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Mercredi 11 mars 2020  
JMB 23 - The New Corsair

Hi everyone, this is Matt, and this month I thought I would take some time to talk about the new JMB, where we plan to go with the JMB system, and our choice to add a new legendary shotgun.

To start, I would like to reassure everyone that these additions did not take away from our Engine Upgrade efforts. Everything we added used systems we already had in place. We are trying to walk the line between providing fun content the community asks for, moving forward on our own goals for updating systems to be fairer and more fun, and not taking away from our push to complete the Engine Upgrade.

Next, I liked the idea of releasing a slug shotgun for our new legendary because this is something we see commonly requested, and it felt thematically aligned with our newly released shotgun balance stats. If you are curious, this is what the Corsair slug shotgun stats look like.

You can find lore and a picture of the Corsair in our original announcement.

I do want to acknowledge that I had hoped to significantly alter the JMB system by now. There is a plan in place that I think players will enjoy, but we just haven’t had the time to implement it yet. Having said that, Little Orbit has only released 2 legendaries in the 22 months since we took over, and it feels like we are quite a bit overdue. Even so, I still want to reduce the randomized loot aspect of these boxes.

So, since it’s Joker Madness month, I have decided that in addition to the random rewards, JMB 23 will also give a guaranteed amount of Joker Tickets. That means regardless of whether you get the legendary you’re chasing, you will still earn tickets that can be spent in the Joker Store for other permanent guns. This is a baby step. But since it didn’t involve reworking any other systems, we were able to implement it right away as an experiment.

If you’d like to check it out for yourself, JMB 23 is now available in ARMAS. I hope you enjoy the new legendary shotgun as we continue full steam on the Engine Upgrade.




Mardi 3 mars 2020  
Patch Build number - 1.20.0 (1219)

A new patch is going up onto the Live servers for PC. This patch will be happening on Wednesday 3/4/2020. The Patch is scheduled to start at 9 AM UTC and will last up to 4 hours. Console will have its normal maintenance starting at 9 AM UTC as well.


This week kicks off Joker Madness, where we are greatly increasing both the drop rate and the number of Joker Tickets dropped from opposed missions for the month of March. We are also moving all of the shotgun stats that have been tested into all districts. These stats are what we are comfortable going live with, but they could still be tweaked in the future.


    Moving shotgun stats from Prototype districts into all Districts.
    Doubling drop chance of Joker Tickets from opposed missions for the Joker Madness event.
    Tripling the amount of Joker Tickets dropped from opposed missions for the Joker Madness event.

Lundi 2 mars 2020  
Joker Madness

Ticket to Fun

This March, get ready for a little mayhem. Starting with our March 4th patch, we will be granting triple Joker Ticket rewards in Action Districts. That’s right, for every mission you complete, you will get three times the Joker Ticket rewards! Not only that, but Joker Ticket drop rates will be doubled! Get more bang for your slaying for a limited time this month. But the madness doesn’t stop there! We are also introducing a new Joker Mystery Box with some improved value.

But first, let’s talk a moment about shotguns.

Going Live

Thanks in large part to your guys’ feedback and testing, we are happy to announce that we have stats we are now comfortable pushing to live. Here are the numbers that will be in the game with our March 4th patch:

After testing the 2017 stats with the help of the community, we found there were some tweaks that needed to be made to ensure that all shotguns were balanced in line with other weapon changes that have been made in the past year. These stats represent a number of iterations from the initial 2017 baseline, and we think they are in a better place than what we have currently. Please note that, while we are pushing these numbers to live, they are not set in stone. A few tweaks will probably be needed in the coming weeks. Please keep an eye out of any changes need to be made, and be sure to let us know in the forums.

Boom, Baby

Now that we’ve covered the changes to live, we want to give you a little preview of a new legendary shotgun that will be appearing in Joker Mystery Box 23: The RHD LS1 "Corsair"

RHD LS1 "Corsair"

This Slug Shotgun from RedHill Homeland Defense was "inspired" by STABBA's NL9 series. Capable of firing powerful slug rounds, users of the Corsair will benefit from precision and power at the cost of your typical 8 round capacity and conventional shotgun spread.

If big risk and big reward is your jam, be sure to keep your eye on ARMAS for this big baby. It will be here March 11th!

Killer Value

We’ve been watching Joker Mystery Boxes closely, and one thing we’ve been wanting to do is increase the guarenteed value of the box. It should always feel good to crack one open. That is why we are happy to announce that opening Joker Mystery Box 23 will always grant 100 Joker Tickets on top of its normal prizes! We’ll be keeping an eye on this system and adjusting as necessary, but this is our first small step towards making sure Joker Mystery Boxes remain a compelling and exciting part of your APB gameplay.




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