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Vendredi 29 juillet 2016  
Event Tracker events and prizes

With the existing team working on the PS4 release, and after that completion of the Engine Upgrade we won't be seeing many updates to the game.  So what i'd like to do is get the event tracker lined out for at least the next 30-60 days.  Every time I post an event, I see people complaining that it's not what they want. Well, now is your chance, since you're the ones playing, I would love to have your feedback on what type of event tracker events and prizes you'd like to see. Just because we are in a holding pattern, that doesn't mean we can't make things fun with the events. I'm going to list out all of the activities that the event tracker can track.  You've seen how we've listed events in the past, now let's see if together we can get some events together that YOU want. If you have any ideas or suggestions please post below. We'd also like to see what prizes you think would work.

Activities for Event tracker
These are the events we can currently run. If it's not on this list we can't currently run an event for it.

Only one activity can be tracked per day.

    Accidental Deaths
    Accidental Deaths in Chaos mode.
    Ammo Carrier Deployments
    Ammo Clips Resupplied
    Arrested in Chaos mode.
    Arrests Interrupting an Enemy Kill Streak
    Arrests Performed
    Arrests Performed in Chaos mode.
    Assault Rifle Kills
    Assists in Chaos mode.
    Average Re-spawns per Match
    Best Killstreak in Chaos mode.
    Best Score in Chaos mode.
    Best Time Alive in Chaos mode.
    Bombs Defused
    Bonus cash earned for being premium
    Bonus cash earned for being premium in Chaos mode.
    Bugs Planted
    Burst Fire Rifle Kills
    Calls for Backup
    Cash earned
    Cash earned in Chaos mode.
    Cash earned with Premium
    Cash earned with Premium in Chaos mode.
    Cash Raised via Symbol Licensing
    Cash Rewards
    Completed Arlon Benjamin
    Completed Final Criminal Tutorial Mission
    Completed Final Enforcer Tutorial Mission
    Completed Justin Teng
    Completed Michael Simeone
    Completed Orlenz Moretti
    Completed Targets
    Contact Levels Achieved
    Crime Scene Investigations
    Death from a Colby .45 AP
    Deaths by Grenades
    Deaths by Grenades in Chaos mode.
    Deaths by Misadventure
    Deaths by Misadventure in Chaos mode.
    Deaths by Players Leaning out of Vehicles
    Deaths by Players Leaning out of Vehicles in Chaos mode.
    Deaths by Primary Weapons
    Deaths by Primary Weapons in Chaos mode.
    Deaths by Secondary Weapons
    Deaths by Secondary Weapons in Chaos mode.
    Dishonorable Kills
    Enemies Killed from Behind
    Enemies Killed in Vehicles using Grenades
    Forced Entry Completions
    Friendly Kills
    Graffiti Sprayed
    Grenade Launcher Kills
    Highest Run of Consecutive Kills
    Honorable Kills
    Inflicted Stuns
    Inflicted Stuns in Chaos mode.
    Kill to Death Ratio
    Kill to Death Ratio in Chaos mode.
    Killed by Enemy
    Killed by Enemy in Chaos mode.
    Killed by Friendly Fire
    Killed by Friendly Fire in Chaos mode.
    Kills from Vehicle using Non-Explosive Weapons
    Kills Interrupting an Enemy Arrest Streak
    Kills Interrupting an Enemy Kill Streak
    Kills Leaning out of Vehicle
    Kills of Groups from Passenger Seat
    Kills of Groups in Vehicles
    Kills of Task Item Carriers
    Kills while Driving
    Kills with a Colby .45 AP
    Kills with an ACES weapon (non Armas)
    Kills with Grenades
    Kills with Secondary Weapons
    Large Task Items Delivered
    LMG Kills
    Locks Picked
    Longest Arrest Streak
    Longest Kill Streak
    Longest Takeout Streak
    Longest Win Streak
    Marketplace Profits
    Marketplace Sales
    Matches Lost
    Matches Played
    Matches Won
    Maxed Out Britney
    Maxed Out Chung Hee
    Maxed Out Eva
    Maxed Out Stega
    Maxed Out Terri
    Maxed Out Ty
    Maxed Out Veronika
    Maxed Out Violet
    Medals Won
    Medium Task Items Delivered
    Muggings Performed
    Notoriety 5 Enemies Killed from Behind
    NPC Vehicles Destroyed
    Number of Bunnies Bashed
    Number of Bunnies Killed
    Number of Eggs Delivered
    Open World Graffiti Sprayed
    Opposed Matches
    Organization Levels Achieved
    Passenger Assists
    Percentage Matches Won
    Player Vehicles Destroyed
    Prestige 5 Enemies Killed from Behind
    Pristine Vehicles Delivered
    Pumpkin Smashing
    Purple Pumpkin Smash
    Random Rewards Received
    Rescues Performed
    Rescues Performed in Chaos mode.
    Rocket Launcher Kills
    Role Levels Achieved
    Semi Auto Rifle Kills
    Shotgun Kills
    Small Task Items Delivered
    SMG Kills
    Sniper Rifle Kills
    Snowball / Snowball Launcher Kills
    Snowball Kills
    Snowball Launcher Kills
    Songs Produced
    Symbols Created
    Tactical Assault Rifle Kills
    Takeouts of Enemies at Notoriety 5
    Takeouts of Enemies at Prestige 5
    Task Items Delivered
    Times at Notoriety 5
    Times at Prestige 5
    Times Group Leader
    Times player has reached Gold Threat.
    Total Action District Time
    Total amount of vehicle damage repaired.
    Total Any Editor Time
    Total Character Editor Time
    Total Damage to Enemy Players
    Total Deaths in Chaos mode.
    Total Designer Time
    Total Distance Sprinted
    Total Game Time
    Total Garage Time
    Total Health Regenerated
    Total kills in Chaos mode.
    Total kills in Chaos mode.
    Total Match Time
    Total Music Studio Time
    Total Score in Chaos mode.
    Total Social District Time
    Total Time at Notoriety 5
    Total Time at Prestige 5
    Total time spent in Chaos mode.
    Total Tutorial Time
    Total Vehicle Damage Repaired by GA5 stations
    Total vehicle damage repaired manually.
    Total Wardrobe Time
    Unopposed Matches
    Valentine Weapon Kills (Primary)
    Valentine Weapon Kills (Secondary)
    Vehicles Delivered
    Vehicles Stolen
    VIP Kills
    VIP Protections
    Weapon Modifications Applied
    Witnessed by Others
    Witnessing Performed

