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Lundi 26 septembre 2016  
Happy Fall!

Happy Fall Everyone!

19 years ago a game called Ultima Online released and I had no idea how much it would change my life.  Ultima Online is the first game I started working on in this industry, and back in those days, the worst we dealt with from players were dupes, scams and macroing while unattended.  Today companies still deal with  dupes and scams, however cheats have become more sophisticated.  It’s a constant cat vs mouse game, we update our cheat detection, cheat makers will up their game on cheats being detected and so on. We’re not hiding from the fact that there are cheats out there for our game or other games, and we are constantly working on ways to combat cheating. PunkBuster and Fairfight are a couple of the ways that we do this, and we have other means at our disposal.  Sometimes you may feel we’re not doing anything, but we assure you, that this is something we address very often within our game.  Additionally, we’re also working with Gameblocks to get Fairfight automated; this will take some time to implement but it’s a goal we’re working towards.

Hoplon migration has passed our internal testing and we’ll be moving it to external testing later this week. Those that have signed up to assist with account testing will be receiving an email for testing within the next week or two.

We’ll be getting a new release to the OTW servers which will have the Halloween event for testing. This year we’ll have a new customizable backpack and we hope you like it (see image below).   The OTW server will also be changing and accessible by players with a premium. More information on this as we get closer to testing.

Xbox One will be seeing an update in the next few weeks which will also include the Halloween event. More information on this as we get closer to the release date.  We continue to work on the PS4, and it’s getting closer! After that Engine Upgrade!

If you’re attending Twitch con let us know here and maybe Tiggs or CapnJosh can get a chance to meet you.




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