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Vendredi 31 octobre 2014  
Patch 1.18.0 (632)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Friday. Maintenance should be approximately 2 - 3 hours and will start at 10 AM UTC.

Changes and additions

Weather (Halloween - Asylum)

    Increased all the global lighting multipliers to improve visibility in dark areas at night.

Joker Store

    Added the ISSR-a "Bendis" to the Joker Store.

Bug Fixes

    Server Crash

      Fixed an issue that could cause a server crash when witnessing a player who was on a dynamic event.

    Mission System

      Fixed an issue where a player could be left without mission offers.
      Fixed an issue where the opposition would be missing the defend HUD markers for their objective in the first stage of an opposed mission.

    UI (Login Scene)

      Fixed a flickering character and tweaked weather settings to better balance the fog and explosions.

    Vehicle Kits (Firehawk)

      Fixed a rendering issue that affected the Firehawk Rear Wing Panels in the Garage.



        Fixed an issue where ISSR-a "Artemis" was using the incorrect role for the Chrome skin.


        Fixed an issue with the N-TEC bloom - this was an accidental change.

Mardi 28 octobre 2014  
Patch 1.18.0 (630)

The servers will be going down at 21:30 (4:30 PM CDT) for a patch. Approximate downtime will be 45 minutes. 

Bug Fix

    Server Crash

      Fixed an issue, related to player vehicles, that was causing servers to crash.

Mardi 28 octobre 2014  
New on ARMAS - Halloween Bundles!

Trick yourself out this Halloween by treating yourself to the all-new Firehawk Vegas G20 muscle car, ISSR-a "Artemis" assault rifle and Rocker clothing which are now available in the Halloween Complete Bundle!

Firehawk Vegas G20

Like a bat out of hell the Firehawk will shred some serious tire with its muscle car prowess.  It’s spine-tingling V8 soundtrack matches its dominating presence thanks to a new body kit designed from scratch. 

Rock and Punk Clothing

Pick up more than a few scares with the muscle car appropriate Rocker and Punk apparel.  Rock out in a studded leather jacket, boots  and other rocker and punk related apparel.

ISSR-a "Artemis" Assault Rifle

Keep the Grim Reaper busy with ISSR-a "Artemis," it’s an aggressive rifle that works best in medium to long range conflicts.  Customize and tinker to your hearts delight with the available three open slots.

These are also available as separate bundles:

    Firehawk Vegas G20 +Kit
    Firehawk Vegas G20 Kit
    ISSR-a "Artemis" Assault Rifle
    Rock and Punk Clothing + ISSR-a "Artemis" Assault Rifle

Visit the ARMAS marketplace to view all of the available Halloween bundles and get yours today!


Mardi 28 octobre 2014  
Patch 1.18.0 (629)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance should be approximately 2 - 3 hours and will start at 10 AM UTC.

Halloween 2014

Hello everyone and welcome to APB:R's Halloween 2014 Event!

The good news: This year we're very pleased to be introducing an all new dynamic event, which we've built on the foundations of the system overhaul we did for 1.18. We don't want to say anything about it before you get a chance to see it but we believe it will offer a something quite different to what we've been able to do before.

The bad news: It's not quite ready yet. We're currently working hard to get it to you as soon as possible but we also want to ensure that we are happy with the quality of it, before we do. Keep an eye on our blog because Ricardo will be posting updates there.

In the meantime, we've brought all the previous content back from the previous Halloweens for you to enjoy and, once we get the new event up and running, there will be a new backpack to unlock too!

Here is a break down of the returning Contacts, Roles, Challenges and Rewards:

Asylum "Fright Club" - Trick & Treat Contact Progression

    Level 1 – Start
    Level 2 – Spooky Symbols (Unlock 4 Preset Symbols)
    Level 3 – Terrifying Themes (Unlock 4 Music Themes)
    Level 4 – Petrifying Pumpking Mask (Unlock Pumpkin Head)
    Level 5 – Thrilling Titles (Unlock Title: “Wraith” or “Ghost”)
    Level 6 – Wicked Weapon Skin and a Horrifying Headband (These are: The standard glow-in-the-dark weapon skin and A-Knife-Through-the-Headband)

Waterfront - Trick & Treat's Daily Activities

    Standard Activities

      Halloween themed activities for Joker Tickets.

    Rare Activities

      A rare activity that awards Joker Tickets and a special weapon skin: Purple glow in the dark with a bat motif.

Asylum "Fright Club" - Pumpkin Smashing Role

    Level 1 – Unlock Title: “Pumpkin Chaser”
    Level 2 – Unlock Title: “Pumpkin Murderer”
    Level 3 – Unlock Title: “Pumpkin Assassin”
    Final Level – Unlock Title: “Pumpkin Terminator”

Asylum "Fright Club" - Fright Club Challenges

    Gold - Halloween Bats weapon skin.
    Silver - Clown Mask in Week 1 & the Witch/Wizard hat in Week 2.
    Bronze - 200 Joker Tickets.

