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Jeudi 15 novembre 2018  
Compensation pour l'évolution du serveur et pack du retour du guerrier

Avec la sortie d’ArcheAge 5.0 – Les Reliques d’Hiram, nous offrons également des packs de remerciement à de nombreux joueurs, pour vous remercier de faire partir de la communauté. Jetons un coup d’œil sur les cadeaux qui vous attendent.

Paquet cadeau de personnage d’Évolutions des serveurs :

La compensation suivante sera accordée à tous les personnages ayant vécu l’évolution et ayant un niveau 15+ au moment de l’évolution, ou possédant un terrain :

    Titre « Voyageur lointain »
    Ailes roses

Paquet cadeau de compte d’Évolutions des serveurs

La compensation suivante sera accordée à raison d’une fois par compte aux personnes ayant vécu l’évolution et ayant au moins un personnage de niveau 50+ au moment de l’évolution, ou possédant un terrain :

    1 Ensemble de meubles de comptoir de bar
    5 Pierres de sérendipité liées
    2 Bénédictions de Duun liées
    150 Gages de fidélité
    1 Hibou de Tout-relais (usage unique)
    40 Cristaux manaclysmique
    15 Élixirs porte-bonheur lié
    75 Pierres de l’au-delà liées
    80 Pièces Cadeau

Paquet cadeau de célébration d’Évolutions des serveurs

La compensation suivante sera accordée à toutes les personnes possédant au moins un personnage ayant atteint le niveau 15 avant l’évolution, ou qui possède un territoire.

    1 Fontaine des Dieux
    30 Pièces de Jake
    10 Cristaux manaclysmique
    10 Gages de fidélité
    10 Étoiles de Gilda
    5 Élixirs porte-bonheur lié
    2 Feux d’artifice du Festival en flocon
    3 Feux d’artifice du Festival rond
    12 Feux d’artifice du Festival en cœur
    1 Coupon de véhicule de retour au foyer
    1 Solde de métier (15j)

Paquet de Guerrier de retour au foyer

Le paquet suivant sera donné une fois par compte à tout le monde :

    5 Arme de gardien d’Hiram voilée
    10 Armure de gardien d’Hiram voilée
    3 Instrument de gardien d’Hiram voilé
    60 Parchemins d’éveil d’Hiram
    20 Instillateur d’Hiram porte-bonheur
    3 Parchemins de décristallisation
    80 Cristaux manaclysmique
    20 gages de fidélité
    1 Espoir ailé amélioré
    1 Sifflet à Kitsu de minuit
    1 Uniforme de Daru de l’ombre d’élite
    200 Attestations fiscales liées
    10 Élixirs de double EXP de chasse lié
    5 Élixirs porte-bonheur lié

Nous sommes extrêmement heureux de ce qui nous attend sur ArcheAge et nous vous remercions tous de faire partie de la communauté !


Mardi 13 novembre 2018  
Patch Notes 5.0 Relics of Hiram

New Skillset: Malediction

The Malediction skillset is symbolized by Orchidna, the Demon Queen. Abyssal voices corrupting her mind unleashed a force of evil magic that she passes down to her devotees. These demonic powers allow them to exploit the weaknesses of their enemies and further enhance their abilities when stacking charges.

To increase the effectiveness of Serpent Glare, a new Sunglow Lunagem has been added:

    Sunglow Lunagem: Serpent Glare – Increases the duration of Serpent Glare +6%
    Splendid Sunglow Lunagem: Serpent Glare – Increases the duration of Serpent Glare +8%
    Glorious Sunglow Lunagem: Serpent Glare – Increases the duration of Serpent Glare +10%

A Malediction specific instrument has also been added to the Arena Shop: Echoes of Malediction.

This flute increases the rank of Crashing Waves +1, and costs 1000 Kyrios Badges.

Abyssal Skills Removed

All Abyssal skills have been removed. Some of the Abyssal skills can be found in the new Malediction skilltree and some in each skilltree’s passives. Players that completed the Abyssal questline will receive 1 set of compensation, and 1 additional set of compensation for each Abyssal skilltree that was leveled to max, for a total of 11 possible sets of compensation.

Each set of compensation includes the following items: 30,000 Honor Points, 200 Kyrios Badges, 20 Abyssal Crystals.

The Abyssal questline has therefore also been removed, but Orchidna’s Journals can still be obtained, in the Queen’s Chamber in the Cinderstone Moore.

The title “Abyssal Adept” can still be obtained, but the title “Orchidna’s Disciple” is removed.

