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Jeudi 21 août 2014  
Joker Mystery Box 13 Now Available On Armas

Make things go boom with the all-new Volcano JC (Joy Cannon) rocket launcher. Feel overwhelming joy while firing rockets with its quick launch time and revolutionary ability to fire two rockets in quick succession. The Volcano JC utilizes a new chemical process turning fuel into payload as the rockets fly, creating an electrifying scream and increasing in damage as the rockets tear through the air towards its final destination. Put a smile on your face and get your Joy Cannon today - available exclusively in the all-new Joker Mystery Box 13.

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Mardi 19 août 2014  
Patch 1.17.0 (590)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance should be approximately 2 - 3 hours and will start at 9 AM UTC.

Change and Additions

    Open Conflict

      Open Conflict now supports Waterfront too.

    New Weapon (AAEPD)

      The AAEPD (Anti-Armor Explosive Projectile Device) Volcano JC (Joy Cannon) is a new light-weight RPG launcher brought to you by Colby Security & Safety. Firing micro-rockets that are cheaper, but with a smaller blast radius than standard rockets, the AAEPD can launch two projectiles in a row and has an improved launch time over other contemporary weapons. Chemical processes turn fuel into payload as they fly, making them scream loudly and increase their damage as they travel, while also causing their trajectory to arc downward. This will be available through the new Joker Mystery Box, which is coming to Armas soon.

    Weapon Balance (ISSR)

      The ISSR-B has had a significant rework. It now kills in 4 shots but it fires significantly faster than it previously did.

Bug Fixes


      Fixed a few rare issues that could cause a server to crash.

    Client Log

      Suppressed Tutorial log messages to reduce unnecessary log spam.


      Improved the deformation of the lower part of the Parka, when it is worn with chest rigs.
      Fixed a visual bug that would occur if a player crouched while wearing the high heeled pumps and the over-the-knee socks together.

Mercredi 13 août 2014  
Patch 1.17.0 (587)

Change and Additions

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance should be approximately 2 - 3 hours and will start at 9 AM UTC.

    Weapon Balance (COBR-A)

      The COBR-A has received the following adjustments: PerShotModifier 0.5 -> 0.47, RecoveryPerSecond 4.7 ->6. This means it now loses accuracy slightly slower and regenerates significantly faster.

    VFX (Shotguns)

      Removed the additional VFX that previously showed up on pump action shotguns, as they were a misleading representation of how those weapons behaved.

    Car Surfer

      Some more adjustments to Standing on vehicles without Car Surfer. Players now fall off vehicles based on the speed of the vehicle, rather than at a consistent rate. This will allow you to fight for a short while against the air resistance before being forced off.

    Weapon Skins

      Changed the Mercenary ATAC's G-King skin, so it is more in line with the other ATAC G-King skins.

    Music Tracks

      Removing the following tracks: The Henchmen - Ghost House; Treshmen - Locks and Keygens.

    Armas (Account Bound Items)

      We've increased the number of account bound items an account can have - this fixes an issue some players were encountering when a newly created character on their account would not receive all the account bound items they owned.

Bug Fixes

    Weapon VFX

      Fixed the issue where 'sparkles' (white blobs of light) would be left behind in a district, at the location a rocket had exploded.

    Open Conflict

      Fixed an issue that could cause a player's threat to change in an Open Conflict district.


      Fixed an issue where you could occasionally receive incorrect amounts of cash for participating in Dynamic Events.

    Modifications (Blowtorch)

      The Blowtorch can no longer be "reloaded". There is no functional change here - there was just an issue where it would previously play a reload animation if the user pressed their reload key.

    Vehicles (Jericho V20)

      Pursuit Special Tail lights - right turn signal now works.

    Vehicles (Bishada)

      Fix for indicators not working on 'Abra Front B. Wide' bumpers.

    Weapons (Colby Commander)

      Tweaked the hand placement so that it now sits better in a female character's hands.


      Joker Distribution CR-5 now has the correct (white) inventory icon.


      COBR-A now uses the VAS-R2 animset rather than the NTEC.


      Correcting a typo that previously stated that Car Spawner invalidated spawns at 20m from enemy. The correct values are actually 35m in Action Districts and 25m in Fight Club.

    Text (Contacts)

      Fixing a typo in Byron Bloodrose's bio.

Lundi 11 août 2014  
Paid to Kill Event

The Enforcer and Criminal factions need increase their kill quotas or they may just lose their grip over San Paro. That’s where your unique set of skills come into play, for each daily unique kill completed you’ll get 1 G1C (up to 100 G1C per day!) If you’re a serious killer go for the big money and get the 8,000 G1 Credit prize for player with most daily unique kills per server.

Have some fun, destroy your enemies and score some serious credits before this event ends on 8/17, 11:59 PM PDT

Top 3 players for each server with the most daily unique kills at the end of the event will receive additional prize money:

    1st - 8000 G1C
    2nd - 3500 G1C
    3rd - 1000 G1C


    Earn 1 G1C (up to 100 G1C per day) for each unique kill made during a mission in either a Mission District of your own threat level (or higher), or Open Conflict (Fight Club not included).
    You can continue to get more daily unique kills even after you've reached the 100 G1C daily limit for a chance at the top prizes
    Unique kills are tallied at 11:59 PM PDT (06:59 AM UTC) each day, after which you can kill a player you've killed in a previous day.
    Daily unique kills are counted per account (not character)
    G1C for the previous day is delivered by noon PDT each day


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Lundi 4 août 2014  
Patch 1.17.0 (582)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance should be approximately 2 - 3 hours and will start at 9 AM UTC.

Change and Additions

    OPEN Conflict (UI)

      Added Faction logos for players, to indicate if they are Criminal or Enforcer. This will appear in the world, next to their name, and also on the inspect UI.

    UI (Options Screen)

      Added input boxes for most slider orientated options. NOTE: You can now press enter to submit values for text-input boxes on the options screen.

    Modifications (Car Surfer)

      Added a minimum speed for 'car surfing' to be active. This means players can stand on vehicles going less than 5m/s without car surfer being equipped.

    Weapon Balance (NSSW)

      Pitch Recovery: 0/0 to 72/75, Yaw Recovery: 0/0 to 100/100.

    Weapon Audio

      Balanced the weapon audio levels (volume) of the following weapons: N-TEC 7, COBR-A, VAS R2, Colby Commander, FFA, PDW57, Ogre, STAC-10, TAS-20.

    Chat Spam (Emotes)

      The game will no longer kick players for spamming emotes, with the exception of the coin-toss emote.

    Text (Tool Tips)

      Added Tooltip text for the 'Accept Daily Activity' button.

Bug fixes

    Weapon Animation (scout)

      Scout now uses correct animations when reloading in the Vehicle Combat Position.

    Weapon Descriptions(COBR-A)

      Corrected a spelling error in the COBR-A descriptions and tweaked the text slightly to include the full weapon name.

    Client Hang

      Fixed a client hang that could occur when cancelling an Option change.

    Environment Audio

      Improved the reverb effect in small areas. Previously, the reverb effect was too strong, leading to very flat/dry audio in small, contained areas of the maps.



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