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Mardi 31 octobre 2017  
Patch 1.19.5 (968)

We'll be releasing a client update for PC on Wednesday at 9 AM UTC and will last approximately 2 hours.

Release Notes

    The Halloween event has come to an end. Thanks for playing!

Mercredi 25 octobre 2017  
Patch 1.19.5 (966)

We released a client update for PC on Wednesday at 9 AM UTC and will last approximately 2 hours.

Release Notes

    Fixed non-functioning scroll bars on several UI dialogs.
    Time limited weapons and vehicles may no longer be mailed or sold on the marketplace.

Mercredi 18 octobre 2017  
PC Halloween Horseman Event

We're releasing a client update on Thursday. Maintenance will start at 9 AM UTC and will take approximately 3 - 4 hours.

Halloween Horseman Event

The rules for the event are simple:

    1. Collect pumpkins in Halloween versions of Financial and Waterfront to become the Headless Horseman and start the event (Timer Starts).
    2. The Horseman must kill other players to convert them to their Pumpkin Army (Pumpkin Head Soldiers).
    3. Pumpkin Head Soldiers must also kill other players to recruit them into the Pumpkin Army.
    4. Survivors must avoid being killed until the time runs out (Timer Ends).

NOTE: Survivors blip on the Pumpkin Army's radar when the bell tolls, signifying that the Horseman Event is coming to an end...keep fighting, running or hiding to survive.


    Buffed up health, flare gun and a custom Envegas steed.
    Earn points by killing survivors.


    Able to re-spawn multiple times without penalty.
    Earn points for killing survivors.


    Earn points for surviving.
    Earn extra points for killing and thereby becoming the Horseman.


New achievements, new titles, several clothing items and choice of three backpacks can all be won and earned in this year’s event.

    Monster Backpack

    Pumpkin Backpack

    Skull Backpack

Purple / Orange Pumpkins

Purple pumpkins are hidden throughout Financial and Waterfront. Find these and get a prize. Orange pumpkins can also be found in the Asylum.


    Purple Pumpkin Hunter (Role) - Financial & Waterfront

    Pumpkin Smasher (Role) - Asylum

Contacts - Trick and Treat

Regular Action Districts

Trick and Treat can be found in the Waterfront district. They can be pledged to by the appropriate faction (Trick for Criminals and Treat for Enforcers), and by playing missions while pledged to them you can level them in the same way as normal contacts.


    Contact Levels

    Daily Activities


    All the Horseman Event achievements are new this year, no progress from previous years will carry over.
    The Purple Pumpkin Hunter and Pumpkin Smasher roles, as well as Trick and Treat’s progress will carry over from previous years.
    All rewards are character-bound only.

Lundi 16 octobre 2017  
New APB Launcher

We've deployed a new launcher today that requires both Microsoft .NET Framework 4, and Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Runtime installed to run. This will be available for all new downloads on Gamersfirst website, Steam and we'll be working on updating the Arc launcher.   With this new launcher, Players will now be able to run the game in English or Russian by selecting the language in the launcher. 

Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Players that do not have any version of .NET 4 installed will see the following message when running the launcher:


If you see the above error please visit these links:

NOTE: After installing, you'll need to restart your computer before running the launcher again. Failing to restart will cause the above error message to still show up when running the launcher.


Mardi 3 octobre 2017  
Patch 1.19.5 (961)

We're releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance will start at 9 AM UTC and will take approximately 3 - 4 hours.

Public Release Notes

    Fixed a crash issue when using the in-game web browser.
    Implemented support for more flexible server region settings.


    Names - English Only
    Chat - English and Accented Characters

Citadel & Han

    Names - English Only
    Chat - English, Cyrillic and Accented Characters


    Names - English and Cyrillic (not mixed)
    Chat - English and Cyrillic



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