Ancestral Level 34

The Ancestral Level cap has been raised to 34.

Each Ancestral Level adds the following stats:

    Accuracy +0.05% (+1.70% at Lv34)
    Toughness +10 (+340 at Lv34)
    Received Damage Reduction +0.1% (+3.4% at Lv34)
    Resilience +20 (+680 at Lv34)

The amount of required experience per level is as follows:

Unlocking Ancestral Level 1 now only requires 1 Honorforged Medal, available on the Honor Shop for 2000 Honor. All levels after that require only experience to advance.

New Zone: Western Hiram Mountains

The Western Hiram Mountains has been added to the Auroria map, bordering Reedwind to the north.

This new zone has a Tropical, Subarctic and Arid climate and follows a 10min conflict period, followed by 50min of war and then cycling into 60min of peace. During war, the Loot and Gold Drop Rates are increased to 130%.

The Western Hiram Mountains feature a variety of new monsters, of which the majority are Ancestral Level 7. These monsters drop Ancestor’s Coinpurses and Ancestral Crates, as well as Radiant Hiram Awakening Scrolls, used to awaken your T3 Hiram Guardian Equipment. Included in their drop tables are also Mysterious Hiram Infusions, which can be identified using up to 50 Labor and can contain Hiram Infusions of grade Rare (300 XP), Arcane (400 XP) or Heroic (700 XP).

Also featured in this zone are new mining nodes called “Mysterious Mineral”, which can be mined to obtain Copper, Silver and Gold Ore, but also have a chance to drop the new Lunar and Solar Tempers, as well as Radiant Hiram Awakening Scrolls and Mysterious Hiram Infusions.

While adventuring in this zone, players can also gain temporary buffs from aiding Wounded Hiram Owls and Injured Owlinas, giving Serpent Abominations their final rest and destroying Cube Shards that omit an ominous energy. The buffs don’t stack and fall off, as soon as the player leaves the zone.

The following buffs can be gained:

A series of new achievements have also been added for this zone. Some of them rewarding a new title and title icon once completed.

Interested in exploring this zone yet?

The Agents of Andrion and Amarendra found in the Nuian and Haranyan faction headquarters offer a free teleport to the trail head in Reedwind. Pirates and Player Nation members can head straight over and record the 3 new teleport locations in their books, for convenient access later. Talking about Pirates – all 3 camp areas have an aura of protection, similar to the protection aura at Trade Outlets, that block PvP and therefore there’s no pesky Guards that try to attack you.

One last piece of advice: don’t venture too far north, or the bitter cold of the Millennium Blizzard will certainly freeze you to death.

Brilliant Hiram Guardian Equipment

The 3rd tier of Hiram gear has been added: the Brilliant Hiram Guardian equipment.

This tier of equipment sits between Ayanad and Erenor in terms of strength, and is obtain by awakening Divine Radiant Hiram Guardian equipment with Radiant Hiram Awakening Scrolls. These scrolls can be farmed from mobs in the Western Hiram Mountains, and gained as a reward for completing 3 newly added daily quests.

Each attempt to awaken your equipment requires 25 Radiant Hiram Awakening Scrolls, which provide a 10% base chance of success, and add an additional 5% chance of success for each failed attempt. Radiant Runescribe Quills, available for 600 Prestige on the Guild Shop, can be combined with 100 Radiant Hiram Awakening Scrolls to create 1 Blessed Hiram Awakening Scroll. Each attempt to awakening your equipment requires 1 Blessed Hiram Awakening Scroll, which provides a 25% base chance of success, and adds an additional 10% chance of success for each failed attempt.

Blessed Hiram Awakening Scrolls have the additional benefit of protecting your Tempering Points. Equipment with Tempering Points of +20 or higher, have a chance to lose up to 2 points on a successful awakening attempt, but using a Blessed Hiram Awakening Scroll, will preserve your full Tempering Points. Important to note, is that the Tempering Points will never drop below +20, in case of a loss due to using the regular Radiant Hiram Awakening Scrolls.

When awakening your T3 Hiram gear, your socketed Lunagems and Lunafrosts are preserved, and experience invested into the Divine tier carries over. Synthesis stats, applied image items and tempering points will be preserved and carry over as well.

Brilliant Hiram Guardian Equipment can be synthesized to grade Epic and starts out at grade Unique immediately after successfully awakening it.

Awakening World Boss Equipment

The recipes to upcraft the following items have been removed. Instead, World Boss specific Awakening Scrolls can be crafted at any Proven Warrior Workbench, and used to unlock the second tier.

