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Vendredi 22 mars 2019  
Offre spéciale dans la nouvelle mise à jour de mars !

Bonjour à vous, Erenorians !

De bonnes nouvelles arrivent !

Pour un temps limité, vous pouvez recevoir des cristaux manaclysmique supplémentaires en achetant des Packs Crédit spécifiques !

    Achetez le Pack Crédit à 49,99€ et recevez un bonus de +100 cristaux manaclysmique !
    Achetez le Pack Crédit à 99,99€ et recevez un bonus de +200 cristaux manaclysmique !

Chaque Pack Crédit avec le bonus supplémentaire est achetable une fois par compte jusqu’au 28 mars !

Pas besoin de vérifier votre vue, vous l’avez bien vue : Bonus cristaux manaclysmique !

Qu’est-ce que vous attendez ?


Jeudi 21 mars 2019  
Nous pensions aux manoirs

À partir du 21 mars 2019 et jusqu’au 4 avril 2019, cultivez votre propre haricot enchanté pour servir de base à votre maison. Si les maisons à haricots magiques ne vous “branchent” pas, vous pouvez vous procurer un Kitsu céleste et plus encore dans le Kit du débutant !

Un rêve de conte de fées devenu réalité

    Design : Haricot magique Manoir : 10000 Crédits

      Bonus : 400x Attestation fiscale

Commençons tout de suite

    Kit du débutant : 2500 Crédits

      Kitsu célest emballé
      Planeur souffle-ciel amélioré emballé

Surveillez votre tempérament

    Charme d’ancrage de trempe : 1500 Crédit

      Élimine les risques d’échec de la trempe
      N’augmente pas les chances de succès

Ces ventes ne dureront pas longtemps, alors ne manquez pas ces offres avant qu’elles ne disparaissent ! 


Mercredi 20 mars 2019  
ArcheAge Patch - March 20, 2019

Story Quest Line - Western Hiram Mountains

    Newly added story quests
    Level requirement Ancestral Level 1+
    Quest line starts at the NPC Encio on the map “Western Hiram Mountains” close to the border to Reedwind.
    Long time ago the inhabitants of the Hiram have hidden in the Hiram Cave to protect themselves from the danger waiting outside. Just recently they opened the entrance to their cave reaching out for the help of the Crimson Watch. The player is sent to aid them and gets to know the whole story that lies behind the people of the Hiram.
    Once the final quest has been completed, players will be rewarded with a special Owlina mount.


Fall of Hiram City

    Added a new raid instance
    15-20 players
    Limited to one entry per day
    Character level requirement 55+
    Main objective: Players have to save as many Hiram villagers as possible. Rewards like e.g. Mysterious Hiram Infusion, Honor Points or Vocation Badges will be based on the number of rescued villagers.

      After a 40s waiting time the instance will start
      Instance itself has a timer of 20min.
      The Hiram people walk from different direction to the cave.
      The players have to make sure to light up the braziers on the road to protect the Hiram from freezing to death and from wild animals blocking the road or feed them with Hiram Stew.
      Additionally, the Hiram High Priest gives only permission to enter the cave once enough supplies have been provided. These can be acquired from the wild animals and surroundings outside the cave.
      It is recommended to use the Hiram Farm Cart to transport the supplies quickly to the cave.
      The final reward can be obtained from the Hiram Aide NPC when the instance time is up.

    Lore: With this instance the players are thrown back to the times when the people of Hiram had to escape to the Hiram cave. As the Garden's Gate was being closed, the disaster mentioned in the prophecy came true. Humans and animals were suffering from hunger due to the harsh cold weather. That’s why the Hirams took the decision to march to the cave, but there are several challenges they had to tackle.

Noryette Challenge

    Added new dungeon instance
    5 players
    Limited to one free entry
    Up to 20 entries by using Mistsong Grinding Scrolls. Each entry reset requires more Mistong Grinding Scrolls.
    Level requirement 55+
    Main objective: Players have to fight 40 waves of mobs with a boss monster spawning every 5 waves. If players can complete a challenge within a certain time, the group can skip to the next round.
    Players can gain special Noryette accessories that have special effects while playing the Noryette Challenge. Based on the Reward Crate's rank, the following items are granted.

      Mysterious Abyssal Enhancer
      Noryette's Ring
      Noryette's Earring
      Noryette Awakening Scroll
      Luminous Noryette Awakening Scroll

    Added new Rings and Earrings that can be acquired from Noryette Challenge.

      Noryette Accessories become more useful in Noryette Challenge if they are upgraded.
      Noryette Accessories can be upgrade via Item Synthesis, consuming Abyssal Enhancers and Dungeon equipment.
      Noryette Accessories can be awakened to Tier 2 and Tier 3 by using Noryette Awakening Scrolls and Luminous Noryette Awakening Scrolls.

    New Rings and Earrings

      Noryette's Ring
      Luminous Noryette Ring
      Auroral Noryettes's Ring
      Noryette Earring
      Luminous Noryette's Earring
      Auroral Noryette's Earring

    New Awakening Scrolls

      Noryette Awakening Scroll
      Noryette Awakening Scroll
      Luminous Noryette Awakening Scroll
      Luminous Noryette Awakening Scroll

Red Dragon’s Keep

    Requires Character Level 55+
    The Red Dragon content is moved to the Instance and can be accessed via new Arena UI.
    Added a portal near the respawn point, that teleports players to the Dragonslayer's Workbench.
    Participants can interact with the Dragonslayer's Workbench to acquire a Red Dragon's Doom without any requirement.
    Red Dragon's despawn timer is set to 1 hour.
    Adjusted the combat pattern of Red Dragon

      Red Dragon lands on the ground when its Health is at 90%. (Previously, it landed at 80% of Health.)
      Red Dragon's Levitation begins around the 50%-40% of Health phase.
      Adjusted certain skills' frequency and cast time.

    The quests related to Red Dragon is not available in the main world.
    The title „Dragon Slayer“ is no longer acquirable.
    Red Dragon no longer drops Enranged equipment, Legendary Dragon Wings, and Dragon Heartshard.
    The following items cannot be crafted at the Dragonslayer's Workbench in the main world: Red Dragon's Doom, Dragon Ward, and Dragon Slayer's Blessing.
    Using the existing Dragon Ward and Dragon Slayer's Blessing grants the consumed crafting materials, except for Labor. 
    The Red Dragon's Keep Instance grants the effect of Dragon Ward when participants enter the instance.
    Dragon Fire Protection Spell cannot be used on summons due to the discontinuation of Dragon Slayer's Blessing. 
    Hardened Red Dragon Scale is discontinued; is no longer dropped by Red Dragon. Hardened Red Dragon Scale has been removed from existing crafting recipes.
    Added Red Dragon Pouch, which is dropped by Red Dragon. Red Dragon Pouch contains the new item, Red Dragon Spinal Ridge Shards, which can be combined to a Red Dragon Spinal Ridge.
    Increased the required amount of Red Dragon Spinal Ridge in the following recipes:

      Wrapped Fireblack Dragonslayer: 5 → 25
      Wrapped Firebreath Dragonslayer: 5 → 25
      Wrapped Firewrought Dragonslayer: 5 → 25
      Advanced Dragon Legguards: 5 → 15
      Advanced Dragon Saddle: 10 → 20
      Advanced Dragon Saddle: 5 → 15
      Eternal Flame Scroll: 50 → 100

Dragon Weapons

    Added new Dragon weapons.
    Added the crafting recipe for Enraged Red Dragon Silencer at the Proven Warrior's Workbench.
    Using Evenstones on Dragon's equipment grants Erenor Infusions and Resplendent Erenor Infusion.

Golden Plains Battle

    Added the quest, Golden Plains Support, to the Hero Missions. The quest is available from the Faction Agent at the faction base in the Golden Plains Battle.
    Added the quest, Warrior of Golden Plains, to Daily Contracts.
    Adjusted the minimum and maximum participants for Golden Plains Battle.

      Nuia and Haranya require the minimum of 30 participants to start. (Previously, it was 50.
      Pirate and Player Nation can have up to 20 participants. (Previously, it was 25.)

    Faction Agents in the Golden Plains Battle offer the Skillset Change and Pet Healing functions. Increased the chance to acquire a Polaris Bjorne.

New Arena UI

    Added new Instance channels.
    The Instance UI provides Arena, Faction War, and Raid Cross-Server matching contents.
    The existing Arenas are all included in the Instance UI.

      Golden Plains Battle is categorized as Faction War.

    Raid Instance is where all participants are gathered in a single raid regardless of their original faction.

Additional Instance Changes

    Players can open Quest UI in an instance. Quest Tracker is hidden.
    Sparring Arena: Added a Magic Defense shield buff to the arena buff selection.
    Added the Team Recruit/Search to all Instances. Fixed the issue where the texts on Team Recruit/Search could overflow and be displayed beyond the UI's border.
    Adjusted the Team Base/Starting Point icon on the Instance UI.

Event Schedule Adjustment

The instances have the same time schedule for EU and US server. There will be further tweaks to the event times as they are based on UTC time for now.