Let's try to keep your event posts to the sample form below:

    Name of the event:
    Your character name / server to be listed with the event:
    Activity Name (from list above)
    Is this a one day event or multiple days (If multiple days please say how many days and make sure you have activities and prizes listed for each day)?
    Which activity (activities) will the event include?
    How many? (for the event how many kills, deaths, clips, arrests ect need to be completed each day for the event based upon the activity you choose)
    What is the daily prize for completing that activity (please keep your prizes reasonable)?
    Is there a weekend prize for completing all the activities (please keep your prizes reasonable)?

Mercredi 27 juillet 2016  
Exciting things are afoot!

Big, dramatic, and dare I say exciting things are afoot! I’m sure you’ve heard rumors or other juicy tidbits on the state of APB, so we figured it would be wise to jump in to give a good, solid update. My name is Josh, aka “Capnjosh”. Tiggs and I will be taking on the production-related tasks for APB over the coming few weeks. Tiggs will be spearheading most operational aspects and I’ll be aiming to make sure she has all the resources she could ever want or need. I will also help support the Dev team while they close in on some big milestones, though honestly they’ve got pretty much all of it in fine shape ;) We’ve got some really cool events and plans, and I’ve seen a fresh sense of excitement for all the cool opportunities we can deliver on. The Dev and operations teams will be more closely integrated going forward, and I think you’ll rather enjoy the results. With that, I’ll turn it over to Tiggs to give a run-down of what she sees now and where she sees things going.

