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Mardi 25 août 2015  
Patch 1.19.3 (785)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance will start at 9 AM UTC and will take approximately 3 - 4 hours.

Changes & Additions

TTK Districts: The APB: Original District now uses the stats from 1.4.1. In some cases, these weapon stats are significantly different than 1.4.0. We previously used the older stats due to the general feedback of players on the forums being 'the environments only work with the weapon balance being the way it was originally designed', which was without recoil.

1.4.1  added recoil and removed the minimum number of shots before losing accuracy requirement, along with adding different Field of Views between weapons, removing the maximum range values, and significantly altering accuracy on a lot of weapons. Grenade Launchers also now change, requiring to arm before exploding. It's at this point you can see the game become more like what we continued to refine in APB: Reloaded.

    TTK Districts

    Shotguns have been disabled in the APB: Original District due to a difference in how we calculate shotgun spread. We now use a more even pellet distribution which causes older stats to be more effective than they used to be. With the choice of either disabling or tweaking spread, we chose to disable in order to only provide balance that is directly from 1.4.1.


      A HUD message will now display when you are killed by an exploding vehicle.
      The chat message that informs criminals when they become vulnerable to witnessing has been reworded in order to make it more clear.


      An in-game game billboard has been added to advertise the IO Growl.


      The description of Cooling Jacket has been reworded for clarity (no functional change here).


      Friendly Mobile Radars and Mobile Spawners are now visible on the district map. Enemy Mobile Radars and Mobile Spawners will only appear when they would otherwise appear on the radar.

Bug & Exploit Fixes

    TTK Districts

      Fixed an issue where explosives dealt too much hard damage in the APB: Original District.
      The OPGL now uses the correct crosshair in the APB: Original district.
      The CCG is now available in the APB: Original district.



        Fixed a wall on the outside of Asylum in the south-east that would kill players for being in a forbidden area.
        Fixed several instances where players could be killed for being in a forbidden area whilst on the roof of the south-east warehouse in Asylum.



        We moved some boxes that gave access to an area that was unfairly beneficial for holding task items.


        We marked a rooftop near Kamatsu Imports as 'out of bounds', since players could gain access using a Vegas and unfairly exploit it during item hold missions.


      Fixed an issue where players could not progress the tutorial by entering a Fight Club district.


      Fixed a client crash.


      Fixed an issue where players would be awarded points for completing 'hacking' objectives, when they were actually completing 'sabotage' objectives.


      Players now correctly receive assist points when standing near a teammate completing a 'sabotage' objective.

Mercredi 19 août 2015  
Pack of Revelations Pass (Phase 1)

The moment of judgment is at hand with the release of the PACK OF REVELATIONS PASS. Reign your anger upon others with this new theme pack for APB Reloaded. The pack includes the new IO GROWL with content including kits, weapons and clothing becoming unlocked over 3 additional phases between the Month of September and October.

Buy now and get a Bonus 20 Joker Mystery Box 18s! Content and Bonuses for each PHASE are:

August - Phase 1 (Early Access)

Bonus 20 Joker Mystery Box 18s


IO Growl

You wanted something different, something that screams respect wherever you go. The new IO Growl has what you're looking for.

Feel the acceleration as you slam the clutch and upshift one row after another until everything is a blip in your rear view mirror. The new IO Growl, Performance and style never sounded so good.

    Included kit pieces

      Cross Faction (Standard)

        Front Bumper
        Rear Bumper
        Wing Panels
        Side Skirts
        Rear Wing Panels
        Wing Mirrors
        Brake Callipers

      Cross Faction (Matte)

        Front Bumper
        Rear Bumper
        Wing Panels
        Side Skirts
        Rear Wing Panels

      Unique Audio (Cross-faction)

        Dsan Artisan 800W - Amp
        DSan Boomer RF16C - Speaker
        Gaffney 4-20i SRX - Exhaust
        BFG Turbo Kit - Turbo
        Jensen 4T - Transmission
        IO RTX Dump Valve - Dump Valve

      Top Enforcer Only Lights

        ARS Powerbright ii
        Hot Response RX II
        Tomia UV Urgency
        EVE Xenon II Beacon
        Boomer Raptor III
        Boomer Swingback

