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Mardi 23 juillet 2013
1.12.1 Asylum update and UI Next Patch Incoming 24-July-2013


We're going to be deploying an update for APB Reloaded on Wednesday the 24th of July 2013. Downtime is expected to be between two-to-three hours and will be from 10 AM BST/2 AM Pacific.


    Increasing the height of the collision volume that is above the fence that blocks off the lighthouse


    Adding the new theme tune remix to the in-game music player.

Miscellaneous Changes


      Updated an error message that can occur when you've been logged out due to a connection problem - it now includes information on a possible cause of the problem being that their character may be district locked, which takes up to 15 minutes to resolve.

Bug Fixes

    Client Crash

      Fixed a client crash that could occur when attempting to exit the game.


      Potentially fixed a client crash that could occur If you logged in automatically via Steam, hit logout then tried to login again with a newly created account.
      Fixed the issue that caused Armas to be darker than it should be in the in-game browser.
      Increased the size of the click area around sliders in the options screen.
      Options menu Defaults button should now prompt for confirmation.
      Delete can now be bound as a key.
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Vendredi 19 juillet 2013
Reloaded Day Update

It's been nearly five months since Reloaded Day, so we thought we'd take some time to talk about what we've done since March and our plans for the next six months. If you have no clue what we're on about, here's a quick recap: we celebrated the second anniversary of the APB: Reloaded team on March 7th and dubbed it 'Reloaded Day'. It seemed like a good time to reflect on what had transpired since we began our journey with APB, to celebrate what we've achieved so far, and to explain our plans for the rest of the year and beyond. 

The first half of 2013 has been good for us. We've been able to move forward on feature work more quickly than was possible in the past. We've continued to have great success with in-game events. Our community continues to produce some brilliant creations, some of which have made their way onto the Joker Associates store in the Social District. The Artist Program is starting to give us a lot of great music from both inside and outside the community.

So Far

Back in March we listed our major goals for 2013. So far this year, we've brought in:

    The updated score system
    The new front end
    Elective spawning system
    Another test of Asylum
    Threat segregation
    The smart district spin-up 

The team has been hard at work to reach the numerous goals we've set ourselves for this year. Overall, we're pleased with the additions we've brought into the game recently. We feel that they add more player choice, more options in how you fight, and more feedback as to how you're doing. We're pairing more players up with people of their skill level and we're making the game less spiky in terms of difficulty. That being said, not everything has been perfect, and there's always room for improvement. Here's a few things we're planning to improve upon following recent changes we've made to the game:

    Score is going to get a bit of an overhaul. We're going to bring in assists on more objectives, give bonus score for taking down a VIP, and give the VIP score whenever a teammate performs a scoreable activity (to counteract VIP's usually getting the lowest score in a match). We also want you to generate a little bit of score while a mission objective is in a Defend state to give defenders a bit more score for their play.
    Threat segregation will be changed; players will no longer be able to go down into districts below their current threat level. We found that too many people were going into districts below their recommended threat level and making life miserable for those players. Design on this is subject to change, but it's something we're looking into and intend to move forward.

Wins and Losses

We've had some victories this year, as well as a few unexpected setbacks. Three members of the Reloaded Productions team have moved on, and two things have had to be pushed back from the 2013 Roadmap. In terms of victories, we've found that the new front end allows us to iterate new versions of it very quickly, including making event specific front end scenes (such as the 4th of July update). We're getting some awesome new content for the game that's coming straight from the community - outfits, vehicles, and symbols are now being sold through Speedball (who was also community created!).

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, two of the four new contacts have been pushed to early 2014. However, we still have plans for two contacts (one Praetorian and one G-King, both in Financial) who will come with a new wave of interesting weapons and equipment. The mission revamp has also been pushed out of 2013. We started really digging into the level of work that would be needed for this to make it through production, design, and code, and it was too much for us to get done while working on bringing out the fully-featured version of the Chaos game mode that was previewed in Anarchy Week. We're working on the mission revamp and have some awesome designs for it (including missions where everyone on your team gets opposed to the entire opposite faction, given a number of lives, and told to hit several checkpoints deep inside enemy territory for a huge reward), but the scale of the task is a little outside our reach with everything else we have going on right now.

Don't fret about the delay of these things though; they are still happening, we just have to adjust our schedules according to feedback and circumstance.