World Boss Equipment Synthesis

With the Relics of Hiram update, the synthesis system is applied to the majority of World Boss gear.

To level World Boss gear that falls under the synthesis system, any other World Boss gear can be fed into it, or crafted gear of the same grade or higher. Equipment that does not fall under the synthesis system can be regraded to improve.

Erenor Synthesis Changes

Crafted gear, excluding the Erenor tier, Obsidian Equipment and Erenor Infusions can be used as synthesis materials to level your Erenor equipment.

World Boss gear of grade Arcane or higher can be salvaged into Erenor Infusions using an Evenstone.

Each gear set grants the following Infusions:

The grade and type of Erenor Infusion defines how much synthesis XP it is worth:

Cloak Changes and Awakening

The “Flaming” subtypes of cloaks are no longer obtainable in game. Instead the two will be combined into the same cloak. Delphinad and Ayanad cloaks can have 1 stat from group 1 and 3 stats from group 2 at the same time. Cloaks obtained before the update will keep their current stats, but can be cloaked using a Transmuter to obtain any of the new cloaks. Cryptic Lucky Scrolls can now be used to reroll stats on Delphinad cloaks as well.

The acquisition method of the Delphinad and Ayanad tier cloaks has been adjusted as well:

Divine Epherium Cloaks can be awakened to the Delphinad tier using an Epherium Cloak Awakening Scroll, craftable at any Proven Warriors Workbench.

Epherium Cloak Awakening Scrolls have a 25% base chance of success and add an additional 5% chance of success for each failed attempt. A failed awakening attempt can also result in crystallization, which can be reversed using a Decrystallization Scroll, available on the Honor Shop for 10,000 honor.

Epic Delphinad Cloaks can be awakened to the Ayanad tier using a Delphinad Cloak Awakening Scroll.

Delphinad Cloak Awakening Scrolls also have a 25% base chance of success and add an additional 5% chance of success for each failed attempt. A failed awakening attempt can also result in crystallization, which can be reversed using a Decrystallization Scroll.

Discontinued Obsidian Equipment

All crafting recipes for Obsidian equipment will be removed. This means that existing Obsidian items will remain in the world, but they can no longer be upcrafted to higher tiers or created.

Remaining Obsidian items can still be gemmed, regraded and tempered.

Using a Hiram Conversion Rune, crafted at the Mirage Salvage Forge for 1 Stone Brick, allows to convert existing Obsidian equipment into Hiram Infusions. Each Hiram Infusion is worth 1,000 Synthesis XP and the amount of infusions granted depends on the Obsidian item’s tier, slot and grade.

Using an Erenor Conversion Rune, crafted at the Mirage Salvage Forge for 1 Stone Brick, allows to convert existing T2, T3 and T4 Obsidian equipment of grade Celestial or higher into Erenor Infusions. Each Erenor Infusion is worth 100 Synthesis XP and is tradeable as long as it’s sealed. The amount of infusions granted depends on the Obsidian item’s tier, slot and grade.

The Erenor Infusions will maintain the grade of the item when converted, and can only be fed into Erenor gear of the same rarity or lower.

The following items used to craft Obsidian equipment will no longer be obtainable in game. Remaining items can be sold to a merchant:

    Mercury Solution (1s80c ea.)
    Renaia’s Research Journal (3s60c ea.)
    Philosopher’s Stone Fragment (30s ea.)
    Kadum’s Bark (35g ea.)
    Spellshift Orb (120g ea.)

New Tempering System

The new tempering system allows the stats of armor and weapons to be improved to a maximum of +30 Tempering Points, which is equivalent to 125%.

    Each Tempering Point from +1 to +20 increases the stats by +1%.
    Each Tempering Point from +21 to +30 increases the stats by +0.5%.

Old tempering items will no longer be obtainable in game, but remaining items can be converted into relevant items or back into the originally invested cost.

The new Solar and Lunar Tempers can be obtained from Prince’s Crates, Queen’s Crates and Ancestral Crates, as well as from mining the Mysterious Minerals that spawn in the Western Hiram Mountains.

Solar and Lunar Tempers cost 200 Labor and a specified amount of gold per tempering attempt, adding a +1 Tempering Point increase, in case of a success. Items with Tempering Points of +18 or higher have a chance to lose up to -1 Tempering Points per failed attempt. The equipment under no circumstances has a chance of destruction or crystallization due to a failed tempering attempt.

Resplendent Solar and Lunar Tempers can be crafted on Regal Alchemy Tables, using 10 normal Tempers and a Lucky Point to create 2 Resplendent Tempers.

