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Mardi 23 décembre 2014  
Happy Holidays Store-wide Sale!

Happy Holiday Store-wide sale starts now and ends on December 25th at 11:59 PM PST.   Get up to 40% off Armas items!

We've all said it a few times but we wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!


Samedi 20 décembre 2014  
Joker Mystery Box 15 includes the DOW Thumper

Nothing puts quite the fear into someone as a shotgun barrel pointed right at them. Now take that fear to an all new level with Obeya’s ultramodern shotgun the DOW ‘Thumper.’ The Thumper comes with ability to top up the magazine shell by shell and a first-ever Mechanical Choke Mod that provides deadly blasting power at multiple ranges.

The DOW Thumper is the all-new legendary weapon that can be randomly won in the new Joker Mystery Box 15. Take a chance and be one of the many lucky winner’s to terrorize your enemies with exclusive DOW Thumper today!


Samedi 20 décembre 2014  
Extra Life & Legendary Weapon Raffle!

Play Games Heal Kids! Have your eye on that special legendary weapon you've always wanted? How about donating to Tiggs Extra Life Raffle and try your chance at being one of the lucky 15 winners that will get to choose a legendary weapon.

Starting now until January 4th (midnight CST) any donation over $5.00 to will earn you an entry into a raffle for 1 Legendary weapon with 15 winners overall! As an extra incentive we have added some tiered donations to earn you extra entries into the raffle.

    Donating $5.00 gets you 1 entry into the raffle
    Donating $25.00 will get you 8 entries into the raffle
    Donating $50.00 will get you 20 entries into the raffle
    Donating $100.00 will get you 50 entries into the raffle
    Donating $200.00 will get you 150 eanytintries into the raffle
    Donating $500.00 will get you 385 entries into the raffle
    Donating $1000.00 will get you 800 entries into the raffle

Drawing will be held on January 5th.

There will be a 24 hour Tiggs Extra Life live stream on December 31st at 12:01 AM to ring in the New Year! Join in on the fun and giveaways at


When making a donation, DO NOT choose the "Make this donation anonymously" option or your donation will not qualify towards the raffle.

When donating choose the option "Allow participant to see my e-mail address" and put in your Character Name and server in the message to Tiggs area, along with any other message you would like to leave.  The email you enter will be used to only contact you if you're a winner and to thank you for your donation.  

All donations are tax deductable  http://www.extra-lif...ineGiftForm.pdf

Want to get involved with a Tiggs team for Extra Life 2015 and help earn money for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals?  Post in this thread and let me know if you're interested.


Samedi 20 décembre 2014  
Weapon Retirement

A new year is nearly upon us with all new experiences and excitement but it’s also a time of nostalgia and reflection. Play with and own two of APB’s most iconic weapons, the OCA-EW 626.2-SD 'Silverado' and N-HVR 762 Silenced PR1 before they are gone forever. That’s right as of January 11th these two classic weapons will no longer be available for purchase. 

Weapon Details

    N-HVR 762 Silenced PR1

      An impressive sniper rifle that provides stealthy yet deadly long-range capability. Comes equipped with a Hunting Sight 3 and Sniper Silencer modification.

    OCA-EW 626.2-SD 'Silverado'

      A uniquely modified and fine-tuned version of the OCA-EW 626. Built for the individual who likes fast gunfights, rapid reloading while still being able to get the drop unsuspecting enemies. Loaded out with Magazine Pull 3, Cooling Jacket 2 and SMG Silencer.

Make sure to grab a piece of APB history by picking up the N-HVR 762 Silenced and OCA-EW 626.2-SD 'Silverado'- before January 11th and get 30% off! Don’t hesitate because after January 11th you will no longer be able to purchase these two pieces of historic firepower.


Jeudi 18 décembre 2014  
Patch 1.19.0 (669)

We're aiming at releasing a client update maintenance should be approximately 1 hour and will start at Thursday 1:30 PM UTC.

Clothing Bundle

    Heavy Duty

      Fixed an issue where both factions' items would be delivered to all characters - note: Characters who have already received these items will keep them.


    Waragi Kit

      Fixed an issue where the wheels of the Waragi Kit would disappear at distance.
      Removed the color option from the Waragi Side Skirts - these components were never intended to be colorable.

Server Crash

    Fixed a server crash related to weapons picked up from the Secret Santa Boxes.