The Future

We're hoping that the next six months are going to be huge for the game. Just some of the things that we're going to be doing over the coming months include:

    New tutorial with checklisted activities that players can complete to make the learning curve of APB Reloaded a little less vertical, as well as introduce rewards for people that complete the tutorial entirely (don't worry, you can go back and do the tutorial on your old character to get the reward too). 
    Two new contacts - Aletta Cadagen and Gumball will be appearing in the Financial district. Aletta is the embodiment of the Praetorian endgame - she's the natural and logical conclusion to Operation Urban Firestorm and she's advocating total war on the Criminals of San Paro. She's cold, calculating, and one hundred percent certain that in San Paro, the only way peace can be achieved is through overwhelming firepower. Gumball is pretty much her exact opposite - he's not in it for anything more than his own desire to see just how much fun he can have. He's not like any contact that we've seen before - there's no endgame with him and there's no real 'plan.' He's just a guy with a healthy disregard for property law.
    Daily Activities in mission districts will be coming to the game in a release that's getting the finishing touches now. Keep checking back here for more information; just be aware that Joker Tickets aren't the only prize you'll get in Mission Districts in the near future. Joker Tickets are a long standing feature request and they're also bringing with them another longstanding feature - the ability for low level players to get their hands on late game modifications. So, if in a couple of patches time, you see a group of three people standing on top of a Han Celante with STAR-556's, don't be alarmed; they've just got their hands on leasable car-surfer. Details to follow...
    We just re-released Asylum for another test run and the feedback from the community was outstanding. The fully featured version of Chaos will have high score tables, objectives to fight over, and territory control points.
    The re-designed HUD is something that we've had our UI artist working on for a month (at time of writing) and it's looking great. It blends very well with the UI in the Front End and the Options menu.
A development meeting about the new tutorial. Note the incredibly cheap doughnuts. Brain food.

The Armas Marketplace will be seeing a bit of an overhaul in the near future too. There's some content up there that's not as fresh as it should be, and we're going to put more of a focus on packs and bundles to help provide you with the most value possible.

We've got a team of dedicated artists that are creating new content for the game. We're working on two completely new weapons for the game that will bring some variation to secondaries and the SMG weapon class. And below you'll see Danny, one of our vehicle artists, working on the new Packer Vaquero kit. 

One of our vehicle artists working on a new vehicle kit.

One of the things that we're aware of is how long some of these things take to create and get to players (small scale projects like individual weapons and much larger scale projects like rolling out Overkill servers globally). To help speed up this process, we're continuing to hire dedicated and talented people across all departments to work on code, network support, and art. If you're interested in working at Reloaded (or know someone that might be), please visit and find Reloaded Productions for more information.

Speaking of Overkill, we recently converted every Mission district (Financial and Waterfront) on Colby NA West to Overkill servers and we saw a significant improvement in performance. The Overkill servers that you're seeing at work on Colby are the third iteration of the hardware, which is now a great mix of performance and future-proofing. We're very happy with the hardware and hope to have it deployed to the rest of the servers as soon as humanly possible.

What's Next?

Right now our next major release is scheduled to be 1.13.0. Since we're totally not scared of apparently unlucky numbers, we're doing something a little weird with this release - we've pulled all the new features from this release and moved them into the 1.14 release series and we've filled 1.13.0 with bug fixes, client optimization work, and quality of life changes for players.

We've been listening to and collating a lot of the feedback, and we're now getting the chance to act on it. Expect the 1.13.0 patch note post on the forums to be one of the biggest notes lists that we've ever posted. We'll be talking in greater depth about the client optimization changes, the major bugs that we're fixing, and what else is coming in the 1.13 series as the weeks progress, so keep an eye here and on the APB Reloaded forum for further details.

We hope that you've enjoyed the changes that we've made to the game recently. It's great to see some of the reactions that we get from players as we continue to improve the game. Thanks for reading and thank you for playing.

Posted by APB Team

Jeudi 18 juillet 2013
New APB Theme tune remixed

Hello people!

As we have just re-introduced Asylum (be it temporarily) I thought now would be as good as time as any to throw out a copy of the new theme tune....remixed. If you don't know the history behind the track, it started as a looping piano piece for the asylum lobby, then evolved into the new front end music. The beats were created in conjunction with the track and placed into Gaijin (club in financial), and have resided there ever since. Recently it all became one, with some new bits.