The Fall of Hiram City

    1st event: 9:00AM-11:00AM UTC / 2:00AM-4:00AM PDT
    2nd event: 7:00PM-11:00PM UTC / 12:00pm-4:00PM PDT
Red Dragon’s Keep
    1st event: 10:30AM-11:30AM UTC / 3:30AM-4:30AM PDT
    2nd event: 8:00PM-9:00PM UTC / 1:00PM-2:00PM PDT

Golden Plains Battle

    1st event: 11:00AM-12:30PM UTC / 4:00AM-5:30AM PDT
    2nd event: 8:30PM-9:30PM UTC / 1:30PM-2:30PM PDT

Battle of Mistmerrow

    EU Servers: 06:00AM, 10:00AM, and 10:00PM UTC
    NA Servers: 04:00AM, 08:00AM, and 08:00PM PDT


    EU Servers: Tue/Thur/Sat at ~7:00PM UTC
    NA Servers: Tue/Thur/Sat at ~6:00PM PDT
    EU Servers: Tue/Thur/Sat at ~8:00PM UTC
    NA Servers: Tue/Thur/Sat at ~6:00PM PDT

Ancestral Skills


    Behind Enemy Lines – Gale

      Mana: 157
      Range: 6-19m
      Effect Range: 4m
      Melee Attack +126%
      Cast Time: Instant
      21sec Cooldown
      Peform a high leap that lands at the target location dealing 1287 Melee Damage to all enemies within the area of effect.
      Inflicts Shaken on all affected enemied, reducing their Move Speed -27% Attack Speed -75, and Skill Damage -8% for 3 sec.
      Can’t be used while Snared

    Behind Enemy Lines – Stone

      Mana: 157
      Range: 6-19m
      Effect Range: 4m
      Melee Attack +126%
      Cast Time: Instant
      21sec Cooldown
      Peform a high leap that lands at the target location dealing 1287 Melee Damage to all enemies within the area of effect.
      Inflicts Shaken on all affected enemied, reducing their Move Speed -27% Attack Speed -75, and Skill Damage -8% for 3 sec.
      Can’t be used while Snared

        Snared targets are Tipped for 3sec.


    Endless Arrows – Flame

      Mana 24
      Range: 0-27m
      Ranged Attack +178%
      Cast Time: Instant
      Unleash a constant stream of arrows at a single enemy, dealing 80 Ranged Damage per shot.
      This skill has an increased Global Cooldown. Hold down for continuous use.

        Deals an additional +26% damage to Slowed targets.

    Endless Arrows – Stone

      Mana 5
      Range: 0-27m
      Ranged Attack +45%
      Cast Time: Instant
      Unleash a constant stream of arrows at a single enemy, dealing 18 Ranged Damage per shot.
      Inflicts the Stone Arrows effect on the target, which inflicts Trip on the target for 2sec, at the 50th stack, preventing them to move or use skills for 3sec.
      This skill has an increased Global Cooldown. Hold down for continuous use.
        Deals an additional +26% damage to Slowed targets.


    Gods’Whip - Lightning

      Mana 86
      Range: 0-24m
      Effect Range: 6m
      Magic Attack +141%
      Cast Time: 1.4sec
      25sec Cooldown
      Calls down consecutive lightning strikes in the target area after a Cast Time, dealing 285 Magic Damage to all enemies in a 6m radius.
      Can be repeated up to 5 times in a row before starting its Cooldown.
      Each hit inflicts a strong Electric Shock, deals 697-709 Magic Damage over time.
      Spread to allies within 2m radius.
      Can be used during Global Cooldowns.
      This skill has a reduced Global Cooldown.

        Deals +20% additional damage to burning targets.

    Gods’Whip - Wave

      Mana 315
      Range: 0-36m
      Effect Range: 6m
      Magic Attack +210%
      Cast Time: Instant
      25sec Cooldown
      Creates dark clouds in an area that call down consecutive lightning strikes, dealing 459 Magic Damage to up to 20 enemies for 8sec.
      This lightning strikes can hit the same target up to 8 times.

        Deals +20% additional damage to burning targets.


    Holy Bolt – Flame

      Mana 10
      Range: 0-22m
      Healing Power +73%
      Cast Time: 0.9sec
      Fire a bolt of holy light that deals 62 Magic Damage to a single target.
      If used on an ally, the bolt is fired at an enemy Cursed by the caster, dealing 62 Magic Damage.
      Hold down for continuous use.
      Cast Time increase as this skill levels up.

        Deals +20% additional damage to Cursed targets.
        Heals allies Blessed by you as long as they are within 15m of the target. Can also be used to heal the caster, but does so with 30% effectiveness
        Deals +30% Damage per a stack of Prayer. Does not apply to dungeon monsters.
        Deals +150% Damage, when the caster is under the effects of Divine Response. Does not apply to dungeon monsters.

    Holy Bolt – Mist

      Mana 10
      Range: 0-22m
      Healing Power +73%
      Cast Time: 0.9sec
      Fires a bolt of holy light that deals 62 Magic Damage to a single target.
      If used on an ally, the bolt is fired at an enemy Cursed by the caster, dealing 62 Magic Damage.
      Hold down for continuous use.
      Cast Time increases as this skill levels up.

        Deasls +20% additional damage to Cursed targets.
        Heals allies Blessed by you as long as they are within 15m of the target. Can also be used to heal the caster, but does so with 30% effectiveness.
        Deals +30% Damage per stack of Prayer. Does not apply to dungeon monsters.
        Deals +150% Damage, when the caster is under the effects of Divine Response. Does not apply to dungeon monsters.


    Bladefall – Lightning

      Mana: 323
      Range: 0-17m
      Effect Range: 8 m
      Magic Attack +302%
      35sec Cooldown
      Calls down blades at the target location, dealing 830 Magic Damage to all enemies once within 8m radius

        5 Malice Charges: Calls down 3 waves of blades
        10 Malice Charges: Calls down 4 waves of blades, Impales the target for 1.5sec

    Bladefall – Flame

      Mana: 323
      Range: 0-17m
      Effect Range: 8 m
      Magic Attack +381%
      45sec Cooldown
      Calls down blades at the target location, dealing 830 Magic Damage to all enemies once within 8m radius
      This skill consumes less Malice Charges.

        3 Malice Charges: Calls down 3 waves of blades
        5 Malice Charges: Calls down 4 waves of blades, Impales the target for 1.5sec



    Lightning Earthen Grip

      Skill Range: 15m -> 12m

    Gale Bubble Trap

      Reduced the Range from 12m to 8m.
      Increased the Cast Time from 1.5 sec to 2 sec.

    Mist Bubble Trap

      Reduced the duration from 9.4 sec to 8.4 sec. (at Level 55)

    Fiend's Knell

      Increased the Cooldown from 45 sec to 1 min
      Increased the Cast Time from 3 sec to 5 sec


    4 sec Cooldown.

    Basic Shield Slam

      Grants a stack of Shield Block.
      Deals Damage and Pushes the target within 3m.
      Each target hit grants an additional stack of Shield Block; stacks up to 5 times.
      Removes the Bondyard in front of the caster.
      Generates very high Aggro.

    Quake Shield Slam

      Deals Damage and Roots the target within 6m.

    Gale Shield Slam

      Deals Damage and interrupts all Cast Times.

    Mocking Howl

      Increased the Range from 7m to 10m.
      Added the Combo: Mocking Howl's range +20m, if used while under the effects of Toughen.
      Added the Combo: Inflicts Provoked on affected enemies if used while under the effect of Retribution.
      Added the Combo: Inflicts Distressed on affected enemies if used while under the effect of Aggro Boost.


      Reduced the trigger time from 0.3 sec to 0.2 sec.
      Added the Combo: Inflicts Damage if Provoked enemies attack the caster.
      Damage dealt from the Combo: Level Factor 2.6, DPS 1.3


    Bracing Blast

      the duration of buff for the caster: 2 sec -> 20 sec
      Stacks up to 5 times -> up to 3 times (Max 30%)


      Reduced the Cooldown from 45 sec to 40 sec.


    Basic Charged Bolt and Flame Charged Bolt

      Inflicts the Silence effect on Silenced targets for 4 sec.

    Gale Charged Bolt

      Inflicts the Silence effect on Silenced targets for 3 sec.

    Concussive Arrow

      Silence: the debuff is displayed as a debuff, and can be canceled.

    Mist Concussive Arrow

      Trigger Time: 0.3 sec -> 0.1 sec
      Propelled Range: 6m -> 12m

    Flame Endless Arrows

      Reduced the Global Cooldown from 0.8 sec to 0.7 sec.
      Reduced the DPS from 1.8 to 1.7.

    Stone Endless Arrows

      Increased the DPS from 0.3 to 0.43.

    Charged Bolt

      Removed the Launched target and Slowed target Combos.
      Added the Combo: Impales targets that are affected by Cursed Seeds for 2 sec.
      Added the Combo: Enervated targets fall asleep for 5 sec.

    Blazing Arrow

      Added the Combo: "Inflicts Stun on enemies affected by Crows for 2 sec.
      Adjusted the effect: "Decreases Magic Accuracy -6% per stack.


      Added the Combo: Inflicts Ranged Damage within 30m, while the caster is under the effects of Deadeye.

    Concussive Arrow

      Added the Combo: Stuns the Launched target and Slows for 4 sec when the Stun ends.


    Flame Barrier

      Slow effect: Move Speed +80% -> +40%

    Insulating Lens

      Increased the Cast Time from 1 sec to 1.5 sec.
      The Magic Skill Damage stat is applied to the Insulating Lens's Magic Shield effect.
      Magic Shield Amount: Level Factor 2 -> 3, Magic Attack Factor 3 -> 2.25
      Removed the Physical Defense boost effect.
      Added the Trip Immunity effect.

    Lightning Meteor Strike

      Adjusted the Combo effect: Deals +20% additional damage to Burning targets.

    Insulating Lens

      Reduced the Cooldown from 40 sec to 30 sec.
      The Cooldown begins when the its Magic Shield effect ends.
      Increased the Cast Time from 1 sec to 1.5 sec.
      The Magic Skill Damage stat is applied to the Insulating Lens's Magic Shield effect.
      Magic Shield Amount: Level Factor 2 -> 3, Magic Attack Factor 3 -> 2.25
      Removed the Physical Defense boost effect.
      Added the Trip Immunity effect.

    Wave Gods' Whip

      Skill Level and DPS Factor change: 1.6, 2.4 -> 1.3, 2.0


    Mist Summon Wraith

      Drastically reduced the Wraith's Received Damage; its Max Health is changed to 2.


      reduced the Global Cooldown when destroying the Bond from 1 sec to 0.3 sec.