Resplendent Tempers have a chance to get a great success on a tempering attempt, resulting in a +2 Tempering Point increase.

Tempering Crystals can be added for each attempt to increase the chance of success by 1.5.

Resplendent Tempering Crystals increase the chance of success by x2.

Any tempered equipment pre-5.0 will carry over to the new system. Items with 2 tempering stats will carry over the higher percentage of the two.

Skill Changes

The maximum of Skill Points a level 55 character can obtain, has been adjusted to 18.

Passive skills no longer require invested points, but unlock automatically, once enough Skill Points have been invested into the active skills. Some of the active skills now also require a minimum amount of Skill Points invested into the Skilltree, before they can be unlocked. To support this system, some of the skills have been moved around to accommodate the point investment lock.

Changes to active skills:

The following amounts of skill points have to be invested into a skilltree, to be able to unlock the skills listed. For example: In order to be able to invest a Skill Point to unlock Whirlwind Slash, at least 3 points have to already be spent on the Battlerage Skilltree.

The following changes have been applied to the Passives:

Changes to Trade

    All Auroran Specialties and Auroran Cargo, along with their workbenches have been removed.
    Any Auroran Specialties or Cargo left after the 5.0 update can be placed on the floor and exchanged for 130% of the tradepacks’ value. Doing so in a player owned territory will deduct the local territory tax from the value.
    Seeds and plants used to craft Auroran Specialties can be sold to General Merchants. Seeds sold to a merchant are worth 6g 52s 50c each. Plants sold to a merchant are worth 1g 80s each.
    All in-land Cargo Exchangers have been removed, as well as the Cargo Buyers in Cinderstone Moor, Solzreed Peninsula, Ynystere and Villanelle.

Removed Cargo Exchangers:

    Nuian Specialties can still be turned in to a Specialty Buyer in Two Crowns, Cinderstone or Solzreed.
    Nuian Cargo can still be purchased from a Cargo Seller in Two Crowns, Cinderstone or Solzreed.
    Nuian Cargo can however only be delivered to Solis Headlands (for Charcoal Stabilizers), Diamond Shores (for Charcoal Stabilizers) or Freedich Isle (for Dragon Essence Stablizers).
    Haranyan Specialties can still be turned in to a Specialty Buyer in Solis Headlands, Villanelle or Ynystere. Haranyan Cargo can still be purchased from a Cargo Seller in Solis Headlands, Villanelle or Ynystere.
    Haranyan Cargo can however only be delivered to Two Crowns (for Charcoal Stabilizers), Diamond Shores (for Charcoal Stabilizers) or Freedich Isle (for Dragon Essence Stablizers).
    Cargo taken from Nuia to Haranya and vice versa can yield up to 15 Charcoal Stabilizers, Cargo taken to Diamond Shores can yield up to 30 Charcoal Stabilizers, and Cargo taken to Freedich Island can yield up to 4 Dragon Essence Stabilizers. The local demand and the profit margin the Cargo is delivered in hereby define the final payout.
    Purchasing Cargo has also been simplified. Cargo Certificates are no longer needed to buy Cargo and any certificates left after the 5.0 update can be converted back into 300 Vocation Badges.
    The amount of Specialties turned in to a Trade Outlet now directly influences the price Cargo is sold at, but Cargo itself is always available for purchase.
    The 4 different pricing ranges for Cargo are Abundant (Cargo costs 14g), Normal (Cargo costs 18g), Insufficient (Cargo costs 22g) and Limited (Cargo costs 26g).
    Due to the changes to Cargo, the family mission “Trade for Goods” has been adjusted. The quest “Cargo Delivery” offered by Cargo Sellers at the Trade Outlet has to be completed, which asks to deliver a Nuian Cargo to Solis Headlands, or Haranyan Cargo to Two Crowns. The reward for completing this quest is still 20 Charcoal Stabilizers.
    To assist people in completing this task, the Cargo Ship that runs between Two Crowns and Solis Headlands remains. The Cargo Ship that used to run from Solzreed Peninsula to Ynystere is removed.
    Completing the entire collection will reward the title “Skywarden” and the Andelph Drakora mount.

Mount Collection

Achievements for collecting certain mounts have been added.