      Secondary Enforcer Only Lights

        Eve Max Leds
        Tomia Intercept
        City Soldier LS
        Boomer Halogens

September 2nd - Phase 2 (IO Growl Kits)

Bonus 10 Joker Mystery Box 18s



September 24th - Phase 3 (Exclusive Primary and Secondary Weapons + Exclusive Skins)

Bonus 5 Joker Mystery Box 18s


    Plague Model - SMG
    War - Shotgun
    Famine - Assault Rifle
    Death - Sniper Rifle
    Pistol - Secondary

October 28th - Phase 4 (All Four Horsemen Clothing)


No refunds or exchanges allowed for this item.


Mercredi 19 août 2015  

We're deploying a hot fix at 9:00 AM PDT to fix an issue where the LTL OPGL had the stats of the Shaw.  Estimated downtime 2-3 hours.


Mercredi 19 août 2015  
Patch 1.19.3 (780)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance will start at 9 AM UTC and will take approximately 3 hours.

Changes & Additions

    TTK Districts

      We've now added two new district types to test , visible under the Advanced District Select tab - 'High TTK' Financial, and 'APB: Original' Financial. The former uses lower damage output weapons with better accuracy. The latter uses weapon stats from patch 1.4.0, just prior to the implementation of recoil (with a few changes to avoid exploits, such as disabling players being able to switch weapons directly after firing the HVR).

    Weapon Prototype Districts

      Weapon Prototype districts have been disabled.


      Removed 'Coming Soon to Armas' from the Snake skin description.


      We've reworded the header and description of the 'Complete 3 Objectives' advanced mission tutorial to be more specific.


      We've changed Devildog to Devil Dog, GKings to G-Kings, and Donovan to Donavan in several places in order to be more consistent.

Bug & Exploit Fixes


      Fixed an issue where the S1-FA Frenzy was using the wrong stats. It has had slight tweaks over its initial implementation, with all behavior resetting directly after 0.175 seconds rather than regenerating over time.


      Fixed an exploit in Asylum where players could drop the item on top of the pigeon holes in the south-west and south-east wings.


      Fixed another area in the north-west of Asylum that could incorrectly cause the player to be out of bounds.

Lundi 17 août 2015  
Weapon Rebalance - Pre-High TTK Test Values.

We tend to be somewhat cagey about releasing statistics on what we've changed in relation to weapons before or shortly after releasing them in order to not color user behavior. This is especially important when working with the Prototype districts as the feedback we receive (both directly through the community / playing in these districts and indirectly through stats gathering) needs to have as few preconceptions as possible. If we announce specific changes prior to or as we release something, we will change how players perceive that item to behave. For example we had a change a couple of years back when we heavily improved the Kurai, but released the patch notes for it with the previous patch. In this case a large percentage of players swore that their Kurai suddenly handled a lot better. These pre-conceptions can affect how a player uses a weapon, which then affects the data we gather, further skewing balancing attempts.

Saying that, now that we're moving past our first phase of balancing and into our testing of the High TTK districts we would like to spend some time detailing the outcome of these balancing changes, given that the initial stage :

Altering Weapon Behavior over fire duration

The most drastic thing that has changed with the weapon updates are the altering of weapon behavior as it fires, generally changing recoil patterns and accuracy loss. Primarily this allows us to have weapons that retain their initial accuracy for longer, and don't recoil as much initially, which helps incentivise burst firing over tap firing or full auto, making weapons have less RNG initially. It also allows us to have weapons that improve over time, encouraging players to use sustained suppression fire.This works by using a curve in Unreal to define a shape, and change the X value of the curve each time you fire, using the Y output as a multiplier into one of the standard weapon stats, such as Accuracy or Recoil Pitch/Yaw.

The 'default' accuracy curve for an Assault Rifle, starting at 75% of normal and increasing to 125%. This varies between Assault Rifles.

When you stop firing, after a short delay the curve retracts back to default, which makes weapon control a much greater skill factor. There has been some feedback for curves related to reduced reliability, which is the exact opposite of the purpose of this system and something we are currently working on improving while retaining the reduced randomness this new system provides us. One area we are investigating involves removing the retraction time, instead simply resetting the curve to 0 after the short delay. This will remove some of the uncertainty we've been seeing with weapons that use curves, where players are not quite sure of what their behavior will be. The High TTK district uses a somewhat extreme version of this to provide great accuracy for initial shots (and good accuracy thereafter) while ensuring you always know how your weapon will react when you fire it.

