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Mercredi 28 octobre 2015  
APB Pumpkin Carving Contest and Costume Contest

APB Pumpkin Carving Contest

Get out your shivs or other safe pumpkin carving tools because this Halloween your artistic skills are required! Carve, chisel and mold your pumpkins into a Halloween masterpiece and become the envy of the living and the.. dead. Be one of top three master artists and receive a bag full of APB treats (listed below). Entries may also be eligible to be featured on APB Reloaded’s Facebook page!

Game entries are limited to one submission only, so choose your theme carefully! Contest ends November 4th 11:59 PM PDT

    In order to be eligible

      Contestants must use the APB Pumpkin Carving Contest - Submission Thread to enter. 
      Contestants must use a real pumpkin (no vegetable substitutes like squash, zucchini, or eggplant, etc.) 
      Contestants must actually carve some part of the pumpkin or make a visible incision to the pumpkin. Contestants may decorate or paint the pumpkin if desired but there must be some carving/slicing/hacking in order to qualify.
      The pumpkin should be themed towards APB Reloaded in some way.
      You must take a photo of the pumpkin and most importantly in the photo there needs to be a hand-written sign saying "Happy Halloween 2015 – APB Reloaded" 
      In your post please put the following:

        Your character name
        server name
        your pumpkin theme and a description.

      Only one entry per contestant will be considered. Multiple submissions will be discarded. 
      Only submissions will be allowed in the official submission game thread. All extraneous posts will be removed.
      Please use the spoiler tag when posting.


      1st Place: 30 days premium, $30,000 in-game currency,  3D glasses,  Butcher skin and 2 Tiggs Power Joker Mystery Boxes
      2nd Place: 30 days premium, $20,000 in-game currency, 3D glasses and 5 pack of JMB 19
      3rd Place: 30 days premium, $10,000 in-game currency and 5 pack of JMB 19

APB Costume Contest

Do bad Halloween costumes make you groan like the undead? Then put together your best Halloween costume and show San Paro your supernatural design skills. 

Be it fun, creepy or something in between you can be the one to unlock a special Halloween treat! Win in any of four categories to get a prize. All participants may have their costumes featured on Facebook!

Each winner gets 4,000 G1C (in duo and group situations, each participant gets the 4k). Winners will be chosen from amongst all servers, and we will be verifying that you’re using your own customizations.


    There will be Four single winners
    One Duo winner
    One Group winner (No more than 4 people in a group)
    Only one entry per contestant will be considered. Multiple submissions will be discarded. 
    Only submissions will be allowed in the official submission game thread. All extraneous posts will be removed.
    Please use the spoiler tag when posting.
    Contestants must use the APB Costume Contest - Submission Thread to post their entry. 
    Please include:

      Character Name(s)
      Server Name
      Description/Backstory (optional)

Mercredi 28 octobre 2015  
Halloween Sale! Up to 50% off!

Halloween is here and APB has conjured up some frightening and delightful treats for you. Give yourself a treat with 50% OFF NEARLY EVERY ITEM in the ARMAS Marketplace!

Login to the ARMAS Marketplace and redeem promo code TrickOrTreat to get three days of Premium Membership access and to unlock your 50% discount. The free Premium offer and 50% discount promotion expires November 1st 11:59 PDT so get in on the fun while you can!

The 50% Halloween Sale Ends Soon!


Mardi 27 octobre 2015  
Patch 1.19.3 (819)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance will start at 9 AM UTC and will take approximately 3 - 4 hours.

Bug & Exploit Fixes

Fight Club

    Fixed an issue where the Challenge money would be calculated incorrectly, causing players to be moved down a tier after leaving the district.
    Assists now add to your monetary reward.


    Fixed an issue where players could only complete the "Finish the First Four Contacts" tutorial by maxing out the Halloween contact.



      Removed the wind-up timer from the Oblivion sniper rifle.

Lundi 26 octobre 2015  
Patch 1.19.3 (818)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Monday (today). Maintenance will start at 8 AM UTC and will take approximately 2-3 hours.

Bug & Exploit Fixes


    The Asylum has returned.


    Fixed several instances where players could escape the map through holes in the ceilings.

Vendredi 23 octobre 2015  
Let the Trick or Treating Begin!

Hello Citizens,

Halloween is 8 days away but we at Reloaded wanted to start the festivities early and are pleased to announce that the Halloween 2015 begins today!