Dye Tickets and Housing UCC

    Costume dyes will no longer be available to obtain and are replaced by the Dye Ticket. Dye Tickets allow the player to choose a color on a color palette to apply to their costumes (only costumes that have the option to be dyed) or the newly added Rampage Chroma.
    Remaining dyes can be converted into Dye Tickets after the update.
    Cottages, Manors, Townhouses, Farmhouses, Villas and Chalets have the option to change the appearance of their floors, ceilings and inner walls, using the UCC system.
    A new button called Building Customization is added to the Building Nameplate and opens a window that allows to both apply Crest Stamps to a house and remove them again.
    Removing a Crest Stamp and restoring the original look requires a Crest Remover, available on the General Merchant for 10 silver each.

Server Evolution Compensation and Homecoming Warrior Packs

    Server Evolution Character Giftpack:

    The following compensation will be given to all characters that were part of the server evolutions and were level 15+ at the time of the evolution, or owned land:

      Title “Far Traveler”
      Rose Wings

    Server Evolution Account Giftpack

    The following compensation will be given once per account to people that were part of the server evolutions and had at least 1 character that was level 50+ at the time of the evolution, or owned land:

      Bar Counter Furniture Set
      5 Bound Serendipity Stones
      2 Bound Duun’s Blessings
      150 Loyalty
      1 Any-Post Owl (1 time use)
      40 Manastorm Crystals
      15 Bound Lucky Elixirs
      75 Bound Hereafter Stones
      80 Gift Coins

    Server Evolution Celebration Giftpack

    The following compensation will be given once per account to all people that had at least 1 character that was level 15+ at the time of the evolution, or owned land:

      1 Fountain of the Gods
      30 Jake’s Coins
      10 Manastorm Crystals
      10 Loyalty Tokens
      50 Gilda Stars
      5 Bound Lucky Elixirs
      2 Snowflake Festival Fireworks
      3 Round Festival Fireworks
      12 Heart Festival Fireworks
      1 Homecoming Vehicle Voucher
      1 15-Day Vocation Stipend

    Homecoming Warrior Package

    The following package will be given once per account to everyone:

      5 Cloaked Hiram Guardian Weapons
      10 Cloaked Hiram Guardian Armor
      3 Cloaked Hiram Guardian Instruments
      60 Hiram Awakening Scrolls
      20 Lucky Hiram Infusions
      3 Decrystallization Scrolls
      80 Manastorm Crystals
      20 Loyalty
      1 Enhanced Feathered Hope Glider
      1 Midnight Kitsu Whistle
      1 Elite Shadow Daru Uniform
      200 Bound Tax Certificates
      10 Bound Double Hunting XP Elixirs
      5 Bound Lucky Elixirs

    Fresh Start Changes

      The Ayanad tier is added.
      Taris, the final boss in Mistsong Summit is available.
      Taris equipment can be crafted.
      Ancestral Level 34 is available.
      The Malediction skillset is available.
      The Red Dragon is faction restricted on Tuesdays and Thursdays. No restrictions are applied for the Red Dragon on Saturday.
      Tuesday: Only the Nuia Alliance can fight the Red Dragon.
      Thursday: Only the Haranya Alliance can fight the Red Dragon.
      Characters under Lv50 are teleported out of Mistmerrow, when the Mistmerrow Battle begins.
      The starting time of the Crimson Counterattack was changed from 20 seconds to 2mins.
      The Crimson Counterattack has a participant cap of 150 players for each faction.
      Kraken on Saturday now drops the same loot as the weekday Krakens.
      The Cargo Exchangers at the Trade Outlets in Diamond Shores become available.

