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Mardi 25 février 2014  
Patch 1.15.0 (487) Extended downtime

On Wednesday starting at 10 AM GMT / 2 AM PST / 4 AM CST / 5 AM EST the server will be taken out of service for a patch.

Additionally starting at 4 PM GMT/ 8 AM PST/ 10 AM CST / 11 AM EST all servers will be taken out of service for an extended maintenance which is part of our ongoing comprehensive mission to improve performance and make significant hardware and network changes, approximate downtime will be 8 hours. We will try to minimize downtime during the 8 hours as much as possible during the times when downtime isn't necessary.

Content changes

    Disabled the Valentine's event content. Thank you for taking part and we hope you had fun!

Bug fixes


      All existing clan members will now automatically progress the “Create or Join a Clan” activity.
      Fixed the "Max A Contact In Each District" & "Finish The First Four Contacts" tutorials so that they now complete retroactively if a player has already completed them.
      Fixed "Complete A Weekly Challenge" tutorial so that it now progresses correctly. PLEASE NOTE: If you’ve already completed the Bronze prize this week, you’ll have to wait until the Fight Club cycles next week before this fix will work for you.
      Fixed "Redeem a Trial Weapon" tutorial so that it now progresses.
      Fixed various minor text issues throughout the tutorial system.


      Updating jump modifiers for remaining Sniper Rifles (we previously changed the N-HVR 243 'Scout') to reduce the ability for them to jump-shot at extreme ranges. This fixes an accidental oversight from the weapon changes we made last week.
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Vendredi 21 février 2014  
1.15.0 and more!

1.15 is out now, isn’t it?

New Tutorial

The new tutorial is out! What do you think? We went a long time without a proper introduction for new players and that’s not something we’re necessarily thrilled about, but if you’re wondering why we took the old one out completely instead of just leaving it in until we had a better one, we found that having a sub-optimal tutorial actually made people play the game less than no tutorial at all. Which is also why the new version is completely different – instead of being forced into a tutorial district and being lead by the nose, now new players are given the option to do, or not do, mini-objectives which should guide them to a more thorough understanding of APB while they play the game for real.

There are also some fixes/updates to the tutorial going out in the next patch, which you can read here.

Weapon changes

Along with the update to 1.15 came a host of weapon balance changes, most of which are proving quite popular, and one which is fairly controversial! Obviously APB, and all online games, are always evolving. We're pretty confident that talented players do not rely on a single weapon or trick to win, but instead can learn and execute a number of different competitive maneuvers, of which there should now be a greater variety thanks to the balance improvements. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

JMB10 is out

If you think APB is a fun way to spend your time and you don’t mind kicking in a few dollars to support it, there’s a new Joker Box available for purchase with the new CAP40 potentially waiting for you inside. In testing I got it on the first try, so I guess that means I used up all my luck for 2014.

Sneak Peek Wallpaper

Hey look at this cool new wallpaper I found

Chaos Contract

We're testing a new event type we're hoping may become a regular feature - this round requires a Legendary, so if you have one and want to test, head over to the forums and check out the details.

Engine update

Any blog post would be remiss without an update on the engine…update. That said, there’s not really one here – work continues as always.

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Jeudi 20 février 2014  
Known Tutorial Issues

The following will be fixed with the next patch

Tutorial Objective

    Sprint for 50 Meters

      Players are currently unable to complete this objective if they are using heavy weapons or Kevlar, as they slow the players speed. Until we have a fix for this, please un-equip Kevlar and swap your weapon, until you have completed the objective.

    Redeem a Trial weapon

      Players are currently unable to complete the tutorial. Players may be able to complete this objective by mailing a JMB weapon between characters but this is not as intended.

    Max a Contact in Each District & Finish the First Four Contacts

      Existing players who have completed the required contacts will not complete this tutorial (unless they first complete an additional contact).

    Complete a Weekly Challenge

      Players are currently unable to complete the tutorial.

    Create or Join a Clan

      Players who are existing clan members will not complete this tutorial.

Key Bindings

    Some players are reporting that they can’t see the an option to rebind the tutorial key. This could be for two reasons:

      a. They’ve not seen the binding option in the Options screen (under Controls > Interface > Tutorial Window).
      b. They are using an old set of ini files. They can resolve this by deleting DefaultInput.ini and then repairing the game from the launcher
      (DefaultInput.ini can be found under: …\APB Reloaded\APBGame\Config)

Tutorial Text

    The text for the Fight Club tutorial objective “Progress the Challenge”, incorrectly states that players should complete challenges in Asylum and earn cash in Baylan. It should be the other way around, i.e. earn cash in Asylum and completing challenges in Baylan.
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Mardi 18 février 2014  
Patch 1.15.0 (484)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance should be approximately four hours and will start at 10 AM GMT.

Welcome to APB:R 1.15.0!

