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Mercredi 31 octobre 2012  
Patch 1.9.2 (247)

Greetings Players,

Today we will be bringing down the servers at 4pm GMT to deploy Patch 1.9.2 (247)

Estimated downtime is 2 Hours

Here are the release notes for this patch

Bug Fixes

    Asylum District

      Fixed a missing capture volume at the rear of the Chapel.
      Fixed issues that allowed players to go out of bounds.
      Lighting rebuild for previously unlit props (wheelchairs) and other minor lighting issues.
      Added soundFX for the water pools found throughout the district.
      Fixed a black square that was showing up in the roof of the chapel
      Fixed a level of detail issue with the scaffolding at the rear of the Asylum
      Fixed an issue that was preventing players being able to fire through broken windows
      Fixed a number of gaps in the geometry of Asylum
      Fixed the floating grass around the outside of the map
      Fixed the missing collision in the archway.
      Fixed an issue that caused you to fall out of the world after walking through a door
      Fixed the collision with the shelves
      Fixed an issue that allowed players to shot through the outer walls of the district

    Financial District

      Replaced a missing vehicle spawner in Financial.


      Fixed a bug that was preventing the VIP mission from starting in the Asylum district

    Trick and Treat

      Fixed an issue that was preventing the title Trick/Treat's Homie titles not unlocking.
      Fixed an issue that was causing them to send out duplicate mails.


      Fixed an issue that was occasionally causing shaders to be compiled even though the reference shader cache is complete.


      Fixed an issue that was causing the vehicle audio to overpower the ambient music.

Thank you for your patience during this downtime.

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Dimanche 21 octobre 2012  
Trick and Treat Time Again

It’s that most wonderful time of year again. Halloween is here San Paro, and we’re bringing back a couple of familiar faces from last year.

Trick and Treat are back! These two Halloween Contacts will be chilling in the Asylum District, a place we know you’ll be visiting soon (stay tuned for the blog update shortly with all the "2-Weeks of Asylum" Details!).

Trick and Treat in the Asylum

For those of you who may not be familiar with these crazy characters, there will be four levels of Missions to complete just like last year.  Criminals and Enforcers get the same number of Missions to complete for their respective Contact.

    Level 1 – Start
    Level 2 – Unlock 4 Symbols
    Level 3 – Unlock 4 Music Themes
    Level 4 – Unlock Pumpkin Head 

This year we’ve added 2 more Levels and all new Mail Rewards:

    Level 5 – Unlock Title: “Wraith” or “Ghost
    Level 6 – Unlock A-Knife-Through-the-Head

When you go visit Trick or Treat in the Asylum district you’ll notice that it has been decorated with some spooky looking pumpkins all over the place.  One can only assume the patients residing there did not do the carving themselves; mentally unstable people and sharp objects tend to not mix.

These pumpkins aren’t just lying around for you to admire the Halloween spirit of the place.  It’s smashing pumpkins time!  (Not to be confused with the legendary rock band.) Smash these pumpkins for quick cash rewards and keep smashing them to progress a special new role.  Every Level of pumpkin smashing gets you a new Title:

    Level 1 – Unlock Title : “Pumpkin Chaser
    Level 2 – Unlock Title : “Pumpkin Murderer
    Level 3 – Unlock Title : “Pumpkin Assassin
    Final Level – Unlock Title : “Pumpkin Terminator”

The top pumpkin smasher in each world will be awarded an exclusive Title Unlock: “Pumpkin King” or “Pumpkin Queen.”  This special title for the top smashers will be given sometime after the Halloween event has ended, giving everyone to the last second to maximize their Pumpkin Kill Count.

We’re crazy about our pumpkins so we’re also bringing back the Pumpkin Head Customization Contest. In homage to Sleepy Hollow we are calling this year’s contest the, “Headless Gunman Pumkin Head Contest.”  We’re even increasing the stakes this year by improving the prizes for the winning submissions.  Use your old Pumpkin Head that you’ve kept from last year, or get one by completing Missions for Trick or Treat this year.

Costume Customization Contest

We will also be holding a Costume Customization Contest again this year, so be sure to join the “Halloween District Parade Costume Contest.” Check out the APB forums for further details on rules and prizes, and submit your entries there. On Halloween, Wednesday, Oct. 31st, San Paro Citizens are invited to dress up in their Halloween costumes and go to Social District to participate in our GM-led Halloween District Parade.  Trick out your characters and there could be some treats waiting for you.

Saving the best for last, this year we will be celebrating Halloween with “Fright Club” our introductory preview of The Asylum District!  Fright Club will replace our regular Fight Club for the duration of the Halloween event, so starting Monday (October 22nd) regular Fight Club will be unavailable. 