Notes about deciphering information from mass-data

Below we're going to show you graphs on data we've collected prior to and after changing various weapons. All the caveats of the previous Weapon Rebalance blog post apply here. In addition, I thought it prudent to bring up another few points:

    Reading these graphs are as much about interpreting as it is about data gathering. An Armas only weapon will likely have a higher KD ratio than a non-armas weapon even if it's worse due to players that have paid money generally being more invested in APB (and having a higher playtime and skill) than those that don't. On a similar matter, the data for the STAR and FBW will be heavily skewed due to them being starter weapons. In order to avoid any perception issues arising from this, the vertical axis of any data graphs will not be shown. This also allows us to better compare like for like rather than getting hung up on pure numbers (long range weapons for instance have better KDs across the board due to the relative lack of danger they put themselves in).
    As before, the less used a weapon, the less data we have to extrapolate from. This can clearly be seen by the graphs being 'spiky'.
    We use a number of graphs to get broad overviews of how a weapon is performing. Last time we showed you graphs that determined what percentage of kills a weapon had at each range. Today we'll be showing their K D ratios at 2m intervals. This provides us an idea of how changes to the weapon interact how it deals with other weapons at range within the meta, without being skewed towards average fight distance.
    Collating and analyzing these graphs are of course no substitute for in-game experience. Over and above gathering data, our main way of determining the appropriate balance of a weapon is to head onto live servers and try them out against other players.
    Unlike the previous set of graphs, these values are not from the Prototype Districts. They are directly comparing weapons that have graduated vs the same data from the beginning of April. As such the data is more directly comparable (totals vs totals rather than totals vs Baylan) and generally has more data-points. Some weapons, particularly the less popular ones, still don't have much data however.
    None of this exists in a vacuum. Changes in how a weapon performs may be more down to how we have tweaked others, rather than how we change the weapon itself. If the SR15 becomes worse at range, we may start to see an improvement of the K D of rifles as they are no longer countered.

Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles in general have received the largest overhaul of any of the weapon groups. They all now start with much improved accuracy and recoil retention, allowing them to fire the first few rounds without heavily losing accuracy or recoiling. This makes them much better at burst firing than they were previously, allowing for them to be more effective at medium ranges. The effective range of all Assault Rifles have also been slightly tweaked to ease into and out of their damage drop off, providing a less harsh transition.

New effective range in blue, old in pink. This example is for the NTEC

Each Assault Rifle has slightly different curves in order to distinguish them and provide them with a unique feel. Below are individual changes to weapons and graphs of how they perform now vs then.


    Damage Down to 18.5% from 19% -This reduces the effectiveness of Heavy Barrel in completely removing any accuracy loss

    KD over distance


With a requirement to burst-fire rather than tap-fire for the best effect, the NTEC now takes a hit at close ranges (where burst-firing under pressure is difficult, but tap firing can be maintained easier) and at long ranges, where any loss of accuracy is detrimental. The ability to accurately hit the first 3 rounds in any burst though improves the mid-range capability, with it becoming more effective than ever between 35 and 55m. Following these changes, the popularity of the weapon has dropped slightly, losing market share to the STAR and Joker Carbine. It's now the second most popular weapon after the starting weapon.



    Fire Interval improved 0.17s from 0.21s

    KD over distance


Too little data to bring any major conclusions, but if we are to speculate, we could say that the improved fire rate is helping it at sub-20m ranges but harming it slightly further out unless tap or light burst-fired. Overall though it now plays more flexibly, and the improved fire-rate helps when you are caught unawares at close range, where the majority of APB's combat happens.



Overall the ISSR has gone from a lackluster slow firing weapon that generally would never kill before an enemy got to cover, to a relatively fast firing weapon that needs a lot of weapon control to keep the accuracy relatively tight. The first two shots of an ISSR will be near pinpoint, but you will want to wait for regeneration to kick in before firing the second burst.