Returning with a vengeance is the Headless Horseman Event II, which will be packed with 4 new titles and a new customisable backpack for you to earn and enjoy.

We are as excited to bring back this popular event and looking forward to joining you all in this action packed, unique and fun arena where you can team up with friends, work your way to become the Horseman or run till the bell tolls and the nightmare is over.

So enjoy the festivities and looking forward to seeing you all online.

Till next time,


Halloween 2015 Horseman Event

The rules for the event are simple:

    1. Collect X amount of pumpkins to become the Horseman and start the event (Timer Starts).
    2. The Horseman must kill other players to convert them Horseman’S army (Soldiers).
    3. Soldiers must kill other players to recruit them into the Horseman’S army.
    4. Survivors must avoid being killed, till time runs out (Timer Ends).

Note:  Survivors blip on the Horseman’S army's radar when the bell tolls, signifying that the Horseman Event is coming to an end...keep fighting, running or hiding to survive.

Additional notes


      Buffed up health, flare gun and a custom steed envegas
      Earn points by killing Survivors


      Able to re-spawn multiple times without penalty
      Earn points for killing survivors


      Earn points for surviving
      Earn extra points for killing and becoming the Horseman

Prizes and Rewards

Achievements, titles and a new backpack can all be won and earned in this year’s event.

    The titles are

      Survivors - human resistance
      Headless horseman - vengeful spirit
      Pumpkin soldier - one of many

    For participating in the Headless Horseman Event 2015

      HHE 2015 - Back for more

Note : Car surfing has been disabled for this event only.

Enjoy folks and have a happy Halloween.



Jeudi 22 octobre 2015  
Patch 1.19.3 (817)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Friday. Maintenance will start at 8 AM UTC and will take approximately 3 - 4 hours.

Changes & Additions


      The Halloween 2015 Event has now started! This event comes with new titles and a whole new backpack reward. Details about the event will be available on APB Blog post during the maintenance.

    Weapon Skins

      Players who purchase the Revelations pack will receive a version of the Revelations weapon skins that can be applied to all weapons. Players who purchased prior to the patch will receive codes to fix this problem later in the day.

Mercredi 21 octobre 2015  
Now Available On Armas - Joker Mystery Box 19


Unwrap the Mystery for just 99 G1C! This box features the exclusive AMG-556 “Medusa!” 

With Joker Mystery Box 19, legendary power is in your hands with Agrotech’s AMG-556 “Medusa”. Combining suppression and movement, this light machine gun comes pre-equipped with intelligent suppression, making it one deadly package. The Medusa is made to get in fast and leave your opponents, stone cold dead. Make the Medusa yours today and be the legend you know, you can be! 

Agrotech’s AMG-556 “Medusa” Mods

    All-New Mod - 'Intelligent Recoil Stabilizer'

      Machine controlled weights are distributed around the receiver to compensate for the recoil in real-time.

Mardi 20 octobre 2015  
Patch 1.19.3 (815)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance will start at 9 AM UTC and will take approximately 3 - 4 hours.

Changes & Additions

    Inventory expansion

      Upon logging in, all players will find the following in their mailbox

        +10 Clothing capacity
        +20 Modifications capacity
        +2 Outfit capacity
        +5 Songs capacity
        +5 Symbols capacity
        +5 Themes capacity
        +5 Vehicles capacity
        +20 Weapons capacity.

    Note: If you have already used an inventory expansion item in the past you may already be set at the maximum allowed inventory limit and your expansion will not expand any further.


      The Juggernaut clothing now has descriptions.

Bug & exploit fixes


      Fixed an issue where players could swap between weapons whilst using the blowtorch.

Mercredi 14 octobre 2015  
Weapon Balance Overview

The patch today contains the culmination of our work over the past months to balance the weapons. It helps improve a number of weapons that have not been competitive for a long time, and reduce the performance of those that were so powerful they were hindering weapon diversity. It also contains a significant change to the Weapon Curve system that ensures that it provides a consistent experience. More information will be posted with specifics as stated in this post I made earlier today.

