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Mercredi 28 août 2013
1.12.3 - Client Config changes, Vehicle Interiors.


We're going to be deploying an update for APB Reloaded on Wednesday, the 28th of August 2013. Downtime is expected to be between one and two hours and will be from 10 AM BST/2 AM Pacific.

PLEASE NOTE : In order for us to properly update the compatibility settings mentioned below, we have to overwrite the machine options. We apologise for this inconvenience, but it was the only way we can make sure players are getting the full benefit of the compatibility bucket changes.


We've adjusted our minimum compatibility settings to help improve performance for lower tier system setups. We've based these changes on the various configuration setups our community have been working on since we launched APB Reloaded and we'd like to take this opportunity to thank them for filling in the gaps we'd left behind. If you're using custom configs or .ini changes, these will be overwritten by this update, so advanced users may want to 'backup' their files before patching. Please note that if custom configs or .ini changes do not work after this patch you will receive no official support.

Please note that users on lower end systems may notice lower visual fidelity - though we've intentionally focused on maintaining as much detail as possible for the player's own character. The upside to this is that your game should be far more stable and have better performance (FPS). The machines we are targeting in this initial patch are:

    Machines with low-end (old) graphics cards. You will now have more graphical settings turned 'off' by default, and we have limited the quality of the in-game textures to give your graphics card an easier time. An example of a low-end card is an Nvidia Quadro FX 580.
    Machines with a 32-bit OS (i.e. Windows XP 32bit, Windows Vista 32bit, Windows 7 32bit and Windows 8 32bit). We have applied further constraints to keep game memory usage under 2GB, we do this by limiting the in-game texture quality. The reason we want to keep it under 2GB is that 32bit OS' do not allow applications to use more than 2GB at any time, otherwise the application will crash.
    Machines with a 64bit OS (i.e. Windows Vista 64bit, Windows 7 64bit, Windows 8 64bit, [Windows XP 64bit is not supported]) that ALSO have 2GB or less of total RAM. These machines have the same constraints applied as 32bit OS', the in-game texture quality will be limited to avoid using more than 2GB of RAM to avoid swapping RAM to disk, which will decrease game performance.

    The machine options that will be reset are :

      Video Quality
      Video Resolution

Misc Changes and Fixes

    New Feature vehicles (interior colour options)

      An interior colouring option is now available for customisable versions of the top level vehicles. You'll find the option labeled as "Interior Detail" (previously this was simply "Steering Wheel"). The supported vehicles are: Patriot Vegas G20, Charge Cisco, Patriot V20 Jericho, Bishada Rapier, Seiyo Espacio, Nomad Pioneer, Charge Mikro, and Packer Vaquero.

    UI (District Entry)

      Background image on the spawn selection screen has been changed to be a simple black to bring it inline with the elective spawn system.

    Event (Epidemic / Pandemic)

      The Contagion events are now over, which means the weapons used in the events (Colby 45 AP and ACES) no longer advance the event roles. However they will now advance any standard role they apply to.


      Large reverb zones have been adjusted to produce a more accurate sound for their size.

    Clothing (Female)

      Fixed an issue with the new Cropped Hooded Jacket were certain headwear items were not being correctly removed when worn with it.


      Removed the Vaquero option to change Roof Light colour as this is not a supported option.
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Vendredi 23 août 2013
1.12.3 - ACES changes


We're going to be deploying a very quick patch at 4.30 PM BST for 1 hour. This is to address some community concerns with the ACES series of weapons.

Thank you.

Weapon Balance

We're addressing some community concerns about the ACES series of weapons (both Rifle and SMG.)

    These changes include

      Weapon Damage has been reduced by 5 (0.5% of player health). This has increased the number of bullets required to kill a player from full health by 1.
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Mercredi 21 août 2013
1.12.3 - Pandemic Event A.C.E.S.

Hello everyone,

Here are the release notes for the new patch we've deployed today (21/08/13).

PLEASE NOTE : The patch process will start at 2pm BST and should take no more than 2 hours.

UPDATE 1 : We've encountered an issue while deploying this patch - we'll update this thread again with a revised ETA. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

UPDATE 2 : Sadly the issue we've encountered means we'll need to prepare a new build of the game. Therefore we're going to go back to the previous version (1.12.2) while we prepare the new patch for deployment later today. 1.12.2 should be live again shortly.

We're very sorry for the inconvenience, but we should have a new 1.12.3 prepared and shipped this afternoon (more details will follow on exactly when this will be when we know).

UPDATE 3 : We now have the 1.12.3 build ready and will be bringing APB down at 2pm BST to deploy it. This maintenance should take no more than 2 hours.

Release Notes – 1.12.2 (388) to 1.12.3 (393)

Event - Pandemic

The Colby 45 AP weapon Epidemic has mutated into a new Primary SMG, the "Agrotech ACES", to become full scale Pandemic!

Event details:

Gaining 26 kills with the Colby .45 AP will gift the new primary weapon, the "Agrotech ACES".

A new role has been added for the ACES called "Mutation".

