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Dimanche 2 février 2014
Black Desert Coming to Russia!

Exciting news for the Russian fanbase of Black Desert! Pearl Abyss has announced that a Russian publisher has been found, and localization of Black Desert is currently in process. Featured is the full interview with

Q: Have you chosen the publisher to localize Black Desert for the Russian market?

Yes, we have chosen the Russian publisher, but at the moment we can’t disclose the name of the company due to several internal reasons. Nevertheless, Black Desert will be published in Russia, much earlier than in North America or EU. We hope that our Russian partner will make the announcement soon.

Q: What qualities did you take in consideration when choosing the Russian partner?

The most important factor for us was the publisher’s experience on the Russian MMO market, and how well the company is familiar with the Russian users. Considering these factors, we are fully satisfied with our choice.

Q: Have you already decided on a monetization system for Russia? Will it be different from the Korean version?

Regarding the monetization system, we studied several aspects together. We still have to discuss the details with our Russian publisher so everything will depend on the outcome of these discussions. Perhaps the monetization system will be different.

Q: Does the Korean side intend to control the quality and localization services provided by the Russian publisher?

Every localization responsibility rests on the publisher. Pearl Abyss will do everything that is possible to support the publisher in order to create the highest quality Black Desert localization for the Russian players.

How often will you update the Russian version with the latest Korean patches?

We got a lot of feedback from Russian players, and we already know about their desires and interests for Black Desert. So, we will do our best to update the Russian version as soon as possible after adding some updates to the Korean version. In sight of this, we plan to work closely with our partner.





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