Curve Recovery Change

The biggest complaint of Weapon Curves is that they introduced an additional level of randomness into the game. This was the exact opposite of the intended effect with the intention for the system being to reduce randomness by ensuring the first few rounds shoot at near maximum accuracy. The issue here appears to be not with the curves themselves, but with the recovery. When you stop firing a weapon, any curves it is currently running will retract, and if you start firing again they'll continue from where they have retracted to. This results in a situation where you fire and are unaware of exactly what your weapon will do. To fix this we've removed curve recovery for all weapons that use it to improve performance towards the start of firing (such as Assault Rifles, UL3, OCSP etc). This ensures that once you stop firing and wait a fraction of a second (0.07 longer than fire rate), the weapon will always start with its initial accuracy and recoil. In most cases, this results in significant positive
improvements to how the weapon feels.

Assault Rifles

With this new patch, all Assault Rifles bar the NTEC7 and STAR-LCR have slight accuracy and recoil weightings towards the start of their fire rates, though far less This means that the first few rounds fired are significantly more accurate than in Live. The following have also been changed:

Maximum Curve Recoil reduced heavily. This means for all Assault Rifles, they'll never become uncontrollable. This affects the current versions of the NTEC and COBR-A, making them easier to control when fired fully automatically.

Accuracy Cooldown improved to 35 (Close/Mid Range Assault Rifles. Most of them) or 25 (Long Range ARs, such as the NTEC7 and STAR-LCR) from 20. This improves the rate at which accuracy will regenerate from movement modifiers, allowing you to more quickly fire accurately after jumping or sprinting.

Effective Ranges for Assault Rifles are now standardized and ease in and out of their damage dropoffs, rather than being directly linear. The easing points are 50m/70m for most assault rifles, 50m/75m for the NTEC7 and 75m/80m for the LCR.

Here's an example of how the STAR has changed with this mechanic (X axis denotes number of shots fired in a row, Y axis is radius of potential accuracy at 10m, measured in centimeters):

Light Machine-Guns

General Changes

In previous weapon prototype tests, we had made some major changes to how the ALIG and SHAW played, with their recoil improving over time until it was negligible. While this had some overall positive effects, the change was a little too dramatic for existing weapons. As such these changes haven't made it into the standard districts for the SHAW and ALIG, though we will be using similar mechanics for an upcoming LMG.


    The NSSW is a hybrid LMG/AR, sharing several similarities to the NTEC. As such, it now uses similar curves, getting higher recoil over time (primarily this is done by lowering initial recoil, rather than increasing recoil at full-auto). Unlike the NTEC, it's still very accurate fully-auto, as it's meant to be able to provide continuous fire support when needed.


    This weapon is quite fun to play with but hasn't been competitive enough either against vehicles or players. In order to make it somewhat more competitive without changing the feel heavily the Radius@10m has been improved to 20 (from 22) and the OverallShotModifierCap improved to 0.45 (from 0.65), significantly increasing its full auto accuracy. This ensures that the primary factor in killing with the SWARM at reasonable ranges is controlling the recoil (which is predictable on this weapon) rather than having to tap fire to control accuracy.



    Though nothing has changed specifically on the OCSP other than the general change to weapon curve recovery, it should be noted that the change makes a large difference to this gun, allowing it to stay completely accurate when fired slightly below its cyclic rate.

N-FA 9

    Recoil on the N-FA9 has always been its defining feature, ensuring it isn't an unstoppable close combat machine. It was a little too harsh though, given that you need to hit 15 rounds of its 24 round magazine in order to kill, and tended to result in a weapon that very rarely managed a killing blow. Due to this, we now severely reduce recoil over time with the N-FA9, providing the player a greater chance to kill if he manages to hit enough bullets during the initial heavy recoil phase.


General Changes

The changes to Rifles with the curve system have been the most subtle of any weapons. Firstly, effective/min range is defined through an exponential drop, rather than a linear curve (different ranges for the Carbines and the full Rifles, natch). This also necessitates a 5m reduction in range (as the damage is kept much longer). Lastly, recoil becomes more uniform over time, as the variance is removed. This ensures that if recoil is uneven at the start, it will very quickly become very defined. This provides the benefits of randomness in recoil (not feeling like a simulation) with the reliability of always recoiling an exact amount after a small duration. This is entirely an improvement to the weapon, and the worst case scenario (first shot) is identical to the previous live stats.

Also increased Accuracy Cooldown to 25 (from 20), slightly improving the time at which you can get an accurate shot after moving.


The meta over time has mostly pushed shotguns out of being viable weapons at medium-high skill levels, with players becoming accurate and fast-moving enough that Shotguns are unlikely to kill before the user dies, and rarely managing to two-shot within their effective range. As such, they have received very slight improvements pretty much across the board, hopefully allowing them to compete close-up at high skill levels without making them dominate the low skill brackets.