    Summon Crows

      Adjusted the Combo range: "Affects Stealthed targets up to 30m away.

    Flame Hell Spear

      Skill Level and DPS Factor change: 10.3, 2.53 -> 6.2, 1.5
      Increased the Impaled effect's duration from 3 sec to 4 sec.


    Mana Barrier

      The Healing stat is applied to the Mana Barrier's barrier effect.
      Mana Barrier Amount: Level Factor 18.2 -> 17, Healing Power Factor 9 -> 8

    Holy Bolt

      Increased the flying speed of projectile.
      Removed the Combo with Bloodthirst.

    Flame Holy Bolt

      Has a reduced Global Cooldown of 0.5 sec.


      Grants the "Over Healing" debuff on the caster if the caster uses Mend while the effect of Pain Harvest.
      Over Healing: Increases Mana cost +100% whenever the caster heals with Mend. Stacks up to 10 times. Cancels the Pain Harvest effect at the end.

Other Changes

    Improved the skill and buff tooltip texts regarding the damage absorbance.

      "Reflects x% of received y Damage": when reflecting the damage after considering the player's defense stats.
      "Reflects x% of incoming y Damage": when reflecting the damage without considering the player's defense stats.

    The following buffs reflect the damage without considering the player's defense stats:

      Buffs from Skills: Flame Conversion Shield and Flame Protective Wings
      Buffs from Items: Razor Thornwrath Shield and Disciple's Plate Armor 5-Piece Set Effect
      Buff from Battle Pet Skill: Hedgealope Thornboar's Crouch

    Adjusted Magic Attack, Healing Power and DPS.

      Magic Attack and Healing Power Factor of 2H Weapons: 1.2 -> 1.25
      Melee Attack DPS of 1H Weapons: 0.9 -> 0.85
      No changes on special equipment.

    Using the following skills again too quickly will prevent the use: Flame Fervent Healing and Steady Shooting.

Potion and Food

    Reduced the Labor cost when crafting Food items.
    Increased the Labor cost when crafting Desert Fire (HP potion) at the Crafting Supply Manufacturer's Workbench. Labor Cost: 18 -> 25
    Adjusted the items that can be crafted at the Improved Workbench, as well as their crafting materials and Labor cost.
    Reduced the purchase price of Community Center Exclusive Plants. 30 Silver -> 20 Silver
    Increased the regenerated amount from consuming Food items.

      Rank 6 Food: restores about +50% Health and +25% Mana, compared to the previous value.
      Rank 7 Food: restores +40% -> +50% of Max Health/Mana

Ship Component

    The following ship components are discontinued and no longer be crafted.

      These items can be converted by using Evenstones to acquire a different Cannon.

        Shrapnel Cannon
        High-Angle Siege Cannon
        Chain-Shot Cannon
        Multipurpose Cannon
        The item's grade is maintained after conversion.

      Discontinued Designs can also be converted by using Evenstones.

        High-Speed Siege Cannon Design
        Large-Caliber Cannon Design
        Naval Cannon Design
        Mounted Shield

    The default Cannons equipped on a newly built ship will have the following ship components. (due to the discontinuation of Multipurpose Cannon.)

      Naval Cannon
      Large-Caliber Cannon
      High-Speed Siege Cannon
      Mounted Shield

    High-Speed Siege Cannons can Slow Leviathan.
    Repairing Divine or higher grade Goddess Nui Figurehead costs additional Shatigon's Sand.

      Celestial or below: Shatigon's Sand x1
      Divine to Mythic: Shatigon's Sand x2
      Eternal: Shatigon's Sand x3

    Adjusted the Regrade Success rates for Ship Components.
    Adjusted the Success Rates in Ship Component Regrade.
    Reduced the Ship Component Regrade cost from 20 gold to 15 gold.
    Adjusted the crafting recipes for certain Ship Component items.

      Added 1 Sunlight Archeum Essence to all Cannon recipes.
      Added 1 Moonlight Archeum Essence to all Sail recipes.
      Added 1 Moonlight Archeum Essence to all Figurehead recipes.

    Adjusted the crafting materials for Ship Component Regrade Scroll.
    Adjusted the maximum damage received via Floor Collision, Front Collision, and Side Collision for Ships.

Sport Fishing

    Increased the Fresh Water Sport Fish pack's sell price.
    Increased the spawn frequency of large and medium Sport Fish.
    The fishing skill that matches sport fish's buff highlights.
    Added 12 new Fishing Achievements.Certain Achievements require Character Level 30+.
    The following Fishing Achievements cannot be completed anymore.

      Something Fishy: Small
      Something Fishy
      Something Fishy: Large

    Improved the Fishing Damage and Cast Frequency of Novice's Sturdy Fishing Rod.
    "Stand Firm Left" and "Stand Firm Right" skills deal damage to Sport Fish. This change is only applied to Sturdy/Flexible Fishing Rods and Lucid Mirage Fishing Rod.
    Added 2 tier 4 (Master's) and a tier 5 (Ultimate) fishing rods.

      New Fishing Rods can be crafted.
      Ultimate Fishing Rod Design, which is a required material to craft an Ultimate Fishing Rod, can be obtained by completing a new Fishing Achievement.

    Adjusted the Labor cost in Sport Fishing.

      Reduced the Labor Cost of Sport Fishing skills from 100 to 60.
      Increased the Labor Cost when selling a fish pack from 10 to 50.
      No change made to the Mirage Isle Fish Stand; it still costs 10 Labor.
      Increased the sell price of non-Sport Fishing packs that can be sold at a Fish Stand.


    Added the Glider Collection Achievement Reward: Sky Emperor.
    Added the Flutter Vessel (glider/wings) for one of the new achievements.
    Added the Gliders and Magithopters that can be crafted with Manastorm Crystals.

      Added the workbench, Manastorm Fountain, on Mirage Isle.
      Gliders and Magithopters can be crafted at Manastorm Fountain on Mirage Isle.
      Manastorm pets and mounts recipes are moved to the Manastorm Fountain workbench on Mirage. (Previously they were available at the pet accessory workbench.)

    Removed the quest, Preparing for the Hunt.
    Added an Achievement for Rampage Chroma. (The Achievement grants the Mini-Rampage Ticket.)

Blue Salt Brotherhood

    Blue Salt Bond Merchants are placed in the faction headquarters in Marianople and Austera.
    These merchants provide the recipes to craft Delphinad equipment, which require a certain amount of Blue Salt Bonds and the secondary material.
    After 6PM and for 6 hours, the merchants offer one of the Ayanad equipment recipes.
    The available Ayanad equipment recipe will be randomly selected from different types like e.g. 1H Weapon, 2H Weapon, Plate Armor, Leather Armor, or Cloth Armor.
    Added the interaction option to the Community Center Board that displays the zones demanding the same materials.
    Added more zones that offer the Blue Salt Supply Demand quests. (Bold zones are newly added.)

      Lumber: Solzreed Peninsula, Gweonid Forest, White Arden, Hellswamp, Ynystere, Silent Forest, Perinoor Ruins and Hasla
      Iron Ingot: Dewstone Plains, Airain Rock, Cinderstone Moor, Solis Headlands, Tigerspine Mountains, Sunbite Wilds, and Rokhala Mountains
      Fabric: Lilyut Hills, Halcyona, Marianople, Two Crowns, Falcorth Plains, and Arcum Iris
      Leather: Aubre Cradle, Karkasse Ridgelands, Ahnimar, Sanddeep, Windscour Savannah, Rookborne Basin, Mahadevi, and Villanelle

    Players can accept multiple Blue Salt Supply Demand quests at a time.
    Pirates cannot accept Blue Salt Supply Demand quests anymore..
    If a player has multiple Hero of Nuia/Haranya quests in progress, the quest that asks more Blue Salt Bonds will be completed first when submitting the quest.

Quest Changes

    Edited the NPC dialogue of the quest "Trade Run".
    Edited the description for the overseas Cargo Achievement.
    Improved the quest accepting point for the quest "Just the Beginning".
    The quest is automatically accepted if the player approaches to the NPC High Priest Enos.
    The Crescent Doubloon can be acquired from the Old Treasure Chest that players have to find during the quest "Mark of Interest". (Previously, it was a quest reward.)
    The following quests can be completed with Raid members. (Previously, they could only be completed with Party members.)

      Diamond Shores Guard
      Guardian of Exeloch
      Guardian of Sungold Fields
      Guardian of Reedwind
      Raiders of Reedwind
      Raiders of Sungold Fields
      Raiders of Exeloch

    Added the quest change feature to the Daily Contracts.
    Added a new NPC "Plushie Collector Seive". Due to the removal of NPCs in the Entertainment District, Morpheus plushie related quests are not available.

      "Plushie Collector Seive" offers the quest that rewards the Morpheus Plushie.

Hero System

    Added the new UI that shows the faction Heroes' mission progress.
    Added Blue Salt Bonds to the Hero's Reward.
    Increased the Gearscore of Hero Cloaks.

      Delphinad: 313 > 733
      Ayanad: 313 > 827
      Erenor: 313 > 922

    Added a new buff, Strength of the Faction, that can be activated by faction Heroes. Strength of the Faction has the same system as the Mobilization Order. When a hero declares it, the faction members can obtain the buff from the faction statue. The buff temporarily grants EXP boost, Loot Drop Rate boost, and PvE Defense/Skill Damage boost.
    Added a new objective, "Kill an Advanced Eternal Boss", to Hero Missions. Killing the boss in this category grants 30 points.

      Removed Red Dragon from the "Kill an Eternal Boss".

