the various features this game has to offer, but I will save it for the future. I am planning on making this game my new main MMORPG so expect a lot of videos and articles about Black Desert Online in the future. The game is scheduled to be release this year in South Korea and the wait shouldn't be that long with only a few months left. I will most likely try one of the two new classes so look forward to seeing more Black Desert adventures from me soon. Thanks for reading and please support me by Subscribing to my Youtube and Facebok Page! Thanks~

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Vendredi 26 septembre 2014
Closed Beta 3 - Our initial impression


Now that we approach the halftime of the 3rd Closed Beta of Black Desert Online, we believe it’s appropriate to present you our findings, as well as, our impression as to how the game performed so far. This article serves as a prelude of a greater series of CBT3 related articles to come, covering a broad spectrum of the testing phase itself, but also the reactions of our very own community. As stated several times before, this Closed Beta Test features several changes and additions, which we all gladly awaited to experience and finally got the chance to.

The most noticeable change lies in the character creation mode of the game itself, while our in-depth review from CBT2 is still relevant, we had our Team Member Ike go quickly through the updated character creation mode, to point us those very differences. Pearl Abyss took a huge step forward implementing several new customization options allowing for a better player-character identification and simultaneously increasing the player level of immersion!

A HUGE addition to the game is the existence of point to click movement in Black Desert Online. A few of you might be wondering, why on earth would there be a point to click movement system complimenting the already existing WASD movement & Action targeting of Black Desert Online? The answer is a complex one; it all comes down to more options =  more possibilities and we here at welcome it! As we came to realize through a user in our forums, he was actually wishing and looking forward, that Black Desert Online will be user-friendly towards physically disabled Players, who can only use their mouse when engaging their PC. This was a pleasant surprise for him, as well as, us and this is why we share this with you.

We’ve been also exploring the differences on solo-playing vs party-playing and you can see some gameplay footage on how party-playing looks like below; the party consists of a Sorceress, a Warrior and a Giant. There’s a lot more to come on thism  in terms of ingame footage, but also in upcoming podcasts!

Last, if you wondered how swimming will look like on Black Desert Online, then the video below is for you!


Mardi 16 septembre 2014
Black Desert Online Final Test


The final Black Desert Online winners have been selected and the servers is set to go live in less than 24 hours! I'm probably not going to hardcore the final test like I did with the 2nd beta because I want to save all my stamina for the Open Beta phase later this year. I'll keep everyone posted on my adventures, so expect some new stuff! I played too much Sorcereress during the last test, so I will definitely try something new this time around.


Black Desert Testing Schedule

    September 17~28th
    Servers are up 24 hours
    (Unless maintainence or scheduled updates/patches.)

NDA Information

    Uploading videos is allowed.
    Streaming is NOT allowed.

Pearl Abyss mentions that uploading videos is allowed, but real-time streaming is not allowed and may subject to account termination. This applies to both Media News Press Account and Normal User Accounts. Other than that, if you ever need help with translations or looking to play with others then make sure you visit the English Black Desert Community Forum or follow the links below.


Black Desert CBT Community/Guides: Link
Black Desert Beta Countdown:
High-Resolution Images CBT3:

Developer: Pearl Abyss
Publisher: DAUM
Game Site:


Lundi 15 septembre 2014
Closed Beta 3 de Black Desert Online - Les changements

A l'approche de la beta qui commencera dans 2 jours, voici la liste des changements que la beta apporte.

Alors que la CBT2 nous avait laissé sur notre faim sur de nombreux points (Le teamplay, le nombre de classes, le housing totalement instancié...), la CBT3 vient là pour tenter de régler certains de ces problèmes... Mais en apporte d'autres.

Sans plus attendre le changelog :

    La CBT3 sera ouverte 24h/24h 7j/7j
    Plus de 8000 quêtes ont été ajoutées. (Commission quests comme ils les appellent, donc en rapport avec le commerce)
    Le black spirit donne maintenant plus de 130 quêtes.
    Si votre personnage ne possède pas les prérequis pour faire une quête alors que votre second personnage le peu, vous pouvez utiliser votre second personnage pour compléter la quête.
    Toutes les classes ont été revu. (Rebalanced)
    Ajout et modification de temps de cooldown.
    Il est possible d'utiliser un skill en CD, mais le joueur et le skill auront des pénalités, comme moins de dégats ou moins d'effets. (Debuff qui passe moins / moins fort...)
    Il y a 3 type de boss. "Field", "Summoned" et "Quest Summoned".
    Les boss "Field" spawn naturellement dans la nature. Ils sont généralement plus fort que les autres types de boss et donnent de meilleures récompenses.
    Les boss "Summoned" sont invoqués par des joueurs ou par une quête. Ils sont généralement plus faibles et donnent peu de récompenses voir rien. Uniquement le joueur / le groupe ayant invoqué le boss peuvent le voir et l'affronter. Tous les autres groupes autour ne verront qu'une silhouette et ne seront pas en mesure de frapper le boss.
    L'IA des mobs a été améliorée. Leurs réactions ont été aussi débugguées pour régler le problème de "lag". (Qui était de 1-2 secondes pendant la CBT2)
    On peut maintenant mettre des teintures sur son armure.
    On peut maintenant nager.
    Des channels ont été ajoutés. (Vu le peu d'info que l'on a, je ne mets rien d'autre. Ça reste très flou.)
    Nouveau système de commerce.
    Des zones de PvP ont été ajoutées dans les villes où l'on peut s'entrainer à PvP sans pénalité. (Une sorte d'arêne donc, non instanciée, sans gain)
    Système de familier (Pet)
    Les PK recevront une pénalité. Les NPC auront une réaction différente et on apparaîtra "rouge". Le temps qu'il faut pour sortir du mode PK (Red donc) a été augmenté. Si le joueur meurt en étant PK, il réapparaîtra dans une "node" aléatoire éloigné.
    Support de DirectX 11.

