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Samedi 31 janvier 2015  
Hurry! Time is running out on these deals

Do you like an incredible value? Then swing by the ARMAS Marketplace and pick up a few of APB's most popular items for 40% off the normal retail value! Pick up one or all of these items by February 3rd, 11:59AM PST to save! Want to save even more? Then visit the Featured Items page throughout January 31st and watch out for huge discounts on some of your favorite items.

Colby .45 AP

    The old warhorse of a gun - has great killing potential and is very powerful even at medium ranges.

Pathfinder PR1

    The Pathfinder provides a stable, mobile platform for long range engagements, following Scout Rifle guidelines. This version comes with a Tagger.

Gold Weapon Skin

    The rarest of the rare. Nothing says 'Hello' to the world louder than Gold Skin - bling bling!

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Jeudi 29 janvier 2015  
Matchmaking on a Global Scale

More communication!
(by TechMech)

As shared last week, going forward we expect to post a lot more about what the team is doing right now, and how that will affect the game over the next several months, even before they have fully completed the work. We are starting this series with MoK's initial write-up about the outline of the new Matchmaking system. Followed by blog posts that share more details about the new engine and console game releases, and finally, sharing much more information about the new hardware deployment that's going on at the moment. So a slight change in publishing order, with Matchmaking going out before Engine and Console post.

First up: MoK and Matchmaking

Matchmaking on a Global Scale
(by MoK)

At end of 2014 we ran lots of surveys and in depth APB statistics on matchmaking, since it's pretty clear that our matchmaking system requires some serious overhaul. As a result of that review, the team and I have designed a matchmaking solution that addresses the core problem without diminishing a fundamentally strong mechanic.

In short, while the matchmaking system works exceptionally well inside a single district, the core problem is that there simply isn't a sufficient number of equally skilled teams inside any one 100-person district at any one time. And our attempts to regulate that using individual skill thresholds (silver, gold etc.) per player has not worked, since what matters in the end is the strength of the combined team, not the individual player.

We know from the team stats that when a good and evenly balanced match does take place between two equally strong teams, the outcome of the match is pretty much a 50-50 coin flip, which is exactly what we are looking for, and the condition that hits you like a "shock and awe" attack due to the level of action you are surrounded by. However, if no good team match up is available in your current district, then the next reasonable match on that one server may in fact be very lopsided, and after some timeout period the system today will simply start that less than ideal match, just to make sure people aren't idling around.

To fix this, our new matchmaking system will use a hybrid cross-district team system calculating "team skill" levels for all active teams in the game. What matters going forward is the cumulative strength of your team, and teams will be automatically assigned to the best possible opposition, even if that opposition might be playing on a different district server. There are a bunch of technical issues involved in solving that, so more details will be shared when we are closer to launching the system.

The design goal is to offer a better experience for veteran players by connecting and assigning them to teams where the combined team rating is far more equal to the competition, eliminating the need to dethreat to find competition.  This fundamental goal also lets new players to progress right from the beginning at a pace they feel comfortable with and provides an added level of security against abusive and negative behavior in game.

While this will be a radical departure from the present system, at no time will our loyal and experienced players feel that anything they have rightfully earned be lost, or has been dumbed down.  Rather the new matchmaking system will encourage fair competition, yet will still be accessible enough to let new players mature into the serious competition of tomorrow, without getting noob-stomped along the way.

Till next time.

/ Ricardo “Mok” Viana /


Mardi 27 janvier 2015  
Now On Sale For 3 Days Only!

Do you like an incredible value? Then swing by the ARMAS Marketplace and pick up a few of APB's most popular items for 40% off the normal retail value! Pick up one or all of these items by January 31st 11:59 AM PST to save! 


    Marketed as a Home Defense Weapon, this Joker Gunworks 840-mm-barreled shotgun is a favourite among the front-line criminal and enforcers of San Paro

Vegas Uber Bundle

    Already a steal before the 40% discount, the Vegas Uber Bundle comes with a Vegas G24, 4 Body Kits and a Vegas G20 Wheel Kit. For the muscle car enthusiast.

Desert Scarf

    Whether you're trying to go incognito, block out the scent of gun smoke, or just adding some flare to your outfit - the Desert Scarf is your go-to urban accessory.

Lundi 26 janvier 2015  
15%-35% G1C Bonus + JMB Double Legendary

Get showered in extra G1C and win a Legendary get one BONUS Legendary weapon with the G1C Extravaganza event!

From now till February 1st, 11:59AM PST you can get up to 35% back in G1C when you purchase a G1C pack of 2,000 or more credits! Opt for a lesser G1C amount and get 15% back!