    Miscellaneous Changes

      The November Login Tracker will only list 14 days and grants special rewards, including Manastorm Crystals and the Plague Doctor Costume.
      Added a Skill Combo window that visually shows the combo relationship between skills, as well as what skills to use to trigger specific debuffs.
      Added a debuff display that can be turned off or displayed in 3 different locations on the screen.
      Reduced the amount of XP required to level from Lv50-Lv55.
      Reduced the amount of XP required to level from Ancestral Lv1-7.
      Adjusted the Abyssal Achievements.
      Removed and adjusted achievements related to the discontinued cloaks.
      Removed the Auroran Cargo achievements.
      Added Ancestral Level achievements.
      Added 33 achievements for equipment improvements.
      Red Dragon’s Doom can now be placed in your inventory after it’s dropped.
      Vyrava’s Fragment can no longer be acquired.
      Removed the Crimson Watch Research Box from the drop table of Undigested Flotsams and Swallowed Pouches.
      The cooldown to rejoin a Player Nation has been reduced to 3 days.
      Increased the level requirement for Mistmerrow quests to Lv50.
      Removed Kadum’s Bark as reward for completing the quest “Assault on Mistmerrow”, and added 600 Honor Points.
      The respawn time on the Thunderwing Titan is now 72 hours.
      The Fierce Titan’s Wings can now only be acquired from the Thunderwing Workbench when the players have the “Charged Thunderwing Call” buff active.
      The Red Dragon can now die to Siege Damage.
      The quests “Protect the Red Dragon” and “Calm the Red Dragon” have been combined into the quest “Red Dragon Guardian”, available from the Nui Temple Priestess.
      Completing the quest “Defeat the Red Dragon” now rewards 3000 Honor Points.
      The Red Dragon now has a chance to drop Spinal Ridges.
      Adjusted the way to choose attackable targets for the Dragonbreath, Dragon Roar and Wing Gale skills.
      Removed the combo effect of the Flawless Dream Ring and added Defense Penetration and Magic Defense Penetration +800 to the stats.
      Removed the combo effect of the Holy Ynys Guardian Ring and added Defense Penetration and Magic Defense Penetration +700 to the stats.
      Increased the Accuracy of NPCs, pets and mounts.
      If the level gap between a character and a monster is large, the character will get less XP for killing the mob.
      Added level buffs to the title collection. The effects increase with your Title Collector Rank.
      Added a base of +50 Shield Defense Penetration to all characters.
      Removed the +50% Shield Defense Penetration from the “Equip Two-Handed Weapon” buff.
      Increased the synthesis XP of Hiram Infusions: Grand: 200 -> 250 / Rare: 250 ->300
      Reduced the drop rate of Sealed Lunafrosts from Prince’s Crates, Queen’s Crates and Ancestral Crates.
      Opening Haunted Chests contributed to the Larceny proficiency and grants XP.
      House pets can now be summoned while riding a mount.
      Added new mount recipes for Manastorm Crystals.
      Added recipes to craft a Rampage Chroma.
      Hiram, Dungeon and Erenor Infusions are added to the Item Encyclopedia.
      Added the Mount Youngster Basket to the Vocation Shop, which allows to choose one of the following baby mounts:
      Blacktail, Whitetail, or Browntail Leomorph Cub
      Brown, Gray, or Buckskin Lilyut Foal
      Coalmane, Snowmane, or Sandmane Snowlion Cub
      Green, White, or Violet Elk Calf
      Blackscale, Silverscale, or Redscale Pangopup
      Nightslaver, Snowrend, or Hooftiger Shoat
      Added a Freshwater Fish School to Reedwind and the Western Hiram Mountains.
      Added a profit timer to the Delphinad Ghostship Stone Slabs:
      Within 30mins: 100% payment, 30-45mins: 70% payment, 45-60mins: 50% payment, after 60mins: 20% payment
      Jola’s Eternal Grudge always drops at grade Heroic.
      Discontinued Ancestral Warrior Medals. Leftover medals can be converted into Honorforged Medals.
      Removed the downgrade chance from crafted Celestial grade equipment.
      Adjusted the chance of crystallization for crafted gear of grade Divine or higher.
      Increased the amount of synthesis XP Obsidian gear gives, when fed into Erenor equipment.
      The Crimson Rift quests have been reverted to 3 quests, and the option to complete these quests by killing monsters in the zone has been removed.
      The amount of kills required to push the vulnerability phases in Ynystere and Cinderstone has been reduced to 300 NPC kills.
      All Hiram equipment related daily quests now offer a reward choice of Awakening Scrolls or Infusions.
      Members of the Abyssal Legion in Reedwind, Sungold Fields and Exeloch are now stronger.
      The “Crimson Omens” and “Halting the Crimson Tide” quests now reward Infusion Supply Kits, which give the players a choice of 1x Unidentified Hiram Infusion or 3x Abyssal Enhancer Rank 2.
      The Sparring and Skirmish Arenas temporarily boost all characters to Ancestral Level 34 to create an even battle field. This temporary boost does not unlock access to Ancestral skills, should they not be unlocked otherwise.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed a texture display issue with Hiram Guardian Shirts on female Haranis.
    Fixed a display issue with the Forest Mushroom House.
    Fixed a display issue with the Angelic Whisper costume.
    The visual effects of equipment no longer stays on characters, once it’s removed.
    Fixed a terrain issue that caused vehicles to clip in Gweonid Forest.
    Fixed terrain collision issues with some of the monsters in Exeloch.
    Adjusted some spawn locations of monsters in Exeloch.
    Improved the camera view when using the Turtlecraft Figurehead.
    Fixed an issue where characters getting on a mount after lying at a Nui statue, visually stayed in the lying pose.
    Male Dwarves can now dye their Dragon Cultist Dusters.
    Improved the loading issues with housing décor.
    World gates can no longer be used to place housing décor mid-air.
    Small décor placed on large furniture can now be interacted with normal.
    Fixed the planting issues with Thatched Farmhouses, Harvester’s Farmhouses, Rancher’s Farmhouses and Miner’s Farmhouses.
    Fixed a sound effect issue that occurred when opening or closing the Auction House.
    Players can no longer enter the Haje’s towers in Reedwing during PvP.
    The Enraged members of the Abyssal Legion now can trigger the Trip Immunity debuff.
    The AoE reductions for Tiger Strike (Battlerage), Dahuta’s Breath (Witchcraft), Missile Rain and Snipe (Archery), as well as Throw Dagger (Shadowplay) now trigger correctly.
    Drop Back is fixed.
    Skills that are supposed to have a fixed healing amount, but instead were affected by Healing Power are now working properly.
    Shrug It Off now cancels Petrification.
    The AOE damage dealt with Critical Discord now works normal, even with the Mistsong Summit staff equipped.
    The tooltip of Mist Missile Rain was updated to reflect the right amount of arrows shot: 5 volleys of 6 arrows for a total of 30.
    The duration of Impale and Stun when an Evenglow Lunagem: Trauma is socketed, is now properly increased for all skills.
    Fixed the inconsistent icon for Reckless Charge.
    Judge’s Longing, Wild Ginseng and Healing Flare are now affected by Healing Power.
    The equip effects of the Soulbane Gloves of Mana Stars and Haunted Gauntlets of Mana Stars now apply to the Malediction skilltree’s Mana Bolts.
    The Void Splash set bonus now takes effect when both the Water-Keened Blade and the Thorned Justice Bow are equipped.
    The effects of Eternal Mounted Shields are now applied.
    Fixed the issue with the Thunderwing Workbench not properly changing its status, when two or more factions attempt to interact with the Thunderwing Call at the same time.
    The Diamond Shores Elite Guards won’t interrupt duels anymore.
    Dead characters can no longer receive duel requests.
    The Heart of Ayanad Guardian’s body will drop to the ground once defeated, to always allow looting.
    The debuff “Nine Flames Elemental Lord’s Terrifying Roar” is now always removed after defeating Salphira’s Avatar Akmit in the Greater Palace Cellar.
    The reward chest now always spawns after defeating the final boss in the Greater Palace Cellar.
    The restriction area for the Kraken encounter now properly displays.
    Names with blanks can no longer be created, when using the character rename service.
    Classes of party members in the arena now always display.
    Wrapped versions of Powerstone Pets are now correctly categorized as Powerstone Pet.
    Fixed a few incorrect achievement icons.
    Updated the quest text for “In the Footsteps of Gods and Heroes” and “Heir of Gods and Heroes” to properly reflect the objectives of the quest.
    Updated text on the Legendary and Mythic Taming Nets to fix a typo.
    Updated the description on Charcoal Stabilizers.
    Updated the quest text and object distance of “The Poisoned Scout”.

