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Jeudi 24 octobre 2013
Closed Beta 1 ends on a high and heading to G-Star 2013

Closed Beta 1 for Black Desert ended successfully in Korea yesterday, and you can have a look at my short journey as a Sorceress and Giant with gameplay videos. Perhaps the online game I played with the best graphics for the past few years, Black Desert received 150,000 applications for just 5,000 slots.

Black Desert - Closed Beta 1 screenshot 1
Black Desert - Closed Beta 1 screenshot 2

With several big companies skipping G-Star 2013, Black Desert will definitely be 1 of the main highlights of the show under publisher Daum. It will be the first time the game will be in the consumer hall, as they hid behind over at the business area last year. I can’t wait for Closed Beta 2!

Daum G-Star 2013


Mercredi 23 octobre 2013
Looking at Closed Beta 1 through the eyes of a Giant

After the adventure as a Sorceress a few days back, I decided to turn my focus to the Giant character. A hulking, walking piece of muscle mass, his weapon of choice are the double axes. Once again, there are few character customization options in Closed Beta 1, which will be enhanced later.

While the Sorceress is dependable on mana pots, the Giant fills up his bar by performing continuous normal attacks. It is something like a rage bar, which will then allow skills to be used. This is much more convenient and cheaper for sure, selecting just the hp potion for all quest rewards.

For normal quests, there is no auto-route, but for certain quests which requires talking to another NPC, a direction arrow will surround player when clicking on the quest guide, with a ray of light on the NPC as well. Something strange though, after completing “kill X” quests, there isn’t an arrow to guide players back to the quest NPC…

Black Desert - Catching a sheep

As mentioned earlier, Black Desert will feature a day and night system, with weathers such as fog, snow, typhoons and more. I ran into a giant thunderstorm (no pun intended), and you can see from the video below how visually impaired my character got. Impressive stuff!

On the day and night system, certain NPCs will not be available at certain times, and players will have to wait for them to return. For example, there is this skill NPC where I wanted to learn a new skill. Of course, he wasn’t there with his troops, and I had to wait around 30 minutes of real time!

Black Desert - Night
Black Desert - Day

Another note, players are currently not allowed to enter the deeper waters, which will cause them to lose chunks of hp. No actual swimming feature is implemented now, although the action can be down on land… Which is pretty hilarious. I am looking forward to what Closed Beta 2 will offer!


Samedi 19 octobre 2013
First impression of Closed Beta 1 with the Sorceress

First of all, everyone should be informed that Black Desert is just in its first Closed Beta phase, with the opposing gender and a couple more classes (like the Tamer and Samurai) not yet available, including in-depth character customization. With that, let’s head on to the basic content.

As a picky modern gamer who wants the first impression to count, Black Desert left me speechless the moment I first logged in. I was in my office (I have a day job) and using a rather gaming-unfriendly PC, with just a Nvidia GT630 graphics card. That definitely says a lot.

The Sorceress class was my first pick, although I was hoping the male version (below) was available. Nevertheless, she is very versatile, with spells ranging from melee to mid-range to long range. A left click will trigger close combat, while right click is reserved for the simple ranged energy balls.

Black Desert features a seamless world, meaning there is no loading of zones except during a couple of instances, such as dungeons. There are huge open world bosses as well, which you can see me die to in the videos here. Monsters do not really drop gears, and I only got less than 5 up till level 15.

There is an active day and night system, where time can be told at the top right corner. The lighting will change, along with shadows of course, but I have yet to see how this will affect the world on a bigger scale (night-exclusive monsters perhaps?). The environment is beautiful at any time, though.

Due to the language barrier (I am not Korean or Japanese despite the rumors), I have yet to try out the trading and NPC relationship systems. Still, this is only a first impression, and I am loving the open world combat part of it, together with the gorgeous graphics. More info to come!


Vendredi 18 octobre 2013
Our first Closed Beta Day

There it goes, our first day in Black Desert Online. We are more than impressed and we enjoyed every single second of the game. It’s a true visual masterpiece and the gameplay is just captivating. Within the next days, we will work on our Main Article about the Beta Event, commented gameplay videos and much more. Make sure to visit us regulary and subscribe to our Youtube Channel. Please check this forum post if you have any questions regarding the beta.

