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Mercredi 10 juillet 2019  
Balance and Bug Update


Focused on additional fixes to RIOT with emphasis on improving the overall experience based on player feedback

Changes / Fixes

    Added in 5 more contact levels for RIOT BETA with the new �Dragon� weapon skin as the reward for getting to Rank 10
    Players now appear on the radar of the final zone of RIOT
    Players can no longer see opposing player names through a RIOT gas emitter or RIOT van
    Updated max survival revive cost in RIOT to $5,000 instead of $4,000
    RIOT now always plays in peak daylight hours
    Arming a gas emitter in RIOT will not get interrupted when starting to arm during the last remaining seconds of having the arming code
    Fixed a bug related to arming a bomb during missions
    Minimum amount of players for RIOT is now 8 players
    RIOT now require 16 participating player in order to maintain pre-made teams
    Gas Masks equipped on respawn in RIOT now last 45 seconds (instead of 30) and have no cooldown when they expire (only on respawn)
    Arrests now correctly count as a single death in RIOT
    Improved HUD Messages for RIOT

      Spectating players are now reminded that their teammates can revive them in RIOT
      The message for when you are spectating in RIOT should now always be shown
      Players will now see their bribe amount, even if they are not leading
      Now correctly updates the winning bribe amount when a team that was leading the bribe is eliminated

    Added the title "Firecracker"
    The following guns now have permanent unlocks in the Joker Store

      Colby .45 AP now sells for 6,000 JT and 60,000 APB$
      AR-97 'Misery' JT1 now sells for 6,000 JT and 60,000 APB$
      AR-97 'Misery' JT3 now sells for 10,000 JT and 100,000 APB$

Known issues

    Dragon Weapon Skin does apply correctly to the N-TEC 5 weapon model
    Yakuza Weapon Skin does apply correctly to theISSR-a PR3 'Artemis' weapon model



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