Known Issues

    [ADDED 11/13] Ancestral Levels are currently not working on Fresh Start - this will be fixed via a restart of Fresh Start worlds only, timing will be announced soon.
    [ADDED 11/13] Western Hiram Mountains does not contain NPCs currently on Fresh Start - will also be fixed during the Fresh Start only restart.
    Ancestral Level experience is off by 1 for each level.
    Characters that were Ancestral Level 7, can be Ancestral Level 8 with 50%+ experience after the 5.0 update.
    Leveling through Ancestral Levels does not carry over excess experience.
    Accuracy gained per Ancestral Level works different than expected. Odd levels grant +0.1% to Melee Accuracy and Ranged Accuracy, even levels grant +0.1% to Magic Accuracy.
    Storm Caller’s Hoop can’t be salvaged into Erenor Infusions.
    Grasping Void’s tooltip is outdated and states that the caster has to be Snared to teleport allies. In actuality, if the caster is Snared, he remains in the same spot, and only their allies are teleported. If under no debuff, caster and allies are all teleported.
    Shield Slam’s tooltip is outdated and states that it increases your Block Rate +20% for 1 min. In actuality, it increases you Shield Block Rate +100% for the next 2 attacks.
    The Red Dragon zone restriction on Fresh Start servers is visually not displayed.
    The Nui Priestess does not offer the new Red Dragon quest.
    The display location of the Tempering Points is visually unpleasing.
    The quests to obtain Orchidna’s Journals claim 12 Abyssal Crystals are required to complete the quest, but the sword interaction still requires 1 Specialization Snowflake.

