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Mardi 23 avril 2013  
1.11.1 Release Notes

Greetings Players,

Barring unforeseen disastrous events such as a zombie outbreak, volcanic eruption or the start of WWIII, we will be deploying patch 1.11.1 tomorrow (Wednesday 24th April) at the usual server downtime : 10:00 AM BST.

Here are the notes for tomorrow's release

Release Notes – 1.11.0 (317) to 1.11.1 (319)

New Vehicle Kits and Clothing Assets

This build introduces the new Bishada vehicle kits and thematically matching clothing kits as well as two desert scarf variants.


    Enforcer - Rapid Reaction Clothing Bundle

      I. Tactical Harness : This Tactical Harness features titanium hoops and links, hard wearing nylon fabrics and leather straps. As well as being able to be equipped with multiple weapon configs, it lifts, protects and separates.
      II. Induction Helmet : Hardened plastic and carbon fiber come together in this amazing piece of headgear. The visor is self-cleaning and the air filtration system keeps what you’re breathing pure.
      III. Jumpsuit : Originally designed for use at fifty thousand feet, this suit’s been brought back down to earth with a bump when it was found to be perfectly adept in the on-going ground conflict of San Paro.

    Criminal - S1 Racing Clothing Bundle

      I. Combat Harness : The ultimate in street racer safety gear, repurposed for urban combat. Gone are the extra safety features, replaced by more gear loops and super strong harness straps and a hoop to keep you in your seat during even the most violent of crashes.
      II. Racing Helmet : Functionally perfect, this helmet makes no exceptions for the fashion conscious of you out there. Huge air filters on the front and a one-way-glass visor gives you a visage that no one can stare down.
      III. Racing Suit : Pulled from the hottest drivers in the Nantego 700 circuit, this Racing Suit is the last word in clothing for the fashion conscious high performance driver. It’s padded yet breathable to keep you comfortable as you enter your tenth lap of Havalynd.

    Both Factions - Desert Scarf

      I. Desert Scarf : A large desert scarf, tied around the neck and upper chest.
      II.Desert Scarf Mask : A large desert scarf, tied around the lower face and upper chest.


    Enforcer- Bishada Kissaki Sport

      II. A top of the range Rapier with a custom Kissaki bodykit, it has a chassis capable of being fitted with up to 4 custom Modifications.

    Criminal- Bishada Mako Racing

      II. A top of the range Rapier with a custom Mako bodykit, it has a chassis capable of being fitted with up to 4 custom Modifications.

All these assets will be available on ARMAS soon.
NOTE: If you are an Enforcer, you'll also be able to buy kits 1 & 2 for the Bishada now.

Other Changes

    Weapon Balance

      Updating Pistol Silencer and Oca Nano

        I. Pistol Silencer : -20% Bullets per Magazine to -6.66% Bullets per Magazine.
        II. Nano : 14% health per shot -> 14.2% health per shot.


      Fixing issues in Fight Club where non-premium users were getting premium rewards. Also adjusting rewards and scores for different Fight Club missions (Longer missions are now worth significantly more).


      Adding a Joker Affiliate title for Joker Store winners.


      We now colour all player names in the chat messages yellow.
      Adjusting colour of 'Yell' to light-red instead of yellow, as this colour is now for player names.


      Increasing the "always witnessable" amount from $1500 to $2500.

Bug Fixes

    Bug Fix

      Combat HUD

        Fixing issue where Secondary or Grenade kills would cause the combat ticker to show an extra line (a skull with no info).


        Re-adding vehicle spawner by 'The Crystal' in Financial.


        Set the visual damage for a vehicle to maximum when it explodes (previously it would only be damaged at the point it was being hit before it exploded).


        Kills column of the Enemy side is now aligned correctly.
        Adding the correct ammo Icon for the flare gun.


        Fixed a typo in the Integrated Rifle Silencer description.

      Flare Gun

        Firework variant (JMB5) of the flare gun is now tradable.


        Fixed several rare issues that could cause a server to crash.

      Weapon Prize

        Adjusting Obeya CR762 'Cyborg' price to match the rest of the three slot CR762s.

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Vendredi 19 avril 2013  
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Today we're going to officially reveal all the new stuff that's coming out in the next release. It's content - BIG content - so get excited!

Shake that asset

Customization is one of the core features of APB Reloaded, and it's also one of the main reasons that our game is so unique. There's no other game that allows you to customize virtually every aspect of the game in as much detail as APB:R, and every time we speak to someone about what they like about the game, customization is one of the first things mentioned. We have a dedicated art team that are always hustling to bring more clothing, weapons and vehicles to the game, and today we’re going to look at some of the fruits of their labor.