Rebates will be applied to your account by 11:59AM PST on the same day of purchase. Don't miss out and get ahead with your G1C rebate today!


Vendredi 23 janvier 2015  
Double Premium Discount - 40% Off Most ARMAS Items!

For a limited time Premium members can get a DOUBLE discount! That's right, the old 20% discount has been kicked to the curb and now you can get 40% in savings on most ARMAS Marketplace items!

Don't have Premium? It's not too late! Pick up a Premium membership today and get all of the benefits of Premium like fast experience gains, reduced cooldowns, more customization options, store discounts and much more!

Act Fast, Promotion ends January 26th at 11:59AM PST (7:59 PM UTC)

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Jeudi 22 janvier 2015  
Introducing the new FR0G Collection

The all-new Agrotech FR0G is here and it's wicked. Named after the poison dart frogs of South America, the Agrotech FR0G is small and deadly. This close quarter firearm is the weapon of choice for aggressive players or those that prefer to be on the move. With three unique variants and two of those sporting unique skins, there is something for everyone. It's hard to say no to something so elegant, yet so lethal.

Early purchasers can enjoy a 25% discount, so get yours now! Check it out!

FR0G 'Kokoe'

    The Kokoe comes pre-modded with 3-Point Sling 3 which will come in handy when you enter a close combat situation with a rifle in your hands.

FR0G 'Rocket'

    The 'Rocket' comes with FR0G exclusive Litoria & Ranito skins. A built-in Pistol Silencer is also included which better obfuscate the direction of the shooter.

FR0G 'Thumbnail'

    The 'Thumbnail' comes pre-modded with a Pistol Silencer and Reflex Sight 2 for faster target acquisition. Includes two FR0G exclusive Litoria 2 & Ranito 2 skins.

Army of FR0Gs Bundle

    For the fine weapons connoisseur, the FR0G Collector's Edition comes with all of the FR0G variants & skins plus two exclusive skins, the Phyllo and Phyllo 2.

Jeudi 22 janvier 2015  
Patch 1.19.1 (681)

We're aiming to have a maintenance on Friday. Maintenance should be approximately 1 - 2 hours and will start at 2:00 PM UTC.

Bug Fix

    Fixing a rare network issue that could cause a District server to crash.

Jeudi 22 janvier 2015  
Preview of upcoming 2015 APB blog posts

Today’s post is not a traditional blog post, but a quick preview of items are going to cover on the blog over the next couple of weeks.

Blog Preview 1: Engine Upgrade

The First Rule of the Engine Upgrade - is that we don’t talk about the Engine Upgrade.

However, I will be breaking this apparent First Rule in order to share one of the very BIG things that has been going on “under the surface” in APB since early 2014. This “something” has forced us pick a specific date for the engine upgrade release, and then to not talk about it.

Today I can say we WILL be able to share more information about this project "VERY SOON™". As in “days," not weeks. And then it will all make sense. And it will also make sense how the Engine Upgrade relates to what's coming.

Here is a preview image. You will recognize it as one of APB’s startup 3D scenes. The upgraded engine has a new light system that makes lights appear to be part of the scene itself, and not "painted on." In this case, the mobile light rig throwing a yellow-ish hue, from what appears to be portable Sodium Vapor lights, onto the crime scene. Which also features a lot more visual enhancements.

Stay tuned for more information, and timeline for the conclusion of this VERY LONG project, in the next blog entry.

Blog Preview 2: What Players Want! (hint: better matchmaking and a "better" community)

At the end of 2014 we ran several surveys of what our players liked/disliked about APB Reloaded. First the good news; players overwhelmingly like the APB game play by an 83%-17% margin. That’s great news!

But players’ top concern; getting a good match, where they can actually enjoy that game play. Matchmaking loses the “what do you like in APB” question by a 40%-60% margin, with 60% of players calling matchmaking “poor."

Solving matchmaking is complicated in APB, since unlike other games it uses players already in any given 100-player district to trigger new matches, and the selection in each district is naturally limited, especially when it comes to groups and teams.

Therefore in this upcoming blog post, our lead designer Ricardo ("Mok") will share how the team is heads down working on a revamp of all match handling in APB, resulting in a much more global match making system, to give you exponentially better matches.

On the Community side, while we cannot fix the personalities of a few crazy trolls that hang out in the APB community there are some new systems on the horizon that will let us moderate live chats and control the in-game experience much more effectively. These improvements are rolling out over the next few months and should improve the in game experience immensely, hopefully leading to fewer newbies being harassed in game, and happier newbie and "not-yet hardened" players.