This role has two levels

    Completing level 1 (10 kills) will unlock the title "Mutated"
    Completing level 2 (50 kills) will gift the "Agrotech ACES Rifle".


Both these weapons have a 10 day lease.

The ACES do not spread through "death by lead poisoning".

[*] If you already have 26 kills from the previous event, then you will receive the Agrotech ACES in your mail when you login.

Vehicle Handling Changes

    Packer Vaquero

    We have adjusted the handling and stats of the Vaquero significantly to make it more viable in both combat and general driving.

      Health : 900 -> 950
      Collision Damage : 75% to 45%
      Grip Changes :
      Front Longitudinal : 1.8 -> 2.1
      Front Lateral : 2.74 -> 3.25
      Rear Longitudinal : 1.8 -> 2.1
      Limited-slip Differential : 50% -> 100%
      Centre of Mass front offset : 20 -> 25

Misc Changes and Bug Fixes

    New Feature

      Interior colouring options are now available for the top tier vehicles. Additionally, when you can customise a vehicle interior in the garage editor, the vehicle doors will now open up, to allow you to see inside. Supported vehicles are: Patriot Vegas G20, Charge Cisco, Patriot V20 Jericho, Bishada Rapier, Seiyo Espacio, Nomad Pioneer, Charge Mikro, and Packer Vaquero.

      This feature will not be part of this release - we had to disable it for now to release 1.12.3 today. We'll fix the issue with it and have it ready for the next patch. NOTE: Changing interior components in the Garage Editor will still open the vehicle doors.


      Normalising Assault Rifle damage ranges. This increases ATAC and STAR to the same drop off as the NTEC (50-70m).

    Joker Distribution

      Added the Colby .45 AP to the Joker Distribution Store.


      Disabling the Infection Achievement. The Disease has mutated and is no longer infectious. You can receive the Colby .45AP through Joker Distribution (and Armas) to continue the Contagious role.


      Adding 'Mutation!' Role. This has two levels. The first level is a 'Mutated' title and the second level is the ACES Rifle.

    Bug Fix (weapon skins)

      Fixed a texture issue on the Colby .45 AP that was previously causing visual artefacts to appear on metallic weapon skins.

    Bug Fix

      Fixed an issue where you were previously able to open the old options UI in the Editors.
      Stability improvements to help prevent a rare client crash that can be caused when an NPC is not correctly cleaned up.

We hope you enjoy this patch - please leave us any feedback on the forums.

Kind regards,
The Reloaded Team

Posted by Reloaded Team

Mercredi 21 août 2013
Pandemic Event - A New Strain

Thanks to the great reaction that we've gotten from the Epidemic event, we've decided to give the infection a whole new vector that starts with today's patch!

Introducing the Agrotech Close Engagement System, AKA the ACES.

The ACES comes in two varieties - the ACES SMG and the ACES Rifle. 

The ACES Rifle and the SMG are two entirely different animals. The SMG is a short range, fast firing weapon. Low damage and a huge magazine, but you'll want to consider firing in bursts to maintain accuracy. It also features a Red modification called Short Barrel that allows the system to output more bullets than its sister weapon, with the downside that accuracy tends to degrade due to the lack of a rifled barrel. If you want something with a faster fire rate than the OCA but find the Tommy Gun too difficult to control, then the ACES SMG is the perfect gun for you!

The Rifle version of the ACES is similar, but features an Extended Barrel Red modification that effectively transforms the weapon from an SMG into a pseudo rifle platform. The longer, rifled barrel allows for higher velocity rounds to be used, thus increasing the weapons damage at the cost of firing speed, due to recoil management systems inside the weapon. This is actually a blessing in disguise because it makes accuracy bloom more manageable than the Rifle's sister weapon. If you want something that fills in the gap between the ATAC and the OCA then the ACES Rifle is for you!

Players that have 26 total kills with the Colby .45 AP will get a 10-Day ACES SMG. 10 kills with the ACES SMG will get you the 'Mutated' title. 50 kills with the ACES SMG will net you the ACES Rifle for 10 days. If you didn't manage to get a Colby .45 AP during the Epidemic Event, it's now available for purchase from Armas and Joker Distribution. 

Better get crackin'.

Posted by APB Team

Mercredi 14 août 2013
Epidemic Event

San Paro Sickness

For the last few months we've been thinking about different ways to bring new weapons into the game. We want to give everyone a try with the brand new gun before giving people a chance to get hold of it on a more permanent basis, and we think we've come up with something pretty special this time. Starting today, we'll be running something that we're calling the Epidemic Event where we'll be introducing a new weapon - the Colby .45 AP.

The Weapon

The Colby .45 AP is our latest secondary weapon. Built with very high killing potential and maneuverability, this weapon should remind our long-term players of the classic FBW. It suffers from a small magazine, but it has enough of a kick to make quick tap-firing of the weapon quite challenging. It works well at short-to-medium ranges and we think it sits pretty happily between the FBW and the ACT 44 in terms of power and usability. It's got a classic style and a fearsome sound, so if you're looking for a secondary weapon to help you press the advantage in a fight, then the .45 AP is for you!