The average clothing asset takes one of our artists about three weeks to create. Every item needs to be prototyped, modeled in high poly, normal mapped, modeled in a low poly version next, and then have color masks created for it - all of this before going into testing. There are other steps, but we won't go into the details of that just now.

We asked Tim, one of our Senior Artists, about his time working on the clothing in APB Reloaded. "Each item presents us with a different series of challenges. One of the strangest difficulties is being able to find a way to make an item of clothing that looks unique and very cool, but also generic enough that you can customize and do plenty of different things with it," said Tim. His favorite clothing item he's created for APB:R is the jumpsuits for the new Bishada packs, and his favorite item ever created by our team is the Desert Scarf (which was created by another Senior Artist).

Speaking of which, here's another image for your viewing pleasure:

Something that’s become fairly critical to our team is trying to get a stronger sense of parity between the genders and factions in APB:R. At the moment, male characters have far more clothing items than female characters, so some of the old assets that weren’t released are awaiting creation of female counterparts. We’re finally getting through some of the backlog of old items though, which means that the Desert Scarf is, at long last, on the list for the next release!

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads

A while back, we showed everyone a piece of concept art that showed the new, cross-faction Bishada Rapier. Since then, our vehicle team has been hard at work turning that concept into a reality, and we’re really excited with the final product. So, ladies and gentlemen, the Reloaded Team is proud to present to you the first official images of the new Bishada Kissaki and Bishada Mako!

When we design a new vehicle pack like this, we tend to think about it in terms of how the two sides play off each other.We like to think of the Enforcers being better funded than their Criminal counterparts – Criminals tend to have to work their equipment out of gear that’s believably available on the open market. Enforcers should be capable of getting their hands on more military spec and specialized equipment. While this isn’t a rule that we treat as gospel, it’s something that we run with when possible, and we feel that the hybrid we managed to achieve with the Criminal Bishada is great. A lot of the styling for the vehicle was provided by our Senior Vehicle Artist as something akin to his dream car.

The latest addition to APB Reloaded’s arsenal – The Nekrova N-SSW, which we mentioned in a recent post, will also be released in an upcoming update. We’ll be bringing two versions of this gun to the game: one version that’s obtainable through the Armas Marketplace and another version that’s obtainable through Joker Tickets. 

We’re shaking things up a bit in our next post, with a Q&A session where we lovingly interrogate our Audio Engineer about the Artist Program (and his guilty music pleasures - Prefab Sprout anyone? Google it if you don't already know...), so stay tuned!

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Samedi 13 avril 2013  
Bishada cross faction kit images - Screenshots of the new Bishada kits

It's been a few months since we've had some official information about the new Bishada kits and we'd just like to take a moment to show them off. Our vehicle artists have done some fantastic work with them and we're sure you'll all be really impressed. Some of you may have already seen these images but for those of you who haven't, here they are from us.

Please note that these pictures are not final and some of the features on it will change between this image and the final version but the changes shouldn't be massive.

The Bishada Mako

The Bishada Mako is the new Criminal Kit. Based on high performance track cars, this vehicle shows a strong racing pedigree with a huge spoiler and roof-scoop air intake. If the spoiler seems a little extreme for your tastes it comes with something slightly more restrained for all you shrinking violets out there.

The Bishada Kissaki

For the first time, Enforcers will be able to own and drive the Bishada with the new Bishada Kissaki. A huge exhaust, super deepdish rims and styling that's a cross between the truly epic breed of modern Italian hyper car and a fighter jet make this a real attention getter.

Watch the APB Blog for more information in the future on these new vehicle kits and more...

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Vendredi 12 avril 2013  
From Your Mouth to Our Ears

It's crunch time once again at Reloaded Games. It’s been a pretty hectic week with "Settle the Score" getting ready to make its way out the door, not to mention the recent announcement of APB Vendetta. You should check out the Vendetta Kickstarter (if you haven't already), to find out more about the exciting game in the making, inspired by the APB Reloaded universe.

But first stick around!

We're going to talk about the process of how our Community team reports issues and ideas from our forums, twitter, Facebook and blog back to our Development team. We're also officially introducing you to the new Contact, Speedball, who will be joining us in the version 11 update.