Blog Preview 3: Status of New APB Servers

We have been going through iterations and iterations of different hardware and different configurations, and we think we have finally worked out a solution that will work well and can be deployed starting in our Frankfurt location (yay!). This will also be the permanent solution going forward for all our servers globally, and over time will replace the current range of configurations we have today. This final blog post in the series will examine the new setup, and then show some of the performance metrics we have collected on all the different options over the past few months.

Stay Tuned and check back for the these blog entries VERY SOON™

/ TechMech /


Mardi 20 janvier 2015  
Patch 1.19.0 (679)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance should be approximately 2 - 3 hours and will start at 10 AM UTC.

Auction Changes

Create Auction Updates

    Players can no longer create faction restricted auctions
    The Create Auction UI scene has been simplified with the removal of the '<Faction> Only' and 'Specific Character Only' check-boxes
    Players now create character restricted auctions by simply entering a name in the edit box
    This has been relabeled 'Restrict To Character (Optional)' and a tool tip added to the edit box
    Adding character restriction info to auction list item display

Bug Fixes

Daily Activities

    Fixed an Enforcer Daily Activity issue, where killing a Notoriety 5 Criminal would not count towards the activity, if you witnessed them before killing them.



      Fixed an exploit related to deployables and mission task items.


    Players who kill a drug mule while on another mission will no longer get score for it.


    Fixed an issue where the Field Supplier could return to a character's hand after using a deployable.

Lundi 19 janvier 2015  
3 Days Only - 40% Off on Select items

Do you like an incredible value? Then swing by the ARMAS Marketplace and pick up a few of APB's most popular items for 40% off the normal retail value! Pick up one or all of these items by January 22nd 11:59AM PST to save! 

    Joker CR-5 - One of the most popular weapons among APB players, this is a well-rounded Assault Rifle that won't let you down
    Winter Spec Ops Weapon Skin - Exclusive ARMAS weapon skin that applies to all weapons except unique presets and the Joker RFP-9
    Kurai Uber Bundle - Stylish wheels at a great price, includes Nulander Kurai NKA-54 vehicle, Kurai Sturazi Kit, Kurai Leviatek Kit and Kurai Wheels Kit

Visit the ARMAS Marketplace to Purchase


Lundi 19 janvier 2015  
Extra Joker Mystery Boxes PLUS Win One Legendary Get One FREE!

For a limited time  you can now get extra Joker Mystery Boxes in every Joker Mystery Box Pack that you purchase!

    Buy a JMB 5 Pack – Get 1 free bonus JMB in addition to the one you already receive for a total of 2
    Buy a JMB 10 Pack – Get 3 free bonus JMBs in addition to the two you already receive for a total of 5
    Buy a JMB 20 Pack – Get 6 free bonus JMBs in addition to the five you already receive for a total of 11

To sweeten the deal, every Legendary Weapon that you win from a Joker Mystery Box will get you another Legendary Weapon for FREE* Sale ends January 22nd, 11:59AM PST

*Double Legendary Rewards do not apply to Legendary Weapons won from a bonus box


Vendredi 16 janvier 2015  
Double Loyalty Reward Points Starts Now!

Have a loyalty reward that you've been wanting to get? Get it now while the Loyalty Reward Counter is handing out DOUBLE points for every purchase! Time is ticking, so double up on points before the promotion ends January 19th at 11:59 AM PST.


Jeudi 15 janvier 2015  
Weapon World Tour Event - 7 days, 7 weapons, 7 prizes!

Everyone has their favorite weapons...but just how versatile are your skills? Do you think you have what it takes to use any weapon to eliminate your competition? Yeah? Well then prove it! Over the next 7 days you will be tasked with using 7 different weapon types to earn 7 different prizes. 

Get the full mission briefing below:

The event starts on Friday, January 16th at Noon PST (8:00 PM UTC, 3:00 PM EST, 2:00 PM CST) and lasts for 7 days.

Each day at Noon PST the weapon will change and you'll have 24 hours to achieve 20 unique kills with the weapon for the prize that day.

All prizes for the event will be delivered Monday January 26th. 

Unique kills are per account and must be completed using the weapon listed for that days kills.