Mardi 13 novembre 2018  
Les Reliques d'Hiram est disponible !

Le temps est venu d’explorer des mystères perdus et de dévoiler le nouveau pouvoir obscur de la malédiction. ArcheAge 5.0 – Les reliques de Hiram est maintenant en ligne !

Nouvelle zone

Voyagez dans une toute nouvelle zone inexplorée : les Montagnes d’Hiram occidentales. De nouveaux défis attendent les champions d’Erenor dans cette nouvelle région magnifique de fin de jeu. Relevez des défis et gagnez-les pour atteindre de nouveaux équipements, augmenter votre niveau Ancestral et plus encore !

Art des Maudits

Cette nouvelle extension introduit également un tout nouvel ensemble de compétences pour la première fois dans ArcheAge ! L’Art des Maudits permet aux joueurs d’utiliser une puissante magie noire pour exploiter les faiblesses de leurs ennemis tout en augmentant sa propre puissance. La 11ème compétence pour ArcheAge, Art des Maudits, ajoute 45 nouvelles combinaisons de classes aux joueurs.

Gardien d’Hiram brillants

Cette mise à jour conséquente introduit également un nouveau niveau d’équipement d’Hiram pour que les joueurs s’éveillent. Accomplissez des quêtes quotidiennes dans les Montagnes d’Hiram occidentales pour gagner le nouveau Gardien d’Hiram brillant ! Ce niveau d’équipement se situe entre Ayanad et Erenor en termes de puissance.

Nouveau système de Trempe

Le nouveau système de Trempe permet d’améliorer les statistiques d’armure et d’armes jusqu’à un maximum de +30 points de Trempe, ce qui équivaut à 125%.

Les nouvelles Trempes solaire et lunaire peuvent être obtenues dans la Caisse du Prince, la Caisse de la Reine et la Caisse Ancestrale, ainsi qu’en extrayant les minéraux mystérieux des Montagnes d’Hiram occidentales.

Cette mise à jour, certes conséquente, n’est que le début d’une suite de choses fantastiques à venir dans le monde d’Erenor !

- L’équipe d’ArcheAge -


Vendredi 2 novembre 2018  
Lettre de l'équipe ArcheAge

A l’attention de tous,

Veuillez accepter nos excuses pour le manque de contenu publié sur nos blogs et forums au cours des deux dernières semaines. Nous voulions être sûrs d’avoir une idée claire sur la suite des opérations et nous nous sommes retenus de publier des informations incertaines. Nous sommes actuellement dans une meilleure position et nous avons des informations à partager pour répondre à vos questions.

Vous avez certainement lu le Message de Jake Song et savez donc que la stabilisation du service live est notre priorité absolue. L’équipe est actuellement occupée à effectuer le transfert des fonctions de jeu fournies par Trion Worlds vers l’infrastructure de Gamigo. Le noyau dur de l’équipe de ArcheAge reste en place sous Gamigo, incluant Khrolan, Socke, Applegod, Tinen et même Clownie.

Les Reliques d’Hiram, la mise à jour 5.0, sera mise en place sur le Serveur de Test Publique le 3 novembre 2018 à 0h00 heure française et restera sur le STP pendant 11 jours pour devenir ensuite accessible sur les serveurs live le 13 novembre. Cette mise à jour aura lieu d’abord en Europe, puis en Amérique du Nord. Les notes de patch seront postées sur les forums du STP lorsque la version 5.0 sera accessible.

Nous sommes conscients que les gens sont inquiets au sujet des tickets d’assistance qui ont été envoyés au cours des deux dernières semaines. Le contenu est en cours de transfert vers le nouveau service d’assistance et nous commencerons à étudier les cas et offrir de l’aide dès que possible. L’équipe de gestion de communauté (CM) de Gamigo nous rejoindra sur les forums, où les nouveaux modérateurs français, anglais et allemands se présenteront.

L’équipe a prévu de donner une nouvelle version du Paquet de Guerrier de retour au foyer à tous les comptes lors de la mise à jour 5.0. Les 3 autres packs de compensation qui devaient sortir suite aux Legacy Server Evolutions seront distribués après la mise à jour du 13 novembre. La liste exhaustive du contenu de chaque pack sera indiquée dans les notes de patch du STP.

Nous savons que les dernières semaines n’ont pas été de tout repos mais nous espérons pouvoir de nouveau progresser, à commencer par la sortie du contenu des Reliques d’Hiram. Merci pour votre attention.

- L’équipe d’ArcheAge -





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