I embrace the Wubs with this one, I give you "Wadsworth - APB:R Theme (P5 Wub Mix)"

It's free to download if you're into that kind of thing. Fully appreciate that this isn't everyone's bag.

I will also add it to the game library (weather permitting) with next weeks maintenance so you can annoy each other with it from your cars.

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Mercredi 17 juillet 2013
1.12.1 Asylum release PATCH NOTES FOR 18/July/2013


We're going to be deploying an update for APB Reloaded on Thursday the 18th of July 2013. Downtime is expected to be between two-to-three hours and will be from 10 AM BST/2 AM Pacific.


Congratulations on completing the Asylum Kill event!

As a result of your hard work, we're bringing back the Asylum map for a couple of weeks as well as giving everyone who contributed to the event a special Asylum themed weapon skin*!

Asylum will work as a Chaos mode for the duration of this test as we are using that as the basis for the new game mode that will Asylum will eventually support. We've also re-enabled the Anarchy roles for anyone who missed out on them last time around.

Please bear in mind that this map and game mode are still a work in progress. Be sure to leave us your feedback on our forums as we do read it all (even if we are not always able to reply to it).

* Further details on when we'll be sending this out soon.

Other Changes


      Added a new silenced PMG The (PMG-SD "Hush") to the Joker Store (Cost: 700JT for the 1 slot & 1,000JT for the 2 slot).
      Balance tweaks for the Obeya.

        Further details

          Old values

            Per shot modifier (degradation): 0.45
            Recovery Delay: 0.11
            Recovery Per Second: 2.17

          New values

            Per shot modifier (degradation): 0.44
            Recovery Delay: 0.1
            Recovery Per Second: 2.27


      Players can now only enter districts that are equal to their threat or higher than it.

    Team Killing

      Players can now be kicked from an action districts for excessive team killing/team stunning.


      Increased speed of Charge Cisco.


      Re-enabled access to the Safety Goggles for those players that already had them.


      Reduced the collision radius of the Financial contacts to fit the size of the character (the Waterfront contacts did not need changed).


      Increasing Stage 1 time on mission 'Explosive Material'.
      Text Fixed various weapon descriptions as they had out of date information.
      Completely removing the 'You have completed the tutorial, you may now enter an action district' message.

    Waterfront (Checkpoints)

      Fixing an issue in the Yard Stretch Slums of Waterfront where a vehicle drop off checkpoint was almost invisible.

    Financial (Environment)

      Added a blocking volume to prevent access to a roof in Financial that players are not meant to be able to access.
      Added an invisible wall to stop players from getting onto the SPPA roof.

    Vehicle Spawners

      Wilson Leboyce's vehicle spawner can be used by both factions again.
      Moved a vehicle spawner in the Gaza Freight building to prevent criminals from using their superpowers to put their arms through the walls and summon a vehicle out of thin air.


      The Obeya CR762.4 now uses the correct inventory icon.
      The ALIG 762 now uses the correct inventory icon.
      Changing inventory icons for OCA Nano and N-HVR 243 "Reaper".
      HUD Message for Assassination Medal now shows correct icon.
      Added VIP as on by default to District Map Legend.

Misc Changes & Bug Fixes

    Client GPF

      Fixed a client GPF that could occur when switching district.
      Fixed a rare client GPF that could occur while firing a weapon as you are killed.

    Server GPF

      Fixed a rare server GPF related to the Elective Spawn system.


      Further stability improvements.

    Scaleform [Options]

      Audio VoIP Options - Fixed not being able to open Windows Control Panel.
      Capture Options - Fixed not being able to change target directory through "Browse" option.
      Resume / Pause Playbacks' secondary keybindings no longer start empty.


      Prevented anti-virus programs like Avast from mistakenly detecting APB patches as viruses.

    Preliminary Checks

      Improved OS checking and feedback to the user.
      Implement a "Warning insufficient memory" dialog in addition to the not enough memory error dialog. (For some operating systems, a certain amount of ram is a warning, and for others an error).
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Mardi 16 juillet 2013
The Return of Asylum

First off, we'd like to say congratulations to everyone that participated in the Asylum event for helping make it such a success! You did it! It was really close, and for a while it didn't like it was going to happen. But you all went above and beyond and broke the target that we'd set.

We saw a higher number of users this week than we've seen at any point in the last month, so we've decided to give everyone that got a kill in this event an Asylum weapon skin. It'll be delivered to you within fourteen days of this blog post going live, so keep an eye on your character's mail box.

