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Jeudi 28 décembre 2017  
Happy New Year From APB Reloaded!

You've worked hard all year long, now reward yourself with something nice and start 2018 off right! Upgrade your arsenal and get some of the latest and greatest weapons, vehicles and more at the biggest discounts of the year. 

Up to 50% off the ARMAS Marketplace throughout January 3rd - 11:59 PM PST (01/04/2018 07:00 UTC) and all G1C purchases made with all our payment providers will receive an additional 25% G1C bonus instantly! 

Ring in the New Year with 5 days of Premium access (for PC users) and party with your friends in San Paro. Just enter the code NewYearsInSanParo2018 by January 3rd to get your free Premium access. 

Additionally, we are supporting other small independent game publishers in the area. Our friends over at HEX Entertainment, just down the street from us in Orange County, CA, are releasing a special new year's offer for HEX, to APB players! If you are an avid trading card game fan, you should check it out below and at

A Special Holiday offer from our friends at HEX Entertainment 


Create an account at

And receive SIX Collectible Alternate Art Cards!

Hex:Shards of Fate is an amazing digital Trading Card Game 

Free to play just sign up and get everything you need to get started! 50+ hours of FREE PVE game-play! Level up your character and earn new cards! Numerous Weekly tournaments and prizes!

Free Alternate Art Card offer expires January 14th 2018


Lundi 18 décembre 2017  
Happy Holidays from APB Reloaded!

From now until January 3rd - 11:59 PM PST (01/04/2018 07:00 UTC), all G1C purchases made with all our payment providers will receive an additional 25% G1C bonus instantly!

During the G1C instant bonus sale, the Armas store will also have holiday savings of up to 50% off from today and lasting until January 3rd midnight PST (01/04/2018 07:00 UTC). Just think of all of the cool stuff you can get with all of those extra credits and discounts!

There are no restrictions on how much you can purchase so stock up before this deal is gone!

The holidays just got a lot more merrier, shop APB Reloaded's limited time sale and enjoy the merriment today!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the APB Reloaded Team!


Mardi 12 décembre 2017  
PC Christmas Event

The 12 Deaths of Christmas 

Free-for-all Event (no teams)

Player's Objective

Kill other players to advance weapon tiers and earn prizes (see below).


At the start of the game you are given a tier 1 weapon, and you must earn score to advance through all the different weapon tiers until you reach the final tier. The first person to get a kill with the final tier weapon wins the game.

12 Deaths of Christmas 2017 (Weapon Tiers)

12 Deaths of Christmas 2017 (Role)

Further Information

    The HUD will show remaining score required, current weapon tier, current place and remaining time.
    Everyone will be notified when a player reaches the final tier.
    Every time you advance to a new weapon tier your Role will level and you will receive the corresponding reward.
    Your Role progress accumulates over multiple games, so you don't need to reach all weapon tiers to complete the Role.

Deck The Halls 2017 (Achievement)

Note: Score is only awarded for killing and assisting with kills on players. No score is awarded for vehicle kills.

Secret Santa Boxes

You will earn Secret Santa Boxes based on your performance during the 12 Deaths of Christmas Event - the better you do, the more boxes you will earn. You can then take these boxes into the regular Action Districts. Please see "Secret Santa Event" below for more details.

Snowball Fight (The Beacon District) 

Team Deathmatch using only snowballs and the snowball launcher in the Beacon.

Snowball Fight! (Role)

Snowball Wars! (Role)

Gain 1 Point for participating in a game, and an additional point for winning.

Snowball Skirmish (Role)

Secret Santa Event (Financial, Waterfront, and Baylan Shipping Districts) 

You may utilize the Secret Santa Boxes earned through the 12 Deaths of Christmas event (see above) in the main action districts.

Secret Santa Boxes are a type of consumable that can be placed on the ground at any location you choose. Other players may then interact with them to get randomly generated weapons as prizes.

NOTE: The player who placed the box can't take a prize. It's a gift after all.

Achievements and Rewards

Contacts: The Elves (Financial District)

The Elves have arrived in the Financial District. Criminals may pledge to Criminelf and Enforcers to Elforcer, and they can be leveled by doing missions similar to regular contacts.

Among other rewards they also provide the Snowball and Snowball Launcher weapons, which may be used to level the Snowball Fight roles.

Contact Levels

Daily Activities

Purchasable from Contacts


    Progress towards the 12 Deaths of Christmas role as well as the Deck the Halls and Ho Ho Ho, Now I Have a... achievements have been reset and will not carry over from previous years.
    You will however keep any progress towards the other roles, achievements and standing with the Elves from previous years.



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