    Magazine Capacity 12/84 (from 10/70).
    Fire Interval 0.28 (from 0.4)
    Per Shot Modifier down from 400% to 150% (more controlled by curves now)
    Recovery Delay up to 0.38s from 0.29s.
    Recovery Per Second controlled by curves (initial delay followed by massive regen)
    Overall Shot Modifier cap increased to 150% extra (from 50%)
    Marksmanship FoV increased to 45 (from 38)

    KD over distance


Not near enough data to make any conclusions here unfortunately, other than it certainly gets more use now than it used to.

Light Machine-Guns

LMGs have never really had much of a unique place in APB in an anti-personnel fashion (the ALIG has always been very useful for anti-vehicle purposes). In the past they've generally always been overshadowed by other weapons, and generally have not been able to compete head-to-head with other weapons in their brackets, which results in a very small population using them. In order to provide them a unique purpose, we have changed their recoil patterns to significantly reduce as they fire, allowing players to accurately place suppressive fire that can annihilate anyone that steps into it. The exception here is the NSSW, which as a hybrid that falls more towards the side of ARs, uses NTEC style recoil.


    Damage reduced to 11.2% from 12.5%

    KD over distance


By decreasing recoil over time while leaving the initial recoil very similar to the older version, we significantly improved the lethality of the SHAW over sustained fire. With this change we decided to reduce the damage slightly so it took one more shot to kill in order to offset what we initially believed to be a major improvement. Turns out this was overkill, so we will be removing the reduced damage from the SHAW shortly.



    KD over distance


The ALIG behaves more or less identically to as it always has, the change in recoil doesn't really affect it (accuracy is a bigger factor to kill time for the ALIG).



    KD over distance


The improved burst fire capability of the NSSW has helped it considerably, allowing it to complete with Assault Rifles in direct fights.



    KD over distance


As mentioned in the prior blog, the OCSP really needed to stay accurate as you fire multiple rounds. As such it starts off with almost no accuracy loss, only losing similar accuracy to the original stats after you fire 5 shots. In addition, accuracy recovery was changed so that it is regained exponentially, quickly allowing you to continue firing after a short delay. These changes have shown significant improvement in the performance of the weapon.

It should be noted however that sidearms can't be reliably tracked with stats other than through generalizations. When a player dies with a sidearm, it's often due to being caught at close range with a long-range primary, or as a last ditch effort to kill when running out of ammo with your primary. As such, secondaries die much more frequently than they kill.


Rifles have some of the most subtle tweaks with the new system. Firstly their recoil now becomes less diverse over time. This is purely a way to increase recoil consistency (and thus ease of use) over time, allowing the weapons to be slightly more controllable. Secondly, rifles now use an exponential drop off for their effective range, allowing them to retain more of their effective damage further into the drop off distance. This is a fairly major change so we pull the distance at which they start to slightly drop damage back by around 5m to compensate.



Other than this, the following has changed:

Joker SR15 Carbine

    Damage down to 18% from 19.5% -  This slightly reduces the range outside its effective range where it can still 6-shot enemies, along with removing the ability to mostly bypass Heavy Barrel downsides.

    KD over distance


Reduction in the damage and change in the effective range curve has shown some decrease in TTK over long distances, which helps slightly for reaching outside of its desired effective range. We are seeing some increased lethality at mid-range, likely from users switching over from the NTEC, but we need to do some more research. Overall this weapon is still very powerful at early-mid ranges, surpassing SMGs at more than 10m range. As such we'll need to be taking a further look at how to improve the shotgun/SMG match-up at close ranges so as to not completely overshadow them.



Overall the VBR has been made significantly better at shooting from marksmanship mode, while reducing its from-the-hip fire rate.

    Marksmanship movement speed up to 3.5m/s (from 1.39m/s)
    Crouch modifier down to 90% (from 70%)
    Recovery Delay removed (from 0.07)
    Marksmanship FoV increased to 67 (from 50)
    Run Modifier increased to 275% (from 200%)

    KD over distance


As expected the significant change in how the VBR works has improved the mid-long range viability of the weapon while reducing the close range ability.



We wanted the Bullshark to provide some unique gameplay over the standard Obir / FFA and we have done this in traditional Joker Box fashion by providing unique functionality. This weapon now becomes significantly more dangerous, but also slightly shorter ranged, the more you fire it.

