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Mardi 31 mars 2015  
Mayor Jane Derren's San Paro First Ever Open Conflict Easter Egg Hunt 2015

Hello Citizens,

Wanted to provide an update on where we are at this week.

After reviewing our options, we have decided to remove the TROUBLEMAKER from the ARMAS store later this week.

The plan is to give it a proper review and balanced the weapon accordingly, once the weapon has been balanced we will announce its return to the ARMAS store.

Those that have purchased the TROUBLEMAKER will still be able to utilize it in game.

The other topic is the Easter Event for this year. Much like with the Halloween Event last year, I felt that we needed just a few issues addressed in order to provide the best experience possible. We were planning to release the event on Wednesday but instead will be releasing it on the Thursday (at the usual maintenance time 9 AM UTC).

That one extra day will allow us to be confident with what was created and to properly review the final changes prior to release.

The rules for this year's


Collect as many eggs as possible by mugging bunnies, chickens as well as other players. collect as many eggs as you can during the easter egg hunt 2015 to earn titles, rewards and the coveted trophy.

    The easter egg hunt 2015 event is a free for all, no teams and no factions.
    At start npc bunnies and chickens will be spawned in the district, the first bunny/chicken mugged will start the game (20 min playtime)

Mugging scoring

    Bunnies: 1 point
    Chickens: 5 points


    Player successfully kills another player earns half of their collected eggs (not ones that are banked).
    Player that has been killed will lose half of their collected eggs (not ones that are banked).
    Player that has been mugged will lose all of their collected eggs (not ones that are banked).
    Player that has been mugged will lose all of their collected eggs (not ones that are banked).
    Players that successfully mug will be invulnerable and receive a speed boost to allow them to make a quick escape in case they are under threat from others. the invulnerable player will also have their weapons unequipped for the duration of this effect. the effect will be cancelled if you enter a vehicle or activate certain character mods.
    it’s not possible for other players to interfere with a mugging

Egg Bonuses

Once a player have eggs, you can bank the amount by delving them to a contact. delivered eggs can earn a player a bonus amount.

Deliver eggs to a contact to bank your eggs and earn a bonus:

    1st Time is a 5X Bonus
    2nd Time is a 3X Bonus
    3rd Time is a 2X Bonus

All others deliveries have no bonus applied, but the eggs will be banked

Added notes

    In order to allow players to sneak up on others to mug them, players won’t be displayed on the radar
    HUD markers will display where the chickens are located.
    HUD markers will be displayed for the top 20% of Players.
    Bunnies and other players will not have a hud marker and can only be displayed by line of sight.

Prizes to be won: three new titles, egg head mask trophy and joker tickets (max 100 a day).

These rules will also appear on the APB Forums.

Thank you again for your patience regarding the Easter event delay, as well as the upcoming removal of the Troublemaker from Armas. Expect its return as soon as it is properly been reviewed and tweaked.

Till later Citizens,



Vendredi 27 mars 2015  
Easter Egg Hunt 2015

Hello Citizens,

I would like to start off with a thank you, to the members of our community that have taken the time to answer my Q&A questions. The responses you provide will better help us to refine APB.

The next Q&A will be started shortly, when it does please feel free to ask a few more questions and I will answer them in the same time span as my last.

Now on to the meat of my blog post J

The Easter weekend is approaching and what better way to celebrate than with a brand new event. The goal for this event was to take last year’s theme and change it up in order to make it fresh.

We took last year’s Bunny Mugging gameplay and changed it up a considerable amount in order to present to you:

Mayor Jane Derren's San Paro First Ever Open Conflict Easter Egg Hunt 2015 aka The M.J.D.S.P.F.E.O.C.E.E.H 2015 (J)

Go out and capture as many eggs as possible. Mug a BUNNY, A CHICKEN or even other PLAYERS in order to claim as many eggs your grubby little hands can hold. Squirrel your eggs safely with a contact or carry all the eggs with you, till the very end. Play your way… choose to play alone, play with friends (no groups), back stab friends or just sneak around grabbing all you can. The event is yours to enjoy, so go MUG, SHOOT and BANK your way to new titles, rewards and the new Easter Egg Event Trophy.

The official rules will be posted in our forums.

So I look forward to continuing our Q&A, reading your answers and hope you enjoy this year’s Easter Event.

The fun starts on 4/1/2015!

So have a safe holiday weekend everyone, till later gang.



Mardi 24 mars 2015  
Patch 1.19.1 (709)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance should be approximately 2 - 3 hours and will start at 10 AM UTC.

Changes and Additions


      JG / CSG

        Slightly improved firing rate in light of the new sprint changes (see "BUG AND EXPLOIT FIXES").


      The stat bars for the EOL Grenade Launchers are now more accurate.