Manning the Floodgates

One of the things that we're really working on this year is the quality and frequency of communication that goes on between Reloaded Games and our community. We're constantly striving for new and better ways to communicate with you guys, and it’s always good to see feedback on our efforts, be it positive, negative or (in some cases) outright weird.

Trouble is, there’s a lot of information coming in, so the community team needs to filter through a lot of the noise and try and get the strongest signal to pass along to the development team. What are the real concerns or ideas that the majority cares about the most, and how do we tackle those ideas?

We have a page on our Reloaded internal wiki that details the top ten issues in the community with links on how we intend to actually fix those issues. We're aiming to start crossing off more and more of these throughout the year. Some of the issues that we've got plans for are (in no particular order): server performance, new content, mission balancing, and in-mission spawning.

Cool Community Stats

We keep track of a lot of stats in APB Reloaded – just about everything that players can do in the game is tracked and collated into spreadsheets that we access and use to analyze player behavior. Recently we compared a list of the most lethal weapons over a week long period on Joker NA East before the weapon balance patch, and then again after the weapon balance patch when we saw a similar number of players on.

Over a 24 hour period on NA East we saw 203,055 kills; that’s 141 player deaths per minute. The most lethal weapon in the game was (prior to the weapon balance patch) the NTEC-5 with the STAR 556 coming in a close second. Shotguns accounted for slightly more kills after the balance patch than they did before, and the STAR and the NTEC had swapped places. Keep in mind that these stats don't reflect the lethality of particular weapons, rather they reflect their popularity. These stats also didn't include kills caused by vehicle explosions that were triggered from weapon damage.

Also, the total number of Easter Eggs delivered this year was a staggering 10,543,233 - that's over 8 eggs per second for the entire duration of the Easter Event! The person that delivered the most eggs was Colby’s DonCostello. Well done DonCostello, you had some tough competition!

The New Dealer

Who's this new Contact hanging out in Social? His name is Speedball and he works for the new faction, Joker Associates.

Speedball is a character that we're very proud of because everything about him has come from the community! The appearance of the character was taken from the winner of the Almost Famous contest that was run on the APB Reloaded forums for Reloaded Day 2013. His look and biography was created by Darrell Kayne from Obeya, his voice was provided by Bumbleton from Joker, and the outfits that he sells at the moment were created by players from all over the game.

Speedball will be selling player made content for various upcoming Joker Associates contests, as well as stuff that we find in the community that we think the rest of the world deserves to see and use. If you think you make stuff that other players would love to have, then keep an eye on the APB Reloaded forums for more Joker Associates contests in the near future for your chance to win. Together we can all help Speedball build a decent stockpile!

Winners of Joker Associates contests will get listed as the creator of the item in-game, and they'll be sent the new, super-exclusive Joker Associates weapon skin (props to Vivianne from the APB Reloaded forums for the inspiration on this skin!), as modeled by Gumball below. So far only twelve people in the entire game have this weapon skin, so it really is as exclusive as it gets!

That’s everything from the Community team for now. We hope this has given you some insight on what we do and how we work, as well as helping to bring you up to date on the latest in 1.11. Our next blog post will be up soon and should have details about a much requested item that’s finally going to see a release. Some sort of… dessert scarf? How the heck would you wear a dessert sca - 

Oh... right. Desert Scarf.

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Jeudi 11 avril 2013  
1.11 Release Notes


Here are the release notes for patch 1.11 - Settle The Score.

We're hoping to have this rolled out during next Wednesday's maintenance. Keep an eye on the APB Reloaded blog for more information and maybe even a sneak preview of other upcoming goodies.

Release Notes – 1.10.3 (306) to 1.11.0 (310)

New Feature


      1.11.0 will bring "Score" into APB: Reloaded. This system will reward players points for positive actions that help the mission and their team, players will also gain assist points for contributing to the mission and team - for example, points for helping take down an enemy player or being near an objective as it is completed. Players will incur negative score penalties for actions that are detrimental to the mission and their team - for example, team killing or any other action that earns a "demerit" medal. Whenever the player earns (or loses) score, they will be notified at the bottom of the screen. They can check their running total on the scoreboard and once the mission ends they will be presented with a score break down of their performance. We also have diminishing score amounts for actions that can be repeated (for example, capture points). Additionally, the score you earn for kill assists will be based on the amount of damage you do.

Why Move to a score based system?