Mercredi 17 décembre 2014  
Nulander Waragi, exclusive Heavy Duty Enforcer & Criminal clothing and the all-new LMG - CASE 'The K.O.'

The Heavy Duty Pack has arrived for the player who enjoys epic feats of strength, strong brew and definitely nothing sissy like. This is the ultimate pack for anyone who considers themselves tough as nails. 

Rock and roll like heavy metal thunder with the upgraded Nulander Waragi, exclusive Heavy Duty Enforcer and Criminal clothing and the all-new LMG - CASE 'The K.O.’ 
Included in the Bundle:

    Waragi – Outfitted with additional heavy duty panels this car is equipped for ultimate vehicle warfare, energy drinks not included
    Criminal and Enforcer Clothing – No matter what side of the law you’re on, everyone will know you're there to some serious demolition while suited up in your heavy duty apparel
    CASE 'The K.O.' – Quickly and effectively shred light vehicles and enemies into bits with this ALIG-762 inspired light-machine gun.

Finally a bundle for those who enjoy the tougher things in life, available now exclusively through the ARMAS Marketplace.
Available options on Armas

    Criminal Heavy Duty Bonus Pack
    Enforcer Heavy Duty Bonus Pack
    Criminal Heavy Duty Bundle
    Enforcer Heavy Duty Bundle
    Enforcer Waragi LAV (Kit Only)
    Criminal Waragi LAV (Kit Only)
    Criminal Waragi LAV Vehicle + Kit
    Enforcer Waragi LAV Vehicle + Kit

Mardi 16 décembre 2014  
Patch 1.19.0 (668)

We're aiming at releasing a client update maintenance should be approximately 2 - 3 hours and will start at Wednesday 9 PM UTC.

New Feature

    Marketplace - Private Auctions

      In order to combat the auction snipping, this patch will introduce the ability for you to create Marketplace auctions that can be restricted to a specific player! This provides a form of safe, player to player, trading without the need for dubious agreements and potential loss of items.

      In order to create a private auction you need to do the follow

        1. Open the Marketplace from the green screened kiosk in the Social District.
        2. Press the button "Add New Item Auction", located on the lower left of the screen.
        3. Select an item to auction.
        4. Check "Specific Character Only" and enter a player name (NOTE: Must be a valid character on the same world as you)
        5. You can then view your auction in the "My Auctions" tab.

      To see auctions that have been restricted to your character

        1. Open the Marketplace from the green screened kiosk in the Social District.
        2. Click on the "Select Sellers", located on the top left.
        3. Now filter by the person selling you the item.
        4. Select the "Search" button, on the upper right.

Note: It will list all that users auctions, so you'll need to locate the item you've agreed to buy - we'll be looking to make this clearer in the future.

Other Changes and Additions

    Secret Santa Boxes

      Added messaging for when a player attempts to resupply a Gift Box weapon, to inform them that it can't be resupplied, as they are not designed to be


      Adding a icon for the reward selector.

Bug Fixes


      Fixed an exploit in social that was allowing players to crash other players.


      Fixed an audio looping issue that could occur if you were firing an automatic weapon as The 12 Deaths of Christmas ended.

Maintenance Plan and Notes for December 24th and 31st

December 24th and 31st Maintenance - We'll be swapping The Christmas Event District. On December 24th The Christmas Event district will be Baylan and Beacon will become Fight Club and on the December 31st Maintenance The Christmas event it will swap back.


Vendredi 12 décembre 2014  
Patch 1.19.0 (665)

Changes and Additions

    Secret Santa Boxes

      Increasing the length of time the weapons will lie on the ground for.
      You can now use grenades while holding a picked-up weapon.

NOTE: Weapons from Secret Santa Boxes can't be re-supplied, this is by design – we will be adding messaging to make this clearer to players.



        Added new unique audio for the FAR weapons.

    Dynamic Events

      Increased the chance that an event district will switch to a different event.


      Adding an icon for the reward selector.

Bah Hum - Bug Fixes


      Fixed an exploit in social that was allowing players to crash other players.

    Open World

      Fixed an issue where ram raid targets could spawn all their items at the same spot.



        Fixed the role progression for the Chrome skin.



        Fixed the scoreboard heading for the opposition team.

Mercredi 10 décembre 2014  
Patch 1.19.0 (662)

We're aiming at releasing a client update maintenance should be approximately 2 - 3 hours and will start at Wednesday 9 PM UTC.