    Destroying and killing quests for Hero Mission can be completed with a Co-Raid state.
    The Hero's Raid must contribute the most on the killing the objective target to receive the credit for Hero Mission. Even the Hero's Raid has the tag, if another Raid does the most of killing, the Hero may not get the credit.
    Adjusted the condition to use the Hero Flags. The Hero has to stay close to the placed Flag (within 1.5m) when changing the zone's state.
    Reduced the required amount of Gilda Stars to unlock the Hero Mission from 50 to 30.
    Adjusted the Points gained for Hero Mission.

      Naval Support:
      Completing the quest "Lusca Awakening" grants 15 points. (Previously, 2 points per Lusca kill).
      Defeating Abyssal Kraken grants 20 points. (Previously, 15 points).
      Faction Support:
      Declaring the Strength of the Faction grants 5 points.
      Completing the quest "Tahyang's Bolt" grants 7 points. (Previously, 5 points).
      Completing the quest "Golden Plains Support" grants 10 points. (Previously, 5 points).

    Three types of Hero Flags share the Cooldown of 5 minutes. It takes 7 seconds to pick up a Hero's Flag.
    Unread Hero Reward Mail is stored in the mailbox for 25 days.

Item Changes

    Reduced the Labor cost when identifying an Unidentified Hiram Infusion and a Mysterious Hiram Infusion from 50 Labor to 40 Labor.
    Adjusted the confirmation timer from 10 sec to 1 min when rerolling a synthesis stat.
    Added the Lunagem Upgrade Success alter message.
    Changed the icon for the Greenhouse items and Shining Vein.
    Added crafting recipes for Runescribe Quill and Radiant Runescribe Quill. Can be crafted at a Printing Press.
    The item drops from Red Dragon grants 2000 Honor Points.
    The equipped armor buff is decided based on the top 4 pieces of highest grade armor.
    Serendipity Stones are all Wrapped.

      Cryptic Lucky Scroll and Lucky Ipnya Scroll are discontinued and cannot be used.
      Cryptic Lucky Scroll: using these items grants consumed Honor Points.

    Lucky Ipnya Scroll: using these items grants consumed crafting materials.
    Serendipity Stones can be used on every stat rerolling, including the items such as synthesis cloaks and Erenor equipment. Serendipity Stones can be purchased from Honor Shop and Loyalty Shop.
    Abyssal Enhancers from the Abyssal Library Dungeon are Sealed. Costs 20 Labor to unseal the item to acquire the highest tier enhancer. Can be acquired from Abyssal Wynn, Abyssal Alexander, Abyssal Halnaak, and Abyssal Heart of Ayanad Guardian.
    Auroran Synthesis Stones and Auroran Cloak drop as an Unidentified item.
    Increased the Defense Penetration and Magic Defense Penetration of Flawless Dream Ring. Defense Pen and Magic Defense Pen: 800 -> 900

Item Synthesis

    Improved the Item Synthesis system. Up to 6 items can be listed for Item Synthesis. Labor cost is based on the number of item listed for the synthesis.
    Added a feature that automatically loads or unloads the synthesis items on the UI.
    Change Attempts cumulate whenever the equipment to be upgraded reaches the next or higher grade.

      Players may use this cumulated Change Attempts before using the reroll item (Serendipity Stone).
      Using the reroll item (Serendipity Stone) while there is cumulated Change Attempt(s), the UI will consume the reroll item first.
      Change Attempts cumulate up to 5 chances. The remaining attempts are displayed on the equipment's tooltip.

    A warning message appears when synthesis materials have Lunafrost, Lunagem, or Image applied.

Design Changes

    Added a recipe to switch Andelph Drakora to Onyx Andelph Drakora at the Pet Accessory Workbench.
    Disabled the Crafting Request Button on the recipes that are for the item improvement under the Machining Proficiency category.
    Added the recipes for Enraged Red Dragon equipment. Can be crafted at the Proven Warrior Workbench. Relevant equipment:

      Enraged Red Dragon Silencer
      Enraged Red Dragon Tail-Reaper
      Enraged Red Dragon Wing-Reaper
      Enraged Red Dragon Roar
      Enraged Red Dragon Eyesplitter
      Enraged Red Dragon Fireguard

    Added 5 new recipes for Unidentified Greater Dungeon Equipment.The recipes require Abyssal Shards as a crafting material. Identifying the item grants one random Grand grade equipment available from the following dungeons:

      Greater Burnt Castle Armory
      Greater Palace Cellar
      Greater Howling Abyss
      Greater Sharpwind Mines
      Greater Kroloal Cradle
      Greater Hadir Farm

    Added the crafting recipes for Lunafrosts and Lunastones that can be used on Accessories and Undergarments. Available at the Regal Alchemy Table.

      Indomitable Hostility Lunafrost
      Indomitable Transcendent Lunafrost
      Indomitable Tracker Lunafrost
      Indomitable Love Lunafrost
      Distorted Hostility Lunafrost
      Distorted Tracker Lunafrost
      Distorted Transcendent Lunafrost
      Distorted Love Lunafrost
      Secret Fire Lunatear
      Secret Gale Lunatear
      Secret Earth Lunatear
      Secret Wave Lunatear
      Secret Life Lunatear

Merchant Revamp

    Sale items are moved to a different shop or removed. Affected Shops: Gilda Star Shop, Vocation Shop, Honor Shop, and Arena Shop. Added Gilda Star Merchants who carry Designs and Souls of Pet/Mounts.

      Gilda Star Merchants: Offers the designs of special Gliders and Magithopters, as well as the souls of mounts that were only available from Loyalty Shop.
      Vocation Badge Shop: Lullaby Pajama pieces, Carrot Wings, Soulmule, Request Completion Ticket, etc are added to Vocation Shop
      Honor Point Shop: Added Bound Superior Red Regrade Charm, Bound Superior Yellow Regrade Charm, and Serendipity Stone.
      Arena Shop: Souls of Battle Pets and Powerstone Pets are added to Arena Shop.

    Added a new item, Breath of Small Light, which is a platform for a pet's soul to grow and is initially required to craft a pet/mount. Can be placed in a completed house.
    Placed the new merchants, Gilda Star Design Merchant and Gilda Star Soul Merchant, in Marianople and Austera. The merchants in Marianople and Austera only carry the tier 1 designs and souls; the tier 2 items are available form the merchants spawned in Diamond Shores Faction Base when the base is at Rank 4 (Prosperous Haranyan Base or Prosperous Nuian Base).
    The following crafting recipes are added.

      New recipes that require Pet/Mount's Souls from Gilda Star Soul Merchants.
      New recipes that require Designs from Gilda Star Design Merchants.
      Added a recipe for Fast Processing: The Ultimate Gliding Experience.
      Added a recipe for High-end Glider Frame, which is required to craft special gliders and magithopters.

    Removed the Rubescribe Quills from Prestige Shop. The item can now be crafted.

Weapon Swap

    Added the Weapon Swap system.

      Added the ""Weapon II"" slots where 1 Right-hand weapon and 1 Left-hand weapon, or 1 2H weapon can be placed for the faster swapping.
      Unable to swap weapons while casting or channeling.
      Unable to swap weapons under the debuffs such as Stun, Sleep, etc
      Equipping/unequipping/swapping weapons in the same part has a 0.5 second Cooldown.
      This new feature is not affecting the existing Global Cooldown when swapping a weapon. The Cooldown for swapping a weapon itself is shorter than the previous.
      Added "Use Right-hand Weapon" and "Use Left-hand Weapon" skills in the Basic Skills.

    Added a feature "Weapon Lock" in Weapon Swap.

      Players can lock the weapon listed on Weapon II slots, preventing it from getting swapped.
      When swapping weapons, the weapon in the locked slot will not be swapped.
      Only one slot can be locked at a time.
      Equipping a 2H weapon disables the Weapon Lock feature."


    Placed the new NPC Akrites Priest in Marianople and Austera, that offers a function that regens all Health and Mana and reset all skill Cooldowns by consuming 3 Labor.
    Placing a plant is faster. Plant Placing Cooldown: 3 sec -> 1 sec
    Improved the Unit Frame Functionality. Improved the Party member display.
    Improved the delay when locking items on the Trade UI.
    Removed the Red Dragon option from the Raid Recruit drop-down menu.
    Increased Kraken's Defense +37%.
    Increased Kraken's Attack against Ships +26%.
    The Lesser Immunity buff is visible on Reedwind Behemoth.
    When a character transfers to another server, each Crest Stamp is compensated with a Memory Ink.
    The faction statue lasts for 7 days when it is fully built, and the buff on a character lasts 1 day.
    Removed the Entertainment District content in Caernord, Ynystere.
    Activating the Optimization Settings disables the weapon's visual effect.
    Adjusted the respawn locations when it is at war or conflict in Halcyona.
    Updated the loading screen tips for the 5.3 update.
    Giant Pets cannot be healed or revived by the Stablehand or Temple Priestess. Added a text stating this in Giant Pets' tooltips.

      Golden Wyvern
      Typhoon Drake
      Golden Manticore
      Alabaster Manticore
      Red Dragon
      Green Dragon
      Black Dragon

    Achieving +25 or higher Tempering will trigger a server message. The message has the same format as the Regrade success message.
    Accepting a jury's duty will automatically kick the player from Raid or Party.
    Character Info (C) equipment slots display the equipment's Use Effects' Cooldown by priority. Previously, it displayed the Weapon Swap Cooldown over the Use Effect's Cooldown.
    Removed the server rankings from all arena rankings.
    Removed the visual effect that was indicating the quest location. Removed the beam effect on the quest mark."
    Adjusted the effect of the skill "Dash."
    Added the required Fishing Proficiency information on each Fishing rod's tooltip.

