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Lundi 30 septembre 2013
Patch 1.13.0 (420)

We're going to be releasing a small client update tomorrow (Tuesday). Maintenance should be under two hours and will start at 10 AM BST.

Miscellaneous Changes and Bug Fixes

    Daily Activities

      Fixed an issue where contact & daily activity progression would be lost if you had leased mods equipped when district switching.
      Fixed an issue where the same activity could appear on two contacts at the same time.


      Cleaned up some background client processes that were trying to open unnecessary files every frame.

    Client Crash

      Added a possible fix for a fairly high frequency rendering-related crash.


      Added overtime for Scavenger missions.



        Skin support added for the DMR 50Cal Sniper Rifle (Please note: the AV has yet to be done but will be along in an upcoming release).
        Skin support added for the NFA9 Machine Pistol.


        Fixed the issue where there were missing polygons on the underside of the scope attachment.


      Joker Store Icons for weapons are all now white.



        The Yard Stretch - Gazi Freights: Adjusting the location of a satellite dish used as a mission target.



        Added the word "Deployed" to the top of the list of clothes in the Wardrobe.

    Character Select


        Fixed an issue with the threat icons on the character select screen where it would revert the threat icons to the "T" training icon while you were attempting to delete a character.
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Vendredi 27 septembre 2013
Server Wide Lag Reports

As some of you know, I have been on different servers with a few computers logged in at a time to collect server wide lag reports or lag bursts. Lag bursts are when an entire area is experiencing lag for a few seconds to minutes and everything in the area stops or slows to a crawl, this is different information from what Linus is collecting in this thread

We would like to collect this information over the course of the next couple of weeks so we can gather as much data as possible to narrow this down and get it fixed. We know we are asking for a lot of information, and it is not falling on deaf ears. if you can please jot down the following information while playing and come back to fill the information in as soon as possible, it would greatly help us in narrowing down the issue. The more details the better

While you're in game, if you're in an area and feel the area lag (you see others complaining about it as well) please provide us with the following information:

    Character Name:
    Server Name:
    District you experienced the lag burst:
    Date of when you are reporting:
    Time you experienced the lag (please include the time zone you're reporting for and if it is AM or PM)
    How long did this lag burst last: (seconds, minutes please be as accurate as possible)
    What were you doing prior to the lag burst:
    Did you notice any weird issues prior to the lag burst:
    Were others in your area complaining about the lag burst (if so character names of those that experienced it:
    Where are you geographically located (What State / Country please don't put your address, there are creepers that may be watching):

Thank you in advance for helping us kick the lag monster's ass =)

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Mercredi 25 septembre 2013
Be part of the solution

Hi there.

As I hope you already know, game performance is my number one priority with a bullet. On the client side, today's patch added a fix for lag when you're switching weapons quickly. We've also added a number of optimizations and warnings in case a player's machine isn't quite up to snuff. Nvidia is working with us to release a driver update that should address problems with how APB runs on Optimus cards. I'm also working on rolling out Overkill more broadly.

One thing that I cannot get done without your help, however, is addressing any internet or network problems. We receive a number of reports all the time about latency and lag, but they tend to be spotty, don't contain enough information, or when we contact the local providers they have no record of these instances, making investigation difficult and borderline unreliable.

This is where you come in. We need to demonstrate consistent patterns. So getting a lag spike once in a while is not notable -- but if you get consistent, sustained lag for a while, that's something we need to sort out.

If you find that you consistently experience situations of crazy latency that persistent beyond just a sudden blip, you can help out by doing the following:

    Open the Start menu
    Click on 'Search Programs & Files' box
    Type cmd and hit ENTER
    In the command prompt, type "tracert" followed by the IP of the server you use and hit Enter. Below are the IPs of the servers:


      Colby / Han

      Patriot / Obeya

    Copy the output: Right-click anywhere in the window and select 'Mark'. Select the text you want to copy and then right-click with your mouse (this will de-select the text, but it does copy it to clipboard; alternately, you can hit Ctrl + C to copy as well).
    Paste the copied text into a .txt file by hitting Ctrl + V.

Attach the results in a ticket to CS. When doing so, please include answers to the following questions:

    What is your ip address (You can get this from
    How often do you usually experience this latency?
    What time did you run the attached tracert and what date?
    When do you think this first started happening to you?
    When it occurs, how long does it last?
    Do you have any nearby friends to which this also happens at the same time, or is it just you?

Feel free to send a ticket every time you do one of these; the more the better (but each must be its own separate ticket).

    For ease, here are some examples

      Sample of text file

Posted Image

      Sample of ticket

Posted Image

We'll collate the data from all the tickets we receive and match times and locations to determine any common bottlenecks or dropoffs.