Score has a number of benefits to APB: Reloaded as a project. It provides a more transparent participation statistic for players. This gives players clearer goals to aim for, as well as providing them bonuses for helping out their team. At the same time, Score will be used to determine who 'wins' a mission, so players will not be able to throw a mission to lose near the end and go down in threat. This will also allow us to keep AFK players out of the pool. Finally, Score allows us to provide some small incentive for being, and playing against, higher threat players, as well as giving low threat players more satisfaction for taking out someone higher.

New Weapon
Flare Gun

    1.11.0 brings the flare gun to APB. This is a secondary weapon that will tag all enemy players within clear line of sight of the explosion (up to 85 meters from the explosion) on your, and your teams, HUD, for 6 seconds. It comes in two variants: 1. A standard flare gun that fires a flare in an arc (bought through the Joker Store) 2. A Firework variant that fires in a straight line (the top prize in the new Joker Mystery Box).

New Fixer

Darrel 'Speedball' Kayne is the new Joker Associates representative who has been created by the community for the community. He will sell content created by players who win contests and events. All players who have content featured on Speedball's store will receive an exclusive Joker weapon skin as well as being fully credited as the creator (they'll also be one step closer to that Effigy front cover...).

Speedball was designed by EU community member "DarrellKayne", who won the "Almost Famous" character design contest.
He was voiced by US community member "Bumbleton".

He currently sells outfits from community members:

    I. Little Caroline
    II. Rapid99
    IV. Vivianne
    V. JeremyStyle
    VI. Onishema

If you'd like to get yourself on the Joker Associates store please be sure to follow the forums for contest and event details that could get you there.

District Threat Restrictions

District entry will now be threat restricted. Players will no longer be able to enter a district more than one threat level below their current threat level (For example: A Gold player can now only go down as low as a Silver threat district). There are however no restrictions on how high above your threat level you can go and there are no longer any penalties for entering a district outwith your recommended level. District spin up code has also been changed so that there is always a district available for every threat level. Also, the district join logic has been improved to maximise the chances of players being placed in a district with greater opposition and high population.

Additional changes


      Waterfront District

        The dock area has been updated with new blocking volumes to prevent players shooting through the floor and some new yachts have been added to the area too for some additional cover.

      Financial District

        Devil Dog has taken control of a popular camping spot in Havalynd...

    Weapon Balance


        Decreasing the burst interval on the OSCAR as a slight buff (The time between bursts).

      N-HVR 243 Scout

        Disabling weapon switch during re-fire. You now have to bolt the sniper before you can swap to secondary (the same as the HVR 762).

      Obeya FBW

        Damage down from 200 to 180. This makes the gun require 6 shots to kill, up from 5.

      Joker Carbine

        Accuracy loss per shot reduced from 0.275 to 0.23
        Recovery Delay down from 0.145 to 0.12
        Recovery Per Second up from 2.5 to 2.8
        Modifier cap down from 1.8 to 1.6


      Updated the textures to allow customisation of the solid window panels on the Criminal Carrying Vehicle.

    Mission Fix

      Doubled the time on the initial stage of "Undercover Runner" and "Raid Ruckus".

    UI - Threat

      While in training, we now display your underlying threat level on the Character Info UI (J) - but only to yourself, other players will only see that you are in training.


      Various client and server background optimisations.

    Weapon Skins

      Added a special Joker Distribution weapon skin. This will be given out to players who get their content on Speedball's store through community contests and events.



        Two new CR5 presets have been added for players who prefer using the CR5 but want the functionality of the N-TEC. Please keep an eye on Armas to see when they'll be made available for purchase.
        A new variant of the Snub Nose has been added that has a faster rate of fire (for the ultimate humiliation showboater in all of us). Please keep an eye on Armas to see when it will be made available for purchase.

Bug Fixes


      Adjusting price of "Blood Drip" stocking ® to match the left.

    Clothing Unlocks

      Added Aviator (Head) to progression at the same point as the standard Aviators. Players that already have the aviators unlocked will automatically unlock the Aviators (Head) asset.


      Adding the "Netbook 4G" to 'White Hat' role (previously only the Netbook 3G was available to Enforcers for completing White Hat 2 and 3).

    Server Assert

      Fixed an issue that could cause a server assert.


      'Black Hat' title should now unlock with the Black hat role.


      Fixed an issue that was preventing whispers being ignored. It is no longer possible to send mail to a character you are ignoring (and vice versa).


      Reduced the length of NFA-9 'Quickdraw' description and fixing a typo.

    Weapon Skins

      Moved the dots on the OBIR and OSCAR skins to better balance the visual harmony of the skins.