Hey, everyone!

Let’s start off with the APB Team.

Last week we had some pretty big changes in the UK Dev team. In short we had to let a number of people go. We’re sad to see them go, we’re very grateful for all they have done, we wish them all the best of luck, and honestly they’ll be missed.

What does this mean for APB? This means that the APB Team will begin to move over to the US office. This will allow for better team communication, the ability to have meetings in one time zone, allow for more efficient control over updates for the game, and better lines of communication with you, our players. As a note, there will be a transition time while things like people and offices move. We will update on that as things develop. The Dev team now has a lot of programming talent, so I’m confident we will be able to create great things.

I know that there have been many promises made that have not been followed through. My main goal is to keep you in the loop on what’s going on, what we’re thinking about and what we’d like to do as much as possible. This is the game that you choose to login to play and we know there are many options out there for games, we’d like to see APB Reloaded continue on with you a part of it. If there is something we can’t do or complete, I’ll let you know, even if it means upsetting you.

The Future of APB is a bright one - we don’t have any plans of closing down and quite honestly there is a palpable excitement in the air. We do want to move forward with the PS4 release and Engine Upgrade. PS4 update is the main priority right now, since we need to get all platforms up to the same code base before we can complete a number of engine-level changes we all know are of such great interest. Yes, I know you’ve heard all this before; it actually is what needs to happen. We’re hoping to have this (PS4 release) completed in September. I’m not sure of a time line on the Engine Upgrade at this time, and I don’t want to say an estimated time until I can delve into things deeper to see where we are at.

The Find the Dev event will begin to wrap up soon, since it would be in poor taste to continue with Devs that are no longer with the company. Down the road we can start it again if you enjoyed it. I’m waiting on word back to see if we can get a title put into the game for those that qualify, along with an additional prize. If we can’t do the title, we’ll figure out something else.

Speaking of events, we have work being done on a dynamic event system. This will allow us to turn events off and on much easier; the goal is to be able to start and stop the larger in-game events without the need for a client patch.

To our Brazilian family, we’re working out the logistics to transition you over to our servers. Once we have a solid plan in place on how this will work out, we’ll post and let you know.

In closing, I want to say that in the past I wasn’t privy to information about patches, new item releases, or progress on consoles/ engine upgrade until a few days prior to release. I’m beyond thrilled to say that with the team changes all of this will now change, and it will allow me to communicate much more effectively with you.

I know that trust is earned and that you’ve been burned in the past and I’ll need to earn that trust. I hope over the next few months that not only do I prove to you, but the team as a whole will prove to you that we appreciate you playing APB and we will have earned your trust. Looking forward to the new beginning.



Lundi 25 juillet 2016  
Introducing the IO Growl "Mamba" kit and Cyberpunk Clothing Pack!

Take to the streets with this custom performance body kit for the IO Growl, ensuring you leave your opponents in the dust with style! Introducing the IO Growl "Mamba" kit and Cyberpunk Clothing Pack!

Available now on Armas as single items and bundle packs. 

    Cyberpunk Uber Bundle (Car, Kit and Clothing bundle).
    IO Growl "Mamba" Kit and Vehicle (Vehicle and Kit)
    IO Growl "Mamba" Kit and Cyberpunk Clothing Bundle ( Kit and Clothing)
    IO Growl "Mamba" Kit Only
    Cyberpunk Clothing Pack
    VR Beanie
    Harem Pants
    Hooded Smock

Mercredi 20 juillet 2016  
Patch 1.19.4 (907)

We're releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance will start at 9 AM UTC and will take approximately 3 - 4 hours.

Bug & Exploit Fixes


    Fixed an issue where players could duplicate themes made by others.
    Anarchy district has now been removed.

Jeudi 14 juillet 2016  
Summer Time Sales!