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Samedi 21 septembre 2013
1.13 Features

Today we're going to talk about Daily Activities and Leased Modifications as the headline features for the 1.13.0 release. We've been promising both of these things for a while now (even though you might not have realised it) and we're incredibly happy that we're finally getting to bring them to the game.

Daily Activities

Daily Activities are activities that you do for contacts that you've completed progression with that give you rewards. Most of the rewards that you'll be given will be Joker Tickets but there are some very difficult activities that give rewards that are even more impressive! These activities can range from 'finish a mission' right through to 'run over a hundred and fifty pedestrians.' You can take up to 5 activities in a day and each one of these will give you a reward the moment you complete the activity. 

Let's just go through this process:

The first thing you've got to do is finish your progression with a contact. Every contact has a Daily Activity - early contacts give easier activities, higher up contacts give higher difficulty activities. Just open their pledge menu, accept the daily activity, and it'll appear at the top of your HUD right next to your contact progression indicator. It'll update as you carry out your activity and also give you a quick indicator of how things are going and what your goal is, just like the current Fight Club activity system. Unlike the Fight Club activity system you can't skip your current activity but you can move onto a different contact if you're not happy with what you have at the moment.

But what will you be spending these tickets on, I hear you ask? Well...

Leased Modifications

Also arriving in 1.13.0 are Leased Modifications. These modifications don't have any Rank requirement. They cost 250 Joker Tickets and $750 and last for seven days.  The current modifications that can be leased are all of the modifications available from the Specialist contacts (ie Car Surfer, Flak Jacket and Radar Jammer). This, along with a whole host of content additions planned for the Joker Store in upcoming patches means that you'll have plenty of things to spend your Joker Tickets on!

This is just a piece of what's in store for 1.13 – keep checking back for more updates!

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Lundi 16 septembre 2013
Greetings, and a quick update

Hi, I'm Linus.

I've been around these parts for a pretty long time handling things on a bunch of different titles we're previously published, so if you know me already, cool. If not, I'm pleased to meet you. Going forward, I'll be taking over a few responsibilities on APB; if the how and why of this interests you, skip to the bottom of this post. If all you care about is the game, read on.

Threat changes

Without going into details (because if I do they will change), we're definitely looking at, and might be close to, a solution to the current threat system, the end goal being that you'll be able to once again play with friends regardless of threat level differences. This, however, doesn't necessarily constitute the end to threat changes – we wanted to get this out relatively quickly, but the very reason threat was changed in the first place was to make sure the early game isn't so unfriendly to new players. That's likely a goal we'll still need to pursue after this patch, but obviously that goal should always come second to making sure the game isn't broken for everyone who's been playing forever. We'll be taking a more measured approach to this if we proceed with threat changes in future patches.

Performance/lag issues

We've identified one cause of performance issues to be how APB plays on certain newer Nvidia drivers. Nvidia is working with us to include optimizations for APB that will roll out in their next driver patch, so definitely make sure to keep your drivers updated. We won't assume this will put an end to all performance issues, so we will continue to work to find and remove any further issues.

Regarding why you're suddenly seeing me here, as of last week I am the Producer for APB Reloaded. As such it is my sad duty to officially announce that, as some in the community have already pointed out, part of these changes mean that Jericho, Quinzel, Jotunblut, Revoemag, and Farfletched are no longer with the Reloaded team. Each spent the last 3 years working to make APB the best game possible, and in some cases had been with Gamersfirst even longer. Developing and operating a free-to-play game can be complicated, difficult, exciting, and thankless, and while I will miss them all considerably, I look forward to congratulating them on whatever new adventures they find themselves on next.

Development on APB, of course, continues ever onward, now with an enhanced focus. My goal is to ensure that in the months and years to come, APB lives up to its vast potential. I'm very excited to share more details with you about what this means, and will continue to reveal more updates as I can.

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Mardi 10 septembre 2013
1.12.3 Client Stability


We're going to be releasing a small client update that'll help fix some client crashes tomorrow (Wednesday). Maintenance should be under two hours and will be from 10 AM BST.

Thank you.

Bug Fixes

    Bug Fixes

      We've fixed a few background system issues that could previously have caused a client to crash. These include issues that could occur while playing the game and switching between districts.
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Mardi 3 septembre 2013
1.12.3 - Hotfix


We're going to be bringing the servers down for a quick update at 6.15 PM BST for 1 hour.

Thank you.

Patch Notes

    Client Crash

      Fixing a client crash that could occur when switching districts.
      Fixing a rare client crash related to the music player.
      Fixing a rare client crash on startup.


      Removed the Vaquero option to change Roof Light colour as this is not a supported option.


      Correcting issue with ACES categories. Both rifles (Armas and Event) now correctly fall under Assault Rifles, and both SMGs under SMGs (previously the Armas variants were incorrect).


      Fixing a minor clothing issue with the Female Cropped Hooded Jacket.
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