      Novice's Flexible Fishing Rod: Fishing Proficiency 10,000
      Veteran's Flexible Fishing Rod: Fishing Proficiency 20,000
      Expert's Flexible Fishing Rod: Fishing Proficiency 40,000
      Novice's Sturdy Fishing Rod: Fishing Proficiency 10,000
      Veteran's Sturdy Fishing Rod: Fishing Proficiency 20,000
      Expert's Sturdy Fishing Rod: Fishing Proficiency 40,000
      Master's Flexible Fishing Rod: Fishing Proficiency 80,000
      Master's Sturdy Fishing Rod: Fishing Proficiency 80,000
      Ultimate Fishing Rod: Fishing Proficiency 150,000

    Added a new sheet music item, Ultimate Masterpiece, which can contain up to 5000 characters. Ultimate Masterpiece supports 6 melodies simultaneously.
    The following improvements have been made to Composition functions.

      Improved the issue where incorrect sound could be played. If any octave is selected, the music plays in the first octave.
      Can play the sheet music on the instrument furniture, without equipping an Instrument on the character. Using a Music paper on an instrument furniture plays a preview. Can use Score Memorization on the instrument furniture.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue where the recipe to convert the old Farm Cart into a Chroma version had the Crafting Request button activated.
    Fixed an issue that the effects from titles were applied in the arena.
    Fixed an issue where Combat Drillmaster Tushan's animation could be awkward after casting the skill "Combat Drillmaster's Floating Barrage".
    Fixed an issue that using a Dye Ticket on a vehicle would only consume the ticket, but not applying the selected color on the vehicle.
    Fixed an issue where selling a build could cause a loss in items stored in an Otherworld Storage Chest.
    Fixed an issue where the Remodeling Notice mail had the "Receive Money" button activated.
    Fixed an issue where certain Guard NPCs' Damage was not increased.
    Fixed an issue where the shadow effect for items were not correct in a certain situation.
    Fixed an issue where the Cast Time Reduction effect was applied when using a Hero Flag.
    Fixed an issue that a wrong icon was displayed for the skill "Roar of the Pride" (Manticore mounts).
    Fixed an issue that players couldn't dye their Nutcracker Costume.
    Fixed an issue where the quest that cannot be completed would appear on the Daily Contracts.
    Fixed an issue where the player could respawn in an area outside of the Golden Plains Battle if the player died during the queue.
    Golden Plains Battle: displays the faction's Kill Count Score instead of the faction's Earned Points.
    Removed the Achievements that cannot be completed from the Level-Based Achievement.
    Fixed an issue that the same cosmetic options could be displayed in the female Dwarf character customization.
    Fixed an issue that certain Gilders and Magithopers could not be used if the player had the guild buff (Gilder Speed Boost).
    Fixed an issue that the Rider's Trunk item could be disabled in a certain situation.
    Fixed a terrain texture issue in Tigerseye, Tigerspine Mountains.
    Fixed an issue where the Great Success chance would be incorrectly appeared at the certain Tempering phase.
    [Sorcery] Fixed an issue where an unintended Combo effect was applied when using Chain Lightning on a Poisoned target.
    [Sorcery] Fixed an issue where the damage from Wave Gods' Whip cannot be reflected.
    [Songcraft] Fixed an issue where the buff alert from Perform skills was not displayed correctly.
    [Songcraft] Fixed an issue where Bulwark Ballad's tooltip would be displayed incorrectly.
    [Songcraft] Fixed an issue where Sonic Wave's actual effect range was shorter than what was said in the tooltip.
    [Auramancy] Fixed an issue where the change in channeling time was not applied to the Protective Wings's tooltip.
    [Archery] Fixed an issue where the number of projectiles (arrows) from Mist Missile Rain would be reduced if there was no target.
    [Vitalism] Fixed an issue where the Divine Response effect with Mist Holy Bolt was applied to the mobs in dungeons.
    Fixed an issue that the Low Level PvP Damage Adjustment was not applied to pets.
    Fixed an issue where the undergarments' original appearance would be displayed when equipping/unequipping gear, even an image item was applied to them.
    Fixed an issue where the remaining time information on the items with temporary effects could be displayed incorrectly.
    Fixed an issue that leveling up a character while its pet/mount was out could cause a client crash.
    Fixed an issue where Reedwind Behemoth and Young Behemoth could be stuck in the rock.
    Fixed an issue where using the skill "Defiance" at the moment of death wouldn't reset its Cooldown.
    Fixed an issue where Nid the Unbreakable's buff icon would be displayed like a frame.
    Fixed an issue where Guild Dominion History wouldn't display the guild names.
    Fixed an issue where the animation of female Warborn was unnatural when riding a bear type mount.
    Fixed an issue that it was unable to place plants in the empty yard of the Spired Chateau.
    Fixed an issue where players were unable to release a Large Pink Pufferfish.
    Fixed an issue where the player queuing for an arena alone could still create a Team.
    Fixed an issue where the Equipment Repair button could be disabled in an arena.
    The personal warehouse and mail owl cannot be summoned in the Arenas and Faction War Instance.
    Fixed an issue where the interaction button to pick up an item would not be displayed if the warehouse window was open.
    Fixed an issue where an extra Temple Priestess and Glorious Nui statue could be placed in Parchsun Settlement, Arcum Iris.
    Fixed an issue where Raid/Party/Team leader's icon could be displayed in a wrong location on the player's Health bar.
    Fixed an issue where the location of the quest "Protect the Delphinad Ghost Ship!“ was incorrect.
    Fixed an issue where the Abyssal Library map wouldn't display the Entrance/Exit/Priestess of Nui icons.
    Fixed an issue that a character's legs were shaking when standing on a certain terrain.
    Fixed an issue where players could use the Title token in an arena.
    Improved the max population message when the pirate faction is full.
    Fixed an issue where players couldn't accept or complete a quest in a certain situation.
    Fixed an issue where players couldn't interact with the warehouse in a certain situation.
    Improved the terrain texture near the Mountain Gate in Western Hiram Mountains.  
    Fixed an issue where the Hero Cloak was not removed when the term was ended unnaturally. When a Hero changes the nation, either equipping The Hero Cloak or storing it in the bag, the system will remove the cloak.
    Fixed an issue where Here Mission's point bar would display an incorrect value. Hero Mission points will not display the value higher than 100.
    Fixed an issue where Crafting Request UI would trigger a message on insufficient Labor, even the player had enough Labor to complete the equest.
    Fixed an issue where players could swap weapons while Imprisoned.
    Fixed an issue where an incorrect icon was displayed for the Mushroom Spore Bundle.
    Fixed an issue where the Siege Stronghold Auction mail would be sent to Pirates.
    Fixed an issue where players could not accept the following quest in Western Hiram Mountains

      The Shadow of Disaster
      Leaving Western Hiram Mountains before accepting that quest would prevent the player from talking to the NPC.

    Fixed an issue that getting into the combat mode could change the player's Health bar to red randomly.
    Fixed an issue where Adventurer's Simple Sandwich wouldn't regenerate the character's health.
    Fixed an issue where the overseas Cargo was purchasable in a certain situation.
    Fixed the appearance issue on the Kyprosa's Winter Furs costume, that its chest accessory could be displayed incorrectly on a certain female character.
    The issue was that the chest and arm decoration were displayed as a black metal texture.
    Fixed an issue where using a Longboard could make a character float in the air.
    Fixed an issue where players couldn't summon their ship in certain areas.
    Fixed an issue where players couldn't place plants on the farm if the farm was installed in a certain area.
    Removed the Hero Achievement that can no longer be achieved: Epherium-Grade Hero.
    Fixed the issue where removed quests could still be acquirable.

      A Suitable Weapon
      Forging Obsidian
      Crimson Watch Training
      Body and Mind
      The Ghosts of Epherium
      A Deadly Coast
      Advanced Obsidian Smithing
      The Secrets of Obsidian
      Trouble in Exeloch
      Corrupted Creatures
      Abyssal Beasts
      The Lost Serpent Ruins
      The Final Forging
      The Obsidian Smith

    Fixed an issue where the location of a buoy on the Arcadian Sea map could be different than the location shown in the mini map.
    Fixed an issue where the surrounding terrain texture wouldn't load correctly if the player was standing on a bridge in Marianople.
    Fixed an issue where the Bloodthirst icon wouldn't be disappeared when the mode was actually canceled due to the certain situation. Entering an Instance cancels the Bloodthirst mode.
    Improved the quest close-up screen when a player is talking to a Crimson Watch quest NPC. A young boy NPC has been added to the player's screen for the following quests:

      The Captured Child
      The Training Camp

    Fixed an issue where the Weapon Swap option wouldn't be displayed in the Arenas.The Weapon Swap option will appear on the Character Info regardless of the location the player.
    Fixed an issue that other quest objectives could appear on the Map during the progress of a Story Quest. The quest "Protect the Mountain Gate" was displaying incorrect quest objective on the map.
    Fixed an issue that certain skills couldn't be used if the passive skills were active. Triple Slash can be used while "Deflect and Retaliate" or "Quick Recovery" is active.
    Added a howling sound effect to the Giant Wolf and Mutated Giant Wolf when they are summoning their minions.
    Fixed an issue where Marketplace Mail's listing order was incorrect. The Marketplace Mail will be sorted based on the year received.
    Fixed an issue that Auroran Synthesis Shard/Stone item tooltips were missing the Shop Price. Auroran Synthesis Stone's Shop Price is 10 copper.
    Fixed an issue where the Labor cost for using a Hiram Awakening Scroll could be displayed incorrectly. Awakening costs a flat 300 Labor.
    Names of the NPCs placed in the Territory Market, Territory Farm, and Territory Workshop are displayed correctly.
    Fixed an issue where setting a tempo on the sheet music that contained a thirty-second note and a sixty-fourth note would cause a delay.
    Fixed an issue where some notes in a sheet music could be played like it was an offbeat.
    Fixed an issue where using the same note as a chord wouldn't play the sound at all. If the same notes were separated by a comma (,), the sound didn't play.
    Fixed an issue where a prolonged chord wouldn't be played correctly when playing the sheet music to preview.
    Fixed an issue where adding a prolonged sound such as L2c or L8c could be played in two different sounds.
    Fixed an issue where a summoned object's behavior could be abnormal in a certain situation.
    Fixed an issue where the geese in the Small Bamboo Goose Cage could be displayed incorrectly, if a vehicle drives on it.
    Fixed an issue where a monster wouldn't recover its full Health when it was returning. When a mob is returning, it must recover its full Health regardless of its Received Healing effect.
    Fixed an issue where the "Participate with Party Members" function didn't work when creating a Team. Checking the box for "Participate with Party Members" will open the correct Team invite UI.
    Fixed an issue where an Exit button could be displayed on the left of an Instance's name.
    Fixed an issue where the "Leave Instance" button could be appeared when the player was failed to meet the instance requirement.
    Fixed the issue where Ship UI could be displayed incorrectly in the Bloodsalt Bay arena. The Health UI displayed when summoning the ship had an issue.
    Fixed the issue where an image was missing on the Golden Plains Battle alter message.
    Story Quests - Added the Race specific mounts information in the "Traveling Companion" Achievement description. Race Specific Mounts Sellers:

      Nuian: Wyatt in Wardton, Solzreed Peninsula
      Elf: Ginemo by the lake in Gweonid Forest
      Dwarf: Daniela in Ironwrought, Aubre Cradle
      Haranya: Yanami in Parchsun Settlement, Arcum Iris
      Firran: Tymrey in Cloudgrain, Falcorth Plains
      Warborn: Applecat in Sunbite Wilds

    Fixed an issue where bonus EXP gained from Item Synthesis could be displayed incorrectly on the Synthesis UI.
    Fixed an issue where the possible bonus Exp gain would be shown as the same amount as the existing Exp gained.
    Fixed an issue where the Erenor Bow's could be displayed small in size. The display size of Erenor Bow is adjusted to fit each race and gender.
    Improved the tooltip text for the "New Age Flag".
    Fixed an issue where the size and spacing of the buff icons were incorrect.
    Fixed an issue where Synthesis EXP could be displayed incorrectly in a certain situation. When there is a mass amount of EXP overflow, the EXP wasn't displaying the correct value.
    Fixed an issue where picking up a house decor item from the house would still leave the image of the decor image visible on the house.
    Fixed multiple issues found in the Instance:

      An issue that activating Skillsets via Skill Saver wouldn't cost gold.
      An issue that the reset attempts of Daily Constracts would reset.
      An issue that Stat Migration Daily limits would reset.

    Fixed an issue where Daily Contracts, Guild Mission, and Family Missions UI could be displayed incorrectly after finishing an Instance.
    Fixed an issue where players could recall while carrying a trade pack in a certain situation.
    Fixed an issue where defeating the boss "Prince Riesig the Accursed" wouldn't grant the Hero Mission points.
    Fixed the issue where a Hero Flag could be used to change the zone's state of Castaway Strait.
    Fixed an issue where the skill name wouldn't be displayed correctly. (Salphira's Avatar Akmit's Fire Judgment)
    Fixed the issue where Deathmaw's skill name was incorrect. The skill "Run!" has changed to "Dash."
    "Fixed an issue where the crafted Fishing Rods could not be equipped in a certain situation.bAdded the Proficiency requirement for each Fishing Rod.
    Fixed an issue where Andelph Drakora and Onyx Andelph Drakora's Health were different. Without any equipment or buff effects, both mounts have 24,775 Health.

Known issues

    Due to an issue with Glider Images being upgradeable into working gliders, glider upgrading has been temporarily blocked. We are working to fix the issue and will have glider upgrades available as soon as possible.
    The Glider Companion Design from the Gilda Shop is being sold, however the recipe is not available. The design is not intended to be sold, and will be removed in an upcoming patch. Please do not purchase this design, as it will need to be removed and your Gilda Stars refunded.

Mercredi 20 mars 2019  
Relics of Hiram - Mise à jour du mois de mars

Bonjour aux héros d’Erenor,

La mise à jour 5.3, est arrivée ! Il y a tellement de changements dans les systèmes et compétences, ainsi que de nouvelles histoires ! Découvrez les habitants d’Hiram et leurs difficultés ou tentez la pêche en mer avec notre mise à jour sur la pêche sportive.

Montagnes d’Hiram occidentales

Voyagez vers les montagnes occidentales d’Hiram et parlez à Encio près de la frontière de Reedwind. Il semble que les habitants d’Hiram se sont enfermés à l’intérieur de la grotte d’Hiram pour se protéger du danger qui les attend dehors. Cependant, ils ont ouvert leur grotte pour obtenir l’aide de la garde pourpre. Apprenez comment porter assistance aux habitants d’Hiram, découvrez leur histoire et recevez un Hiboulina en guise de remerciement !

Chute de la ville d’Hiram

Aidez les réfugiés d’Hiram à atteindre l’intérieur de la grotte d’Hiram en toute sécurité. Leur voyage est long et difficile, alors protégez-les d’une faune dangereuse, du froid glacial et aidez-les réapprovisionner leur grotte. Le travail d’équipe est impératif entre les 15 à 20 d’entre vous, alors assurez-vous que les braseros soient allumés, qu’il y a de la nourriture et que les chariots agricoles soient en bon état. Cependant, le temps joue contre vous et vous devez sauver autant de personnes que vous pouvez en 20 minutes. Si vous échouez, on ne sait pas quel sera l’avenir d’Hiram.

La famille Noryette

Êtes-vous prêt à relever un défi ? Nous vous promettons, la récompense en vaut la peine. Si vous pensez être assez fort, vous pouvez participer au Défi Noryette : Vaincre 40 vagues de monstres dangereux de toutes tailles. Si vous parvenez à accomplir le défi, vous serez récompensé par de précieux accessoires Noryette. Ces objets de famille changeront votre performance dans le défi, mais vous n’aurez qu’une seule chance gratuite de relever ce défi par jour, alors utilisez-le judicieusement !

Fort du dragon rouge

Le Dragon rouge s’est retiré dans son donjon, où vous pouvez de nouveau le défier, mais il est devenu plus fort. Ses écailles ont été remplacées par des épines dangereuses, ses compétences sont devenues plus rapides et ses tactiques de combat ont changé. Fabriquez de nouvelles armes puissantes, mais avec un coût plus élevé. Êtes-vous prêt à relever le défi ? Accédez au donjon par la nouvelle interface de l’aréna.

Pêche sportive

Il est temps d’améliorer vos compétences, héros. Il semblerait que de plus gros poissons de pêche sportive soient apparus et nous sommes prêts à payer plus cher pour vos poissons. Fabriquez de nouvelles cannes à pêche, recevez de nouvelles réalisations et profitez des avantages de l’augmentation des prix de vente de la pêche. Des améliorations ont été apportées à diverses cannes à pêche, assurez-vous de choisir celle qui convient à votre style de pêche.

Daru à votre service

Il y a eu quelques changements chez les marchands en jeu et il y a de nouveaux marchands à rencontrer. Rencontrez les nouveaux visages de Marianople et d’Austera. Avec la bonne quantité d’étoiles de Gilda, vous pourrez obtenir les dessins et les âmes de divers animaux de compagnie et les âmes pour fabriquer les vôtres. Ces nouvelles marchandises incluent même les âmes des montures disponibles uniquement par l’intermédiaire de la boutique de fidélité. Améliorez votre base et recevez des designs et des âmes de niveau supérieur de la part des marchands d’âmes !


Jeudi 14 mars 2019  
"En-Corne" plus de montures !

Débutant le 14 mars 2019 et se terminant le 28 mars 2019, emparez-vous de nouvelles montures. Un Manclysme s’annonce et il y a tellement de choix !

Les Buffles sont de retours

    Caisse de Bison courageux : 450 Crédits

      Caisse de Bison : 650 Fidélité
      Heaume de Bison courageux : 50 Fidélité
      Selle de Bison courageux : 60 Fidélité
      Guêtres de Bison courageux : 65 Fidélité

Un Manaclysme s’annonce

    Ticket Manaclysme : Montures puissantes : 4000 Crédits

      Choisissez l’une des montures suivantes :

        Pégase lunaris emballé
        Paquet de Taurus de siège
        Éclat d’acier emballé

Domptez ces créatures sauvages avant qu’elles ne disparaissent !


Jeudi 7 mars 2019  
Chat alors ! Cette vente et vous êtes « félin » pour l'autre !

Du 7 au 21 mars 2019, personnalisez votre style avec des costumes à teindre. Ce n’est pas votre style ? Prenez un conseil de style dans l’ancienne garde-robe de Naima !

Vous en voudrez plus

    Caisse de Manticore : 450 Crédits

      Chance de recevoir un Manticore dorée emballée
      Chance de recevoir un Manticore albâtre emballée

De nouveaux styles à a-teindre

    Laitière Chroma : 2000 Crédits

      Peut être teint
      Bonus : Ticket de teinture

    Laitier Chroma : 2000 Crédits

      Peut être teint
      Bonus : Ticket de teinture

    Laitière Chroma : 400 Fidélité

      Peut être teint

    Laitier Chroma : 400 Fidélité

      Peut être teint

Dansez toute la nuit

    Costume du danseur fébrile : 2500 Crédits

Cette vente colorée ne durera pas longtemps, alors assurez-vous d’obtenir ces offres avant qu’elles ne disparaissent !


Jeudi 28 février 2019  
La vente la plus ronronnante de tous les temps !

À partir du 28 février et jusqu’au 15 mars 2019, obtenez du butin sur le marché ainsi que des rabais sur les consommables !