Note : Baylan will be active, but will keep the standard rewards.

Financial and Waterfront - Evil Purple Pumpkin Hunting

    This is a special Pumpkin smashing activity that will be unique to every character on every account! When you log into an action district you'll be given a selection of Evil Purple Pumpkins to hunt down and destroy. When you get close to a Purple Pumpkin you'll hear it laughing, after it has been destroyed you'll receive a message saying how many you have left in the district and in what area the next one can be found. You can use your in-game map to find the location of the area name you've been given.

Role Rewards

    Level 1 (50% of assigned Pumpkins over both districts): A special Orange glow-in-the-dark weapon skin with a pumpkin motif.
    Level 2 (100% of assigned Pumpkins over both districts): A set of Devil wings for your character.

The Halloween Event will be available from the 29th of October until the 12th of November.

New Vegas Car Kit - The Firehawk

The "Firehawk" is a new car kit for the Vegas that will be available on ARMAS soon.
Here are a list of the new components:

    Cross-Faction Components

      V2 Firehawk Headlights
      V2 Firehawk Hood
      V2 Firehawk Wing Panels
      V2 Firehawk Side Skirts
      V2 Firehawk Wing Mirrors
      V2 Firehawk Doors
      V2 Firehawk Roof
      V2 Firehawk Rear Wing Panels
      V2 Firehawk Rear Bumpers
      V2 Firehawk Spoiler/Trunk
      V2 Firehawk Tail Lights
      V2 Firehawk Interior
      V2 Firehawk Front Seats
      V2 Firehawk Front B.


      Renzo Hazard (Chrome)
      Renzo Hazard (Gloss Black)
      Renzo Hazard (Colour Customizable)

    Enforcer Only Lights

      V2 Firehawk Front B. Police Ed.
      V2 Firehawk Wing Mirrors Police Ed.
      Vegas G20 Winbolt Avenger (top enforcer lights).

New Weapon - ISSR-A

This is a unique series of assault rifles custom built by Nekrova, using components of the ISSR-b, to give the operator more aggressive freedom at medium and long ranges. You'll be able to lease the ISSR-a "Bendis" from Wilde in Breakwater soon.

Other Changes and Additions


      New weather presets have been set up in all districts, which introduce more prominent bloom into the environment.

Known Issues

These are the main known issues we are shipping with and will be addressed in the next patch update.

    1 - Trick and Treat are in Asylum (they shouldn't be there – They will be sent on their way in the next patch).
    2 - Opposition doesn't currently receive a “Defend” icon on the first stage of a mission (all other stages are fine).
    3 - Mugging event characters will drop Pumpkins as well as drug packages. These pumpkins can’t be picked up, despite having icons to say they can be (an un-intentional bug that was the side effect of the new event we've been working on). 
    4 - Server crash issue is still present, though more infrequent than before. We will be implementing more logging for this crash in an upcoming patch.

Mardi 28 octobre 2014  
Halloween '14 - Part 2

Hello Gang,

Our Halloween 2014 event goes live tomorrow (29th, at 10am (UTC)) and we have brought back all the Halloween content from the last 3 years, the Artemis ISSR-A assault rifle and the new Vegas Firehawk kit. As mentioned in the last post, the new Halloween Dynamic Event has been built on the foundation of the system overhaul done for 1.18.

Unfortunately, the new event will be postponed by a few days - and I really do mean a few days (5 working days). Presently the new dynamic event is entertaining and fun but the team and I feel that, you, the audience, deserve an event that has a richer experience and is more polished than in its current state. The new Halloween event contains new gameplay, environmental effects, a brand new backpack to earn, new sounds and really cool in game modifications. Releasing it at this stage would be an injustice to what we are offering and so the decision was made to postpone that portion of the Halloween event for one week. All of the original Halloween content will still be available for you to play and enjoy as of tomorrow.

I believe something this new and unique deserves to be presented properly and not rushed.

I will provide an update shortly with the final release of this totally new dynamic event.

Ricardo "MoK" Viana

Vendredi 24 octobre 2014  
Halloween '14

Hi Gang,

Ricardo Viana here and I am happy to announce the APB:Reloaded Halloween 2014 event is on its way. The recent changes implemented in 1.18.0 has allowed us to create some new and unique gameplay for APB:R that we at Reloaded are very excited about. I believe you will not only be surprised, but very entertained with what we have achieved. With that being said - as seen on the previous post I am a man who enjoys surprises, so this year’s TREAT is that we will be offering a completely New Dynamic Halloween event, the TRICK is that I will not be describing it, you will have to show up and play it for yourself.

On top of this we will also be bringing back all the previous Halloween content for you to enjoy and even try for the first time. We will also be introducing an assortment of new content: a new weapon, the ISSR-A codename: Artemis, a New Vegas car kit called the Firehawk, and a new Halloween backpack that can be earned in game.

Further updates will be posted as we get closer to the end of the month, stay tuned for more guys and gals.

