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Mardi 29 avril 2014  
Patch 1.16.0 (531)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance should be approximately 2 - 3 hours and will start at 10 AM GMT.

Changes and updates


      We will be turning off the Easter Event content with this build - we hope you had fun and thank you for taking part. Events will still present in the district, but we've now introduced a delay between events, so that they will no longer start one after the other. This is to bring missions back to the forefront of district activity and allow events to be more of a side activity that you can take part in as and when they are available and you want a break from the norm.


      Heat 5

        We now hide the Heat 5 HUD marker for players involved in the Drug Mule event.

    New Usable

      We've added a new anti-vehicle deployable: The Satchel Charge! This allows you to place (not throw) a satchel charge that will explode after a set period of time. It can also be shot and destroyed - so be careful while you are holding it! You can currently earn this deployable by completing events.

Bug Fixes

    Vehicles (Joker Store)

      Fixed the issue that was preventing Enforcers from being able to equip the Mikro 'Newbie', which they can buy from Speedball. If you purchased the vehicle prior to this fix please contact support to have this fixed for your character. Please be sure to include the character name and server name.


      Fixed the issue where players had to leave a group in order to join a dynamic events. NOTE: There will be a delay (10 seconds) from finishing a mission to being able to join an event.


      Fixed the issue where you were not able to drop another player's deployable, after picking it up during the mugging event.
      It is no longer possible to deploy useables inside cars.

      Large Ammo

        Large ammo supplier can now be picked up when they have been flipped over.

    Client crash

      Fixed a very rare client crash that could occur after the player died.
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Mercredi 23 avril 2014  
Patch 1.16.0 (526)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Thursday. Maintenance should be approximately 2 - 3 hours and will start at 10 AM GMT.

Bug Fixes

    Profanity filter

      Fixed the client-side profanity filter. You can toggle this in the chat options, which you can access by pressing [HOME] and left mouse clicking on the cog icon (next to the red cross), then selecting "Options". Alternatively, you can enter "/toggleprofanity" into the chat.


      Allowing Armas Vehicles to be purchased through contacts again (this had been accidentally disabled in a previous build).
      Enforcers can now purchase the Charge Mikro "Newbie" from Speedball in Breakwater Marina (Social District).


      You can now no longer pick up destroyed deployables.


      System no longer withdraws ammo from a field suppliers, if the ammo pool is already full.

    Living City (LC)

      Fixed an issue that would cause strange behavior if you shot a dead LC pedestrian

    UI (Reticule)

      Simplified reticule color rules to use the same rules as character name (this fixes the issue where you'd see a player of the same faction as the enemy, but the reticule would still be green).

    Events (Hot Cross Guns)

      Fixed a scoring issue where killing the protagonist doesn't award kill score.

    Client Crash

      Prevent crash on exit when players attempting to enter the tutorial exit the game.

    Server Crash

      Fixed an issue related the Hot Cross Gun event that could cause a server to crash.
      Fixed a collection of server crash issues that were related to task items.
      Fixed a very rare issue related to usables.
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Vendredi 18 avril 2014  
Patch 1.16.0 (523)

We are taking the servers down any moment for a patch update. Approximate downtime is one hour.

Bug Fix (Server Crashes)

    Further stability improvements for the issues that have been occurring on action districts, both with Dynamic Events and deployable items. Again, we can only apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your patience.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be turning the Dynamic Events on again with this build to measure stability if we still encounter issues, we will disable them again.

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Jeudi 17 avril 2014  
Patch 1.16.0 (522)

We are taking the servers down for an update at 1:00 PM PDT / 3:00 PM CDT / 4:00 EDT / and GMT. We expect the server back in under a hour.

Bug Fix (Server Crashes)

    Further fixes to improve the general stability of the action districts. Thank you again for your ongoing patience and understanding as we work through these issues.
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Jeudi 17 avril 2014  
Patch 1.16.0 (521)

We are taking the servers down for an update at 9:00 AM PDT / 11:00 CDT / Noon EDT / 16:00 GMT / 17:00 BST

Bug Fixes

    Server Crashes (Action Districts)

      More fixes for a range of Dynamic Event issues that were causing server crashes - we still expect this version to have issues but it will be more stable than the previous releases. We are working hard on further fixes and, as always, appreciate your understanding and patience.


      Further fixes to correct an issue where players could not interact with some mission targets.
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Jeudi 17 avril 2014  
Patch 1.16.0 (520)

We are taking the servers down for an update. Estimated downtime is 1 hour.

Bug Fixes

    Server Crashes (Action Districts)

      We've made some changes to hopefully address some of the issues that are affecting the action district servers and Dynamic Events. We do expect that there will still be some issues (sadly we can only see them when we have large amounts of players), so we will potentially have to disable Dynamic Events for a period of time today after we've gathered some initial data from this new release. We can only apologies for the disruption in the service and ask for your patience and understanding in this matter.


      We've fixed an issue that was preventing players from being able to complete objectives where they had to plant a bug on a window.
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Mercredi 16 avril 2014  
Patch 1.16.0 (519)

We will be taking the game down at 21:00 GMT (22:00 BST) / 2:00 PM PDT / 4:00 PM CDT / 5:00 PM EDT for a quick maintenance patch. We expect the server to be back in service in approximately 1 hour.