Nous ne sommes pas des chatons

    Floricroc violet emballé : 4000 Crédits

      Ne peuvent être attaqués ou tués
      Capacité de réduire de 30% les dégâts subis pendant 3 secondes
      Bonus : Dynalithe de fréquence des butins

    Floricroc noir emballé : 4000 Crédits

      Ne peuvent être attaqués ou tués
      Capacité de réduire de 30% les dégâts subis pendant 3 secondes
      Bonus : Dynalithe de fréquence des butins

Vente consommable

    Cristal de trempe : 500 350 Crédits
    Cristal de trempe resplendissant : 1500 1050 Crédits
    Ticket d’amélioration multi-chariot : 500 350 Crédits

      3x Ticket d’amélioration multi-chariot : 1500 1050 Crédits
      10x Ticket d’amélioration multi-chariot : 5000 3000 Crédits
      30x Ticket d’amélioration multi-chariot : 15000 10500 Crédits

    Ticket d’amélioration de hors-bord : 3500 2450 Crédits
    10x Graisse d’essieu : 50 35 Crédits

      30x Graisse d’essieu : 150 105 Crédits
      100x Graisse d’essieu : 500 350 Crédits

    Tonique de maîtrise : 300 210 Crédits

      3x Tonique de maîtrise : 900 630 Crédits
      10x Tonique de maîtrise : 3000 2100 Crédits
      30x Tonique de maîtrise : 9000 6300 Crédits

    Tonique d’expertise de maîtrise :  80 56 Crédits

      3x Tonique d’expertise de maîtrise : 240 168 Crédits
      10x Tonique d’expertise de maîtrise : 800 560 Crédits
      30x Tonique d’expertise de maîtrise : 2400 1680 Crédits

    10x Sable de Shatigon : 30 21 Crédits

      30x Sable de Shatigon 90 63 Crédits
      100x Sable de Shatigon 300 210 Crédits
      300x Sable de Shatigon 900 630 Crédits

    Parchemin d’aérofacturier de planeur : 500 350 Crédits

      3x Parchemin d’aérofacturier de planeur : 1500 1050 Crédits
      10x Parchemin d’aérofacturier de planeur : 5000 3500 Crédits
      30x Parchemin d’aérofacturier de planeur : 15000 10500 Crédits

    Grimoire de compétences en langues : 500 350 Crédits
    Potion de regain d’EXP : 80 56 Crédits

      3x Potion de regain d’EXP : 240 168 Crédits
      10x Potion de regain d’EXP : 800 560 Crédits
      300x Potion de regain d’EXP : 2400 1680 Crédits

    Tonique mercurien de chance : 80 56 Crédits
      3x Tonique mercurien de chance : 240 168 Crédits
      10x Tonique mercurien de chance : 800 560 Crédits
      30x Tonique mercurien de chance : 2400 1680 Crédits

    Tonique d’EXP immortel : 80 56 Crédits

      3x Tonique d’EXP immortel : 240 168 Crédits
      10x Tonique d’EXP immortel : 800 560 Crédits
      30x Tonique d’EXP immortel : 2400 1680 Crédits

    Potion de double-régénération de familier : 30 21 Crédits

      3x Potion de double-régénération de familier : 90 63 Crédits
      10x Potion de double-régénération de familier : 300 210 Crédits
      30x Potion de double-régénération de familier : 900 630 Crédits

    Potion de soins de familier : 30 21 Crédits

      3x Potion de soins de familier : 90 63 Crédits
      10x Potion de soins de familier : 300 210 Crédits
      30x Potion de soins de familier : 900 630 Crédits

    10x Penne enflammée : 20 14 Crédits

      30x Penne enflammée : 60 42 Crédits
      100x Penne enflammée : 200 140 Crédits

N’attendez pas, ces ventes ne ronronneront pas longtemps !


Jeudi 21 février 2019  
Venez avec moi sur un Tapis magique !

Du 21 février au 8 mars 2019, vous pouvez glisser dans la nuit ou chasser vos ennemis avec style avec le nouveau Tapis magique volant !

Découvrez un tout nouveau monde sur le nouveau Tapis magique

    Caisse du Tapis magique – 450 Crédits

      Tapis magique Magicoptère: – 650 Loyalty

        Compétence : Non ciblable
        S’élancer en glissant augmente la vitesse de déplacement de +50%.
        L’augmentation de la glisse a subi des dommages de +50%.

    3x Caisse du Tapis magique – 1,350 Crédits
    10x Caisse du Tapis magique – 4,500 Crédits
    30x Caisse du Tapis magique – 13,500 Crédits

Embellissez votre tapis avec un tout nouveau point de vue…et une tenue !

Le paquet du costume éblouissant comprend les 3 costumes ci-dessous (ou vous pouvez simplement acheter votre favori).

    Paquet du costume éblouissant – 3,500 Crédits

      Costume Nébulotus – 2,000 Crédits
      Robe de papillonnage – 2,000 Crédits
      Costume de nomade arasha – 1,800 Crédit

N’attendez pas trop longtemps pour votre Tapis magique… Il disparaîtra bientôt du Marché !


Jeudi 14 février 2019  
Toutes les bonnes affaires sans avoir de caries !

À partir du 14 février et jusqu’au 1er mars 2019, vous et votre partenaire pourrez faire une belle promenade au marché pour y trouver de nouveaux pas de danses et des friandises pour célébrer la Saint-Valentin !

Construisez votre royaume du bonbon

    Paquet de sucre surchargé : 3500 Crédits
    Lit macaron : 1900 Crédits
    Chaise gelée de pomme : 150 Crédits
    Chaise gelée de raisin : 150 Crédits
    Applique sucette : 100 Crédits
    Tapis sandwich glacé : 200 Crédits
    Table fraisier : 300 Crédits
    Petit pic à guimauve : 100 Crédits
    Grand pic à guimauve : 150 Crédits
    Petit sucre d’orge : 100 Crédits
    Grand sucre d’orge : 150 Crédits
    Petit biscuit au gingembre : 100 Crédits
    Grand biscuit au gingembre : 150 Crédits
    Petit macaron au matcha : 100 Crédits
    Grand macaron au matcha : 150 Crédits
    Petit beignet en forme de cœur : 100 Crédits
    Grand beignet en forme de cœur : 150 Crédits
    Petit macaron à la framboise : 100 Crédits
    Grand macaron à la framboise : 150 Crédits

Mettez-vous sur votre 31

    Costume de rendez-vous nocturne : 3000 Crédits

      Chapeau amovible
      Lié lors de l’acquisition
      Ne peut pas être teint
      Obtenir la danse : la Polka est en bonus !

Allez sur la piste de danse

    Danse : Polka – 1200 Crédits


    Danse : Cosaque – 1200 Crédits


Accumulez des paquets

    Paquet de synthèse de costume : 1800 Crédits

      Ticket de Sous-vêtements de synthèse emballés

        Lié lors de l’acquisition

      120x Éclat de synthium translucide
      120x Éclat de synthium frais
      Pierre de sérendipité liée
      Limité à 1 par compte

    Paquet de chasse au trésor : 1500 Crédits

      Élixir de chance lié

        Lié lors de l’acquisition

      4x Tonique mercurien de chance lié

        Lié lors de l’acquisition

      4x Grimoire cupide lié

        Lié lors de l’acquisition

      4x Élixir nain avide
      Limité à 1 par compte

Les infusions sont comme une boîte de chocolats

    Chocolat de St Valentin : 500 Crédits

      Limité 1x par compte, par jour.
      Recevez 2-50 infusions d’Hiram brillante

Ces offres expirent bientôt, alors n’attendez plus pour obtenir des friandises ! Avec de nouvelles tenues, danses et décors, il y en a pour tous les goûts !


Mercredi 13 février 2019  
Nouvelles Choco-quantes de Piero

On dit que 9 personnes sur 10 aiment le chocolat, Piero est la personne numéro 10 et il ADORE le chocolat. Mais il y a quelque chose que vous devez savoir à propos de Piero, il est plus du genre à partager avec ceux qu’il aime, et a décidé d’échanger ses sucreries avec les bons citoyens de Marianople. Mais maintenant, il a besoin de votre aide !

Les livraisons de chocolat sont retardées et la Saint-Valentin est en péril. Allez-vous l’aider à se sortir de cette situation malheureuse ? Piero a sûrement des jetons à vous offrir et peut-être même… du chocolat délicieux.

Où puis-je trouver Piero ?

Piero est à Marianople à la fontaine.

Comment puis-je m’y rendre ?

En tant que Nuien, tu peux juste te téléporter là-bas. En tant que Harani, vous devez utiliser le portail d’Austera situé dans la salle d’élection héroïque. Vous pouvez également utiliser le portail situé aux Rivages diamantins.

Quels sont les pré-requis ? 

Vous devez être au niveau 30 minimum.

Que puis-je obtenir ?

Vous recevrez un jeton de Saint-Valentin pour chaque Quête que vous accomplirez pour Piero. Celles-ci peuvent être échangées contre diverses récompenses sur l’Île du Mirage comme des costumes.

Combien de temps durera l’événement ?

L’événement aura lieu du 13 au 26 février.

Maintenant va chercher tes chocolats !


Mardi 12 février 2019  
Lettre de l'équipe ArcheAge - Février 2019

Bonjour à tous,

L’équipe a travaillé d’arrache-pied au cours des dernières semaines pour traduire et préparer notre prochaine mise à jour, que les joueurs verront venir en mars. Ce mois-ci, nous avons une petite mise à jour pour coïncider avec la Saint-Valentin, qui sera lancée le 13 février. Les joueurs seront chargés d’aider à la livraison de chocolats et peuvent s’attendre à voir de nouvelles décorations thématiques. Nous aurons plus d’information sur la mise à jour de mars au cours des prochaines semaines. Toutefois, avec cette mise à jour, nous aimerions prendre quelques instants pour répondre à quelques préoccupations qui sont apparues récemment.