    Gains bullets as it fires, starting at 2, increasing up to a maximum of 6.
    Damage reduction dropped from 25% to 10%

    KD over distance


Though the lack of data makes the graph very spiky, the general trend has been the weapon seeing improved K D across the board, likely both from the improved functionality of the weapon, and players returning to use the weapon where before they would have simply used the OBIR as an all around superior option.

Sub Machine Guns

Sub-Machine guns are designed to be reliable, fixed, spray and pray weapons that shift skill focus from aim and tracking to movement, map knowledge and survivability. As such most of them have not been altered with this focus on changing how accuracy works. The exceptions are SMGs that fall into hybrid categories with other archetypes, specifically the VAS-C2  and M-1922.


The VAS-C2 uses similar recoil and accuracy loss stats to its NTEC big brother. This heavily reduces its ability to both tap-fire and full auto at range but improves its ability to consistently hit the first few rounds of the magazine.

    Effective Range down to 35m/55m from 45m/65m

    KD over distance


Overall the weapon sees a similar or slightly better performance within SMG ranges, but has a massively reduced effectiveness out at Assault Rifle range. While a major change, this was really needed in the case of the VAS-C2.



The M-1922 Tommy Gun gains vertical recoil over time and loses horizontal recoil over time. This means as you fire the weapon becomes initially less random and more controllable (able to be fired out to a longer range) before the vertical recoil becomes too much to control.

    KD over distance


With the heavily decreased initial horizontal recoil, the weapon stays controllable enough to kill more efficiently at close ranges. Otherwise it's the same old tommy gun. We're slightly surprised by this, and were expecting to see it slightly improve at a distance, but the initial horizontal recoil may be holding this back.

Sniper Rifles


    Magazine Capacity 12/84 (from 10/70).
    Fire Interval 0.3 (from 0.46)
    Per Shot Modifier down from 400% to 50% (more controlled by curves now)
    Recovery Delay down to 0.45s from 0.46s.
    Recovery Per Second controlled by curves (initial delay followed by massive regen)
    Overall Shot Modifier cap increased to 100% extra (from 50%)
    Marksmanship FoV increased to 45 (from 38)


As with the ISSR-A, data here is very unreliable with a number of the initial check not having any data-points at all. Overall it seems to be performing very similar (which is actually quite good for the players using it) but with a higher number of players playing with the weapon meaning we are getting some data.


Lundi 17 août 2015  
Something is in the air and it is getting closer

Hello Citizens,

This month’s blog post comes to you with a few announcements and some updates on what is going on in the city of San Paro.  We will be bringing players a new vehicle, an upcoming pack, updated weapon stats on the weapons that have been balanced previously and returned into the main game and the new TTK test districts coming this month.  Please visit the forum links provided to view more detail on what has been done and what you can expect to see in the next month.

OK, let’s start with…

Juggernaut Pack Phase 4

This Wednesday will see the distribution of PHASE 4 of the JUGGERNAUT PACK containing the remaining 2 weapons, RABID and THE MANIC from the FANATIC BROTHER LINE.

The IO Growl

As well as the introduction of the new IO GROWL to our vehicle line up, available for purchase in ARMAS, in game and won as rewards during gameplay.

The open 4 slot model will be an ARMAS exclusive and available on Wednesday Aug19th.  On September 16th all players will be able to purchase an open 2 slot version in game using APB Cash and open 1 slot models, being available randomly during missions.

The Pack of Revelations Pass

We were not just happy with creating a new vehicle, we also wanted to kick off the next pack with some style.  Therefore the team and I are happy to present, the PACK OF REVELATIONS PASS on ARMAS.  This pack is unique in that, we wanted to offer a stronger visual variety of goods to the player and yet still maintain the overall APB Reloaded feel.  This PASS will be available to players this Wednesday as well, with each phase being released over the next two month.

We wanted to share as much as we can before the items are released to the players and are happy to show you what has been created and worked on.