This test release of Asylum shows a few changes to the Environment from the Halloween 2012 release of the level. For example, you're able to go beyond the old boundaries to the south and get near the lighthouse area that was previously locked off (remember to be careful around the water - the Nantego is so toxic that you'll probably die the second you touch it). We've added linking overhead walkways in a warehouse space that's spread out over two buildings.

We're also bringing Anarchy back to Asylum for the duration of this event. We believe that Anarchy is the perfect fit for Asylum and, in its final version, we'll be using the Anarchy rules coupled with a variety of point-capture, objective hold, and open-world-activity missions to see who can capture and hold Abington Towers. Ever since we tested Anarchy in Financial and Waterfront and saw all the feedback we were getting, we've changed some of the final design specifications for Anarchy, which should help us turn it into a fully featured, fully fledged Chaos district – something that we know all you lovers of the urban war are going to just go nuts for.

We will be launching this second phase of testing on Asylum for two weeks from the 18th of July. Hope to see you all there.

We're very proud of your performance during the last week and we hope that you all enjoy Asylum!

Posted by APB Team

Jeudi 4 juillet 2013
1.12.0 - Audio Overhaul Incoming Patch- 05 July 2013 Update


We're going to be deploying an update for APB Reloaded on Friday the 5th of July 2013. This update is expected to be about 500 megabytes big and will add several new audio features to the game. Downtime is expected to be between two-to-three hours and will be from 10 AM BST/2 AM Pacific.

Please note that because we've given the audio system in the game a fairly major overhaul you'll need to re-import your custom tracks and need to rebuild your custom playlists.


    Weapons Skins

      Added a special glow-in-the-dark Weapon skin that you'll be able to unlock if you contribute to the Asylum unlock event. Please see our forums for more information.


We've updated the music library system to pave the way for the upcoming artists programme tracks. This has also allowed us to improve the process of importing tracks, managing playlists and matching music tracks to other players.

Please Note : Because we've heavily altered the system it sadly means that any previously imported music will have to be re-imported into the game and custom playlists recreated.

    Elective Spawning

      Fixed the respawn timer audio being out of sync now that we've increased the actual respawn time.



      Fixed the last stage of "Mah-Jong Money" so that the point progression information is shown correctly.

Scaleform UI


      Key Bindings : Fixed an issue that prevented a users key bindings and mouse sensitivity setting being saved.
      Scrolling : Fixed an issue that prevented the scroll bar working correctly in the video settings section of the Options UI.
      Text : Fixed an issue that caused "Keybindings" text to be incorrectly displayed if the user scrolled to the bottom of the Movement section (under "Controls").

    Replay Video

      Text : Replay video now says "Criminal" rather than "Crimintal"...


      Text : Changed the warning message text that pops up if you decline the EULA, so that it better fits the selection options presented to the user.


      Minor visual adjustments to the margins.


    World Selection

      Fixed an issue that previously prevented the ping information being shown for any world apart from HAN.Fixed an issue that previously prevented the ping information being shown for any world apart from HAN.

Bug Fixes

    Server Crash

      Fixed an issue related to vehicles & the elective spawn system, that could cause a server crash.

    Petrol Can

      Fixed an issue that caused the lv4 petrol can to become visually corrupted.
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Mardi 2 juillet 2013
July 4th 2013

Four on the Floor

It’s July in San Paro, which means it’s time for you to break out the barbecue, put the beers on ice and admire the bursts of fireworks lighting up the skyline.

We always like to do things for holidays – maybe it’s having the Easter Bunny walk around the city. Maybe it’s bringing in two psychotic elves that make you dance to their tune to get Christmas-themed goodies. This year for Fourth of July we’ve done the only thing that seemed natural.

We’ve taken a hostage.

How much do you want it?

Let’s take a step back for a second and talk about the normal, non-hostage-taking part of the 4th of July celebrations in APB Reloaded. We’re having an event where all you’ve gotta do is log into the game and you’ll be sent the Uncle Sam Stovepipe Hat. Just like that, a free item of clothing for your character and all you've gotta do is show up. Couldn't be easier. If stars and stripes isn't a year long look for you then grab a customizable Stovepipe Hat in Armas for just 99 G1C.