San Paro is one exciting and dangerous place; don’t get caught with your pants down by not having the right equipment and gear to keep you ahead of the competition

Starting Friday, July 15th 4 PM UTC and running until Wednesday, July 20th 4 PM UTC we're having an Armas store-wide sale of up to 50% off items (Joker Mystery Boxes are excluded from sales). Now is a good time to stock up on all the necessities you require to keep you alive and in the fight!


Mercredi 13 juillet 2016  
Mid-July update

Hello Citizens,

We are just short of reaching the mid-point for the month of July and we still have more for you to enjoy.

Due to the popularity of this year’s Anarchy event, we have extended it for another week, and the event will now end on July 20th. So for all of you that have not yet had a chance to participate, here is your chance to enjoy a fresh take on our established Chaos events.

We are also happy to announce the return of our “Meet The Dev” blog post as well as the corresponding “Find The Dev” Event.  The “Meet the Dev” blog will be posted on July 27th, with the event following the week after.

We'll also have a store wide sale coming up, keep watch on the forums for more information.

So with the PC side of things taken care of, we want to make sure that our Xbox players don’t feel neglected. We know that since yesterday’s patch, many of you have been experiencing crashes as you navigate the busier districts, and that our players who put in their ten hours of playtime in APB’s first month on Xbox are yet to be sent their founder’s weapon skin reward. At the time of this blog being written, we are working hard on fixing both of these problems, as we want as many people as possible to be enjoying their time in APB on the Xbox 1.

That's it for now citizens, be safe and return next week for a new blog update with information on upcoming events, looking forward into the month of August.

- Reloaded Team -


Mardi 12 juillet 2016  
Patch 1.19.4 (906)

We're releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance will start at 9 AM UTC and will take approximately 3 - 4 hours.

Due to the popularity of this years Anarchy event, we are happy to announce that it will be extended for another week and will end on July 20th.  So for all those that have not yet had a chance to participate , here is your chance to enjoy a fresh take on our established Chaos events.



      Fixed an issue where the player HUD markers would sometimes remain stuck on screen even after a player has died.
      Players are now able to spawn in Mobile Spawn Vehicles that belong to their group members.


    Snowballs are no longer visible when purchasing ammo.



      Fixed an exploitable area in a dockside warehouse where players could stash mission items out of reach.


      Fixed a Joker Ammo vending machine near Saul Linklater that would sometimes spawn a vehicle when used, instead of opening the Purchase Ammo menu.

Mardi 5 juillet 2016  
Patch 1.19.4 (904)

We're releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance will start at 9 AM UTC and will take approximately 3 - 4 hours.

Changes & Additions



      We've slightly tweaked the rate and probability of weapon spawns.
      We've enabled the out-of-bounds timer in Anarchy districts.

Bug & Exploit Fixes


    Fixed instances where the Fence map icon could appear twice.
    Fixed an issue where the Macchina Calabria wasn't appearing in the marketplace vehicle filter menu.


      Fixed a small overlap issue on the scoreboard between 'Current Score' and 'Medals'.



      Fixed an issue where players could not spawn in vehicles within the Anarchy districts.
      Fixed an issue where players could still be awarded a kill assist if they only did 0 damage.
      Fixed an issue where a player's score would not be reset correctly if they were kicked for inactivity.



      Removed an invisible wall that was preventing players from shooting through the gaps between support beams at X:1176, Y:807.
      We moved a vehicle spawner that was causing issues with a door, due to them being too close together at X:1395, Y:1768.


    Fixed an issue where Criminals would use Enforcer equipment to break into an objective in the 5th stage of Pineapple Cocktail.
    Fixed an issue where the item in the final stage of Cash on the Curb could spawn in an inaccessible area.


    Fixed an exploit where players could reset weapon accuracy penalties by quickly performing and cancelling an animation.
    Killing an arrested player no longer counts towards the "Kill 'Em All" medal.


    Improved the clarity of the description for the High-Magnification Scope.
    Improved the clarity of the description for Valzipram Tablets.



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