Version 1.15 brings a new Tutorial system to APB Reloaded that will teach you how to play the game at your own pace. It is split into two main sections: "Basic" and "Advanced". These sections have a variety of categories that will take you through various aspects of the game - everything from contact pledging to Death Theme creation. Each category has a range of objectives to complete - once all these objectives have been completed you'll earn a reward for completing the category! These rewards will mainly be invaluable for helping new players with their early adventures in San Paro but advanced players will also find some useful rewards for themselves too. You can see what reward you'll earn from a category by selecting it from the main tutorial interface, which you can open with [T].

Here is a brief overview of the other new changes you can expect to find in 1.15.0

Weapon Balance - 1.15.0 introduces some new weapon balance changes - full details of which are below.

    Joker Box Weapons

      You can now mail your Joker Box weapons between characters on the same account (please remember that you'll have to refurbish them first).

    Joker Box Weapons

      You can now mail your Joker Box weapons between characters on the same account (please remember that you'll have to refurbish them first).

      Please Note

        You’ll only be able to send the weapons between characters on the same world – we are currently looking into a way to support characters on different worlds.
        You’ll need to refurbish the weapons before you’ll be able to send them.

    Spawning system Updates

      Mission spawn zones within 110m (up from the previous 50m) from objectives are no longer picked by the spawning system as valid locations.

    District Spawns

      Players now gain the use of specific out-of-mission spawn points by unlocking the appropriate contacts.

    New Characters

      New characters will now be automatically dropped into a financial district, ready to take on the tutorial. (NOTE: If the account already has an active character, players will be asked if they want to enter a financial district).


      "Auto-Ready" is now turned off by default. Players will have to press <k> to ready up. This can be reactivated, if desired, from the in-game Gameplay options.


      We have fixed an issue regarding customizing the Armored Shoulderpads, when these and the Armored Vest were equipped in a certain order.


      Mobile spawn units will now appear on the radar for enemy players.

Other changes

    Added a local test button for VOIP.
    Updated the in-game VoIP to the latest version of Vivox.
    APB's Built-in video capture functionality has been removed.
    Ty Durrant, Wilson LeBoyce and Mirri Kent have had a bit of a shuffle around - Ty is now where Wilson had been previously, Wilson has taken Mirri's place and Mirri has set up in Ty's old hang out.

Weapon balance - Full details of changes


      Walk Modifier : 4 --> 2.5 (increases accuracy when aimed and moving. Still lower than a standard NTEC, but not by too much now)


      OverallShotModifierCap: 1.6 --> 0.82, Walk Modifier: 1.5 -> 1.75, Walk Speed: 139 -> 150 (fairly accurate now fully auto, Can move faster but loses accuracy slightly while doing so)


      Ammo Capacity: 63 --> 105, PerShotModifier: 0.8 -> 0.42. (Marksmanship Recoil Modifier: 65 -> 25. (This essentially makes it into a pretty great mid-range aimed sidearm, while still leaving it not great on the move to avoid the sprint shooting issues we had before with it)

    Tommy Gun

      Magazine Capacity: 40 --> 50 (Back up, previous nerf was a little too much)


      Minimum Damage: 44% --> 52% , Marksmanship Modifier: 0.4 -> 0.35 . Makes it a little more dangerous at long ranges

    NCR ‘Anubis’

      OverallShotModifiercap: 4 --> 1.64 (allows the third killing shot to hit more reliably when firing at maximum fire rate).

    OBIR / FFA

      Jump Modifier: 2 --> 3.5. (Less accurate while jumping. This doesn’t actually really change anything, just fixes a discrepancy between rifles)

    OCA series

      Recovery Per Second: 6 --> 5.15 (Allows the negative to Cooling Jacket to have an effect, otherwise has no effect on weapon handling at all).

    PMG series

      Recovery Per Second: 10 --> 7.2 (Allows the negative to Cooling Jacket to have an effect, otherwise has no effect on weapon handling at all).

    HVR-243 ‘Scout’ series

      Jump Modifier: 2 -> 8 (Allows us to minimise jump-shoting. This seems like a big leap, but really isn’t as the maximum accuracy modifier catches this value first).

        General – Minimum / Maximum Accuracy Modifier: 0.01 / 10 .
        General – Minimum / Maximum Marksmanship Modifier : 0.02 / 1
Primarily it’s a fix for the long standing bug that allowed the HVR-243 Scout series of weapons to fire at 100% aim while jumping. The problem here was the Hunting Sight modifiers dropping the Marksmanship modifiers to 0, hence making the entire accuracy 0. This fixes that, and Jump-Shoting is now only really accurate from close-medium range. The other side effect is that it stops weapons blooming out too much. This was an issue as prior weapons could get incredibly inaccurate. After a certain accuracy weapons tend to be useless anyway, but the issue here was accuracy regeneration. By capping the maximum accuracy modifier at a reasonable rate, we can keep the effect (essentially unhittable in certain situations, like sprinting sniper rifles) while allowing you to regain shooting accuracy a lot faster when you stop and zoom in.