Here, for the first time ever, is a view of the Colby .45 AP in-game :

Looks pretty great, huh? Well, here's how you get your hands on it...

The Epidemic

The only way to unlock this weapon in-game is to get killed by it. The Reloaded Productions team will be killing random people in random districts on random worlds with this gun; anyone who is killed with the gun will get the gun, and thus be able to 'spread the epidemic' themselves.

When you get killed by the Colby .45 AP, you'll get mailed a version of the weapon for ten days and a 'Patient Zero' title if you manage to kill 25 enemies with the .45 AP. So get in there and see if you can get infected!

Keep an eye out for potential mutation in the event rules...

Posted by APB Team

Mardi 13 août 2013
1.12.2 - Infection Epidemic event and the Colby .45 AP


We're going to be deploying an update for APB Reloaded on Wednesday the 14th of August 2013. Downtime is expected to be between two-and-three hours and will be from 10 AM BST/2 AM Pacific.

New Event - Epidemic

The Epidemic event is a viral weapon event that will run from the 14th-21st of August. The premise is simple: every player killed by the Colby .45 AP will be sent an in-game mail with a leased (10 days) version of the gun - they can then use it to "infect" more players!

We've also introduced a new Achievement and Role for this event

    1 - Achievement - "Infected": Earned by being killed by the Colby .45 AP, which also sends you your own version of the weapon.
    2 - Role - "Contagious": Killing 25 players with the Colby .45 AP will award the tile "Patient Zero".

You'll find more information on this event on our blog: here

Misc Changes and Bug Fixes

    Friends List

      We've made the friends lists system more robust - this should resolve the issue where some players won't be shown as "online" in your friends list when they are.

    Ceremony Message

      We now ensure that ceremony messages are not displayed when on the district entry map. Instead we wait for the map to be closed, otherwise the messages are hidden.

    Video Options

      Using the default button on the basic or advanced video options screen will now revert the advanced options to their correct basic state.
      We've made a few tweaks to the following options

        1 - Dynamic Decals - This is not hooked up to anything, so we are removing it for now.
        2 - Render Eye-Lashes - Option was not hooked up property but it should be fixed now.
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Mardi 6 août 2013
1.12.1 Advanced Graphics Options and Premium bonus to cash gained from Score


We're going to be deploying an update for APB Reloaded on Wednesday the 7th of August 2013. Downtime is expected to be between two-and-three hours and will be from 10 AM BST/2 AM Pacific. Please use this thread to discuss patch notes.


    Advanced Video Options

      The first set of advanced video options have been added to the game. This gives the user more control and flexibility over their graphical options, to help them optimise their client performance to best suit their own setup.

Miscellaneous Changes

    Feature Added

      Adding premium bonus to cash gained from mission score bonuses.


      Britney Bloodrose has now moved in with Byron Bloodrose in the Jindo Computing building.

    OS Compatibility

      Added support for users changing the compatibility mode to run APB as a different version of Windows (as long as that version is supported by APB).


      Implemented some performance tweaks to the audio systems.

Bug Fixes


      The descriptions for the ATAC 424 "Patroller" and Joker RFP-9 "Comanche" has been changed so that it no longer gets cut off in the Inventory or locker screens.


      Fixed a login issue that could prevent the user logging in if they changed their E-mail address multiply times.

    Server GPF

      Fixed an obscure mission issue that could cause a server GPF.
      Fixed a rare mission relating to team leaders that could cause a server GPF.
      Fixed a rare inventory issue that could cause a server GPF.
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Jeudi 1 août 2013
1.12.1 Artist Programme Part 1 - Patch Notes


We're going to be deploying an update for APB Reloaded on Thursday the 1st of August 2013. Downtime is expected to be between three-and-four hours and will be from 10 AM BST/2 AM Pacific.

Chaos Asylum Event

The Asylum Chaos event has ended. Thank you very much for taking part - please leave us your feedback on our official forums.


Artist Programme Pt1

We are proud to present the first release of the new Artist Programme! The featured artists in this release are the Italian cyberpunk rock group Dope Stars Inc.

Here is the full track list (you can find them in your music player ([P]) under the Album "Artists Programme Pt1")

Police Sirens

    Police sirens have been updated so they now use the environmental reverb zones.



      Lowered the overall volume of the PMG-SD.


      Outlaw Mask will now cost 0 $APB.


      Fixing the poor wording of the message a user receives when attempting to join a lower threat district.

Miscellaneous Changes


      Options UI

        The gamma preview texture now uses the render-target gamma rather than faking it with a material. This also fixes the issue where the gamma preview texture is too dark.


        We've updated the Blur Filter effect to use a more efficient method.


      Added billboards for the Artist Programme.

Bug Fixes

    Client GPF

      Fixed an issue that could cause a client to GPF if the user attempted to manually change the capture folder in the Options UI.
      Fixed a rare logging issue that could cause a client GPF.
      Fixed a rare issue where the users custom music playlist could cause the game to crash.


      The audio for flames, on destroyed vehicles, will now correctly plays until the flames burn out.

    Server GPF

      Fixed an issue in the spawn wave functionality that could cause a server to crash.
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