It wouldn't be the 4th of July without honoring one of the greatest presidents in the history of the United States, would it? Since this is San Paro, though, the word 'greatest' means different things than it does in the rest of the world. He's not a crook, sure, but he's Richard Effin Nixon.

This mask is available through the Joker Store in game for 1000 Joker Tickets and 3500 $APBCash or available for purchase in the Armas Marketplace for 199 G1C and will be available for a limited time as a holiday exclusive release.

Let's not do anything rash here...

I'm sure you're wondering what exactly we meant when we said we'd taken a hostage.

That hostage's name is Asylum.

Last week 11,532,741 characters were killed. If you want access to Asylum, you're going to help push that number to 13,839,289 for this week. Any less and Asylum stays where it is, locked off and just out of reach. Meet the target and we'll bring Asylum back for two weeks. There are even some Stretch Goals (like an Asylum themed weapon skin for taking part), if you're all feeling particularly violent and manage to exceed even our wildest dreams...

Team kills don't count. Kills in Fight Club, kills in Opposed Missions and Kills when you're 5 stars all count towards the global total. This is a worldwide event. It doesn't matter what server you're on, it only matters that you're killing. Kills between 00.01 AM (British Summer Time) on the 4th of July to the 00.01 AM (British Summer Time) on the 11th of July count, so keep an eye on the clock.

Go on. Buy your ticket to Asylum with blood.

Posté par Quinzel

Mardi 2 juillet 2013
Tuesday is Patch Day - 2nd July Update


We'll be releasing an update to APB Reloaded tomorrow at 10 AM BST/2AM PST. This update will address several issues with elective spawning as well as adding content for the 4th of July event that will be detailed in an upcoming APB Reloaded blogpost

Downtime is expected to be between two and three hours.



    Elective Spawning

      We now ensure that spawn waves are not used if we are not using elective spawning. Also, we check to ensure that no elective spawning timer is being set to zero (which cancels the timer).
      Total Spawn time is now 18 seconds (up from 15). Spawn selection still shows 7 seconds after death, meaning players get 3 seconds more to choose a location.
      Spawns within 50m of an Objective are no longer valid spawn locations.
      Objectives outwith 250m of Player Death no longer impact spawn point selection.
      Fixed a rare case where players were unable to spawn due to overcrowding in a spawn location.


      DMR-SD and DMR-AV ammo increased from 6/24 to 7/35.
      Fixed an issue where the Flare Gun didn't show enemies in world space for the person firing it.
      Temporary Fix to Grenade trails. We really like the idea of the Concussion Grenades having a different trail though to distinguish them, so they now have a light blue tint to them.


      Fixed an issue where Scavenger mission items couldn't be picked up once they'd been dropped off.

Front End


      Login : Moved the location of the caps lock warning text.
      Options : Fixed an issue that caused the Max Anisotropy setting to be blank.
      Messages : Changed the text of the buttons that appear if you decline the EULA.

    Front End

      Scenes : Added 500% more America.



      Props : Updated Billboards to reflect an upcoming event. Keep an eye on the APB Blog for more details.


      Gas Mask : Fixed clipping issues between hats (Deputy Badge hat, Baseball Cap & Military Cap) and Gas Masks.
      Skateboard Backpack : Fixed an issue that caused the Skateboard to intersect with the backpack when firing a weapon or walking with a rocket launcher.
      Schoolgirl Skirt : Fixed various clipping issues between the Schoolgirl skirt and the legs.
      Desert Scarf / Mask - Male : Fixed an issue that caused certain beards to clip through the Desert Scarf Mask.
      Chest Config - Male : Fixed an issue where the Chest Config would float in front of the Tactical Harness.
      Desert Scarf / Mask - Female : Fixed a clipping issue with the Jacket's and Blouse, when they are worn with the Desert Scarves.
      Enf Paladin Thigh Pads - Male : Fixed an intersection issue on large characters, between the Enforcer Paladin Thigh Pads and the Handgun Config.
      Crown - Female : Fixed an issue that caused the Crown to create a black line down the inside of a female characters right arm.
      Leg Warmers - Female : Improved the slight model distortion of the ankles that occurs when the high heels and the leg warmers are worn together.



      Fixed a number of possible server crashes.


      Added a Richard Nixon mask to the Joker Store. This item costs 1000JT and 3500 APB$ to unlock. This item will be available on the Joker Store and on Armas Marketplace until 11th of July.
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