Ricardo “MoK” Viana

Please be aware : Fight Club challenges will be disabled from Monday (27th) till Wednesday (29th), as we’ll be introducing new challenges specifically for the Halloween patch.


Vendredi 24 octobre 2014  
Patch 1.18.0 (626)

Hello all,

We are currently changing over builds so we can address the issue described below. We plan on having the game back up as soon as possible. We are estimating 1 hour for the change-over. This thread will be updated once the game is active again.

Release Notes –  1.18.0 (625) to 1.18.0 (626)

Bug Fixes

    Server Crash

      Fixed a Dynamic Event issue that would cause a server crash.

Thank you all for your patience.


Mardi 21 octobre 2014  
Patch 1.18.0 (625)

We are taking the servers down for approximately one hour to address the following:

Bug Fixes


      Fixed witnessing missions.

    Server Crash

      Fixed a crash that could occur if a player on a mission witnessed another player who was not.

Lundi 20 octobre 2014  
Patch 1.18.0 (623)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Tuesday. Maintenance should be approximately 2 - 3 hours and will start at 9 AM UTC.

Changes and Additions

    Core Systems

    The following core systems have undergone extensive reworking for 1.18.0: 

      Mission System
      Dynamic Event System
      PVP Collision System
      Visual FX system (as it relates to both Missions and Events)

    Please be aware that these are all "under the hood" foundational changes, which have been made so that we can start enriching APB:R's core gameplay in future updates. This means very little will appear to have changed when you enter 1.18.0, but be assured that there have been many background changes made for this release, as it has been in development for months. Having said that, the changes we've made have brought some subtle benefits with them - from notifications on Dynamic Events, to improved tire smoke effects when vehicles wheel spin.

    We plan on discussing the changes we have planned for APB:R over the course of the coming months, now that we have a better foundation in place. So be sure to keep an eye on our blog!

    Team Changes

    Players can now request the leadership of a team. This option can be found in the Social Menu, as 'Request Leadership. 

      When used, this brings a Yes / No dialogue prompt to all players in the team who aren't the leader.  
      If the vote is successful, the instigator will become the team leader.
      There is a cool down present, so that the system can't be spammed.
      Team leaders can now only kick other players who have a demerit. A new demerit has been added for players who have gone "AFK".

Misc Changes


      Any Free-for-all targets (for example, players on the "Drug Mule" event) will now always show up as hostile (red), regardless of faction.

    Text (Chassis Strength)

      Fixed Chassis Strengthening 1, which had the exact same text twice, and altered the text for Chassis Strength 2 & 3, so that it is clearer (the effect is essentially the same, but applies both to your car and others).


      Improved OS detection for compatibility checks. This should result in fewer compatibility issues on most versions of Windows, without any negative impacts. It might even improve performance on newer versions of Windows.

    Event (Butcher)

      Protagonist now gains 10% extra health for each player opposing them.

    Server Crash Fix

      Prevented a crash that could occur when a player was leaving a vehicle, while it was in a critical state.

Vendredi 17 octobre 2014  
Update 1.18.0

Hi Gang,

I’m Ricardo Viana the Lead Designer on APB:Reloaded. This is the first of many updates I will be providing to you, so let me quickly tell you what has occurred since our last update.

Before I start, I wish to thank our players and volunteers for their commitment in providing regular feedback.

We will be releasing the 1.18.0 update that involves changes and improvements to our mechanics systems that are all under the hood, so to speak.  The three key areas of focus for this update were missions, dynamic events and visual effects that will definitely be felt during gameplay.   

1.18.0 Also includes changes to our TEAM LEADER system: 

Team Leadership Changes & Additions

    We now offer the players the opportunity to request leadership, for the team.
    Added new messaging for when voting begins, when Leadership selection is successful or unsuccessful.
    The TEAM LEADER can now only kick other players who have earned a demerit.
    Included AFK to the present demerit system.

The team and I are striving to strengthen our core game mechanics on a daily basis. Our end goal is to provide to you the player, a more entertaining mission experience, streamlined matchmaking process, challenges for experienced players and a rewarding entry system for new.  I do not wish to give away too much on what is in store for you, but as Lead I am excited and looking forward to the future direction of APB:Reloaded.

Stay tuned for more guys and gals.

Ricardo “MoK” Viana


Mardi 14 octobre 2014  
Patch 1.17.1 (616)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance should be approximately 2 - 3 hours and will start at 9 AM UTC.

Bug Fixes


      Added a description for the RFP-9 ‘Talon’ and ‘Fang’.
      Fixed a grammatical error in the description text of the ACT-44.
      Fixed a grammatical error in the NCR-762 'Anubis' HVR ammo text.
      The mail for the Tactical Boots now uses the correct name in the heading.

Mercredi 8 octobre 2014  
Patch 1.17.1 (611)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance should be approximately 2 - 3 hours and will start at 9 AM UTC.

Bug Fixes


      Packer Vaquero

        Fixed an issue with the spare wheel component that disabled the ability to save a customization of the default Vaquero.



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