      Egg Scramble

        Turning Egg Scramble into a less violent event. Players with eggs can now only be targeted by other players with eggs. This will stop players camping egg piles to a large extent, while also adding the potential for players with eggs to hunt down others. Bunnies now drop far fewer eggs, but respawn when killed/mugged, meaning it will be a scramble to get to the bunnies as they respawn. Under this new system, the event will now only ends on time out - the winner will be the player who has delivered the most eggs.

Bug Fixes

    Bug Fix (Server Crashes)

      Fixed several issues with the new 1.16 event content, which was causing action districts to crash (due to the frequency of these crashes we were forced to take the action districts offline earlier today - we can but only apologize for this - we really do appreciate your patience in this matter)

    Bug Fix (UI)

      Fixed an issue with the spotter and firework launchers HUD icons so they show the correct icons.

PLEASE NOTE: We still have a rare issue with events that affects players in groups. If you are part of a group and you find you can't interact with eggs from an Egg Scramble event or damage (or be damaged by) the person with the special weapon on the Hot Cross Gun event, please leave your group and it will fix the issue (you can then reform your group and continue as normal).

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Mardi 15 avril 2014  
Patch 1.16.0 - Events and Usables!

Wednesday brings maintenance and a new patch: 1.16.0!
Maintenance should be approximately 2 - 3 hours and will begin at 10 AM GMT

This new series introduces two key new in-game systems to the streets of San Paro: Dynamic Events and Usables (composed of 'consumables' and 'deployables'). This should introduce a versatile new set of mechanics that shake up the meta-game and present you with new tactical options to diversify your strategy.

Dynamic Events

Dynamic Events are objective based games that players can dip into and out of in the main action districts. These are meant as an alternative activity to the rigid mission structure to offer a more kinetic and dynamic gameplay experience. With the initial release of 1.16.0, two dynamic events are being introduced: a "golden gun" event, and an "item scramble" event. With subsequent releases, more events will be added and take different forms. Since it's Easter, we've made special Easter-themed versions of these events, so for the first two weeks these events will be known as "Hot Cross Guns" and "Egg Scramble".

    Hot Cross Guns

      In this event a special weapon is spawned somewhere in the district - an icon will appear on the map to indicate the general location of this special weapon. Once a player has found and picked it up they will become the "Chosen One". At this point their primary weapon is replaced with a special weapon (in this case a lethal grenade launcher that fires explosive eggs!) and they are equipped with a special character mod that boosts their health, health regeneration and speed. Oh, and they also become heat 5 and must achieve a kill limit before delivering the weapon to a contact, which banks their kills and completes the event. Any player they damage or kill, or whom damages them, will become PvP unlocked to the protagonist. Kill the protagonist and your health is restored, and you become the new Chosen One! The event will continue until someone hits their kill target and delivers the weapon. There is no limit on the kills they can get, so there is an inherent risk and reward element to this event - how many kills can you bank?

    Egg Scramble

      The Bunny is back and this time he ain't working alone...
      In this event three NPC characters wander the streets of San Paro dressed as bunnies. Find them and you can mug/search them, causing them to drop a load of eggs. Retrieve each egg and deliver it to one of your faction contacts. Of course, it's not that easy: once any player picks up an egg dropped by a Bunny, the Dynamic Event is triggered. Any players that pick up eggs are PvP unlocked to anyone else who picks up an egg. The objective of the event is to deliver as many eggs as possible to a contact. Deliver the most eggs and you win the biggest prize, simple as that. Any player who attacks or is attacked by an egg carrier will be added to the event.

    With these events, the law of the jungle applies -- every man, woman or child for themselves. There are no sides!

These two events are just the beginning of a system that will continue to grow and evolve. They allow us to lay the ground work for evolutions in both the mission and heat systems, as well as offer an avenue to bring back more competitive elements like player and clan leagues (that have been gone for far too long). We'll talk about all of this this in time, but for now we can say that their development will lead to things like (the often mentioned) Turf Wars, as well as allowing us to make the heat 5 system a more interesting mechanic.

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback on them - so please be sure to drop by the forum and let us know your thoughts.


Usables is term we use to describe two new things in APB: "Deployables" and "Consumables". These are things that can be applied to your character in what was previously the fourth (locked) slot of your active character modifications, and they will offer you a load of new tactical options. You will not have an infinite supply of Usables, so you'll need to think about when and how you want to use them. Every player will be gifted three of each and they can earn more through various methods in-game; primarily through playing dynamic events and completing missions with contacts they have already maxed out, and perhaps more ways as the system evolves.


      These are items that can deployed into the world and they all have their own benefits.
      Here is a brief overview of the initial set launching with 1.16.0:

      Mobile Cover

        A portable shield that provides cover for a crouched player and can stop all but the heaviest vehicles in their tracks. It can be picked up and moved like a large task item (providing cover while it does) - though be warned, it can also be picked up and moved by any player you are PvP unlocked with. Mobile cover is also not invulnerable and can be destroyed if it sustains enough damage (it also takes fall damage, so be careful how you deploy it too). For added personalization, your custom symbol will be displayed on the front of the shield once it has been deployed.