With that said, I present to you the PACK OF REVELATIONS which contains:

Phase 1 (Aug 19th - 2015)

    The Car

Phase 2 (Sep 2nd - 2015)

    The Kits

Which when combined together give you the "Apocalypse" 

Phase 3 Pack Exclusive (Sep 24th - 2015)

    Exclusive Primary and Secondary Weapons + Exclusive skins

      Plague Model - SMG
      War - Shotgun
      Famine - Assault rifle
      Death - Sniper rifle

    Primary Weapons

    Secondary Weapon - Pistol

Phase 4 (Oct 28th - 2015)

    All 4 Horsemen Clothing (Male & Female versions)

Working concept versions, final release may appear differently. final images to be released shortly.

Note: Purchase early to receive your bonus Joker boxes with this kit and each phase will be available for sale 1 month after pass distribution, minus the revelation pack exclusives.

As you can see this pack has something for everyone and we are proud to bring this to you all.

Update Weapons Stats

As was mentioned on some of the forums, we did not provide updated information and stats made to the following weapons.  To remedy that issue, we have provided all the stats and description changes that were done based on the information gained from the weapons test district.

Of course no weapon balancing is ever truly finished, but for the time being we will be removing the weapon test district and substituting it with:

Two New TTK Test Districts

Since my time here with the company, I and many others have looked at and debated the merits of a longer or shorter TTK and its relationship with players expectations and the weapons they chose to use.  Forum chats and feedback have been present for some time now and the upcoming month of September, you the community will have a chance to test out two TTK districts. One of the districts will contain RTW configuration, the other will contain a predetermined set up which will allow you the player, a chance to try out different TTK times and compare if they are better or worse than what is present in game as well as provide us statistical data on what was being used, how long and etc.

We will not only be reviewing forum feedback but will also have survey questionnaires sent to random players requesting more detailed information on their experiences between each test district.

As you can see we have packed in a fair amount of stuff for you to test, enjoy and customize.  Stay tuned for updates regarding our TTK findings and updates as they happen.

Till next time citizens,



Jeudi 13 août 2015  
Pack of Revelations Pre-Release Launch Event


It’s time to toss out those energy drinks because you won’t be needing ‘em with the soon to be released Pack of Revelations Pass! The new season pass features early release content each month starting with an adrenaline inducing new vehicle.

To celebrate this most excellent release the APB team is running two exciting events that start today, August 13th at 11:59 PM PDT and end on August 18th, 11:59 PM PDT.

Event 1: Down and Dirty

There are missions that need to be completed and there are rewards to be had.

    Event is available for all Action districts (sorry no FC). 
    Earn 1 point for each completed opposed mission 
    Earn an additional point if you win the opposed mission. 
    At the end of the event all points are tallied and you'll win one of the 4 point categories below.
    Please Note: Points and potential G1C earnings do not stack. 
    This is account bound (yes you can play on different characters through out the event and earn towards your point goals).
    Prizes will be delivered within 72 hours after the event ends.
G1C Earned

Event 2: Pack of Revelations Pass Giveaway

Be one of 25 lucky winners per server to get a FREE Pack of Revelations Pass! We can't tell you everything in the pack just yet, however see the banner above for a hint!!

For each hour that you play from now until August 18th 11:59 PM PDT you will get one entry into the raffle giveaway. The more hours you play the more entries you will receive! (Yes, Social and FC count for this one!)


Mardi 11 août 2015  
Patch 1.19.3 (777)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance will start at 5 PM UTC / 10 AM PDT and will take approximately 3 hours.

Bug & Exploit Fixes

    Out of Bounds

      Fixed an instance where players would incorrectly receive the out of bounds warning message whilst standing on a plank between the highway and a rooftop in the Financial District.
      Fixed a door in Asylum that had developed a habit of killing players for being in a 'forbidden area'.
      Fixed a window in Asylum that was also incorrectly killing players for being in a 'forbidden area'.

Mardi 4 août 2015  
Patch 1.19.3 (775)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance will start at 9 AM UTC and will take approximately 3 hours.

Changes & Additions

    Prototype District

      The Shaw has undergone some balancing tweaks.

Bug & Exploit Fixes

    Prototype District

      Fixed an issue where the Obir, Obeya and the Oscar had too much initial recoil in the Weapon Prototype Testing District.
      The district's 'welcome' message now lists the correct weapons.
      The Balanced Bundle Boxes now contain the correct weapons.



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