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Jeudi 19 décembre 2013  
APB Retribution now available!

APB Retribution is now live on iOS! Cheers to all the hardworking folks at Blazing Griffin for pouring their hearts and souls into this game. And I'm not going to lie -- the gameplay is pretty killer.

Get it here:

Learn more about it here:

Pick your shots carefully -- one slip up and you're dead

This is no shmup. Use stealth, planning, and tactics to win

Enemies can see and hear you...but make sure they don't.

Use grenades and the environment
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Mardi 17 décembre 2013  
Quick update

Happy Holidays everyone. I hope your days are filled with egg nog and cheer! Our days are filled with technomancy at all hours of the day and night. Here are some quick updates.


Brand new Overkill systems for Joker have just arrived in our data center and we are now working on getting them deployed as soon as possible.

Engine Upgrade

The engine update is proceeding along at a brisk pace, with no significant delays being introduced. Thus, it is still on track to be completed early next year.

Server / Game Performance

After some exhausting research we have identified one possible cause of the latency. The issue, as you know, has been a particularly vexing and elusive problem to nail down, and not something we could just throw time/resources at. Because of the nature and how it might help things, we've gone ahead and recklessly tossed it onto both OTW and Colby. If you play on Colby, consider hopping in, performing a /latencytest or two if you run into any trouble, and sending it our way. We're hopeful, but we've been hopeful in the past, so the only thing remaining where our heart used to be is a smoldering lump of coal unwilling to let itself be hurt again.

Other Stuff

We've some events in store for the holiday period so make sure you stay up to date on the Forums, Facebook, and on Twitter.

PS - APB Retribution will be launching soon, so make sure you toss them a Facebook like!

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Mardi 17 décembre 2013  
Patch 1.14.1 (464)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance should be under three hours and will start at 10 AM GMT.


    Snowball fight

      We now always show the Snowball Fight score on the HUD if you are heat 5.

Bug Fix

    Fight Club (Arrests)

      Fixed an issue that was preventing arrests being counted correctly in Fight Club districts.

    Daily Activities

      Fixed an issue that was preventing the Elves' Daily Activity from working.
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Vendredi 13 décembre 2013  
Patch 1.14.1 (462)

We're aiming at releasing a client update on Monday providing it passes testing over the weekend. Maintenance should be under three hours and will start Monday at 10 AM GMT.

Mini-games (Snowball fight)


      Players will now be invulnerable to vehicle collisions in Snowball Wars districts. Players will also have Car Surfer's functionality as standard now - without needing the modification equipped on their character (Note: You'll be able to surf on both Friendly and Enemy vehicles, even during a Snowball Fight).


      Moved the snowball fight minigame 'APB' audio to whenever a player enters the fight and added the mission lost soundfx for when they leave a Snowball Fight (after the timer has expired).


      Added a message telling the player to go to the snowball fight when they are not in the minigame zone.

Bug Fix


      Fixed team kill notification showing twice for team and for enemies in the Snowball Wars districts.

    Client GPF

      Fixed a mini-game issue that could lead to a client crash.
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Mercredi 11 décembre 2013  
Patch 1.14.1 (461) Holiday Patch!

Posted Image

We're aiming at releasing a client update tomorrow (Thursday) providing it passes testing today. Maintenance should be under three hours and will start at 10 AM GMT.

Christmas Event

    Regular Action Districts - Elves

      The trouble making Elves return to the Financial district and they now have their own Daily Activities, which reward Joker Tickets.
      If you are an Enforcer you'll be able to find "Elforcer" in Merchant Park, and if you are a Criminal you'll be able to find "Criminelf" in Border, just off Jagalchi Street.

    Contact Rewards

      Level 2

        HoHoHoPGL (Snowball firing grenade launcher). This weapon has four "Chipmas" (trademarked by Farfletched) tunes that it will randomly play for its wind-up.
        A Snowball. A deadly Snowball. So deadly, we've capitalized the S.

      Level 3

        Silent Night & Jingle Bells Themes.

      Level 4

        A Snowman Head.

      Level 5

        Custom Eyes and Mouths for your Snowman Head.

      Level 6

        Coal Eyes and a Carrot Nose for your Snowman Head, plus the title "Snowman".

      NOTE: There should be an introductory mail for the Elves, and then a mail for each standing level you gain with them.


      Snowball Fight!

        Unlocks "Snowballer" Title (20 snowball kills)
        Candy Cane Weapon Skins (50 snowball kills)


      The Red Nosed Criminal
      The Red Nosed Enforcer

    All these titles can be bought from the Elves for 10 Joker Tickets (faction-specific titles are only for their respective faction)

New Mode - Minigames - Snowball Wars

1.14.1 brings a new type rule set to APB called "minigames". Minigames is a new system that allows us to create new types of events. The initial version of this system supports a new and unique mode that was specially created for Christmas: Snowball Wars!

Snowball Wars takes place in separate districts which, instead of missions, run a Snowball Fight mini-game that will direct all players in the district to a unique location for a massive snowball fight! (Snowballs and OPGL snowball launchers are force equipped).