    Assault Rifle

      Friday January 16th Noon PST (8:00 PM UTC, 3:00 PM EST, 2:00 PM CST)
      January 17th 11:59 AM PST (7:59 PM UTC, 2:59 PM EST, 1:59 CST)


      Saturday January 17th Noon PST (8:00 PM UTC, 3:00 PM EST, 2:00 PM CST)
      January 18th 11:59 AM PST (7:59 PM UTC, 2:59 PM EST, 1:59 CST)


      Sunday - January 18th Noon PST (8:00 PM UTC, 3:00 PM EST, 2:00 PM CST)
      January 19th 11:59 AM PST (7:59 PM UTC, 2:59 PM EST, 1:59 CST)

    Sniper Rifle

      Monday - January 19th Noon PST (8:00 PM UTC, 3:00 PM EST, 2:00 PM CST)
      January 20th 11:59 AM PST (7:59 PM UTC, 2:59 PM EST, 1:59 CST)

    Semi Auto

      Tuesday - January 20th Noon PST (8:00 PM UTC, 3:00 PM EST, 2:00 PM CST)
      January 21st 11:59 AM PST (7:59 PM UTC, 2:59 PM EST, 1:59 CST)

    Light Machine Gun

      Wednesday - January 21st Noon PST (8:00 PM UTC, 3:00 PM EST, 2:00 PM CST)
      January 22nd 11:59 AM PST (7:59 PM UTC, 2:59 PM EST, 1:59 CST)

    Sub Machine Gun

      Thursday - January 22nd Noon PST (8:00 PM UTC, 3:00 PM EST, 2:00 PM CST)
      January 23rd 11:59 AM PST (7:59 PM UTC, 2:59 PM EST, 1:59 CST)

Additional information:  Each day we'll offer different weapons for free trial that are needed for the kills event. Don't forget to check Armas to see which Free Trials are available.


Jeudi 15 janvier 2015  
24 Hour Sale - Key To the World Pack

Are you looking for some of the finer things in life but you don't know where to start? The Key to the World pack has the goods, it's your answer to unmatched style, functionality and prestige and now you can get it for 30% OFF! 

Leave your mark in style with the pack's exclusive VAS-C2 'Tin Soldier' sub-machine gun and 3D glasses. All your characters will never come to a fight unprepared again as every item in the pack comes account lifetime, including the Vegas Rocker and Raptor/Cheetah packs which when bought individually do not have that option. 

Don't miss out on the 30% OFF sale and pick yours up today! Sale ends January 16th at 11:59 AM PST. 


    No refunds available for this product
    No substitutions will be made for items in this pack

Mardi 13 janvier 2015  
Patch 1.19.0 (674)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance should be approximately 2 - 3 hours and will start at 10 AM UTC.

Changes and Additions

Weapon balance


      Performance improvements and enhancements on the OCSP.


    Restoring EU population caps to 90 (45/45).

Bug Fixes



      Fixed a Gecko issue that could cause a client crash on Windows XP.


    Cooling Jacket

      The effect Cooling Jacket has on Shotgun spread now progresses consistently, in accordance with the mod tier.

Vehicle Kits

    Waragi Kit

      Fixed an issue where the Waragi headlights did not line up with the Param grille.


    Alig 762

      Fixed the hand placements for the default skin on the Alig 762.


      Fixed the Spanish weapon skin not showing on the O-PGL.

    O-PGL 79 CD

      Fixed the crosshair on this weapon to use the explosives crosshair rather than unarmed.

    PSR Osprey

      Fixed the 'High Tech' skin not showing on this weapon.

Jeudi 8 janvier 2015  
PayPal Payback - Get 20% G1C Bonus instantly!

From now until January 11th - 11:59 PM PST, all purchases made with PayPal will receive an additional 20% G1C bonus instantly! That means if you buy 4,000 G1C you'll receive 800 bonus G1C! Just think of all of the cool stuff you can get with all of those extra credits!

There are no restrictions on how much you can purchase so stock up before this deal is gone!

Any PayPal payments initiated through third-party sites such as Steam, Amazon, and UltimatePay are NOT eligible for the bonus. Only direct PayPal payments qualify.


Mercredi 7 janvier 2015  
Now Available on Armas - FAR Spearhead!

Stalk your prey like the king of the streets with the all-new and unique FAR ‘Spearhead’ assault rifle. Drop into combat and send your enemies on a one-way trip to the underworld with accurate and deadly cylindrical shots of death. The FAR 'Spearhead' provides a mean punch by upping the cyclic rate and changes to barrel tolerances for improved initial accuracy. Not meant for the spray and pray crowd, this gun enjoys the sweet embrace of a precision oriented fighter. Have it your way with three open modification slots.

Get yours from the ARMAS marketplace and enjoy sweet taste of victory with the all-new FAR ‘Spearhead’ assault rifle today!




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