The above changes are mainly changes to weapons that need it, and are primarily related to accuracy.

Bug Fixes

    Iron bars in Jangma Square (Financial) can no longer be walked through by players.
    Players can no longer gain access to an invalid area in the evidence lockers behind Karnak Casino.
    Snub nose revolver now correctly triggers "street justice" and "kill more enforcers" Daily Activities.
    Lobby UI no longer hides a character that the player unsuccessfully attempted to delete. (Clan leaders etc.)
    Players who throw grenades while falling will re-equip a weapon now, as opposed to landing unarmed.
    Players can no longer glitch their way into the water area with the wooden ship in the Washes (Waterfront).
    Players can no longer place a task item into a car owned by someone who isn't on their mission.
    Fixed an issue where allies were not able to resupply when the owner of a vehicle with mobile resupply is dead.
    Fixed an issue where Remote Detonation audio could play from destroyed vehicles.
    Fixed an issue where pedestrians occasionally had enlarged collision while cowering.
    Fixed an issue where the in-game VoIP would be too quiet.
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Mardi 11 février 2014  
Patch 1.14.1 (480) - Valentine's Week Massacre

Posted Image

We're releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance should be approximately four hours and will start at 4 AM PST/ 6 AM CST / 7 AM EST / 12 PM GMT.

In celebration of the "Valentine's Week Massacre" starting after the patch and ending on Sunday at 4pm PST, all upgrade fees from Character bound to Account bound are discounted to 10% from 15%.

The "Valentine's Week Massacre"

The Valentine’s event is now on! Earn various rewards and prizes for completing special Valentine's roles with the unique Valentine's weapons!

If this is your first Valentine’s Day event you’re going to have a great time as this is definitely one of the more popular events.

If you’re a veteran player, you’re going to recognize this event from last year, and while you’re sure to have a lot of fun, you’ll probably notice not a lot has changed – as a small team, we’ve chosen to spend most of our time and effort on solving known issues, like server performance, and upcoming features and content (such as the engine upgrade, and you'll hopefully see the results of this work soon).

The Reloaded Team

Event Details

    Tracks kills with the following primary weapons

      STAR 556 'Love-Gun' - Gifted on login (please check your in-game mail)
      Colby M-1922 'Chopper' - Level 4 reward of the 'Valentine's Week Massacre' role
      Joker SR15 'Casanova' - Available through Armas
      Obeya CR762 'Heartbreaker' - Available through Armas
      Colby CSG-20 'Speed-Dater' - Available through Armas
      N-HVR 243 'Cupid's Arrow' - Available through Armas
      STAR 556 'Love-Gun' R&D III - Available through Armas
      Colby M-1922 'Big Chopper' - Available through Armas

    The levels for the ranks of the 'Valentine's Week Massacre' role are as follows

      Rank 1

        Requirements: 50 kills
        Reward: Death Theme 1

      Rank 2

        Requirements: 150 Kills
        Reward: Love Heart Glasses

      Rank 3

        Requirements: 300 Kills
        Reward: Death Theme 2

      Rank 4

        Requirements: 500 Kills
        Reward: A leased M1922 (Tommy Gun) + Pink Preset Police Hat

      Level 5

        Requirements: 750 Kills
        Reward: 'Casanova' Title + Valentine's weapon skin

The 'Snubby Love'

    Tracks kills with the following secondary weapons

      Colby SNR 850 'Cherub' - Gifted on login (please check your in-game mail)

    The levels for the ranks of the 'Snubby Love' role are as follows

      Rank 1

        Requirements: 25 kills
        Reward: Ophelia - Blonde Decal Unlock

      Rank 2

        Requirements: 75 Kills
        Reward: Prentiss (for Enforcers) / Bloodroses (for Criminals) symbol

      Rank 3

        Requirements: 150 Kills
        Reward:Ophelia - Red Head Decal Unlock

      Rank 4

        Requirements: 250 Kills
        Reward: Colby SNR 850 'Cherub' unlock, so it can be purchased from Contacts at any time (including outside the event)

      Level 5

        Requirements: 375 Kills
        Reward: 'Cherub Chaser' Title

Bug Fixes

    Fixed hand rotation for female hand with DMR-AV. Female characters now hold the weapon correctly.

Negative effect roles (This impacted a very low number of players)

We plan on resetting the roles for these characters back to rank 0, so when they enter a district they will see popups notifying them of role advancements for any that they have achieved. This will mean that they will re-receive any rewards that come with these role milestones.

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Mardi 4 février 2014  
Patch 1.14.1 (476)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance should be under three hours and will start at 10 AM GMT.


    Further background system optimizations.


    The open 3-Slot FFA, a special Power Joker Box 9 prize, is now tradable.
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