      Added weapon descriptions for the Norsemen.
      Adding notes to take the in-game patch notes up to 1.19.1 (704), from 1.19.1 (689).

Bug and Exploit Fixes


      Sprint Firing

        Fixed an issue that was stopping the sprint delays after shooting from working correctly. Weapons will now have a short delay after firing before the player enters a sprint. This is between 0.25 and 0.73 seconds depending on the fire rate of the weapon.

    Weapon skins


        Fixed a text issue where the Norsemen Hoenir and Odin skins were labelled incorrectly.



        Fixed an issue with the ATAC where it had different FoV's in 16:9 and 4:3.


      Fixed an issue where the 'New Weapon Skin' alert would stay on screen.


      Fixed the 'Valentines' category still being visible at the bottom of the inventory drop-down menu.

    Server Crash

      Fixed a rare crash that could occur during the 'Butcher' Dynamic Event.

Vendredi 20 mars 2015  
Prepare for Migration to New San Paro World Servers

In our last post, we talked about how we plan to make your APB experience run more smoothly by upgrading the district server hardware to the latest generation technology. Today we'll share our plans to address your calls for server merges, how that fits with the console release, and what you can expect during this process.

Migration Considerations

Two critical factors that affect your gameplay quality are latency (ping time) and population size. Lower ping times mean more responsive combat and driving mechanics (not to mention the separate projected currently underway to change the entire matchmaking system).

Generally higher population size on its own also helps improve matchmaking and creates more vibrant social interactions. Having more servers throughout the world reduces latency for some players by reducing their physical distance, but that comes at the expense of server population size. Our new design should strike a reasonable balance between the two.

First, our new World Server hardware allows us to effectively double the capacity of the original World Servers, which avoids the need now and in the future to have multiple "worlds" in any one location.

Second, APB:R currently has 5 distinct 'worlds' - Colby (US West), Joker (US East), Obeya (EU1), Patriot (EU2), and Han (Asia). After analyzing millions of player data including connection quality, feedback, and even social patterns, we concluded that running 5 worlds overly limits the kinds of social interaction that the APB community thrives on. By combining these into 3 larger servers, we effectively double the population size of each and open up a massive number of potential new connections between characters - by 2,253,728,674,140 in the EU to be exact.

One "World" per continent, per platform.

The plan for the PC game is to construct two new high-capacity, high-performance centrally located world servers for PC, one in the US and one in the EU. In the EU, Obeya and Patriot will be combined into a single world that will remain in Frankfurt, Germany but hosted on the new hardware. Likewise in the US, Colby and Joker will be combined into a new world that will now be based in Dallas, TX. Han (the Asian world) will live either in Singapore or Sydney, and there is still a fierce debate about the best location for that world.

These new world servers will be both larger and faster than the current ones, with the US server to be hosted on the Softlayer platform outlined in the previous post, and the EU server to run on a combination of Softlayer and the same type of blade servers that outperform even the Overkill servers.

Since the Han server exclusively serves the entire Asia region, we do not plan to make significant changes to it in the near future.

What Should You Expect?

The migration schedule to the New Worlds is as follows:

    EU - April 22nd
    US - May 6th

    Character Names

      Two characters on the combining servers might have the same name. Whenever this occurs, we will choose which character has priority to keep the name. This will be based on: total play time, last login time and character age. Any character that is not given priority will instead be given a free name change option.
      So be sure to login and play on your characters over the next 30 days, especially ones that you haven't played on in a while. While we cannot guarantee naming priority, doing so will improve your odds. We will be sending email notifications shortly to make sure most players have received at least a 30 day warning prior to the upcoming New World Migration.

    Clan Names

      Like characters, clans names might also conflict during the merge. Should this happen, we will give priority to the clan based on its size and the total playtime/recent activity/age of its members. Clans that are not given priority will have their names slightly modified, and the clan leader can submit a ticket to request a new name.

    World Names

      While we like the current names (Colby, Joker etc.) we are open to calling the new worlds by new names. Any name suggestions would be greatly appreciated on the forums (you can visit the forums here).

Console Worlds

Along with the new location for the PC Worlds in Dallas and Frankfurt, each of those two locations will also host 2 new World Servers dedicated to the Console version, for a total of 6 World servers; Dallas-PC, Dallas-X1, Dallas-PS4, and Frankfurt-PC, Frankfurt-X1, Frankfurt-PS4 (each of those of course need brand new names as well).

We look forward to bringing you more details as we get closer to the live migration start, but in the meantime, stay connected and simply play APB Reloaded to cement your claim to any existing character and clan names.