At the start of each snowball fight, the system chooses a district block (from a list of eligible blocks we define) and informs players that the snowball fight is there. Once a player sets foot inside the block, they are PvP unlocked for as long as they stay in that block (plus a few seconds after, to avoid exploits). While PvP unlocked, players can kill each other in order to decrement the lives for the other team (defined by the number of players in the district when the snowball fight started). If there are no players of a side in a block (represented by a flashing faction logo on the HUD), then their lives will slowly decline (the minimum number of lives for a snowball Fight is 10 per side - when there are more than 2 players per faction, every available player in the district will add 3 to this count).

Once a team has 0 lives left, they lose the fight and all players are rewarded small amounts of cash for taking part. A new role will also be incremented, which is scored in the following way: 1 point for taking part (killing / assisting / dying honourably at least once) and an extra point for winning.

After the fight has finished a new block will be selected and a new snowball fight starts!

Complete the new "Snowball Wars!" role to earn a Santa Hat and the new Reindeer Antlers for your character!

Please Note: The following will not count as valid Snowball Fight kills:

    Out of area suicides
    Suicides without an enemy assist
    Kills with cars
    Friendly kills
    Kills that are made by weapons other than the snowball launcher and snowball
    Kills made by people not assigned to the Snowball Fight
    Kills made by non-weapon explosions

Flak jacket will be disabled in Snowball Wars districts.

In time, we hope to further expand upon this minigames system so that we can bring all sorts of new, dynamic, and interesting gameplay mechanics to APB:R. Please let us know what you think on our forums and a very Merry Christmas from everyone at Reloaded.

Miscellaneous Changes and Fixes

    Modifications (Mobile Radar Tower)

      Now shows the opponents to the player's team, rather than just the individual player who owns the modification.

    Text (Clothing)

      Added descriptions for the Punk Pack clothing items.

    Garage Editor

      Altered the message telling the user about the use of the colour picker, depending on whether the selected vehicle component is interior or not.

    Bug Fix


        In the Garage, ensure that wheels use the default colour text (as with interior components).


        When you die inside a vehicle with blowtorch activated, you will now no longer respawn with a blowtorch in your hand.
        Fixed an issue that previously caused the vehicle icon, that is present when using Mobile Radar Tower, to still be present on screen after the vehicle was destroyed.


        Fixed the volume level of the STAC (previously, it was a tad loud...).


        Fixed an issue that could previously cause HUD markers not to be shown above players heads when they were using certain modifications.

      Asylum - UI - Dual VIP Missions

        Fixing UI issue where opposing team would show reversed titles for 'VIP Lives' and 'VIP Takeouts'.
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Jeudi 5 décembre 2013  
Introducing APB Retribution

Today I’ve got something exciting to talk about. While the official announcement is coming later, I wanted to be the first to introduce you to a brand new entry in the APB universe designed exclusively for mobile: APB Retribution!


Developed by our friends at Blazing Griffin, APB Retribution is a single-player top-down tactical combat game launching later this month. It features highly-intuitive touch controls, lethal one-hit kills, and ultra-badass hand-painted visuals for all characters, levels, and scenery.

Soooo what’s this all about then?

You’re dead.

Well, you’re supposed to be. Only someone messed up, and now you’re back and looking for blood. Your quest for revenge will see you claw your way up from the city’s seedy underbelly to scatter corpses all over never-before-seen San Paro locales such as the municipal dump, derelict apartments, subway tunnels, and airport. You’ll have a ton of ranged and melee weapons to quickly brutalize enemies, but you’ll want to stick to the shadows, avoid making too much noise, and plan your shots carefully lest you find yourself on the wrong end of a 5-person beatdown. Fans of the outstanding Hotline Miami will feel right at home.

Shouldn’t you be WORKING ON APB RELOADED?!/1/!

Totally. Retribution is entirely separate and in addition to APB Reloaded. Blazing Griffin are a talented developer located down the street from our offices, a setup that has given us the opportunity to collaborate closely while still affording both teams the opportunity to focus on their core responsibilities. Things like the forthcoming Christmas events, server performance and the engine upgrade have been—and will continue—to proceed according to schedule. More on those soon!

APB Retribution will be out for iOS this month, and on Android soon after. Check out the site for game info, screenshots, and video.

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Mardi 3 décembre 2013  
Patch 1.14.0 (455)

Hey Guys, Apologies for the lateness of this post. We've been focused on pushing the new patch and neglected to post the patch notes for the new update. Anyway, here's what's new.

Bug Fixes


      Fixed a blowtorch exploit that allowed players to lean out of a vehicle with restricted weapons.

    Server crash

      Fixed a fairly frequent server crash affecting the Financial & Waterfront districts.


      Fixed an issue that could prevent vehicle modification HUD markers being displayed on screen.

Text Changes

    Patch notes

      Adding Patch notes for 1.14.0.


      Updated the formatting of the EULA so that it is easier to read.

Thanks for reading and thank you for your patience!

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