      Field Supplier - Large

        This is an ammo crate with a limited ammo supply. While this has the benefit of allowing you to move and shoot while resupplying (though it will also supply you when you are holding it), enemies can use it too. Oh, and it will explode if it takes enough damage, doing fairly high player damage (but low vehicle damage) to anything nearby. This deployable will also allow players new versatility when selecting character modifications, as they won't need to have a field supplier when using this deployable.

      Field Supplier - Medium

        This is a smaller version of the above. Being smaller means you can hide it easier, it doesn't explode nearly as much, and acts like a medium task item rather than large. It does however have less health and ammo.


Consumables are special abilities that trigger custom effects on your player and players around you.
Here is a brief overview of the ones that will be available in 1.16.0:


      Using this immediately triggers health regeneration for you and anyone close to you - regardless of whether they are friendly. Once triggered it will be shown as a green smoke that comes out from the player’s feet.

    Epinephrine Injector

      Using this will give the player a temporary boost in movement speed. Be warned though: when it is used it will immediately half your current health and it will also reduce your jump height for the duration of the speed boost.

    This is just the first batch of Usables - we'll be adding more in the near future...

Other Changes and Updates

    Easter (Clothing)

      A new set of Bunny ears can be unlocked for completing a dynamic event during the Easter event (NOTE: The event is due to finish on the 30th of April).


      The Easter role ("Egg Hunt!") and its prizes from last year have been re-activated, so you can unlock this content if you missed out on it last year (or get it on a new character that you've created since then).

    Task Items (Large)

      Large task items can now be carried up ladders and over fences.
      A short delay has been introduced when picking up large task items.
      Horizontal interaction distance has been reduced while vertical interaction distance has been increased for large task items.
      Task items now take into account "look-at" direction.
      Picking up items now takes precedence over retrieving items from the trunk.

    Fall Damage

      You now cause a small amount of fall damage when you land on a deployable or player (so be extra careful when climbing ladders with low health...).

    Modifications (Hard Landing)

      As a result of the above change, we've done the following: Added x1.75 landing damage modifier to Hard Landing.


      Star 556

        Recovery rate has been increased. This means that the weapon regains accuracy faster when you're not firing; leading to more responsive burst fire.


        Increased Spare Ammo from 150 to 210. It is also now slightly more accurate when fired from the hip.


        Now fires slightly faster.


      Adjusting loading screen tooltips. Removed one about explosives on Armas, added one explaining tutorial that is now the only available loading tip for a brand new player's first login.

    Text (Knowledge Base)

      Added knowledge base articles for usables and dynamic events. Please note: The Knowledge Base is located in the Tutorial UI (default key is [T]) and will be an ongoing expansion of general information that covers all things "APB". We may even be taking entries from the community at large - keep an eye on the forums.

Bug Fixes



        Fixed an out of bounds exploit in the pier area of Waterfront.
        Fixing a yacht in the docks of Waterfront, that could previously destroyed by weapon fire (which was not by design).
        Fixing hovering crate in the Baylan Shipping area of Waterfront.

      Waterfront & Baylan

        Removing a couple of climbable fences in Waterfront / Baylan Shipping. This is to prevent clipping into a warehouse at the southern end of Baylan.


        Removed a set of shelves that intersected a spawn volume in asylum.


      Fix for the Patriot NightRider front window panel was clipping through the glass on certain roof components.

    Missions (Text)

      Removing 'Spooky Time' title from 3 enforcer missions. Adding 'Fight Club' as title to all fight club missions.


      The FFA R&D III can no longer be mailed (it was a bug that it still could be after the Joker Box trading week).
      Fixed an issue where the N-TEC 7 'Ursus' was costing money to refurbish.


      Removing some 'DNT - Do not Translate' text that would appear in-game on occasion.
      Fixing typo ('Activiation') in Voip options.
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Mardi 8 avril 2014  
Patch 1.15.0 (513)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance should be approximately 2 - 3 hours and will start at 10 AM GMT.

Legendary weapon trading

    Removing the ability for players to send their Legendary Joker Box weapons to any other character on the same world (this has been active for the last week as a limited time service).

PLease Note : You'll still be able to mail them between characters on your account - assuming they are on the same world.

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Mardi 1 avril 2014  
Han Server Maintenance April 1st

Han will be taken out of service for Maintenance separately from the other servers, tonight at 11:59 AM PDT / 1:59 AM CDT . 3:59 AM EDT / 7:59 AM GMT for a database move. Han should return to service when the patch maintenance has completed.

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Mardi 1 avril 2014  
Patch 1.15.0 (509)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance should be approximately 2 - 3 hours and will start at 10 AM GMT.

Legendary weapon trading [One week only!]

    Adding the ability for players to send their Legendary Joker Box weapons to any other character on the same world.

PLease Note : Players must to be on the same world. This service will be available until next Wednesday's LIVE patch (9th of April).

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