En enquêtant sur les rapports d’un personnage qui était soudainement apparu en tête du classement d’équipement sur Kadum, un exploit qui avait été utilisé en Russie pour obtenir de l’or par des demandes d’artisanat a été découvert. Des mesures sévères ont été prises à l’encontre de tout compte dont la participation a été constatée, résultant à la suspension de ces comptes. Comme nous n’annonçons pas d’action prise sur les comptes des joueurs, cela n’a pas été abordé jusqu’à ce point. Nous l’avons depuis retiré manuellement du classement, dans la mesure où le bannissement du compte ne l’avait pas retiré du classement.

Nous avons reçu de multiples rapports indiquant de nombreuses transactions d’Apex en grand quantité et avons été en mesure de localiser la source. Les achats frauduleux d’Apex à l’aide du Steam Wallet étaient la source sous-jacente de l’excédent. Nous avons désactivé cette méthode de paiement et pris des mesures agressives au besoin pour les comptes qui en abusaient, y compris la résiliation de comptes frauduleux et la suppression d’Apex. Les joueurs qui, sans le savoir, ont obtenu frauduleusement des Apex achetés frauduleusement ne seront pas poursuivis. L’équipe continue de surveiller les transactions Apex dans les deux régions.

En ce qui concerne l’utilisation d’infusions d’Erenor de qualité inférieure sur des articles Erenor de qualité supérieure, nous devions nous assurer qu’il ne s’agissait pas d’un changement intentionnel qui avait été ajouté dans cette version par erreur. Après avoir confirmé que ce n’était pas l’intention de l’équipe XL, il a été corrigé dans le timbre le plus récent et les perfusions de grade inférieur ne peuvent plus être utilisées pour fournir une expérience de synthèse aux articles Erenor. Les éléments qui ont été mis à niveau pendant cette période ne peuvent pas être retirés de l’expérience. Par souci d’équité, nous travaillons avec l’équipe XL pour fournir des compléments aux événements à venir afin d’aider à combler l’écart qui aurait pu été causé par cette situation. Nous fournirons plus de détails sur ces événements au fur et à mesure qu’ils se termineront tout au long des prochaines mises à jour

Nous avons travaillé avec XL pour supprimer la normalisation de la vitesse des montures Licorne et nous sommes en train de faire de même pour toutes les montures précédemment normalisées dans la région NA/EU. Cela affectera les montures précédentes que les joueurs possèdent déjà et augmentera leur vitesse à tous les niveaux. Il n’est pas prévu d’abaisser la vitesse des montages pour le moment. Les derniers détails et le calendrier de ces changements sont encore en cours d’élaboration, mais c’est quelque chose que nous attendons avec impatience.

Toute l’équipe d’ArcheAge est impatiente de voir ces choses étonnantes qui vont arriver cette année. Nous espérons vous voir tous participer à l’aventure et nous avons hâte de vous montrer le fruit de nos efforts à venir.


L’équipe d’ArcheAge.


Vendredi 8 février 2019  
Montez dans la romance sur le nouveau Gueule mortelle !

À partir du 7 et jusqu’au 21 février 2019, vous pouvez vous rendre sur le marché pour acheter le tout nouveau la monture Gueule mortelle et un nouveau style de Saint-Valentin pour votre garde-robe et votre maison !

Devenez un expert de la Navi-gation

Il a des dents pointues, est furtif et peut frapper les adversaires distraits avec sa queue. Il vient directement de Hellswamp et seuls les intrépides peuvent le monter voir même le dompter.

    Caisse de Gueule mortelle : 450 Crédits

      Gueule mortelle : 650 Loyauté

        La monture peut porter deux personnes.
        Ne peut utiliser que l’équipement neuf de l’animal de compagnie

      Casque de Gueule mortelle : 50 Loyauté
      Selle de Gueule mortelle : 60 Loyauté
      Jambières de Gueule mortelle : 65 Loyauté

Faisons une maison ensemble

La maison peut être où vous voulez. Pour nous, la maison est là où notre cœur est, alors apportez votre tente, allumez le feu de camp, asseyez-vous et appréciez le feu d’artifice avec votre conjoint. 

    Paquet de mobilier rustique de la Saint-Valentin emballé : 3000 Crédits

      Tente d’amour : 2200 Crédits

        Profitez d’une bonne nuit de repos et gagnez 150 points d’artisanat
        Ne peut être vendu ou échangé

      Feu de camp romantique : 350 Crédits

        Ne peut être vendu ou échangé

      Banc en rondins des amants : 350 Crédits

        S’assoir au côté d’une autre personne déclenche un effet de cœur
        Ne peut être vendu ou échangé

      Feux d’artifice de Cupidon: 400 Crédits

        Déclenche un feu d’artifice lors d’une interaction
        Ne peut être vendu ou échangé

De nouveaux jolis tissus à revêtir

La maison peut être où vous voulez. Pour nous, la maison est là où notre cœur est, alors apportez votre tente, allumez le feu de camp, asseyez-vous et appréciez le feu d’artifice avec votre conjoint. 

    Tentation diabolique : 2500 Crédits

      Se lie lors de l’achat

    Aube vermeille : 2500 Crédits

      Se lie lors de l’achat

    Murmure angélique : 2500 Crédits

      Se lie lors de l’achat

Votre gentillesse sera leur trépas

Tu es un guerrier, mais ça ne veut pas dire que tu peux être mignon. Les chocolats, les fleurs et les bonbons peuvent être mortels ! Méfiez-vous ! 

    Bouclier fleuri : 200 Crédits
    Escrimeur parfumé : 200 Crédits
    Grande épée Guirlande : 200 Crédits
    Lame bouquet : 200 Crédits
    Nodachi petit bouquet : 200 Crédits
    Dague boutonnière : 200 Crédits
    Tisonnier éternel : 200 Crédits
    Lance éternelle : 200 Crédits
    Sceptre saupoudrage sucré : 200 Crédits
    Bâton saupoudrage sucré : 200 Crédits
    Presse-guimauve : 200 Crédits
    Massue guimauve : 200 Crédits
    Hacheur de chocolat : 200 Crédits
    Étêteur de bonbon : 200 Crédits
    Arc sucreur : 200 Crédits
    Mandoline macaron : 200 Crédits
    Flûte florale : 200 Crédits

Cette charmante offre ne sera pas proposée longtemps, n’attendez pas ! Surprenez votre partenaire ou offrez de charmants nouveaux articles pour la Saint Valentin.


Jeudi 31 janvier 2019  
Volez toujours plus haut avec le Magicoptère Cumulus !

À partir du 31 janvier et jusqu’au 14 février 2019, vous pouvez visiter le marché pour profiter d’aubaines intéressantes sur des articles pratiques, des pierres sélènes et plus encore !

Le Ciel est la limite

    Le Magicoptère Cumulus emballé : 3000 Crédits

      Bonus : Habit de Guerrier Narayana

Devenez Enchanteur

    La pierre sélène emballée de Melisara : 1250 Crédits

      Se lie une fois déballé
      Le nombre de coups critiques augmente de 0,5 % et peut se cumuler jusqu’à 7 fois.

    La pierre sélène emballée de Lucius : 1250 Crédits

      Se lie une fois déballé
      L’armure physique et la résistance magique de l’adversaire diminuent de 60 si touché et peut se cumuler jusqu’à 7 fois.

    La pierre sélène emballée de Inoch : 1250 Crédits

      Se lie une fois déballé
      Les dégâts subis par coup sont réduits de 0,3% et peut se cumuler jusqu’à 7 fois.

    La pierre sélène de rêves d’Orchidna emballée : 1250 Crédits

      Se lie une fois déballé
      L’armure physique et la résistance magique augmentent de 60 si touché et peut se cumuler jusqu’à 7 fois.

    La pierre sélène emballée de Tahyang : 1250 Crédits

      Se lie une fois déballé
      Augmente la vitesse d’attaque de 4 si touché et peut se cumuler jusqu’à 7 fois.

Offres de rabais

    Parchemin d’expansion : 310 210 Crédits

      3x Parchemin d’expansion : 900 630 Crédits
      10x Parchemin d’expansion : 3000 2100 Crédits
      30x Parchemin d’expansion : 9000 6300 Crédits

    Parchemin d’emplacement de personnage : 1045 730 Crédits
    Ticket d’expansion familiale : 1000 700 Crédits
    Ticket de changement de nom de famille : 2250 1575 Crédits
    Ticket chang. nom de guilde : 8000 5600 Crédits
    Certificat d’abaissement de comp.: 1000 700  Crédits
    Crédits Compétence du pendentif de sauve : 1250 875 Crédits

      2x Compétence du pendentif de sauve : 2000 1400 Crédits

    Balance de migration : 300 210 Crédits

      5x Balance de migration : 1500 1050 Crédits

    Permis de vente aux enchères : 150 105 Crédits
    Certificat de salon de beauté : 750 525 Crédits 
    Certificat de changement de sexe. : 1345 940 Crédits

Ne manquez pas ces offres ! Il y a peu de choses meilleures qu’un guerrier sur un nuage ou de bonnes affaires.


Jeudi 3 janvier 2019  
Commencez l'année en force avec la Petite Sorcière !

Du 3 au 17 Janvier 2019, assurez-vous de jeter un oeil au marché pour adopter de nouveaux compagnons et d’autres surprises ! 

Des Caisses, des Sorcières ET des Écuyers !

    Caisse de la Petite Sorcière : 450 Crédits

      Peux contenir un Little Witch Pet.

    Petite Sorcière : 650 gages de fidélité

      Utilise des attaques basiques à distance et possède une abilité unique de déplacement ! Peux équiper équipement de familiers de combat.

    Écuyer narayana emballé : 1500 Crédits

      Échangeable jusqu’à déballé.

Changez vos stats avec les Pierres de sérendipité !

    Pierre de sérendipité liée : 700 Crédits

      Limité à 3 par comptes.

Ne manquez pas cette offre magique !



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