General Changes

    Accuracy Cooldown to 50 (from 20). Basically means the weapon is accurate as soon as you hit the ground from a jump.


    Pellet Damage improved 3.1% (from 2.9%). Fire Rate improved 0.68s (from 0.7s)


    Pellet Spread at ten meters improved to 1.25. (from 1.5m). Due to the choke, this is 81.25cm (from 0.975cm) when in marksmanship mode.


    Pellet Damage improved 6.6% (from 6%). Fire Rate improved 0.68s (from 0.7s)


    Fire Interval improved 0.29s (from 0.3s)


    The previous improvement to the magazine size of the Ogre has been received well and really helps it as a close-range sustained-fire weapon. It was however still a little lackluster in a straight up fight. As such we've improved the Fire Interval to 0.2s (from 0.3s), and reduced the Magazine size down to 18 (from 24) to offset this major improvement to its killing power.



      Damage improved to 4.9% (from 4.6%)

Sub Machine-Guns

General Changes

    Accuracy Cool-down to 50 from 20 (40 for hybrids such as the VAS, M-1922 or ACES-Rifle). This means your SMG will be accurate as soon as you hit the ground from a jump, rather than having to wait a short time.

M-1922 Tommygun

    Vertical Recoil steadily increases over time. Horizontal Recoil steadily decreases over time. Previously the Tommygun was incredibly difficult to use from the off, kicking like a mule. This change allows you to have some control, especially at short ranges, before it starts becoming uncontrollable.


    The OCA has always been our benchmark SMG, but has slowly fallen very slightly behind others as we've added more weapons to the category. As such it's in need of a very small improvement to bring it back up to par, and we've done so by improving the accuracy radius by 1cm at 10m to 36cm from 37cm.


    Since launch, the Norsemen series have never been particularly competitive. While they have great sustain value, landing enough shots to kill an enemy has been a problem. As such we've made a number of improvements to improve its killing power.
    Radius@10m improved to 34cm (from 35cm). Minimum Accuracy multiplier improved to 110% (from 130%). Damage improved to 9.5% (from 9%). Recoil slightly improved, including removal of minimum horizontal recoil (it recoils somewhere between -X to +X, rather than -X/-Y or +X/+Y).

Sniper Rifles

General Changes

    For all Snipers that lose damage over distance (everything but the DMR), we've standardized the effective range to 90m, dropping to 60% at 100m. This is a fairly major improvement for the semi-auto snipers that previously had lower effective ranges (ISSR, NCR).


    The HVR has been a hot topic recently, with its extreme accuracy and damage easily offsetting its relative downsides. We've made a number of changes to the weapon in order to slow it down, and it will now play similar, though slightly less extreme, to its stats in the Weapon Prototype District. Accuracy Cool-down reduced 14 (from 20). Min Switch Accuracy of 8. This makes the player have to stop for a short period after moving or switching weapon before they can fire, and reduces the effectiveness of 'Quick-switching' (the primary way to use the gun, tagging with a pistol before finishing off). Overall it slows the weapon down and pushes it more into a support role rather than a direct aggression one.

Mardi 13 octobre 2015  
Patch 1.19.3 (812)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance will start at 9 AM UTC and will take approximately 3 - 4 hours.

Weapon Balancing

This patch contains the culmination of our work over the past months to balance the weapons. It helps improve a number of weapons that have not been competitive for a long time, and reduce the performance of those that were so powerful they were hindering weapon diversity. It also contains a significant change to the Weapon Curve system that ensures that it provides a consistent experience.

The main weapons we focused on are as follows: all Assault Rifles, the NSSW and the SWARM, the OCSP and the N-FA 9, all Rifles, all Shotguns (with changes specific to the CSG, the DOW, the JG, the NFAS, and the Shredder), all SMGs (with changes specific to the M-1922 Tommygun, the OCA, and the Norsemen), and finally, all Sniper Rifles (specifically the HVR).

Changes & Additions


      The TTK Test Districts have now been removed.

Bug & Exploit Fixes


      Fixed an issue where the 'overtime' notification could appear multiple times in the chat window.

Vendredi 9 octobre 2015  
Weapon World Tour - Event


Get your fright on and scare up some kills this weekend while bagging some treats in return with the return of the Weapon World Tour event!