But have no fear. You will be able to still earn Joker Tickets during this time!  All those goodies in Joker Distribution are within reach.  And just so you know Fright Club has the following Missions set up:

    Moving Target Item
    Moving Target Item Large
    Team Death Match
    Territory Control 1 Point
    Territory Control 3 Points
    Territory Control 5 Points
    VIP Survival

You’ll get a lasting souvenir upon your first visit to The Asylum District as well! When you log into the Asylum District for the first time you will unlock a new Title – “Asylum Seeker.”

Please keep in mind that this Asylum preview is your chance to give all your initial candid feedback on Asylum as we work on completing it as a district (it's left as a fightclub only temporarily).  We are eagerly looking to hear back from all of you to see what you think.

Halloween 2012 – Let’s do this San Paro!

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Jeudi 18 octobre 2012  
Patch 1.9.1

Greetings Players!

Here are the eagerly awaited patch notes for Patch 1.9.1 - currently in the process of being deployed.

New Clothing Assets !

    Paladin Body Armour

      Gas Mask (Side Filter)

        Made from tempered, durable rubber this gas mask is guaranteed to keep your breathing air filtered for one thousand hours. It features one way glass over the eyes so only you can see the whites of their eyes but they can't see yours.

      Armored Vest

        Based on the Paladin Body Defense Armor developed by Somatic Advanced Tactical Systems, this Armored Vest is tested to destruction every single day by Enforcers throughout San Paro. Try it out and see why it’s number one.

      Arm Pads

        These graphene laced Arm Pads are the latest and greatest examples of personal protection. They provide full coverage of the upper arm whilst maintaining perfect mobility. Should prevent bruises from rifle recoil impacts.

      Armored Vest Collar

        Based off the classic Medieval gorget, this collar might be a little overkill if you plan on getting into any jousting contests any time soon but it provides full coverage of the neck and throat.

      Armored Groin Pad, Rear

        Ever since coming to San Paro this piece of armor tends to be less about protecting ones behind and more about providing advertising space. That and as a prime location for a KISS HERE sign for you to shake at your enemies.

      Armored Groin Pad, Front

        Whoever said ‘the best defence is a good offence’ never had an OSMAW Hero dive out of a moving vehicle and shoot a rocket at their junk. Wear this. You’ll thank us later.

      Armored Shoulder Pads

        Thinner than one might expect but, according to the brochure, it’s designed for mobility and protection in ‘impact rich environments’ which has got to count for something, right?

      Armored Thigh Pads

        Based off the classic Japanese haidate style, these Armored Thigh Pads provide good coverage whilst maintaining mobility.

    Impact Armour

      Crash Helmet

        This crash helmet comes with a beaked visor, air filter and goggles. It’s chunky, heavy duty but still light and breathable. Exactly what you need when you’re sprinting towards the enemy and don’t want sweat getting in your eyes before you line up that perfect shot.

      Impact Vest

        Initially designed to defend the body from blunt-force-trauma, this once athletics grade body armor has seen a string of upgrades bringing it to near military specifications. It’ll stop a bullet or a grenade blast as well as anything else on the market.

      Impact Thigh Pads

        With plenty of impact soaking potential these thigh pads have pretty much everything the budding Criminal needs to take on the world. Quick release buckles, nylon straps, Kevlar plates! No pockets though… can’t win ‘em all I guess.

      Impact Shin Pads

        Ever notice nobody in this city opens doors with their hands? The old ‘feet-first meet-and-greet’? When your shin armor looks this good who can blame you for wanting them to be the first thing people see of you?

      Impact Forearm Pads

        These forearm pads are tough, sturdy and ready for action. They’re held around the arm with elasticized straps for comfort and security because who needs to worry about armor falling off when you’re doing a drive-by?

      Impact Arm Pads

        High impact Kevlar threads have been woven through these 1000cc grade bike armor pads. They’ll keep your arms and shoulders protected regardless if you’re flyin’ through the air because you just went off a ramp at full speed or because you just took a 'nade to the feet.

New & Updated Vehicle Kits + New Enforcer Flash Patterns !

    New Kit: Patriot V20 Pursuit Special

      A top of the range V20 Jericho with a custom Pursuit Special bodykit, it has a chassis capable of being fitted with up to 4 custom Modifications.

    Updated kits

      Jericho vehicle kits 1 & 2 have been tweaked and updated with new parts. If you already own these you'll get the updates for free.

    Lights - Flash Patterns

      New flash patterns have been added for the Enforcer Jericho. This allows users to select a flash pattern for their police lights. Coming soon for other vehicles.