Jeudi 19 mars 2015  
Luck of the Draw Event

We've decided to mix things up a bit with our new event. We have taken our most common event types (Unique Kills, Total Kills, Clan Domination, Specific Weapon Group Kills, and Winning Opposed Missions) and put them all on a game wheel along with randomized prizes (Special Joker Boxes, G1C, Premium Time, and Power Joker Boxes) and specific locations.

Starting tomorrow (3/20) and every day after at 12:00 pm PDT we are going to spin the wheel to decide the game type, prize and location.  The information will be posted as an in-game notice. If you can get to the location and complete the goal before the time limit is up, you’ll get the prize.

    Total Kills – Every player kill counts regardless if you kill one player 5 times or 5 separate players.
    Unique Kills – You only get one point per new player killed so you will need to kill 5 players to get 5 points.
    Clan Domination – Points awarded for completing tasks in a clan group of 4. You can switch clans and retain your points.
    Possible prizes could include G1C, Premium Time, or Special Joker Boxes. 
    Rewards will be by account. Any character on any district can participate and accumulate points.
    Rewards can only be achieved once per account.
    Prizes will be delivered within 24 hours after each day's goal. 
    Event ends on March 31st, at 11:59 AM PDT



Lundi 16 mars 2015  
Win Big With Joker Jackpot!



Starting NOW and lasting until March 23rd - 11:59 AM PST, every Joker Mystery Box purchased gets you one step closer to getting some epic gear! Win any Legendary Prize and we will double it! Get the latest and greatest like the Colby EOL Grenade Launcher, Volcano Rocket Launcher, tricked-out vehicles and many other unique prizes.

Don’t miss out on the madness because after this Sunday all Joker Mystery Boxes will only be available at limited times and with limited availability. Each week a different set of Joker Mystery Boxes will be made available so buy your favorite boxes now while you can take advantage of the Joker Jackpot event!

Here are the details:

    Win exclusive Jackpot Prizes for Green, Blue, Purple and Orange prizes you get from Joker Boxes!
    Rewards from mixed JMB purchases can be combined to win a Jackpot Prize.
    You can earn unlimited Jackpot Prizes during the promotion. (prizes can repeat)
    Jackpot Prizes will be delivered within 48 hours from promotion's end date

Samedi 14 mars 2015  
Norsemen - The Power of the Gods

Nekrova brings you the power of the Gods, with the new 4 Norsemen line of SMG’s.  

Each edition comes with a custom skin and firepower worthy of their names.  The Norsemen line is the perfect weapon for those desiring a huge magazine clip, focusing on mobility and suppressive capability.  

Choose between the Hoenir with its improved reload time, the Tyr offering reduced recoil, or the Hel giving increased accuracy over time. Purchase the Valhalla’s Chosen Collection and get the Exclusive Odin edition that combines elements of the other three models in one.  

Note: We're aware of the Odin skin currently labeled as the Hoenir and vice versa. This will be fixed in the next patch update, and purchasing the permanent version of either you'll receive the right skin color.


Mardi 10 mars 2015  
Patch 1.19.1 (704)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance should be approximately 2 - 3 hours and will start at 10 AM UTC.

Changes and Additions


      Players must now have a minimum Rank of 15 in order to create an auction on the marketplace.

Bug and Exploit Fixes

    Ghost Shots

      Wind-Up Weapons

        Sprinting while firing, then firing again, will no longer cause ghost shots to occur.


      Interact Menu

        Fixed an issue that was preventing the "Ignore" option from being selectable on the "Inspect" UI (Default Key bind is: [>])



        The EOL variants now use the correct muzzle flash with all weapon skins.


      Hit Detection

        Fixed a complicated exploit where players were able to duplicate the hit box for their character.

Mardi 3 mars 2015  
Patch 1.19.1 (699)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance should be approximately 2 - 3 hours and will start at 10 AM UTC.

We are aware that the VAS C-2 'Troublemaker' is a point of contention right now (we do read the forums). We've intentionally not touched the weapon in isolation because we are working on much broader changes that will impact a series of weapons, including this one. We'll be getting into more details on this as part of Ricardo's Q&A session.

Changes and Additions


      Vehicle Components

        Cleaned up the naming convention on a few vehicle components:

          Vegas G20 Renzo Hazard (GBlk)
          Veo Zodiac (GBlk)
          Pioneer Djinn Devastator (GBlk)
          Pioneer Djinn Berzerker (GBlk)
          Vengador Ibiza 29.3 (GBlk)
          Toreador Contreras 30 (GBlk)

        They have been modified to say (GBk)

Bug & Exploit Fixes


      Fixed a visual issue where, when coming out of sprint, the accuracy of every weapon was being shown as perfectly accurate.

    Vehicle Kills

      Fixed an issue where players would often not be correctly rewarded for killing a player with a vehicle, if they died before their vehicle killed the player.


      Fixed an issue that was preventing  "War On Graffiti" from registering.



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