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Mercredi 12 octobre 2016  
The scary not so scary Halloween edition blog post

Hello Everyone!

This is my 4th blog post and you would think these would get easier as time goes by, but they don’t as it turns out! =)   We have a few things to talk about since our last blog post, and if you’re not one to visit the forums, you may have missed out on some information. I will provide a brief recap for the less forum inclined below.

Punk Buster melt down

I don’t go out of town often for business, but rest assured that when I do, something will break.  On October 1st, PunkBuster had a major melt down and started banning all players upon login.  Once the team realized what was happening, PunkBuster was disabled and all bans relating to the incident were reversed.  We currently have PunkBuster disabled and have not made a decision regarding if PunkBuster will stay or if it will go away permanently.  We have seen feedback from players that their in-game performance has been much better with PunkBuster turned off. We’ll keep that in mind when deciding its fate.

FairFight on steroids

While PunkBuster is recovering, we have been working with GameBlocks to automate more of what FairFight does and do some fine tuning. FairFight will also do player kicks now if it suspects someone is cheating. This kick is a warning to clean up their act. If the person doesn’t change their ways, then FairFight will act accordingly with a ban.   We will not say what triggers the kick, just like we won’t define anything FairFight does. Needless to say, it has been on a banning spree.  FairFight is almost completely automated, with little intervention from GMs. This has made a huge impact on cheaters, and players and GMs alike are noticing less cheaters ingame as well. Keep in mind not everyone is a cheater and just because you think they cheat, it doesn’t mean they do.  There are some really good players in our game, and while you may think they cheat, they’re not… unless you see their name being banned by FairFight of course!

2nd Chance for Punk Buster bans in last 30 days

On October 7th, we removed the bans from over 450 accounts that were banned by PunkBuster in the last 30 days (From September 1).  This is a chance for those players to prove that they deserve a 2nd chance at playing the game without cheating.  So far a little over ¾ of the unbanned accounts have logged in and only 10 accounts couldn’t play by the rules.  Since the 2nd chance is going so well, we’ll be going back one year and releasing those PunkBuster bans over the next few days.  Keep watch of our forums for more information on when this will occur.

A few things to note on these reversals:


    If your account was multiple banned which means by PunkBuster and FairFight, or for another Terms of Service violation and PunkBuster, your account will not be unbanned. 
    Do not contact support to be unbanned. Once the unban process is completed, you’ll receive an email letting you know your account was unbanned.  
    PLEASE, DO NOT CONTACT SUPPORT TO BE UNBANNED.  If you contact support regarding this, we’ll not give you a 2nd chance, so be patient.

Xbox One

We’ve submitted a build for certification, and once it is approved, we’ll get this out to our players. You’ll then be able to participate in the Halloween Event! More information will be posted about how the event will work for you once we’re ready to patch.  Also, we’ll be addressing some crash issues that players have been experiencing.

PlayStation 4

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the PS4 release has been pushed out. We were hoping we wouldn’t have to push the release beyond September, since we’re now going to be hitting Sony’s very busy months.  We’re hoping that we can get in line for a release in the next few weeks, and hopefully out to everyone by Christmas.  That’s our hopes, but reality is once we have a build in, we’ll wait on Sony to tell us if it passes, and when it’ll be slated for release.   Once we’ve submitted our final build for review, I’ll post and keep you updated.

Halloween 2016!!!

Happy Early Halloween!  We’re aiming at releasing a patch tomorrow which will enable Halloween for the PC community.  Maintenance will be at 3 PM UTC, unless we have any issues reported overnight that may postpone the event by a day or two.

Halloween 2016 Horseman Event

The rules for the event are simple:

    Collect X amount of pumpkins to become the HORSEMAN and start the event (Timer Starts).
    The HORSEMAN must kill other players to convert them HORSEMAN’S army (SOLDIERS).
    SOLDIERS must kill other players to recruit them into the HORSEMAN’S army.
    SURVIVORS must avoid being killed, till time runs out (Timer Ends).

NOTE:  SURVIVORS blip on the HORSEMAN’S army's radar when the bell tolls, signifying that the HORSEMAN Event is coming to an end...keep fighting, running or hiding to survive.

Additional notes


      Buffed up health, flare gun and a custom steed envegas
      Earn points by killing Survivors


      Able to re-spawn multiple times without penalty
      Earn points for killing Survivors


      Earn points for surviving
      Earn extra points for killing and becoming the Horseman

Prizes and rewards

Achievements, titles and a new backpack can all be won and earned in this year’s event.

The titles are:

    Survivors - Still alive
    Headless horseman - Level headed
    Pumpkin soldier - The pumpkin menace

Participate 10 times in the Headless Horseman Event 2016 :

    Participator extraordinaire

That about sums up everything, enjoy the event and have a Happy Halloween!





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