    Patriot V20 Nightrider 4A

      A top of the range V20 Jericho with a custom Nightrider bodykit, it has a chassis capable of being fitted with up to 4 custom Modifications.
New Weapon !

    ATAC 424: The Agrotech Tactical Assault Carbine has a revolutionary gas powered feeding-and-firing mechanism with a liquid suspended chamber that absorbs impact to keep your aim level. Its highly modular design allows huge expandability to extend its killing potential. This gun’s great at medium to long range and puts Agrotech back at the forefront of high tech weapon design.

    There are a total of 108 variations of this weapon with the different skins and parts.

    There are also the following pre-set versions which are visually distinct based upon their inherent modifications :

      ATAC 424 “Bodyguard” (Modifications: Mobility Sling, Magazine Pull III)
      ATAC 424 “Mercenary” (Modifications: Hunting Sight III & Extended Magazine III)
      ATAC 424 “Watchman” (Modifications: Silencer, Hunting sight III, Cooling Jacket III)

New Graphic shaders !

    Latest post processing tweaks to improve the overall visual quality of APB.
    For more information please see: Forums
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Samedi 13 octobre 2012  
Urban Warfare Escalates

It wasn’t too long ago, but those early riots seem like a walk in the park compared to life on the streets of San Paro nowadays. Take but a few steps down the sidewalk and you can feel bullet shells roll underneath the soles of your shoes. More shells collect around storm drains and all along the curbsides. You’re moving too fast to even notice anymore. No time to stop and smell the tear gas.

Block after block smoke rises and dims the sky. Be it from fire, gas, napalm – who knows. No time to make out who that silhouette is at the other end of a cloudy alleyway. Secure your helmet and strap that bulletproof vest on tight.

Everyone is trying to represent Criminals or represent Enforcers in their own unique way.  But in the end everyone is the same; everyone is raging on the inside thinking about the loss of friends and family to the cause. No need to show off those tattoos, scars, or war paint to let the world know which side you're on.  Now is the time to cover every last bit of exposed skin you have and make sure you survive.


Next week a whole new set of Combat Gear is coming to the Armas Marketplace.  Urban Warfare escalates and it’s time to armor up. 

Enforcers can get the Armored Urban Warfare Pack and Criminals can get the Impact Urban Warfare Pack. Both packs will contain the brand new set of heavier Combat Gear, the never before released 4 Slot Performance Vehicles, and a FREE never before released ATAC 424 mid-to-close range Assault Riffle.  We will also have the Combat Gear sold separately also with a FREE ATAC 424. Here is the breakdown of the NEW Urban Warfare Packs and Bonus Packs coming out next week:

    Armored Urban Warfare Pack

      Combat Gear: Armored
      V20 Patriot Pursuit Special (4 Slot Performance Vehicle)
      FREE – ATAC 424 (Mid-to-Close Range Assault Rifle)

    Impact Urban Warfare Pack

      Combat Gear: Impact
      V20 Nightrider (4 Slot Performance Vehicle
      FREE – ATAC 424 (Mid-to-Close Range Assault Rifle)

    Armored Bonus Pack

      Combat Gear: Armored
      FREE – ATAC 424 (Mid-to-Close Range Assault Rifle)

    Impact Bonus Pack

      Combat Gear: Impact
      FREE – ATAC 424 (Mid-to-Close Range Assault Rifle))

Players can also have a chance to win these soon to be released packs for free by participating in our “Heavy Metal Fighters” in-game event starting TODAY until Tuesday (Oct. 16th, 12 PM PDT):

Complete as many opposed missions as possible from now until Tuesday at Noon.  The top 500 players with the most opposed missions completed will be entered into a random drawing to win.  10 Winners will get their choice of either new Urban Warfare Pack (depending upon whether they want Enforcer or Criminal), and 10 Winners will get their choice of either new Bonus Pack (Enforcer or Criminal). (For further details visit our APB Forums)

We’ll have more screen shots and images of the new Gear and the ATAC later, but for now here are some concept art and screen images of the new Vehicles and kits.

(Please note that players who have previously purchased the Performance Kits will be sent a free update for the new kits, shortly after we have updated the current Performance Kits on Armas.)

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the Armored and Impact Urban Warfare Packs coming out next week and join us for the Heavy Metal Fighters event. 

Armor up San Paro.  Armor up.

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Mercredi 10 octobre 2012  
Patch 1.9.0 (237)

Greetings Players,

We will be bringing down the servers shortly to apply Patch 1.9.0 (237)

Here are the changes:


      Background system optimizations
      Updated the DirectX run-time.
      Player vehicle physics performance optimization

Estimated downtime is 1-2 hours.

We thank you for your patience.

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