Have fun!


Jeudi 17 octobre 2013
En bêta, Black Desert Online dévoile sa cinématique d'introduction

Le bêta coréenne de Black Desert vient tout juste de débuter en Corée et sa cinématique d'introduction se dévoile en ligne.

On a noté le calendrier du studio Pearl Abyss : le bêta-test de Black Desert Online vient tout juste de débuter en Corée du Sud et alors que les serveurs ouvrent à peine, la presse locale en profite pour relayer la cinématique d'introduction du MMORPG posant la trame de l'univers. Elle est évidemment en coréen, mais à défaut d'en saisir les subtilités (on comprend que l'utilisation des black stones s'avèrent difficilement contrôlable), on pourra au moins apprécier la touche artistique du MMO.

Pour mémoire, les tests accueilleront les joueurs jusqu'au 23 octobre prochain et chaque jour, de nouvelles fonctionnalités devraient être testées : successivement, le système de quêtes, le housing, la gestion de guilde, de commerce ou encore les sièges de forteresses. La bêta n'étant soumise à aucune clause de confidentialité, on imagine qu'elle sera l'occasion d'en apprendre un peu plus sur le contenu et les mécaniques du jeu.


Mardi 8 octobre 2013
Nvidia technology revealed with system requirements

With the Korean Closed Beta for Black Desert starting in less than 10 days, developer PearlAbyss recently revealed the system requirements. Highlighted by the developer, the game will get more optimized down the road, with system requirements being lowered in future as well.

Black Desert system requirements

The extra note stated that for a better quality game, a 64-bit Windows OS is preferred. Adding to that, DirectX 11 is available to systems with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or better, while the TXAA technology will only be available for the Kepler-based GeForce GTX 600 series of graphics card or better.


Mercredi 2 octobre 2013
Black Desert ouvre son site officiel

Le bêta-test coréen de Black Desert débutera le 17 octobre. D'ici là, le site officiel définitif ouvre ses portes et le développeur Pearl Abyss précise le contenu des tests.

On a marqué la date d'une pierre blanche, du 17 au 23 octobre prochain, les serveurs sud-coréens de Black Desert Online ouvriront leurs portes aux premiers testeurs du MMO du studio Pearl Abyss. Dans un premier temps, 5000 joueurs sont attendus in-game et pour les recruter, le développeur lance finalement le site officiel du MMO (en lieu et place du dispositif en ligne jusqu'alors et dévolue plus volontiers aux appareils mobiles).

En plus d'y découvrir images et vidéos, ou encore de pouvoir commencer à télécharger le client de bêta-test (l'accès aux serveurs reste néanmoins réservé aux seuls ressortissants coréens) ou d'apprécier la configuration plutôt musclée nécessaire pour jouer (processeur Intel Core i5, 6Go de RAM, carte graphique GTX 650 ou Radeon HD 7770 recommandées), le site rappelle aussi quelques pans de gameplay. Selon Pearl Abyss, les testeurs auront besoin d'une trentaine d'heures de jeu pour espérer atteindre le niveau 40 (niveau maximum du bêta-test actuellement) que ce soit en remplissant les 270 quêtes disponibles à ce jour, en affrontant les bosses évoluant dans l'univers de jeu ou en participant au raids et autres sièges de forteresses.
Le développeur précise tout autant que la bêta sera l'objet de tester le comportement dynamique des personnages non joueurs. Leur comportement évolue par exemple en fonction de l'heure du jour et de la nuit (certains rechignent à sortir la nuit quand d'autres préfèrent l'obscurité), alors que les monstres adaptent aussi leur stratégie. Certaines créatures sont plus à l'aise la nuit, donc plus difficiles à vaincre dans la pénombre mais octroient donc plus d'expérience et de récompenses. Il faudra planifier ses assauts - dans Black Desert, le jour dure quatre heures réelles.




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