Bug Fixes

    Dynamic Events


        Fixed an issue where the scoreboard wouldn't take up the entire area when there was only one team.
        Fixed an issue where the scoreboard title wouldn't update in event districts.



        Fixed an issue where the Event HUD for the Snowball Wars event wasn't showing the correct team names.
        Fixed an issue where the team list would show the wrong icon for players in your group but not on your mission

    Server Crash

      Fixed a frequent server crash that could occur in action districts.

Mardi 9 décembre 2014  
Christmas 2014 Patch 1.19.0 (660)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance should be approximately 2 - 3 hours and will start at 2 PM UTC.

Christmas 2014 - Introduction

Hello and welcome to APB:R's Christmas 2014 Event! This year we're bringing back the Beacon district to host the Snowball fight event and an all new event called "The 12-Deaths of Christmas". Players will be able to earn a new deployable from this event that they'll be able to use in other action districts. This new deployable is a Secret Santa box that will create a random weapon, with random modifications and a random skin. The box owner won't be able to pick up the randomly generated weapon - Christmas is about giving after all - but other players will, and those players will then be able to help the box owner advance special roles and achievements to earn all sorts of new goodies! This new deployable also introduces a new functionality - weapon dropping and weapon pick-ups. So, when a player is either killed while holding one of these gift box weapons, or, drops it themselves by switching weapons, the weapon itself will fall to the floor and another player will be able to pick it up!

So, how do you earn these awesome new gift boxes? Well, if you jump into the Beacon district you'll be able to take part in the new 12 Deaths of Christmas event, finishing this event will gift you a number of boxes, depending on how well you did. The event itself is a free for all, reverse gun game, where the object is to work your way down the weapon tiers by getting kills. The first person to get the final kill with a snowball will win the event and earn the most gift boxes! These can then be used to earn new titles, skins and weapons (see below for the full details).

We hope you enjoy this new release and, from everyone here at Reloaded, we wish you a very happy Holiday Season!

The Reloaded Team

Christmas Event District

Here players can play the Snowball Wars event from last year (where each player is giving a snowball launcher and a team kill total), as well as the new event "The 12 Deaths of Christmas", which will allow players to earn the new deployable Secret Santa Box, which can be used in the Action districts to earn a new weapon and skin.

NOTE: These events will automatically cycle within the district, all you have to do is join. Each district will be capped at 12 players per-faction, as the Snowball Wars event is a team based event.

Event 1: The 12 Deaths of Christmas

Free-for-all Event (no teams)

    Player's Objective

      Kill other players to advance weapon tiers and earn prizes (see below).


      At the start of the game, players are given a weapon and they must advance through the weapon tiers until they reach the final tier - the first person to get a kill with the final tier weapon wins the game.

    Tier Breakdown


    Further Information

      The HUD will show remaining score required, current weapon tier, current place and remaining time.
      When a player reaches the final tier, all players will be notified of who this player is.



    Secret Santa Boxes

      You will earn Secret Santa Boxes based on your performance during the 12 Deaths of Christmas Event - the better you do, the more boxes you will earn. You can then take these boxes into the regular Action Districts. Please see "Secret Santa Event" below for more details.

    Deck The Halls

      During the 12 Deaths of Christmas Event, players will also earn score. This score is an accumulative total that increases as you play The 12 Deaths of Christmas. The ultimate goal is to earn a total of 50,000 points and be rewarded the top prize. You will earn more score by getting kills with higher weapon tiers.

      Here is a Score you'll earn at each weapon tier


NOTE: Players do not earn Score towards "Deck The Halls" for vehicle kills



Event 2: Snowball Wars

Team based Event (12 per side)


      Players are given a snowball launcher and a kill total for their Faction. The first Faction to reach the kill count wins the event.


      When you complete a Snowball Wars event, a new role will be incremented. The role is scored in the following way: 1 point for taking part (killing / assisting / dying honourably at least once) and an extra point for winning.

      Complete the "Snowball Wars!" role to earn a Santa Hat and the Reindeer Antlers for your character!

    Secret Santa Event

      Players can now utilize the SECRET SANTA BOXES earned through the 12 DEATHS OF CHRISTMAS event (see above) in the main action districts.
      Secret Santa Boxes are a new type of deployable that players can place at any location they please - other players can then interact with them to get randomly generated weapons as prizes.