Each day for the next 8 days you will be tasked with sending your adversaries to an untimely demise. There is a catch though, you must dispatch them with the assigned weapon type for that particular day. Each day has a new weapon type along with a unique prize. Completed all days and get a bonus prize!           

    Kills are account wide.
    Fight club is included
    Kills must be unique kills
    Bonus prize announced during the event
    All prizes will be delivered within 72 hours of event end.



Mercredi 7 octobre 2015  
A whole lot of october for you

Hello Citizens,

With all the work that has been going on, it has been a bit of time since I have spoken to you all. With the Halloween season upon us, now is a good time to get you all updated on what will be in store for this month.

Phase 4 Revelations Pack

Phase 4 of the REVELATIONS PACK will soon be released to all those who have purchased the pack.  Since the release is a few weeks away, we wanted to provide a preview of what you will receive.













Weapon rebalancing, weapon and ttk districts

Over the last few months we have gathered important information from both of our test districts.  We thank all those who took the time and energy to participate, your feedback was very helpful to us.  With that being said, all weapons that were being worked on will now be returning to the main game next week, weapon test and TTK districts will therefore be removed on the same day.  Of course no weapon balance is ever complete and we will update you on any changes that may happen in the future.

Halloween event 2015 returns

We are pleased to announce the return of the HEADLESS HORSEMAN event for this Halloween, details of start dates and prizes will be presented to you soon.  There is a lot going on this month and we will keep you informed as we move forward over the next coming months.

This is shaping up to be a fun month, unfortunately with all the good news comes some bad. Jobs has been the producer on APB over this last year and a vital team member for many years previously to this and it saddens me to announce his departure from Reloaded Games.  He had some final words for you all before he left, which you can read below.

    Hey San Paro!

    After five years with the Reloaded Team, I’ve decided to cast my sails and embark on a new journey.

    When we re-launched APB in 2011, I knew we had something special in our hands. Like many of you I fell in love with APB:R, made lasting friendships, and felt privileged to be a part of its community. I am proud to have poured my heart and soul into growing this game. And having contributed to nearly every aspect of APB – from coding to design to production – I feel that it’s the right time to begin the next chapter in my career.

    I’d now like to introduce you to APB’s new Producer: Kullgar. As one of our most senior team members, he’s long been an invaluable part of the APB production staff who’s made extraordinary contributions from behind the scenes. And with over nine years of experience at Reloaded, you couldn’t ask for a better person to lead APB into the console generation.

    Thanks to all of you again for your loyalty, support and friendship. I’m sure you’ll still see me around San Paro every now and then (especially if you own a PS4)!


The entire APB team wishes the best for Jobs and welcomes Kullgar to his new role as producer.

Till later citizens,



Mardi 6 octobre 2015  
Patch 1.19.3 (809)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance will start at 9 AM UTC and will take approximately 3 - 4 hours.

Bug & Exploit Fixes


      Fixed an issue where team lives weren't displaying correctly during the final stage of Dr. Borious' Snake Oil


      Fixed an issue where the Valentines weapons weren't available to buy from contacts.


      Fixed a crash that could occur when driving a vehicle out of bounds.


      Fixed several instances where players could glitch into walls, floors and ceilings.


      Fixed an issue where the word "Unavailable" would appear twice on invalid vehicle spawn locations.

Vendredi 2 octobre 2015  
Dressed To Thrill - Sports Edition!


While you are BLITZING the competition in the Autumn Blitz event, this month also marked the American football season start (yes the fake kind for all you Euros and UK)  and a competitive team spirit vibe is flowing through the streets of San Paro as citizens adorn themselves with their favorite sport team jerseys, helmets, and cheer outfits while killing people!

Create an imaginary or real life inspired sport team (doesn't have to be football) and crank out your fan fever by designing a sport inspired look that that screams team spirit! Then run out into San Paro to take a picture of your avatar showing off it's team spirit outfit!

Judging will be based on design color scheme flow, technical and creative applications, unique/professional overall appearance and details on the outfit.

Whose the better team, San Paro United or San PArsenal F.C.?  Will the San Paro Patriots ever beat the San Paro Giants in a San Paro SuperBowl? We don't know, but that doesn't stop us from cheering!  Design not your thing?  Participate in the Autumn Blitz event going on now to win some other great prizes!

Prizes for team spirit design contest

    1st place:   Choice of one legendary weapon character bound
    2nd Place:  5 pack of JMBs 18
    3rd place:   3 JMB 18s

Post your submissions in the Forum thread by October 21st!




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