      Fixed an issue with the mission "Political Favor" so that the Enforcers no longer "Steal" a vehicle. Fixed issue where enforcers couldn't pick up the task item at the end of CRYING OVER SPILT MAGNESIUM.


      Renamed V20 Nightrider Rear Bumper to actually be called a rear bumper.


      Fixed an issue with the intensity of icons that was making them harder to see than intended.

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Jeudi 5 avril 2013  
Settling the Score - Version 11

Earlier last month we announced we were working on "Settling the Score" - the Version 11 update (a.k.a update 1.11). We've been a bit coy about the fine details on this update, mostly because there were a few things still being finalised for release. We know everyone's been waiting in anticipation for more info so today we're going to show you some of the things that are absolutely pinned down and ready to go!

To start - there's a whole new Scoring System and two new weapons – the LMG and a shiny new secondary weapon. There’s plenty more going into this update, but here's the scoop of what's been finalized so far to get your appetite started.

New Weapons

This is the Nekrova Squad Support Weapon, a brand new LMG. It’s Nekrova’s first entry into the field of Light Machine Guns and it’s a hybrid of the ALIG 762, SHAW 556, and the N-TEC. Less damage than the ALIG and a slower rate of fire than the SHAW, but a much faster setup time. Other LMG’s suppress from a stationary position and are really effective, but this weapon’s more about mobility – it’s an LMG you can sprint with to get into position quickly before setting up and pouring the pain on your enemies.

The Flare Gun has been a concept that we've been throwing around for a while now. It’s a secondary weapon that we think every team is going to want one of, and it's going to be a total game changer during missions! It carries four shots at the moment, but these bullets aren't like anything else in the game – they bounce and explode causing very light damage (don't worry, it’s less damage than a perc.)

The real beauty of this weapon is that the flare tags every enemy in line of sight of the explosion on your radar and HUD. It’s an AOE tagger and can change the flow of any match by highlighting your enemies for the rest of your team. It’s the ideal support weapon and a must have for San Paro's elite groups.

New Scoring System

Ever since the start of APB Reloaded’s development, we've wanted to make player performance more of a factor in how you get matched up. One of our earliest tasks in the bug database (the 19th task that was brought into the database, in fact) was to simplify the scoring system and expose what it did to the player.

Version 11, introduces a whole new version of the score mechanic – everything you do while on Mission will count towards your score and your score will count towards your Threat. As you can guess, this feature inspired the name for the update - "Settling the Score."

Here’s the current system (this is a really, really simplified version):
You ready up, you get into a match and you win the match. Your threat goes up a little bit. If you lose your threat level goes down.

This is an ‘okay’ system. It works fine, but it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of edge cases. What if you lose because someone called for back-up with a minute left on the clock? What if you stomp on the other team but lose at the last second? What if the other guy on your team does really badly? And why should that guy get to be gold if they're getting carried there?

While some of those edge cases are covered (players called into a mission late only receive a fraction of the penalty) we can do better. These are the sorts of edge cases that we really want to address with the new system.

From Version 11 onward, when you kill an enemy player you get 100 score. Objective completion scores vary depending on the task. When you're e near an objective getting completed you get 75 score for providing cover to your team mates. You get more score for kill streaks, blitzkriegs, arrests, stuns, freeing teammates, and vehicular kills. You get a major chunk of score for winning a match and a lot of score even if you lose.

If, at the end of a match, you're in the top 50% of the high score table, your threat level goes up. If you're in the bottom 50% your threat goes down. Even if you lose, if you fought harder than anyone else in the match, your threat will still go up. If you win but got carried there by the rest of your team your threat’s going down until you start to be more of a team player. You get a breakdown of everything that gave you score during the mission and you get to see how the rest of your team did.

Score has the potential to make de-threating much harder, and with new server restrictions (which we'll talk about in another blog post soon after this one) making sure that the right people get into the right districts (and there are the right districts for them to go into – no more ‘no gold at peak time’) we're confident you'll start to see fairer matches, no matter your threat level. We'd love to see Score take on a bigger role in celebrity too – who wants to hold the Worldwide High Score for The Tiger Mole or Your Uranium is Showing?

So there you have it folks - the first round of feature and content details on "Settling the Score" Version 11 update! Don't forget to stay tuned for an upcoming post where our Community Team will share some cool APB Reloaded statistics we’ve gathered, and chat about the process of how community feedback gets filtered through to Development.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of the new Joker contact. Enjoy!

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