    Secret Santa Boxes

      When deployed, a Secret Santa Box appears in the player's hands (their interaction with this box is limited to dropping, picking up and moving it around).
      Once the box is placed on the ground, all other players in the district (no faction restriction) can interact with the Secret Santa Box to win a random weapon, which will also have a random selection of modifications and a random skin.

      NOTE: The player who placed the box can't take a prize.

    Achievements and Rewards

      Ho Ho Ho, Now I have a ...  

        Kill 50 players with weapons you've taken from SECRET SANTA BOXES to earn the FAR 'Charger' for purchase from a contact.

      The Gift that keeps on Giving 

        Other players have killed a total of 100 players, using weapons they've picked up from a Secret Santa Box you've deployed. This will unlock a unique weapon skin.

Returning Christmas Content - The Elves

    Regular Action Districts - Elves

      The trouble-making Elves return to the Financial district and they have their own Daily Activities, which reward Joker Tickets.

      If you are an Enforcer you'll be able to find "Elforcer" in Merchant Park, and if you are a Criminal you'll be able to find "Criminelf" in Border, just off Jagalchi Street.

    Contact Rewards

      Level 2

        HoHoHoPGL (Snowball firing grenade launcher)

          This weapon has four "Chipmas" (trademarked by Farfletched) tunes that it will randomly play for its wind-up.
          A Snowball. A deadly Snowball. So deadly, we've capitalized the S.

      Level 3

        Silent Night & Jingle Bells Themes.

      Level 4

        A Snowman Head.

      Level 5

        Custom Eyes and Mouths for your Snowman Head.

      Level 6

        Coal Eyes and a Carrot Nose for your Snowman Head, plus the title "Snowman".

      NOTE: There should be an introductory mail for the Elves, and then a mail for each standing level you gain with them.


      Snowball Fight!

        Unlocks "Snowballer" Title (20 snowball kills)
        Candy Cane Weapon Skins (50 snowball kills)


      I. Naughty
      II. Nice
      III. The Red Nosed Criminal
      IV. The Red Nosed Enforcer

      All these titles can be bought from the Elves for 10 Joker Tickets (faction-specific titles are only for their respective faction)

Bug Fixes

Exploit prevention

    Out of Bounds

      Fixed a range of OOB boundaries across Financial and Waterfront, as there were instances where areas of the map that shouldn't be considered "OOB" were being so.


    Fixed an issue where the Master Volume wouldn't affect the Tutorial Complete sound.



      Fixed an issue where the ammo counter could stay red if a weapon had low ammunition before being unequipped.

Lundi 8 décembre 2014  
12 Deaths of Christmas

Festive greetings folks and welcome to another quick blog by yours truly Ricardo Viana, Lead Designer here at APB Reloaded.

I first want to start by saying last month’s Halloween Headless Horseman event went over well with players and we are happy that many people enjoyed the fruits of our labour.  During the event we uncovered and fixed exploits that will allow us to create a richer experience in the coming New Year.

For those that missed it, we have created a post event video showing some in game highlights from players participating in the event:

Now that December is upon us, we at Reloaded have a sack filled with goodies for you to enjoy this holiday season.  Returning this year are the Elves and Snowball Wars event for you all to enjoy but we are also introducing: 

The 12 Deaths of Christmas, a new event that contains a Deck the Halls activity that unlocks:

    A new and unique weapon
    New rewards and achievements
    New deployable - a Secret Santa Box, which can be used in Action districts to earn even more rewards, weapons and skins.

So it makes no difference if you are Naughty or Nice, this year’s Christmas event will have something for everyone.

From the APB Reloaded family, we wish you a safe and joyous festive season.

Ricardo ”Mok” Viana


Mardi 2 décembre 2014  
Patch 1.18.0 (657)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance should be approximately 2 - 3 hours and will start at 10 AM UTC.

Changes and Additions

    Joker Store

      Added Joker Store variants for the Joker C9 and the Agrotech VAS-C2.

Bug Fixes


      Fixed an issue where the logs for the embedded 'Gecko' browser could grow too large.


      Fixed an issue where arresting Criminals, as an Enforcer, would give negative score.


      Fight Club

        The Fight Club Challenges window will now load data without having to first enter a Fight Club district.

      Hud Markers

        Fixed an issue where mission HUD Markers could appear reversed for players on the team that didn't start the mission.

    Dynamic Events


        Fixed an issue where multiple Butcher symbols would appear on the map as the protagonist was changing.


        Fixed an exploit related to task items and deployables.



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