Voilà pour le changelog, de bonnes choses et d'autres beaucoup moins bonnes. Comme lors de la CBT2, il y aura surement d'autres choses qui vont changer / être ajoutées.

On remerciera Yemanjà et Mister Bam (Pas sur JoL) pour la traduction du changelog.

Pour finir, une vidéo, fait par un fan, bien plus belle que celles que nous livre Pearl Abyss !


Samedi 13 septembre 2014
Closed Beta Test 3 changes to lay a foundation of future succes

Pearl Abyss has worked hard on processing the data gathered during the 1st and 2nd closed beta tests of Black Desert Online and now plans on intorducing this processed feedback into the upcoming closed beta test 3. The changes and adjustmens implemented affect the whole spectrum of the games’ gameplay and lay the foundation towards polishing the current version by ironing out one by one the problems that were considered a limiting factor of gamining joy.

To begin with, contrary to what was the case in CBT2, CBT3 servers will be open on a 24/7 basis for all of the 12-day period of this test run. This is of great importance, as increases the accumulated hours of game-play which in turn translates to more feedback by the players. On a side-note, this will, also, make things less complicated for us, since testers from the West won’t be restrained by the time-difference and as such will be able to conduct their own proper testing agenda.

Furthermore, the role of the  black spirit, which serves as an early Guide to the Player and goes on to be a travelling companion who offers quests at critical moments of the Characters leveling process, has been improved, too, to offer more than 130 Quests! It is a definite step forward for Black Desert Online, because the addition of more quests means, that Players won’t be necessarily required to wander around the world aimlessly, plus the level of immersion will be increased even more.

The Developers, as they expressed in the various interviews, invested a lot of energy on the subject of “Class-Balancing”. The strengths and weaknesses of all Classes have been taken into consideration and the degree of effectiveness of a specific class’ role should have been either enhanced or brought down to acceptable levels, we will investigate more into it during the CBT3. Among the most notable class-balancing specific changes is that of the skills and their cooldown. Most skills and their cooldowns have been adjusted to more competitive levels and a very neat feature has been added; skills can be used while their cooldown is still counting, but their effectiveness will be reduced in relation to how much of the cooldown is remaining and the Player will be affected by certain negatives as well.

Additional Boss Monsters have been added and they now exist in the following categories:

    Field: you’ll find these out in the open world; they’re much harder the the normal monsters and offer several precious rewards after having been slain.
    Summoned: Summoned boss monsters are summoned by players or quests. They are generally weaker and give little to no rewards. ONLY the player/party that summoned the boss may fully see and fight the boss. All other parties in the vicinity will see a silhouette and will not be able to engage in combat with the boss.
    Quest Summoned: These Boss-type Monsters are being summoned, whenever the quests’ storyline requires them to appear.

The AI of monsters in general has been also improved! Their action time has been improved to fix the 1-2 second lag in action response timings. Also, as stated before, swimming (and limited diving) has been implemented, as well as, the ability to color your Characters armor.

Some more radical changes are the implementation of “channels”, also known as “shards” in other games. These channels serve as parallel universes, to avoid questing places getting crowded. Also, Player Killers (PK’ers) will receive penalties. The NPC’s will act differently around you and you will appear red. The time it takes for the “red” state to disappear has been lengthened. If the player dies while the “red” state is in effect, the player will be resurrected in a random node rather than the closest one.

We’ll provide you with additional information on the additional changes to be found in CBT3 in the near future!


Mercredi 3 septembre 2014
Black Desert Online Final Test Prelude Trailer and Updated Testing Schedule

Pearl Abyss just released a new trailer a few hours ago showing off a short glimpse of various production and life skills the game has to offer ranging from fishing, hunting, mining, smithing, alchemy, chopping wood, NPC trading, and more. I also added the updated the testing schedule and a couple new high-resolution images!

New Black Desert High-Resolution Images


Black Desert Recruiting Phase

    September 2nd~11th
    Winners Announced on 15th

Black Desert Testing Scheduled

    September 17th~28th

Black Desert CBT Sign Up:




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